Do these patches add access to the old QMB maps/missions in 4/101m? Are we supposed to add the quick folder to missions/quick in UP3/0RC? I'm disappointed this wasnt all sorted before the UP3/0RC release personally, I fly offline and really miss all the map options I had in the old 4/101m QMB!

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  • IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 - v.4.10
  • Since the release of version 4.07m, plenty of patches have been added
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WWI Flight Sim Discussion

The IL-2 default QMB map "Bessarabia" has it's airstart placed right above a big town which is the worst situation for low-end CPU constellations. You might want to try flying on the Kuban or Smolensk map instead.


Replaced MissionPro jsgme option with updated and imporved Mission Pro from Benitomuso. Removed seperate MissionPro Missions from jsgme, as they are now read from their own folder, which will safely be permanently installed in the Missions Folder.

Much to my amazement, now, after rebooting 4 times the mouse is still frozen, and the game is unplayable! However I did discover a real odd quirk, IF, I activate control alt delete, and the task manger is 'on' in the back ground, the mouse movement is restored in the game, with the task manger in the same screen as il2! If, however I minimize the task manger, Il2 immediately locks up!

This file is supposed to be installed on top of an IL-2 4.13RC4m + SAS Modact 6.0x installation
1 Patch fear 1 08831 63%
2 Patch fear 1 08822 65%
3 Patch fear 1 08816 39%
4 Patch fear 1 08807 38%
5 Patch fear 1 08753 56%
6 Patch fear 1 08081 87%
7 Patch fear 1 08054 91%
8 Patch fear 1 08053 38%
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  • This is a cumulative patch, it installs on top of any Modact 6.0x installation
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  • GREEN SCREEN map - 4.10 / 4.101 only
  • SAS Modact 5.2 for IL-2 4.12.1m
  • SAS Modact 6.0 for IL-2 4.13RC4m

It is important to save the setting at least once after installation, to allow the new selector to set itself up properly. Read the included selector pdf guide in the DBW 1/7 dox folder for more info.

This release is highly stable and has been thoroughly tested by our modding team. The reason it is a release candidate is two-fold. First, we wanted to include a few updates to the Forgotten Countries mod and were planning on editing some of the speech packs. We weren't able to get these updates in SFS archives in time for our planned release, so we will include them in the full version. Second, we were planning on making the SAS Engine Mod (formerly SAS AI Engines Carrier & Hotkeys mod), a permanent part of the SAS ModAct experience (as we did with DBW). It still has a handful of minor bugs and decided it would be best if we just made it a JSGME option for now. So once both of these elements are ready to go, we will release ModAct full.


Stock 4.07m to DBW 1.71 SuperPack One-Stop Download & Install

This costs money, and I expect will strain our budget a little for the first while, while everyone is grabbing this, and we also put up some more big files, like a one stop FBDSM download for DBW users, or a complete IL2 game update package, or a complete UP3RC1 to 4 update package. So if you have a few bucks to spare, please throw some our way through the donations page. Of course if anyone is able to provide a mirror for dl, that would be just as good!

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Copy your customized files from jsgmemods folder to a safe place. You might want to keep them for later reuse.


They unpack together when you use 7z on the first part. They all together give you the complete and correct DBW 1/71, that can be copied over to your UP3 RC4 isntall. This makes getting into DBW much easier, right?

Elevation of airfields in Cliffs of Dover, for flight plans

Can someone please explain to me whats supposed to happen when I apply these patches (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/il-2-sturmovik-patch-4101m.zip)? So far i've tried the MissionProCombov4/101m in my #UP# folder and then added Vampires patched classfiles (i've added the mission/quick to my main IL2 folder) - all I get is a memory not read error on start-up? I've tried just adding Vampires 00_Test folder to my #UP# folder & the game starts ok but none of my QMB's open (corrupt data1 errors) apart from those in the original mission/quick folder with UP3/0RC. I've also tried installing Bennies patch (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2376) into the original Combo but still get the memory not read error on start-up at 70%.


Try to find something like GUI MOD or similar. I have the files but changed with my own background image, etc.

Replaced IL2 selector with new and improved version from Storebror. Features increased compatibility, increased loading speed amongst other small fixes and improvements, including a "Cashe" option for installs that are big but do not change much, which drastically imporves startup time.


DBW 1.0 to 1.71 SuperPack One-Stop Download & Install

Got a petty unusual problem here, really stumped. I STILL run Il-2 1946 on Win Xp professional, yick, but I hope to upgrade soon!