After the publication of CTET Official Answer Key 2021, the candidates who appeared in the examination will be able to download the answer key. The candidates have to follow the provided steps to download the same.

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An Rh-ve person, if exposed to Rh+ve blood, will form specific antibodies against the Rh antigens. Therefore, Rh group should also be matched before transfusions.


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Lymphocytes (20-25 per cent) are of two major types - 'B' and 'T' forms. Both B and T lymphocytes are responsible for immune responses of the body.

Latest Updates July 12, 2021: APEAPCET (EAMCET) to be held from August 19-25. APICET to be held from September 17-18. June 28, 2021: AP EAMCET 2021 application form released.


CBSE Answer Key 2021 Released – Check Final Answer Key for All Posts Here

Blood cells are of three types: erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets. These constitute nearly 45 per cent of the blood.

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CBSE has released the final answer key in the recent event. Earlier the Tentative Answer (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5326) Key were released on 4th February 2021 and the objections were invited, if any from the candidates and the last date for objections were 7th February 2021.

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All of the above discussion shows that Mathematics has huge scope not only in academics but also in other walks of life. It is the need of time to teach this subject to make students more competitive in keeping future needs in mind. The students should be skilled enough and gain deep knowledge. The teachers should adopt learner-centred, skill-oriented, objective-based pedagogies for them. Learning by doing, live projects, use of audio-visual aids, group study will make them better, skilled citizens. The aim of financial literacy across the country can be achieved.

Note: All the study notes are available in Hindi as well as the English language. Click on A/अ to change the language.


Place of Mathematics in School Curriculum

Lymph is also an important carrier for nutrients, hormones, etc. Fats are absorbed through lymph in the lacteals present in the intestinal villi.

Platelets can release a variety of substances most of which are involved in the coagulation or clotting of blood. A reduction in their number can lead to clotting disorders which will lead to excessive loss of blood from the body.

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UPTET Result 2021 – UP Teacher Eligibility Test Result Declared

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. Naturally, they would require to carry out various types of responsibilities in their personal and professional life as well.

In this session, Himanshi Singh will discuss Unseen Passage for CTET in detail. The session will be covered in Hindi and the notes will be provided in English and Hindi.


Also, as we know, practice is the key to success. Therefore, boost your preparation by starting your practice now.

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Antigen, the Rh antigen similar to one present in Rhesus monkeys (hence Rh) is observed on the surface of RBCs of majority (nearly 80 per cent) of humans. Such individuals are called Rh positive (Rh+ve) and those in whom this antigen is absent are called Rh negative (Rh-ve).

There are several other proteins in the blood that may bring about agglutination under certain conditions. The most important of these is Rh factor.



Fibrins are formed by the conversion of inactive fibrinogens in the plasma by the enzyme thrombin. Thrombins, in turn are formed from another inactive substance present in the plasma called prothrombin. An enzyme complex, thrombokinase, is required for the above reaction.

Fishes have a 2-chambered heart with an atrium and a ventricle. The heart is called venous heart since it pumps deoxygenated blood to the gills for oxygenation. This blood goes directly from gills to visceral organs (single circuit circulation).

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It is the age of technology today. Computers have made our life comfortable. There are many systems, applications and software developed using concepts of mathematics. A lot of formulae are expected to be applied to run various computer programs. It also requires strong reasoning abilities.