The 3-18x42 was an older generation and one day while shooting went tits up. IOR had a new model to me within a few weeks. The only reason it took that long was they were waiting on a parts to finish up some new scopes. But kept me in the loop the entire time. After I received the new one I sold it and bought the new 3/5-18x50.

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ZEISS Conquest V 6 3-18x50

I called Zeiss, the guy on the phone told me pretty much the same thing and to send scope (address) in. Kinda sucks to have to send a new supposedly high quality optic back for repair. I should of went with the NightForce.

Rifle Scopes Another scope help thread - 50/52mm for ~$2k budget

If I were buying for hunting only (read this) with those requirements, I'd look hard at the Leupold VX6. I looked through one not long ago and was really surprised. It was low light when I did and it struck me how good it was.

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The glass in this was much clearer than the Leupold 6HD’s I looked through. Was the best outta 4-5 others I looked though (NF SHV and Razor HD).