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Once you are in the mall, look to your right as you pass a set of stairs for a store called "d'HO". The intel is behind the service counter in the store.


In Zombies mode, revive the same teammate at least fifteen times in the same round. If done correctly, a green flash will appear from the revived teammate to indicate the "Quick Revive" perk has been permanently unlocked for use in Zombies mode.

CoD Black Ops Zombie UNLIMITED AMMO + MONEY HACK Xbox 360 / P

When the meeting ends inside the cave, look to your right before leaving. The intel is up against the wall, near three NPCs.


Backed by Activision's fantastic investment and support, Treyarch has succeeded, and made a sort of ultimate current-gen Call Of Duty. Not a reinvention – that, hopefully, comes next year, on box-fresh hardware and a new engine – but a refinement of the most successful series of its generation. Black Ops II is an excellent Call Of Duty game, then, but it's only a Call Of Duty game, with all that implies.

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Black ops 2 Zombie Mod Trolling! How To Get Mod Menu With Out A USB For Black Ops 2 - Xbox 1 - Xbox360 - PS4 - PS3. MASTER PRESTIGE+DIAMOND FOR ALL GUNS! Black Ops 2 Hacked Lobby Funny Moments - Outside Rush, Dolphin Dives, Unlimited Hunter Killers. Black ops 2 Mod Trolling 3 Jitter Mod. Black Ops 2 Funny Moments - Hiding Tactics Gone Wrong! Free Black Ops 2 Mod Menu - How To get BO2 Free Mods On Xbox and Ps3 + XP Lobby! HOW TO GET A JIGGY 4. NO JTAG, COMPUTER, OR USB.

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Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC Trailer – The Replacers Are Back

In Mission 2: Celerium, you will start facing an objective above a bunker entrance at the beginning of the mission. Turn around, and hug the left wall. After going a short distance, there will be a small cave on the left. Inside the dark cave is Thor's Hammer embedded in rock. Use the thermal scope and flash bang grenades to see the hammer's outline since the cave is very dark. Note: You cannot pickup the hammer.


The protectors of good are ready to destroy all that is evil! Battle against the Dark Lord in an effort to save the world of Zedan. With 20 different characters, 26 levels, four-player gameplay, and non-stop, hack-and-slash action, Black Stone: Magic and Steel is the must-have action and roleplaying game on Xbox®!

Once you are on the ship, climb up the ladder on the left. Move towards the front of the ship, and look in the corner to find the intel in a corner to your right.


They are adding Personalisation Packs for 160 MSP each, they offer unique weapon camos, a calling card, and three new targeting reticules. A extra ten Create-a-Class slots are also being sold for 160 MSP but a Flags of the World Calling Card Packs will cost you only 80 MSP.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Dev Introduces The Ray Gun Mark II in New Vengeance DLC

The authorities only know of seven members in Lizard Squad. However, don’t let their small size fool you. They are one of the most sinister and famous hacker groups in the world. The authorities have identified 4 members of the group: Vinnie Omari, Julius Kivimaki, Zachary Buchta, and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy. Lizard Squad is a black hat hacker group. They specialize in DoS attacks (denial of service attacks). A DoS attack is a type of attack where the attacker attempts to disrupt people’s access to a computer network over the internet. Lizard Squad has famously done this against the online gaming community. There are many famous examples of their computer hacking including attacking League of Legends, Destiny, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Machinima, North Korea’s internet, and Malaysia Airlines.


To build the Sliquifier Wonder weapon in the Die Rise map, you will need five parts found near the power room. First, reach the skyscraper containing the power switch by waiting inside the elevator in the spawn room until it drops down to the bottom floor. Go through the dark hallway, and jump over the gap to the next skyscraper. There are seven spawn locations where the five items will randomly appear.

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When you reach a circular room that has two staircases going up and two staircases going down, take one of the staircases down. Hug the wall (it does not matter which way you go) to find the intel on a crate.

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Addressed an issue where flight range parameters for airborne vehicles could be deleted in the middle of a match due to a network interruption. This fix resolves the following symptoms reported by the community:Escort drone flying under the map; Inability to call in the Dragonfire.

Play Greenrun on the Normal difficulty in Zombies mode with at least one other player. The perk required to get the "Dance On My Grave" achievement will not appear on the Easy difficulty or while playing solo. Once you have 2,000 points, purchase the Tombstone perk at the Power House, located in a vending machine upstairs on some ruined catwalks. Once you die, return to the place you died when you spawn again during the next round to find a grave marking where you previously died. Collect it to regain your lost weapons and perks and get the "Dance On My Grave" achievement.


It combats the Theater Mode UI error 226117 - always hated that one. It fixes the Escort Drone glitch, which causes it to attack its owner while under the map, and it combats the Dragonfire glitch which prevents it from deploying.

Call of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack PS3 PC, Xbox

In Tranzit survival or multi-player, where the box is outside, next to it there is a barricade. Go on the side of the barricade and there is a crack where there is fire and in-between the wall of the barricade and the crack there is a little pathway and you in through there so the zombies can only go one way in and that's where they'll burn trying to get to you. Just shoot them, but make sure all your friends are in the spot with you and make sure you have ammo.


Find the three hidden oil cans on the Mob Of The Dead map, and interact with them by crouching near them with your reticule over the oil can and pressing X until you hear a sound. Once you activate all three oil cans, the "Rusty Cage" secret song by Johnny Cash (originally performed by Soundgarden) will begin playing. The first oil can is inside the library, in the back right corner. Look on the shelves for a dark canister. The second oil can can be found inside a small infirmary on the way to the roof. Look on the desk for a can leaning against the wall, across from the bath tubs. The third oil can can be found by going outside on the dock with the boat, and looking for the Tommy Gun purchase location on the outer wall, then go left and straight down. Follow the chain link fence to find the oil can hidden behind a tall wooden crate.

After freeing Leroy from his prison cell, give him booze to break into the armory. Inside the armory are many chalk-outlines of weapons. Instead of buying a weapon in this area, you can pick up chalk and place it on new question mark symbols that appear around town. By picking up chalk and filling in the question mark symbols, you will get several thousand points for each. The first question mark appears outside the prison. The second is up the stairs from the prison. The third is in the cave entrance to the second floor of the saloon. The fourth is by the Quick Revive right where you start after sliding into the mine. The final one is on the second floor of the courthouse. You can get enough points after restoring time to reach the gazebo by filling in two or three of these question marks.


Take the steps down to the showers, and unlock the door to the Citadel tunnels. Go down the steps, and break open the lock protecting a digital number display. Then, enter the Afterlife by using the electricity box at the top of the spiral stairs. Use your attack to enter a code into the display at the bottom of the steps. First, enter "115" as a code, then enter "935" as a code.

Call of Duty- Black Ops Collection Trilogy 1 2 3 I II III Lot Tested

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Games Included:Call of Duty Ghosts and Black Ops II

Once you leave the area you start in and go up a level, go to the right, and look ahead for a two-story building with a "27" on the side. Go upstairs in that building to find the intel on a desk on your right.

The Sliquifier can also be obtained through the Mystery Box. The Sliquifier explodes zombies in a single shot, and leaves behind a slick area on the ground that makes any pursuing zombies trip. Use the slick zone to bunch up five zombies, and kill them all in one shot to get the "Slippery When Undead" achievement.


The first perk can be purchased in the bus station. Buy the "Quick Revive" perk for 500 points. To buy the second perk, you must construct the turbine item. To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane's wing under the nearby pay phones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window. Take each part, one at a time, to the workbench to build the turbine. Then, spend 750 points to open the doors to the diner. Buy the "Speed Cola" perk for 3,000 points to get the "Happy Hour" achievement. Alternately, you can also ride the bus to the farm, and buy the "Double Tab" perk in the barn for 2,000 points.

Free Uprising DLC Code Generator

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VGA 80+ Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 2021 Black Label WATA 9.2

To get the "Hey Good Looking" achievement, you must avoid the large flame near the end of the car chase sequence in the "Fallen Angel" mission. After driving out of the large glass building, there will be some dialogue that says a "chain reaction" has begun. When you hear that dialogue, keep to the far right of the road (approximately 50m from the objective) to avoid Harper getting burned by the flame and having to get plastic surgery.

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MICROSOFT Xbox 360 E 500 GB with Call of Duty Ghosts and Black Ops II

Call of Duty has never really blown me away by the campaigns. The linear style gameplay gets old after a while (Go this way, do this, do this). I found myself raising an eyebrow several times in regard to the reality factor as well (even taking into account that it's just a game). However, the stars have alligned and Activision has delivered a solid campaign experience worth embarking on. I won't dive into a lot of details, but you are actually involved in some decision-making finally giving the player some kind of control. The campaign is enjoyable and has some great moments. Graphics are really good as usual.

There is a locked cell with a large hillbilly inside named Leroy. Interact with the door after getting the key to open it. To find the prison, look for stairs leading up to a second floor of one of the wooden buildings in the corner of town. Drop down through the ceiling to enter the prison. After freeing Leroy, go to the Candy Shop. It is located past the graveyard, or through the debris covered alley near the power room in the town area. The building has a large lollipop sign over the window. The door costs 1250 points to open. Locate the window display with a tray full of candy. Interact with it once you see the "Take Candy" prompt. Give the candy to Leroy to get the "Candygram" achievement.


There will be a staircase on your right. Go up the stairs, and the intel will be on your right on a small table.

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A zombie hits you and nothing happens, unlimited bullets, free drinks, etc, etc. How To Download Bo2 Mod Menu No Jailbreak (PS3/XBOX360). Black Ops 2 (BO2) FREE USB MOD MENU TUTORIAL + DOWNLOAD UPDATED XBOX. Hacks Free Download Bo2 Hack App Bo2 Hack Menu Bo2 Hack Download No Survey. Bo2 mod menu ps3 download free usb. NEW Iron Wolf Black Ops 2 Mod Menu.


Addressed an issue contributing to the majority of reported freezes. A small number of low frequency cases continue to undergo investigation for the next patch update.

While the PS3's connectivity issues seems to have been fixed, the "freezing" problem is still there — at least from what I've experienced. Hopefully Treyarch gets to it, too, no?


Go to the farm area (the third stop on the bus ride) in TranZit, and find the cornfield. There will be small creatures (Denizens) in the cornfield that jump on your head and claw at you. Deep in the cornfield you can find the first Zombies mode survival map from Call Of Duty: World At War (Nacht Der Undertoten).

Black Ops II Headset Detailed, Presets Optimized By Treyarch and Prompts Recorded by Voice Actors

After redeem complete you will able unlock and download your Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC free on your Xbox 360. So if you have any more problems about this tutorial, you can comment about it on our web site.


Black Ops II provides a solid campaign and multiplayer experience

To hear the "Shepard Of Fire" song by Avenged Sevenfold, find the three hidden boxes on the Origins map. The first is located in Freigh's head (the robot over the church). The second one is in the staff room under the Pack-A-Punch machine; follow the wooden planks. The third one is in Agartha, near the fire staff portal.

This time around, Treyarch was seriously devoted into the creation of a plot that emphasized the importance of characters and storytelling. For multiplayer fans, new modes like League Play, CODcasting and being able to live stream their games on YouTube is enough to get them excited. And, on top of that, a revamped zombies mode is there for any co-operative shooter lover.


Black Ops 2 Aimbot Wallhack Prestige Hack Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

To bury the robots that come after you with a claw and flamethrower, get it in a footprint location. When a robot steps, it will bury him in the ground.

Black ops 2 uprising

In TranZit, you will begin inside a bus station. Once you buy your way out, or construct the turbine to open the doors, you will find a bus with a robot driver.


Once you gain control of the drones, go through the alley. Once you go around a corner, there will be an enemy shooting at you from a window. The intel is in that room on the floor in the back left corner, behind some boxes. You will need to be standing on the boxes to get the intel.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the mix of Hack-and-Slash and Action-RPG elements developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment for Multiple Platforms. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer options, and this title serves as the Downloadable Content Pack for the Diablo III video game. The DLC pack expanded the video game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation and introduced the game for the first time to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to the storyline, after Diablo is taken down by the protagonist, Tyrael successfully retrieves the Black Soulstone that consists of the essence of seven massive evils. Discovering that it is too horrible to leave in the angles or mortals’ hands, the player and six other Horadrom struggle to take Black Soulstone back to Sanctuary to seal it. The DLC pack comes with new features, including new character class named The Crusader, the holy magic, and more. The player assumes the role of the protagonist with an aim to take down enemies to earn XP points and use them to unlock additional stuff to immerse in RPG gameplay experience. With cool graphics, smooth controls, and superb mechanics, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the best game to play.


On the ship's flight deck, you will see two VTOLs with their doors open. Look in the second VTOL (the last plane; 63m from your objective) to find the intel.

Many backend updates have been made since launch to streamline servers for load balancing. This results in many general improvements to matchmaking, user content servers, leaderboards and online security.


Prestige hack for Black Ops 2. The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack that is included in this multihack, works for the X360 (xbox 360), PS3 and PC version’s of the game. Bare in mind this is not just a prestige hack! As you can see in the video, our Black Ops 2 hack has many more features like wallhack or aimbot!

Call of Duty Black Ops Money Hack Glitch PS3 XBOX 360 PC

There are four tiles on the elevators spread across the Die Rise map. Stepping on these tiles will light them up. Find all four tiles, then have each player step onto the tiles at the same time. There are also three tiles that need to be activated. The tiles must be activated in a certain order. Work together with three players to try different combinations. You will hear a new audio clip once you get the correct combination. Then, purchase the SVD, return to the spawn room, and shoot the orbs inside the dragon mouths. Once shot, the orbs will appear under the lion statues in the same room. Obtain the Sliquifier Wonder weapon, then shoot the orbs under the lion statues until they begin to turn in place. Keep doing this until another audio clip plays.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 CD key

When Round 1 begins in the Die Rise map, leave the first room. Kill enough zombies to earn 750 points. Then, go into the elevator shaft, and wait until it drops down to the bottom floor. Go through the dark hallway, turn right, and jump over the gap to the skyscraper ledge on the opposite side. Exit the room you land in, turn right, go past the door, and enter the concrete room with locked double doors. Open the double doors with your 750 points, then run straight ahead through the sweat shop. Against the back wall of the large room, there is a large switch. Press it to activate the power, and unlock all the benefits it enables.

Go to the mall on your left, with a large "Dale's Jewelry" sign outside the main entrance. Go up the stairs to find a t-shirt kiosk that says "Wes's" with the intel on the bottom shelf.


Across it there will be a part in the middle of the little room. And the part looks like a trigger.

In Zombies mode, get a collateral head shot with a single bullet to permanently unlock the Deadshot Daquiri perk in Zombies mode. This perk increases the head shot multiplier.

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Custom Black/Faded/Warn Xbox 360 E Slim RGH2 BO2 Custom Made. Remote LED's

To find the first part, you must construct the turbine item to blow up a door in the bus station. To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane's wing under the nearby pay phones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window. Take each part, one at a time, to the workbench to build the turbine. Place the constructed turbine next to the double doors, right beside the workbench to access a new room.


The best prices for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 key

After the wing suit cutscene, you will reach a facility with lots of enemies. After fighting up the hillside, you will reach a helipad where you encounter drones. After getting the objective to take control of a drone, a room will open up on your left.