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  • Thread: Artificial Aiming v3.0 Cracked
  • Popular online FPS's have been ruined by cheating
  • Artificial Aiming v3.0 Cracked
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I would say that the issue is not only the cheaters, but hordes of casual players that have zero concept of what extremely skilled players can do simply because they don't put in the same amount of time to be decent. I say this because I used to be one of those casuals willing to throw out hackusations all the time.

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We have enough cheating to deal with in video games we shouldn't have to be bogged down with arguing over if quick scoping and AWP is an exploit or a cheat or a skill. We shouldn't have to worry about macros that automate that process. The devs should just code the product to behave as intended no matter what scripts people write. It shouldn't matter if someone macros a rapid fire, the gun should be restricted in the game code to a maximum fire rate, and there is not excuse for not doing that.


This in another way can ruin the experience for others. Even the possibility can make for a toxic environment.

Where do I get **************** v2.5 or v2.6

Which is why I personally don't see how this is suddenly a crippling issue. There is no "good old days" here.


Anyways, this habit continued on a lesser scale through battlefield 4, when I finally lost interest in FPS games. I did see a fair amount of glitchers and hackers through and including battlefield (find more) 3. I played enough to firmly believe that there were a number of players out there that had manipulated the game in some unintended way, somehow.

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I don't see how that is any different, then getting to know which rented servers have active admins. Just because a player can host a server on his PC, doesn't mean they are keeping a close eye on it.


Punkbuster before then was never global and only optionally enabled server to server. The reason these services came was to address widespread cheating issues. They weren't developed in anticipation of some future problem.

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The problem has always been there but nothing like what it is today. Even lesser known games like Ark have now been plagued with this.

I have over watch and review cases all the time. Not all the people reported for hacking are really hacking. Some are just smurfs playing against players of lower skill.


Windows isn't some secure sandboxed app OS. bungie knows what you are running on your machine. They are not banning people running non-cheat programs.

By this silly logic the hackers that grabbed all the equifax data did nothing wrong. If equifax can't patch fast enough then clearly they intended all that data to be public.


My love/hate relationship started with this company (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4758) about three years ago. Back then I was an avid player of Battlefield 2, and was tired of getting my ass kicked by other players.

This is a multi-national group of hackers who are all about kicking ass and taking names. Like any other place on the net you have a mixture of kids/teens/adults/trolls all trying to make a community together. AA is a large site, so you'll see all facets of the above mentioned group there.


The hardest way to cheat is if all the game files were not stored on the client's machine and executed server side. That would be even a more horrible life, in my opinion. I'd rather live with the occasional cheater than deal with that kind of lag.

They were the first VIP hack (article source) I ever paid for and it was damned good. I ravaged and raged the servers back then so hard.


Alright, this is getting borderline flaming. I think the OP has some valid points.

There has to be a point where the developers are responsible for their own bad code. The problem is video game programmers will often use the blocking of cheating as a way to be lazy in programming. And this creates a massive problem because it leaves an exploit open in a very blurry way. If you leave an exploit open long enough you know what happens? People start to consider it part of the game. They even consider the exploitation to be a skill. Then people find ways to automate that skill. The problem is its nearly impossible to stop the automation or exploitation or even catch it. So the point is the developers should take a stand and correct the issue in the code.


Back then there was basically no cheat protection or deterrent other than individual server bans. Also hacks (click here to find out more) were readily available with some basic search engine skills and not even put behind paywalls nor requiring and knowledge other then being able to run a program.

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These days you can't even find a DM server in csgo without running into at least 1 usually. Played a competitive match with 3 the other day, 2 were on my team and we won, completely blatant. This isn't sustainable and if it's not fixed online gaming will never be taken seriously. For me, it's just not fun anymore. Something fundamentally has to be changed so this isn't just an issue with one game but all games. Encrypting game files that change dynamically perhaps?

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Ive been using it in TF2 on a new steam account and its awesome fun. Getting back at the clans that used to never give me a fair chance lol so awesome.

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Played Insurgency recently, It's not my favorite by a long shot but I had no issues. Was somewhat fun but not really my thing.

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I guess I'll never understand what the point of playing is if you are using an aimbot (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=1857). But that idea has been argued a multitude of times, and isn't the goal of this thread, so I'll sigh and move on.


If you don't put in the hours, you're gonna suck. I don't understand why these fuck-turds even play. Is there no satisfaction in being good at something anymore? I left online public matches years a go for this reason only. Now it's all about private servers and friends for me. UT, UT2004, UT3 are fun as hell. A few beers on top of that = win.