It is one of the newest Cydia repo and also one of the best Cydia sources for iOS 9 devices. Related: iPhone Best Cydia Repos & Sources for all Versions. Many of my bots are not full playing bots like the X-type bot. Gamegem is also an app from Cydia, this app can hack games too. YOU NEED ANDROID SYSTEM AND ROOT YOUR PHONE FIRSTLY! Step 03: Tap on Copy to copy a repo. Hack Cheats iPhone Games Cydia Source - Cydia Money Hack For Games. HackYouriPhone is one of the most popular Cydia repository that is packed with lot of customization Cydia tweaks and games. Step 02: Tap on Get Repos and select a repo. Related: How to Recover Lost/Deleted Data From iOS, Related: Jailbreak iOS 11/3.1 without a computer.

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I recommend jet pack joyride, draw something and sky burger! All have free versions for iPhone and would be worth it even of they cost!


Inherent, Blind Trust - App stores come pre-installed on our mobile devices and provide access to a ton of mobile applications. We blindly trust that the app stores have performed due diligence on the apps in their stores. Yet, in reality, app store vendors lack the cycles to ensure that the apps they make available won't open up our employees/users to risks that can harm the business.

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PewPew 2: An ultra-fast-paced top-down space shooter, rendered in wireframe 3D. You control the ship with one thumb, and control firing with the other. The original PewPew was among the best in its category, and PewPew 2 has way more levels, different weapons, and a couple new game modes.


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Magic Mover: From the same people who turned your iPhone's speaker into a tiny little fan, an app that moves your iPhone using its internal vibration motor. It seems to only push in one direction, which I guess makes sense, it does work—if you're on a slick enough surface.

Anyway, this is probably one of Gameloft's best games, a well-executed, graphically lush 3rd-person shooter with better-than-awkward controls. It's just a shame it feels slightly dirty to play it. $7.


Apple has approved a new app that will allow iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to view flash videos on their devices. A app called Skyfire will soon bring flash video content to iOS devices. The app is a web browser built on top of Safari that transcodes flash videos to HTML5 on the fly.

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What is the latest game have you played in iphone 4S

In terms of capacity, Sharpshooter USA’s moulds are second to none. Not only are most of Richard’s moulds designed with ten shot-cavities per row, they’re actually double-sided as well, meaning you can crank out an incredible 20 pellets per casting. That’s ten times the production volume of Lee Precision’s double-cavity roundball moulds, and still beats even their newest, 18-cavity buckshot designs by 10%.

It was one of the very first fighting games-coming far before Street Fighter and Tekken-and we loved it dearly. Now this arcade classic will be coming to the iPhone and it looks damn good.

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Square: Remember that little dongle that turns the iPhone's headphone jack into a credit card swiper? Yeah, well now you can actually try it yourself.


Kiiimo repo is Created by Kimo Al-Rashed for the IOS users to install tweaked and ++apps on their phones. The developer of this repo always gives free tweaks to IOS users. Therefore this is one of the best Cydia repo.

When casting buckshot, temperature is even more critical than with standard bullet casting. There’s a lot of surface area here for comparatively little volume, so keeping things hot is essential to getting good fill. I try work to as quickly as I can to help maintain my mould temperature, as I find this yields far better results in terms of ensuring every cavity is producing. If I’m seeing less than perfect fills, it generally means that either the lead or the mould isn’t hot enough, and I’ll adjust accordingly.


The long awaited iOS 4/2 update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch should be released to the public any day now. Apple recently provided developers with the golden master seed of iOS 4/2 and the public release should soon follow. Many of you may have a jailbroken iPad and you will want to update.

Wi-Fi Sync: I usually don't include jailbreak apps in our roundups, but the jailbreak process is extremely simple now, and this is easily my favorite app concept of, well, ever. Wi-Fi Sync is exactly what you'd hoped it was, syncing your iPhone over Wi-Fi with a simple client app. It brings a tear to one of my eyes for being so wonderful, and a tear to my other eye because it's doomed never to be admitted into the official App Store. Luckily, it's available for $10 in Cydia.


Kiiimo Repo: Ultimate Cydia repo source with best tweaks

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of blogs addressing mobile application security. The first installment addressed areas of focus before developing apps.

Update 10/15/2021: It appears this tweak is no longer working after users upgrade to iOS 5. We have found an alternative solution that will work with iOS 5 and Windows 10 AirPrint Guide. AirPrint is a major feature of the iOS 4/2 upgrade but is limited to only eleven printers.


The name pretty much explains what the game is about. The game was originally going to be called Deliverance, the developer wisely changed it to a more suitable name. There are alot of racing games for iOS but the way this racing game handles is what sets it apart from others.

In my opinion, Sharpshooter USA’s buckshot moulds currently represent the best value on the market for large volume casting. It’s a real shame the company closed down as they produced an extremely high-quality product at an affordable price– not something you see very often. With super materials, build quality and production volume, I just can’t imagine why anybody would use anything else. Although no longer available from the manufacturer, these can still be found on eBay, at many reloading forums as well as gun shows. If you’re ever lucky enough to come across one at a reasonable price, do yourself a favor and buy it before someone else does.

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TurboTax has released a new app designed and optimized specifically for the iPad. TurboTax for iPad combines the ease and accuracy of TurboTax with the convenience and portability of the iPad. The TurboTax app is very similar to the desktop version that guides users step-by-step through their return to get the maximum refund.


While we enjoy a myriad of efficiencies, we need to think about what having real-time access to everything we think we need means to our businesses. What types of risks do they bring and what do we need to worry about?

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Malware - Malware has forever been a problem in the IT world, and it is no different in the mobile sphere. Malware can wreak havoc by stealing sensitive data, monitoring traffic, connecting to internal networks and infecting internal machines.


I've been play a lot of Hero Academy. Fun little multiplayer board game.

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Eddie Edwards is set to defend his World Title in another open challenge. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton jump Anderson, delivering a two-on-one beatdown. Much to Swinger’s surprise, it’s Alisha and Susie who sweep him off his feet in the opening moments of the match. Moose crushed the ref accidentally before getting hit with Heath's Wake-Up Call. The Virtuosa accepts, and the deal is made. Madman came in from behind, but Gallows shrugged him off.


Zombie Infection: Ok, I'm getting a little uncomfortable with Gameloft. Consider Zombie Infection: It's a Resident Evil-style zombie game, with Resident Evil-styled heroes and enemies. Oh, and it's set in South America—sort of like Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles! If you're not familiar with this questionable phenomenon, Gameloft, which often makes officially licensed games like Brothers in Arms, Avatar or Driver, also makes games that are unofficially "inspired" by popular franchises. See: NOVA (Halo), Brain Challenge (Brain Age), Gangstar (GTA), Modern Combat (Modern Warfare), and Guitar Rock Tour (Guitar Hero).