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This game is the most authentic game on this list and what’s more interesting is that the first version of the game was developed in under a 48-hour period. In this game, the protagonist is Nigel Burke, who has his own surgeon clinic. He is performing various operations on his patients and even aliens in the latter part of the game. Although the idea of the game is very interesting, it didn’t receive lukewarm reviews due to complex controls and glitches.


F1 2021 is one of the best games in the F1 series, and it’s the reason why we mentioned it here on the list. F1 205 is a driving simulation game where you can engage in races with famous Formula 1 vehicles, with realistic handling, physics, and graphics. Like every racing simulation, here you can customize controls and Formula behavior to suit your driving style. Aside from that, there is a career mode available, and if you are more skillful, you can try multiplayer racing with other players online.

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When talking about perfect Rally simulation, DiRT Rally is easily the best rally simulation game. It features a lot of new and old school licensed cars that are available for the player for racing across the various locations in Europe. Some are snowy like Sweden, dry, with a lot of gravel-like Portugal and asphalt-packed like Germany. This game requires some fast reflexes and stable driving because of the complexity of the locations and realistic driving and physics.


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Although it has a great story, ARMA 3 boasts some of the most realistically created weapons in the game. Every weapon behaves differently, and combat focuses on being the most precise at a long distance. This game represents quite a challenge that will punish every player’s mistake, so step on the battlefield if you dare!


We think that there’s no need to explain what this game is about, as its name Train Simulator 2021 tells it all. The game focuses on driving a train and exploring the game’s locations based on real-world locations. There are many Train Simulator game in the series, but we decided to choose this one because it’s the newest and currently the best game in the series.

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SimCity 4 is a city-building simulation game with a focus on building and managing a city from scratch. The game requires the player to form the landscape and design his own settlement, which can potentially turn into the city. If that happens, the player can control various parts of the city and the industrial, commercial or residential parts of the city. The later part of the game is much harder because the player needs to take care of the city’s environment and finances in order to succeed. On top of that, the game features a realistic day/night cycle that has an impact on the game flow and increases its overall realism.


Silent Hunter 4 is a submarine simulation PC game, developed and released by Ubisoft. The player is put in the role of the commander of an American submarine in WW2 at Pacific theater. There are various game modes like career, single battle engagement, and single war patrol. Multiplayer, however, isn’t available, because Ubisoft shut down the servers back in 2021.

DCS stands for Digital Combat Simulator, and it represents a combat flight simulator, unlike Flight Simulator X, where combat is excluded. Although it’s a free-to-play game, DCS World is surely one of the best flight simulators you can play today. It features many different aircraft, missions, campaign editors, mission generator, dynamic weather system, sea and land combat units, and weapons. Because of this, DCS World isn’t just a flight simulator but a war simulator.

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The SIMS 4 is one of the most iconic life simulator games, and the whole SIMS series is pretty amazing too. SIMS 4 focuses on controlling Sims in various activities and relationships with the other characters in the game. The gameplay here is nonlinear, and there is no particular goal so you can play the game however you want and how much you want. SIMS 4 is one of those games that you either like or dislike, so you have to see it for yourself.

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ARMA 3 comes from developers famous for its Operation Flashpoint series- Bohemia Interactive. Operation Flashpoint, however, didn’t receive plausible reviews, while ARMA 3 was a well-reviewed and popular war simulation game. Unlike previous games mentioned, ARMA 3 has a story- a good and compelling story. The entire game is set on two islands called Altis and Stratis, and there are various factions like NATO, AAF, or CSAT available for the player to interact. The player has the possibility to do the missions for or against these factions thus having an impact on the game-ending.