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Determination of Uniqueness: Identity in a centralized repository can be managed to weed out duplicates, should any be detected, because cancelling the duplicate Aadhaar is as simple as blocking the use of a number. Not so with ID systems that depend upon a physical token. If sufficient by itself, such a token continues to work as the ID till it is retrieved or destroyed.


If you're contemplating a real career in hotel management and love fiddling with every little detail, you might want to give Hotel Giant (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2693) 2 a shot. Otherwise, give this crash course in the hospitality business a pass. While you can tell a lot of design work went into this carefully considered and encyclopedic hotel (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3622) game, the sheer weight of what you're called upon to manage is too heavy for all but the most dedicated player with a lot of time on his or her hands.

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Lowest-Cost Solution: Aadhaar has not only proved to be robust with unique features otherwise not found in other ID systems, it is also the most frugal of solutions. For instance, a smartcard would have cost ₹70–80 at the very least. Add to this, the cost of couriering the card and the personal identification number (PIN) separately and securely. At ₹100 per smartcard, the total expenditure just for the smartcard would have been ₹12,000 crore (₹120 billion) for the 1/2 billion registrations. That is more than the total expenditure UIDAI has incurred till date.

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Smarter Than a Smartcard: Aadhaar as an online digital ID is different from identity tokens. Aadhaar is a digital ID infrastructure, while a smartcard (or any other card) is just an offline token. And tokens have lost all relevance in a digital and connected world. This phenomenon is plainly visible in many areas. For instance, earlier, airline tickets used to be coupons in an attractive jacket, which were exchanged at the check-in counter for the boarding pass. Today, however, you get a message on your mobile phone, an SMS or an email, which you may print, but don’t need to. What’s vital in the message, among many other information, is the passenger name record (PNR)—again just a number. There is no need for a ticket or a smartcard or any token because you have continual access to all the information related to your booking, via this ID called PNR, at the back end.

When people asked me to explain the online ID, I used to provide them an analogy of body (sharir) and soul (atman). The Aadhaar number is like the soul, indestructible and permanent (ajar, amar), as the Gita describes it. The paper or the card is its temporary abode (sharir), which holds the number (atman). When you have direct access to the atman, the sharir and its perishable nature are unimportant.


The lighting in the lobby is too dim. I want a spa in the health club. There aren't enough exercise benches in the gym. I wish my room had one more TV. I want a phone in the lobby. And so on. All the griping seems widespread and random, unlike in most other management games where the great unwashed tend to all moan about one problem at a time, which gives you a good idea as to what needs to be prioritized. Here, it's often like you're doing nothing but manning a virtual complaint desk and racing around responding to bleats about seemingly every little thing, from the carpet weave to the snooty guy at the front desk. It might be realistic, but you spend more time with busywork than you do planning a dream destination for tourists.

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Safeguarding Inclusion of Poor: Those who lose a smartcard or any ID token would also lose their identity and suffer enormous harassment to get it back. Further, the impact of such a loss would be especially severe among the poorest (who could lose even their homes to floods), because to access their entitlements, they would first need to prove their identity. The Aadhaar system is convenient for residents, absolving them of the worry of loss or misuse of their card. Today, millions of Aadhaar letters are downloaded and printed every day.


Smartcards, on the other hand, have several lifecycle management issues and are getting obsolete. They require PINs to be conveyed to the holder separately and securely. Update of demographic or biometric data requires collecting the old cards and issuing new ones. Cards can be lost, which would require the entire process to be repeated. Smartcards also need a smartcard reader.

Digital ID Platform: A unique number that can be plugged into databases of names of users or beneficiaries of other systems serves the larger purpose of cleaning those databases while authenticating identities. Similarly, it also contributes to the goals of speed and scale besides future-proofing of technology, while keeping the cost of building such third-party systems very low.

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  • Setting up a hotel restaurant is kind of fun. Choosing every single item on the menu, not so much
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