A Grammy winner, Jackson will bring her repertoire of more than 50 years to the stage. Adele has been quoted saying "She's like my rockabilly Etta James.

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Lateral balancing is much more challenging than balancing in the sagittal plane (Bauby, 2000). McGeer demonstrated that passive walking dynamics allow descending a gentle slope without external power (McGeer, 1990a). So in sagittal plane, the passive leg adjustment and interaction between dynamics of two legs establish a periodic gait down a slight incline, with no external input except gravity. However, this does not hold in frontal plane. Here, a lateral control scheme is needed to withstand perturbations (Kuo, 1999). Baubuy and Kuo (2000) claim that unlike for fore-aft stability high-level neural feedback control is necessary for maintaining lateral stability. The support of body weight requires stabilizing motion dynamics in sagittal plane (MacKinnon and Winter, 1993). However, to achieve stability in frontal plane, proper sensing of lateral motion (like visual and vestibular input) is required for perturbation recovery (Warren et al, 1996; Winter, 1995).


She lived on Long Island, raised her sons, worked as a teacher's aide and a maid and was married for three years to a police officer, Bill Blunt. On weekends she sang club dates in the New York area, and she recorded an album in 1968 with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band.

Travel News Summer 2021/20

The headaches turned out to be stress related from all the grief she had to endure from losing her son Kevin who passed away in January of this year. Recently when a large tumor appeared on her shoulder, Janis and Wayne headed back to the doctors for tests.


In these, there is a polymer spring with some inherent damping, which provides knee flexion resistance during the early phase of the stance phase (which is obtained through the geometrical setup and the ground reaction force vector and the moments). These knee units appear to flex beginning at heel contact while load is being transferred to the prosthetic limb. The knee extends by the time midstance is reached, similar to physiological knee motion in normal walking. While providing shock absorption like the VSPs, these devices may have better simulated physiological function because they appear to have a period of activation during the gait cycle similar to the normal physiological movement that they are designed to replace. The 3R60 technology of the EBS-PRO-Knee allows up to 15 degrees of cushioned knee flexion and a polymeric spring progressively cushions the increase in loading that occurs as weight is transferred onto the prosthesis. This improvement in knee biomechanics may result in increased comfort during weight bearing and walking. Two hydraulic cylinders—one to influence stance flexion, the other to control the swing phase—offer a more natural gait and a high degree of stability especially noticeable on uneven terrain (Blumentritt et al, 1997).

It worth emphasizing that, despite the fact that the touchdown angles α⁎=(γptd⁎,γatd⁎)′ are not part of the state vector (7/4.13), they directly affect the value of P⁎. The appearance of α⁎=(γptd⁎,γatd⁎)′ in (7/4.14) is a consequence of the dependence of the threshold functions (7/4.10) on the values of the touchdown angles. It is apparent from (7/4.14) that the touchdown angles are (kinematic) inputs available for “cheap” control, since, in general, it is relatively easy to place the legs at their target angles during the flight phases.


This combination of high static forces and no motion leads to distinct requirements for bearing surfaces in the joints of the mechanism. Traditional roller and ball bearings actually perform quite poorly under static conditions and have relatively low static load ratings. In a semi-active system, they may never experience the high-load, high-speed movements in which they perform best. In contrast, simple bushings (also called plain bearings) made of materials such as reinforced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) plastic have very high static load ratings for their size, and in a semi-active system they will never experience the high-load, high-speed movements in which they perform poorly. Such bushings are also much smaller, lighter, simpler and cheaper than traditional bearings, making them an ideal solution for rotational and sliding joints in prostheses, where weight is an important consideration. All of the example semi-active prostheses described below make use of bushing-type interfaces to exploit these benefits.

It was a rough week for us. Billy went through hip replacement on the 20th and did great, but on Thursday he developed chest pains, on Sunday he was taken in for emergency bypass surgery (5 bypasses) he did fine on that but on Tues he developed a bleed with a clot in the chest wall that required another emergency surgery. We got out of ICU on Friday afternoon.


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Sam Phillips discovered the talents, of international stars such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, B. B. King, Ike Turner and Roy Orbison, to name a few. Phillips, who was a poor sharecropper's son, was born in Florence, AL. He moved to Memphis, TN and opened a small recording studio which opened the doors for both black and white, and also women. Elvis Presley biographer, Peter Guralnick said, "Sam Phillips could be said to be the man who invented Rock and Roll. He was a man of vision and principal- both social and aesthetic - who by dint of personality sought to overcome the ingrained prejudice of his time and place. His life and work, the music that he recorded stand, as a tribute to the individuality and freedom, a rebuke to conformity and convention.

This was music par excellance and more of the same continued with the superb beat ballad 'Don't Ever Leave Again' before picking up the tempo with 'The Big Bounce' and proceeding on with 'Not Anymore' and an unusual but fine treatment of 'Mean Mean Man'. She closed out with 'These Mean Hangover Blues'.

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Rockabilly Hall of FameArtist Album Downloads

Finite state machine (FSM) of the robotic leg. During pre-swing phase, the Decision Tree classified three walking conditions (level walk, stair ascend, and stair descend) with accuracy of 98/9% (top). Electromechanical lock supported the knee in stance phase and released the knee in swing phase (bottom).


Within the stance period, two tasks and four intervals are recognized. The two tasks include weight acceptance and single limb support. The weight acceptance task occurs during the first 10% of the stance period. The single limb support, also called double limb stance, when the current limb is on the ground and the other limb is in the air. The four intervals include loading response, mid stance, terminal stance and pre-swing.

This attractive young lady is part of the Austin based Casey Sisters who are scheduled to reform next year. That she possesses a great voice became readily apparent as she launched into the LaVern Baker tune 'Whipper Snapper' followed by tough rockin' interpretations of 'Dancing With Teardrops In My Eyes' and 'Tough Lover'. As she raunchily strutted the stage demonstrating good stage presence, the band started to cook. The set was a mixture of jumpin' R&B and ballads and other standout songs were '12 O'clock' and 'Please Mr. Jailer'.


These motions correspond to a small fraction (less than 1%) of the bounding gaits that can be generated passively. Note that self-stability in the presence of a flexible segmented torso does not immediately follow the existence of such self-stable motions in quadrupedal models with rigid torso (Poulakakis et al, 2006; Chatzakos and Papadopoulos, 2009). The reason is that torso bending movements may cause divergent behavior when they are not properly coordinated with the hybrid oscillations of the legs. While, in the rigid-torso case, the inertia properties of the torso – captured by the dimensionless moment of inertia of the torso – dominate self-stability (Poulakakis et al, 2006; Chatzakos and Papadopoulos, 2009), in the flexible-torso case, the combination of the stiffness properties of the legs and the torso appears to be the dominant factor. These observations reflect the significance of suitably tuning the properties of passive elements used in the system so that the desired behavior is generated. Below we will see that the use of passive compliant elements has a number of benefits when it comes to robot design, but it does restrict the versatility of a robot by imposing constraints on how these elements are selected and inserted in the robotic platform.

Gravity as an external force influences locomotion control on level and inclined terrains. However, gravitational effects are more critical on sloped grounds or stairs. For example, the largest percentage of falls occurs during stair walking in public places. Here, 80% of these falls on stairs relate to stair descent (Shumway-Cook and Woollacott, 2007). The stance phase in stair ascending is divided into three subphases: (i) weight acceptance, (ii) pull-up, and (iii) forward continuance. The swing phase is divided into (i) foot clearance and (ii) foot placement (Shumway-Cook and Woollacott, 2007), which is similar to level ground gait. The main contributors in foot clearance are tibialis anterior (for foot dorsiflexion) and hamstrings (for knee flexion) while rectus femoris contributes to the second half of the swing phase (similar to level walking Prilutsky and Gregor, 2001). The swing leg—guided by the movement of the pelvis—is lifted and moved forward by hip flexion followed by hip extension and ankle dorsiflexion in preparation of foot placement on the higher step (McFadyen and Winter, 1988).


The concept of neutral point introduced by Raibert (1986) shows such a relation between swing leg adjustment and motion speed in a simple model of running (describing a monopod or biped hopping robot). Neutral point is the foot position (relative to the hip) at touchdown which results in symmetric leg movement around mid-stance. Then the forward speed is the same at liftoff as it is at touchdown and the average horizontal and angular acceleration over each stride becomes zero.

Studies on human walking and running show that locomotion speed significantly influences leg angle of attack and leg retraction speed as two features of swing leg adjustment (Sharbafi et al, 2021, 2021, 2021). A potential role of leg adjustment for control of forward speed is indicated by modeling and robotic studies (Dunn and Howe, 1996).


In April the following year Elvis Presley, who was in Las Vegas, heard Bell singing Hound Dog. As they chatted afterwards, Presley asked if he might cover the song.

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Gait initiation and termination are two types of switching between standing and locomotion. In gait initiation, the task is changing from keeping balance (placing the body CoM within base of support) to moving body over the ground. During this transition, the upcoming swing leg prepares its push-off by actively loading and then unloading the limb. Consider the inverted pendulum model to represent the human body to explain this phenomenon. Assume the right and left legs are the upcoming swing and stance legs in the first step, respectively. In order to release the right leg from ground contact, an angular momentum is required to shift the center of mass to above the other leg (Winter, 1995). As a result, an increase in GRF is observed at the right leg to generate the required angular momentum and the center of pressure is moved first from middle of the two feet to the right and then to the left foot (Winter, 1995). Compared to gait initiation, COM trajectories are mirrored during gait termination (Jian et al, 1993). This also holds for COP trajectories. Capture point and capture region concepts (Pratt and Tedrake, 2006) describe how models help calculate a region to place the swing leg to stop in one (or more) step(s) (see Section 2/2.3 for details).

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No Map Description Available

In the swing phase, the FSM would enter into loading response if the robot detected any loading in either Heel sensor (heel strike) OR Forefoot sensors (forefoot contact as in dropped foot gait). The powered joints would immediately return to initial standing position and released torque output.

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Fixed points computed for the same total energy (Et⁎=7/95), average speed (Fr = 2/41), and hopping height (ytj⁎=0/82) and for different values of dimensionless leg and torso stiffness. The color code corresponds to the values of the spectral radius of A.


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She turned in a pleasant performance on such ditties as 'You Made A Hit' 'Kiss And Tell Baby' and 'Got A Lot Of Rhythm'. There were too many up-tempo numbers; in fact, there was only one slow song in the fine reading of 'Thinking About You'. There was also an indoor Hot Rod show and the now standard Sunday morning flea market.

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The terminal swing phase, sometimes called deceleration, is the period of the swing phase when the extremity is decelerating in preparation for heel strike. It ends just prior to initial foot contact.

He continues to gig, as he puts it, "wherever there are rock 'n' rollers. That's what we've been doing for more than 40 years.


My new book "still ROCKIN' AROUND THE CLOCK" is doing very well on Amazon.com We haven't yet been able to do any book promotions, but they will be coming later in the year. I want to personally thank those of you that have bought my book and those that have given those wonderful comments on Amazon.com.

This difficulty has been pointed in previous work by Nanua (1992) and Deng et al. (2021), and is attributed to the sensitive dependence of the motion on the combination between the torso stiffness and the leg stiffness. Even when fixed points can be computed – which is not always the case – they may correspond to spurious motions in which the torso exhibits multiple oscillations within a single stride.


For the filming of this unique, live DVD, he gathered with friends, family and rock 'n' roll icons to perform at a series of private shows in New York and Los Angeles. Rock 'n' roll, soul and country music legends gathered from the world 'round to show their admiration for one of the great original song stylists of all time.

This was a set of vintage Janis numbers such as 'Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll', 'Alright Baby', 'Billy Boy', 'Ooby Dooby, and 'Crackerjack'. On 'Let's Elope Baby', Miss Mary Ann joined her to duet on lead vocals and this worked well. However, Janis appeared to be concerned with the playing by her backing band The Ragtime Wranglers. Musically, they played well but did lack that raucous spark. Essentially, they were playing in a hillbilly style whereas Janis's music commands the more raucous edge of a rockabilly outfit. Janis, being the first rate performer that she is, managed to effectively overcome this difficulty with good humour as she shimmied her way through 'Bang Bang', Barefoot Baby' and 'Good Love'. Once she donned her own guitar, the set really ignited. We were then regaled with 'Hard Rockin' Mama' and 'My Boy Elvis'. This had developed into vintage Martin. She concluded her set with a Presley medley of 'My Baby Left Me/Good Rockin' Tonight/C C Rider' and 'Johnny B Good'.


Commemorative Postage Stamp Campaign, she is determined to push this campaign forward. Sam broke racial and social barriers and made his mark in the Civil Rights Movement in his own right - music had no color to him.

That's NEWS to Me

As in Altendorfer et al. (2004) and Poulakakis et al. (2006), since we are interested in periodic bounding gaits, in constructing the Poincaré map we will not consider the horizontal coordinate xp⁎ that increases monotonically with time. A further dimensional reduction – inherent to Poincaré's method (Guckenheimer and Holmes, 1996) – can be achieved by projecting out y˙p⁎, which always satisfies the condition defining Sapex⁎ in (7/4.12).


Leave to Bill to be a "character" until the end. He seemed comfortable in his casket, wearing a gray sweatshirt with "Over the Hill" across the front along with a pair of dark blue sweat pants.

Next, we give more details about the derivation of the equation for single stance. Let H→˙/X and M→/X denote the rate of change of angular momentum and external torque about the point X, respectively. The first and second lines in the above equation are obtained by equating the angular momentum to the external torque about the foot in touch with the ground, C1, and the hip, H, respectively.


Rockabilly Hall of Fame web page

For the loads on the foot, the loads at the mid-stance phase are used. According to reference 28, only ankle joint force and the forces of several major muscles are considered. The muscle forces include triceps surae (TS), reaction at the medial pulley due to the muscles flexor hallucis longus (FHL), flexor digitorum longus (FDL), tibialis posterior (TP), reaction at lateral pulley due to muscles peroneus longus (PL), peroneus brevis (PB), and flexor hallucis longus (FHL).

During walking, the gait cycle is usually subdivided into a stance phase and a swing phase. The swing phase is the period of time when the foot under consideration is not in contact with the floor. The stance phase is the period of time when the foot under consideration is in contact with the floor. The stance phase can be further subdivided into five stages: heel-strike (initial foot-floor contact), foot-flat, mid-stance, push-off, and toe-off. According to our perception, slippage takes place easily when the phase turns from foot flat to mid-stance, and then to push-off. Therefore, the phase transition from foot-flat to push-off is simulated. Since the shoe is not the focus of this study, only a barefoot or a foot wearing a sock standing upon an insole lain over a supporter is simulated rather than in a shoe.


The concept of switching during swing phases and holding during stance phases affects not only the power required from the actuator, but also the forces experienced at the joints. In powered systems, actuators are used to move the mechanism even when large external loads are applied, and this behavior compels the use of traditional ball and roller bearings in the joints, to minimize frictional losses and wear on the joint surfaces. Semi-active systems experience the same large forces but do not try to move when they are applied. Therefore, the risk of wear in the joints due to motion under high load is eliminated.