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  • Is it possible in AutoCAD to click on a camera and have it show it’s FOV
  • Step 1: Cara Membuat Layer di AutoCAD I Jago AutoCAD
  • Or you could create Macro’s to pull AutoCAD commands together that you use frequently
  • AutoCAD scripts can be stored in a central location on your server
  • You can read more about the Syntax for AutoCAD Macros here
  • Automate it by turning it into an AutoCAD script

Moreover, printing to PDF is not the default setting. The default is set to Plotter named in page setup. This will almost always result in an unsuccessful job, unless you have named a plotter in the page setup.


Right click over any blank area on your new palette and choose ‘Customize commands’. This will bring up the ‘Customize user interface’ dialogue.

  • An AutoCAD tool palette command tools properties
  • Batch plotting in AutoCAD
  • Creating an AutoCAD tool pallette command tool
  • Creating new AutoCAD commands
  • AutoCAD Tutorial 01: Drawing Your First Object

Side note: Looking at the image below, we see how the command prompt reads Publish. This is because batch plotting is a sub function of the publish feature.

The Good – AutoCAD (useful site) command Macros can be distributed via the CUI or tool palettes, making it much more intuitive for your users to use. AutoCAD Command Macro’s can contain LISP code, and they can also contain DIESEL code (which is good for AutoCAD LT users). Macros can contain pauses for user input, but be careful – there is no error handling method in a Macro.


Robert Kaebisch is a professional licensed architect and instructor in the Construction Sciences Group: Architectural/Structural Engineering Technician Program at Gateway Technical College. He teaches a variety of courses including and related to: architecture, construction, residential design and code, commercial design and code, mechanical systems, conflict resolution in construction and building inspections. He teaches a variety of different software in those courses including AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and MS-Office products.

  • Creating your own AutoCAD palette
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The Good – AutoCAD scripts can contain long lists of instructions for AutoCAD (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8449) to follow. AutoCAD scripts can be stored in a central location on your server. Should you want to update a Script file, you only need to change it in one place for everyone to get the changes. AutoCAD scripts can contain comments, to remind you what the script does.

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To add your command Macro to the new toolbar button, right click on the ‘Run script’ tool palette button, and chose ‘Properties’. You can now paste your Macro in under ‘Command string’.


Have you ever had a situation where you had 290+ drawings to print or plot all? Even more gruesome, would be to have different pencil widths and other options for each of the drawings.

Yes, this will plot all the sheets/drawings you have selected in the same print job. Once the printing job shows success, in the bottom right corner as shown below, you can check your plotter for all the prints.