A license includes full support, automatically captcha solving and multiple tribal wars accounts you can run in parallel. The advanced features require a subscription of 3 months in advance.

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Nonetheless, this uncertainty remains unacceptable given the possibility to produce inadvertent loss of control situations depending on precise environment configuration and process links. As a result, EKANS and its presumed parent MEGACORTEX variant represent a unique and specific risk to industrial operations not previously observed in ransomware operations. While some organizations have the emergency recourse of falling back into “manual mode” operations, the costs and inefficiencies of doing so (if such a change-over happens absent friction) are still substantial.


Many ransomware attacks also impact backup infrastructure. In a recent ransomware incident Dragos responded to, attackers encrypted the Synology network attached storage (NAS) that was mounted as a Sever Message Block (SMB) share to all systems to store backups. Luckily, an engineer had previously decided to take a copy of the backups on an external drive.

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In addition to maintaining offline backups, backup procedures should consider not only systems, but critical data. While backing up a system may be fine every three months for example, critical data required for business operations may need to be available down to the day or hour. Companies should ensure this information is identified and categorized based on criticality and available if all systems are encrypted.


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Adversaries responsible for ransomware incidents act quickly. In many cases, adversaries are not interested in the underlying infrastructure or data, they just want to encrypt the systems as quickly as possible. In the customer ransomware incident mentioned above, responders observed a turnaround of less than 24 hours between initial access, obtaining domain admin, and plant-wide ransomware deployment. Attackers in this event dropped more than 30 tools on the end points and brute forced authentication credentials.

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The EKANS sample was first identified in a commercial virus repository on 26 December 2021, while the Dustman event took place on 29/30 December 2021. One possibility is that EKANS was in fact used at Bapco in an incident prior to Dustman, while another is that current public reporting is confusing the Dustman incident (which all available information indicates is focused on Saudi Arabia) with a widespread and potentially disruptive ransomware event at Bapco occurring around the same time.

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