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The rescheduled exam dates for undergraduate and postgraduate courses were released by the varsity in the second week of August. Earlier, the entrance test was scheduled to be conducted from August 16 to August 31, 2021. For more related details, students can visit the official site of Banaras Hindu University. The entrance test for remaining Undergraduate programmes - BA (Hons) Arts, BA (Hons) Social Sciences, BCom (Hons), BCom - FMM, BSc (Hons) Ag, BA LLB - 5 years (Hons), BSc (Hons) Maths, BSc (Hons) Bio, Shashtri (Hons) and different programs of BVoc was conducted in the second phase on 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th September 2021.


Ilk, D, Currie, S, Symmons, D, et al. Hybrid rate-decline models for the analysis of production performance in unconventional reservoirs. Paper SPE 135616 Presented at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Florence, Italy, 19-22 September, 2021.

Myers didn’t know her husband’s password, but fortunately he was still coherent enough to give it to her. What he didn’t give her, because she didn’t think to ask, were any other passwords (discover this info here), including the one for his Apple account to unlock his computer. Months later, when she tried to guess that password too many times, she got locked out and eventually had to seek a court order to gain control of his devices.


Generating pCT for MRI dose planning with DLMs and PBM provided low dose uncertainties. In particular, the GAN L2 and U-Net L2 provided the lowest dose uncertainties together with a low computation time.

Sea of Thieves features monthly content patches that include new cosmetics and new activities. The new Gold Hoarder voyage and dog pets will be available in a content patch next month.


Pledge packs can be purchased in the Fractured Store. They grant access to the game at different stages of testing, plus a ton of other exciting rewards!

The new Gold Hoarder voyage and dog pets will be available in a content patch next month

The first public pet cemetery was established in the UK in 1881 when the owner of a recently deceased dog called Cherry asked the gatekeeper of Hyde Park if they could be buried there. The dog was buried in the gatekeeper's personal garden and over the next few decades, hundreds of other dogs were also interred. Public pet cemeteries subsequently spread across Britain. This research focused on four such sites: the original Hyde Park cemetery, The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals cemetery in Ilford, and Jesmond Dene and Northumberland Park in Newcastle. Dr. Tourigny documented more than 1,000 animal headstones spanning a century of burials—from their founding in the 1880s through to the 1980s.


Sood began highlighting that there are many roles for imaging in prostate cancer – risk stratification, diagnosis, establishing the extent of disease (staging), and assessing for recurrence. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has established a clear role in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Earlier this year, a key development improved the transparency of puppy mill oversight at the USDA when in February 2021, at the direction of Congress, the USDA’s three-year data purge came to an end. The agency was thereafter required to restore full animal welfare inspection reports online, including critical details such as the names and license numbers of breeders and dealers.


Assigning value to stimulation in the Barnett shale: A simultaneous analysis of 7000 plus production histories and well completion records. Paper SPE 119369 Presented at SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Woodlands, TX, USA, 19-21 January, 2009.

When he needs a password, he opens the Dashlane application, copies the particular password and then pastes it in where the website is requesting it. Dashlane and most other programs also have browser plug-ins that make the process even easier. When you get to a login page, you simply click a button on the toolbar and then choose the account to fill in the user ID and password (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6956) fields.


OnFocus Puppy Mills Remain Prevalent in Wisconsin Comments Feed

Kanfar, M, Wattenbarger, R. Comparison of empirical decline curve methods for shale wells. Paper SPE 162648 Presented at SPE Canadian Unconventional Resources Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 30 October-1 November, 2021.

Backyard Bird Count: How To Participate In Mooresville

MOORESVILLE, NC — Bird lovers near Mooresville will soon have an opportunity to contribute to what is known about global bird populations. The annual Great Backyard Bird Count returns this year for four days in February.


Earlier this year, thieves exploited a weakness in SS7, a telephony routing protocol, to steal passwords to online bank accounts in Germany. The attackers were able to access two-factor authenticated accounts by redirecting one-time passwords to cellphones they controlled. Armed with mobile transaction authentication numbers, the thieves were able to transfer money out of the accounts they targeted.

Count birds anywhere you like for at least 15 minutes—or for as long as you wish. Keep track of the kinds of birds you see and how long you watched.


Welcome to the brave new world of online security. As hackers become more adept at stealing personal information, we end up locking our loved ones (and even ourselves) out of our online accounts and digital devices.

Health Physics Society Awards

So, while G5e*cbCy74Tm$*SZthE7igp7L is certainly difficult for a would-be attacker to guess or break using brute-force attack methods, it's all but impossible to remember. However, "FantasticYellowBowledHair" is the same length but a lot less complex and so much easier to visualize and thus recall. Importantly, it's just as hard for criminals to crack. The trick is to use unrelated words that can be combined into something that you can visualize, rather than related words that might be guessable as a phrase. The FBI recommends using passphrases of at least 15 characters, but I'd suggest stretching that to 25 characters because, well, why not?


In the not-so-distant past, the majority of consumer accounts were protected with a single password (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=788). A combination of predictable password choices and increasingly savvy digital thieves quickly rendered single-factor authentication irrelevant, giving way to two-factor authentication (2FA).

Say organizers: "All you need is a free Cornell Lab account to participate. This account is shared with Merlin, eBird, Project FeederWatch and other projects at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


A basement-dwelling ogre, Brandon's a fan of indie games and slice of life anime. Has too many games and not enough time.

SIU Virtual Congress 2021: Advantages and Limitations of PSMA-PET

Problem to Be Solved: Hacking (image source), identity theft, fraud, cyberbullying, phishing, spam,malware, ransomware—all of these undermine the security of the individual in society (investigate this site). The firstera of the Internet, rather than bringing transparency and impairing violations, seems to havedone little to increase security of persons, institutions, and economic activity. The averageInternet user often has to rely on flimsy passwords to protect e-mail and online accounts becauseservice providers or employers insist on nothing stronger. Consider the typical financialintermediary: it doesn’t specialize in developing secure technology; it specializes in financialinnovation.

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Visit the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign page to learn the truth about Puppy Mills. Ask a local pet store to join the puppy-free pet store initiative. A template invitation and pledge can be found here.


He highlighted recent data among men with elevated PSA (4 to 20 ng/mL) which suggested a higher sensitivity for clinically significant cancer with the use of GaPSMA-PET/CT (100%) compared to MRI (33%). However, there was also increased identification of clinically insignificant disease. A combined approach using both of these modalities demonstrated high diagnostic accuracy. Notably, SUVmax values were associated with underlying tumor histology and thus, intraprostatic accumulation could predict the presence of clinically significant cancer.

Thirty-nine patients received a VMAT for prostate cancer (78 Gy). T2-weighted MRIs were acquired in addition to planning CTs. The pCTs were generated from the MRIs using seven configurations: four GANs (L2, single-scale PL, multiscale PL, weighted multiscale PL), two U-Net (L2 and single-scale PL), and the PBM. The imaging endpoints were mean absolute error (MAE) and mean error (ME), in Hounsfield units (HU), between the reference CT (CTref) and the pCT.


SARS-CoV-2 has been reported to infect a range of animal species. However, neither risk factors nor susceptibility or clinical features of infection in different animal species are well defined. This study investigated the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 shedding and seropositivity in pets whose owners had COVID-19.

Looking for an amazing and modern eCommerce webshop template that's suitable for a wide range of shops? Then this is the template you need. Modern colors, a solid structure and some nice attention to detail make this one a must-have.


Comparison of various deterministic forecasting techniques in shale gas reservoirs. Paper SPE 163870 Presented at SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Woodlands, Texas, USA, 4-6 February, 2021.

The detailed steps to download the provisional key are listed below. The candidates must know that they can challenge the answer key in case they find any answers wrong.


The Protected Voices initiative was launched by the FBI to help safeguard against online "foreign influence" operations along with cybersecurity threats. With input from the FBI itself, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, it's a goldmine of essential guidance and advice on everything from social engineering through to incident response. While the information is geared toward political campaigns, the advice provided applies to a much wider audience. Adapted from that initiative is something known as the FBI Portland Tech Tuesday report, and the latest recommends an alternative to the passwords that most people use to protect everything from email to banking, phones to laptops. The FBI wants you to stop using passwords and do this one thing instead.