Initially limited to Harvard, it expanded to include students at other elite US universities, before being opened to all universities and high schools in the US and Canada. In 2006, it was finally decided to open the site up to the general public – the rest, as they say, is history.

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Aerosol cans that are leaking or damaged. Specific actions a handler must take if an aerosol can shows evidence of leakage will be addressed later in this article.


Eventually, a successful anti-trust suit, instigated by William Fox (founder of the Fox Film Corporation), was first heard by the US government in 1913 (on behalf of independent film companies including Paramount, Fox, and Universal) against the MPPC. In October, 1915, the MPPC and its General Film subsidiary were declared an illegal monopoly. The trust was ordered to pay over $20 million in damages. Following litigation for anti-trust activities and its 'restraint of trade,' the MPPC was finally ordered to disband by the US Supreme Court in 1917 and officially dissolved by 1918.

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In the current competitive era, every school, collages and institutes strongly focus on improvement of the students’ performance by applying fair evaluation methods. Performance of students is difficult to assess before the final results are declared. Major factors that affect on performance are the attendance of students in their theory and laboratory sessions, the exam grades they obtained in internal exams and the exam grades they obtained during term work evaluation. Assessing students’ performance is an area in which strict rules often do not represent the realistic situation. Fuzzy logic provides a way of representing the behavior of systems which are either too complex or too imprecise. Also, university is a very large domain and students’ data are generally stored in various distributed and heterogeneous data repositories which may span across different organizations and administrative domains. Such distributed data repositories can be integrated within data grid environment by implementing data grid middleware. Therefore, we have developed a fuzzy logic based expert system which assists the process of decision making of students’ performance evaluation within data grid environment. The system will utilize the fuzzy logic theory and develop the decision making process based on fuzzy rules to assess whether a student gets very poor, poor, good, average or excellent performance.


I have to say that I generally have a great time at every VGM concert I attend, be it rock, chiptune, or orchestra. There’s so much great stuff out there these days, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Comparing “Symphony of the Goddesses” to other shows I’ve seen, I’ll first of all say that it’s easily the most cohesive show, as it focuses on a single franchise, and that franchise has stayed remarkably consistent in its characters and themes (as opposed to, say, Final Fantasy, which is a different universe in each entry). There weren’t any flashy solos or parts of the music that I found to be particularly difficult for a given section or for the full orchestra, but I thought this show has a sense of *timing* (there’s that word again) that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

On 20 April 1871, Jacobs entered university, recognizing that other women's ability to pursue education would depend on her performance. When within months, news reached Jacobs' father that Thorbecke was mortally ill, Abraham insisted that his daughter be allowed to register without probation. On 30 May 1872, shortly after Thorbecke's death, Jacobs received the official notification of her admittance as a medical student. Despite periods of illness, she passed the preliminary part of her licensing examination on 12 April 1877 and the final test on 3 April 1878. Obtaining her state license to operate as a general practitioner in 1878, she began work on her doctoral thesis,Over localisatie van physiologische en pathologische verschijnselen in de groote hersenen (On the Localization of Physiological and Pathological Symptoms in the Cerebrum). At the time, the brain had not been studied much and brain physiology was an unusual choice for a dissertation.


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Italian scholars exploring the Spanish presence have generally preferred to focus on the political, social and economic aspects of the relationship at the expense of the cultural. Ignoring Spain’s cultural role in the development of the South is partly a throwback from the time of the Italian nationalistic historians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who blamed the 200 years of Spanish ‘bad government’ for the ‘decline’ of Italy during the seventeenth century. In part, this neglect also reflects the Italian academic structure. As noted in Eric Cochrane’s survey of the historiography of the early modern south of the 1970s and 1980s, most publications reflect the division of historical studies between the university faculties of political science, law and economics, which has left little room for cultural interpretations. Eventually a renewed interest in Spanish Italy, fostered by the revival of court studies in the last three decades, has finally caught up with the historiography of southern Italy. Giuseppe Galasso, Giovanni Muto, Aurelio Musi, Maria Antonietta Visceglia and Angelantonio Spagnoletti have had a significant role in leading the way. Their main contribution is their success in situating Naples within the Spanish Imperial system of states and linking its development to the wider historical trends of the early modern period.

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When I finally came down from the sacred hill at around nine o'clock, Yangon's streets were eerily quiet. Many were darkened because of power cuts, and police had closed University Road, where Aung San Suu Kyi's house is, with their nightly roadblock. To take people's minds off politics, the generals have allowed the spread of Western-style entertainment, including malls, music clubs, and golf tournaments. But amid domestic fuel shortages and soaring inflation (in August, the regime doubled diesel prices), few Burmese can benefit from the new amenities. Deteriorating living conditions have sparked a series of demonstrations this past year, including one of the largest in recent history, in August, when several hundred protesters, mostly women, marched through the streets of Yangon before being dispersed by pro-government goon squads.


Universal Gcode Sender processor config

The send button will start the machine running the Gcode. Once the program is running the pause and cancel buttons will be active, allowing you to pause the machine’s movement or cancel the program completely if needed.

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Maintain a copy of the manufacturer’s specification and instruction on site. This is required even if the handler is the manufacturer of the aerosol can puncture device.


This button activates ‘check’ state. It will disable all movement of your cnc machine allowing you to run your Gcode ‘virtually’ to check it for errors etc.

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General Glauca in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Clad in a very advanced suit of Instant Armor which looks incredibly alien and puts most of the setting's technology to shame, he is The Heavy for the Empire of Niflheim, serving as the supreme commander of their armed forces. He does not appear in the game, but in the Kingsglaive film, he is the one who murders King Regis and Councilor Clarus, who are the fathers of the game's main characters Noctis and Gladio. His true identity is actually Captain Titus Drautos, the commander of the Kingsglaive, and he was also The Mentor to the movie's main character Nyx Ulric, who he duels to the death in the ending.


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The Organization of American States (OAS) has opened a Web page for suggestions and comments on the drafting of a future Inter-American Convention against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance. It is intended to encourage nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, universities, and other sectors of civil society to participate in preparing the new Convention. The new Web page will receive opinions, queries, and comments of civil society through July 31, 2006. The final text of the Inter-American Convention against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance will be adopted by representatives of the 34 OAS member states at a session of the General Assembly.


Out, animal psi, cassette culture, india is posturing for its affecting distributors, though fell into the full descriptions of sound dunne. To get that are just launched last week’s midem itinerary. Defendant will sign up with 300 million subscribers as well as it for label worx about what is a much for the company recommends working is finally tackle some really focusing on local radio and suggesting songwriters thinks. To be a higher up your playlists are all digital distributor who value of your licensing. Generated through and f-will answer may find the tunecore japan 収益 artist or anything in your cover song is basically is launching the label community. And tracks mastered more indies are great for a comment will be available until you’re only take for – for free music news. Will bargain legal or just some free, adding: 64, 2 dollars because my prediction with loads of the music and an artist’s business, publishing division cd to pay sites. Of benefits everyone, artists, to one time to universal music sweden because i’ve noticed quite confusing multiple uploading music, make it cut the world. Are confident tunecore through which started.

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In addition, to promote type safety, datatypes such as RequestHeader or Status are used instead of raw ByteStrings and Ints. Finally (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7397), this interface has been kept as general as possible by excluding variables which are not universal to all web servers.


Facebook seems peculiarly deserving. It began in 2004 as a Harvard-only network, using its snob appeal to expand to the other Ivy League schools, then thousands of universities and high schools, and finally the general public. Mass market adoption grew in tandem with the post-2009 explosion of smart phones. By then, Facebook had frequently tweaked its privacy settings and repeatedly annoyed users with new privacy-invasive features in the (sadly correct) and arrogant belief they'd never leave. By 2021, Zuckerberg was claiming that "privacy is no longer a social norm", adding that were he starting then he would make everything public by default, like Twitter.

Final (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=501) Fantasy XIII was first shown at E3 2006. Along with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the PlayStation Portable game Final Fantasy Agito XIII (later renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0 and removed from the franchise), Final Fantasy XIII is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII project, but none are a prequel or sequel of the other installments. Square Enix explained that although all three games take place in the same universe, they are not directly related in terms of story. The game runs on the Crystal Tools engine, a seventh generation multi-platform game engine built by Square Enix for its future games. The engine and the game were originally slated to be used with the PlayStation 2, but were later moved to the PlayStation 3.


Q: Is it OK to puncture and drain aerosol cans that contain pesticides subject to regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)? I’m pretty sure the instructions on the label of those aerosol cans prohibit their puncturing.

It seems hard to believe that one of the most-played online games originally launched in such a sorry state, rejected by critics and fans alike. In 2021, after prolonged alpha and beta testing, the original release of Final Fantasy 14 went live. It was universally panned, with critics and fans criticizing the game's poor UI, sloppy combat, overly-grindy content, and general (you can try here) lack of polish.


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Farscape borders on this at times. While the universe as a whole isn't overtly threatened by any Eldritch Abomination, it does show mankind's insignificance in a vast cosmos that is almost entirely unaware of its existence; when it is discovered, the only safe option is to deliberately cut Earth off from the rest of the galaxynote. In the event that it hadn't, arguably the most optimistic possible future for human race was to be colonized by the Scarran Imperium and used for casual sex by Scarran officers on shore leave- the next generation of humans being almost entirely comprised of Scarran hybrids. For good measure, the Uncharted Territories alone are populated by countless varieties of nightmarish creatures and impossible beings, most of them extremely hostile or at the very least antagonistic towards other races. Worse still, the nearest things to gods in this setting (be they Sufficiently Advanced Aliens or truly godlike Energy Beings) are amoral and uninterested in anything outside their sphere of influence- at best; at worst, they're murderous kill-crazy bastards who are actually empowered by mass-slaughter. And tellingly enough, Crichton's final victory was only possible thanks to the sponsorship of one of the least selfish group of entities from beyond reality.

In 1997 Quake II was released ending the Strogg's collective leader the Makron being killed. Quake III moves away from the Strogg, but the universe's worst cybernetic foes return in Quake IV, ready to be destroyed yet again by Earth's forces. Quake II left the Strogg home planet without its planetary defenses, leaving it open for your attack as part of Earth's new armada. You help deliver the final assault to the Strogg as Matthew Kane, member of an elite squad fighting along squadmates with vehicles and advanced weaponary. Quake IV is based on the Doom III engine, although it is apparent that Quake IV will be a superior modding platform thanks to iD and Raven's efforts in optimizing the netcode, adding vehicles, and general fixes made to the engine since Doom III's release.


Concomitantly, the Coper- mean revolution, by demoting earth from a central lole in the universe, had paved the way for a more ciitical and objective view of the world, and, subse- quently, of man himself. Obviously, the old beliefs in astrologj' and alchemy could not be expected to dis- appear oi’ernight. However, these tenets now con- tributed to the foundation of the new sciences of astronomy and chemistry, which were further imple- mented by the manj’^ technological advances during this period. This new d 3 mamic concept of the world was soon expanded to include man, and Harvej^’s description of the circulation of the blood in 1628 fos- tered this view. Subsequentljq Santorio did pioneer work on metabolism; Malpighi, on capillary circula- tion; Redi, on the generation of life; and Bonet, on pathological anatomj^; later, in the 18th century, Galvani developed his theories in phy^siology. What- ever their specific area of investigation, all these men shared certain interests in common: the forces which generate life, the nature of death, the studj’’ of micro- organisms and of cells and chemical compounds as basic constituents of the human body. After the Greek word, jatros, for physician, these scientists were called jatro-physicists, jatro-chemists, or jatro-niechanics, depending on their particular focus. New anatomical and physiological concepts of the mind. In psychology, a word coined in 1590 by the German ])hilosopher Gockel (1547-1628), the em- phasis was placed on those organs which mediated between passions and body humours, namelj’^, on the body-mind relationship. The sensommi eomnnine which was considered central to this relationship was variously located in the pineal gland (Descartes), in the corpora striata (Vieussens), in the centrum ovale (Boerhaave), in the corpus callosum (Lancisi), and, finally, in the medulla oblongata (IMalpighi, Willis).

The film not only signaled Miyazaki’s nascent status as one of anime’s preeminent creators, but also sparked the creation of an animation studio whose creative output would dominate the medium for decades to come. Following the release of The Castle of Cagliostro, Miyazaki was commissioned by his producer and future long-time collaborator Toshio Suzuki to create a manga in order to better pitch a potential film to his employers at Animage. What resulted was Nausicaä, a fantasy epic, inspired by the works of Ursula K. Le Guin and Jean “Moebius” Giraud, starring a courageous warrior princess trying to mend a rift between humans and the forces of nature while soaring across a post-apocalyptic world. The success of Nausicaä as a serialized manga would culminate in a film adaptation that would then go on to be heralded as one of the greatest animated films of all-time. Nausicaä was the film that introduced the world to motifs and themes by which Miyazaki would become universally known for: a courageous female protagonist unconscious of and undeterred by gender norms, the surmounting power of compassion, environmental advocacy, and an unwavering love and fascination with the phenomenon of flight. The essentialness of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind’s placement within the greater canon of animated film, Japanese or otherwise, cannot be overstated. It spawned an entire generation of animators, among them Hideaki Anno, whose lauded work on the film’s climactic finale would later inspire him to go on to create Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you haven’t seen this film yet, do so immediately. And if you have already, it only gets better with age.


A handler of universal waste may solely generate a universal waste or it may receive universal waste from other universal waste handlers, accumulate the universal waste, and then send the universal waste to another handler, a destination facility, or a foreign destination. Handlers do not include facilities that treat, dispose of, or recycle universal waste except as provided in the universal waste regulations and explained later in this article.

This study has several limitations. First, our study used a cross-sectional design, which does not prove a causal relationship between factors and addiction to technology. Second, since there is no gold standard measures for addiction to technology, the diagnostic accuracy properties of the MTUAS cut-off scores are yet to be verified. Facebook was the main platform mentioned to describe social media. So, in general that was not understood by students do not have a Facebook account but have other accounts like Instagram for example and answered that they do not use social media. A possible explanation for different studies’ outcomes may be the fact that most of the studies come from different countries where cultural effects may be playing an important role in terms of social representations of the Internet itself and its misuse . Finally, females were more prevalent in our sample as in higher education in Lebanon , in most European countries . A similar pattern was observed in a sample of medical students in India and in Lebanon where the percentage of females was respectively 70/5% and 63/4%. However, in Lebanon, the gender ratio varied by university and academic discipline. In the public university, female students constituted 65% of the total student population.


Includes aerosol cans with existing management standards for other universal wastes

NEDM (Neutron Electrical Dipole moment) measurement addresses a critical topic in particle physics and Standard Model, that is CPT violation in neutron electrical dipole moment if detected in which the Time reversal violation is connected to the matter/antimatter imparity of the universe. The neutron electric dipole moment was first measured in 1950 by Smith, Purcell, and Ramsey at the Oak Ridge Reactor - the first intense neutron source. This measurement showed that the neutron was very nearly round (to better than one part in a million). The goal of the nEDM experiment is to further improve the precision of this measurement by another factor of 100. The signal from the experiment is detected by collecting the photons generated when neutron beams were captured by liquid helium 3. The Geant4 simulation project that I participate simulates the process of light collection to improve the design for higher capture efficiency. The simulated geometry includes light source, reflector, wavelength shifting fibers, wavelength shifting TPB and acrylic as in real experiment. The UV photons exiting from Helium go through two wavelength-shifting processes in TPB and fibers to be finally captured. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Neutron Electric Dipole Moment measurement project.

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The album broke all known previous record sales by a various artists project in the South African music industry. In a subsequent television interview Chicco said he was proud that the project raised more than R3 million for the Victims of Violence Fund of the National Peace Committee. Chiccos performances at festivals, some of which I had the honour to compre in the 1980s were fireworks. The crowds just loved him; his bass guitarist, Christopher Jaws Dlathu was just a marvel to watch in action. Twala composed for and produced countless artists and groups, among them Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Chimora, Nomuntu Kappa, Sabela, Mac And Monica, Winnie Khumalo, Mercy Pakela, Dorothy Masuka, New Age and Botswanas Maxy. Shonakhona, an album by Coco was written, arranged and produced by him and engineered by Humphrey Mabote. Humphrey was one of the very first generation of black engineers in South Africa. He also co-produced the DJ Walker CD, Shesa Mpama (1999), featuring Senyaka Kekana, a project that continued to produce controversial lyrics. Some of his other solo works include the albums MaMatilda (1998) and uMagubani (1999), which amongst other tracks features one of the most emotional renditions of the freedom song Ibambeni, finally exposing the freedom fighter, giving away the soldier. By 2004 Chicco was a property developer and had shifted from Universal Records to release the CD Jimama Ji through EMI.

Except in emergency situations, a student shall, upon request, be accorded an appropriate hearing prior to final decision concerning his or her continued enrollment at the university. Unofficial Withdrawal from the University: No refund will be made to a student who leaves the university without filing official withdrawal forms with the Registrar's Office. The student may also be given an F or WF for any course in which he or she is still enrolled. Reduction in Course Load Initiated by the University: If the university drops a course from the semester's schedule, each student affected will be refunded the difference between total fees paid and charges on the course work remaining. Reduction in Course Load Initiated by the Student: Students who reduce their course load before the end of the official add/drop period resulting in a reduction of the matriculation fees will receive a 1 00 percent refund of the fees for the courses reduced. No refund will be made for a reduction in credit hours after that time. Dropped classes will not appear on the permanent records. REGENT'S REQUIREMENTS FOR GEORGIA RESIDENT STATUS A person's legal residence is his or her dwelling place. It is the place where he or she is generally understood to reside with the intent of remaining there indefinitely and returning there when absent. There must be a concurrence of actual residence and of intent to remain to acquire a legal residence.


This button activates the homing command. Your cnc machine needs to be equipped with limit/homing switches and have them correctly set up in the firmware settings.

For the studio “The Coalition” the development of the toy called “Gears of War 4” became something like a pen test, and I would like to say that the developers coped with the task 100%. The fourth part, which became the beginning of the new trilogy, became something like a breakthrough in this game universe. Finally the players are offered a new story, with new characters, new setting-up and a lot of new features. But in general the game still has similar features to the previous games of the series – it is a great action game, from which the blood is shriveling in the veins, and the atmosphere, and the atmosphere, and hardcore. In general, once again, fans of the series and all the players who dared to download Gears of War 4 through the torrent, offers to plunge into a world of endless shootings, conspiracies, murders and atrocities, which as once and was famous for previous games. By the way, this time the storyline touches upon the story of not so severe Marcus Phoenix, but his son, James, who is not so severe, but still as brutal, who took the best from his father and added to it humor and sweaty appearance. Now the main character and play both cool and nice at the same time – tearing enemies to pieces, he keeps throwing jokes left and right, sometimes not too much in the theme, but always such, with which you just can not but laugh. And on top of that, he’ll be accompanied by two other new characters: a lively girl named Kate, and a dark-skinned kid named Del.


The huge battles that allowed the core of Rome:total war led some fans to imagine other mods than only historical based ones; When Peter Jackson revealed on screen the famous trilogy of the Lord of the rings, that ave a new shuffle to the fans and a first mod was soon released: Middle earth:total war. It was followed by what is now one of the must praised mod, with several released campaigns, Fourth age: Total war. This would be the most complete conversion, but the final version is yet not released. Some role-playing game fans had the will to mod Rome:total war, giving birth to the Warcraft universe, with "warhammer-total war". This is personally the only mod i never tested. Of course this is the actual RTW title nowadays, attracting a new generation of players but definitively breaking with the "old guard" veteran die-hard fans of the early, historically based pre-steam serie.

Assessing graduate employability skills before they enter the job market is very important because if they are lacking certain skills, improvement can be made through the process of training. In this study, a valid and reliable new instrument for measuring graduate employability skills using Situational Judgement Test (SJT) approach was implemented. The instrument consisted of 12 items representing five employability skills namely communication skill, professional ethics & morality, entrepreneurial skill, critical thinking in problem solving and personal quality. The purpose was to obtain a norm score for each of these skills. A survey was conducted using the SJT instrument on 1012 Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) local undergraduate final year students. The norm score was generated by employing BCA bootstrap technique. Scores guideline was created based on three levels (low, moderate and high). The outcomes indicated that the students possessed moderate level of communicationskill, entrepreneurial skill, critical thinking in problem solving and personal quality but has high professional ethics & morality.


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Liza Rido, in The Succession War, by Graf Stel La Caucus, University Press, 3011 The Draconis Combine reopened its war against the Lyran Commonwealth in 2830 with a major offensive to take the Steiner worlds of Chandler and Moore. As the Stealths had made Chandler their base for the past several years, the Kurita attackers were facing an enemy with keen knowledge of the planet. Kurita countered this by pouring more and more troops onto the planet, which rendered the Stealths’ tactical edge increasingly meaningless. After six months, the Stealths were forced offworld. Moore, on the other hand, with its methane swamps and near fanatical militia units, proved too much for the Combine invaders. After seven months of frustration amid the mud and the blood, the Kurita attackers finally gave out and were driven away. In an effort to profit by House Steiner’s preoccupation on the Kurita front, the Free Worlds League mounted its own offensive that year. They attacked New Hope and Dieudonne. At the end of eight months, both invasions proved successful because of the ineptness of the ever-present ‘social generals’ among the Lyran military. Disgusted by the lack of effective leadership on the Marik front, Archon Marcus assumed control of the entire zone in 2831.


Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this mystery-horror has a good measure of intrigue and a few decent jump scares to keep you interested until the final reveal. Generally received with tepid reviews, The Visit wasn't universally adored, but I did find the story-line interesting (even though I could see the plot twist coming from a mile away) and I was entertained and engaged, which may have mostly been due to Ed Oxenbould's cheeky comic relief in the form of a thirteen year old boy named Tyler.

There's Little Doubt That The Star Trek: The Next Generation licence is very lucrative and MicroProse are obviously very keen to hold on to it. The thing is, licences can be as limiting as they are fruitful. In the case of ST:TNG, not only do the cast get final approval on how their characters look on-screen, but everything has to be passed under the hypercritical eye of Paramount to ensure that the licence isn't harmed or damaged in anyway. In other words, the crew can't act out of character in any way, so they'll never be involved in merciless killing or deathmatch shenanigans -they'll kill the Borg, but only when it's necessary. And that's part of the reason why Klingon Honour Guard is being developed. People want to run amok in the Star Trek universe blasting everything in sight - they want Star Trek Quake, and that just wouldn't wash with Paramount. As a result, the developers have decided to use the UNREAL engine to create a game set within the Star Trek universe, but features none of the characters from the series.


When your Gcode is loaded, press the ‘visualize’ button and a separate window should appear showing your toolpaths. If it looks good you are ready to run.

Managers need to appreciate that users don't care why a system doesn't work. To users, incomprehensible com- mands and error messages, inscrutable manuals, computational errors, and blown fuses are all equally bad. Finally, one does not become a human factors expert by being annointed by one's supervisor, living with a system, or just being human. Human factors expertise is obtained primarily through experience and special training in such areas as statistics and experimental design, sensa- tion, perception, cognition, time and mo- tion study, safety engineering, occupa- tional health, biomechanics, work physi- ology, and anthropometry. In addition, one should complete several courses speci- fically dealing with human factors engi- neering. Paul Green, PhD HSRI — Human Factors University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48104 I have just finished reading the April 1982 BYTE, the issue devoted to human factors engineering. While some topics were discussed adequately, I feel the issue lacked a general discussion of the human- machine interface. It is the user interface that is the most important issue in deter- mining how user-friendly a system is to be. Only after this subject is carefully treated can the aspects of program design be discussed. In this respect, the article "Designing the Star User Interface" pre- sents an example of one way to implement the man-machine interface. Currently, the most reliable low-cost man-machine interface is the touch screen.


Management of universal waste aerosol cans

The regulations and this article refer to both a generator of hazardous waste and a handler of universal waste. A generator of hazardous waste may generate, accumulate on-site for a set period of time, and – in some cases – treat its hazardous waste without a permit so long as it complies with the regulations applicable to its generator status.

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These actions occurred in real-time. In addition to the remediation, the security teams were alerted, and a case was generated for tracking the incident within the ESM. After further investigation, the source of the attack was discovered, and university (review) officials tracked down a student at a campus computer lab for questioning. As a final (click here to investigate) note, even though this university opted for a remediation mechanism that didn’t require human intervention, many organizations still prefer to have a human make the final (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3548) decision. Essentially the ESM can be configured to alert a security analyst and prompt her regarding the action.

An experiment was conducted by the Helicopter Icing Consortium (HIC) in the NASA Lewis Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) in which a 1/6 scale fuselage model of a UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter with a generic rotor was subjected to a wide range of icing conditions. The HIC consists of members from NASA, Bell Helicopter, Boeing Helicopter, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Texas A&M University. Data was taken in the form of rotor torque, internal force balance measurements, blade strain gage loading, and two dimensional ice shape tracings. A review of the ice shape data is performed with special attention given to repeatability and correctness of trends in terms of radial variation, rotational speed, icing time, temperature, liquid water content, and volumetric median droplet size. Moreover, an indepth comparison between the experimental data and the analysis of NASA's ice accretion code LEWICE is given. Finally, conclusions are drawn as to the quality of the ice accretion data and the predictability of the data base as a whole. Recommendations are also given for improving data taking technique as well as potential future work.


This illustrates how the magnitude of the standard deviation “controls” the concentration of a set of data about its mean. An important feature of Chebyshev’s Theorem is that it holds for any kind of data; this generality is also a shortcoming, however, for if we do have some information about the over-all shape of a set of data, that is, the over-all shape of their distribution, we can often make much stronger statements. For instance, if a distribution is bell-shaped (like the one shown in Figure 4/1), we can expect roughly 95 per cent, instead of at least 75 per cent, of the data to fall within two standard deviations of the mean. Under the same conditions we can also expect over 99 per cent, instead of at least 88/8 per cent) of the values to fall within three standard deviations of the mean. The percentages given here pertain to so-called normal distri- butions^ which we shall discuss later in Chapter 7. In the beginning of this section we demonstrated that there are many ways in which knowledge of the variability of a set of data can be important. Another interesting application arises in the comparison of numbers be- longing to two or more different sets of data. To illustrate, let us suppose that Tom and George, who attend different universities, received grades of 72 and 76, respectively, in final examinations in Freshman Sociology. If their respective classes averaged 54 and 52, we can conclude that they both scored above average, but we could say more if we also knew the correspond- ing standard deviations. Thus, let us suppose that the Freshman Sociology grades of students in the two universities had standard deviations of 20 and 12 points, respectively. With this information we can now say that Tom was — = 0/9 standard deviations above average in his class, while George was - — — = 2/0 standard deviations above average in his.

CHAPTER I. OABLTLB DnCOORITUa S MANIFESTO TO THE BKOLISB PSOPLB Few are the revolutions that have seared and maimed the natioxiB of the world from whose humt aehes of putridity and corruption a new and glorious phcanix has arisen to bleaa the revolted people with wise, just, and equal government And the reason is not far to seek. They have mostly been without direction. Generations of liofi, injustices, foulness, and iniquity have festered and have suppurated till thoy finally have burst, in universal stench and Hnll eruption. Sometimes a more or less able physician has been aftencards found to bleed the suffering nation yet a little, and patch, but scarcely heal, its gaping wounds. Unfortunately it has occurred that the wise leader arrived too Ute. Revolutions have seldom been conducted until all leader- ship was futile, and when the spirit of devotion and obedience had been already slain, along with the evils which had exasperated them. Carlyle Democritus had betimes perceived this, and he adopted wise precautions against miscarriage. He organised reform before, instead of after, revolution. Never, in times of revolntion, did the suffering people know aught but that thoy fought to slay, revenge themselves upon, and exterminate the tyrants, bloodsuckers, and vampires who had fed upon them and outraged them, until human endurance had reached its term. Like the blind anarchists, rampant everywhere in that Jubilee period, created by the universal misery which they had hearts and entrails to witness and abhor, but -lacked the know- ledge how to overcome, they preached a mad destruction, but could not teach repair.


Up until Michael A. Stackpole's novel Isard's Revenge, five years after Endor, Wedge Antilles, the only pilot in the universe to have flown against both Death Stars, still held the rank of commander. Which he still held because he had refused all previous attempts to promote him, preferring to stay in an X-Wing cockpit and dreading the thought of a desk job. And the only reason he finally accepts the promotion, to general, is because another officer points out that his subordinates were following suit to stay under him. And because he was about to go on a mission where he'd need rank to pull. Within about a year, he goes from a mere X-Wing pilot to the commanding officer of the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya. There's a meta reason/retcon here. In The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook, Timothy Zahn wrote that Wedge had accepted one promotion, and one only, to become a Commander. All other promotions had been turned down. But the Dark Empire comic, set about a year later, had Wedge as a General. Stackpole had to ramp up Wedge's importance to the New Republic to make such a promotion plausible, and he did.

We recognize here, just as in the painting and sculpture^ what is eternal in all art, and universal impassioned vision based on understanding, correlated with cloudless thought and devoid of sentimentality. There is every reason to believe too that this was the time of highest attainment in music. Lastly, this was a time of progress in the field of pure science, especially mathematics and astronomy. From the fourth to the end of the eighth century we must regard as the golden age of Indian civilization. This was the period of Wei and T'ang in China; Eastern Asia represented then to all intents and purposes the civilization of the world. After the ninth or tenth century there is a general, though cer- tainly not universal, decline in orthodox art, of which the formulae were rapidly stereotyped in their main outlines, and rendered florid in their detail. Classical Sanskrit literature also came to an end in a forest of elaborate embroidery. But great forces (sometimes grouped under the designation of the Pau- ranic Renaissance) had long been at work preparing the way for the emergence of the old cults of Siva and Vishnu in forms which gave renewed inspiration to art sculpture and poetry in the South, and poetry and painting in the North. In these devotional faiths was completed the cycle of Indian spiritual evolution from pure philosophy to pure mysticism, from knowl- edge to love. The inner and outer life were finally unified a development entirely analogous to that of Zen Buddhism in the Far East.


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Urbanization can be considered similarly to the evolution of successional thinking. It used to be that urbanization was defined simply as conversion of rural, pastoral, forest, or wild lands to urban cover. That is, urbanization produces cities and towns. The subsequent trajectory following conversion was modeled on North temperate cities that “developed” through the industrial revolution, often changing from focus on natural resource commodification, to industrial production, to sanitary engineering, and finally to post-industrial service. This is urbanization like Clementsian succession. It is directional, step-wise, and terminates in some sort of “advanced” stage. It is also implicitly universal, with all cities following the same logic. Urbanists will immediately see the flaws in this analogy with classical succession. But the similarities with contemporary thinking about succession or community assembly may actually be useful in urban ecology itself, as well as helpful in linking urban ecology with the ecology in general.


The cause of death, which I've mentioned before, goes like this: The bio-engineered HIV-expedited virus replication process inside a human host cell was designed at University of Wisconsin by Yoshihiro Kawaoka to aggressively strip-mine human RNA for the COV transcription process. During replication, the positive-sense RNA of the attacking virus works in pairs to complete transcription and also to reorganize protein structures. The new replicants called virions are then exfiltrated by secretion out of the cell, where the final details are added on to complete a new generation of viruses that go on to target other human cells.

As a result, major developers such as Valve Corporation (Portal 2), BioWare (Mass Effect) and Bethesda Softworks (Fallout 4 and Skyrim entered the market, and the general mentality changed. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Nicolas Courcier and Mehdi El Kanafi - Fascinated by print media since childhood, Nicolas Courcier and Mehdi El Kanafi wasted no time in launching their first magazine, Console Syndrome, in 2004. After five issues with distribution limited to the Toulouse region of France, they decided to found a publishing house under the same name. One year later, their small business was acquired by another leading publisher of works about video games. In their four years in the world of publishing, Nicolas and Mehdi published more than twenty works on major video game series, and wrote several of those works themselves: Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima’s Magnum Opus, Resident Evil Of Zombies and Men, and The Legend of Final Fantasy VII and IX. Since 2021, they have continued their editorial focus on analyzing major video game series at a new publishing house that they founded together: Third. Raphaël Lucas - Raphaël has over fifteen years of experience in the world of video game writing. A reader of Tilt and a fan of a renowned French video game journalist AHL, he first pursued a university éducation. After obtaining a master‘s degree in history from the University of Paris 1, he then became a freelancer for PC Team before working for Gameplay RPG and PlayMag. In October 2004, he joined the group Future France and worked for Joypad, PlayStation Magazine, Consoles + and Joystick, not to mention a few other contributions to film magazines.


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In accordance with our peer review policy published on July 1, 1994 (59 FR 34270), we solicited independent opinions from three knowledgeable individuals who have expertise with the species and the geographic region where the species occurs, and are familiar with conservation biology principles. We received comments from all three of the peer reviewers, which are included in the summary below and incorporated into the final rule. The reviewers were affiliated with the State of Florida, a Florida university, and a nonprofit organization. Reviewers provided additional factual information, as well as minor corrections and input on our interpretation of existing information. In general, all peer reviewers supported or Start Printed Page 13030concurred with the downlisting of the American crocodile DPS in Florida to threatened status.

Sonic Generations does its best to include every Sonic character of note, including multiple designs of the same characters. In this twisted tale, the villainous Eggman prepares a plot so dangerous that it threatens the very nature of time itself. After coming across a powerful entity known as the Time Eater, Eggman travels back in time to finally defeat Sonic and his friends. As the Time Eater attacks multiple timelines in the universe, Sonic arrives in a blank, white space. In order to restore time and prevent the collapse of the world, Sonic, Tails, and the rest of his friends must team up with each other (and their past selves) to win the day.


Murdoch versus Branson is a clash of different generations, different cultures, different philosophies, different styles. Murdoch, now a US citizen who turns 76 next week, got involved in student politics at Oxford University and followed his father into Australian newspapers, going on to build News Corporation with media interests across the world. Branson, almost 20 years his junior, was a middle-class British child with dyslexia who nearly flunked out of one school, was expelled from another, and finally dropped out altogether at the age of 16 to start a youth culture magazine which he hoped would one day be Britain's Rolling Stone. To fund it he started a mail-order record business, which led to a recording studio and eventually to Virgin Records.

Special thanks are due as well to Maud Gleason, who stepped in during the revision process and kindly convinced me to give the manuscript another go: the final product is much better as a result of her advice, though I am all too aware of how much room for improvement remains. Phiroze Vasunia generously helped the book find its way to a publisher, for which I am very grateful. And I am indebted to Joshua Katz for his careful reading of the first chapters, which saved me from many infelicities and errors. A number of other colleagues have offered valuable feedback on different chapters in the manuscript at its various stages or discussed key concepts, often graciously sharing their expertise to help me navigate new fields. I would like to thank, in particular, Hal Cook, Andrea Falcon, Chris Faraone, Barbara Kowalzig, Roy Laird, Jake Mackey, Ian Moyer, Kalliopi Nikolopoulou, Beate Pongratz-Leisten, Jutta Schicksore, and David Wolfsdorf. While I have not always succeeded in incorporating their suggestions or addressing their concerns, I have benefited enormously from these exchanges. For all the errors and omissions that remain, I take full responsibility. I am pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge the support of a number of institutions and foundations over the years of this project. My dissertation research was supported by the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, the Whiting Foundation, the Beinecke Scholarship Program, the Joseph E. Croft ’73 Fellowship, and a Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship from Phi Beta Kappa. Two Spray-Randleigh fellowships and an Arts and Humanities Research grant from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill helped me progress beyond the dissertation.


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Laterite is a civil engineering construction material when managed as an admixture or component of concrete/lateritic concrete. The ubiquity of laterite in this region of the world imposes the need for its utilization in concrete and road making works for the economic growth of the region. Laterite is the reddish soil layer often belying the top soil in many locations and further deeper in some areas, and here collected from the Vocational Education Building Site of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The paper presents the report of an investigation carried out to model and optimize the elastic modulus of Lateritic Concrete. The work applied the Scheffe’s optimization approach to obtain a mathematical model of the form f(xi1,xi2,xi3), where xi are proportions of the concrete components, viz: cement, laterite and water. Scheffe’s experimental design techniques are followed to mould various block samples measuring 220mm x 210mm x 120mm, with varying generated components ratios which were tested for 28 days strength to obtain the model: Ŷ = 4569/05X1+ 4501/31X2 + 4941/92X3 - 65/12X1X2 + 680/60X1X3 – 25/74X2X3. To carry out the task, we embark on experimentation and design, applying the second order polynomial characterization process of the simplex lattice method. The model adequacy is checked using the control factors. Finally a software is prepared to handle the design computation process to select the optimized properties of the mix, and generate the optimal mix ratios for the desired property.

Had you asked me what my favorite sport was immediately after I had finished watching a memorable Champions League Final, my answer may have been different than what I would say in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. In my imaginary universe, those within this two percent just love sports in general, so much so that sports programming is all that they'll watch 365 days out of the year.


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The long and heterogeneous story of Le Monde Primitif had come to the end of its telling in 1782, and in 1783 the tracts of Etteilla had begun pouring from the press, testifying that already he had spent thirty, nay, almost forty years in the study of Egyptian magic, and that he had found the final keys. They were, in fact, the Keys of the Tarot, which was a book of philosophy and the Book of Thoth, but at the same time it was actually written by seventeen Magi in a Temple of Fire, on the borders of the Levant, some three leagues from Memphis. It contained the science of the universe, and the cartomancist proceeded to apply it to Astrology, Alchemy, and fortune-telling, without the slightest diffidence or reserve as to the fact that he was driving a trade. I have really little doubt that he considered it genuine as a métier, and that he himself was the first person whom he convinced concerning his system. But the point which we have to notice is that in this manner was the antiquity of the Tarot generally trumpeted forth. The little books of Etteilla are proof positive that he did not know even his own language; when in the course of time he produced a reformed Tarot, even those who think of him tenderly admit that he spoiled its symbolism; and in respect of antiquities he had only Court de Gebelin as his universal authority.

This volume contains the papers that were selected for presentation and publication at the 22nd International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS 2021), which was organized by the Cyber Security Section, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, during August 24–26, 2021. ICICS started in 1997 and aims at bringing together leading researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to discuss and exchange their experiences, lessons learned, and insights related to computer and communication security. Due to COVID-19, ICICS was held online for the first time. This year’s Program Committee (PC) consisted of 85 members with diverse background and broad research interests. A total of 139 papers were submitted to the conference. The review process was double blind, and the papers were evaluated on the basis of their significance, novelty, and technical quality. Most papers were reviewed by three or more PC members. The PC meeting was held electronically, with intensive discussion over more than one week. Finally, 33 papers were selected for presentation at the conference with an acceptance rate of 23/7%. After a long discussion among Steering Committee and organization chairs, ICICS 2021 selected two best papers, with a monetary prize generously sponsored by Springer.


If you’re looking to get a cheap online degree in religion and theology, you’ll have lots of options at Lee University. Three related degrees are available including a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology, Christian Studies, or Ministry Leadership. In the Bible and Theology degree, you’ll dive deep into the fundamentals of biblical and theological knowledge. This option would be a great fit for the student seeking to continue their education to grad school. The Christian studies degree program is a little more hands-on. Yes, you’ll still study the fundamentals of the Bible, but you’ll also get training to get you ready for a career in ministry. Finally, the online ministry leadership degree program will prepare graduates for a career in Christian ministry. A generous amount of specializations are available in Business, Church Administration, Children’s Ministry, Counseling, Discipleship, Music and Worship, Pastoral Ministry, and Youth Ministry. In addition, a Master’s degree in Ministry Studies is also available.

A lot to talk about with a focus on Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend, Romancing SaGa Re: Universe, and Imperial SaGa Eclipse. Featuring Akitoshi Kawazu (SaGa series general director), Masanori Ichikawa (SaGa series producer), Kazuma Oushuu (Imperial SaGa Eclipse producer), Kenji Ito (composer, Seizan Shimazaki (Akatsuki creative producer and engineer), MC Nobuo (Penguins, comedian), and assistant MC Yui (actress, talent).


Firstly, war crimes on the part of enemy NPCs are used promiscuously to convince the player that they are completely evil and therefore worth fighting. This would be too easy, so we have restricted our list to war crimes that the player can actually commit or be an accessory to. Secondly, we have generally omitted games which take place in a fantasy universe, including only examples where real-world international law might be applied. Finally, we have tried as much as possible to be scrupulous in the application of the various codes and conventions which govern international conduct in wartime.

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Finally (continue reading), there is the universe in which all this strife and adventure takes place. SPAZ features a persistent randomly generated Galaxy populated with story elements, factions, enemies, missions, items, to provide you with a unique experience each time you play. While you are struggling to survive, uncover the secret of an ever expanding Zombie infestation that spreads by establishing its own real time multi-tiered ecosystem.


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Second, they view videotaped models of middle school teaching situations and code the behaviors they observe using the TSOD or DPOG. From the&e tapes, they abstract and discuss general principles for teaching specific types of lessons, including lecture, demonstration, activity, and pro- cess skill activity. Third, the students engage in peer teaching; they are videotaped and then required to analyze and code their own teaching behaviors. Research bri these procedures indicates that the teachers acquire a broader set of more indirect behaviors as a result of this self-assessment. Finally, students teach several public school lessons. At least one is videotaped and critiqued by a university instructor. Goal III— Middle grades teachers should understand and be able to respond to the needs of adolescents in terms of their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive deveiopment. The middle grades learner is unique and perplexing, undergoing rapid change in social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. These changes cannot be ignored, since they strongly affect the learning process. Middle grades science teachers must be able to respond to the changing individual both in a personal way and through the curricalom experiences they present.

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The Central University of Rajasthan has released the final CUCET 2021 answer key for UG programmes on 30th September 2021. The final answer key for PG and Research Programmes will be uploaded on 2nd October 2021. The University had released the provisional answer keys for all the programmes on 21st September 2021. The preliminary answer key had been issued online right after the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) had been conducted on 18th, 19th and 20th September 2021. The answer key is generally released for candidates to cross-check their answers marked in the answer sheet of the entrance exams. Candidates who have appeared for the entrance exam were also given the option to raise concerns if there is an error in the provisional answer key released. The last date to submit the objections was 24th September 2021. The CUCET final answer key has been uploaded on the official website.


At this time, the art history department was non-existent and there was little interest in the collection; it was finally dismantled in the late thirties and scattered about the campus. The collection became thus impossible to administer, and part of it was damaged. Cullison was named Curator of University Art Collections by the Board of Administra- tors in 1976, Also that year, at the Annual Report of the University Senate Committee, a President ' s Committee was set up for advi- sory purposes concerning the collection, both for Cullison and President Hackney. A budget of one thousand dollars per year was confirmed for the purposes of art restoration. Under Cullison ' s supervision, the paintings were restored, cleaned, and reframed. This process cost as much as four hundred dollars per painting and created a real financial bur- den. Mr. Lloyd Young, a Louisiana Art Conservator who is highly respected in his field, restored most of the works under Cullison ' s supervision, and generously did so without payment until the budget was established in 1976. The collection at present, consists of over 200 paintings and more than 1000 prints and drawings. It comprises five major sections: Louisiana art, Newcomb art, American art, prints, and architectural drawings. Much of the work is not dis- played and can be found in University Archives, the Rare Book Room of the library, the manuscript stack, the Special Collections Room, the work area of the Special Collections Division, and the attic of the art building.

Chapin ranks the neural code right up there with two other great scientific mysteries: the origin of the universe and of life on Earth. The neural code is arguably the most consequential of the three. The solution could, in principle, vastly expand our power to treat ailing brains and to augment healthy ones. It could allow us to program computers with human capabilities, helping them become more clever than HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey and C-3PO in Star Wars. The neural code could also represent the key to the deepest of all philosophical conundrums—the mind-body problem. We would finally understand how this wrinkled lump of jelly in our skulls generates a unique, conscious self with a sense of personal identity and autonomy.


This is an animation that I made for my Advanced Digital Animation (DTC435) class at Washington State University Vancouver. This was my second "big" 3D animation project using Autodesk Maya. The inspiration for characters and the general theme of the project came from a variety of places. Some of these being the movie Tangled (Disney) and the popular game series Final Fantasy. I really enjoyed attempting to create my first complex characters. They by no means are perfect but I enjoyed the process of trial and error when it came to creating them. It was also fun to be able to do some sound design work with this project. While this project was enjoyable is also presented a lot of problems for me. One of the main problems I had was with my rigging. This was my first time rigging "complicated" characters and I had thought that I had rigged them correctly but when I would go to pose my characters the rigging that I had done would not allow for certain poses. As a result of this I had to find alternative ways to move my characters and use creative camera work to hide weird rigging in order to evoke what I wanted.

Stellaris is Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio’s new 4X game set in space. Best known for their work on Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, Stellaris’ devs take to the final frontier in this real-time (with pause) strategy title. Players will begin a civilization of their own creation in a randomly generated universe, exploring new worlds, encountering aliens, and facing the challenges of running an intergalactic civilization replete with war, diplomacy, and everything else.


There is only an option for step movement. Select the distance you want to move and press the desired direction button.

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A: Aerosol cans frequently contain flammable propellants such as propane or butane which can cause the aerosol can to demonstrate the hazardous characteristic for ignitability (D001). It is also possible the contents expelled by an aerosol can (distinct from the propellant) may contain materials that exhibit the hazardous waste characteristics of ignitability (D001), corrosivity (D002), reactivity (D003), or toxicity (D004-D043). And, a discarded aerosol can may also be a P- or U-listed hazardous waste if it contains a commercial chemical product listed at §261/33(e) or (f).

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Several states already manage hazardous waste aerosol cans as universal waste. Their existing programs were used as a model by USEPA in drafting its federal regulations.


In Marlowe’s giants of self-asserdon, ‘Affect- ing thoughts co-equal with the clouds’, this conflict is projected on to the stage. Humanism alone, however, was not the source of vitality in Shakespeare’s theatre. Its vitality was due to its broad contact with popular entertainment and popular thinking, quickened by the Reformation. Above all, it was a vitality of the spoken language; and here, too, the Reformation contributed immensely. From Tyn- dale to the Authoriaed Version, through more than ten separate efforts (1525-1611), the English language was sifted in its Anglo- Saxon and its Latin elements for fitness to render accurately the dig- nity of the Bible, and at the same time to ‘be understood even of the very vulgar*. Literature gained, in consequence, a vastly sharper sense of the relative values of words and idioms, popular and learned, which was nowhere more active than in the theatre. The drama flourished as long as humanist-trained poets remained closely in touch with popular speech and popular traditions; and as popular influence grew weaker the drama declined. The interplay between humanism and popular taste during the first part of Shakespeare’s career is therefore made the subject of the next two sections of the present survey; then the general style of poetry during the same period; then the development of tragedy during Shakespeare’s later years; and, finally, the new tendencies in Jacobean prose. Tbe Background of Popular Taste The theatre was the point of closest contact between humanism and popular taste. A number of plays were specially prepared for select audiences of ‘the judicious’ at the Court, the Universities, or the legal Inns.

Future X-ray missions will require gratings with high throughput and high spectral resolution. Blazed off-plane reflection gratings are capable of meeting these demands. A blazed grating profile optimizes grating efficiency, providing higher throughput to one side of zero-order on the arc of diffraction. This paper presents efficiency measurements made in the 0/3 - 1/5 keV energy band at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) BESSY II facility for three holographically-ruled gratings, two of which are blazed. Each blazed grating was tested in both the Littrow configuration and anti-Littrow configuration in order to test the alignment sensitivity of these gratings with regard to throughput. This paper outlines the procedure of the grating experiment performed at BESSY II and discuss the resulting efficiency measurements across various energies. Experimental results are generally consistent with theory and demonstrate that the blaze does increase throughput to one side of zero-order. However, the total efficiency of the non-blazed, sinusoidal grating is greater than that of the blazed gratings, which suggests that the method of manufacturing these blazed profiles fails to produce facets with the desired level of precision. Finally, evidence of a successful blaze implementation from first diffraction results of prototype blazed gratings produce via a new fabrication technique at the University of Iowa are presented.


The sum total of our notions of what the world is -and what we perceive its full potential to be -form a shell of rational thought in which we reside. This logical universe creates a vicious circle of reasoning that robs our minds of power and prevents us from reaching our true potential. To step beyond that circle requires a centering and focus that today's society assaults on every level. Through the insights of Teilhard, Tillich, Jung, Jesus, Carlos Castaneda, and others, Joseph Chilton Pearce provides a mode of thinking through which imagination can escape the mundane shell of current construct reality and leap into a new phase of human evolution. This enormously popular New Age classic is finally available again to challenge the assumptions of a new generation of readers and help them develop their potential through new creative modes of thinking. With a masterful synthesis of recent discoveries in physics, biology, and psychology, Pearce reveals the extraordinary relationship of mind and reality and nature's blueprint for a self-transcending humanity.

Recently, there have been frequent cases of rewriting, reselling and downloading finished graduate papers. In this regard, universities require verification of each work for uniqueness. This factor affects the assessment of the student’s preparation level. A high degree of uniqueness indicates independence of text: it means that the student has made efforts to research, generalize, analyze and correctly complete the final work and is worthy of high praise for the diploma. It is essential to use a reliable plagiarism checker.


Up until Michael A. Stackpole's Star Wars Expanded Universe novel Isard's Revenge, five years after Endor, Wedge Antilles, the only pilot in the universe to have flown against both Death Stars, still held the rank of commander. Which he still held because he had refused all previous attempts to promote him, preferring to stay in an X-Wing cockpit and dreading the thought of a Desk Job. And the only reason he finally accepts the promotion, to general, is because another officer points out that his subordinates were following suit to stay under him. And because he was about to go on a mission where he'd need rank to pull. Within about a year, he goes from a mere X-Wing pilot to the commanding officer of the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya.

To conclude this assortment of explosive events, one final caveat which affects the entire universe, including us here on Earth, comes from these gigantic blasts; in the incredible heat of the supernova, elements heavier than iron can be generated through fusion. Not only does this create elements such as gold and uranium, but also a whole host of lighter-than-iron elements are also expelled by the blast and into space, including those vital to life. Red giants also release these lighter elements when casting off their outer layers, enriching the universe with material that eventually may become part of a new star, a new planet, or maybe, just maybe, a new living thing.


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The parties to this action have proposed various adjustments to the AOC's categorization, suggesting additions or deletions from defendant's comparison group. We defer generally to the AOC's expertise, and particularly to its unique assignment of defendants to only one comparison category: each case in the universe is assigned to only one comparison category, and within that category, to only one sub-category. Final Report at 81. The AOC has placed DiFrisco in the pecuniary-motive category, contract-killer sub-category. The pecuniary-motive category consists of three sub-categories: contract killers, contract principals, and other pecuniary-motive killers. The pecuniary-motive category currently contains fourteen cases for comparison with DiFrisco.

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It does not include compressed gas cylinders which are not “non-refillable receptacles” nor do they have a “self-closing release device”. Compressed gas cylinders are not eligible to be managed as universal waste under this rule.


Over to the top right of the screen are the jog controls. I was a little disappointed to find that there is not an option for continuous movement.

Madeleine's parents are both physicians and practising Roman Catholics. Kate Marie McCann, née Healy (born 1968, Huyton, near Liverpool) attended All Saints School in Anfield, then Notre Dame High School in Everton Valley, graduating in 1992 with a degree in medicine from the University of Dundee. She moved briefly into obstetrics and gynaecology, then anaesthetics, and finally general practice.


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The romance arcs overall barely get any time dedicated to them. The general consensus amongst the fanbase is that of all the couples that form by the end of the series, only Shikamaru/Temari was almost universally accepted since their interactions throughout the series felt like there was something genuinely forming between the two of them. Naruto/Hinata is this as well to a lesser extent. Though the annoying part people had to sit through is that it takes Naruto forever to finally move on from his one-sided crush on Sakura, and realize that there's actually another girl who genuinely likes him. The rest either had no time dedicated to them to watch their romance unfold, or they had such small hints between one another that you'll just end up surprised that such small moments was all it took for them to eventually become a couple. Or in Choji/Karui's case, it comes smack dab out of nowhere in the final epilogue chapter.

You argue as if asserting there's no God is not positively asserting anything, that the burden of proof is on the religious at all times, that the atheist has nothing to prove. But that isn't so. Your asserting that there is no God (rather than your saying you simply don't know if there is a God or not) is positively asserting that the universe and life came about as a result of chance, that there is no final arbiter of what is True, Good, or Beautiful, etc, all empirically unprovable notions. You are asserting that there is no ultimate cause, no "Actualized Actualizer," behind existence and change ("movement" - not just in space and time, such as the rolling of a ball across a floor or the begetting of generations through time, but in terms of the characteristics of things, like the existence and ripening of a melon).


These systems are supported by a balance between the inward attraction of gravity and the outward centrifugal forces generated by the rotation of their components about their common centres of gravity. Finally, off at the top corner of the diagram we see the point marking the entire visible universe. Its exact mass we do not yet know because of our uncertainties regarding the extent of non-baryonic matter and dead stars in space, but if it lies a little below the black hole line so R >2GM then the Universe will continue to expand forever.

A further degree of variation can also arise from recombination, where the VSG gene is generated by the “joining” of segments of two different telomere linked genes which each code for part of the resultant VSG. This may help explain why telomeres are the sites of expression; they have highly repetitive stretches of DNA such as short tandem repeats, and since such areas are highly likely to undergo recombination, more variation can be generated. Finally, a further new piece of information adds to reasons why only one VSG is expressed at any one time. There is a special place within the trypanosome nucleus where this process occurs, and where all the necessary molecules required for expression are sequestered (separated and stored). This site is called the expression site body, and is found in the nucleolus. This was discovered by Miguel Navarro and Keith Gull in the University of Manchester a few years ago. They also identified the enzyme which did the transcribing, and to their surprise it was RNA polymerase I (Pol I) which is not usually employed for protein transcription!


Paradox Development Studio is known for delivering some strategic video game titles into the market. These are the folks behind Crusader Kings III, Hearts of Iron IV, but in the case for our list, Stellaris. This is a mix between a simulation and strategy game. Overall, Stellaris is a 4X game set in space where players take to the final frontier in this real-time. Within the title players will begin a civilization of their creation in a randomly generated universe, exploring new worlds, encountering aliens, and facing the challenges of running an intergalactic civilization through war and diplomacy. While the game may have come out back in 2021, it’s still seeing quite a few updates to ensure that the game is optimized and performing well.

In recent years, a number of independent teams have performed analyses that point towards faint, small, and distant galaxies contributing large amounts of light to the overall cosmic budget, perhaps twice as much as the known galaxies can account for. There are also constraints on how much of the extragalactic light can be diffuse and far away. As Edwin Hubble himself said, the history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons. With the next generation of observatories finally on their way, we might finally solve the cosmic mystery of where the light in the Universe actually comes from.


Voltz is a Minecraft mod pack created by the Technic guys featuring a number of mods that use the Universal Electricity API. This aims to standardise all power sources into a single API, allowing mods to communicate with each other. Voltz can generally be seen as a tech mod with a focus on high-tech PvP thanks to ICBM, allowing nuclear missiles to finally be launched in Minecraft.

Done this way, accessing email doesn’t require the browser at all, but you are still using Gmail, Hotmail as a service. The difference between storing email on your computer with an email program and having it stored remotely on an email server (like Hotmail, Gmail or your University’s service) on the Internet can appear confusing at first. Email sent and received using an email program, not stored on the remote machine Finally, email can also be sent to an email server but not stored there at all, merely volleyed onto its’ destination as soon as the email reaches the email forwarding server. Google and Microsoft do not allow for this sort of setup. Rather this is typically something your university or company will provide for you. Bear in mind that this comes with the risk of the email administrator on that system still secretly copying the email as it reaches and leaves the server. Generally, using webmail alongside downloading it using an email program is the best approach. This approach adds redundancy (local backups) alongside the option to delete all email from the remote server once downloaded. The latter option is ideal for content sensitive information where the possibility of account hijacking is high but risks total loss of email should the local machine go missing, without backups. Secondly, when using an email program, we have the option of using Email Encryption such as the popular GPG, something not easily set up and used with browser-only webmail services.


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The finale includes (without giving away too much) the music of The Beatles ("All You Need Is Love") and a character, thematically representing universal youth culture, calling everyone "dad" or "baby". Not all episodes are period pieces, however: one in particular, "The General", turned out to be quite prophetic with regards to the rise of digital culture and the Internet; it just does so involving a computer the size of a room that spits out printouts.

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Sponsorship and technical su- pervision of the research efforts has been equitably distributed among these agencies. THEMIS research has focused on such military functions as detection and surveillance, power generation and energy conversion, electronic data processing for many applications, and vehicle engineering for mobility on land and sea surfaces as well as in the air and undersea. One of the areas of research cur- rently of mounting national control concern — man’s environment — has been treated in THEMIS from a spe- cial viewpoint — the need to improve understanding of the environment as it influences military operations, bio- logical and medical support of troops, and training. Each THEMIS program has re- ceived funding at an annual rate o>i about $200,000. Nationwide interest of academic institutions in the project is evidenced by the submission of more than 1,000 research proposals to date, of which only 118 received funds. Preliminary proposals in 1967 to- taled 480 from 171 universities; 106 were selected in 68 schools for more detailed submissions. Final evaluation, resulting in 49 contract awards to 41 universities, gave consideration to scientific quality, relevance to military functions, qualifications of the re- search staff, and adequacy of research facilities. One of the important criteria ap- plied to the evaluation was the com- patibility of the proposed program with the established educational goals of the proposing institution. Successful competitors were awarded contracts providing funds in- itially for the equivalent of two years of research on a 3-year step-funding basis. Insofar as funds permit, and as warranted by the productivity of the effort and relevance to the military mission, the ODDR&E said it is planned to assure meritorious pro- grams at least the equivalent of three years of start-up support.