A signal has been added to alert interruptions with the Movicon historical log ODBC connections. Three system variables have been inserted for the Historical Log, TraceDB and the RealTime I/O Link. The possibility to obtain "Variable Status" for each DataLogger and Recipe has also been included.

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  • The open and flexible Movicon™ 11 architecture is the Scada
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The Alias value can also be set with a null value in explicit mode. This can be done by using the keyword "(null)".


Scan port 10651 tcp/udp

A new feature allows data in the historian to be encrypted for integrity, verification and to prevent any mishandling of data on the SQL server. Moreover, version 3/3 allows the configuration of data storage periods for each individual tag being traced.

VIPA HMI Panel PC Installation guidelines Special precautions providing high noise immunity You should always use metallic or metalized covers for serial data lines. Connect the screen of the data line to the cover. Do not con- nect the screen to PIN 1 of the connector!


BIOS setup VIPA HMI Panel PC Advanced Intel RC Version Display the Intel Reference Code version. System Date The date format is day month/date/year an. Day displays a day, from Monday to Sunday. Month displays the month, from January to December.

Movicon Next 3.4 System Requirements

The platform has always been open to integration and customization with the world of Windows ™ applications. Projects can be grouped into hierarchical structures and distributed or shared.


Related Manuals for VIPA PPC 67S-PNL0

Commencing with Windows Vista/7 the use of the graphical interface for Windows Services will no longer be supported. Windows Vista/7 has increase security by keeping the running of services and user applications in separate sessions. This not only increases system service security but also impedes the user from interacting with the service’s user interface. Running Movicon (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6456) as Windows Vista/7 service will therefore exclude the use of the graphical interface. This problem can be avoided by creating a “Client” project which will be launched in the Windows user interface and communicate in network with the “Server” project launched as Service enabling use of the Server user interface remote control mode.

Setting the Movicon language to German and then creating a new Recipe resource, the name of the "Recipe Index" column would insert as "Rezept-Index". This would then create a problem due to the fact that not all databases support the "-" character. This character is now nolonger inserted.


Movicon CE Reference Guide

Hardware description 2/1 Safety information for users Handling of electro- VIPA modules make use of highly integrated components in MOS- static sensitive modules Technology. These components are extremely sensitive to over-vol- tages that can occur during electrostatic discharges. The following symbol is attached to modules that can be destroyed by electrostatic discharges.

VIPA HMI Panel PC BIOS setup Save and exit If ONLY the User's If only the User's password is set, then this is a power on password password is set and must be entered to boot or enter setup. In Setup the user will have administrator rights.


Page 37 VIPA HMI Panel PC BIOS setup Advanced Launch LAN1/2 PXE Enables or disables the boot option for legacy network devices con- OpROM nected to LAN1 and LAN2. Disabled - Starts no PXE OpROM Enabled - Starts the PXE OpROM, to be able to boot about PXE Submenu "CPU Config.

Some problems would occur when referencing a Parent project variable from a Child project when this variable has been defined both at Parent and Child project level. This occurred mainly when inserting such variables in basic script expressions belonging to objects.


A basic communication test has been implemented for this driver to verify if the cables have been properly connected and if the primary communication parameter has been set correctly. For details, see the test / comm cable user manual.

Movicon 3.2 est disponible

BIOS setup VIPA HMI Panel PC Security Setup Promt Timeout This section configures the number of seconds to wait for the setup activation key. Bootup NumLock State This allows you to determine the default state of the numeric keypad. On - (default) The function of the numeric keypad is the number keys.


Page 31 Disable automatic log-in By default, the Panel PC automatically logs in with the user name VIPA and the password VIPA. If the user needs to enter name and password to use the Panel PC, the procedure is as follow: Type "cmd" under ‘Start è Run’.

Page 29 VIPA HMI Panel PC Deployment Panel PC Operating system Windows Embedded Standard 7 > Structure Network connection As soon as your Panel PC is connected via Ethernet you can see here the Ethernet address. If there is no connection via Ethernet, the symbol is displayed crossed out.


Movicon 11 Old Version

The 2 bit of a basic script's state variable would not get managed if script went into error. The 2 bit now changes to 1 if an error occurs and stays at 1 until the error window opened by the script is confirmed. The bit is zeroed upon closing window.

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VIPA HMI Panel PC BIOS setup Boot Fixed Graphics Memory This field is used to configure the memory size of the fixed graphics, Size the options are 128MB and 256MB. Submenu "South This field is used to configure the south bridge chipset.

Before the Netlink device can be used, an appropriate system configuration must be set. In particular you have to specify a valid IP address for the Netlink device. For further details please refer to “Netlink configuration”.


When changing pages among screens containing Embedded Screens, the events of the Embedded Screen objects would not be notified. As a consequence these objects would not respond to any click operations. This condition would come into being if the Screens had been enabled with the "Keep in Memory" option.

VIPA PPC 67S-PNL0 User Manual

Page 40 BIOS setup VIPA HMI Panel PC Advanced Serial Port Enables or disables the serial port. Disabled - Serial port is not available Enabled - Serial port is available Change Settings Selects an optimal setting for the super IO device.


Deployment Panel PC VIPA HMI Panel PC Installation Deployment Panel PC 3/1 Installation Overview The Panel PC is suitable for the installation in operating tables and control cabinet fronts. The installation happens via the backside. The Panel PC is provided with a fixing technique with not losable screws that allows an easy connection with a crosstip screwdriver.

Hardware description VIPA HMI Panel PC Structure > Interfaces 2/3.2 Interfaces RS232/RS422/RS485 The 9-pin male SubD connector may be switched in the BIOS. Here interface (switchable) also the termination resistor of the RS422 and RS485 interface may be activated or deactivated.


The use of more Netlink devices at a time is possible by duplicating the driver, that is creating a copy on the driver for each Netlink device in use. For further details see “Driver duplication” in the Supervisor manual.

VIPA HMI Panel PC Deployment Panel PC Installation of the CFast card Connect power supply For the cabling of the power supply DC 12-30V a green plug is used. The connector is a plug with screw contacts.


BIOS setup VIPA HMI Panel PC Overview BIOS setup 4/1 Overview In this chapter you will find information, required for calling the BIOS setup and the possible settings. The BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) setup program is a menu driven utility that enables you to make changes to the system configu- ration and tailor your system to suit your individual work needs.

Installation guidelines VIPA HMI Panel PC EMC-equitable cabling Grounding means the conducting connection of all inactive metal parts. The sum of all interconnected inactive parts is called ground. Inactive parts are all conductive parts electrically separated from all active parts by means of a basic isolation and that may only get voltage in case of an error.


Support to new DeltaLogic libraries. OPC UA Client – importer support to several OPC UA Servers. String data type support for Melsec Q TCP. Backup PLC added for Lacbus driver.

HMI & Scada Software

More specifically, it is now possible for users to manage and insert comments in Audits for tracking changes. In addition, users can now request duplicate authentication to validate modifications independently on the Client station.


VIPA HMI Panel PC Hardware description Dimensions Slot for CFast At the back of the Panel PC there is a card slots for a memory card. At this slot you may plug storage modules of the type CFast 2/0 - 600 MB/s (6GBit/s) - SATA protocol - not hot-swap compatible.

NExT is built on an adaptable software structure with plug-in function modules allowing each installation to be tailored easily and expanded or adapted just as quickly. The result is a more open and scalable industrial software architecture composed of different function modules that connect together to manage any business enterprise in an efficient way. The modular and open platform provide a cutting-edge solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis.