Patch is now considered safe to use and it includes the crack. Still use the crack first, it has other files you need! But after installing that, put these files on top of those.

  • “Unpacking done, but can’t start the game. Is this happening to anyone else? The game just won’t start .”
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It's finished when it says 'pause' - press any key to continue. That means it's done, move onto the next stage.


Also, there is one confusing point. The crack says to drop it in the main directory. However, it doesn't mean Program Files/Fallout 4. It actually means Program Files/Fallout 4/depotcache/Fallout 4 (this is the actual main directory).

If you downloaded Just Cause 3 XL Edition RePack SEYTER OR Far

Fortunately I was still within the 30 day return/exchange window. Hopefully the replacement will not have the issue.


Knowing that and that all the PSU's mentioned are manufactured by Sirfa would seem to indicate any of them could be potentially susceptible to the dreaded clicking noise. Which brings us back to the "PSU lottery". You may or may not get one of the quiet ones.

Solution: To solve this issue, update your PC’s graphics cards drivers. It has helped users to resolve the problem.

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The chirping continued the whole time, sometimes changing to fast paced cooing, like a pidgeon. It was not SUPER loud, but louder than I expected for sitting about 3 feet away. In normal use, I would expect to be about 2 feet away from the case.


Appreciate the tip on CMOS, it may have been the fix. I was so freaked thinking the short cooked a thousand dollars worth of parts there was no way I could go to bed and try to sleep. Its a little after 4AM here in the US. I've been trying everything since it blew up. The GPU was the first thing I went after. I removed the GPU then disassembled a gaming rig I built back in 2021 to borrow the GPU from it. No luck.

“I’m having a very annoying issue, I launch Rise of the Tomb Raider then when I press play it just crashes.”

Also v1/1, lot is 1547 — I'm assuming this was manufactured mid-November. I tested it with my components yesterday for many hours. It was quiet with the fan on. No chirping/clicking at all. The ambient temperature was maybe 5°F lower than last week, so that could be a variable. But ambient was around mid upper 80°F last week, and maybe 75°F these past few days.


Is there a problem at 12/288v vs the "official" 12/0v? It won't burn out my components, right? I'm probably just (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8072) being paranoid, since the first "chirpy" unit had a 12v rail that was 12/096v idle.

In the end, I view headsets like I do mice and keyboards. Both expensive and cheap ones have the same life span for a user, might as well go with the least expensive options and save money over the long run.


I've built so many PC's in my life that I've lost count. This is the first build failure I've every had. Everything was purchased new for this build and its all mini ITX related so other than the PSU I have no parts I can swap out to try and isolate what got fried.

Only three screw holes and same venting hole pattern. Maybe SilverStone was planning on using the same design, but then decided to add the extra holes for versatility and didn't thoroughly test things after that.

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How to fix Rise of the Tomb Raider Errors

I used the screws that came with the PSU. They're standard length, about 6 mm long.

I would caution anyone installing this PSU to be super careful about screw placement. On closer inspection it appears both the top corners and the left edge middle screw hole are the only ones that appear to be unobstructed.


After receiving my RMA I have to give Silverstone credit for sending out a replacement very quickly. I believe they received my RMA last Tuesday and shipped the replacement out on Thursday.

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The boot time is probably because you reset. It might be because you have CSM enabled (should be disabled for Windows 8 and newer) or maybe some device that is being polled to boot up like a USB stick or DVD drive.

Frostpunk PC CD Key

I hadn't returned the noisy PSU yet. So I disassembled everything, then reassembled the PC with the noisy PSU (only this time I didn't use any screws).


Stardew Valley, one of the many torrents started by mercs213

The SX500-LG has been on sale for nearly a year now and this is the first incidence we have heard of it causing short circuit this way. There is a chance something else inside ronzzz's SX500-LG that may have caused it.

The best way to fight piracy was to make games not even worth pirating I guess The guy is just a repacker

The instructions posted in the torrent descriptions explain exactly what to do and it works. So read and follow them and you won't have a problem. Keep in mind part 1, 2 and unlocker appear to have the same description but they aren't, so read each one.


I later noticed my PSU makes the clicking noise even when the fan is not spinning so I'm not so sure the fan mod is a fix. Fortunately I was still within the 30 day return/exchange window. Hopefully the replacement will not have the issue.

Now it takes at least 45 seconds even with the BIOS set to fast boot. Can't imagine how the power surge wouldhave effected OS boot time.


The problem isn't really the fan, we should be happy Silverstone has done the research into a better fan than the GlobeFan one in your picture, but it is the semi-fanless feature. When it's threading the line (by ramping the voltage) where the fan can't start and can almost start, it will make the noises you witnessed. It's posted all over this thread many times.

So you'll need to install the correct versions and that will cover a lot of those 'missing dll' errors. There is a folder in the torrent past the main directory which has the stuff you need. Beyond that, I'm not able to help you, sorry.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Not Starting

Those headphones were extremely lightweight and comfortable, you'll forget you have them on. They sound great, especially for smaller external ear speakers, and the mic works wonderfully. I got mine on Clearance at Walmart for $40 before Walamart stopped carrying them. Unfortunately, Logitech has been cutting costs in their audio departments, and as a consequence, use cheaper materials and lower quality sound devices for peripherals at the same price point.

Due to high demand on the torrents, it is much more likely for you to drop a few kilobytes of data, which can cause errors (for example a failed checksum when unpacking). Force recheck all the torrents to make sure everything transferred successfully. If none of these solutions work for you then it is suggested that you start the process over again.


High Power is the retail brand of the PSU's manufacturer, Sirfa. It would be more accurate to say that the Silverstone is a relabeled High Power (though that's not totally accurate; Silverstone did spec a different fan). Likewise, Chieftec is also the same Sirfa unit, but they're mostly only available in Europe AFAIK. All the 500 and 700W SFX-L PSUs in current and near future production are based on the Sirfa/High power OEM units.

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