Since reWASD 4/0, you can also use virtual Xbox 360 macro controller. That means, you can create combos of gamepad buttons. All other things described above — delays, pauses, breaks and modes — are available for controller macro too. You will see the collection of available gamepad actions at the bottom left.

  • Once you press a button on your physical gamepad, we emulate the controller macro on Xbox 360
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ReWASD + Advanced mapping

This annoying Sleep key seems to be put in the place where you always hit it accidentally. Let's stop this misunderstanding. With reWASD, you will quickly find out how to disable a key on keyboard and will never press the one that you do not intend.


Our task is to output the bit-pattern shown previously in order to make the stepper motor rotate CW & CCW as a response to the user button press events. There will be 2 Push Button indeed, which will be hooked to a couple of input pins.

In case you are out of the loop about external macro adapters, you don’t want to skip this paragraph. In a nutshell, there are two products on the market currently. The first one is Cronusmax, a cross-compatibility gaming adapter. It’s a USB device that lets you use nearly any controller with nearly any PC or gaming system. It also comes with software that allows creating macros, however, you have to invest a lot of time and brain energy in learning the software program and be able to write scripts for macros.

How to make a macro button
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4 Emulate controller with keyboard 98%
5 How to make a keyboard macro on other devices 89%
6 How to make a keyboard macro for a standard device 11%
7 Controller to Keyboard Input 89%
8 Controller:Wii U Pro Controller 1%

H-Bridge) which is a bit more complex to build. But the positive side is that you’ll end up having a higher torque due to the current flow through the entire winding (coil).


The output is an action in a game translated from an input. For example, if you press “Fire-Button” on your controller (input), the character in the game starts shooting (output).

Otherwise, some apps require the highest speed. For example, you can create a text macro with let’s say "Rush B" sequence to use in the game chat. If yes, be sure that there are no delays between keys and the phrase appears in the conversation immediately.


Simulation & prototyping steps for this LAB are typically the same as LAB4. So, I’m sure you’ll be able to conduct these experimentations on your own. Any files you may need are always included in the downloads section.

Interfacing Stepper Motors Prototype - Microchip PIC Embedded Systems Tutorials

Do not own a fancy macro keyboard? No problem, reWASD will create it for you. Pick the key that will activate a combo, unmap it and add a sequence you deserve.


This array represents the state of the four directions on a hat for the given angle. The first array element is up, the 2nd right, the 3rd down, the 4th is left - so as elements 1+2 are set to 1, then this means "Up + Right".

Controlling the speed of a stepper motor is kind of a trivial work. However, it could be very useful in some specific situations. But the thing to note here, is stepper motors are not used for applications that need high speed of rotation. For high-speed, you should look for a DC or a Brushless motor. But when it comes to precision & torque, you should look for a suitable stepper motor. That’s why it’s being used in 3D printers & CNC machines.


Lab NameStepper Motor Speed ControlLab Number6Lab LevelBeginnerLab ObjectivesLearn how to drive stepper motors, write the necessary firmware to make it rotate at different speed levels, and build the necessary hardware circuitry in order to drive our motor properly. Finally, we’ll compare the results and draw in some conclusions.

Also, you can associate the game with the app and reWASD will apply the config automatically once the app is opened. And you can use up to four slots for any controller even if they do not have slots at all.


What Is The Difference Between a Macro Controller And a Modded Controller

The stepper motor’s rotation speed isn’t substantial in general situations. However, it could be easily controlled by adjusting the time-interval delays between each consecutive 2-steps. But you should be aware that there is a fundamental limitation of its speed. Everything you need to know concerning a specific stepper motor should be found in its datasheet.


You can add up to 32 breaks while you map key sequence to controller

Get prepared for the next demo, it’s going to be a theoretical tutorial. However, it’s completely substantial for all of the futuristic practical LABs & Projects.

TF2 Configuration Loop Generator is a very simple tool. Simply put, one merely needs to create a new document in Notepad and put a command on each line.


Rapid Fire consist of Turbo and Toggle options. Use Toggle to emulate key hold while you press the controller button and Turbo for non-stop fire while you hold it.

In a general sense, if we are talking about modding as a service done to a gaming controller,there is no difference between the two, as the Macro Controller gets modified using similar components such as modchip, LED Indicator and a mod button. Therefore, the macro controller is considered modded as well. The right question to ask here is what the difference is between Macros and Controller Mods. Some time ago we put together an educational article explaining common user's concerns, debunking myths and covering some other aspects of a modded controller function. If you haven’t done so yet, it is well worth checking this article out.


Created by Grubby Paw Studios, Space is the working title for an upcoming space combat game where you choose a team and take control of one of three fighters to try to destroy the enemy fleet. It's a game made by students, originally for the Game Development Capstone at DePaul, but now most of us have graduated but want to continue the project.

The order of sequentially activated coils determines the motor’s direction of rotation. If activating the coils in this order [1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4] results in a CW rotation, then activating them in this order [4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1] results in a CCW rotation. Each consecutive 2-Steps are separated with a time delay called StepDelay. The following code will show you how we can implement these concepts in C.

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Shortcut is a combinations of 2, 3 or 4 digital gamepad buttons. Pressed together, they activate a mappings. Pressed one by one, they activate their usual mappings.


First, you can swap DualShock, Nintendo or Xbox One controller buttons if you don’t like the way they work by default. Second, you can switch some button off if you’ve added reWASD mapping to it and don’t need the native controller behavior. When you are done with controller mapping, you should obviously try our Stick tuning: Invert X and Y axis, set deadzone, adjust response. Hardware dead zones are available for Triggers (L2, R2) too. Also, you can map Stick moves to mouse directions with this feature.

A Bipolar stepper motor typically has only one winding per stator phase. A two-phase bipolar stepper motor will obviously have 4 leads. There is no common lead for bipolar stepper motors, unlike the unipolar ones. That’s why there isn’t inherent polarity inversion. Which means we’ve to add H-Bridge driver circuitry in order to achieve the required polarity inversion.


You can create cross-device Shortcuts as well. You can combine two, three or four keyboards. You can do lots of crazy things with reWASD. And if you think that something is missing, you are welcome to suggest your ideas. We are waiting for your feedback on Facebook, Discord and Forum.

You can always choose what you need from joystick mapping software, and you don’t need to pay for the features you are not going to use. You can buy reWASD license to map controller to keyboard; then try and choose the best ones from mentioned above features or. You can maximize the reWASD power with an awesome discount!


Even the biggest keyboard doesn't have all the symbols and commands you may need. To get more, we often use Shift. That's a pity that a standard keyboard has only one.

Interfacing Stepper Motors LAB5 Schematic - Microchip PIC Embedded Systems Tutorials

The Macro Remap Controller (i loved this) offers “on the fly” ability to customize macros with every programming operation being done through existing controller components such as stock and macro (go here) buttons, and a custom LED Indicator. It is a PS4 Pro Wireless Controller that doesn’t require any additional software program for personalization, there is no need to connect it to a PC via Bluetooth or USB cable and spend hours figuring out programming steps and writing scripts. Furthermore, each macro function can be tailored to any game and any specific situation to give you maximum flexibility and freedom.


Macro on xbox controller

Stepper motors come into two different major types: unipolar & bipolar winding arrangements. The actuator we’ll be using in this tutorial is a Unipolar Stepper Motor.

I play xbox through the windows 10 xbox app with a controller (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4886) plugged into my PC. I'm looking to make a macro that does a few simple timed commands, something like press A, wait 10 seconds, press B etc. Just wanted to see if this was possible with AHK.


Once you choose a gamepad button from the long list of reWASD mappings and press Apply, we will create a Virtual Xbox 360 controller (informative post). You tap the keyboard keys, we press the gamepad buttons. It is a nice chance to get the advantage of controller aim assist while using a keyboard. However, we would kindly ask you not to use it in competitive games.

By Mega Modz Staff

Now that the technical part is over with, you may still have some important questions left. Let us clear your doubts by answering the top 3 inquiries we get from users when it comes to a modded gaming gadget of any kind.


Rewasd–crack serial ‎ allows you to remap the control to the keyboard and mouse, reassign with the Xbox (why not find out more) Elite paddle and change your common joystick to the Turbo & Macro controller (wikipedia reference). Remap the Xbox controller from the button to the trigger, from the pad to the paddles, from the gamepad to the keyboard, as desired. Do you want to use the Switch Pro or DualShock on a PC?

For example, if we’ve activated coil-1 and coil-2 at the same time, the core will obviously stay in between. It won’t point toward coil-1 either coil-2, but somewhere in between, This is called a half-step. For this tutorial, we’ll be following the full-stepping scheme as it’s a little bit simpler to implement.


This is a simplified version of the real winding that resides within actual stepper motor, but theoretically, it’s almost the same. The magnetic core gets attracted to whatever coil if it gets energized. Well, if you’re about to command this motor to rotate in a clockwise direction, you should activate (energize) the coils one at a time in the following order (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, and so on). The magnetic core will follow the stator rotating field in the same direction.

PIC Microcontroller Driving a Stepper Motor – LAB

While gaming mods and macros are two different functions, they have a lot in common. We can say that mods are pretty much pre-configured fixed macros with little to none options in terms of their programming. Usually, they are set up on existing controller buttons, and the only way to change it is to configure another button layout on the controller. Even though it sounds customizable enough, in reality, there are a lot of limitations when it comes to mods execution on different games. Most of the mods on the market right now have been created for FPS games and Call Of Duty in particular. All the mods are tied to the game button layout, and if the layout changes, the features simply lose their purpose and become irrelevant. By no means, we imply that not being flexible equals useless. Mods alone can give the user a great advantage over the opponents if used in First Person Shooters. Just think Rapid Fire or Drop Shot or many other popular features that have conquered gamers due to extra abilities added to their character's performance!


How to disable a key on keyboard

The modchip can also hold down a paired button for any period of time with the duration of button presses to be adjusted in a programming mode. A simple button remap can be utilized on the product as well.

With 3 editions of PTZJoy IP PTZ Camera Controller Software, you can choose the level that fits your needs. Each edition includes core features which are integrated across all three editions, but have different feature sets tiered to varying video production setups, camera operator preferences, and technical requirements. Each edition builds on the previous one, adding more features, tools, and functionality as you go. You can always upgrade to the next edition if your camera control needs change or you need more functionality.


When the mapping of Xbox controller to keyboard is done, stick and triggers are adjusted and Xbox Elite paddles are reassigned, it's time to play! Select a slot on your Xbox Elite and click "Apply" button. When you see “Remap is ON”, it means that everything is ready for your awesome gaming experience with reWASD.

How to control the direction and speed of a stepper motor with PIC microcontrollers

You should have created the basic prototyping setup which we’ve demonstrated previously. If you’ve any troubles doing so, you can refer to that previous tutorial.

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In "Hold until release" combo, you can manage key presses, and reWASD will add all needed releases at the end of the sequence. Need to add one more key to combo? Press it on the keyboard or mouse below, and it will appear at the end of the sequence.