It sounds as if the cards may be running out of memory - once that has happened the card will not be used again until you at least restart DS and possibly not until you restart the OS. Are you closing any previous render windows or leaving them open for reference? Each open window will use the memory required for the scene as it is waiting for you to resume/restart.

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  • Are you closing any previous render windows or leaving them open for reference
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I've noticed it happens if DAZ has been running for a while and I've done a bunch of test renders then it will drop the video card. Restarting DAZ usually solves the problem.

Interesting about the errors associated with the Optix acceleration. I'll try turning that off and see if error recurs. I thought perhaps it was a memory issue but based on what i see from GPU-Z it is not approaching any memory limit or getting too hot. Restarting DS does fix the issue.


In particular, I cannot render an image series, but it is alright, if I render each frame one at a time. But if I do image series, it renders the first image using the GPU and the CPU, but for the second and beyond, it is CPU only, becoming very slow. I then have restart DAZ (or sometimes restart the system) to be able to render with GPU again. Very annoying, and wasting lots of time.

I have done what you say with TASK MANAGER, using the Performance Tab. I see the CPU working at 100%, the GPU0 working at 1% or 2%, once it went up to 6%. The NVIDIA GPU1 was always ''working'' at 0% but once it jumped to 6% for a second or so, out of several minutes I was watching. I guess it is as you say that the GPU is not being used or it is used minimally.


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Since posting this I have turned off the Optix Prime acceleration and I have not noticed the issue again. Not exactly sure what Optix was buying me but my renders are much faster when they consistently use the GPU.