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Since my first lawnmower purchase in (approximately) 1969, I have owned and worn out a number of push-type lawn mowers all of which had Briggs & Stratton motors. In my experience, B&S have been very good and - until my latest research - I could not speak highly enough of them. My current mower with a 190cc B&S motor, over 10 years old, starts and runs perfectly with no other maintenance than an infrequent oil change and blade replacement.

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My Bradford White water heater is going on 20 years. As a former plumbing associate at your local big box, I knew about and performed maintenance on my own tank. After reading many of these reviews, it appears that repairs are being made willy nilly by people who don't have the service manual and are just replacing parts randomly. BW has an excellent service manual that an informed service tech/plumber or advanced homeowner can follow along and make systematic diagnoses based on methodical testing. It sounds like that was not done in many cases. So before you threaten with a lawyer, get an informed plumber to do this testing. Some complaints appear to have been poor wiring on the part of the installer, not the company's fault. Based on my experience, I would buy another BW and I do not own stock or know the VP of sales or have any other connection other than having experience working on my own unit.


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New 40gal Defender water heater installed May 2021 as a warranty replacement for other defective one. Warranty goes from original install and has now expired. I've had issues with water temp and had to have defective thermostat replaced ($400) and now pressure relief valve has a pretty fast constant drip and needs to be replaced. Shouldn't have these problems with 7 mth old water heater.


Positive serial (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8869) correlation is the most commonly observed form of dependence. As a rule of thumb, with 50 or more observations and only a few independent variables, a DW statistic below about 1/5 is a strong indication of positive first order serial correlation. See Johnston and DiNardo (1997, Chapter 6/6.1) for a thorough discussion on the Durbin-Watson test and a table of the significance points of the statistic.

Given the task of buying a replacement mower for our local church, I commenced researching far more thoroughly than I would had I been buying for myself. The mower with the facilities for the purpose - and was in the price range - looked good till I started researching the Intek motor, a brand I had never previously heard of.


When I learned it was made by B&S, I was skeptical of all the negative reviews which are so contrary to my experience. I put the volume and characteristics of the reviews down to a type of "herd" syndrome where like opinions attract 'me too,' similar comments and made up my mind that I had to provide a counter opinion commensurate with my experience. I kept researching and reading reviews till I became convinced that sadly, B&S have dropped the ball and in doing so have ruined a reputation shared by many like myself who have been more than satisfied with our experience. Needless to say, I will not be recommending my initial replacement choice to the church.

Briggs and Stratton Reviews

Purchased a Toro zero turn with a BRIGGS and Stratton 24hp motor. I have a level 7500 square foot lot that I cut frequently and still only have 30 hours on a 3-year-old mower. The mower is kept in a shed and not exposed to the elements. Recently the Briggs engine started smoking with a strong odor of unburnt gas. Had it taken in for repairs (about a month before the 3 yr warranty expires).


Ordinary coefficient covariances computed using expected or observed Hessian or the outer product of the gradients. Robust covariance estimates using GLM, HAC, or Huber/White methods.

Used as replacement engine on Steiner 420 only to have breather cover on valve pan vibrate off and begin to leak oil while mowing and can't notice resulting in way premature engine failure in 112 hours. B&S could have cared less when contacted about part falling off engine. Had a lot of things with engines but none ever had parts fall off. I would suggest any other motor for repair.


The correlogram has spikes at lags up to three and at lag eight. The Q-statistics are significant at all lags, indicating significant serial correlation in the residuals.

Use standard EViews series expressions to describe the log likelihood contributions

I have a 21 HP single cylinder Briggs and cut half acre it's a pretty steep slope at least 2 times a week plus some other peoples yards I do and it's going on 11. Not a single issue with it. Runs like the day it was bought and my lawn mowers have Briggs on them too. Never had issues so I dont see why all you are having issues. You must not maintain them properly. My neighbor had a mower he bought 12 years ago. Used and never changed the oil and it's still running today. I wouldnt own any other than a Briggs.


Failed in less than 1 year in a residential home with only 2 senior citizens using hot water. The mode RE380T6 was supposed to have a 6 year warranty. The only way they'll honor a warranty is for parts exchange only and your plumber has to deal with the paperwork at the distributor. Try calling a plumber and telling him to deal with this and see when he'll come. So let's say the parts are $50 and the plumber charges you $200 to do the install. In other words, the warranty is useless and in order to get the water heater fixed timely you have to pay the $250. I'll never buy anything from Bradford again.

In November of 2021, I bought a Dual Stage Snowblower from Briggs and Stratton with a one-year warranty. Two days after my purchase, it snowed and I was eager to use it. After opening the box and reading the manual, I tried starting the engine but it failed to start. After two days of trying to start the snowblower, I brought the machine back to the store, expecting to return it. The store told me that since I had already tried starting it, I must call Briggs and Stratton, rather than returning it. When I called B&S and they directed me to a local repair shop. The shop would not repair the machine without payment, so I called B&S and they assured me that the warranty would cover the machine. I tried the shop again but they would not accept the warranty.


Bradford White author review by ConsumerAffairs

String and string vector objects for string processing. Extensive library of string and string list functions.

I don´t live in the US, and buying from IHS requieres 10 to 20 business day. Thanks, have a. Daemon tools lite 5/0.1 serial numbers, cracks and keygens are presented here.


Selecting carries out the Breusch-Godfrey Lagrange multiplier test for general, high-order, ARMA errors. In the dialog box, you should enter the highest order of serial correlation to be tested.

On September 21, 2021, Poe's Plumbing & Backflow replaced our water with Bradford White 50 gallon Eco-Defender Ultra Low NOx Serries (gas), magnesium rod with our 12 yrs Whirlpool gas. On Oct 8, 2021, my son broke out in hives and continued to broke out in hives until they replaced the water heater with aluminum rod on Dec 30, 2021. Bradford White or American Home Shield did not cover the plumber cost and we paid the full installation cost for the labor of $462. Between September 8, 2021 and December 30, 2021, I had to chase down Judy at Poe's Plumbing & Backflow, American Home Shield and Bradford White to replace a new gas 50 gallons water heater with aluminum rod.


Gauss-Seidel, Broyden and Newton model solvers for non-stochastic and stochastic simulation. Non-stochastic forward solution solve for model consistent expectations.

This water heater lasted a lot longer than most I have read about 7 years but it cracked and cannot be repaired. We have never had to replace a water heater in such a short time.


New water heater installed in September 2021 and was leaking water just 18 months later. A licensed plumber discovered that due to the leaking the pilot light would not stay lit. Had it not still been under warranty for replacement I would not have never purchased another Bradford White.