Ten thumbs up for you, you're the man. I've really been learning a lot from your once in a green moon long notes.

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It is fairly slow in switching time between channels & can only store 600 of them. The serial port uses amini-DIN instead of the usual 9 pin D-type socket.


Re: FTA Help - Ask Your FTA Questions Here

As an Earth-grazer passes through the atmosphere its mass and velocity are changed, so that its orbit, as it re-enters space, will be different from its orbit as it encountered Earth’s atmosphere. There is no exact criterion for passing by outside of the atmosphere, except perhaps roughly 80 km (50 mi) up, or the Kármán line at 100 km (62 mi).

Once you are certain that none of the tips above could correct the situation, it is time to do advanced troubleshooting. It is likely either your switch or the LNB or the decoder is faulty. Let’s start with the simplest which is troubleshooting the switch. Totally disconnect the switch and connect your cable directly to the decoder.


Taenite is highly reflective, which is the only iron/nickel alloy in the meteor at high temperatures. All asteroids/meteors start off as ejected white hot material and could cool down slowly over time at low altitude further away from the Sun. At say 400 km high, the thermosphere is still very hot and the orbiting meteor would still probably be hundreds of degrees centigrade; it isn’t white hot though. The quote above doesn’t say how high “high temperatures” are, but it is safe to say there is a lot of taenite in the meteorite; enough to reflect the sunlight and cause “iriduim” flares, that’s for sure.

Yamal 402 Tv Channel Biss Key And Frequency

Despite one of the parabolic reflectors being on the topside of the satellite, it can still see most of the ground up to the horizon, as the horizon is eye-level and the reflector is nearly as high as the satellite is tall. Imagine standing on a table and looking at the ground until the horizon – most of the ground up to the edge of the table is visible.


As with DVB PCI cards, FTA receivers are not manufactured for the purpose of testing. In fact, most FTA receivers on the market will not work for testing! The purpose of such receivers is the reception of unscrambled, in-the-clear television programming. In Europe, that's a multitude of news, sports, music, and even movie channels -all completely free with no subscription required. In North America, that's PBS and a few religious and public affairs channels. That's why there has not been much interest in FTA receivers in the North American satellite TV market. The exception, however, has been foreign nationals living in the United States. There are many unencrypted foreign-language channels on Intelsat Americas 5 at 97 degrees West.

HornSat Sport TV New Frequency on NSS 12 at 57.0°East Working TP

The second issue with GPS is the skywave possibility. Although the frequencies used seem correct, there could be a hiccup in the details. GPS uses the L-band microwave frequencies which are well above skywave AM radio possibilities, except GPS sends 154 x 10/23 Mhz and 120 x 10/23 Mhz modulated packages.


What is Hornsat Sport TV biss key code

Radiometers are very sensitive receivers that measure thermal electromagnetic emission (noise) from material media. The design of the radiometer allows measurement of signals smaller than the noise introduced by the radiometer (system’s noise).

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It has an RF loopthrough for use with an analogue receiver as well as an S-Vhs socket + 2 scarts. Samsung's first European DVB box. It has DiSEqC and a good instruction manual.


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In Jan 2007 I removed city / town markers for Cairo, Egypt, Accra, Ghana Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Monrovia, Liberia and Lagos, Nigeria as these towns have now been added to the map database together with many more towns and roads in these countries. Each one I remove should slightly speed up the initial loading. As of 15th June 2007, the number of lat/long marker icons on the map has dropped to 97, following the deletion of cities and towns in Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania.

The elevation fairly accurately equates to latitude – the lower the latitude, the higher the elevation, kind of. The radar beam can go about another 10° further north to +80° latitude before it hits the horizon. This confirms the radar range of the satellite as about 18,000 km (16/18ths of 20,000km). The latitude/elevation ratio works when you take the latitude figure away from the maximum latitude allowed (80°) for those locations up to Marsa Matruh. You then have to use the 90° elevation instead for Alfashir and Kisangani in order for those elevation figures to match latitude properly.


A few meteors have been known to skip off the top of the “atmosphere” (cheers Jon). Yeah, skip off the top of air with a density at one millionth that at sea level. You have to be kidding me. There is a barrier up there, that is obvious. These meteors are called Earthgrazers.

Lyngsat address power vu keys s

Amstrad SRDA 5101 - This combined analogue/digital receiver seems to be the same unit as theRadix Epsilon 2AD which is described later in this FAQ. I suspect Amstrad have done a rebadgingdeal with Radix.


Incidentally MPEG1/5 is a hybrid (falling between 1 & 2) but any mpeg2 receiver SHOULD be backwards compatible with older MPEG revisions. Actually MPEG1/5 isn't a real (ratified) standard but covers several proprietary systems which tend to improve on MPEG1. Examples include "System2000" from NTL & "Orbit" from Scientific Atlanta.

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Radix Epsilon3 CI - Another digital receiver from Radix with 2400 TV & 1000 radio channelstorage. Usefully for the audio buff, there is an SP/DIF (Sony-Philips Digital InterFace)optical audio output; it has 3 SCARTs and 2 CI CAM slots.


Morgan's FTA-1 - This Far-Eastern import is a capable enough receiver with 1000 channel storage & SCPC capability, LNB loopthrough, 3 SCARTs ,DiSEqC etc. There is also a version with built in analogue receiver the Morgan DA-1; it does not have a polariser interface. The Schwaiger SSR-8200 is almost the same as the FTA-1 unit but adds 2 CI CAM slots.

Star Bharat New Biss Key & Frequency

Horn Cable Television has a staff of around 90 ground reporters, who are stationed throughout the Horn of Africa region and nearby areas. Around 60 journalists are based at the station’s headquarters, with an additional personnel of 7 in Mogadishu. HCTV’s programming covers a wide range of genres. Among these are news and current affairs, business, politics, drama, music and religious programs.


HORNSAT KIDS Started New Frequency Biss Key On NSS-12

Perhaps you can now see why the digital receivers cost a lot more than the analogue ones! It's worth noting that on Astra,a Network Information Table (NIT) is transmitted every 10 seconds on every DVB/mpeg transponder. The information sent includes the FEC,S/R,frequencies etc.

Ignore the satellite pointing angles until you are familiar with finding your latitude longitude location. If you want dish pointing select the satellite and click the map afterwards.


What makes them controversial is the fact that they are clones and not a true, authorized Fortec or Pansat product. This makes them a lot cheaper but some argue that it also makes them more susceptible to "clone-kill" measures like the Blackbird ST-2000.

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Some of this info I have collected from others, info on thePace DVR500 ,D-Box, Nokia 9200, Seleco & RSD is from my own personal experience. The latest receivers do now have teletext -although not all operators or channels send teletext data. Also look out for receivers with a "MacroVision" video encoder fitted.


Hornsat Sport TV Biss Key and Frequency on NSS

Fourthly, their material make-up is also varied to a degree. Before meteors hit the glass, their makeup is that of iron meteorites. These are mostly made out of iron/nickel alloys (two-thirds/one third) with a touch of cobalt thrown in. Other materials of significant amounts are iron sulphide (troilite), graphite and cohenite (carbon), and iron phosphorus (schreibersite). These materials turn up in iron meteorites in different amounts, but iron and nickel are the two vastly predominant elements, occasionally being the only material present at all.

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Since there are two competing coders (BlackList and Alibar), it is unlikely that those kinds egotistical power plays will happen with Fortec, Pansat, or PanTec receivers. I say go ahead and buy a PanTec if you can save yourself a couple bucks!


We now have a workaround with this problem, but for many it turned them against the BlackBird series of FTA receivers. Still, due to the fact that the BlackBird is the original receiver used to decrypt Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu, it does have a sizable following.

Read visitor reviews of this page. You are welcome to please write your own review and send it to me at [email protected] Your digital camera photo images also welcome.


There's a CI CAM slot & embedded Viaccess. Not for the feed & links enthusiast but a good family receiver.

D sports frequency nss6

Four of the five types of GPS satellites do not have thrusters. All the satellites are still fully operational despite a couple being in operation since 1990.


Men me i volunteer o, at least to witness the zero gravity in space and most of all top of the world. Ensure to keep enough kulikuli,gari and kunu zaki to cool the manoeuvrings rescue mission.

Thread: Lyngsat Regular Updates News

Finally, and equally important, buy your cccam from a trusted source. This is because there is little you can do if you bought a re-shared account. You should always remember that it is only one cccam for one decoder. Don’t allow any dubious fellow steal your cccam account details.


Ipm 11131 V 30000 11171 V 30000 11676 H 27500 Nss 6 43 57 91 Aa 1f 0a B7 Bb

Last but not least, it is very important to buy a DiSEqC switch with a very high built quality. Things to look out for in the quality department include the weatherproof nature of the device. It is very important that it can withstand extreme weather like sun and rain. If yours comes with a waterproof cover, you are in luck.

FortecStar is the maker of the popular Lifetime and Lifetime Ultra receivers, which are used extensively for both testing and FTA. However, a few of their other receivers have gained some attention recently. Most notably, the three that are capable of working with a smart card: The 5900, which features a built-in Nagravision CAM and the 5100 and 5200, which have an empty slot where a Nagra CAM can be easily placed.


Eb/No is the ratioof energy per bit to the noise available at the demodulator. So since satellite signals are inherently noisy,a low order modulation scheme is used with lots of error correction. In fact the DVB adopted what is known as a "concatenatedFEC" schemewhich means that multiple error correction types are used together - in this case"convolutional" & "block" coding are both used.

SRT 4475 - This one has embedded Viacccess & uses the Open TV operating system; it has 1000channel storage but symbol rates covered are only from 15-30 MS/S. Output can be SECAM as wellas the usual PAL & RGB & there is VBI teletext insertion.


Mohamoud Sheikh Dalmar serves as a radio and television producer for the channel. Additionally, Hamdi Hussein is the Director of its Mogadishu branch.

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Humax IRCI-5400 - A totally new design for the Millennium, this IRD has embedded IRDETO as well as 2 CI CAM slots. There's 4MB of program & 2 MB of FLASH memory. The menus seem easyto use and the EPG display (showing two days worth of programmes) is excellent. Channelstorage is 4000 and up to 1000 PIDs can be manually entered. Along with the 2 SCARTs and video/audio phono outputs, there's a digital audio (SP/DIF) optical output. Software upgradesare available via satellite - currently (06/2000) on Hotbird, 13 Degrees east, 12/699V,22000,5/6; downloading is automatic when tuned to this channel. There's a useful scan mode for DX-ers - you can scan the whole frequency range in 6MHz steps with both polarities & allFEC & symbol rates tried; this takes time but may find you channels (especially links &newsfeeds) that you would never have known about. A hint for European owners with multisatellite capability - try this overnight on Eutelsat W2 (16 east) or NSS-K (21 west).


Echostar DSB9800 -This is the first digital receiver I came across from Echostar in Europe;they're a major supplier of digital IRD's in the USA already. Symbol rates covered from 18/5-30MS/sec but no SCPC nor PowerVu.

If a meteor shower peaks around the time the radiant point is close to your horizon, you may experience some meteors known as Earthgrazers. These meteors skim across the top layer of our atmosphere at a very shallow angle, thereby producing very long trails and trains of dust from the horizon to a point overhead.


Prosat P-2002S - Another Taiwanese box - this time from EFA Corporation. This low cost receiver seems to be good value. It covers 1-45 MS/s symbol rates with no difficulty in SCPCmode. There are 3 SCARTs and (oddly) 2 RS-232 ports (one high & 1 low speed). There is LNBloopthrough & a 0/12Volt switch output + mains operation form 90-260 Volts.

Satellite Database Information D Sports Latest Biss Key Frequency ON NSS-6 2021 Comments Feed

It is visibly moving (just) in those few seconds, so it can’t be a GPS or Globalstar phone satellite sitting on the glass whether stationary or moving 3 metres a minute. Could it be something like a drone (cheers Simon)?


Ensure you have the latest updated software on your decoder. Alternatively, you may do a full factory reset of your decoder and start all over.

How does satellite dish elevation to the horizon fit into this model? Elevation depends on the latitude and longitude distance away from the satellite. We can see this in the table below which includes those locations closest to directly above the satellite, at latitudes from practically on the equator up to +80° above it. (Source – dishpointer.com.


NSS 12 at 57.0°East

The entire atmospheric plane is wavy as well which is a little odd. The ccd sensor hasn’t detected super-bright stars; it is the sensors super sensitivity which has magnified the brightness of the incoming starlight.

Go to maps to see an index page with a listing of all the map pages. Tell me if you want a page made for your country.


Another major problem that you can experience with a DiSEqC switch is that of a total signal loss. I mean, no signal form all the LNB coming into the decoder.

Nickel-iron metal in iron meteorites occurs in the form of two distinct alloys. The most common alloy is kamacite, named for the Greek word for “beam”. Kamacite contains 4 to 7/5% nickel, and it forms large crystals that appear like broad bands or beam-like structures on the etched surface of an iron meteorite. The other alloy is called taenite for the Greek word for “ribbon”. Taenite contains 27 to 65% nickel, and it usually forms smaller crystals that appear as highly reflecting thin ribbons on the surface of an etched iron.


The disadvantage, of course, is you have to know how to program a card. If you're a Dish old-timer, this should be no problem. But if you fit the typical FTA user demographic (ex-DTV, first experience with Dish was the Pansat, wants quick solution without doing a whole lot of reading), you will have to learn how to program a card in order to use either of these receivers.

NSS 6 95E 12595 H WB India has replaced TCM Asia on, Mediaguard

All TV satellite dishes seem to point to the equator. Dishpointer.com uses Google maps to locate any geostationary satellite from any location and the angle always seems to point to the equator (at least those few tested by myself).

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Bein sports news frequency nilesat

MPEG4, when it comes, is a scalable encoding/compression system so that mini versions couldoutput to the tiny screens on mobile phones and PDAs whilst higher resolutions & larger objectsizes would output to televisions. It's more flexible than MPEG2 to allow this object-basedscalability as well as interactivity where desired. It introduces its own new acronyms likeAVO (Audio/Visual Object) & DMIF (Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework). MPEG4 allowsfor 2D & 3D images & user selection (or ungrouping) of parts of the whole scene - where theoriginator has permitted this.


At the end of the satellite’s lifetime, when fuel approaches depletion, satellite operators may decide to omit these expensive manoeuvres to correct inclination and only control eccentricity. This prolongs the life-time of the satellite as it consumes less fuel over time, but the satellite can then only be used by ground antennas capable of following the north-south movement, Satellite Tracking earth stations. Before the fuel comes to an end, satellites can be moved to a graveyard orbit to keep the geostationary altitude free for subsequent missions.

First and foremost, check the DiSEqC protocol that your satellite receiver supports. This will guide you in buying the appropriate DiSEqC version.


Manhattan ST-2000CI - Similar to the above but with 2 CI CAMs ,both at the rear of the receiver. If you have 2 CAMs fitted (with viewing cards),the receiver automatically finds thecorrect one.

The Humax F1 FOX: 1000 channel storage,SCPC & MCPC DVB box. Has PID insertion & DiSEqCLNB control. The CPU is a MIPS RISC processor. Memory consists of 1MByte flash,2MByteRAM & 16KByte EEPROM. There's the usual 9 pin serial port & 2 scarts + an RF modulator(PAL B/G/I).


ESPN Caribbean Latest Biss key 03/11/2021

The maximum range potential of these satellites is 80° north and south of the equator. This vast range and the 100 km height of the TV broadcasting geostationary satellite, means that there is no direct mathematical equivalent position of the light source inside the Earth cavity.

There's an IEEE1394 port & a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port along with 2 CI CAM slots

In other words, they want to keep the satellite in a circular orbit (geostationary one), not an elliptical one, which is the transfer orbit. For a concave Earth/glass sky scenario, this translates as them wanting to use the thrusters to move the satellite horizontally on the glass to keep the same longitudinal position relative to the Earth, but letting the satellite move vertically with the glass wobble thereby saving fuel. Moving to a graveyard orbit would translate as moving the satellite a few kilometres further north or south of the equator, freeing up a slot for new satellites.


16 way DiSEqC Switch

The father of rocketry Werhner von Braun speculatively hit the glass in or before 1943 in Germany. He told the allies his findings in January 1945 whereby the concept of geostationary satellites was born.

However, this receiver was eagerly awaited by satellite enthusiasts but turned out to be unpopular due to software bugs. Furthermore no-one has come forward with (unofficial) 3rdparty software & Nokia's own software updates don't yet (June 2000) seem to have made thisinto a "must have" for enthusiasts.


You can recieve packsat with your c band lnb (without dielectric) and w2a also atlantic bird 5 with your c band (with dielectric) hence you need a 3-in- 1 setup for your motorised. As for persuading olofofo I think that is unnecessary since he has already given you his assurance of coming to help you out. I'll advise that you wait for him as promised.

The telescope isn’t zooming in for a 1000 km x 1000 km shot and then making a maximum zoom out for a full Earth disk “photo”. The Earth-disk above is a composite of 8 km x 20° swaths or strips which themselves are composed of 1/4/8 km pixels. Its oval shape is corrected to a round disk one. That is all it is. It is very important to understand that the Earth image is a round disk, not because of the Earth’s shape, but because of the shape of the incoming light/optical scan mirror and its range.


Fix cccam connection errors

And so does another review website. It does look like both satellite television and satellite internet use only geostationary satellites. You can check them yourself on either dishpointer.com (for geostationary only) or satflare.com (where most satellites can be found). Also of interest is the level of secrecy surrounding satellites.

If you think geostationary satellites sitting on a very thin layer of ice/water on the glass sky at 100 km high is wild, then wait till you read about polar satellites in a concave Earth. There can be only one mechanism that fits their description, assuming what they say about them is true sans the heliocentric model. Let’s find out what this mechanism is.


Your Cccam account is Disconnecting and Connecting” randomly: This problem is majorly due to either general cccam server instability, an account that has been re-shared or an ultra unstable internet connection. The solution is for you to first confirm if your type of cccam account is freezing generally, or not. If it is freezing generally, it is better you switch off cccam altogether to avoid soft ban and wait until the server becomes, stable. However if your internet connection is the culprit, you need to change your sim card.

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In late 2003, three FTA receivers were discovered to have a weakness that allows the receiver's software to be modified to decrypt encrypted programming. These three receivers are the BlackBird, the Pansat, and the FortecStar Lifetime -also known as the "Silver Bullet".


We now have a favourite channels menu, separate positioner/LNB settings for analogue & digital and betterpositioner control. V2 software also adds a signal stength bar, better EPG information accessand faster channel downloading. Channel storage is 4500 digital & 600 analogue. It seems thatEurosat, the distributors behind this receiver, have listened to crticism & delivered most ofthe features that users really want.

Photo of BEIN SPORTS 13 New Frequency

Taenite essentially has a nickel lattice and kamacite has an iron lattice. At high temperatures both iron and nickel are face-centered, and iron meteorites are essentially all taenite. As the temperature drops, kamacite begins to exsolve, expelling nickel into the taenite and forming thin lamellae of almost pure iron.


The mirrors of the telescope rotate in two directions taking 1/4/8 km pixels in an 8 km north-south x 20 east-west strip per second. These are collated together to form the full-Earth disk. The Earth is a disk, not because of its shape, but because of the shape of the optical mirror and its range.

SRT 4400 - Digital receiver with embedded Viaccess as well as 2 CI CAM slots. There is 1400channel storage, favourite channel modes, 2 SCARTs & an S-VHS output. Like all Strong's year2000 range except the 4475, 8000 & 8500, symbol rates are 2-45 MS/Second so SCPC will work.


DX-ers with this receiver could share channel lists quite easily using email or their Internet homepages tomake their listings available to all who are interested. In some ways this is like what already happens with Nokia 9xxx owners -but in this case it's offically sanctioned (or evenencouraged) by the manufacturer. I must congratulate RSD for this idea which add to itsappeal as a good dx-er's receiver.

Having said that, all the satellite internet providers research so far only give details about the geostationary satellites they use. Groundcontrol.com uses Telstar 12 at 15°W and Pas 1R at 45°W or Galaxy 18 and AMC 9 for North America, Satmex 6 for Central and South America, IS-15 for the Middle East, Telstar 11 for Africa etc.


In practice, a TV broadcasting satellite’s range is determined by the frequencies emitted and by the angle/shape of the reflector dish or antenna array on the satellite. These ranges on the ground match reflector dishes located on the top and bottom side of the satellite only. This fits with the concept of geostationary satellites sitting on the glass looking at the horizon.

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At the top right click to choose the Map, Satellite or Terrain options to see the satellite photo image of the ground. You may left click your mouse and drag the satellite map.


Hmmm, I trust d state where i reside. D pHcn wey dey here make sense die, once the light is brougth to take it na 12hrs later.

This means the satellite doesn’t send a signal behind itself but everywhere below and in front of it. This suits transmitting to the ground, but not when it is synchronising its clock with the other 3 or 4 satellites, some of which will be behind others. A lot of animations show other types of antennas on the top and bottom of these satellites (patch antennas could also be there, but not clearly visible to me). I would guess that these send a signal to the other satellites in the “sky array” on the glass.


Since mostSCPC transmissions don't contain the DVB-SI (not needed for SNG feeds) the channels weren'trecognised. The new software decoded the PSI & so allowed reception of the SCPC feeds.

I have a dish facing 68/5 (Pas 7/10Ku) and i am thinking of adding another dish. Has any of you guys tried out any other satellite apart from Pas 7/10? Can you please advice me on any other satellite that i can face.


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This page costs me money to provide and therefore has a limited daily usage. Prior to its daily reset at 8am GMT the mapping may run out of its daily usage allowance and stop working.

The menus are in more pleasing higher resolution graphics andthe "Organise Channels" now has more sort options (by satellite,name,access or any/all of these in user-specified priority). It was amazing to download all the Astra channels (19/2E)in just a few seconds. Even more goodies are expected in further software revisons.


Two of the above materials are highly reflective, namely an iron/nickel alloy – taenite and schreibersite. Schriebersite is highly metallic in its lustre which means it is highly reflective and occurs as “plates, rods or needles”. Depending on its location to the surface area of the meteor, schreibersite is a possible cause of the “iridium” flares seen around the world. There may not be a high enough percentage of this material to justify such reflectivity.

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It was immediately apparent their engineers were superior to anything we had previuosly seen, as they were first to implement a working Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to the market. Sales Exploded overnight for Co0lsat as they offered the world a peak at advanced Hyundai coding that worked better than the rest. Unfortunately for the industry, the owner of Co0lsat would prove out to be less than reputable in his dealings with those around him. Blacklist packed up and went back to Pansat and has helped improve their firmware again.

If the page is not working, hopefully I will have fixed it in a minute or so. Every time I upload a new version I check it works OK or go back to the previous version. This happens several times a day. If you have a GPS receiver I would be quite interested to know how close your GPS indicated location is to that shown here.


The first company to offer a public "free" solution to open secured signals was Fortec. One of their key engineers was assigned the task of "coding" a fix that would make their unit much more appealing to purchase. The name for that engineer was coined from the task at hand. He had to figure a way to incorporate a code to decrypt the signal of pay providers. He had to do this in his off time, & off company premises. Armed with only a notebook and knowlege of what needed to be done, he would sit in bars ALL of his spare time and write in C++ to perfect the code.

There's 2 SCARTs & a full rate serial port

Next, you have to select the input of the LNB (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) according to the LNB which receives the signal of a particular satellite. In my picture below, I combined just two satellite which is: DStv at 36/0ºE and NSS at 22/0ºW. I used port 4 for my switch hence I must select port 4 within my decoder Diseqc settings.


The largest groups of end-users for Ku-band free-to-air signals were initially the ethnic-language communities, as often free ethnic-language programming would be sponsored by foreign governments or broadcasters. Depending on language and origin of the individual signals, North American ethnic-language TV is a mix of pay-TV, free-to-air and DBS operations.

Because of its time of appearance, it is really low in the sky. Is it too low and slow moving to be a meteor/asteroid?


There are 2 SCARTs, serial & IEE1284 parallel ports & LNB loopthrough is possible

If you enter your cccam account details incorrectly, you will get the disconnected status(the solution is for you to enter everything carefully by first deleting all the characters you find under user, server, password and enter your own details carefully. You should also know that the password is case-sensitive and you must make sure you type the password in lower case).

It is not farfetched to run into connection problems with your IKS account every once in a while. By iks, I mean “internet keys sharing” that enables you to watch encrypted channels. Currently, the most popular IKS account happens to be a Cccam. Today, I shall be doing justice to what you need to do in order to fix cccam connection errors on your own.


Thirdly, their shape is completely random and irregular. However, although irregular, there is often a very approximate consistent diameter, at least on one side, as some of them can appear quite flat. This flatness could easily be formed when melting through the glass however.

I have also upgraded to Version V2 and have reduced the number of markers for countries where there are now more detailed maps for France, Espana, Portugal, Deutchland, Nederland, Danmark, Belgie Belgique, Italie, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Sverige, Norge, Suomi Finland, Polska, Serbia Montenegro and Brazil. Only the USA, UK, Japan and Hong Kong previously had detailed maps. The number of markers is still rather large however and slows down the initial loading. In the case of Firefox you may get a time out "Warning-Unresponsive Script" message. Don't worry it is still working OK, just click continue. This problem should disappear in the future when more map data is added and the lat/long icons for the cities are no longer needed. Another minor matter is the clickable city/town markers themselves. In version V1, the markers were clickable. In V2 the marker is in fact a single pixel with a large clickable square shadow. The top left corner of the square shadow is not clickable - I have not resolved this.


BeIn Sports HD 3 Max

First of all, a universal lnb is recommended as digital receivers for Europe are optimised for these. A universal lnb will have low phase noise (required so as not to confuse the qpsk modulator) & 2 local oscillators,1 at 9/75 GHz & 1 at 10/6 GHz.

Vortec VS-9600 PLUS - This is an FTA receiver (no CAM slots) with polariser control & 4000channel storage. It's basically a cut down of the VS-9800 PLUS described below & fine for SCPC work including C-band.


For the audiophiles, note that the audio is only 14 bit so it isn't quite CD-quality. So a D2MAC signal is a "hybrid", part digital & partly analogue.

Bein sports hd biss key nilesat

How about the fact that discservers, and corresponding high-end editing suites are only just moving from Motion Jpeg to MPEG (4:2:2). As an intra coding only system it has been and still is widely used in these types of video applications.


Powervu Key Sport 24 HD Freqency On NSS 12 and NSS 9 Satellite

DiSEqC V1/2 - Allows positioner/motor control of a DiSEqC-compatible motor. For these rotators, the settings are stored within the motor unit - the receiver is just the means for setting up the motor in the first place by sending the right DiSEqc information to the (outdoor) motor unit.

Palcom DVB-1000R - The interesting thing about this receiver is that there's a matchingpositioner to mate with it (DVB-1000P). It's an FTA MCPC/SCPC box with 1000 channel storageand DiSEqC.


How to Setup a DiSEqC Switch in order to Connect Several Dishes to One Satellite Receiver

The moving “white dots in the sky” must have another explanation. These white dots have a massive variation in brightness, size, consistency and speed. Meteors/asteroids fit the bill perfectly due to their huge variations in these areas (including altitude), whereas satellites do not. Hearsay evidence also points to a natural explanation as supposedly someone saw the moving white dots in the pre-satellite era (pre-1957).

It has 800 channel storage plus a favourite channels menu and is SCPC/MCPC/PoweVucompatible. The rear has 2 SCARTs, RS-232 port,A/V phonos & a 0/12Volt phono output. Teletextis included and the PAL modulator can output in PAL B/G/K or I. Symbol rates covered from 2-45MS/sec.


June 2000update: it now has 2000 channel storage & DiSEqC. THe channel list can be downl;oaded to aPC, edited & uploaded back to the box & there's a favourite channels facility.

I’m not a technician, but these sure suspiciously sound like GPS should operate on skywave frequencies of 10/23 and 1/023 Mhz, which are supposed to bounce off the ionosphere. However, skywaves themselves may be a bogus concept as these only occur at night for very low AM radio frequencies. Visible light has been shown to bend the least at night by the late Wilhelm Martin, and it is no different for radio it seems. In fact, the “skywave” frequency packages of GPS make a much better case for satellites and against the skywave explanation.


Their target market is Ghana, not Nigeria. The fact that "breeze" is blowing their signal into Nigerian based satellite receivers is none of their fault, especially since there is no commercial value in it for them. If HiTV no like they can jump into River Niger. If anyone can complain, it should be showtime. But if they have an agreement for Metro to be able to retransmit their signals, then no law is being broken. In Ghana broadcasters are free to retransmit foreign signals/stations unlike Nigeria, so I don't see how I can fault Metro if they hook-up to Showtime, especially if they have permission or Showtime simply no send.

With Hyundai engineers & support, Co0lsat was the first company to successfully defend their intellectual rights (firmware they had developed) by introducing a timebomb that killed ONLY cloned units. This was no easy task, yet they pulled it off successfully. It was mismanagement of the company later on that resulted in loss of Hyundai support and financial problems for Co0lsat. Continued mismanagement of the company has caused Co0lsat's unfortunate position in the industry now.


When did mankind find out for sure about the glass? Only by sending something physical up there to hit it. The only vehicle to do that is rockets, and who invented the rocket and when? The Germans invented rockets in the 1930s. Supposedly, the first test rockets were launched in 1934 and reached 2/2 km and 3/5 km altitude. And “In early September 1943, von Braun promised the Long-Range Bombardment Commission that the A-4 development was practically complete/concluded“. The A-4 rocket reached a height of 80km.

It has 2 embedded SECA slots conveniently accessible from the front. Symbol rates are restricted to 18-30 MS/S.


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Both Pansat & Fortec were being made in Korea by Globaltech. It was simple to have Pansat engineers look at what Fortec was doing and to start coming out with their own fixes as well. Sales exploded for both of these companies after DTV introduced the P4. It quickly became apparent there was a huge market that was hungry for more Free TV! A spokesman and promoter was brought in to make annoucements, add drama to the forums, and overall, push to increase sales. The guy they picked was loud, arrogant, and purposeful about his duties. He quickly found himself banned and BLACKLISTed from the original FTA site, Al7bar.

Although these channels are described as free the viewer does in fact pay for them. Some are paid directly by payment of a licence fee (as in the case of the BBC) or voluntary donation (in the case of educational broadcasters like PBS), others indirectly by paying for consumer products and services where part of the cost goes toward television advertising and sponsorship.


This doesn’t really use satellites, but there are services available. Normally, the internet uses land-based wires (and/or base stations) and fiber-optic cables laid on the ocean floor. Satellite internet service is said to be available for remote areas, but the speed is much slower.

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At the top left of the map is now a Man icon, If orange it means that a Google Street View is available. Click on it and drag over to where you want to look at. This feature was removed in Dec 2021 due to the cost of providing it.

Ipm Hd Group Channels 11675 H 27500 3/4 Nss 6, 95°e 3d 5d 49 E1 9a 02 Cd

At altitudes of 76 to 85 km in the mesosphere (50 to 85 km altitude) there are noctilucent cloud made of ice crystals more commonly observed at 50° to 70° north or south of the equator at twilight. Little is known about them (or even the mesosphere itself) or how they form and where they come from etc. Again, I postulate that these ice crystals attach themselves to the glass like ice to a freezer compartment and that both below and above the glass there is a very thin layer of attached ice crystals. The temperature at 85 km is said to be -90 °C, and rises above this height as we start to get into the thermosphere, but it is probably still freezing at 100 km on the underside of the glass. The same may not be said for the ice above the glass which bears the Sun’s full EM wave intensity that the glass layer blocks. Either the radiation from the Sun (thermosphere) slightly melts some of the ice on top of the glass forming a very slippery watery layer for the satellite to “float” or “glide” over, or the satellite is able to glide on the slippery ice itself like an ice skater. Physicists still don’t understand why ice is very slippery, just that it is.


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Furthermore, if you are using an internet connection that is not compatible with a particular network, your account won’t connect. To fix this, you need to switch to another internet service provider.