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On me it starts off fresh, green and citrusy, with cumin adding a sharp, pungent hit. It's not the BO kind of cumin (thankfully), but rather a piquant kind of cumin.


I applied my sample more generously for full effect. This is going to replace my Fortis and Noir Exquis.

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Clementine aside, I think this is a fragrance better suited to more masculine types. As the hours wear on, the scent is noticeable only in close proximity to the skin so I would say that this would be a nice fragrance for events where there is likely to be close interpersonal interactions. If you're someone who likes to wear tobacco scents during the week with a high degree of silage you may want to adopt this as your after/hours weekend scent.

Tobacco Nuit is the less expensive version of Journey Man. I did a side by side test of both and the only difference I notice is Journey Man has a touch more spice and Tobacco Nuit's is toned down slightly. I don't necessarily feel there is a need to have both.


When I inhaled deeply just now, I picked up the fresh Clementine. If you want a great Amber fragrance, that's fresh and fruity enough for Spring and cooler Summer days, nights, this will work nicely.

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On my skin Tobacco Noir is an intoxicating, sensual tobacco fragrance that has moderately heavy sillage and is extremely long lasting. The opening is BIG and it takes a couple of hours of very gradual softening to reach the heart of this perfume. It settles in comfortably for the next several hours before slowly starting to transition to its final phase, where it very, very slowly and quietly starts to fade away.


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Tobacco-Nuit is a nice fragrance with great longevity and silage! There is a caraway-like essence that is similar to cumin in this that I also detect in Bois 1920 Sandalo that's noticeable.


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Sometimes a fragrance will shift around on you a bit and it takes time to get to know it. Tasmeem is one of them. The Tropicana rose will give you a lot of different looks. Sometimes its a warm orange, sometimes a delicate apricot, and other times almost a pinkish salmon orange. Tasmeem is a different fragrance in winter than it is in summer, or in night versus day or rainy versus dry.


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On me, the scent is straight up pencil shavings. I can detect the tobacco in the opening but it quickly disappears to be replaced by a smell reminiscent of elementary school. This is not disagreeable, but I wouldn't want to smell like this on purpose. A reviewer here compared Tobacco Nuit to Mancera Oud Vanille (which I love), but I disagree. I did not detect an ounce of sweetness in this fragrance.

Awesome fragrance from start to finish. I am a huge fan of tobacco based fragrances and this is a winner.


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For me it is a winter scent only with rare usage potential on colder days in late fall and early spring. I will be retiring it to the winter season shelf soon as I bring the spring and summer scents to the front shelf. Wear this in the summer at your own peril.

It starts with a promisingly realistic dry tobacco note - think Tobacco Vanille, without the cloying sweetness. But all too soon, that is followed by a huge dose of sweaty cumin, with a dash of pungent coriander. The effect is similar to BO, or stale cigarette smoke permeating a dusty spice shop. It's a disappointing and mildly repugnant end to a promising opening.


To quick to judge on the longevity. Was a bit more liberal with the sample today and I'm on hour 12 and it's still there going strong. Pretty linear once the cumin dies off but an excellent tobacco scent.

The spiciness comes from the coriander and cumin, each used in moderation to produce only a moderate pepper level of spice, nothing over the top. Certainly this is more sweet than spicy.


TN is a very dry smoky tobacco, with a touch of sweetness. I do get the reference to the cigarette smoke others have mentioned, but it is off in the distance on my skin.

Well Played: Seriously Weird Edition

Tobacco Nuit is not bold, deep, or sexy IMO, but it smells very good. It's 'nice,' in the way that all Atelier Cologne fragrances are 'nice': very well blended, pleasant, polite, not terribly complex, a bit sweet and woody on the drydown. It stands apart from many of the house's other offerings for its better wear time (4-6 hours) and stronger (though still not strong) projection. On my skin, this scent reaches peak throw 20-30 minutes after application, which seems to indicate naturally derived aromatic ingredients reacting to body heat and air. The tobacco note used is naturalistic, soft, round, and to my nose the only distinctive note that emerges from the blend before the sandalwood drydown takes over. I detect no smoke or bitterness, unlike Molinard Cuir, which presents as much ash as leaf. As tobacco is less usually a primary component of perfumes marketed to women, ladies and their partners may find TN sexier than ubiquitous florals. Traditional signifier notes for male 'sexy smell' - musk, leather, brine - are not present here, so safe for work or worship settings. It smells great and performs decently - no complaints in those quarters, especially given this brand's notorious reputation for weak sauce performance. Whether it's worth the hefty niche price tag is down to individual values and use cases.


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Longevity and projection are both good. I get 10+ hours and it projects well for 4-5 hours.


This software would not operate without activation. Broadband Internet connection and registration are required for software activation, validation of subscription, and access to online services. Phone activation is not available.

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Tobacco Nuit Atelier Cologne for women and men

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On my skin I get a very ordinary Tobacco leaf fragrance, that makes me cough and reminds of cigars. The dry down is just so full of cumin and I certainly do not like it. I don't like it at all, frankly speaking.


Tasmeem is much like the Tropicana. It gives you a very different look than most roses. While many rose fragrances these days look for symbiosis with oud or vanilla or some kind of wood to distract from the attar of the rose, Tasmeem (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4315) goes in a different direction with a spicy mexican gourmand type of rose or perhaps that of a middle eastern bazaar.

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Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Adobe® Creative Suite® 5/5 and CS6 applications also support Windows 8 and Windows 8/1. See the CS6 FAQ for more information about Windows 8 support.


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The dry down is a heavenly tobacco with a semi-sweet vibe. Enough to add some depth, but not to overpower the fragrance.


Atelier's earliest scents were mostly competent and, at times, excellent creations that added subtle twists to the citrus cologne formula. Their more recent offerings, however, have been decidedly hit or miss. Tobacco Nuit falls sadly in the latter category.

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The opening is misleading: after a heartbeat-brief waft of clementine, a dense, malty syrup appears that I found both very contemporary and somewhat cloying, reminding me of the ubiquitous tonka-bombs that line either side of the aisles at Sephora. Thankfully this stage, too, was relatively brief, passing in about five minutes. What follows is quite wonderful, and, as others have commented, very different from most Atelier offerings: a rich layering of dusty, earthy spices over a gorgeous amber.

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