The Professional version of Accounting is a better option than the more expensive Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2008 (web ID: 128837) | especially if you need multicurrency support. But Accounting may find the UK market tough to crack. A slightly ponderous wizard for importing Sage Line 50 and Instant Accounts data is included, but none for QuickBooks, which we think is a more natural constituency for Accounting to target. But there’s no question that the free version will shake things up | there simply isn’t a better alternative available.

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Sage 50c Subscription & Traditional

This is an unofficial Chinese translation of Operation European War. Included is the box and cartridge. I had gotten this new old stock a long time back, I don't think a manual was ever included.


The way Sega handled the Sega Mega Drive in non-Japan Asian regions was extremely messy. This Evander Holyfield is a classic example. They took a European box, manual, and cartridge label, pairing it with a Japanese game shell, and then sent it off to regions such as Taiwan for sale.

This is an older Famiclone, that tries to mimic the original Famiclones quite well in appearance. It has two controllers built in, and the second one has a mic built into it. Although the machine works totally fine, the "B" button on controller two is a bit stiff.


These games are all original games, developed mostly by Taiwanese programmers for sale locally here. Over the years I have seen some lower-quality reprints of these games being sold on eBay and the like, but the ones I am selling here are the originals, developed and published by the companies back in the day, rather than modern Aliexpress crap.

If there is downtime during a fight, remember that you can precast things and often place your DoTs on shortly before the boss can actually takes damage. You won’t get the full damage of your DoTs but you also won’t have to spend a GCD to apply them when the boss is vulnerable, so you will end up dealing more damage.


In Taiwan a small handful of games were localized for the Wii. At one point I had made a list of them, I'd reckon there's only about fifteen games in the set.

This machine is grey, and has two 15-pin controller ports on the front. It was made in Taiwan and works fine.


This is an older Famiclone sold by NTDEC, aka Nintendo Electronics Company, a notorious company that brought us such goodies as the infamous Caltron 6 in 1 cartridge! Original NTDEC-branded machines are quite difficult to find. Although this one works fine, there is some stiffness in the controllers, causing the buttons to not always operate as they should. It's unknown if this could be repaired by cleaning the controllers or not.

Bootleggers decided to copy of Asian version box when producing this game

Some of you may have noticed that you only need 15/39% alacrity to reach the 1/3s GCD, yet I recommend 11/38% from gear + 5% from the Telekinetic Focal Point discipline passive = 16/38% alacrity in combat. The reason I recommend an extra 1% alacrity over the amount needed for the 1/3s GCD is because of Mental Alacrity. You need that extra 1% in order to reach the 36/38% alacrity threshold to gain the 1/1s GCD while Mental Alacrity is active. If you found this explanation confusing, don’t worry about it, just go for 11/38% alacrity from your gear.


This is another Hot Boy game clone. The machine looks similar to a real Famicom, yet the controllers have turbo buttons built in. The machine is made in Taiwan, and has the serial number of GA8823992. I cannot get this machine to work.

On the upgrade options screen select “Yes” to allow the Sage 50 upgrade to replace your older version

Bosses also have all sorts of weird typing with their attacks, some things that look like they should be AoE are actually considered single target attacks while others that look like single target might actually be AoE attacks. Luckily with #3 and #4, these are less important.


Sbs 2021 end of support

For questions please contact us at 1/800/339/8224. CBA has been an authorized Sage 50 reseller and certified consultant since 1989!

Mental Momentum – Mind Crush places a debuff that makes the target take 5% more damage from Force attacks for 45 seconds. It also makes Mind Crush have a 25% chance to tick an additional time. This chance is not increased by Flowing Force, but does benefit from the effects of Tremors. These additional ticks will also proc Stormwatch.


I'm not sure what's up with my copy of Digital Monster 6, but I can't get it to work. With that being said, the game is hard to find, and I think some collector might still be interested in this one, at least for the box and manual.

Speed up processing by connecting to your bank account and download information directly into Sage

The machine then runs through its set-up sequence, filling the boiler with water and expelling it once to clean out any manufacturing impurities. When ready, slap in a Nespresso pod of your choice, choose your preferred style of beverage from the scrolling list on the touch screen – ristretto, espresso, lungo or long black – and hit start.


This ability accounts for the smallest amount of your overall damage output (besides Telekinetic and Mental Momentum) at only about 5/3%. The primary use of this ability is on targets affected by Mind Crush, and its 6 second cooldown guarantees that you can only use the ability once per use of Mind Crush unless you use Mind Crush and immediately increase your alacrity. While Mind Crush is on the target, it deals slightly less damage than Telekinetic Gust and Telekinetic Wave, but it doesn’t benefit from Telekinetic and Mental Momentum or Reverberation which increases the critical damage of some of your other abilities by 15%. Since Reverberation was buffed in 6/1.1, Project should no longer be used with Force Potency or Force Speed.

Include payments experiences directly in your emails to millions of Office customers with Microsoft Pay. Building on the innovation of Invoice Payments, Sage now supports Microsoft Pay which allows customers to open invoices in Outlook & pay with saved credit or debit cards, or PayPal.


If you’re selecting a milk-based coffee, then fill the supplied aluminium jug with milk to the minimum or maximum level, place it under the steaming wand while making sure to position the jug over the little plastic sensor, which slightly resembles a nipple. Now select your preferred milky mixture – cappuccino, flat white, latte or latte macchiato – and the machine will start operating at both ends, extracting the coffee while the wand does its swooshy frothing thing. When finished, simply pour the hot, frothy milk from the jug into your coffee cup and, well, that’s it.

While this ability accounts for approximately 19/8% of your overall damage output, almost equal to the amount provided by Turbulence, it only does so because you use the ability far more frequently; it takes 4-5 uses of Telekinetic Burst to get the same damage as a single Turbulence. Telekinetic Burst is your filler ability, so it is used when everything else is on cooldown. It’s really important to note that Telekinetic Burst does not deal more damage than other less rotational abilities like an unprocc’d Project or Telekinetic Throw, so you won’t lose DPS if you replace it for another ability if the other ability has a more desirable trait.


The expansion of Pay Types will also help firms who must accommodate tracking of the COVID-19 Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) compensation. We released guidance to use an additional 3 Pay Type fields to accommodate tracking of this information so it can be traced and included in the employers Form 941 quarterly filings. Although you can set up an unlimited number of Pay Types, employees can only have 20 Pay Types per pay period or paycheck.

This one came out a few years ago to celebrate the anniversary of the Famicom a few years back. THe machine works fine, but some of the buttons on the controller function oddly, such as pausing the machine when you press B, things like that. Maybe it can be fixed by being cleaned, I'm not sure. Two controllers are included with the machine.


The more you buy, the more you save! I always offer discounts to people that buy numerous items.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll

This sleek, black machine was made in Taiwan during the early 90s. It has two fifteen-pin controller ports, one on each side of the machine. It also can run wireless controllers, though I sadly don't have any to include. I do, however, have another nice bonus to include with the set. It is a boxed, Super Giant HK-486J controller. The controller is made by the same company, and can connect directly to the machine.


Tidal Force – Finishes the cooldown on Telekinetic Wave, makes your next use of the ability instant and consume 50% less force, can only occur once every 10 seconds. This ability can also proc off of Telekinetic Burst and Forcequake, but the rate limit/internal cooldown on this proc aligns very well the 9 second cooldown on Turbulence, so it’s important to make sure that this procs off of Turbulence so that you can ensure you are getting the proc as often as possible and gain it in a predictable fashion. While it isn’t an exact match, the nature of the spec in terms of ability priority and damage distribution demand that this is the best way to ensure that you will get the Tidal Force proc as consistently and frequently as possible.

Sage Capture w/Office 365: Capture a receipt or record a transaction and post it to Sage (click this over here now) 50c using any mobile or tablet device. Images are automatically stored in OneDrive so you never lose a receipt or document again. Visit the Apple and Android App stores, search for Sage Capture App. Download the app Free to any mobile device!


Sage Drive FAQ’s in Sage 50cloud U.S. Edition

This machine was made by Subor, a popular video game company in mainland China. Included with the machine are two controllers. The machine is more modern, from about 2021 - 2021 I'd guess. Two nine-pin ports are on the front for controllers. This machine appears to work normally, though it is important to note that it is PAL format.

We certainly are only keeping Sage because of teh hassle of moving to something more modern

Thanks to the Mental Continuum proc, you can place Weaken Mind on lots of enemies if they are within 8m of each other and keep Weaken Mind up on all of them indefinitely because Telekinetic Wave will refresh their durations. Make sure that the adds you’re using it on will stay alive for a while, at least the full duration of the base DoT. Start by applying it to whichever enemies have the highest HP and work your way down.


This machine two fifteen-pin ports on the front of the machine, allowing one to connect / unplug controllers into it. Two controllers come with the machine. It has the words "Family Computer" written on the front, though it's a clone. The machine appears to be functioning normally.

From time to time we release updates and service packs to refine and improve our software. It’s important to check that you are using the latest build of your Sage (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6765) Accounts software. If you use Sage Accounts on more than one PC, the version numbers should always be the same on each installation.


This set is in average condition. The box has a sticker on the one side, and it also has an official Nintendo sticker on the front, designating it as having been imported legally for sale in Taiwan. A former shop has stamped their name inside the one box flap. Likewise there's an official Nintendo import sticker on the cartridge, and a shop-added sticker on the top. There's a bit of discoloring to the cartridge, not sure if it could be remidied or not.

Recommendation: This tactical item is oriented towards PvP and burst situations since it makes every other use of Turbulenceimpossible to interrupt and deal extra damage. It is pretty annoying to use in raids though because the instant Telekinetic Wave proc will become desynchronized from Turbulence since half of them are instant. Like Ticking Force-Bomb, this tactical deals about 1500-2000 DPS less than you’ll get out of Stormwatch.


I keep waiting for the pop up message when I close Sage, but it's never shown up

Mind Ward utility – 15% against periodic damage. Telekinetic Defense only works against direct damage, so if you’re getting hit by periodic damage while trying to utilize Telekinetic Defense on another attack, this utility point can help you minimize the damage your bubble takes against attacks that don’t trigger Telekinetic Defense. The best example of a fight where this utility is valuable is Tyrans. His regular AoE damage pulses are what trigger your Telekinetic Defense, but if you get hit by his Affliction, your Force Armor will be consumed very quickly, so this will help you salvage that bubble by mitigating some of the damage. In that fight specifically, you want to save your defensive cooldowns for when you just bubbled yourself and get hit with Affliction. Your goal is to have your bubble survive long enough that you get at least one tick out of Telekinetic Defense. The Mind Ward utility will not help you if Lightning Barrier is triggering primarily off of a DoT, like Nefra’s scream or Stormcaller’s Double Destruction since those attacks are considered direct damage, not periodic.

I always got an error that Sage was not installed correctly so it never finished the update

When using this ability, its standard place in the priority is right above Telekinetic Wave and Telekinetic Burst, however this can change depending on how many ticks you expect from one bubble. The more ticks that go out, the higher priority it has. Make sure that you wait until your bubble has completely expired or fallen off before reapplying it, otherwise you’re leaving DPS on the table.


Note: fpylll is also available via PyPI and Conda-Forge for Conda. In what follows, we explain manual installation.

Welcome to my 6/0 guide for Telekinetics Sage! As of 6/1.1, Telekinetics was nerfed slightly, but it’s still a good ranged DPS spec to play in 6/0 and still generally performs better than Balance in real single target situations despite being the burst DPS spec, largely thanks to much greater contributions from Telekinetic Defense, which doesn’t show up in dummy parses.


Periodic vs Direct – Periodic is if it’s a Damage over Time effect (DoT) and direct if it’s not a DoT. There are lots of exceptions to this rule, especially with what bosses give and it having a debuff does not make it a DoT.

This means it’s better to use Force Potency and Force Speed on this ability rather than Telekinetic Burst since the effects will apply to the entire channel. It’s still not enough to make it better than using these cooldowns on a more appropriate ability, but it does help you recover if you mess up.


Similarly, I *do* have some extra av cables and power supplies, which I can supply, if desired. The reason they aren't pictured is because for the most part, they were never branded, and secondly a lot of people prefer not to ship generic, heavy power adapters, since they are generally universal and add quite a bit to shipping costs.

Make sure this item is always used during Mental Alacrity, even if you have to delay it a while. It is highly unlikely that a fight will last long enough where this delay will be enough to where it will result in missing out on a use of the Adrenal and most of the delay will end up being counteracted by the Alacrity increase from Mental Alacrity anyway. It’s important you do this because you will get more abilities off during the Adrenal window thanks to your higher APM thanks to the alacrity and the damage increase will compound with the stat increase from the adrenal. Remember, you should use the Advanced Kyrprax Attack Adrenal in level 75 content and Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal in non-level 75 content.


The major update for the 2021 expansion Onslaught – Patch 6/0, brought significant amount of changes to all classes. Endonae explains in details which new armor sets, tacticals and amplifiers to take, so instead of listing all Sorcerer-related patch notes, if you wish to read them, please head to the SWTOR 6/0 patch notes article.

Sage 2021 conversion to 2021 version

Process Credit Card Refunds from inside Sage (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2347) 50 – If you use Sage Payment Solutions to process credit cards right in the Receive Money window of Sage 50, you’ll be happy to know that you can finally process a refund the same way. Just bring up the receipt that originally paid the invoice and click the “Issue Refund” link.


Sage line 50 serial number

As Small Biz Trends says, it will work much the same as its desktop version. It is where the distinction between these two forms of cloud-based Sage 50 software becomes narrower.

This machine was made in Thailand, and it comes with two controllers. Although the machine powers on, (the LED lights up), but I cannot get any sound or image to come from it. Sold as is.


Story of Lasama is a really fun unlicensed original Game Boy game, developed by one of my favorite game companies, Gowin. Story of Lasama plays similarly to Super Mario Land on Game Boy.

This is a series of bootleg games localized specifically for the Taiwan / Chinese-speaking game market. As you can see, the spines of the game boxes have all been translated into Chinese, and many also have simple custom Chinese instruction manuals.


In previous game versions, the Seer Sage typically trailed behind the other two classes in the raw numbers department, mostly due to the other classes’ better multi-target passive healing from Slow-Release Medpack and Trauma Probe (not to mention Kolto Wave). But version 4/0 brought all three healing classes much more in line with each other, giving the Sage a bit of a buff in the raw HPS department–especially when it comes to single-target healing. Version 4/5 reversed that–deliberately–but as I wrote at the time, it was more an issue of learning how to run the marathon than how to sprint.

XGovernment complianceThe FFCRA and Form 941 Reporting To help you comply with financial reporting, you can easily extract the amounts paid for Sick and Family Leave allowed under the FFCRA and include them on the quarterly Form 941 filing. In the Reports & Forms module, if you select Form 941 under Payroll Tax Forms, you receive a prompt asking if any employees received paid sick or family and medical leave as defined in the FFCRA. If you select Yes, you then have to select the Pay Level names used for Sick and Family Leave.


You could call the sales team at Sage and request the link for the download just to speed up the process

Effect: Reduces target’s accuracy by 20% after Force Lift ends. Additionally, your Force Lift affects up to 2 additional standard or weak enemies within 8m of the target.

Sage 50c customers can create and send online invoices using their computers or the mobile app. Recipients can use the Pay Now link on the invoice to quickly and easily pay online.


Go to the Simply Accounting manual link

Sage 50 Complete and industry specific versions of Sage 50 have been discontinued. All users of Sage 50 complete have been upgraded to Sage 50 Premium and users using industry versions (go to website) have been upgraded to Sage 50 Quantum.

You'll find both the Canadian and US versions of the manuals available to download

Effect: Telekinetic Gust applies Stormwatch to its target for the next 10 seconds. Whenever the target takes damage from Weaken Mind, Turbulence, and Mind Crush, a force gust is called down upon the target dealing 1764 kinetic damage.


Fpylll supports parallelisation on multiple cores. For all C++ support to drop the GIL is enabled, allowing the use of threads to parallelise. Fplll is thread safe as long as each thread works on a separate object such as IntegerMatrix or MatGSO. Also, fpylll does not actually drop the GIL in all calls to C++ functions yet. In many scenarios using multiprocessing, which sidesteps the GIL and thread safety issues by using processes instead of threads, will be the better choice.

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Effect: Strike the target with your lightsaber, dealing ~8,400 weapon damage and immobilizing it for 3 seconds. When the immobilization effect ends, the target is slowed by 50% for 6 seconds.


Issue: Sage 50 US has always supported the printing of 1099-MISC/1099-INT and 1096 tax forms to pre-printed forms. In 2021, Aatrix provided a Mapping Wizard that permitted users to export the 1099 Vendor Report and transform the data in Microsoft Excel, which enabled the eFiling of such tax forms for the first time, however, 21 additional steps were required in order to do so, when compared with the similar process for filing W-2s?

When you mess up the Tidal Force (Telekinetic Wave) proc and want to make sure you don’t use any abilities that will proc it until you do Turbulence again. Telekinetic Throw is also very helpful in this situation, so it’s actually advantageous that Project (and Telekinetic Throw) do not grant all the other procs that Telekinetic Burst does.


This is an older Famiclone, which tries to mimic the original Famicom machines coming from Japan. It has a port in the front for a 15-pin light gun, and two controllers are built into the machine. The player two controller even has a mic in it! Although the machine powers on, I cannot get it to read games.

Some Chinese text has been added to the box. The neatest thing though, is the large localized instruction manual in Chinese! The manual has six pages plus the cover, and it even has some pictures inside.


I've seen quite a few of these Hot Boy Famiclones locally. It seems to me that these were one of the later batches of Famiclones made in Taiwan (maybe mid to late 90s) before all clones started to be made in mainland China. Two controllers are built into the machine, and there is a 15-pin port on the front to connect a lightgun (not included). Everything runs fine on this machine.

This is one of the cartridges in the series with an ID number on the spine. Included is the box and cartridge.


This one has the box and game cartridge. Despite being a bootleg, it looks fairly nice and is of high quality.

Recommendation: Occasionally take this. It’s a more effective defensive cooldown than Valorous Spirit, but far more situational because it’s only more effective against ticking damage. Only take this if you can’t really benefit from Telekinetic Defense.


“Sage 50 hosted in a cloud environment or Sage 50c, which one to choose?”

This ability provides Telekinetics with some AoE damage that goes out rotationally and accounts for about 11/1% of your overall damage output. In single target situations, this ability should never be hard-casted and should only be used with the Tidal Force proc, however if there are multiple targets, it should be hard-casted. Telekinetic Wave is one of your harder hitting abilities, but does not need to be used immediately on cooldown. The only limitation is that it needs to be used before your next Turbulence, though it often will be used directly after Turbulence.


As of 6/1.1, it’s important to wait to use Force Speed until after you activate Mental Alacrity in the opener, since Mental Alacrity now always lasts 5 seconds longer with the Gathering Storm set bonus and Mental Alacrity will initially be off-cooldown, so you want to wait to benefit from the 5 second cooldown reduction. To be clear, you’ll still end up using it before Turbulence.

Magnifying Vibrations – Project deals 35% more damage to targets affected by your Mind Crush and Mind Crush deals 10% more damage during Mental Alacrity. This means that you have 4 GCDs following Mind Crush to use Project on that target. Please note that you don’t get a buff on your bar and Project won’t light up as a result, so it’s not quite a proc even though I refer to it as such throughout this guide. The second component of the effect won’t change how you use the ability since Mind Crush already has a pretty high priority.

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Effect: Telekinetic Blitz Triggers Tidal Force when activated (on a separate rate limit). Telekinetic Wave gives you Telekinetic Flux, causing your Telekinetic Blitz to arc to multiple targets for the next 10 seconds.


Sage 50 U.S. version 2021.0

One-click support chat– Just one click inside the software lets you chat with a technical support advisor when you have a question. No IDs or passwords; a single click launches a chat session with an expert. Plus, you get a record of the conversation, so you can check it later if you have a question.

  • This begins the process of installing the Sage 50 upgrade on your computer
  • It will have the destination folder already populated as C:\Sage\Sage50_2021
  • Analyze & Present Your Data Professionally Using Sage 50 Intelligence & Excel PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • Changes to Sage 50 Support
  • Visit the Apple and Android App stores, search for Sage Capture App
  • Edition, provided you have a currently active SAN or Sage 50c subscription
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  • Three of these features are exclusive to the Sage 50c Subscription, including

Concentration – Taking direct damage has a 25% chance to grant Concentration, which makes your next Telekinetic Burst instant, can only occur once every 8 seconds. It’s very difficult to capitalize on this in PvE unless you’re taking damage very consistently, the only example I can think of is if you’re kiting Raptus.

Recommendation: Always take this. Almost every fight in the game has some form of AoE damage and the vast majority of damage dealt by bosses is considered AoE.


As I mentioned earlier, this ability deals the same damage per GCD as Project, Telekinetic Burst, and a Telekinetic Defense tick, so the full channel will deal the same damage as two casts of those other abilities. However, that doesn’t mean it should be part of the normal rotation. As strange as it is, you should not use Telekinetic Throw rotationally in the Telekinetics spec.

I had to get a new laptop and am not able to get on the old one. The new one has no cd dive, can I download another version (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2022) so I can use my backup?


Due to Taiwan not being recognized around the world as its own country, sometimes the tracking codes won't update properly. This is generally when being shipped to the States.

Reverberation – Increases the critical damage dealt by Turbulence, Telekinetic Gust, Telekinetic Wave, and Mind Crush by 15%. Before 6/1.1, this was only a 5% increase, but now that it’s 15% it’s much more relevant since it directly increases the damage dealt by Turbulence and now plays a more important role in determining which abilities Force Potency should be used on.


If you are overly condition sensitive, please ask for more pictures or request more information before purchasing. Most of the people that I know that collect these types of obscurities are not condition sensitive, myself included, as the items are truly rare and if you want to find a 100% mint one, you might be waiting a lifetime or more. Therefore if I see something truly terrible I'll mention it, but I won't detail every little scuff. That's what the pictures are for.

Now Sage Payroll customers identify themselves in product and the activation code is entered for them

If you use categories for your items and services, we've added a category filter in the Update Price Lists window (go to the Maintenance menu for access). This makes it easier to update your prices for specific categories of items or services.


Sage 50 Data Services

Lion King 2 is an unlicensed original game for the Sega Mega Drive. This game was released for sale in Taiwan, and is 100% original. It's a completely different game than the licensed Lion King games. Included is the box, manual, and cartridge.

In general, the most basic pricing plan of Sage 50c starts at around $46 per month, excluding taxes. It means that a user needs to continue paying for it at the end of the chosen tenure.


This segment of the guide is managed by Vulkk, separately from the rest of the article. Here you will find information about the class and discipline directly taken from BioWare’s patch notes, whenever the developers decide a change is needed.

This set of games is four from the Taiwan-localization series of games, though these don't have boxes. I'm willing to sell each cartridge individually at $5, or $18 for the set.


Prior to this release this feature was only available in the Quantum edition of Sage 50 CA

I won’t list all of the places you can use Telekinetic Defense here since there are a lot of them. Instead, I will tell you how to find them. When fighting a new boss or one where you aren’t sure, pay close attention to your health bar and debuffs. The best sources are ticking damage, usually from DoTs (like Nefra’s DoT) or channeled abilities (like Styrak’s Force Lightning) as well as frequent small hits of AoE (like Tyrans and Raptus have throughout their fights), and even persistent circles that deal relatively low contact damage (like Spit from the Kell Dragon).

This is a more recent Famiclone, made in mainland China and probably was released around 2021 - 2021. The machine has two controllers built into it, and a 15-pin port on the front for use with a lightgun (not included). The machine works fine, though you sometimes need to fiddle with the av cables to get the picture to appear.


Power Rangers is an unlicensed original game for the Sega Mega Drive. THis game was released for sale in Taiwan, and it is 100% original. It's a completely different game than the licensed Power Rangers games. Included is the box and cartridge. I got this one brand new from a shop. I have never seen a manual for this game, so I don't think one exists.

Enjoy the new look and the same functionality that you know and love of Sage 50

This is an earlier Famiclone by a company called Hwang Long. It was made in the late 80s or early to mid 90s. The machine has two controllers built into it. Although it powers on, I can only get static from it.


Here is another Ke-Chyi TV Game machine. It has two built-in controllers, each with turbo buttons.

Effect: Force Wave unbalances its targets, immobilizing them for 5 seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely.


As updates are made and received by other users, a Sage Drive Progress dialog will appear with the status of Download/Upload data progress. The frequency of this message may have been increased when many changes by users in the company were being made. We are happy to report that these messages no longer pop in a rapid sequence and payloads are delivered more efficiently due to the introduction of Payload Compression in 2021/1.

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This is unrelated to the new patch, but if you change your stats to have 13/45%/2652 Alacrity while you have the Primeval Fatesealer relic equipped, you can get the 1/2s GCD while that relic is active. It only requires an extra enhancement and augment of Alacrity to reach. Check out my Stat Priority section for more info.


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A red/white-styled machine from Ke-Chyi Technology. This machine has two controllers built in, which contain turbo buttons.

This machine was made in mainland China. It contains two fifteen pin ports on the front, and it has three branded controllers. Oddly enough, all three controllers are labeled as "player I" though they do seem to work fine in the second port as well. A few of the controllers' wires are starting to show, yet this could easily be fixed with some electrical tape. Likewise, some of the buttons are stiff on a few of the controllers, but taking them apart and cleaning them would likely fix this problem.


In order to switch to the Primeval Fatesealer relic build, switch out the critical implant for an alacrity implant that has an alacrity augment. This alacrity augment only needs to be 228 since you will not benefit from the extra power that a 276 or 286 augment provides in scaled content.

Cloud hosting for Sage 50 means that the application gets installed on the cloud, along with the data files. Hence, even the accounting software stays safe on the cloud at all times.


Unlike the relics and adrenals, Force Empowerment does increase your stats even if you’re in sub-75 content. Your raid buff should be used on cooldown just like any other offensive cooldown unless it needs to be used for a burst phase or DPS check, normally the raid lead will make the call on when these should be used. This is not a personal buff for you, it’s something that buffs the whole team. It also only has a 40m range, so be mindful on larger maps that it might not catch everyone and position yourself accordingly so that it catches as many people as possible. Use this on trash mobs if you want to troll your team.

Although Volleyball is in the same series as the above games, this one is even more unique, as the game itself is actually a conversion of the Sega Master System game "Great Volleyball"! At the moment it is not known how many other conversions were available in this manner.


I think I'll have to contact Sage to find out what's up

Using my favourite Nespresso Kazaar blend (Intensity 12 at 26p per pod), I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between the Creatista Pro and my favourite Nespresso machine, the Essenza Mini. That's not a damning criticism, as such: both tasted great and both were dispensed with a decent dollop of smooth crema.

Effect: Using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Ethereal Entity, keeping you from being lept to or pulled and making you immune to pushback for the next to seconds. Additionally, the cooldown of Phase Walk is reduced by 15 seconds and all defenses are increased by 30% for the duration of Ethereal Entity.


Recommendation: Always take this. You need the cooldown reduction on Force Speed in order to maximize the benefit provided by your Gathering Storm set bonus and the other effects are nice too.

This machine is older, likely from the early to mid 1990s, and was made in Taiwan by a company called CTI, which had some relations with Sachen. Included are two controllers, which are built into the machine. A fifteen-pin port is on the front of the machine to connect a lightgun (not included). The machine seems to function normally.


Learn How to Connect to Multiple Data Sources in Sage 50 Using the Connector Module

Multicarts for the Sega Mega Drive are much less common than those for the Famicom. Essentially, Super Famicom multicarts are the rarest, followed by Sega Game Gear / Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Famicom multicarts being the most common. I got this cart from a local shop so it's technically new, and comes with the box and cartridge.

This is another line (important link) of bootleg cartridges for the Sega Mega Drive. I personally hold these in lower regards than the above series of games, since everything is pretty much left alone, aside from a part number on each box spine. Sadly there's no localization going on here, seemingly no instruction manuals, etc.


EzCheckPrinting Multiple-user Network version for Windows System

Customizable Lists– Lists have more flexibility and functionality with custom date ranges that you select and total. Plus, you can drill down to the details right from the List.

This is an unofficial Chinese translation of Nobunaga's Ambition. Included is the box, manual, and cartridge.