Edit: This class got severly nerfed in patch 1/2. This class is based off of the spirit stat now for healing,which is found on club weapons.

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Finally certain skills would also have to be changed, such as swimming and running no longer giving stat gains. Afk swimming while naked is a zero risk activity, and would not fit into what DarkFall is all about (risk/reward). To balance this out stat gain overall, and especially from PvE, would need to be increase. It already needs a boost so new players can get to 50 or so in each stat faster, but that’s another topic altogether.


Far cry 3 original patch.dat patch.fat

D_Pain's Lazy Archeage Translations Summer Update Pt.3 Comments Feed

IMO this is the best gap closer and does very decent damage at 300% melee. I love using this as a finishing move as it is instantaneous with a fast animation and you can catch someone trying to fly away. Note that this is an AOE skill that bounces you off your opponents. So be careful using it in large scale PVP as you can get disoriented and stuck in the middle of reds.

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Selling Gold Trader Accounts lvl 55 on fresh servers! Na Reckoning

This beguiling ballad reduces the duration of negative status effects on your allies while increasing the duration of negative status effects on a charmed enemy. Common uses include: mitigating stunlocks, satisfying obsessive-performance-twisting disorder, and sounding nice.


This targeted spell empowers the attack and movement speed of allies while debuffing opponents in a 30-meter area. Whirlwind’s Blessing is a powerful tool that can increase your group’s damage in PvE encounters and turn the tide of PvP engagements. Common uses include: battlefield control, coordinated burst damage, and summoning eye-candy magic effects.

There is almost always room in a hasla group for sacrifice tokens. It is a nice stat stick with strength and stamina, which is our primary stats.


In group fights your main target is to stealth nuke squishy classes, switching, cc'ing and attacking support and healers. So that you and your party can demolish the zerg / group extremely easy.

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Makes the blighter so much more fun to be able to sneak up on someone or escape in stealth. If your farm is in a PVP zone, you can even plant seed bundles while in stealth.

I chose this build over a tankier build that focuses on Bear's Vigor. You'll notice in group fights that your opponents will focus on squishier targets in your group such as mages and archers/darkrunners and even healers. Usually, when you see someone in plate and shield, you focus them last because of their survivability. This build will give you +20% damage and coupled with your desert plate set bonus, you will dish out +26% more damage. I choose that extra damage over the increased physical defense and HP because of reason I mentioned. Players are often surprised how much damage a sword and board Blighter can do.


It's pretty much a waste of that tree. You're better off respeccing to Darkrunner or Shadowblade with a 2H.

So the more I think about it, the more I tend to side with people who argue that afk macroing should be allowed, just with some changes. For instance, macroing within the safety of NPC zap towers should NOT be allowed, since you are more or less 100% safe there. If you macro in a player city or out in the wild, you run the risk of getting killed and looted before you get the intended results, and this would increase the value of ‘safe’ cities to macro in.


About gold seller ArcheAge generally stem from the cash marketplace

Some don't like this skill because it does shit damage. It does even shittier damage because we don't have energy shield. But it's a stun and needed for our 3rd knockdown. You can stun / knockdown lock an opponent during the entire fight with this in your arsenal. You will encounter many situations when someone tries to fly away from you and the only skill you have left not on CD is shield slam. You will thank me when you knock them out of the air with this.

The amount of CC is unbelievable! Combine the CC with the burst damage and you have PERFECTION! The class is also good for fast leveling (grinding) and even PvE. The only downside to this build is that it will take time to fully master the CC combos. Daggerspell can also be squishy at times and is mana intensive which equals to a pretty hard class to master.

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I see quite a number of builds without this. I just can't see giving up this skill. It does +410% melee, one of the highest skills in the battlerage and shadowplay tree.


The Complete Firran Levelling Guide

I briefly mentioned some areas of unavoidable macroing in DarkFall on Friday, and it’s something I want to go into more detail today. While I’m not one of the “must grind everything to 100 before you can compete” people, no one can deny that certain skills/spells are just not designed to be worked up from ‘normal’ use, and I’m wondering how others feel about them.

The launch of Secrets of Ayanad grants access to highly-desired level 55 abilities that further diversify your options when building your class. Here’s a first look at all of the new level 55 skills and their potential applications!


The cooldowns might be long depending on the gear but if played smart magic can happen (pun intended). It has a few setbacks compared to a caster but once you learn how to play with it, it can be much stronger. It is a decent PvP class and also strong enough for PvE and dungeons.

Now clearly Aventurine is aware of the numbers needed here, but I do wonder what the design intention is. Do they really expect people to wait years before getting certain spells up, or is casting them just to skill up intended? Certainly one aspect of PvP is raiding a city/hamlet and killing people who are macroing for large amounts of regs, but is this really intended or a side-product of some oversight?

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Here's my take on why I didn't choose them. Ones not mentioned suck so bad it doesn't need to be addressed.


Version 1.2 Build 4.18

My version of the build here has 24 skills at your disposal and it can be mind blowing to use if you decide to create your build like this. It eats mana like there is no tomorrow which you will find annoying until you get equipment and some spirit. Monstrous desire scepter from GHA which will really help you out in pve and pvp if the fight drags out, pop its ability if you can before you engage if you can.

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In the end, it all comes down to mastering the classes. It is a long process but worth the effort. Keep grinding folks and one day, you may become an unstoppable one man army.

This is a GENERAL rotation for an ideal scenario. You may have to adapt against different scenarios such as when your opponent also has Redoubt or if an archer drops boneyard etc. This is a build guide so I am just going to give the general rotation. If you want info on how to fight different classes, there may be a Blighter PVP guide out there.


Below is a summary of changes for recent patches and their impacts

I like all these skills as it adds some nice survivability but there isn't enough points yet. Read the first paragraph in this chapter to see why I chose the battlerage passives over these skills. When the lvl cap is raised to 55 and we get more points, I will definitely spec into these.

Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight: Level 55

I've played the Blighter class since closed beta and have experimented with many different builds. I spend most of my time PVPing so this guide will focus mainly on single and group PVP.


The best solo classes in ArcheAge (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/lvl-55-patch-archeage.zip) are all hard to master. However, they are really fun to play. In this guide you can find all the necessary information for our top 3 solo classes currently in the game.

Our base crit chance will be terrible so adding agility really does little for us. However, agility is still better than intelligence and spirit. I am currently experimenting with adding attack speed.


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Before Archeage, I played Aion for about 4 years on Israphel as a templar and gladiator. I would say the Blighter class is closest to a mix of a templar (survivability) and gladiator (knockdowns and burst) in Aion.

This is a true glass cannon skill. In 1v1 you might get away with this and kill your opponent before exhaustion kicks in. If you're in group pvp, by the time you beat the crap out of someone, the -10% defense will be stacked so high on you, that you'll get crit on for insane numbers. If there were more mages out there, I would say this skill is worth it but right now it's archers and assassins that are the most out there and they all do physical damage.