JBL Bar 2/1 is a soundbar wrapped in a slim form-factor, but it has got some powerful speakers down there. It features 2 speakers and a wireless subwoofer (6/5-inch) to provide excellent sound with deep bass and balanced treble. The 6/5-inch subwoofer is quite tall and can deliver impressive sound. As I said, from the looks, it may not look that powerful, but it can peak up to 300W of power output which can create an immersive sound experience even in a big room. This puts JBL Bar 2/1 right on par with Sony’s soundbar in a similar price range. In terms of connectivity, you have standard options which include an HDMI input, Aux, and few USB ports. To put it straight, if you want a 2/1 speaker system for your TV setup or entertainment room then JBL Bar is one of the best 2/1 surround sound systems out there.

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Phillipreeve.net Review: Zeiss Batis Apo Sonnar T* 135mm f2.8 Comments Feed

But when I decided to listen to the SW55 again, it just wouldn’t power up at all. I have read posts from other listeners saying their radios won’t power up either after sitting for extra long periods.


Ideally, the best home theater rooms won’t be square

Finally, exposure is important here, and frequently a tough challenge for the cameras. Marti's white shirt is central in the scene, reflecting a lot of the light from the flash right back at the camera. As a result, most cameras underexpose this shot, and require some positive exposure compensation to produce a good result - And that's an important consideration in itself: Does the camera even permit adjustment of its flash exposures?

You will no longer have to wonder what TV screen size is best. I will show you everything you need to know to calculate the perfect size TV for every room.


If you notice some sound reflection in your home theater, I’d recommend starting with a few bass traps in what you consider to be the problematic areas. Start small, test it out, and then add more if necessary. Keep going until you’ve reached what you consider to be a good balance, and then ask for a second opinion. Everyone hears sound differently, so it can be useful to have your decisions checked.

Quite sharp but not great contrast or colour correction. A bit heavy for a travel or hiking lens, too slow for some purposes.


It probably goes without saying, but surround sound will be much better for a large space. You’ll probably also want to supplement this with ceiling speakers and several powerful subwoofers. Check out my top recommendations for subwoofers for every budget based on actual testing in realistic home environments.

Consumer rights act 2021 may provide you wih an alternative way out. The TV must be fit for purpose for 6 years after the date of purchase, otherwise the company you bought it from are liable.


Obviously, not everyone will have the option to completely reshape a room, but if you’re building your home theater in a space such as a basement or garage, you will have some flexibility on shape. If you start with a square or rectangular room, you can easily modify the shape using drywall or other construction materials. Shape will have a big impact on acoustics, so here are the best choices for a home theater.

Paired with Sony's now-standard ClearAudio+ tech, the Z3C makes for a solid portable music player

Completely silent, and generally quick and accurate. On the A7rii, though, it does depend on PDAF points – when your af point is one of the CDAF only points on the periphery AF-C doesn’t work well. It’s excellent over most of the AF area though. The other caveat is that the AF can hunt a little if you start with deep defocus; but this is just the fast tele problem on A7rii. I’d expect much better performance on A9 and future Sony bodies.


Exposure limit: What's the darkest level a camera can handle at each ISO setting? If the leftmost images are reasonably bright, the camera should do fine with typical city night scenes. If you're shooting in the more dimly-lit suburbs, you'll need a camera capable of producing good images one, two, or three steps to the right of that.

Sony Xperia Z3v Review

The Z3C's endless battery life is truly something to behold, and compared with competing handsets of a similar size, it's reasonably priced, to boot. The reality is you don't have much choice if you're after a top-spec device that comes in under five inches, but Sony's shown once again that a smaller flagship doesn't necessarily need to be a lesser flagship.


What Is Considered A Large Room For A Home Theater

Highlight detail: When Marti's skin tones are at a more or less normal level of brightness, how much detail can you see in her shirt? Does it blow out entirely to white, or can you still see the creases and folds in the fabric?

Once you’ve got a good plan, put it into practice. You might find that once you start putting speakers in that you need to alter things slightly, but at least having an initial plan gives you a better idea of what to do.


For a large home theater room, you’ll want to invest in the most suitable technology. A projector and screen will be a must to fill the space, and you’ll also need some powerful speakers, and plenty of them.

This is the next best shape for a home theater room, and is a more manageable choice if you aren’t able to change the shape of your room. It works on the principle of the Fibonacci sequence, and uses progressively increasing values.


A mid-sized LED could weigh as low as 25 lbs. On the other end of the spectrum, 60” plasma and Ultra HD resolution display an average of around 60-70 lbs.

Information about current used codec is only present in Android, starting with version 8, and macOS. However, even in these operating systems, only those codecs that are supported by both the phone / computer and headphones will be displayed.


I love the front facade on Zeiss lenses. I like the lens designation information that is there, and, in this case, it is practical, as it does help to distinguish the lens from other lenses in the Loxia series that have a similar diameter and shape. The Loxia 21mm identifies the classic Distagon optical design of the lens. Like other lenses in the series it sports a 52mm filter thread in metal.

I’ve done plenty of research into the best size for a home theater, and have come to a conclusion about how much space you need for one. The short answer is as much as possible. The bigger your home theater room, the more space you have for all the technology, and the bigger screen you can have.


I have to admit I didn’t get too worked up when the Sony A7 and A7R were released. The last time I wrote about Sony it was how there were so few lenses for the NEX system years after introduction. So now we’re going to a system requiring a whole new lens mount. Sure the camera’s specs were interesting. But the idea of yet another camera body good mostly for shooting lenses on adapters wasn’t very exciting.

The One mini 2 has a beautiful aluminum unibody design, but is bigger than the Z3C in every way despite having a smaller 4/5-inch 720p display. HTC's shrunken flagship also has a quad-core 1/2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and 13-megapixel main camera, as well as a smaller 2,100mAh battery. The Galaxy S5 mini is both taller and thicker than the Z3 Compact, with a 4/5-inch 720p screen, quad-core 1/4GHz processor, 8MP camera and 2,100mAh battery. Some of the Galaxy S5's premium features have carried over to the smaller version, like waterproof certification, heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner. The HTC One mini 2 is a lovely device, especially if you're not down with Sony's design ethos, but the problem with comparing these with the Z3C is that they simply aren't in the same league as the Compact when it comes to computing power and imaging.


Works well for astro-photography

Ideally, the best home theater rooms won’t be square. While this isn’t a necessity, I’ve found that rectangular rooms (ones longer than they are wide) are best for viewing and acoustics. Channeling the sound along a rectangular room will result in better quality in your viewing area, whereas in a square room there’s more chance for the sound waves to bounce across each other.

Zeiss 50mm f/2M Milvus Lens Coma

There's Dell driver software implementation available for Intel Bluetooth chips. It is also supported by transmitters, receivers, headphones and speakers, but not smartphones.


To find the optimal size 4K UHD TV display, we suggest a 1 to 1 ratio between viewing distance and screen size. For maximum recommended screen size for 4K Ultra HDTVs, multiply the viewing distance by 15/6. From the same 8 feet viewing distance, theoretically, your screen could max out at 125 inches.

The Xperia Z3 Compact is running the latest consumer-ready version of Android (4/4.4 KitKat) beneath Sony's proprietary user interface. Thankfully, it's a fairly light skin that doesn't differ all that much from stock Android, which I prefer to some of the heavier manufacturer customizations (*cough* TouchWiz *cough*). But, that also means there's nothing particularly special about Sony's UI. From my point of view, though, it's intuitive and, well, it just works. Anyone vaguely familiar with Android will be able to dive right in, no tutorial required. That said, there are a few gems baked in here, like the easy-access screen-recording feature we told you about in our recent Xperia Z3 review.


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To accurately determine the screen size, hold the end of your tape measure in one corner and extend it diagonally across to the opposite corner. Ensure your tape measure is inside the TV screen frame, so you only measure the visible screen area.

The Otus still just about comes out on top - it measures as slightly sharper wide open - but it's unlikely any difference will be particularly visible in real-world photography. The Otus also just about wins out on chromatic aberration and distortion, but overall the Sony can certainly wear its Zeiss badge with pride.


Start with a plan of your space. Measure dimensions, including height. This will give you a good place to start when choosing your tech.

Furthermore, you can't just take this off and swap it with another screen protector. Most products say you cannot remove the product, it will just wear off over time (though there's no visible way to tell when). That makes it hard to test because you can't just scratch it and peel the product off—it's unclear whether you'd be scratching the protector or the screen underneath.


In addition to all these "quick" settings, you can jump into the camera-mode menu straight from the viewfinder. The options in here are similarly endless. There's Sony's "superior auto" mode, manual mode (you must use this if you want full 20/7-megapixel images), 4K video-recording mode, panorama, burst shot, background defocus, live-to-YouTube broadcasting, ad infinitum. New additions to this lineup include AR fun and effect modes, which let you pepper images with characters, objects and 3D text; Face in mode that creates a picture-in-picture image using both shooters; and Multi-camera mode, which stitches images from two paired Sony devices together. You can download even more, too, through a special store built into Sony's camera app. I'm sure most of these are useful in the right situation, and it means you can make the most out of the 20/7-megapixels you're given, but I find the app horribly cluttered due to the sheer number of modes and settings. I'm not saying the camera app should have fewer features, but there has to be a simpler, more user-friendly way of keeping them accessible without distracting from the primary camera functions.

These measurements are for normal HD 1080p TVs. If you’re using a 4K TV, then you have a much easier time ahead of you.


In other miscellany, the tempered glass covering the display (and the rear of the device) is notably adept at repelling fingerprint oil and grime. It's not completely immune to smudges, of course, but it never gets to that overloaded, slightly sticky point I've experienced on a few handsets (including Sony's own Xperia SP). It took me a while to figure out the nuances of the auto-brightness setting. While it reacts appropriately to changing conditions, it's always anchored to the manual slider setting, meaning it will only adjust within a range of that preset. From a user-experience point of view, I must admit that moving from a 5/2-inch device to the 4/6-inch Z3C brought about a remarkable decline in my touchscreen typing accuracy. But after getting used to a more condensed keyboard layout, I was more or less back to full speed within a few days.

AptX is a simple and computationally fast codec, without psychoacoustics, which uses adaptive differential pulse code modulation (ADPCM). It appeared around 1988 (patent filing date is February 1988). Before Bluetooth, it was used mostly for professional wireless audio equipment. Currently owned by Qualcomm, it requires licensing and license fees. As of 2021: $6,000 one-time payment and ≈ $1 per-device, for batches of up to 10,000 devices (source, page 16).


I’m Roger and I am the founder of Lensrentals.com. Hailed as one of the optic nerds here, I enjoy shooting collimated light through 30X microscope objectives in my spare time. When I do take real pictures I like using something different: a Medium format, or Pentax K1, or a Sony RX1R.

The focus ring has no slack/play between its movement and the focus-action and a throw of around 250 degrees, which is the largest throw I ever saw on any lens, even macro-lenses; for the record, the Nikon 58/1/4G turns 100 degrees. This is ideal for accurate focus wide open although you need to get used to the amount of movement that is needed to acquire focus. The focus ring is easy to grip even with gloves although it has no structure. It moves very smoothly and can be operated with one finger. It has hard stops on both sides of the distance scale so you know exactly when you’ve reached one or the other end of the focus range. But the hard stop on the far end is a bit beyond infinity so you star-gazing photogs still need to find exact focus manually if you want to capture the Milky Way in all its sparkling glory.


So how do you find the perfect TV screen size? In most situations, our experience has proven that you should choose the largest display your room location, viewing angle, viewing distance, and budget will allow.

Settings are expansive and include five presets - there's one for White Balance, Exposure Compensation, ISO Adjustments and Face Tracking. There are also more scene modes than you can shake a stick at, such as Soft Skin, Landscape, Night Portrait, Gourmet and more, although you will have to reduce stills to 8 MP in order to use them.


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The movie theater specification maxim sets 30-36 degrees as the optimal viewing angles. To achieve a “cinematic immersive experience,” most of all, you want a screen size that pushes the limits of your field of vision.

The Xperia Z line hasn't changed much since Sony revealed the original flagship Z handset nearly two years ago. In fact, the vast majority of Sony devices in recent history have followed the same, strict design language. Thus, the Z3 Compact is essentially a rectangular block with pillowed perimeters, like most of its brethren. In this respect, the Z3C won't be everyone's cup of tea, with its hard, serious lines being a far cry from the sexy curves of HTC's One series, to name just one example. If you're a fan of Sony's blocky styling, however, then the Z3C is certainly a well-executed model of that.


Bokeh balls remain circular up to f4; at f5/6 and smaller they are visibly nonagons. The lens has nine slightly curved iris blades. A lens this long could (if only to reinforce the super premium aura) have benefited 11 or more blades.

Linda takes care to fill only so much space as she needs to vocalize her bittersweet nostalgia, while the arrangement shrugs off her despond with a brisk yet comfortable groove that remembers the ease and familiarity of romance lost in the moment, taking for granted the spontaneous joy now forever denied to its singer. In wistful instrumental stretches the song slides into an extended keyboard solo of unexpected (even for Womack & Womack) minimalism and economy, a slow jazzstep in zero gravity.


The Loxia 21mm identifies the classic Distagon optical design of the lens

Now on to the quality of the bokeh. Lovely – in part because of the almost perfect colour purity of it (more on this in the chromatic aberration section). One interesting thing to note is that in the bottom right of these two images you can see an oval “cats eye” highlight that is exactly the same shape on these two images. Presumably Zeiss have a standard of mechanical vignetting wide open that they have applied to both lenses. Of course the f2 version will be rather better at f2/8.

In Linux you can use Wireshark or hcidump, in macOS Bluetooth Explorer could be used, and in Android use Bluetooth HCI dump save feature available in the developers tools. You will get a dump in btsnoop format, which could be opened in Wireshark analyzer.


When I listened to Stardust's "The Music Sounds Better With You," the Z3v delivered crisp highs, although I noticed a slight crunchiness in the bass. Compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, midtones sounded richer, and had better highs. The Z3v also has better bass than both the iPhone 6 Plus and the S5.

I thought of a crazy idea of actually freezing the radio–just to see what may happen. So it was in the chest freezer for 3 hours. I then took it out frozen like an ice brick.


Verdict: Almost perfect coma correction, lower vignetting than the competition, almost apochromatic correction. One of the best lenses for astro panoramas, but also one that will weigh you down thanks to being almost 1/3 kg.

Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 Distagon

Once you hold this lens, you will feel the quality. The focus ring is a joy to use and it makes you think more about your subject and composition compared to autofocus lenses.


Sony A7R: A Rising Tide Lifts All the Boats

These days you'll also find liquid screen protectors on the market, which claim you can protect your phone just by swabbing a solution on your phone and then buffing it off. These protectors come with a host of quirks that make it hard to recommend. While it may provide some level of extra protection, the layer is so thin that tough scratches can likely still easily get through to the actual screen, which defeats the purpose of a screen protector.

I do know this: I would be cautious attempting James’ freezing method if you live in a humid environment. It’s possible that the condensation from the radio thawing could actually cause moisture damage. Obviously, in James’ case, it did not.


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Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with me during my review period for shooting stars, with essentially every night becoming overcast. I had to shoot a manual test of coma (using a laser pointer for my “star point” at different places in the frame. What I saw was encouraging, however, as the shape of the “star points” stayed nicely even on the edges and corners. If comatic distortion is there, it is mild and shouldn’t be a major factor in shooting astrophotography with the lens.

Note too, that the normal flash shot (as opposed to the slow sync one, if the camera offers that feature) will be sharply rendered, any subject or camera movement frozen by the quick pop of the flash. That makes this shot a good one to look for the effect of over-aggressive noise suppression in Marti's hair.


Video performance is a similar story. On a bright day or in well-lit conditions, 1080p video at 30fps (it will also record at 60fps) has a lovely amount of detail. Not as good as stills, but almost. Recording moving subjects doesn't result in many dropped frames either, but the autofocus can be jumpy if you're panning around a lot. The Z3C is capable of recording 4K video too, which is gorgeous if slightly overexposed on the default setting. The audio quality here is also worth praising, but again, video performance falls off in poorly lit conditions - clips become extremely noisy, and any light source looks like an explosion.

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Anyone nonplussed need not translate the lyrics, which are pure dada. Gleefully lampooning the state’s Catholic orthodoxy, the tortured narrator embodies a foetal Jesus and dramatizes his birth as a gory, first-person womb bust-out. From that "inverted orgasm," Christ emerges with dismay into an unjust world.


Also, if you’ve got flexibility over your space, favor shape over size. Acoustics are crucial in a home theater, so do everything possible to make sounds sharp and clear. Providing you get this correct, everything else should fall into place and you’ll likely realize that size isn’t everything.

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The song has a very different character from her full band work on Impulse! Where that music was often dense, percussive, and alive with improvisational interplay, "Jagdishwar" is more stripped down and solemn. Coltrane’s trademark harp runs are replaced by a wall of luminous synthesizer pads and moody strings. Over top, she chants devotional verses and the shaky, naked sound of her voice pairs strangely with the song’s woozy analog gospel chords.


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The most common resolution offered today is 1080p. For any given size screens, a typical 1080p television has around 2 million tiny individual pixels. The number of pixels will remain constant despite a change in display size.

Because 4K has more pixels, the recommended viewing distance is 1:1. So, if your TV is 40” you only need to sit 40” (3/3ft) away.


People who do not hear the difference between codecs while testing via a web service claim they hear it when listening to music with Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, that is not a joke or a placebo effect: the difference is really audible, but it is not caused by difference in codecs.

MacBeth Chart: This is about as common a color standard as you can get these days, very widely available for only mildly exorbitant cost, and quite well controlled in its production. It thus serves as a good basis of comparison between cameras and between test setups. Imatest also understands the MacBeth colors very well, and uses them to produce its color accuracy map that we feature in all our reviews.


Other A2DP codecs are not widely used. Their support is either almost completely absent, or is only available on certain models of headphones and smartphones.

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The materials of the Loxia 21mm f/2/8 are all metal and glass, with that lovely satin anodized metal finish that Zeiss does so well. Subtle blue accents (Zeiss badges and the blue of the weather sealing gasket) help to give the lens a uniquely Zeiss look. The lens hood is petal-shaped, made of metal, and has a flocked interior. It seems to do the trick just fine, as the lens’ flare resistance is really quite good.


This, is the answer you seek: RGB components dont apply to LCD tv, so you can ignore that (liquid crytal is clear, not coloured) The Blue LED phenomenon exists in LED backlights that are manyfactured by a company called Vestel. Notorious in the TV trade for building sub-standard TVs, and, supplying parts to other manufacturers.

We all want the big HDTV, but you don’t want the television to overwhelm your room. Consequently, you don’t want your TV screen size to appear under-developed for your space.


Kodak Color Separation Target: We include this for reference because it's used by other reviewers out there, but caution our readers that it really isn't well-suited for use as an absolute color standard. As its name suggests, its actual intended purpose is as an aid in setting exposure levels for old-style film-based color separation, using panchromatic graphic arts film, RGB filters, and halftone screens. It's ideal for that usage, but the colors aren't well-controlled enough and are too subject to fading for it to be usable as a true reference standard (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2289) for color accuracy.

Review: Zeiss Batis Apo Sonnar T* 135mm f2.8

We use mostly Voigtlander, Metabones, and MTF adapters, which we think have good quality overall. But with 4 interfaces — one lens, 2 adapter, one camera — there is inevitable variation.


Another option is to do it the other way round, and work out what’s the biggest screen you can fit in your space. To do this, you measure the distance (in feet) between your viewing area and the planned location of your screen and then times it by 7/7. So, for example, if the space between couch and wall is 11ft, then your TV can be a maximum of 85”.

Don't pay too much attention to the hardness rating that brands advertise—most use the ASTM hardness scale, in which the hardest pencil (9H) is softer than tempered glass, making it a useless indicator of protection. The Mohs scale—which does not use an "H"—is much more useful, though it doesn't sound as good on the box. If you're unsure about the hardness of a specific brand, Google around to see if anyone has tested it themselves with a Mohs kit.


So compactness and slightly greater image quality are promises a lens might make to tempt someone away from a big zoom lens. Until this Batis, you could get quality and compactness at the price of dollars, speed and lack of autofocus with some lenses. You could get quality and speed but at the price of bulk and mass with others. But no one offered you this compromise—fairly fast, AF, relatively compact but with uncompromised image quality.

The time is divided into 625 microsecond intervals, called slots. One of the devices transmits in even numbers of slots, the other—in odd numbers. A transmitted packet can occupy 1, 3 or 5 slots, depending on the size of the data and the transmission mode. If the packet is big enough and more than one slot transmission mode is used, the data is carried out in even and odd slots until the end of the transmission. In one second you can receive and send up to 1600 packets if each of them occupies 1 slot and both devices continuously transmit and receive data.


So yes, your screen can still be scratched, and it's probably the sand in your pocket (or bag) that's causing it. Screen protectors are not perfect—even the best ones are usually between a 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which is slightly better than Gorilla Glass—but they allow you to pop your phone in your pocket without worrying. Then, if and when the protector gets scratched, you can always replace it, keeping the actual screen immaculate when you go to resell it a few years down the line.

But it was François Kevorkian, a French immigrant and former progressive-rock DJ who learned about disco from playing live percussion alongside Walter Gibbons at the Galaxy 21 nightclub, who would deliver the coup de grace. Kevorkian's mix, released on 12-inch in 1982, used dub delay like a wedge, opening up the track's guts and letting all the pieces fall out to land where they may.


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All in all, these lenses are as nicely built as anything you’ll ever find. I’m particularly impressed with the compact nature of the Loxia 21mm f/2/8.

64 thoughts on “Review: Zeiss Batis Apo Sonnar T* 135mm f2.8”

The next thing I know Aaron has a tray full of adapters and a bunch of lenses. I pointed out that we don’t test lenses on adapters. I use adapters for taking pictures, they’re wonderful for that. But when you generate test numbers there’s always a bit of tilt that makes the overall test numbers lower than they should be. So I told him we absolutely weren’t going to test lenses on adapters.


A real strength of the Loxia line is that they have been designed to work in concert with each other. Each of the 5 lenses in the lineup (2/8/21mm, 2/4/25mm, 2/35mm, 2/50mm, and 2/4/85mm) all share a common filter size (52mm) and a roughly identical diameter.

It has low vignetting, it has good coma correction, it has very high resolution. Unfortunately it is also very big and heavy.


2 thoughts on “Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8 Distagon Review”

If you really need f2 or faster for what you do, that’s of course what you should do. But for many of us the relative compactness is tempting. I paid for this lens because I wanted a fast tele lens, and knew I would never take a 2/8-70-200 travelling, or for that matter my f2 Apo Sonnar.

If, like me, you don’t consider math to be your strongest point, use this handy Golden Ratio room calculator to work out the perfect shape for your space. Once you’ve got workable dimensions, all you need to do is throw in some drywall and you’re set with an excellent audio space for your home theater.


The most interesting comparison, here, I think is the Leica 50mm lens on the A7R and on its native Leica 240 camera. In the center, the A7R has much higher resolution than the Leica 240; it’s 36 megapixels versus 24, after all. But the corner numbers are more interesting. Here the Leica camera has resolution slightly higher than the A7R.

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How To Soundproof A Home Theater Room

I originally didn’t discuss this one since I have no personal experience of it. But in fact Phillip reviewed it here. Based on that review and the testimony of others it looks like it’s very sharp: quite possibly in a similar league for practical purposes as the modern designs I discuss, and certainly usefully sharper than the legacy lenses. It’s not APO though; and if you don’t like axial colour errors (LoCA) you might have a lot of complex editing to do in some scenarios. It’s also large, heavy (though not as heavy as the APO Sonnar f2) and has limited AF on the LA-EA4. If used manually Phillip found play in the focussing ring annoying. But for lovers of AF it’s the only fast game in town, and cheaper than the Batis. People appear to hope there will be a GM fast 135 in the next year, and if I wanted a fast AF 135 and was prepared to pay the expected high price (at least as expensive as Batis, probably more more, is my guess) I’d probably wait. It will no doubt AF much better than the ZA and probably have much better axial colour correction.

Zeiss Milvus 50mm f/2M Lens Front View on Camera

AptX HD is not a standalone codec—it is an improved aptX encoding profile. The changes affect the number of bits allocated for frequency bands encoding: 10 bits for 0-5/5 kHz, 6 bits for 5/5-11 kHz, 4 bits for 11-16/5 kHz, 4 bits for 16/5-22 kHz (values for 44/1 kHz).


My guess as to why it happened was that as zoom lenses became better, the role of prime lenses changed. If you could get a good f2/8 zoom lens, customers began to think that to justify the lack of convenience a prime lens had to be very much faster. So since 135mm f2/8 can be had in a 70-200 zoom lens, a prime lens needed to be a stop faster to entice someone to purchase it instead of, or as well as, the zoom. So the industry switched to 70-200 zooms and most made a faster prime 135. But this of course misses two things. The best of these zooms is very good indeed, but there have been people insisting on using fast primes partly for speed but also for the (admittedly subtle) quality advantages over a good zoom, especially when used on modern cameras with very high megapixel count. And there are others looking for a mid tele that is a great deal more portable than an f2/8 zoom or even than a good f4 zoom.

Zeiss 50mm f/2M Milvus Lens Compared to Similar Lenses

The same pattern shows again; dramatic improvement in MTF50 in the center with the A7R compared to what we would see on a 5D II, but only a slight improvement in the corners. In this set the adapter gave us quite even corners, although, again, we did have some astigmatism off-axis that pulled the numbers down a bit.


Comparison Review: Sony FE 50mm F1.4 ZA vs 55mm F1.8 ZA

At this point I did wonder if my choice of 35mm lenses might be part of the corner issues we were seeing. There are plenty of reports that wide-angle lenses have problems in the corners on cameras with short flange-to-sensor distances like the A7R. So I did want to try at least one set of longer lenses to see if the pattern continued.

Samsung's Galaxy Alpha is a stronger competitor. It's one of Samsung's best-looking handsets to date, and carries the same powerful processor as the Z3 Compact. It has a fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor like the GS5 mini, as well as a 4/7-inch 720p display, but still isn't as impressive as the Z3 Compact is several areas. It only has a 12-megapixel camera, for example, no expandable storage and a fairly meager 1,860mAh battery. It's also much taller than the Z3 Compact, and thus isn't as neat. Furthermore, it's seriously expensive, at around $720 for an unlocked Galaxy Alpha.


How long should my new rechargeable battery last

The Zeiss 55mm f/1/4 Otus is a standard lens with ambitious goals and a price tag to match, claiming to offer ‘truly spectacular, world-class performance without compromise’. Announced in 2021, but only released in November 2021, it certainly took a long time to complete.

NOTE: you'll need to connect from the smartphone/computer to the headphones to capture correct dump, not vice versa (no matter how silly it sounds)! Headphones can also establish a connection to the smartphone or PC, in which case they will request a list of codecs from the phone, and not disclose their own set of codecs. To ensure that you capture a correct dump, first un-pair the device, and then, while recording the dump, pair the phone with the headphones.


Then all of a sudden it sprang to life–unbelievable! On it came at full volume, so I selected an AM station and it worked as good as it ever did. The sensitivity was always very good, and it still is.

The Batis 2/8/135 has optical image stabilisation, which on a body which has IBIS works together with the camera, the lens stabilising two axes and the camera three. I compared the results with stabilisation on a manual 135mm lens (the Olympus) using IBIS alone with the focal length dialed in manually. Results are very similar between 1/60 and 1/250 of a second (on modern high resolution bodies I regard (1/2 x focal length) as the same minimum handholding speed, rather than the traditional (1/focal length). But at very low shutter speeds the Batis-A7rII combination reliably produced occasional critically sharp images, long after the other lenses were no longer able to do so. Indeed at 1/4 of a second perhaps 15% of images where critically sharp. This may not seem many, but it is very useful. It means that with static subjects and no tripod, you can take a burst of ten images at 1/4 second and be fairly confident there will be a keeper in their midst. There will be times when the alternative is a substantial ISO boost or no worthwhile image at all. I have not tested the lens on a body without IBIS to see if the synergy is indeed better than OSS alone.


It’s not much larger than the Batis 2/8/135, and although it’s significantly heavier it’s one of the lightest ways to get an f2 135. It’s a very fine lens and good choice.

There’s not really a right answer for how much acoustic treatment you put into a room. You could go mad and cover every wall, but then you’ll probably find all sounds in the room are flat and dull. While this might be great for some situations, it might not be best if you want an immersive sound experience.


In the end, I sold this lens because MY EYES cannot provide good focus judgment (I'm short-sighted and astigmat). Still, the pleasure of using this lens left in my memories.

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They took it to producer Prince Jammy, who slowed the synthesized track down to a more acceptable reggae tempo. A few days later, he deployed it at a soundclash against the Black Scorpio Soundsystem and crushed them with the track. Like an earthquake, the revolutionary "Sleng Teng" riddim changed the Jamaican music industry overnight, introducing dancehall to the world. Going forward, riddims would be rendered via keyboards and drum machines rather than session musicians and "Sleng Teng" became the most ubiquitous riddim, manifesting nearly 400 times to date. Jammy’s digital productions became ascendant on the isle, and when King Tubby was tragically murdered a few years on, Jammy was crowned King.


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The ability to “declick” the aperture makes the Loxia series more useful for filmmakers, as many filmmakers prefer smooth aperture iris control to be able to change aperture values on the fly to control what is in focus or even do an “aperture rack” where one’s “vision” is increased by moving to a smaller aperture value where more is in focus. You may find that a declicked aperture is your personal preference even for stills work.

Flash Uniformity: The flash units on many digital cameras don't illuminate the scene very evenly, especially at wide angle focal lengths. We shoot the viewfinder target with the flash enabled, so the photos here also show how uniform the flash is.


Flash performance in macro mode: Macro mode flash performance varies widely between cameras. Some can't throttle down the flash enough, others throttle down enough, but have very uneven lighting, while others have lenses that project into the path of the flash, casting strong shadows. The Macro with Flash shot here will show you what to expect.

Use viewing size and viewing angle to help determing the perfect HDTV screen size you should get

There's been no press release from Sony (look at this web-site) of the changes but the VA appeared on Sony's Japanese site last week and has replaced the RX100 V if you visit the Sony US website. This is the first time Sony has made any update to an RX100 model, rather than simply replacing it, perhaps offering hope that the company will continue to develop both the long-zoom and short, bright-zoom models in the lineup.


These are a great addition alongside acoustic panels, particularly in larger spaces. Without getting too bogged down in science, diffusers basically scatter reflected sound waves, rather than absorbing them. This stops a room from sounding very dull, which those full of acoustic panels can.

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Zeiss 50mm f/2M Milvus Lens Corner Sharpness Comparison Example

By RealForce OverDrive D1 headphones use strong compander for SBC and an increase in volume leads to an increase in the level of quiet sounds, and the volume of loud sounds does not change (signal compression occurs). Because of this, it is necessary to set the volume on the computer to about half, in this case there is practically no compression effect.

The top image, at f/2, demonstrates the little bit of tilt that is still present with our best lens-adapter match. The lower left corner is quite good, the upper right rather weak, and the other two corners in-between. This would be barely noticeable in a picture. But it makes the corner resolution numbers in testing quite questionable. Especially when you only see the average number like the table above.


There were only ever a few AF 2/8/135 lenses made, and they were all back in the very earlier days of AF (Minolta and Pentax made one, and Canon made a soft focus model). There have been no modern designs until this Batis. However the 2/8/135 mm lens was the mainstay medium telephoto in nearly every manual focus system. Why did the industry turn away from these lenses?

Low latency version of aptX is not a stand-alone codec. It differs only in the latency and buffers settings that are applied on the audio unit side. Beside of that, that's a usual aptX.


Original audio is on the top, SBC-encoded audio is on the bottom. The tracks are switched for comparison. Audio stream in the video file is compressed using FLAC lossless codec. Using FLAC in the mp4 container is not officially standardized, that's why the audio may not play in your browser (should work in the latest versions of desktop Chrome and Firefox). If you do not have sound, you can download the file and open it in any video player.


Flash range is greater at wide angle focal lengths than at telephoto ones. If you're shooting at the wide angle end of the lens' range, you might get better flash range than what's shown here - But you'll never get a nasty surprise if you let the test shots below be your guide to flash capability.


Once you’ve got the recommended length established, you should then use this to calculate the width of the space. Remember, rectangular is better when choosing your space, but in a pinch a square room will be fine providing you can add some acoustic treatments to stop sound bouncing across itself.

Sony Zeiss 1.8/135 for A mount

Unlike the optical viewfinders, the LCD viewfinders on most digital cameras tend to be quite accurate. There are exceptions though, and it's unfortunately not uncommon to find an LCD monitor that only shows 90% or less of the final frame.


I recommend that you check out the video review here to see some actual visual evidence of the Loxia 21mm’s video performance, as it is somewhat hard to portray in a text article. As I noted earlier, however, the Loxia 21mm (as are all the Loxia lenses) is designed with video in mind. The standard diameter (ready for geared systems and focus follow), the ability to declick the aperture, and even the purposeful design of the shared filter threads all point to the intentional inclusion of video in the design. I found the compact nature and relatively light weight made it an easy lens to balance on a motorized gimbal, and the focal length is great both in full frame or Super 35 modes to give a genuinely useful perspective. This is the kind of lens I would think most cinematographers would enjoy having in their bag.

Lobbies, office towers and stairwells seem like unlikely places to find artistic inspiration, but that's where Luis dos Santos' photography thrives. Based in Germany, he creates images that give ordinary spaces an otherworldly feel. See his work and read more about him in our Q&A.


Not so much a band as a production outfit, the Italian trio Kano were formative to the emergence of Italo Disco, which added a mechanical pulse to dance music via the use of drum machines and synthesizers. Released in 1980, their song "I’m Ready" splices a human rhythm section and a pulsing sequenced bassline. The singers trade verses with heavily vocoded vocals, creating a sort of man vs. machine call and response.

All Qmadix protectors come with a SquareTrade-esque $250 warranty, which is probably where most of your money goes. But all told, I'd recommend skipping the liquid stuff.


One great asset is that as soon as input is detected on the manual focus ring, the camera will automatically zoom in the portion of the image where the active focus point is (the default is the center of the frame if no other area is selected). This makes it very easy to visually confirm focus. I find that I have a near perfect “keeper rate” with MF lenses on Sony mirrorless bodies. Because the lens does have electronic contacts all EXIF data will be communicated to the camera. The lenses work exceptionally well and are some of the better examples of manual focus lenses out there, but yes, they are manual focus only.

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A screen size that big overwhelms most people. Pixelation might not concern you, but you’re also well beyond an optimal viewing angle.


Zeiss Otus 55mm F1.4

Don’t forget to make sure your speakers are powerful enough to fill the space, and factor this in when buying them. Larger spaces will need either more powerful speakers, or simply more of them.

The life of a battery operating under normal conditions should be between 500 to 800 charge-discharge cycles. This translates into one and a half to three years of battery life for the average user. As your rechargeable battery begins to die, you will notice a decline in the running time of the battery. When your two hour battery is only supplying you with twenty minutes worth of use, it is time for a new one. NiCad and NIMH batteries have an average shelf life of three to four years. When a battery is not used for extensive periods of time it should be removed from the computer and stored in a cool, dry and clean environment. Self-discharge will occur when the battery is not used for an extended time period. Fully charge the battery before use after storage.


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Thankfully, music this kinetic doesn’t need polish. All the elements that would drive the Native Tongues movement were laid out on the opening title track, which stitches samples on top of samples. A stark James Brown groove gives way to jazzy horns that sound like they’ve been dubbed onto the track by a cassette deck; the bridge pastes harmonies from African funk great Manu Dibango’s "Weya" over the chorus of "The Message", the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five classic that lent the Jungle Brothers their name.

Be careful in the service menu because changing values of the wrong parameters can disable functions and features of the set. What you are looking for is white balance adjustments.


Res chart elements: In placing the new elements on the ISO target, we were careful to leave the highest-frequency hyperbolic resolution wedges (the sets of fine lines that fan out vertically and horizontally), since these are what most people look at on the ISO chart to judge camera resolution from. There are also enough of the slanted black parallelograms available to use them to measure a camera's Spatial Frequency Response characteristics with Imatest.

I also noticed that pure white looked a little reddish so I bumped up the green and blue by 5or 10 points. Everything looks much better now.


Phillipreeve.net Best Astro-Photography Lenses for the Sony A7 series Comments Feed

I noticed the same thing, especially in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when the Ravagers were sneaking up to the Guardians ship in the forest at night. All of the shadows and blackness were overwashed with blue.

The incandescent lighting used for this shot is thus not only very common here in the US, but also very difficult for most digital cameras to deal with. While we probably want a little yellow color to remain in the image (to convey some of the mood of the original scene), too much will look unnatural and distort colors.


I tried many times but no it wouldn’t power up; I decided I’d just keep it as a memory of a failed Sony radio. I’m aware that the capacitors do blow, and assumed that’s most likely the problem.

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EPMD weren't the first group to sample Zapp's "More Bounce to the Ounce", but they certainly helped usher it into the hip-hop mainstream. Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and Biggie (famously on "Going Back to Cali") are among the many artist who followed Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith's lead in lifting from the 1980 funk track.


Some insurance does not cover trips abroad or only includes a certain number of days. If you travel abroad, make sure to check with your insurance agent.

I took it outside to the blazing hot sun and let it fully defrost. I then plugged a DC power pack into it. The operating voltage is 6 volts. I pushed 9 volts into it, through the switchable power pack. I got a plastic clamp and clamped the on/off switch permanently “on”. I could hear it turning on and off several times as the switch is electrically-activated.


Bass traps are essentially a specialized type of acoustic panel that’s designed to absorb bass frequencies. However, some good quality ones will also absorb mid-range and high frequencies too. That’s why I’d probably start with them, as you might find they’ll do the job.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, acoustics are another important factor in deciding space for your home theater room. If you’re buying speakers, then you’ll need ones powerful enough to fill the space, but if you’ve already got a set then you might need to add more (such as ceiling speakers) to provide enough coverage for the room.


Axial CA and spherochromatism are the interesting aberrations, since they are very hard to edit out, and are sometimes very unsightly, giving green edges to things behind the plane of focus, magenta ones in front of the plane of focus, and discolouring specular highlights. Here the performance is exemplary. It’s even a touch better than the 2/135 APO Sonnar. It creates a clean, pure look to out of focus areas that is very appealing.

ISO 200 represents twice the sensitivity of ISO 100, meaning that you can use a shutter speed that's twice as fast. Higher ISO settings are often required to get any picture at all when shooting after dark, but even in full daylight, using a higher ISO can help you freeze fast action. The problem is, increasing a digital camera's ISO also increases image noise. In practical terms, this means that higher-ISO images often can't be used to produce prints as large as lower-ISO ones. The tricky thing here is that high-ISO images often look much different when printed at various sizes than they do when viewed on-screen. In particular, for any level of image noise, you'll often find that while noise is quite evident at larger print sizes, as you reduce the size of the prints, there will come a point where it suddenly ceases to be an issue. We routinely print high-ISO photos from the cameras we test on our studio printer (currently a Canon i9900) at a range of sizes, and report our findings. If you're interested in investigating the effect of image noise for yourself, don't judge cameras' performance by how their images look on your CRT, viewed pixel-for-pixel. Rather, download the test shots linked in the table below and output them on your own printer, so you can see how prints of various sizes will actually look.


In the second image, shot at f/4, the increased depth of field seems to make up for the tilt affecting the corners. But if you look carefully there is still a significant difference in the numbers for vertical and horizontal resolutions, particularly in the middle third of the lens. Astigmatism in the lens could cause something like this, too, but this is a lens we know doesn’t have much astigmatism.

At first, I had a little trouble finding the micro-USB port; it's the only one without a label, right above the SIM card slot. While I had no problem prying open the cover with my nail, other people around the office found the flappy covers a bit more vexing. But this is the price you pay for waterproof design.


The Best Sony Lenses

Just in case you missed that, the Sony A7R with 35mm f/2/8 lens shot at f/2/8 outresolved the Nikon D800e with either the Nikon 35mm f/1/4G shot at f/4 or the Zeiss 50mm f/2 shot at f/5/6. Stopped down to f/4 to even the playing field, the Sony was clearly higher. In fact, the only lens-camera combinations we’ve seen with that kind of MTF50 is the Zeiss Otus 55mm mounted to a D800e.

Don't forget to get coverage for accessories like batteries, memory cards, and other expensive items that may be lost, stolen, or ruined with the camera. While you're at it, you may wish to ask your insurance agent about liability and indemnity coverage if you're a professional.


There’s absolutely no reason why a small home theater should be any worse than a large one, providing you plan everything carefully and intelligently. At the end of the day, a large home theater is really a lot of empty space, and providing you’ve got seating and a good screen, what more do you need?

So the rising tide of the A7R sensor lifts all the boats in the center for sure

In my opinion, most people are probably best off with a tempered glass protector: they have the smoothest feel, prevent the most damage, and are available at pretty decent prices. If you're really finicky about looks, you may like PET or TPU better (since they aren't as visible once applied to your phone), especially since films like TPU can provide self-healing edge-to-edge protection on phones with curved screens.


This is the kind of space where you can really go to town on your home theater planning, and would probably be any home theater enthusiasts dream. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a celebrity’s house on MTV Cribs. For most, this will probably be outside their capabilities, but if not, then enjoy yourself.

All audio devices use only Bluetooth Classic. Headphones and speakers cannot be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy. There is no standard (click site) for transmitting audio using LE. The A2DP standard (go right here), used to transmit high-quality audio, works only through Bluetooth Classic, and there is no equivalent in LE.


Zeiss 50mm f/2M Milvus Lens Spherical and Axial Aberration Example

Not all manufacturers publish accurate information about codecs supported in certain wireless headphones, speakers, receivers or transmitters. Sometimes it happens that certain codec is supported only for transmission but not for reception (relevant for combined transmitter-receivers), although the manufacturer simply declares “support”, without any notes (I assume that separate licensing of encoders and decoders is to blame). In the cheapest devices, you can never find the declared support for aptX.

The resolution of all new TVs is very high. Nearly all new screens are 4k Ultra-high-definition televisions. An increasing number are 8K resolution screens. The new 4K Ultra HDTVs have 4 times the resolution of the 1080p display. You’re in the range of 8 million pixels for any size screens. There is less fear of pixelation as you approach the television since the pixels are a lot smaller and grouped tighter.


Here are the results from my testing: of 40 shots manually focused there were 11 shots with excellent sharpness and 8 shots with very good sharpness. So almost half of the shots were perfect keepers. Another 14 shots were acceptable and 7 shots (almost 20%) were what I call “outliers”. Compare this with the results from the Nikon AF-S 58mm f1/4G where 70% of the shots produces excellent focus and 30% very good and thus 100% of the shots were perfect keepers.

I stuck my hook down in the water and immediately felt what I thought was her camera and tripod. A quick re-orienting of the hook and I snagged the camera rather quickly. I had spent about 70 minutes of travel time and less than five minutes to set up and retrieve the camera.


Smaller home theaters mean you’ll be limited with screen size. Sure, you can still buy a big TV, but just make sure you’re not sitting too close that you ruin the image. Similarly, you’ll be more limited in the amount of seating you can include, but as long as you have at least one chair it won’t matter, right?

The first thing to decide is if you want it hung on the wall or not. You need to know this before you head to the store or shop online to buy your HDTV.


Audio over Bluetooth: most detailed information about profiles, codecs, and devices

Many are interested in close-up or "macro" photography. This test shows the best results we could obtain using each camera's macro mode.

This reduces the requirements for the number of bits needed to store the same (without loss) or almost the same (with relatively small rounding error) information. To reduce rounding errors, factor tables are applied.


But it isn't without benefits: it's flexible, so it can go edge-to-edge on any phone, it has better impact protection than PET, and it has limited "self-healing" powers for small scratches. Brands like IQ Shield offer TPU at very affordable prices, while Zagg's InvisibleShield film is a bit more expensive.

Here's a short video of the retrieval. Please forgive the framing as I usually don't shoot selfie video with this camera.


Zeiss 50mm f/2.0 Makro-Planar Classic Lens

As I mentioned above, one of the most important factors when choosing the size of your home theater room is the dimensions of your viewing screen. Each has a suggested viewing distance, which is the minimum distance between you and the screen that allows for the best picture. I’ll discuss how to work out this distance in more detail below, although there are plenty of calculators online too.

For a supposedly delicate art form, people get haiku poetry confused. It’s not all dragonflies on blades of grass: many of the earliest haikus were dick puns and otherwise crude wandering-poet bro humor. It was juvenile, maybe, but not for its own sake—it complemented the reality-grounded, borderline mundane writing style. All the power lies within the extreme, barely-editorialized brevity, capturing and presenting a real life moment with the purest, most direct translation possible. On "Freaky Tales", the centerpiece of East Bay icon Too $hort’s major label debut Born to Mack, the 22-year-old coasted through the nearly 10-minute marathon powered by the same plainspoken and often vulgar realism. He leisurely pimp-steps into the pocket of the stripped-down funk loop; it’s an exercise in minimalism, aside from the litany of 38 women Too $hort summarily bangs with varying degrees of misadventure. But these brief, unfiltered snapshots, delivered with purposeful directness, had an elegance to them, despite the twin-sister threesomes and ill-advised bus sex—entire stories condensed into two simple, vivid lines, delivered with unmistakable confidence.


Best Home Theater Room Sizes and Dimensions

By ‘mainly’ what I mean is that on part of that trip I was hiking. But I never packed the Apo Sonnar. It stayed at our accommodation when we were doing long days in the mountains. I’m sure there are others that would take it on 10 hour hikes, but here’s one data point from one user. Yes it’s small and light for an optically amazing fast tele. But that’s not small and light in absolute terms.

Zeiss Milvus 50mm f/2M Lens Box

So we can take away that the resolution in the center of the Canon lens adapted to the A7R is awesome. The corners are very good, but not spectacular. Why the difference between center and corners?


Neither the smartphone nor the headphone manufacturer can change the bitrate or coding factors of aptX. Qualcomm, the owner of the codec, distributes the reference encoder as a library to the licensees. These facts are aptX's forte—you know in advance what quality of sound you will get, no buts.

DustinAbbott.net Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8 Distagon Review Comments Feed

The Z3 Compact runs on a non-removable 2,600mAh battery, which is a lot of juice for a phone this size, especially since a 720p display isn't as power-hungry as a higher-resolution panel would be. Sony could've slyly figured out cold fusion for all I know, though: The battery life is nothing shy of incredible. The company claims the Z3C has a "groundbreaking two-day battery," but I consider this a modest claim, and only true for power users. If your phone tends to sit on your desk at work for most of the day, with you checking the odd email, taking a few calls and doing a bit of farm maintenance in Hey Day, then you're looking at three to four full days of use without needing to recharge.


It’s great to understand the key rules, but every situation and room is different. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and taste.

So, although there’s not really a correct answer for the best size for a home theater room, there are plenty of factors to consider when planning your space. Starting with your screen size and recommended viewing distance will give you a good idea of the best size for your needs.


To make things as accurate as possible, we tested a number of copies of each lens on a number of copies of brand-name adapters and took the best combination to present below. Again, let me emphasize that adapters that are perfectly fine for taking pictures (all of the ones we tried) aren’t usually fine for generating testing numbers.

Viewfinder accuracy is an important parameter, especially for shots where framing is critical. The optical viewfinders on most digital cameras match the (poor) accuracy of those on film cameras, typically showing only about 85% of the actual final frame area. It's likely that this is a deliberate design choice by the camera engineers, to help avoid users accidentally cutting off the heads of their subjects. We disagree with this approach, or at least feel that it should be mitigated a bit, perhaps by increasing the accuracy to 90 to 95%.


HD TVs have the same amount of pixels regardless of screen size. So for bigger TVs, farther away is better if you don’t want to see the pixels.

If you envisioned mirrorless cameras as being a platform where you could travel small and light while still retaining excellent image quality, then the Zeiss Loxia series is probably just what you are looking for. The Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2/8 Distagon is my favorite lens in the series for the simple reason that it seems you are literally losing nothing from the bigger, more expensive DSLR version of the lens. It’s an incredibly useful focal length, and having such a competent optical instrument in such a compact package is a true delight. The lens is also very easy to use, and so getting great results is fairly effortless despite the manual nature of the lens. The only real barrier is the price, which at nearly $1500 USD seems pretty steep. If there is any consolation, it is that the DLSR version of the lens costs nearly $400 more. There are cheaper alternatives to this lens, though there none I’m aware of that so strongly deliver in the packaging (small and light) along with the optical performance (excellent). This is what more mirrorless full frame E-mount lenses should be like!


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Because it’s likely that you’re using an existing space, pay attention to things like ambient light and sound. Blackout curtains are a must, and you might want to think about including some acoustic treatments to improve sound quality.

Why did we choose to shoot a picture of a picture? The idea was to show a typical subject (a house and surrounding foliage) in a way that would be absolutely consistent from camera to camera. Any outdoor subject is going to vary considerably from day to day, as the lighting changes with the weather, atmospheric conditions, and season. Shooting a poster lets us compare images from cameras shot weeks, months, or even years apart, with the sure knowledge that nothing has changed from one shot to another.


Noise Levels: Look at the photos, print them on your own photo printer. How large a print can you make at acceptable quality levels, at various ISO settings and light levels?

Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar 2/135

He pointed out that center numbers would still be accurate. And that most people shooting an A7R are going to be using adapters so there were some real-world reasons for looking at them. I countered that we’d have to test a number of adapters with each lens to find the most accurate one and that would take hours. He replied that we had some wide-angle lenses that needed optical adjustment and that’s what we’d be doing if we weren’t testing.


I sometimes provided links to the reviews at Lenstip, as they have a look at coma correction and vignetting. But keep in mind vignetting can absolutely not be compared across different sensors or cameras!

Sony went all in with this one, offering 12mm at the wide end together with a maximum aperture of f/2/8. The optical qualities are astounding, but they came at a price of almost three grand.


Zeiss Milvus 50mm f/2M Lens Compared to Classic

The A7R delivers amazing resolution. At least as good as a Nikon D800e.

Those are all common questions we are asked often. I’ve put together this detailed guide to answer exactly these questions for you.


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As I've hinted at before, not every facet of the Xperia Z3 has made the leap to its smaller counterpart. You can spot they're related from a mile off, but where the Z3 is wrapped in a metal frame, the Z3C is bound in a hard, translucent plastic, with the same nylon corner caps adding extra durability to these higher-risk impact zones.

This is by far the best shape for a home theater room because it removes the issue of parallel walls. This in turn reduces the effect of sound waves bouncing, and results in much clearer sound. It’s the room shape used by industry professionals in both cinema and audio.


The lens goes head-to-head with the offerings from almost any camera maker: Nikon, Canon, Sony all have their own version of a 50mm lens with an aperture larger than f1/8, but none carry this kind of price tag nor describe themselves as being the absolute best lens in the World today. So the obvious question is just how good is it anyway? Can any standard lens justify a price of $4000 USD? In my Zeiss 55mm f1/4 review I’ll share my findings, including sharpness results, contra-light performance, Bokeh, and a selection of sample images when mounted on a demanding 36MP Nikon D800 body.

These are pretty self-explanatory, and would probably be a better place to start than acoustic panels. Bass frequencies are a prime culprit for reflection, and so stopping this is pretty important.


Why does everything have a blue tint

Search for "screen protector" on Amazon, and you'll likely be overwhelmed by the results. There are so many brands, types, and price points that it's enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, screen protectors can generally be broken down into a few simple types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.