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Version 10 adds two new tools to the mix: Shadows & Highlights, which combine to bring detail out of the darkest shadows and brightest objects such as clouds, and Select & Enhance, which lets you restrict your editing to specific colors. Both have been staple ingredients of other packages for years, but are welcome additions nonetheless and work effectively.


I do have one minor criticism of the program relating to the Start menu. By default this menu exits whenever you start a task rather than minimising itself so that it can be quickly accessed when you need it again. Fortunately a setting exists that can be changed to ensure this menu is always available.

MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphics Designer 5 integrates the features found in MAGIX Graphic Designer 5, MAGIX Photo Designer 7 and MAGIX (you could try this out) FunPix. Like other titles from the company, this product comes with a couple of bonus items. In this case you get the regular offering of MAGIX Photo Manager 8 plus Reallusion Face Filter Studio 2 SE. These titles need to be installed separately if you want to get the full benefit of what is really a suite. While it may appear that MAGIX’s regular offering of Mufin music management software has been dropped, this is not the case and it is included as an option in the main installation.


After installation, if you haven’t yet purchased it, you’ll need to register to start its free trial. You then get an activation code to enter. After that, you’re free to get started.

Movie Edit Pro also includes travel-route animation tools, though, again, we found this didn’t work for us out of the box. Nothing happened when we attempted to use it.


When it is first run, Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 2 opens its Start menu with the Photo category selected. On subsequent use the last access category will be selected. The Photo section offers tools for fast optimisation; detailed editing; and the means to organise, print and burn content to appropriate media. Other options include those to create photo albums, calendars and collages; use a series of filters, some of which are demos and not fully functional, to distort images in a variety of ways; let the software stitch a series of images together to create a panorama; and transform 2D shapes into 3D objects. This section also contains a link to Face Filter Studio 2SE which allows the user to make facial adjustments.

Photo & Graphic Designer 9 will read your fonts folder and load any that you've downloaded from the internet

It also proved curiously resistant to screenshotting, so you’ll have to take our word for it that it exists. Movie Edit Pro’s various extras are a mixed bag, and it gets an average score here.


Because Xara were acquired by Magix (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5276) back in 2007, the graphic design software company has integrated a lot of cool features into Photo (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7926) & Graphic Designer (click this over here now) 9 to make your job faster, smoother and less stressful. While loading pictures in from a folder – especially a slower one such on a memory card – we noticed a massive increase in responsiveness and speed on the Xara software compared to Adobe Photoshop (CS4).

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Logo

The Plus version has extra transitions, templates and effects. It also includes additional features, such as multicam and 360-degree editing, as well as direct editing and travel routes. The Premium version includes extra effects on top of this.


There are various settings you can tweak to customize your slideshow. There’s an intensity setting, and you can choose from a selection of transitions and effects, as well as pick a soundtrack.

The other half of Xara is of course its vector-based design tools. These tend to be a little off-putting for newbies, so the addition of a new SmartShapes library is welcome, giving users access to pre-built shapes include arrows, text panels and more. The current list of shapes is disappointingly small, but Xara promises to deliver more through the rest of the year, so it should become a staple for anyone wishing to knock up quick designs without the skills to match their ambition.


Movie Edit Pro also integrates with Shutterfly. If you want to take advantage of cloud storage to keep all your videos in one place, take a look at our best cloud storage for video article.

Designer Pro provides the tools you need to create page layouts with ease. This graphic design software has a long list of features that can help you make well-designed newsletters, brochures, multipage booklets, community bulletins, PTA handouts and much more. You can add dynamic text effects, 3D objects and vector illustrations to spice up your designs.


While editing, Movie Edit Pro impressed us with its performance and was free of delays, stutters and crashes. Its preview window showed what we were working on without problems. If you do have issues, you can reduce the preview frame rate and resolution, as well as switch off effects.

This was a very easy web program to navigate. When project was complete it was easy to upload.


Make a Photo Story 

We didn’t really find any bugs with its regular editing tools, though there are UI quirks. Dragging transitions to the timeline seems to replace your video entirely, and on one occasion, we couldn’t undo to get back to where we were before.

If you’re working with other people on your movies, you may need help getting organized. The best project management software can help coordinate your team.


Free YUDU Alternative 3.1 freeware download

The best video editing software should not only be great at doing the basics, but also offer plenty more. Movie Edit Pro is mostly easy to use and doesn’t take long to pick up. It doesn’t do everything, but it is certainly a tool worth considering.

Review: MAGIX Xtreme Photo and Graphics Designer

If you want direct support, the help menu has an option to contact its community. Unusually, this gives you a pop-up window to ask your question, but without telling you who you’re asking.


For those looking for a combined photo-editing and graphic design tool, Xara Photo (browse around this web-site) & Graphic Designer (navigate to this web-site) hits the mark, and most users should be pleased with its capabilities. For those thinking about upgrading, the plethora of new and improved features combined with an attractive upgrade price (as little as $35 for users of version 9) make it an irresistible prospect.

Preview pictures before deleting

You’re just as well catered to if you enjoy tinkering with audio. There are echo effects, filters for various types of environments and rooms, as well as things like a compressor filter to make your audio more intense. You can focus on bass or dialogue, or apply distortions.


It also comes packed with all manner of editing and enhancement tools, both manual and automatic, and includes the now-obligatory retouching tools for fixing blemishes both minor and major. A couple of clever erase tools allow you to remove backgrounds or unwanted objects from your photos too – in the case of unwanted objects, simply draw a rough outline around the object, tweak it if necessary and then click Magic Erase. Some results are better than others, but it’s amazing how effective the tool can be.

It lets you previews the photos before you choose to delete them

Read our State of the Cloud articles to learn which companies are snooping on people using their tools. Then read our online privacy guide to learn how to claw back a little control.


Review: Magix Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer

The introductory video option took us to a page that asked us to select our country. There were only four choices, however: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

Editing photos in Photo & Graphic Designer 9 shouldn't be too much of an issue. The program is non-destructive so you won't get a loss in quality and the original image won't be changed either. The support for Adobe PSD files helps with this. It means you can retain layers on images manipulated in Photoshop and then open them up in Xara.


Movie Edit Pro often looks and feels dated, but it delivers where it counts. Once you’ve figured it out, it is easy to work with. It has plenty of features, effects and options, too.

Most of the simpler extras are in the $5-to-$10 range, though the more advanced visual filters can run more than $80. If you’re after a free alternative, though, take a look at our Wondershare Filmora9 review (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=1627).


Movie Edit Pro has a few useful tools hidden away in its menus. Got to “edit > wizards” and you’ll find several extras that can add to your output.

Movie Edit Pro Support

Xara Photo (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8987) & Graphic Designer 9 is a graphics software program and photo editing tool. It sports such features as non-destructive photo handling, Magic erase, Intelligent scaler, Bitmap tracer as well as more graphics orientated tools such as Advanced text handling, 3D Extrude and Animated flash export. In this review, we'll examine the new features in this ninth version as well as covering common features for newcomers to the program. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 costs around $99/99 (£66/15) and can be downloaded from the Xara website.


This opens the photo in a PhotoLooks where you can browse through all the available effects, divided by category, and fine-tune each using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Once done, click Finish and the photo is returned to Xara with the effects applied. It really adds even more worth to what is already a great-value package.

When working with images, the program uses non-destructive real-time editing so that any mistakes can easily be rectified. Generally the program is quick, although Start-up was rather slow, easy to use and can product eye-catching results. There is support for a wide range of file formats especially with regards to importing files.


You can select this from the video effects panel and choose what part of your video becomes transparent. That’s a great way to add backgrounds or add your own effects to your movies.

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Same menus, same functionality, same web features, almost the same everything. There are a few features related to graphics/images in this package that aren't in Web Designer 7 Premium, but not many. Therefore I feel it was 'kind of' a waste of money for my use. I would say, from the time I've worked with both packages, that there is at least a 90% duplication of features/functions between the two products. Sometimes I forget which package I'm in till I look at the name.

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There is a 30-day free trial, which you don’t need a credit card to sign up for. The trial version is limited to three-minute output videos, but that’s more than enough to test it out. We got a pop-up when trying to export an MPEG video, though, telling us the code was unavailable due to licensing conditions.


Those speeds are twice as fast as Hitfilm (read about that in our HitFilm review). Movie Edit Pro is slower than VideoStudio Ultimate, but the output quality is much better. It’s a shame we couldn’t get 60FPS output from it, but what it can do, it does quickly.

I had been looking for a program that was similar to MS FrontPage which I loved using. This new program met my expectations. It was easy to use and setup for this senior citizen and I'm pleased with it.


There are several ways to view projects. The default is the storyboard mode, but there is also a scene overview and a timeline. We recommend selecting the timeline view if you’re familiar with other tools. It is the closest approach and our preferred way of working.

We got a lot of junk mail after signing up to MAGIX, so be warned. To be fair, though, it stopped after unsubscribing.