There are different spy tools also available on Internet that we can use to hack instagram account and password. These tools are most often use for both social site hacking as well for phone and PC hacking as well. By using the Spy tools, the hacker actually install the spyware tool in the victim’s phone and thus can gain the access of each and every activity of the victim. If you too would like to use the spy tools to hack the instagram account, than you too can choose different spy tools available on the internet. Here in this article also, we are also discussing below some of the popular spy tools that you can use.

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Linux Tools to Hack Instagram Account

Facebook has gone through many improvisations & updates in last 14 years. It was a time when there were Facebook bounties being announced and won by many proficient bug hunters out there!


The United States legal system issues severe penalties for online fraud, and breaking into someone else’s Instagram account is precisely that – fraud, and identity theft. In essence, people who steal other users’ account access are copyright thieves that deserve punishment by the law.

Ikeymonitor keylogger to hack instagram

Once you are into it, you’ll see a screen like this. If you’re not familiar with this, its the place where you can add, edit, delete & manage all the files hosted on your server.


Spy refers to finding out secret information about a person or enemy, unknowingly. This term was used for Government officials who spied on enemy countries for tactics, but it has no more remained a stranger word for common people now.

Well, I don’t know, nether do I assure you about these sites. It maybe legit even or rather an absolutely big JOKE.

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  • Method 1: Hack a password using PASS DECRYPTOR
  • Once you get the targets password, log in to Instagram on your computer with targets username and password
  • There are Several Ways to perform Phishing Attack to Hack Instagram Account

Note: You also NEED to have Tor installed on your machine to carry out this attack. This attack uses different IPs through Tor connection as a single IP is prone to get blacklisted when used frequently. So please ensure you have TOR installed on your host OS.

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Now, here Comes the Role of Social Engineering. You have to convince the victim anyhow to click on that link in order to fill up the Instagram Login Page. AS soon he submits his Instagram login ID and Password You will get his ID and Password in Victim Section on ShadowWave.


Phishing page for Instagram

Install this app in yourmobile too and done. You get each and every information about the person’s moveand will also get to know his password (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2906) when he/she logs into any of his/heraccount.

So we need a hosting account (see here) for it. You can hunt for any available out there. There are so many free as well as paid. I better recommend going for a free one for this task.


Step 3 – Now, you need to wait for 48 hours to properly configure the app. After the configuration, you can transfer the data from the target device to your own XNSPY dashboard.

Hack Instagram with Spyzie Applications

Parents can use these apps to keep tabs on their kids, but be careful of the consequences. It’s best to tell them outright that you’re installing these apps on their phone. If they discover you’re covertly spying on them, they may lose respect for you.


Unlike the other methods of hacking by using brute force and different apps, this methods deals with a better and polite way of hacking the account (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-instagram-account-password-kali-linux.zip). In this, the person himself tells some of the information that he shouldn’t have told. It takes a lot of practice to get smooth in this method. You need to get a particular combination of the username and the password (have a peek at this site) for a particular website.

Instagram is one of the biggest Platforms for Photo And Video Sharing. Over 95 M Photos and Video are Shared on this platform every day. Many People had created their ID on Instagram (see this page) and Share their Daily life photos and videos on it.


This attack can also be done by creating Fake clone wifi as of original. AS the user comes to login to wifi his/her all traffic will be redirected from attacker fake access point. For Example: if A user login Instagram through ID and Password, the Attacker will get the full list of id and Password (additional resources) Easily. Listed Below a video will easily let you understand about MITM Instagram (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5367).

While it’s your prerogative on whether or not you install the software on your business assets, some employees may object to your actions as snooping on their behavior and an invasion of privacy. It’s essential to receive legal advice on the matter and ensure your employees have no recourse to sue you in the case that you discover any unauthorized communications or data transfer.

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  • “name-of-password-file.txt” :type here the name of your downloaded password file list without ” ” ]
  • Instagram Id and Instagram Password

After you’re done getting a word-list file, copy it to the “Instagram” directory. Then you’re set to fire an attack.


One more thing is its affordability, when compared to Spyzie. It has three packages namely, standard, premium & gold.

This is a lengthy & cumbersome technique, so the reason I’ve placed it 4th on the list. But it does the work as intended for it. A good word-list is all that can bang for this method getting success. As the technique works it does make sense to describe it here. You can crack Instagram password online using this method.


You need to login to the File manager using the same username & password which you had entered while creating your new website. The username is the URL of the website itself.

ShadowWave to Hack Instagram Account

Software-Based Keylogger - It’s a Computer Program which is made to monitor all of the keystrokes. It’s designed in a way, without the knowledge of your victim it is installed on your victim system and then you can monitor all the keystrokes. It is able to bypass small firewalls and antiviruses.


Hack instagram using brute force

This app also has the same features as its counterparts. But the advantage of it is the 48 hours (2 day) free trial they offer! You can try & once you’re satisfied with it, you can go on for a purchase. Although it does take your payout details, you also have a free trial period.

Get a premium account, access the target phone & get the app installed on his/her phone. You can monitor the activities through their (Spyzie’s) app too!


Download the free trial or purchase the app from this link. Then install the app in your victim’s phone.

Now you need to create a phishing page and host it on this account of yours. For this go to the file manager by clicking on “Upload Own Website“. This will lead you to the File Manager.


Well, this is where the stunning art of Social Engineering comes in. So I’ll leave this up to you. Because this is what you invent your own!