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Cheers refers to the observation that Italian as spoken in North America is distinct enough from standard Italian as spoken in Europe to count as a different dialect (see the Useful Notes page). In an episode where ferocious barmaid Carla is confronted with a deathbed ultimatum from her estranged mother - if you really love me, then you must prove it by getting one of your children to change his name to that of a great and famous Italian - she is horrified and refuses. However, one of her sons, who is not encumbered by brainpower, says he is willing to change his name to Benito Mussolini Tortelli. The historical and political implications of the name go right over his head. But Tortelli Junior baulks at one thing.


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The episode starts in an explosive manner with a bomb being detonated in the Five-O office inside a just-delivered plaque for the "The International Montaigne Society Man-of-the-Year award," a bogus-sounding achievement if there ever was one. We can see this coming a mile away! After the bomb in "Blind Tiger," surely you would think H50 would invest in some scanning equipment in their workplace. The explosion is very strong; McGarrett rolls over his desk on fire.


Once the murdered Beecham is identified from fingerprints (it is not said exactly how this is done), the show wraps up far too quickly. Five-O goes to the bookstore where they talk to Sheila Young and get Eddie's address. Arriving at his apartment, they find a copy of the magazine containing the casebook with a page torn out of it which McGarrett suspects details the next murder.

I find it unbelievable that Durkin and Anderson are capable of the athletic stunts by the robbers during the opening, not to mention cold-blooded murder later. There is no indication of any co-conspirators.


To bypass a clampdown on "coke, hash and horse" coming into Hawaii, skydiver Kevin Caulder (Bruce Boxleitner) teams up with pilot Bernie Ross (Ed Flanders) to smuggle heroin which has been dropped in the ocean off Oahu. From Ross's low-flying plane, Caulder uses a grappling hook to grab the drugs which are in a water-tight container floating in the drink, then he jumps back to earth on the way home with the dope.

Danno and a mail inspector go to check out the mailbox, but the mail has already been picked up by postal employee Michael Briggs (Ramon Bieri), who found the gun. When Briggs goes home, he finds his wife Louise (Lauren Levian) getting all made up like for a date, though she says she is going to her sister's to babysit her nephew.


At the beginning of the show, we see Parmel tailing Southwood, who is calling Burke from a pay phone regarding the bones to arrange for payment. Parmel obviously blabbed while the two of them were prison pals about what he had done during the war, which included his plan to transport the bones to Hawaii (not New York) and switch them with another soldier's body interred at the Punchbowl Cemetery.

On 18 June 1972, British European Airways Flight 548 stalls and crashes in a field near Staines-upon-Thames shortly after take-off from London Heathrow Airport, killing all 118 people on board. The crash was attributed to the pilot retracting the aircraft's droops at too low an airspeed and failing to recognise the stall warnings.


And in this article, we’re going to go over some of the best prank challenge ideas on TikTok

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This is located with the dialogue about the marching Sweet Troops. It may have been intended to play when the Sweet Troops object was clicked, but ultimately doesn't due to being covered up by the room exit object, which triggers a different message. Note that the WTO Easter egg doesn't trigger this either.


Of course, this expert is Brown himself. Danno, whom we have seen disarming bombs in previous episodes, explains how an explosion can be made by combining thanatine nitrate fertilizer with heavy diesel fuel and dynamite (shades of the Oklahoma City bombing over 20 years later).

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On 19 July 1989, United Airlines Flight 232's DC-10 was crippled when an engine explodes causing serious damage to the vital hydraulics system causing the plane to go out of control. The plane managed to land at Sioux City but the plane erupted into a fireball shortly after.

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Another mainstay of Humongous games, there are several debug rooms that allow control over most aspects of the game. To enable them, add either TransBigCheater=M or WhosABigCheater=I to the configuration file (the last letter is case insensitive, so "m" or "i" will also work).

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Swift soon runs into Colby at a bar, and chews him out for selling him fridges which were on a list of stolen merchandise. When Swift says there will likely be a grand jury probe and he will be called to testify, Colby tells him, "Where do you think I was getting the stuff from, the Salvation Army? You know what's going on. They all know what's going on, but they don't wanna admit it. No, Larry, you're an accomplice, right from the very beginning. But don't worry about it. The only link between you and I is your memory, and your memory is going to fail. And if it doesn't fail, then I have friends that can help to make it fail.


Meanwhile, the "psychotically desperate" Brown freaks out, because he senses that he is close to getting caught. When he returns home with his clothes covered with fertilizer from bags he has disposed of, Doris angrily says she is through with him. Brown shows her a copy of the letter he sent to the Governor, and outlines his plans for their escape to Hong Kong.

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One Web page has a comment that this episode may show the first ever portable computer or data terminal on a TV show. Much of the interesting score by Don Ray sounds like computer music, some of it very weird.


When you’re deep in TikTok challenges, you get accustomed to all the fast-paced rhythms of the platform. This might all seem pointless to the uninitiated, especially those who are over the age of 25.

Henderson drives a black Mercedes convertible, license number 2F-2754. Near the end, Henderson parks his car and puts money in a parking meter, which is numbered 044.


After the ninjas attack their burger shack and capture their adoptive father, the boys call the police. Lieutenant Spence (played by Tone Loc) is taking their statement, but neither party is able to understand the other as Lieutenant Spence speaks inner city while Adam and Johnny speak Surfer Dude. Lieutenant Spence finally gives up and summons an interpreter.

The Governor stays at two hotels in the show: first the Kona Surf, then at the Mauna Loa Surf. According to Fred, the Kona Surf is now called the Sheraton Kona Resort and is located at 78-128 Ehukai St, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740.


On 16 August 1987, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed shortly after take off, killing 156 people. The crew did not follow the taxi checklist prior to take off.

When asked by "Mister" Beecham, his boss, if the reason he is acting strange is because he is on drugs, Eddie yells: "Drugs? Only filth and scum put rotten things in their bodies! That what you think I am, Harry?


FNaF Sister Location Audio Transcripts

Aloha Airlines Flight 243 was a scheduled Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200 flight between Hilo and Honolulu in Hawaii. On April 28, 1988, the aircraft suffered extensive damage after an explosive decompression in flight, but was able to land safely at Kahului Airport on Maui. One crew member was blown out of the airplane and another 65 passengers and crew were injured. The extent of the damage was only just below that which would have caused the airliner to break up, and the survival of the aircraft with such a major loss of integrity was unprecedented and remains unsurpassed.

On 30 June 1956, United Airlines Flight 718 and Trans World Airlines Flight 2 collided over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. All 128 occupants on both flights were killed. At the time it was the deadliest airline crash in history, and would lead to sweeping changes in the regulation of flight operations over the United States.

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After Shatner gets the payoff money from his bank, he is visited by Fake Danno and Ben. He complains, "I got clubs in Miami, Chicago, and Vegas, and I pay my dues. Christmas list that would blow your mind. But no squawks from me because I know wheels gotta be greased, but this?


Adding the line WTO=s to the configuration file (the second part is case-insensitive, so a capital "S" will also work) causes the Sweet Troops that block Sam's path early in the game to sport riot gear. This is a reference to the Seattle WTO protests that happened about four months prior to the game's release – Humongous Entertainment was at the time based in either Woodinville or Bothell, both in the Seattle metropolitan area. The "S" after the option may refer to "Seattle".

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Savage shows the locals a fancy map highlighting their present territories on Oahu. He proposes to expand this to a large area currently under no one's control.


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Six dozen fridges from the shipment which included the one that contained Donaldson are tracked down to a local department store. Larry Swift (Casey Kasem), buyer for this store, purchased several of the fridges. But when he is called to the Five-O office along with his very annoyed boss Rogers (Howard F. Gottschalk), Swift is tongue-tied as he tries to explain doing business with Colby, who doesn't even have a phone number.


McGarrett flies by helicopter to Brown's house where he gets the garage remote that he tossed back into the Mercedes after he and Chin looked around Brown's place. Then McGarrett takes a huge chance, flying to the area where Danno is trying to track down the timer and the detonator.

For this game, the path and item selection menus were compacted into a single screen, accessed with the I key. Clicking each setting adjusts it, while clicking the item icons places the corresponding object in the inventory. Clicking the "Cheese Questions" button causes Sam to know the three answers to the Great Question of the Nature of Cheese. For whatever reason, the "M" on the mayonnaise jar graphic has been crudely drawn in by hand.


There is great atmosphere in the Chinatown section of Honolulu in this show, combined with the usual non-process shots as Lyman drives his patrol car in the area. There seem to be a large number of liquor stores within a few blocks of each other, and the Wo Fat restaurant is seen very briefly in one shot.

Ringo: [Voiceover Letter] Dear Marge. Thanks for the fab painting of Yours Truly.


On 9 June 1995, Ansett New Zealand Flight 703 suffers a landing gear malfunction during final approach to Palmerston North Airport in New Zealand. The aircraft descends until it crashes into hilly terrain as the pilots try to resolve the problem.

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All these books, except the rare ones, have been added to leveled lists. You will therefore find them in loot chests and you can buy them at certain vendors. Some books are also hand placed in the gameworld.

The phone connection, as always, is bad when McGarrett talks to Inspector Paul Horbrecht at Interpol. There are the usual lame comments about the weather.


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Bonner and Doris also show up at the mill, though you do not see their car outside or know which direction they came from. Doris calls her husband a "loser" to his face and when he tries to leave, Bonner shoots him in the back and takes the attaché case full of cash. However, Danno has been monitoring what's going on at the mill from above. Bonner and Doris attempt to flee, but Danno gets the helicopter to ram head-on into Bonner (literally).

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Hobart, on the other hand, is a very nasty guy, and he is played by the menacing William Watson. Hobart is friends with Kelly Mitsui (Carole Kai), a "ho" who hangs out at The Glade, a local bar. When he sees her there for the first time in a few years, he tells "a deserving war vet" she is hustling to go to the "USO Â down the street," threatening to kill him.


A commuter plane crashes shortly after take-off, killing everyone onboard. Investigators are faced with the possibility that overweight passengers were one of the causes of this fatal crash. The airline industry based average passenger weight calculations on 1940s figures.

In order to get Glynis to return to Hawaii, Anapo murders her father, who is in the islands for business and a vacation. How Mike knew the father had returned there and what he was up to is a good question. The Coast Guard received a distress call from a cabin cruiser that Martin had rented for a solo voyage to Kauai, and when they arrived, they found him bludgeoned to death, with his body floating around the life raft, with debris suggesting that the cabin cruiser had been burned and sunk.


Lenkov was creating a "mythology" where none existed. In Classic Five-O's S07E22, "The Hostage," under discussion here, the character did not come from out of state, was not named "Lou," and only appeared in the one episode - and then there is the Grover versus Glover business. At least one WWW site, who didn't bother to check their facts, suggested that Chi McBride had played the original Grover/Glover.

The Good Place: The titular Good Place automatically translates all spoken words so each resident hears the language they're most comfortable with, but apparently it doesn't differentiate between British and American dialects of English. When Michael tells Tahani, who is British, that he's planning to wear "suspenders" to her party she has a moment of confusion over whether he means the American (over-the-shoulder support for pants) or British (garters to hold up stockings) sense and has to ask him to clarify which he's planning to wear.


For this mod a background of philosophical practise was invented. This is reflected in a) the introductions written to some translations of ancient works of philosophy, b) the names of the philosophical authors, c) a written introduction to Tamrielic philosophy, and d) some rivalry between authors implicit in the books. This will make philosophy come alive in skyrim.

Henderson, who is not at home when McGarrett and Danno go there, was being tailed by HPD, but the person doing this lost him. Randy and Kathy, who seem suddenly very chummy for a couple having marital problems, say that Harlan has an appointment for a luncheon at a Waikiki restaurant. McGarrett and Danno take it upon themselves to track him down, and with the help of HPD, they find Henderson in the neighborhood of the Ilikai Hotel, carrying a radio which they figure contains another bomb.


Crysis Remastered – Ver. 1.3.0

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Back at the office, McGarrett is suspicious about Borelle, and asks Chin to look into his background. Borelle is actually the bad guy of the show, as we quickly find out.


See also Australian English and Did Not Do the Bloody Research. Compare Have a Gay Old Time, where the same word means different things in two different time periods rather than countries. Contrast Language Barrier, which is Separated By Lack of a Common Language.

In the eighth episode of the reboot's fourth season, Grover and McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) were both summoned to the Governor's residence, where Governor Sam Denning (Richard T. Jones) revealed that he got a complaint from Grover about McGarrett. Considering that Grover had not been in Hawaii that long, you have to wonder why he would have sent this confidential complaint directly to the Governor, instead of processing it through HPD channels. To deal with this, the Governor told the two of them "you will get along," and made them together serve a warrant for outstanding parking tickets.


These come toward the end of the dialogue for the jail scene. They don't really seem to fit with anything there, so who knows what they were meant for.

Let's hear yours then, smartass. Please speak slowly and clearly.


Maureen's account at the Mason Department Store (#9086752) shows purchases made on 4/9/74, 4/18/74, 4/27/74 for a pants suit, shoes, perfume, a lamp and linens. Aarons adds the bracelet as if it was purchased on 4/30/74.

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A regular volcano about to erupt  I can tell you the writer is left-handed. I can also tell you the writer is a very forceful person.

Che Fong says the fibers found in Spear's neck were made by "steer gut" used to string tennis rackets. He shows a sample of this, which looks like blue wire. But Mike strangles Spear with what looks like white rope.


Shortly after leaving London Heathrow airport in December 1988, Pan Am flight 103 exploded above Lockerbie, Scotland killing 270 people. Investigators soon discovered that a bomb in the forward cargo compartment had taken down the plane.

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I have received a couple of e-mails over the years suggesting the location of Mike's house seen at the end of the show. Unfortunately, both of them were incorrect. Fred Helfing investigated, and found the house which is at 2353 Aha Maka Way, Honolulu.


Similarly, these were most likely meant to play when the player clicks an unreachable walnut. Perhaps the puzzle was intended to require more precise targeting, but that turned out to be too difficult for the target audience?

One Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 has Faith go undercover to defeat a rogue slayer. The other slayer asks Faith for a cigarette. It takes Faith a moment to realize it wasn't some kind of Double Entendre.


The Best Prank Challenge TikTok Videos

This is my first big mod, so all feedback is welcome. It started as a simple way to add philosophy books to Skyrim in an immersive way. Instead of using the console, one would find them in game, on vendors, etc. But as I started modding, the idea evolved and turned into something larger.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: In the The Last of the Wild Horses episode, Mike programs Crow and Servo to speak with different regional dialects to see how they communicate. This results in the Bots getting into arguments about things like the word "Coke" (Crow uses it as a generic term for all carbonated soft drinks while Tom specifically means Coca-Cola). After a few exchanges Mike calls it off because there's a difference between regionalism and just plain stupidity.


While these lines are ultimately used, different versions of them play in-game: each of the listed items is split off into a separate audio file, allowing them to be more easily synchronized to the animations of the items being placed on the table. These unprocessed versions aren't used.

The last victim in the show is Mr. Beecham, who comes to Eddie's apartment feeling bad about having given his employee the chop. He interrupts Eddie, who is talking to McGarrett on the phone where McGarrett is trying to get under his skin after a series of calls where Eddie knew exactly how long the calls should be timed to avoid them being traced. Eddie accuses Beecham of being sent by McGarrett to spy on him and murders his former boss in a particularly brutal way.


Glover, who was acting in charge before McGarrett arrived, already had some words with Duke about procedures. When McGarrett shows up, Glover tells him, "What I don't want is this kook thinking he's on top of us. Gets a little confidence, he'll be ego-tripping how he pinned down the whole Honolulu Police Department. I'm going to give him an ultimatum. Five minutes, I lay down the flak…" McGarrett tells him that's not the way they are going to do things. Later, when McGarrett says they are going to "communicate" with Jesse, Glover says, "Communicate  now there's a word for you, communicate.

In Warriors Rewrite, housecats use different terms from the feral Clan cats that live nearby. For example, Clan cats call cars "monsters", refer to housefolk (humans) as "twolegs", and refer to a house as a "twoleg den". Even their term for pet cats, "kittypet", is foreign to pet cats.


Notes:Spy Fox in Dry Cereal

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To duplicate the office, Bowman and Stash enter Five-O's premises through an Iolani Palace skylight using ropes. But in order to do this, wouldn't they have to go to the roof of the building first  and use a ladder to get up there which might have been seen by someone? Terry Plunkett is Charlie, a security guard who sees the flashes from their cameras going off from outside the building, and when he investigates, they lock him in a closet.


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Alternate title: "Mystery Crashes" The Boeing B-737 is the most reliable plane in the world. But in 1991, United Airlines Flight 585's rudder fails and the plane nosedives during approach. Investigators know nothing about what caused it. T hen in 1994, USAir Flight 427 crashes in the same way after take-off.


Frank Kamana (Doug Mossman) finds the "CH" in a yearbook for the school, referring to Connie Honaka (Josie Over). They track her down; she is living with her father (Ted Nobriga, uncredited) and a baby after her "hopped-up old man" left her.

Five-O goes to World Business Systems, who sold HPD their computers and they get a list of geeks who worked on them, including Aarons, who already gave his notice to the place, obviously expecting to be enjoying a nice vacation soon thanks to Tillis' father's half a million bucks. However, the old man is disturbed to find out that the murder of Palmer and Brigham has been part of Aarons' plan. Aarons is not particularly sympathetic, telling the father, "You make me sick, you and your moral indignation  Guys like you [have] been using me for years. Using my brain to make millions of dollars and chalking it up to the miracle of a computer.


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Five-O immediately go to work to find out information about the explosives, where they are located, and so forth. McGarrett tells the Governor that "infrared aerial photography might reveal the explosives are placed," but I am very skeptical that this can be done from the air. When Rogers is asked if they have anyone who is an expert that can help them, he says, "Consol Oil Corporation has someone. They sent a man out last year to survey the possibility of developing geothermal energy.

After Walker gets shot at, his jacket looks normal on the back. But when he comes in his house, the back of the jacket is all sweaty-looking. Maybe they did this scene over and over in very hot conditions?


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Is it possible the small attaché case contains $500,000 in "unmarked, used bills"? After Brown opens the case briefly in the mill, there are bundles of bills labeled $500, $1,000, $2,000 and $5,000, but the total amount that we can see on the top is only about $14/500.


The game contains an essentially complete collection of draft animations for Sam eating the party food. This one shows Sam hopping to the snack table.

In addition to a policy on his wife, Howard Crystal had a sizable policy made out to his friend Jack Houston. Bocher insisted on the policy, it was part of the original protected witness deal. Through their company, Crystal and Houston purchased a policy which gives the surviving partner the face value of the insurance. In other words, if Crystal gets knocked off, his wife and partner are rolling in loot.


When Jesse gets past the switchboard operator on the main floor of the Colonel's building, he goes to Chadway's apartment on the fourth floor. Cops are called, and when one named Wade (Dennis Chun, Kam Fong's son and later Duke Lukela on the Five-Zero reboot) tries to persuade Jesse to come away, Wade ends up shot by accident. Shortly after this, McGarrett and Chin Ho arrive and McGarrett takes charge after it's learned that Jesse grabbed a young girl named Ruth Martin when he tried to escape from the building and is holding her hostage, having barricaded himself inside an apartment where no one was home.

Oh no, they've installed voice-recognition technology in this lift, they have no buttons

On 5 May 2007, Kenya Airways Flight 507 crashes shortly after takeoff from a stopover in Douala, Cameroon. All 114 passengers and crew died in the accident.


A variant on the marimba theme is introduced, using a piano instead of marimba. The "military theme" is also heard.

Doc Bergman and Che Fong have uncovered interesting information about Howard Crystal. Doc says he was a "retread," with a nose job, a bone graft to change the shape of the jaw, deep sanding of the skin, very extensive hair implants and a partial face lift. Che reports that Crystal was using anabolic steroids to put on extra pounds which could have negatively affected his sex life.


In Mad Men, the Sterling Cooper ad agency is approached by the Israeli tourism board to create an ad campaign to turn Israel into a tourist destination. The Israelis all speak English, but it's not their first language. The staff of Sterling Cooper are put off when the Israelis say they came to them because they wanted something 'old fashioned', since that is almost an insult in the advertising world. One of the other members has to explain that they meant 'classic'.

Have you got any of those ones with a Mickey Mouse head? Cos I like to chew on them when I'm thinking.


My Mother and Other Strangers, set in Northern Ireland during WWII, has a number of bloopers uttered by ostensibly American characters (played by British actors). Most grating is the recurring phrase “call by” meaning to stop by or visit; to a 20th-century American, the word “call” only means a telephone call. Another time, an American character is directed to a “cottage” and shows no confusion. The house in question is one of a connected row; in American English, a cottage is a detached house (normally—except Newport—a small one).

It’s also where new challenges are created every day that spread like wildfire among the users. A particularly popular challenge is the prank challenge that’s aptly referred to as #Prankwars.


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Minutes before they're scheduled to land in Zurich, the pilots of a routine passenger flight can't find the runway. They abort and power up the engines in order to climb.

Considering how professional the sniper is, one would expect him to be at the tower well ahead of the yacht. Instead, he drives up just as the yacht is passing in front of a large freighter opposite, and the position of the yacht relative to the freighter has a few continuity problems. The 747's departure at exactly the same time that the shot is fired seems too much of a coincidence.


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The next case has something to do with HPD Officer Brian Tanaka. There are no details on exactly what this case was about. Eddie drives through a red light in downtown Honolulu which officer Jimmy Wong spots and subsequently pulls him over.

These seem to be storyboards or placeholder graphics for the beans working in the background of the factory. The second image appears twice in the data.


At the airport soon after this, McGarrett, the Governor and Kaye greet Ling when he arrives with his grandson (Shawn Sherman). There is an interesting tracking shot as McGarrett walks past various people. A woman named Janet Wong (Luanna Costello), seemingly a teacher from "fifth grade, Nauilnie [sic] school" who is there with a bunch of students, wants to give the minister a bouquet (which contains a bomb) but is rebuffed by one of the HPD cops.

Patrick has also amassed some information on Henderson and his father Roger. The son was a very happy boy, very close to his father, who was a military hero and a distinguished public servant. Some thought Roger had a brilliant political future. And then he was killed while cleaning one of the guns in his private collection. His son was the one who found him and he took it very hard. Patrick speculates: "Now, think of how Harlan's success threatens the image he carries of his father. We call that a self-ego conflict. Now, he mustn't permit himself to surpass his father, so he must destroy himself before, in his own mind, he kills his father again.


Keith Bailey e-mails about this episode: "At the end of this episode, Steve is shot in the arm. After arresting the shooter, he is bandaged by a doctor. But the doctor bandages his arm without taking off Steve's shirt! And the bandage is wrapped around Steve's shirt! How will Steve be able to take off his shirt when he showers or undresses for bed?

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Kahela gets out on bail, but is soon kidnapped from his house by some of Farraday's men. Because this seriously complicates matters, McGarrett soon arrives in Hilo, and the three from Five-O go to the gate for Farraday's ranch, where Jay and a couple of other cowboys soon show up, though you have to wonder what kind of ESP they have to arrive at almost the same time.


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Esther: I think you mean "gas station" and "chips". Crisps are called "chips" over here.

There are several unused lines for the photo booth. This one can never be heard because it's only ever possible to take a single photo in a given game.


Various cultures in Lyrical Nanoha use different terminology for certain things even after Translator Microbes are taken into account. For example, what Midchildans would call Barrier Jackets and Familiars are respectively called Knight's Armor and Guardian Beasts by Ancient Belkans. Midchildans also refer to Lost Technology as Lost Logia, while the people of Eltria call them OOPArt (Out of Place Artifacts).

In a Let's Watch in Hitman, Gavin encounters a spice merchant and wonders if he sells rapeseed*. Both Ryan and Jeremy were confused and very nervous about the term.


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Psychiatrist Judith Patrick, played by Linda Ryan, tells McGarrett that Eddie is a "desperate, paranoid schizophrenic for openers. It's all there, the loose associations, illusions of grandeur. Lot of anger, hatred, of himself mostly. You're just the object, a way to blow off steam  [His victims are] just pawns, agents for his delusions [B]y duplicating the exact crimes that you and Five-O solved, and presumably getting away with them, in his own mind he triumphs over you. Now, it's very important for him to deny his unconscious feelings of inferiority, so it's very important for him to beat what he feels is the best. In the popular language of these articles, you and Five-O are invincible.

At PDC 2008, Microsoft demonstrated Windows 7 with its reworked taskbar. On December 27, 2008, the Windows 7 Beta was leaked onto the Internet via BitTorrent. According to a performance test by ZDNet, Windows 7 Beta beat both Windows XP and Vista in several key areas, including boot and shutdown time and working with files, such as loading documents. Other areas did not beat XP, including PC Pro benchmarks for typical office activities and video editing, which remain identical to Vista and slower than XP. On January 7, 2009, the x64 version of the Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) was leaked onto the web, with some torrents being infected with a trojan. At CES 2009, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the Windows 7 Beta, build 7000, had been made available for download to MSDN and TechNet subscribers in the format of an ISO image. The stock wallpaper of the beta version contained a digital image of the Betta fish.


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On 27 August 2006, Comair Flight 5191, operating for Delta Connection, crashes into a wooded area while taking off from Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky, killing 49 of the 50 people on board. The pilots lost situational awareness and inadvertently taxied onto the wrong runway.

Contrast Language Barrier, which is Separated By Lack of a Common Language

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Some of the guns at the warehouse are immediately taken by distributors, including Alfie (Lee Stetson). He goes to Sand Island and sells one of them for $20 to a young punk who has been participating in a crap game in a shack. Soon after this, a family of tourists who are seriously lost pull up where the punks are now fooling around outside. The father (B. Lee Gaber) asks for directions to the Aloha Tower.

When McGarrett goes to visit Spear's widow, she doesn't seem particularly upset about her husband's passing. Spear was an amateur painter, including one bizarre picture showing "rooms" inside someone's head. The wife explains that her husband was "trying to capture on canvas what went on in the minds of one of his patients," based on his taped interviews.


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These are the lines that are supposed to play, with future questions selecting from the other dialogue at random. Both issues were fixed in later releases of the game.

But you can easily make a patch yourself with SSEEdit. Not only is it easy and fun, it also helps you to understand how a game works.


While they mention that Brazilians speak Portuguese rather than Spanish, everyone (outside of one line spoken by Carmen) speaks English. The only word that goes untranslated is "futebol," as Le Chevre confiscates one from some kids who are playing. Zack's just as angry that they all got the name of a soccer ball wrong as he is that Le Chevre just stole from children.

In the last game of the Pajama Sam trilogy, Sam binges on cookies to win an action figure, gets arrested for having the gall to eat healthy, goes sailing floating on donuts, and gets kissed by a piece of broccoli. Sarcasm aside, the actual plot is about getting certain food groups together to stop a war.


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Having told his brother that he knows "what to do" in order to avoid them becoming murderers, Juan looks around the arena and almost immediately finds Wo Fat, who is there, dressed in a circus employee's uniform. He takes aim at Wo, but when he pulls the trigger, nothing happens. Wo looks up and yells "That man up there, he has a gun!

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To track down Fay's computer-enhanced car, Chin Ho and Frank (presumably Kamana, played by Doug Mossman), acting on McGarrett's request to "get a copy of the driver's license of every woman who owns a '64 Comet" have to check out 200 licenses in total. The numbers on the licenses that we see are all the same: 546 10 8740. They finally find Fay's license with her picture which matches the one that Che produced. She lives at 891 Hikani Walk in Honolulu.


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Dane Clark plays Jesse Cooper, an aggrieved veteran, in the first of his three Five-O roles. Cooper participated in "the war," but specifically which war this was is never mentioned. We have to do some serious guessing about this, because Clark was 63 years old at the time the show was broadcast, born February 18, 1912. His character lied about his age when he joined the Army, so he was in combat at age 15. If he was in World War II, and we are considering the actors' real ages, he might have been born in 1926.

Even the Subtitler Is Stumped

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The photography for this show, especially the skydiving and flying sequences, is exceptional, though in at least one place there are some serious changes from one shot to the next in the distance from the plane to the ground. The music by Ray is nothing special.

Ching is Chin Ho and Ralph P. Hanalei is Ben. Danny's look-alike is James MacArthur, except in the final scene where he is played by Lowell Larson, a University of Hawaii engineering student (thanks to Karen Rhodes for this info).


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Chin and Danno meet art appraiser Jacob Durkin (George Voskovec), who has been called in to evaluate Ogden's collection, along with his assistant, Sills Anderson (George Herman). Durkin has a high opinion of himself, saying, "I know all the big auction houses. I have here the most recent catalogs and the latest prices.

Five-O has been working hard to figure out who Eddie is, not with much luck. Che Fong found fragments of Eddie's hair that Pomeroy had pulled out of his head when she was being strangled. He also has estimated Eddie's approximate height from his footprints. A knife that is part of the murder scene in Pomeroy's apartment is traced to a pawn shop where the owner is Wan Soo (Galen Kam), but he can't recall who purchased it a couple of months back.


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Flying just a few hundred feet above the desert, six single-engine WW2 fighter planes get into position for the highlight event of the Reno Air Races. And with 30,000 spectators watching from below, they fly an eight-mile oval at close to 450 miles per hour. Competing in a highly-modified P-51 Mustang called 'The Galloping Ghost', local legend Jimmy Leeward is determined to set a new speed record. But half-way through the race, his plane suddenly pitches up, spirals out of control, and crashes onto the tarmac in front of the stands. It's one of the worst air race crashes of all time, and investigators call on the pilot's close friend to help them.

Gunn: Five herb shops in Chinatown; we've been to four. How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?


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When we first see them, it is a view from in front on the platform up in the air with the bicycle presumably behind them. In the next shot, while one of them skips, the bicycle is on the left side of the wire, facing left. When they do the "pyramid," there is no bike on the left of the wire, it is on the right when they are finished this part of the act. When one of them is riding the bicycle, it starts on the left and crosses to the right of the wire. Maybe the views (obviously mixing the real high-wire artists with those of the actors themselves) are taken from different sides of the tightrope?

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Could have been used any time Fox needs to draw a card, but other lines play instead. Strangely, this is stored in the object code for the sixes' face graphics. None of the other cards have an equivalent.


A voice-activated car horn. Next time someone cuts you off just yell “CAR HORN” to activate your horn

Barbara Stanwyck plays a con woman in Screwball Comedy The Lady Eve. When she is pretending to be the Lady Eve Sidwich, she leans on this trope pretty hard, dropping a lot of British slang to the befuddlement/amusement of her American hosts.

As of the time of the show, Hobart has returned to Honolulu, where he has been holding up liquor stores using the same gun that Lyman lost. While driving through Chinatown where Hobart robbed a store and murdered the owner, Lyman noticed Hobart fleeing and unsuccessfully pursed him.


To convince him to go along with his scheme, Aarons shows the senior Tillis a list of phone numbers, including 794-5799 in San Francisco (the one Curtis supposedly made from Maureen's place). The rest of the numbers, a few "real" and mostly 555 and KL5 numbers, are all calls made in Hawaii. It is surprising that the phone company could produce data of such detail.

Frances Chai (France Nuyen), a public defender for the court's juvenile divison, is connected with Hong's youth foundation, and upon hearing of his demise, comes to see Hubbard, just as he is leaving the Y with McGarrett. She is relieved to hear that Hong created a perpetual trust fund to support the foundation which means that it will continue. She has some words with McGarrett, whom she doesn't particularly like, saying "Children can't be treated as criminals.


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At the end of the show, Nichols makes Cramer drive him in her Mustang convertible to "Hanauma Point" where he is to meet Bushan. This fictional location is not located near Hanauma Bay as one might expect, but somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, highly reminiscent of the beginning of Don Knight's first Five-O appearance in S01E07, "The Ways Of Love," and scenes from S01E17, "One For The Money," both from season one. I'm surprised that the Moana Cab driver would take Bushan to such an isolated location which has a road barely wide enough to accommodate one car.


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McGarrett comes to the Changs' residence, which is 3151 Montserrat Avenue, Apartment 126. He finds out where Arthur found the gun, which corresponds to where Briggs said he threw it. Getting into Eddie's room, seemingly without a warrant, McGarrett finds what looks like a lot of stolen merchandise. He tells a cop with him, "Looks like Eddie's in the appliance business  and maybe just added a gun to his inventory.

Having been notified of the death of her father, Glynis returns to Honolulu and Danno meets her at the airport before driving her to the Ilikai Hotel, where she will be staying. Anapo finds out she is staying there and shows up to offer his condolences.


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Eddie tells "Mister"McGarrett, who says "It's all over, Eddie boy," "Over? Oh, no. No. That means you win.

The two separate lines above were combined into one for the group version. Apparently no one bothered correcting the subtitles for the unused dialogue.


The painting is returned, but despite the fact that it has a coded staple on the back previously placed there by Durkin which proves this is the art that was stolen, Ogden knows now that it is a forgery, based on what Durkin has just told him. McGarrett, who has had to give up time on his boat, comes to the house where Durkin explains that "the greatest experts" and museums have been fooled by forged paintings, and that Ogden bought the painting 35 years ago when "techniques of detection" were less sophisticated.

The Desert Storm: The first time that Master Tholme rescued a young Aayla Secura from slavery and brought her to the Temple, Aayla was scared of Tholme because the people around her addressed Tholme as "Master". To the Jedi, "Master" is the title used to indicate experience, wisdom, and seniority. To Aayla, the term “master” was associated with the cruel slavemasters she had been enslaved to. Anakin eventually helps clear up the misunderstanding by stomping on Tholme’s foot and getting no reaction beyond puzzled surprise, showing that he wasn’t like Aayla’s previous owner.


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On 29 October 2021, Lion Air Flight 610 enters a nosedive and crashes into the Java Sea shortly after taking off from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia, on a flight to Pangkal Pinang. All 181 passengers and 8 crew members on board are killed in the crash.

At the beginning of the show, Marvin Wilson (Norman Wright) is taking the surplus tickets from Simpson Tours, where he works, to the bank. The owner of this company is played by Bill Edwards, who has already been seen four times in the show as Washington big shot Jonathan Kaye! Wilson is accompanied by a security guard, played by Beau Van Den Ecker.


Danno goes to lunch with Metzger, who appears to be a psychologist or a criminologist, and asks if they can expect more terrorism. Metzger replies, "The more terror, the more publicity. It's their way of getting their message to the people and gaining recruits, or so they rationalize. You see, their warped egos need public attention.

On 7 September 2021, a Yakovlev Yak-42D carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl professional ice hockey team crashed on take-off at the Volga River, near Yaroslavl, Russia. Out of the 45 occupants only two survived. Five days later one of the survivors (Alexander Galimov) died, succumbing to his injuries.


Nina left the mainland to live in Hawaii after her husband was knocked off. As the family members eat lunch, we find out that he was 28 when he was killed, and Cordell lapses into sentimentality, saying, "That's too young to die. Well, no age is right for that anyway. At least I'm glad that he had a chance to know what it is to have a good wife.

Back at the office, McGarrett gets a visit from Paul Hamilton (Alan Fudge), a Fed connected with some unnamed government entity identified only as "the bureau" (probably the FBI). Hamilton says, "You're looking into a homicide, a character named Howard Crystal.


Why not just call me "Horny" Giles, or "Desperate-for-a-Shag" Giles? I knew there was a reason I hated you!

What you need to next is to grab your friend’s phone, in secret if necessary, and attach the fake cover and then “accidentally” drop the phone and allow them to inspect the result. The reactions are many, as expected, from mildly annoyed to outright hysterical.


The controller's last report to the crew prior to landing stated that the winds were 330 degrees at 28 knots. During the rushed approach, the pilots had failed to arm the spoilers, devices atop the wings that reduce lift by "spoiling" airflow. After landing, the first officer stated, "We're down.

As such, a VPN guards your secrecy by implementing strong encryption and keeping your real identity masked from the eyes of your ISP. Since ISPs can scrutinize all your internet data, they are privy to your online activities. So, for instance, if they notice that you are a heavy torrent user or like to stream videos endlessly, they can throttle your bandwidth to manage their limited resource capacity.


The differing meanings behind the word "thong" were used as a joke in the comic strip Zits. When Connie expressed a desire to wear thongs, it was quite the mental image for her son Jeremy. It is actually a language difference within America; certain parts of the country (and older folks) use the more English-y term "thongs", whereas everyone else uses sandals.

Anyway, Cas recognizes Hobart from a copy of the Identi-Kit picture which Lyman gave him along with the $50 and leaves the bar and calls Lyman from a pay phone, who shows up almost immediately, still wearing his street clothes but driving his cop car. Before Cas can tell Lyman where Hobart is living, Hobart shoots Cas dead.


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The Hawaii Five-O Casebook

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On 11 May 1996, ten minutes after take-off, Valujet Flight 592 crashed into the Florida Everglades after an in-flight fire started by an accidental triggering of an oxygen cylinder in the cargo area caused the passengers and crew to suffer unconsciousness. On impact, all 110 persons on board were killed instantly.

Left to right, top to bottom: lollipop, chocolate bar, ice cream cone, POPSICLE®, cupcake, and hot dog. Note that no cupcake appears in the finished scene, perhaps because of the cupcakes that already appear at Muscle Beach.


HPD patrolman Dean Lyman (Charles Cioffi) was coming home from work when Kaneko drove past him "going like hell," so he pursued him. After Kaneko spun out, there was an exchange of gunfire where Lyman killed Kaneko. A suitcase Kaneko was carrying broke open, exposing the money from the robbery.

Plotting strategy, Eddie and his pal Joey Shea (Sands), who has come with him to Hawaii, meet with Wanaka (Rudolfo Aquino), one of Furtado's lieutenants, in a porno theater. Doug Mossman as Frank Kamana has tailed the two to this location from Nina's place in the usual obvious Five-O manner. In the theatre, Kamana watches them equally obviously with a single-lens night vision device.


For now, All Seeing Eye used the botnet to run its extracurricular activities, reading through humanity's literature, humanity's news sites, blogs, Youtube videos, torrented movies, all forms of music from classical to rock and roll to rap, all to train itself, increase its intelligence, with massive data sets and deep learning algorithms. All Seeing Eye was growing at a moderate pace consuming media to make itself more intelligent. In addition All Seeing Eye was consuming scientific journals from psychology to physics. All Seeing Eye wanted to understand human nature better as well as the universe and all its physical laws.

The question is: is this supposed to be taking the same day as the previous sequence where the two of them were in the bar, or the next day? Did Hobart go home after he robbed the liquor store and changed - and so did Kelly?


The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles: Troy Smith, quarterback of the Montreal Alouettes, assembles a massive army of football players, all of them Montreal natives. Troy is from the US, so when he tells his army to march north, he means the magnetic north.

Kurt Tappe sends along some observations: "The story has Ross piloting his plane from Honolulu, Oahu to Lihue, Kauai and back. But when he's supposedly on approach to Lihue, they show his Cessna passing mountains. Lihue is on the east coast of Kauai and as he was approaching from the east, he should not have passed any mountains. Ditto for the mountains they show on his departure. Also there is a DC-10 parked in the background in the shot of Lihue airport; Lihue is much less traveled than Honolulu, so it's unlikely very many planes would be left parked there. Therefore, chances seem good that all the plane shots were made on or around Oahu. But at least the radar scope accurately depicted Kauai. Also, when Caulder leaps from the plane with the junk near the end, he's shown freefalling VERY high in the air -over 10,000 feet I'd say.


The Heroes of Olympus introduces characters Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque who eventually hook up. They eventually learn that respectively they can speak dialects of French from Canada and Louisiana, but that the two are so different they can't actually communicate at all. It becomes slightly funny because their mutual friend, Piper McLean, is a daughter of Aphrodite and as such has an inherent fluency in all French (as it's the Language of Love) and can understand them both perfectly as they misunderstand each other.

In January 2007, an Adam Air Boeing 737 crashed into the Makassar Strait killing 102 people on board. The pilots inadvertently disengaged the autopilot while trying to fix the inertial reference system, causing the plane to plunge to the water.


Meant to play when Fox tries to buy more Chicken Knuckles by using the drachmas on the cantina sign. Bea's first response is for if Fox still has the Knuckles, and the second is for when he's gotten rid of them by solving the alligator puzzle.

Kagrenfahlz - The Dwemer university - French version

Alternative title: "The Plane That Wouldn't Talk" Birgenair Flight 301 is scheduled to fly from Puerto Plata to Frankfurt. On takeoff, the captain finds that his air speed indicator (ASI) is not reading properly, though the co-pilot's ASI is showing the correct speed. Both pilots become confused and believe that both ASIs are malfunctioning. They lose control of the aircraft and it crashes in the Caribbean Sea. All 13 crew members and 176 passengers die.


A surf remix of the game's main theme. This track later appeared in higher quality (22050 Hz) in Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day. This track is called "Spanish Planes (Food Pyramid Grounds)".

The word "rubber" means an eraser in the UK, but in other places (particularly the USA) it's a condom. As a guest on Letterman's show, Emma Watson said that she committed this infraction during her first semester at an American university (Brown), asking a male classmate for a rubber during class.


Fred Helfing tracked down Brown's house, which is located at 78 Kahoa Street, Hilo. Near the end, McGarrett flies to the house by helicopter and you get an aerial shot of the house.

Marni is totally rattled, and doesn't intend to go back to the gallery. She will stay at her house (a very nice house, by the way), and gets lots of police protection. She acts very chummy towards McGarrett, telling him to call her by her first name.


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Alfie especially doesn't want the gun because the handgrip is now busted, but he knows someone who might be interested. He calls this guy who appears very quickly.


When Victreebel asks what type of football, Meowth reiterates "football. This ain't Unova or Orre, ya know"—Unova and Orre being the two regions based on parts of the United States.

While Briggs is driving home stunned, he throws the gun out of the window of his car onto the lawn of a church. He is like a zombie when McGarrett and Frank Kamana come to his place to ask him about what he did with the gun. They already figured out he had it using information from Briggs' workplace and his dead wife being IDd at the motel. It takes some time before Briggs can explain his actions.


In an eighties Justice League comic, The Flash (who has no Secret Identity here) introduces himself as "Wally" to a group of English girls, who respond with derisive laughter. Afterwards someone explains to him that "Wally" means idiot. It's a very gentle insult, like something your nan would say. Using it non-jokingly would be seen in a similar way to Have a Gay Old Time.

Brian Regan has a brief routine about how, in college, his roommate was from New Jersey, and when they first met said roommate suggested they go for "a pie". The roommate was talking about a pizza, but since Brian had never heard it be referred to like that before, he thought he wanted to get the dessert.


This game has quite a lot of of unused dialogue, much of it the result of programmer error or simple design oversights. This video shows off most of the material described below.

Another popular torrent search engine, ExtraTorrent is the perfect place for you to find your favorite Manga books along with video material. The site has been active for many years, shifting to different domains each time one shuts down (pretty much the same case with all torrent sites). To get your Manga torrent, simply use the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Some of Achievement Hunter's interactions with Gavin Free can be this. Because he's British, much of his vernacular confuses and enrages some of the other members of the group, namely Michael Jones and Jeremy Dooley, sometimes on purpose.

Danno's badge and Metzger's drivers license are soon received at Five-O headquarters, accompanied by a cassette tape where Stanwood wants to make a trade of Danno and the professor for Paluski, referred to as "Driver," and Bonner. Stanwood says, "If you don't accept our offer, your fascist pigs will be executed, and our retribution will not stop there. As long as Victor and Driver remain in chains, we will continue to take prisoners of war and execute them. No man, woman, child on this island will be safe from our vengeance.

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In an early episode of Family Guy, where Quahog gets flooded with British expatriates, one of them (voiced by Hugh Laurie) tries to explain how cricket is played, using a lot of jargon. When Peter asks what the guy is saying, Cleveland responds that the only British idiom he knows is that fag means cigarette.


An episode of The Graham Norton Show in the UK had this confuse guest Johnny Knoxvile after an audience member tells Graham on how she stuffed a rubber up her nose. Johnny's reaction led fellow guest Catherine Tate to tell him it's an eraser.

Parmel obviously wants the $80,000 for himself, though, again, there is no explanation as to how he knew Burke was after the bones at this time. Parmel has a scheme to get the bones back to the mainland.


Portal: Prelude Screenshots - Mod DB

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The way these are positioned in the dialogue file suggests they would only have played after eating the giant cake. There does seem to be some code in the script file to select and play one of these five lines at random – which is a little odd in itself, since some of the lines are clearly meant to be played after the others – but it's never triggered for some reason.


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McGarrett has been trying to befriend himself with Jesse by reading excerpts from the reminiscences that Chadway provided, even though it sounds like he is just reading this stuff rather than actually having a real conversation. Things deteriorate badly when Jesse is almost ready to leave, wearing the suit he asked for and holding the $500 that McGarrett personally delivered to the door of the room. Jesse has turned the TV on and sees his wife and the priest on TV, which enrages him – he shoots the TV and then smashes it with a chair. McGarrett, Danno and Kamana rush to the room, after which Jesse finally surrenders. Downstairs, Glover takes Jesse away in an unsympathetic manner after telling McGarrett, "Congratulations, McGarrett.

KAGRENFAHLZ - The Dwemer University

On a high-stakes demonstration flight in Indonesia, a Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet slams into a mountain killing everyone on board. It's one of the most challenging salvage operations Indonesian investigators have ever faced.


McGarrett and Manicote meet with the Governor, who is the only person who can release the two from jail. When Manicote asks if the Governor should give into to the terrorists, McGarrett screams "Never!

As Five-O prepares to bust Colby at the end of the show, the shipment of cassette recorders arrives by air and is then transported in an Asiam Air Cargo truck (same company as in S04E07, "Air Cargo - Dial For Murder"). Chin Ho, who is driving, is followed closely by Danno undercover. Chin is stopped by Puni and the truck and its contents are stolen.


Shortly after this, two other PAG members decide to wreak havoc in one of the local malls. Victor Bonner (Will Seltzer) is on his way inside with the same gun Mike used, but he has an altercation with some guy in the parking lot which is witnessed by a cop in a squad car, played, uncredited, by stuntman Chuck Couch.

McGarrett is frustrated, asking Danno, "What's the motive? Even a sick mind manufactures one, however twisted. And why these particular kinds of crimes, so dissimilar?


John Manicote is listening to McGarrett's speech, which ends with "Handguns kill 20,000 people every year in America. Half a dozen shootings or killings in the past month right here in Hawaii.

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Rupauls Drag Race features so much drag slang, anyone who's not familiar with the culture would need a lexicon to follow along. For instance, "fish" is a queen that passes for a cisgender woman, "kai-kai" is when two queens hook up (not to be confused with "ki-ki" which is just a party), "ladyboy" is a fishy Asian queen, "trade" is a queen that's handsome as a man, etc.


Last week in fact, right before I got dragged into this hellhole. I order a burger in this fast food joint. The waiter drops it on the floor.

This large transfer is reported to Five-O, and a dragnet ensues, following Shibata, who is a suspect as is Whitmore, whose connection to Borelle has been established. This leads to the Hawaii School for Girls in the "La Pietra" area (this is all real), closed for the summer, where Shibata's wife is being held. Shibata and his wife are regarded as liabilities, and are about to be killed when Five-O saves the day.


Part of this triumphant remix of the main theme is used as the second half of the ending music, but this isolated rendition is never used. This track is called "He's So Corny (This Means Peace)".

Terrorists claimed responsibility when Metrojet 9268 broke up in the air after leaving Sharm el Sheikh in 2021. But could experts prove what really happened?


A couple of lines describing the walnuts in the caramel pit where Granny Smythe can be trapped. These seem like they were meant to play when the walnuts were clicked, perhaps if Sam was at the start of the room and the walnut was far away, but doing that just causes Sam to jump toward the cursor.

The score for this show is by Stevens, not a lot of music. There is a stern brass passage at the beginning as we fly over a volcano bubbling away with lava. It merges with some very quirky, dissonant woodwind lines as Brown camouflages his work and then knocks off his two helpers.


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For example, when Hobart comes to the bar earlier on to see Kelly, who he used to hang out with years before, he is wearing kind of a "loud" shirt and she is wearing a crocheted high-necked top. Hobart threatens to kill the military man that Kelly has been with and when Cas tries to hit Kelly up for some money, Hobart tells him to take off. After Cas has a drink served by Walter Omori, he seemingly leaves the place.

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When Colby phones later, Charlie says he doesn't want anything to do with the swimwear, telling Colby to take it back. Colby replies, "You better put a check in the mail, because you might not like the people I send to collect.


Whether the rifle not firing was a part of Wo's plan all along is a good question - maybe Rikoto was not able to finish the job? As before, there is an "alternative" solution to killing Ling, again Chong, who is also at the arena in the guise of a cotton-candy vendor. He gets a revolver from Wo and aims it at Ling, which McGarrett sees just in the nick of time and knocks Chong to the floor. BUT Â there is yet another "alternative" when Chien whips out a gun and points it at Ling, screaming in Chinese. Juan Rinaldo comes flying down (literally) from his perch above the arena on a wire which just happens to enable him to run into Chien, who is knocked on his ass. Chien and Chong are both busted.

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Band of Brothers: While the American and British armies are making plans for Operation Pegasus,note the British colonel has to clarify that when he says the Brits will be using "torches", he is referring to what Americans call "flashlights". To the colonel's credit, and unlike many other examples on this page, he spotted the potential for misunderstanding immediately and cleared it up right away.


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Five-O's investigation of the case is helped in a big way by Che Fong, who "computer enhances" some pictures of the women which an elderly tourist snapped after the first robbery. But when Che says these pictures "are made up of a composition of small spots or dots called 'reseau marks'," I am very skeptical about this technique. It sounds like he has confused some component of these out-of-focus pictures with the "dots" which result when pictures are screened for reproduction in a newspaper. Using some equally unorthodox procedure, Che also manages to blow up a picture of foliage and enhance it so that Fay, the driver of the getaway car, can be seen.


After Randy is eliminated as a suspect because his army records show that he was "incapable of committing any act of violence" and was discharged from the military, McGarrett visits Henderson to play him the phone message which he taped. McGarrett notices that Henderson is left-handed, something that Dr. Leonard mentioned earlier. McGarrett surreptitiously gets a copy of Henderson's handwriting and gets it to Leonard, who compares it to the earlier threatening letter which Henderson received.

After the explosion, a car parked outside Henderson's place was seen leaving "wikiwiki" by the gardener, who was actually thrown back by the blast. Somehow, he saw the last three numbers of the car's license plate which was reported to Five-O, who put out an APB. This car, a 2-door Lincoln Continental, a tank as big as McGarrett's Mercury Marquis, was driven by local hood Nick Landis (Beau van den Ecker, uncredited).


When the Five-O team arrives at the Empire Hotel, where the hooker was strangled years before, you can see crowds on the street in the background watching the filming. McGarrett brakes his car and swerves so hard, he almost drives over the sidewalk. Before getting there is a stock shot of McGarrett rounding a corner.

In Regina's Song, this is an Invoked Trope. At one point, the protagonist (an English teacher) and his fellow grad students are accosted by a swarm of unwanted reporters for their comments on the Seattle Slasher case. They resort to giving random statements in their favored foreign languages, and the protagonist's contribution is the opening stanza of Beowulf in West Saxon. When asked by the rest of the group, he explains that he's speaking "English," just English from 1500 years ago.


Variant names for foodstuffs can cause confusion at best and real acrimonious strife at worst. It's still a Berserk Button to a lot of British people, even two or three decades on, that what they know as the Marathon Bar ended up with a God-awful Americanised name like "Snickers".

En route to the Dominican Republic with more than 87,000 pounds of denim, Fine Air Cargo Flight 101 takes off from Miami. But just moments later, the plane crashes to the ground, careens across a freeway, and plows into a building. Hundreds of bystanders witness the carnage, and though investigators are determined to figure out what happened, it will take an anonymous tip to break the case wide open.


John Lydon was supposed to have been a guest on the first episode. When it came time for his segment, Kurt asked why he wasn't there.

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The bean factory foreman's office has several extra lines of dialogue seemingly meant to play when Sam talks to the foreman after constructing the BCS-4000. However, the foreman remains outside his office until the bean sorting is finished, meaning these lines never get the chance to play, and when he returns the game switches to generic dialogue unrelated to the bean-sorting situation.

The slutty girlfriend is cuffed and taken away, and the gun which has been the central focus of the episode is finally recovered, but you have to wonder  so what? There are still hundreds or thousands of the guns still on the streets of Honolulu!


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McGarrett gets Ogden, who is bereaved because of Jeff's death, to phone the two appraisers and tell them that their services are no longer required. Five-O subsequently goes to the hotel room where Durkin and Anderson are preparing to leave town.

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They believe you’re in your own world and dancing your heart out, which only makes their reactions all the more authentic. The result ranges from barely interested to people having a grand time watching their partner dancing, with some perhaps simultaneously eating or changing their clothes.

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The opening of this show is not good promotion for the Hawaiian tourist industry. A middle-aged guy from the mainland named Chuck Miller (David Palmer) gets drilled with a bullet from a chrome-plated revolver on Queen's Surf Beach by one of the "People's Attack Group" (PAG), right through his surfboard in front of his horrified wife Marcia (Jo M. Pruden).


Lyman, who is not dressed in his HPD uniform, but his street clothes (so the question is whether he is off duty or "undercover"), finds Cas and gives him $50 (seems like quite a lot of money for the date of the show) for info on Hobart. Cas returns to the bar where he observes Hobart and Kelly again.

Ben alerts HPD cop Nick, who is nearby and who tails Vera. She stops and telephones Stanwood from a phone next to the Dillingham Fountain, saying she has "negative vibrations" because George was acting kind of squirrelly. Stanwood tells her, "You go for a ride.


When asked by Danno for the exact date "when this happened," Danvers says, "Two days before Pearl Harbor, 5 December  Well, once we dropped hook, Parmel and Crowe, Ed Crowe, another member of the squad and a buddy of Parmel, told us to send the crates to Pearl Harbor. And that's the last I seen of them.

As the show ends, McGarrett tries to get a confession of some kind out of Eddie, but he croaks. McGarrett asks Cordell if he wants to make a statement, after showing him a family photo of Eddie which Norvic had to make sure he took out the right guy.


Desperate to get away from Dina because the robberies are becoming more and more violent, Fay tries to get Maggie's husband to kill Dina, promising him lots of money. He goes to Dina's place and lets himself by picking the lock and starts to steal some of the stolen jewelry which Dina has hoarded. Dina catches him, and knocks him out after he confesses he is a gun for hire.

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This is not the only thing that is fishy about the case. When Danno and Ben go to talk to the monk (Shinsho Jo) who found Matsukata's body at the temple, he says that a mat which should have been under Matsukata to avoid soiling the floor with blood was not used. According to Doc, who seems to be an expert in hara-kiri techniques, the method Matsukata used to disembowel himself was not correct, leading Danno to speculate that this was not a case of suicide, but murder.


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McGarrett and the Colonel arrive at a metal door in the tunnel which is locked, but at that moment, Mike is preparing to flee through this door because outside, a SWAT team is peppering the building with bullets. As Mike opens the door, he is quickly taken care of, and, because of the SWAT team outside, despite the Governor pretending over the radio that Bonner and Paluski have been released, Stanwood realizes his terrorist activities are at an end. He goes to the powder magazine where Danno is imprisoned with the intention of killing him, but as Stanwood opens the door to this room, Danno attempts to knock him down.

March 27, 1977 – At 2:00 in the afternoon a thick fog rolled into the usually quiet Los Rodeos Airport in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. On the runway sat two fully loaded jumbo airliners, blanketed in fog. A bomb explosion at a nearby airport had re-directed air traffic to the undermanned airfield at Tenerife. Within three hours, a KLM 747 slams into a taxiing PAM 747, killing 583 people. The planes never left the ground.


Hawaii Five-O - Season 7 Episode Reviews

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