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The pre-safety measures i personally take i find are sufficient. If we're talking about other valuable things such as vehicle or house, i'd rather do the necessary pre-safety measures before the deadline 2-3 months ahead.


Without which we may lay a Red carpet for perps to plan their move once they learn what all are the ingredients used to develop the website. Why risk a project unnecessarily when the idea is in using a little caution to help slow down or thwart any fkups.

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Spoilers are only allowed in specific channels of the server so you'll not be spoiled about anything. It's also here that I'll post the progress of this patch.

For most standard saves, the answer (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/new-english-file-advanced-answer-key.zip) is yes and no. Each of your saves keep track of the code's position of the last text you've seen. I added some code to add the bonus CGs so if you saved in one of the scripts I have modified then you can be in trouble. It can work or it might glitch or do some weird things. If your save doesn't work I recommend to use a walkthrough to get back where you were in the game.


Use Wp-sweep plugin for deleting old leftover files (check this link right here now) from removed old plugins and other old data from database. This plugin is better than wp-optimize plugin as stated by famous websites and authors.

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I have one issue with Admin's Login eMail ID -> What ever ID is used it someway or the other shoots few emails to site users there by revealing Admin's ID at times especially for eCom sites where regular order updates are sent thru email. What would be a way to hide Admin's eMail ID for ever?

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Run a monthly backup from the cPanel and the WordPress site. DELETE unused/unwanted plugins & themes. Clear all the clutter so that you and your visitors can have a fast and smooth WordPress experience.