Steve: Yeah, the problem with the Mac, well, actually, no because the Boot Camp provides a compatible BIOS. The problem was that SpinRite was using the physical hardware of the keyboard in the PC.

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So this is something, I got a kick out of this because I hadn't been aware of this happening, but I've been talking about it happening. Because from a technical standpoint this is clearly a means for advertisers to circumvent adblockers. And that is exactly - here's an example of it being done, which is, if the browser asks for content which is unavailable from the first-party site, the ad networks, Ashton says, are already asking sites to configure a proxy so that the server will turn around and ask the ad server for the content on its behalf. It receives it and then returns it to the browser.


A rotational player his first three seasons in Chicago after coming out of UTEP in 2021, RRH is a large man with a ton of length, listed at 6’7 and right around 300 pounds. After posting a modest but steady contribution number in those three years, he was hoping to take that next step this year in his contract season and become a dominant force. Battling injuries suppressed his effectiveness, and he wound up eventually going on IR after Week 8 with a shoulder injury. Even so, Spotrac currently has the 27-year-old with an expected market value of $8M per year for 3 years, which while it’s certainly not cheap, is definitely not out of reach of the Browns, if Andrew Berry takes an interest.

Leo: You know, the Windows Vista gadget bar has a CPU monitor. I imagine it would look at all four processors. And you said that it comes with Windows. Of course it comes with the Mac, too. There's an activity monitor does exactly the same thing. There are lots of little gadgets that do this.


Steve: Well, Leo, we already know because the article that I read was an AT&T facility. This was tapping the so-called backbone. This is the - remember that the way these - at the very, very top we have the so-called Tier 1 providers. And they have what's called peering relationships with, like, so, like Level 3 and AT&T and Sprint have peering relationships with each other, where they are, because they're peers, and so they agree that they will send traffic to each other. What we read in this testimony and on this EFF page is this was the peering pipe at AT&T going to its peers.

Leo: Google bought, you know, the Webalizers of the world, the little utilities that you'd run against your log. I used to do that to find out my - but Analytics is so much more useful, most people stopped doing that. Maybe they'll go back to doing it.


I’ve shown you this personal development blog example because of its simplicity. You don’t need to recreate the wheel in order to produce a popular blog within your niche. As long as you target the right niche and cater to that niche with resourceful content, then you’re onto a winner.

Now, John also mentioned the privacy aspect, which is what we had touched on a couple weeks ago. And that is that, you know, if anyone cared, if an ISP cared, they're able to determine where your computer goes because your computer is always asking for it, that is, the ISP's DNS server to look up the IP of any domains you want. So from a privacy standpoint there is some compromise there in that your ISP could be tracking that. If you run your own DNS server, you're not asking your ISP, but you are asking other servers, other DNS servers on the 'Net, and the request is coming from you. So it's sort of a privacy tradeoff. On one hand, your ISP would know if you were asking for a specific site and know who you were. But the site and the servers that it has to ask would only see the request coming from the ISP and not from you. So it does, by using your own DNS, it cuts out the middleman, which can be a benefit for performance.


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The major issue with the Organophosphate exposures is “aging” or the irreversible damage to acetylcholinesterase. If Pralidoxime isn’t administered before this aging occurs, the patient will require a long ICU stay and likely more Atropine than your pharmacy has while their body replenishes its supply of the critical enzyme to clear the excess acetylcholine.

And the reason I bought a press release company is first of all, this is beautiful. So Amazon announces that their algorithms basically all content driven, right, that’s what they love.


Well, what's interesting is that phone companies have no need to retain that in perpetuity. They typically only keep it for 60 to 90 days. So what's happened is, as authorized under this Article 215, the NSA has set up arrangements with all of the domestic phone companies to acquire this data before they delete it. So, and it turns out that it's not against the law to do this. The so-called "business records" have been ruled by the Supreme Court not to be subject to privacy protection.

That'll take you to the uBlock wiki. The page is dynamic filtering, turn off uBlock everywhere except, which is the name. You could probably Google "dynamic filtering turn off uBlock everywhere except" in order to find that page, also.


Leo: And I don't want to be self-serving here, but it's one reason why it's important to listen to this show. Because I'm looking through all the major tech news sources, and they were so busy covering CNET, I don't see anything about this. And partly they were covering - CES.

Thomas Watkins, welcome to the Off The Grid Biz Podcast

So what we have with the Internet, the word "Internet" is interconnected networks. The Internet itself is a global interconnection of privately owned networks. And in some cases they may be government-owned networks.


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Steve: "AT&T's Internet traffic" - I'm reading now from the EFF's summary of this. And this is titled "AT&T's Role in Dragnet Surveillance of Millions of Its Customers: AT&T's Internet traffic in San Francisco runs through fiber-optic cables at an AT&T facility located at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco.

Leo: Unless you are writing your own source code and compiling it yourself, there's a certain degree of trust. I mean, if you're using any form of closed source software, you're 100% trusting the vendor.


Steve: If you poke around the 'Net much, there's like people saying, oh, my god, don't, you know. I guess one of the ways people are destroying drives is they're using some sort of a device to just push right through the axle of the drive, like some sort of a punch. And if you do that with more recent glass or glass-ceramic platters, which we'll be talking about later in the show when we get to this guy's question, I mean, they shatter into microscopic shards. And I saw one person saying don't ever do that over carpet, or you will never get the carpet cleaned of all of the glass that is in there. So anyway, I just saw this fun picture that showed, yeah, this is not a platter that bends.

Motherboard BIOS Settings for ASUS Z270-A and Z270-P

But the danger is any Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4, the latest service pack, XP or Vista machine which is placed on the Internet unpatched and not behind a NAT router, that is, with an actual public IP, what is virtually foreseeable is that the patch will be reverse engineered. We've already seen Microsoft's patches reverse engineered where the bad guys look at what changed and then figure out what the vulnerability was from the change that was made. So it's virtually certain that this patch will be reverse engineered. Bad guys are going to figure out where the buffer overflow is in IGMP. And maybe they wouldn't even have to reverse engineer. Knowing that there is one there, they could just find it the same way the good guys, the good hackers did, who informed Microsoft about this some time ago.


But the packet that a user generated is just this little blob of bits that has an address, a source and a destination IP, the Internet protocol address that is used to send it towards its destination. And so the wires that the packets are moving over belong to the public or private carriers of the data. But the data is sort of - it's public. I mean, you've lost control of it. You've put it on the Internet, and it's gone.

I get these really nice pastel circle things all over the iMore.com pages. When I'm home, I don't see them because I've got uBlock. And just like Stephen, I would love to allow Contributor to still work. And this is an example of the kind of solution I think we're going to find. We're in interesting times, as they say. We're going through an upheaval. Adblockers really are having an effect because users really are beginning to adopt them, and they're becoming easier to use.


Never-before-shared book proposal samples

What does it cost for a card that’s it’s been inspected, or a fragile thing on your tape on a box. But what we were able to bring up is our average order for gross profit anyways was 45% rather than 23% gross margins.

Still, from a performance standpoint, what I hear is that it's a win. And I should say I'm running my own DNS servers. I have a DNS server that we run, GRC runs at our facility at Level 3. And I ever have one here at home on a UNIX box. And it was these guys who did TreeWalk DNS that helped me through the initial hurdles of getting my own local DNS server set up correctly and running.


For example, Frasier is the flawed protagonist who just wants to be left alone. Martin moves in, inconveniencing him.

So now that we've got this sort of background, all these guys have to do is include with their encrypted data a randomly chosen initialization vector. That's all they have to do. Essentially what that will do - and this initialization vector is also - it would be called a nonce, a one-time token which is not going to be reused again for security. And even though it would be in the clear, that is, it itself would not be encrypted, that doesn't matter because it's changing every time.


The aluminum, just like the glass, was only the underlayment used to hold the actual storage layer, which is a microscopically thin layer of something of a magnetic medium, so it doesn't matter whether it's aluminum underneath it or glass underneath it. It's actually deposited itself in a superfine smooth coating. What you want is no lumps and bumps underneath.

Anyway, so for me - and I have to say this has been just a grand slam win. You immediately took to it two weeks ago when we talked about it.


Use the down arrow key to select ‘System Agent (SA) Configuration’, hit enter. We’re going to be editing the settings in the Graphics, OPI, and PEG Configurations.

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Or if you’re writing a lower-key comedy or drama, like Mad Men, then it’s all about creating an unusual setting and strong characters. It’s about pulling the audience in through the characters’ individual stories and slowly developing relationships.


How to write a TV pilot script step #1: Focus on your reason for writing it. 

Steve: I guess I do, except that I've got indentation. And so like I've got an Errata line, and then Weekly Security Update, and then Q&A. And then underneath those are the sub-subjects. And underneath them are little things I don't want to forget to mention. And I'll tell you, for example, when I'm brainstorming a new product, I think I've talked about Crypto Link is the next thing I'm going to do, a cryptographic communications product. I've got outlines, I mean, everything about Crypto Link is in a ThoughtManager outline because, as I think of things, I just put it in. And I just want to know that I'm not going to forget it. It'll be there.

So when I talk about coming at a niche from a different angle, this example is exactly what I mean. Skint Dad is a site that helps young / new dads save money and be more frugal in their day to day living. There’s also a section on their that shows guys how to make a little more cash on top of their monthly day job wage, which is vital in some cases just to keep your head above water. A lot of new dads have the added stress of not having their wives’ or girlfriends’ wage coming in each month, due to the temporary career change in being a full time mum of a baby. So having some content around how they can make a few extra “Ps” in their wallet each month, can ease the burden somewhat.


Steve: I believe that that's exactly right. And then there was someone named John Friend, he did one called GrandView. And Symantec bought them at one point. GrandView was another great - and these were text-based outliners. That is to say they ran, you know, back in the DOS era. And I actually still have GrandView here, and it works, although it's a little funky, and I've pretty much moved over into GUI land. Then there was something really wacky for a while called Ecco, E-c-c-o.

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Here’s a few examples of blogs that help people to develop their own blogs in WordPress and that offer advice and tutorials on the development of WordPress websites. These sites tend to monetize their traffic by having Adsense ads on their pages or have signed up to various affiliate programs to push certain products around web development and WordPress theme and services.


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Don’t fall into the trap of jumping straight into writing the script. Work out what the core conflict is. Discover what makes it engaging and what sets it apart from everything that’s gone before.

So first of all, the good news is, NAT routers do block this. So here's another reason why it would have always been good to be behind a NAT router.


Baron et al. Accuracy of Computed Tomography in Diagnosis of Intra-abdominal Injuries in Stable Patients With Anterior Abdominal Stab Wounds: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Acad Emerg Med 2021 Jul;25(7):744-757.

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And Jon Stewart is off for the summer directing a movie, so John Oliver is standing in for "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. His opening piece Monday night [June 10, 2021] was wonderful. Basically summed up the political side of this with the typical "Daily Show" comedy. So I wanted to recommend that to our listeners.


Take it back to the ‘Advanced’ menu and we’re going to tweak the ‘APM Configuration’. This is a key modification here, we’re going to edit the settings of ‘Restore AC Power Loss’ to Power ON. This will automatically reboot the rig if there is a power loss.

Steve: Well, and there's - people have been calling him a whistleblower. But as I understand it, a whistleblower is when you are describing something which is illegal. And so one of the interesting points, Mika Brzezinski kept making it on "Morning Joe" early this week, was that she said, well, this is legal; right?


In another tab, bring up the show’s details in IMDb. This is handy for adding character names as each episode progresses.

Killing the town podcast

Stop Watching Us. It's taking signups. There are 63 companies that have already, or organizations that are behind this. And so I suggest that anybody who's interested - they've got a really crappy security certificate. I was disappointed in the security certificate for the site because it's an HTTPS site. I would like to see something better there.


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WordPress Tavern is a site that’s very simple in construction and design, yet is extremely popular with the WordPress dev community. It focuses on all things WordPress, from plugins to WordPress tutorials, they cover most things you’ll want to learn about WordPress. What this proves is that your blog doesn’t have to be flashy with bells and whistles attached. A simple theme with resourceful and helpful content is enough for your site to be a huge success.

So anyway, I want to sort of fill in for people who haven't been following this as closely as we have, and then talk both about the first program, which is the telephone metadata collection - it's been, like, annoying me when I see people on the news saying, oh, well, you know, that's just metadata. That's not the phone conversations, blah blah blah. So we're going to talk a little bit about what that means and what the power of that is. And it's funny because I had already written down in my notes early in the weekend that one of the significant factors of this was the history that was collected. And then in his amazing video, Edward Snowden said that. So I grabbed that little 46 seconds of the video to also play.


GG: No. And any time they would like to speak to me, I'll be more than happy to speak to them, and I will tell them that there's this thing called the Constitution, in the very first amendment of which guarantees a free press. As an American citizen I have every right, and even the obligation as a journalist, to tell my fellow citizens and our readers what it is that the government is doing that they don't want people in the United States to know about. And I'm happy to talk to them at any time.

There’s no real need to include dialogue in here unless something particularly telling or witty jumps out at you. Once it’s finished, step away for at least a week before re-reading it. This small amount of distance should give you the chance to see it again with fresh eyes.


Leo: If he looks at his logs, he knows, yeah. A lot of people don't know how to look at their logs or can't see their logs. But most, if you look, one of the reasons you see Google Analytics on almost every site you visit is that's how he's measuring his traffic.

Next select ‘DMI/OPI Configuration’. We’re going to change the DMI Max Link Speed to Gen2.


Leo: Why does he block third-party frames? You could leave that in green, too; right?

Leo: And this gives them plausible deniability. They may know about it, but they may just - this gives them plausible deniability. No, no, they don't have access to our servers.


Let’s stick with the comedy pilot example for a moment. Have you spent your life watching sitcoms from when you were a kid? Can you recite lines from your favorite episodes? Do you love throwing out one-liners with your friends? Do you know the names of your favorite writers and follow them from show to show?

Steve: Well, they're saving it because they know in the future your computers will get stronger. Maybe quantum computing technology will actually allow them to just collapse the 128-bit key. I'm uncomfortable with 128 bits. We really need to start thinking 256. And we'll talk about that soon on the podcast (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5702) because the protocols exist on SSL; but, as we've spoken about the way SSL exists, both ends have to agree. And we've got all these banks out there who are scoring F's on their SSLLabs.com test because they're not using strong encryption. And so the cipher string has to be agreed to by each end.


The only thing we've endangered is the reputation of the people in power who are building this massive spying apparatus without any accountability, who are trying to hide from the American people what it is that they're doing. There's no national security harm from letting people know that they're collecting all phone records, that they're tapping into the Internet, that they're planning massive cyberattacks, both foreign and even domestic. These are things that the American people have a right to know.

Leo: No, well, I think that you've answered my question. So they go to the Tier 1 provider, the Level 1 or whoever it is, and say give us.


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I love her blogger resources page as well. A clever way to inspire other bloggers to take the plunge and use what she uses to create a successful food blog.

It needs to be something we’ve never seen before. Or at least something we’ve seen before but with a different twist on it.


You can get it to work for you, even if you just work on a local level. But I also have eight other ways to Amazon proof your business, basically the idea of making it competition proof to even someone as big as Amazon.com.

The answer lies in the writer taking on board this advice but not acting on it. In other words, not actually applying tests to their own idea in order to make sure it’s strong enough to start working on the script. And that’s what we’re going to do in this section.


So what it looks like from the timeline that we saw in one of those slides, where individual corporate entities were added to the PRISM project one at a time, that fits the facts, too. The idea that the NSA would say, okay, now we want to get everything, all of Apple's traffic we want to tap.

We are going to get some questions and answers in, finally. We'll talk a little bit about adblocking, yes, but also about the Windows Patch Tuesday.


Then get into the scenes in each act. Plot each one so the protagonist is actively working toward their goal. One that succeeds or fails at the end of each act break. Write a sentence or two for each scene, just like in the outlines you created for your favorite shows.

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And it's mostly birth in the rural areas. But what happens is they move into the city. So Cairo is just a sprawling, teeming metropolis. Which, you know, one block from the hotel there are dirt roads.


Miguel enters the facility and asks a nurse if he can see Penelope. The nurse tells him she checked out months ago. He finds out she left with a guy named Henry.

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So we take this initialization vector, XOR it with the first block of our plaintext, and then that's what we encrypt. We encrypt that XORed result as our first block of cipher text. Then we take that first block of cipher text and XOR it with the second block of plaintext that we're encrypting. And we then encrypt that to create the second block of encrypted results.


Steve: No. It would be - so, no. Google's going to have fiber that is going to be fed from their provider. Google is buying bandwidth from somebody.

So the first of the three was their use of hard-coded credentials to give a Telnet user root access to the drive. And these guys wrote: "The affected device firmware contains undocumented Telnet services accessible by using the default credentials of 'root' as the username and the default password.


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And of course the point is that, if we don't know what's happening, we can't ask the questions, and we can't fix the law which is broken. Some people are arguing that it's time to revisit this now, that maybe this has gone a little further than we intended. And if we don't have the truth being told to our lawmakers by the people who are doing the watching, that is, if there's no one watching the watchers, which is what happens if you prevaricate like this, then we don't have feedback in the system.


KnowTechie is a blog for people who love tech, but live outside the bubble. This is so refreshing, because so many tech blogs out there are a bit too technical and full to the brim of jargon. It’s nice to see a tech blog that has lowered the entry level to tech news.

Steve: And it doesn't, I mean, these are people who at the time righteously believed that they were doing the right thing. I mean, they were doing it in secret, and that's a problem. And, I mean, secrecy is what we have to worry about because, exactly as you say, Leo, there is ample history of abuses of this kind of data collection. And so I just wanted to shine a little light on this notion that, oh, well, telephony metadata is not useful. Remember we talked about some time ago this new facility that the NSA is building. We were scratching our heads at the time, wondering what is a zettabyte, because this place can store five of them.


How do I get a book published

Well, no, it’s not because if you can’t make a cup of coffee policy, how you going to follow anything that’s important. And this is about buy in the time there was about 23 people in the office.

Or, if you happen to be at two distant locations, and your traffic goes through AT&T on its way to another network, then it's present there. And I just - there's one more comment I wanted to make that I thought was - I felt, I mean, I understood it, and that is that Europe is very unhappy over this. We're sitting here, and the NSA is saying, and I don't believe them because how can I believe them now, they're saying we're only, I mean.


And so if they didn't do that, that is, if they did pass SSL through end to end, first of all, your browser, that is, that you're holding in your hand, running on presumably a lower power chip, it would need to be able to do SSL, which is a little compute intensive, although I would argue these days that could be handled easily enough. And they would then no longer be able to perform this filtering which apparently the Opera Mini Browser depends upon. On their security page where they address this, they're not quite as upfront as I wish they were.

Leo: It could keep SpeedStep from kicking in, though. It might say, oh, I'm never idle. I'm always busy looking at how busy I am.


This post aims to dispel much of the confusion surrounding how to write a TV pilot episode. We’ll strip everything back to its bare basics and give you a solid foundation on which to write one.

Leo: That's a true - and I don't know what the number is, but that's a direct 20% loss to him in revenue, period. If 50% do it, there's a 50% loss to him in revenue, period. It looks to him like half as many people are visiting his site, is what it looks like. He has no way of knowing if that's what that number is, or why that. Maybe twice as many people are visiting, but they're using blockers. He doesn't know because you're invisible now.


Steve: If you mix John Dvorak and Richard Stallman, this is kind of what you get. So, for example, naturally, many people over the course of the last year about, is how long uBlock has been around, many people have wanted this. And so, for example, I found a posting in January that Raymond Hill responded to. In January this guy posted, "Hi. First of all, thanks for the work on uBlock.

Sarah Koenig Booking Agency: Celebrity Appearance Fees and Availability

Leo: This was a very common technique for viruses years ago, Michelangelo and others. You'd put an infected master boot record on a floppy, and it would spread itself that way.


Leo: Would that be effective in a case like this? As long as you kept stuff from running before that?

One of the best mommy bloggers around, Joanna has a really simple looking blog, full to the brim of useful stuff for old and new mothers alike. What I love about this site is the simplicity of the theme, the really current design features and the typography. The blog post ideas are really clever as well and sets Jo’s site apart from all the other mommy bloggers.


In the dark podcast season

And then Windows Journal, Office, Media Player. Hyper-V had an update that said "security feature bypass," which is, you know, never what you want to hear in a VM manager. So I would say to all Windows users that we are Second Tuesday of the Month. Update Windows as soon as you can.

What happens when you’re brainwashed? Well, you pretty much end up like a puppet whose actions can be controlled by the people behind your brainwashing.


The great thing about this blog is the conversational tone and the real person behind the brand. I think it’s inspiring to other mums to see someone like them making such a difference in other people’s lives by creating amazingly useful content that is 100% actionable. Also it may inspire mums to set up their own blog and to write about their experiences as a mother and a wife in the 21st century.

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Ask yourself what kind of new TV pilot episode would you want to watch? What kind of characters and situations would you most like to see on screen? What kind of show do you wish was available on Netflix but isn’t? This is the TV pilot script you should aim to write.


Leo: John Campbell in chilly Bozeman, Montana, looks up DNS without the help of his ISP: In a past episode you talked about having your Internet service provider's DNS server track your movements. I found a solution, not for the faint of heart: TreeWalkDNS.com. This is a DNS server you set up on your local machine that bypasses your ISP and does the DNS lookups directly. It can also be used as an ad blocker and to block access to hostile sites. I use it on my laptop and at my house. The DNS software is simple to install. Setting it up to do ad and hostile site blocking is not so simple. It also has the advantage that you are not depending on your overloaded ISP's DNS servers, and it caches DNS lookups locally. I wish they had a Donate button on their site.

GS: You've described your source as a reader of yours who trusted how you would handle the material. The source has also been described as a career government official who is concerned about these programs.


This was a long post but we hope we’ve gone some way to answering how to write a TV pilot script for you. In short, for your TV pilot to be successful requires as much research and background work as it does actually writing.

Andi and Lise discuss and express much love for the 2021 DC movie with the longest subtitle in either the DC or Marvel universe: Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. The movie, narrated in parts by Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), is a story about how she finds herself after the end of a relationship with the Joker (arguably a poster child for toxic masculinity) while also dealing with the fallout from the relationship. She manages to forge an alliance of sorts with Black Canary, Detective Renée Montoya, and Huntress as they battle another poster child of toxic masculinity, Roman Sionis. The result is a gorgeously frenetic journey through and with the mind of Harley Quinn, filled with great fight scenes, excellent character development, and snappy, snarky dialogue.


And I think they're doing that with Flash. So it's like, okay, I can live without that.

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People want to see not only that you can write to order, but that you have the imagination to come up with original, exciting ideas. And sustain them over the course of a whole season.


Leo: I've heard research, and I've seen evidence that tracking isn't effective. It's not that it's - but that's kind of moot because, if you're a website that has ads, that sells ads, the advertisers insist on at least enough tracking to count the impressions.

It’s well written and the information you get access to is via one of the most influential wine traders in the business. There’s not many blogs out there that’s written in the same tone as if your good friend was talking to you on a given subject. A fine example of a blog that’s written out of the pure passion for the subject. Check out their homage to Bruno Mars.


Podcasts like s town

And that's Apple and the federal judiciary. I don't remember which branch or block. But Apple is now fighting a subpoena for iMessage messages and turning down the federal government's requests, saying we're sorry, we can't give them to you. We cannot comply with your subpoena because iMessage is encrypted, and we don't have the keys. And Microsoft is similarly fighting a request. In this case it's a request for email from servers in Ireland. And Microsoft is saying, uh, they're in Ireland.

Leo: We continue on. Steve Gibson, we're talking about, of course, PRISM and the revelations which continue from the Guardian and The Washington Post and others, about some sort of federal spying. We've heard the word "Echelon" for more than a decade. We knew that after 9/11 President Bush authorized warrantless wiretaps. I remember, don't you remember, the whistleblower that in 2000, I think '6 or '7, told us that the NSA had a secret room at AT&T headquarters in San Francisco so that they could collect this kind of data. So this is not - we're not talking about anything new here.


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We also have a TV Script Coverage service dedicated to this. All of our consultants are also working writers, many of whom have worked in TV for major production companies and can help get your TV pilot sold too.

TV pilot script format. 

Where of course to succeed in a brute force attack one would have to retry each of the 256 keys 256 times to find any plaintext. I also - maybe you can explain that.


TV shows live or die on their originality. With so many spec TV pilots circulating Hollywood, for something new to catch the attention of an exec or producer, it needs to be super original.

This is a great example of an outstanding food niche blog. Think about what she’s doing well and take note. Mouth watering photos, clean and simple theme layout, well formatted and styled recipe pages, excellent writing, conversational tone, and relatable back stories to each post.


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Once you have three shows, it’s time to break down and analyze them. Yes, great writing requires originality, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s built upon and inspired by great writing that came before it.

So I don't have an answer to this. But sign me up for allowing Google Contributor to poke a hole through uBlock Origin. And if any of our higher end tinkerer listeners figure out how to do that, make sure you bring it to my attention, and I will share it with everybody because that would be neat. I really like Google Contributor. I love supporting the sites I visit.


Best true crime podcasts spotify

Steve: And so in the App Store it's Adblock Browser. And the icon, it sort of looks like the globe, the world globe is wearing a jaunty little stop sign hat because it's sort of off to an angle, because the Adblock logo is the red stop sign. And so they've sort of got - it's got half a stop sign and half of the globe is the logo.

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Twenty some odd years later, I put together my own custom PC, so the basics of building a rig was not a foreign concept. My professional background is in IT Hardware wholesale and trading. From that experience, I’ve gained a decent understanding about enterprise level equipment, network infrastructure, etc. I’m currently running a small mining operation at home with 14 miners, both GPU and Asic, with a goal to reach 50 by June. Mining is both rewarding and frustrating. I’ve left my comfort zone and learned concepts that were completely foreign to me a year ago. There have been late night howls of frustration and a strong desire to take out a monitor or two. Through it all I’ve found these experiences to be invigorating.

To approach how to write a TV pilot script from the ground-up means approaching it systematically with a game plan. And this is what we’re going to show you how to do. Before we get started let’s take a look at a few industry definitions.


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But they're way less a problem than scripts. And so the idea that a first-party site would host script which would come from a third party is just blood chilling. So I expect we're going to see unblockable ads moving forward.

Now, I take it there could be some semantic word games being played here. What's your understanding about what is actually happening?


Frugality blogs have really taken off in the past 3 years, mainly down to the state of the global economy. Saving money and being frugal with your wages is extremely popular as people have less and less money these days after paying rent, mortgage, bills etc. Creating a frugal / save money blog can also be a big earner for you, especially if you choose a good angle to take on this niche. The following examples all have really good angles. They target a specific demographic and they create content that they will love, share and take action with. Those actions can make you money through affiliate links, Google Ads and coupons.

As you’ve probably already heard, your core concept should be original, interesting and conflict-filled. If so many aspiring TV writers already know this, then why are so many spec TV pilots lacking in these areas?

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For now, though, all you need to worry about is how to write a TV pilot episode. Don’t worry about coming up with ten episodes for a whole season.


Steve: So anyway, lots of interesting security concerns here at the beginning of '08. And we'll be keeping our listeners informed week by week and blow by blow.

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Leo: And people are pissed off at me for bringing it up. So that's the last time I'm going to talk about it. Alan Farough in Kanata, Ontario, Canada wonders how data is stored on glass platters. Well, we just talked about that at the beginning: I've been dimly aware that spinning hard drives use platters made from either metal or glass. But the question that had never occurred to me before is how is data written onto a drive with glass platters? Never heard this question discussed before. I figured if anybody would know, you would.


So first of all, let me explain what he's talking about. The way uBlock defaults is to block a lot, and then you selectively unblock. So the idea is that the user can manually whitelist sites where they want to disable uBlock. And this is true both for uBlock and uBlock Origin.

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It’s true that the more variety you have in your portfolio the better. Television’s a great place for writers at the moment, so don’t hesitate to grab a piece of the pie.


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Steve: And you can play with it yourself, just by disabling Adblocker, or disabling uBlock Origin and then watching that Privacy Badger will block the site if you can, like, bounce around awhile and show ads that cause it to then turn on blocking. Then it'll block it. Then if you turn on uBlock Origin, then you uBlock Origin may or may not still show it blocked. Because if it's blocked before it gets to uBlock Origin, sort of in the hierarchy of sort of this chain of plugins, then Privacy Badger will have blocked it upstream of uBlock Origin. But everybody has to agree it's okay in order for you to see it.

Steve: Yeah, it's meant to be a stop sign. And so we have that today for iPhone and iPad. And there are some features, you're going to want to dig through the menu because they, by default, they block ad servers using their EasyList. And of course that's the one that everybody else clones. I mean, because it's publicly available. So, for example, uBlock sucks that down, uBlock Origin sucks that down, because it's a great, curated, very up-to-date list of ad servers. But under More Blocking Options, which are all turned off by default, they have Disable Tracking is off.


Steve: Well, this is XP's stack. And it's believed that there is a problem in Windows 2000 as well. So this has been around for a long time. What makes this specifically bad is this is down - it's in what's called the IGMP, the Internet Group Management Protocol.

So my feeling is that, try as we might, we are unable to, I mean, history shows us we're unable to create secure solutions. So if it's going to be on the Internet, the person who created it needs to retain responsibility, and the device needs to be able to be responsible for itself and update itself. Gregg is taking the, I mean, a reasonable alternative position, which is I don't want my stuff talking behind my back and being updated behind my back.


Return to the ‘Advanced’ menu and now we’re going to modify the ‘Onboard Devices Configuration’. We’re going to make some additional Gen2 changes as well as disable some settings we don’t need.

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And then the news that, from a German-based cybersecurity firm, G Data, and you may want to bring up - let's see, there's a PDF that I link to lower on the next page of the show notes, Leo, because I've got a couple pictures in the notes. But what they have found, they've done a survey of Android malware, Android smartphone malware. And they have seen a 75% increase in what they call "preinstalled malware" during the past six months. Now, it takes a little bit of digging, but it turns out that all of this is coming from third parties somewhere between the originating manufacturer and the end user. That is, if you buy, sort of on the gray market, if you buy not from someone like a major retailer, like an Amazon or any of the major cell phone carriers directly, but if you get it on eBay from some remarketer person, that seems to be where this is coming from.


Its format is described in RFC 4122, but the actual field contents are opaque and not significant to the SMBIOS specification, which is only concerned with the byte order. Table 10 shows the field names; these field names, particularly for multiplexed fields, follow historical practice.

What is true crime

So what Robin has suggested, as well as some other listeners, the server could send something to the client which is different every time. And in cryptography it's called the "nonce," that is, something which is just used once and never again, the idea being so it would send, like, a serial (more info) number to the client. The client would add that to the hash. And what that would do is, that would mean that this blob would be different every time because this nonce coming from the server would never be duplicated. And that would prevent a replay attack.


Hi, I am Ben, aka thisismyback, and I’ll be providing new content at Block Operations. Rolf began nudging me towards the crypto space a couple years ago. I finally took action in early 2021 and it’s been a terrific learning experience ever since. Rolf has done an amazing job educating the masses about crypto mining through his videos and posts on Block Ops. As one of his mentees, it’s an honor to be a new contributor to Block Operations.

Mommy blogs are blog that are targeted towards parents, particularly women. Here’s my pick on the best mommy blog examples that I think are worth looking at. They offer information that’s resourceful and that can make parenthood that little bit easier. Most are monetised by sponsored post and display ads.


If the concept, story and characters are air-tight, now it’s a case of following the outline and writing the scenes in as exciting a way as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Niles, his brother, is just as stuck-up and principled and this is the cause of their friction, while Daphne’s ditzy English ways are specifically designed to exasperate him. In fact, each character annoys him but in a different way, and these kinds of character contradictions and conflicts will become more apparent as you outline your chosen shows.


Well, of course he already has helped us by purchasing a copy of SpinRite, which is all I would ever ask. And I thank you, David, for the tremendous testimonial.

I'm going to skip down, and he says: "In January 2003, I, along with others, toured the AT&T central office on Folsom Street in San Francisco, actually three floors of an SBC building. There I saw a new room being built adjacent to the 4ESS switch room where the public's phone calls are routed. I learned that the person whom the NSA interviewed for the secret job was the person working to install equipment in this room.


So anyway, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. I did run across an interesting site when I was digging into this. And I think it's called - I just tweeted about it. It's Fair Play?

Examples of Entrepreneurship Blogs

Norm: It’s probably the one that has the most potential, like I have a company called the chat agency. And it works primarily with Amazon, but could be any ecommerce company.


And he said, "My daughter's Windows XP Dell laptop" - so I guess daughter's using Windows and he's on a Mac - "was being sluggish, so I did a system restore. This had the unexpected result that the laptop would now not start, even in safe mode.

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Shout-outs: Both Lise and Andi seemed to have shared a brain this session, as both shouted out jigsaw puzzles! That is, the ol’ skool pieces-in-a-box puzzles. Relaxing, working with our hands, watching an image come to life on a table.


Steve: So your second argument I completely agree with. And that is, I mean, the actual damage being done by web blocking. Yeah, by adblocking of tracking. The first issue I don't - and that was what I was aiming at, was that you're looking for, like, some big harm that's being done. And I'm just saying there doesn't need to be big harm done.

But that's the key to this technology. As I was saying, routers concentrate data. Somewhere, and the NSA knows exactly where it is, Google is buying their bandwidth. And there are routers upstream of Google whose purpose it is to take the disparate packets all coming into Google and route them down fiber-optic lines which finally make the transit into Google's data center.


Some people are calling him a hero. And this is not a policy and politics podcast (find more), so it really doesn't matter. What I know is that I am, frankly, glad that this has happened because, more than anything else, what we're going to see is that we're relying on congressional oversight, yet the people who are running the program are lying to Congress.

Because even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude to where it's getting to the point you don't have to have done anything wrong. You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call.


Steve: Well, here's what's really interesting, too, is imagine that you have the dragnet over all phone communications, all telephony metadata. And three clever terrorists say, oh, well, we're going to avoid the system. We're going to get so-called "burner" phones, you know, temporary phones. And we're never going to give the phone number out. We're never going to dial any other phone except these three. And we're only going to use it to talk to each other.

Click or tab to Next and hit enter. The system will now reboot and bring you back to the same page.


About Brian J. Pombo

One guy said, well, he was stationed recently in Hawaii, and in IT there, and the IT folks have to have access to more technology. And when you're sort of off in the boonies, the boondocks, then we're not watching you so closely.

Writing a book could direct the course of your career for the rest of your life. It could lead to infinitely important connections, multiple revenue streams, spin off products, international relations. It could send more business your way. It could pay for a trip to Tahiti or just pay the rent. It could change one person’s life for the better.


GLENN GREENWALD: There are two key findings. One is that there are members of the Congress who have responsibility for oversight, for checking the people who run this vast, secret apparatus of spying to make sure they're not abusing their power. These people in Congress have continuously asked for the NSA to provide basic information about how many Americans they're spying on, how many conversations in telephone and chats of Americans they're intercepting.

Top podcasts to listen to

You also can go there to ask questions. And we will do a Q&A episode.


You know, you say you don't like tracking, but I think there are a lot of people just don't want to see belly fat ads. I think there's also a significant portion of people who are worried about malware being served with these ad servers.

And so, and then they must have some other instrumentation that isn't so they can look at the delta of what got blocked and what was allowed and tell sites how much revenue is being lost. And then they apparently sell sites a service which provides the message that, oh, this site is ad-supported, which appears if you visit the site with an adblocker running, to make the explanation and the plea for turning off your adblocker.


Leo: I have to say that there's a potential, as you point out, for it to be much slower that you don't have - the lookups haven't been done on a lot of the sites you're going to go to. So you're actually going out to a more distant server than your own ISP's server to get that information. You've got to get it looked up somewhere. I just, you know, if you're worried about, you know, if your ISP has a lousy server, you don't have to use your ISP's server. I know a lot of people use, believe it or not, Verizon's ISP servers because they have - or DNS servers, I should say. They have notoriously fast DNS servers.

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Of course glass, as we know, is actually a fluid. So that, for example, if you go to very old churches, sometimes the windows at the bottom of the sill are thicker. The glass of the windows is thicker at the bottom than it is at the top because over hundreds of years the glass has flowed because it is actually a very slow-flowing fluid. So as a consequence of this, manufacturers who are looking for an alternative to aluminum turn to glass. Glass is stiffer per unit weight. And that allows them to make platters which are thinner for the same strength.


I mean, you can get - most of the stuff still works. You could subscribe to shows and all of that stuff.

Steve: Just sitting there, ready to, you know, accepting TCP connections. And so you give your Telnet client, and it's like, log me in as root and whatever the default password is for the device, that is, the factory password, and you get a prompt.


Steve: Oh. Well, you and I have both mentioned that, as far as we knew, the ThinkPads were okay. And they are, you know, my two Lenovos are ThinkPads, and I love them. And so I just wanted to make sure, in the interest of keeping the record straight, that we didn't just with too broad a brush wipe Lenovo out because I think - although there are now some good alternatives, too.

Leo: Come on. But anyway, I mean, that's like saying I'd like to walk through the mall and have no one know I'm there. I mean, you can cloak yourself, but people are going to [indiscernible]. Anyway, that's my point is that I feel - it doesn't affect me. In fact, it would be beneficial to me if everybody blocked ads, if all of those websites just collapsed, because you'd have to turn to us and our ads. But in principle I don't want people to start blocking ads because they can block our ads even easier. You just fast-forward through them.


Steve: Well, and it occurred to me that one of the reasons that he gave them to both outlets is because there was a prior instance where this kind of information was sat on for a year. And so that didn't - that wouldn't allow Edward to get the goal of getting this stuff disclosed. He says in the complete video, which I would commend people to watch, it's very interesting, that he does not want the story to be about him, to whatever degree possible. To some degree it is. He wants it to be about what's going on.

So it really is quite an arduous task to go out there. And, you know, either find or be guests, you know, you know, the same, you know, it’s really podcast (read full article) promotion, there’s so many out there right now, it’s tough to do.


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Steve: So we have a Q&A today since the world has been kind to us with news. We have some interesting things to talk about, but not - we're not overwhelmed so that that alone will take up the whole podcast. So we've got a bunch of great questions. Naturally, lots of stuff from our listeners following on from the discussions we've been having.

This was a great point that was raised. And it raises a few sort of interesting points. First of all he says, well, if someone gets your credit card, your VIP credit card, which is event based, meaning that when you press the button you get the next number, you press it again, you get another number. But that's entirely deterministic. That is there's a counter which is being incremented. The counter is being encrypted and hashed through a well-understood and well-known algorithm to produce that unpredictable number, well I should say unpredictable to someone who doesn't know the key which that card also contains, the cryptographic key.


I'm glad we're going to start doing that. And clearly this is the week to start.

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So all assets which are served by a web server have an expiration date. And that allows the web server that is serving this content to control how long a cache anywhere in between the server and the user's eyeball is allowed to cache the content. Even browsers have a cache in them. So not just external proxies and caching servers, but your browser itself.


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In there he shows the documents about installing the splitter, how to split it, all of the technical details. And he does cite the name of the company providing this - they call it "semantic analysis" equipment. So the idea is that an analyst sitting in Langley is able to task the Google tap to select, I mean, this is a torrential flood.

Overall, we advise not skipping on the outlining part. It may be tiresome but you don’t want to wind up having to do a huge rewrite because you’ve just had a major epiphany about the protagonist midway through writing the script.


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If you keep plowing on without backing away once in a while, you’re likely to become too close to the story and unable to see obvious faults in it or with the characters. So write a draft of the outline, take a break, rewrite, take a break, etc.

I love this site because it has a purpose and a clear message, which resonates with her readers. A great tip that you should take a way with you and try and use when starting your own health & fitness blog.


How to write a tv pilot script

Leo: So once you use a number, it can't be used again. But this guy's saying, well, you could get a couple of numbers, you could stack them up. But it's only going to be good until I use it, though; right?

I think the tone of voice on this blog is exceptional. If only everything was written this way. Its friendly, clear, easy to read and inspiring. I like the way they cover the simple things about photography with posts like “Shoot Different” and “Why your smart phone is the best camera”.


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The way extensions happen, and this sort of comes back to that bug in Chrome, where Chrome was supposed to be notifying extensions before loading a given asset, that happens in a, sort of as he suggests here, in some precedence where each extension that has registered for the notification gets an opportunity to say, no, block that. So it's not a majority voting process. It's an every single extension has to say yes. It's like old-fashioned light bulbs on the Christmas tree. If one light bulb is burned out, the whole strand is dark. Similarly, every single plugin that has said "I want notification before loading of assets," every single one of them has to say, yeah, that's fine.

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While each episode is self-contained, these shows can also often have overarching stories from season to season. Ross and Rachel’s relationship in Friends, for example, has continual ups and downs that span the entire course of the show in one long sustained storyline.


It’s the same with written content. If you have a popular page that get’s tens of thousands of views a month, then potentially you can sell ad space on those pages for hundreds of dollars a month, if not more.

He says, "I was impressed at how quick it was for me to purchase the software and have it running. I can't tell you how happy I am after seeing SpinRite recover data from bad sectors. I'm writing this email on the laptop I was about to throw away, which is now completely up and running.


Did you examine the source code? Stephen Brooks in Red Bluff, California wonders how to simultaneously be both a Google Contributor and a uBlock Origin user? I signed up for Google Contributor - that's that system we talked about where you pay Google some bucks, and then they feed them out to the sites you visit, in lieu of running ads on those sites. I signed up, but how can I whitelist for Google Contributor advertisements while using uBlock Origin? Enjoy Security Now, and a proud owner of SpinRite.

We load up content onto a website. So we create an ecommerce website. We provide like five ways to xyz, we get a little snippet done.


Until this year, Williams had played mostly out on the Edge in the Jets 3-4 and then moved inside in the Giants 4-3 appears to have done him a ton of good. I’m always a sucker for a player with versatility, and Williams can still move just about anywhere along the defensive line (and has this year), but his best fit seems to be with his hand in the dirt on the inside. His production this year has taken a marked uptick. How much of that is due to the move inside and how much is simply coincidental is unclear, but after 17/5 sacks total from 2021-2021, he’s racked up 8/5 this year, plus far more QB pressures and general disruption on a more consistent basis.

Steve: Well, no, they go to the bandwidth provider of the company they're targeting. So it's not Tier 1. It might be Tier 3. I mean, it's like.


Once upon a crime podcast

Leo: Which I am. Ay ay ay. Anyway, I will watch with interest. Are you going to get the new - a new iPhone, do you think?

So I just wanted to strengthen that recommendation a little bit more because, with the feedback that I've gotten, people are loving it, just that that's - they're not running Flash anywhere, by default, unless they want to run Flash. And then they are able to click to do so. And you can make site-based exceptions.


Make sure your motherboard is connected to the internet or else the rest of this will be pointless. We’re going to check for updates through the Internet.

Not the same player since the Achilles injury, but still only 26. If the staff and medical unit think they can get him back to his old form, could be interesting. Especially if he's willing to take a shorter, prove-it type deal.


We recommend that you leave writing the TV pilot script until last. The best next step is to write an outline of what you want to include in it.

Steve: No, I think they'd be furious, Leo. They're being - this is a wiretap on.


John boy and billy podcast

So Seagate suffered a surprising problem with a WiFi hard drive which I just - when you read - when I explain this to people, they're just going to put their head in their hands. It's like, in 2021, how can this still be happening? Adblock has released an Adblock Browser, just this morning, of course on the eve of iOS9. We'll talk about that a little bit. There was some weird belief that suddenly Chrome was trying to defeat adblocking on YouTube, which turned out to be specious.

One of my favourite type of Blog is the “tech blog”. Now this isn’t something new to blog about, as Tech bloggers have been blogging about technology news and gadget reviews in detail online since the beginning of the internet, But because it’s such a vast niche, you could carve out yourself a really good angle within the tech blog sphere. The trick is to have your own take on tech and don’t just follow the trend. One area which hasn’t really been covered specifically is eco tech, so something to think about. Maybe a blog specifically covering tech aimed at becoming more environmentally conscious.


Specifically, I’ll be covering the issues that challenged me, addressing questions that seemingly lacked answers and answers that frankly, could have been better explained. Even the most rudimentary coding aspects, like learning the basics of Linux through a program like ethOS was daunting for me. Let’s face it, for the average Joe, leaving the confines of our nice, comfy gui interfaces like Windows or OS, is intimidating. Hopefully, my shared experiences will help you wade through.

Leo: Although we have a little, you know, Macworld Expo, we're up against the clock on that one. So we'll have to figure out how to do that. I might have to do that earlier in the morning with you.


This was on the record, in public. And I have a clip of it that we'll play here in a minute just because our listeners need to hear this. And it's part of this, what is I think an important story. But I need to lay a little bit of this groundwork because what I'm going to explain is really going to upset a lot of people.

And the Microsoft traffic was headed to Redmond, and the Apple traffic was to Apple's farm, their datacenter in Cupertino or wherever. So the idea is that, with each of these hops, as they're called, across the Internet, the packet is getting closer to its destination. And if you think about it, the percentage of traffic that that router is carrying or forwarding will tend to be concentrated toward, for example, its destination, Google.


So what that means is that anyone who has WiFi access to the network that this thing is on can Telnet to this wireless hard drive. Which is to say, you know, our techie listeners know that basically Telnet is a remote command prompt.

Undisclosed advances the notion that most wrongful convictions result from the fact that many lawyers and prosecutors do not interrogate the tiniest details of the criminal cases they handle. And that for the most part, their actions are often fueled by the sheer desire to meet timeframes and dispense with the case at the earliest opportunity.


Leo: Well, when did you even say that? I don't know, do you have that position?

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Leo: It's important because the ISP is the - you mentioned collection point. The ISP is the collection point for everybody. Everything you do goes through that ISP.


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Because this is, I mean, this is not something that, like, at the application level, where firewalls are blocking ports. This is more like, you know, like, well, it's very related to the ICMP, the Internet Control Management Protocol.

Steve: I think that's the right thing to do, yes, for nave users. And I wanted to share, as I always do, a fun SpinRite story. This one is a little longer, but it was really well written.


And it may still be in the wild, that is, it may be fixed in internal builds and not yet pushed out. But for any of our listeners who hear about this or may experience it, it's just a mistake that Chrome made, the Chromium project made, and they're in the process of getting it fixed.

So I thought, yeah, he made a really great point. He also found, or actually reminded me of an animation I had once seen a long time ago. And we've got the link in the show notes. It's a Shockwave Flash animation. It is so good that I grabbed a copy of it to keep local in case it ever goes away. And also it gives the credits to its authors in the Flash, so I didn't think anyone would mind if I, you know, pulled a copy off of the original website.


So anyway, again, this has been in the news just - it just hit the news. The good news is this is not coming from the original manufacturers of these. Those phones are all clear and clean.

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This true crime podcast digs into some of the most bizarre crime occurrences ever reported, most of which border on the supernatural. You’ll meet a girl who came back from the dead speaking an entirely different language and even take a walk across some of the world’s most haunted ranches.


Writing around thirty outlines (three seasons) is probably enough to give you answers to all these questions and more. Then it’s time to move on to the next phase.

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Leo: These systems have always been dependable for us when treated right, and never been prone to the kind of problems Lenovo's been putting into their in-house lines of consumer products. Other than the standard bundled software like Office and trial versions of antivirus, the level of bloatware on these systems is less than the admittedly horrible industry standard for bloatware.


It's the tracking which we don't see. The ads are like the part of the iceberg that's above water.

Leo: Got huge population crisis. And so it's, you know, it's very - it was very interesting. I think we learned a lot about the Islamic world, as well. I'm going to write a longer essay, I think, for the blog.


The market is massive and she’s meeting a need for this type of information. Young mums aren’t exactly rolling in cash. They may have had to give up work and are now relying on just one wage coming in, so the need to be more frugal with everyday living is a must.

I had a question about a product that I saw while looking for a flash drive online. It's the IronKey thumb drive, IronKey.com. It claims that it uses hardware encryption to protect your files and has a crypto chip that will self-destruct the encryption keys if a physical attack occurs. It looks good, and I was hoping to have a second opinion to the technology. I was wondering if you could do a mini review of it, or at least clarify if it's worth the premium. Thanks again, keep up the good work.


Motherhood Diaries is an online parenting platform where parents and parents-to-be can share their opinions, expertise and solutions on all topics related to pregnancy and parenting. Leyla, who owns and maintains MHD, builds her traffic through targeting specific keywords related to parenting and creating resources around those phrases. She’s also concentrating her efforts on social channels like Pinterest and Facebook to create lucrative audiences via an alternative traffic source to Google.

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But of course, if you can't be here during the live show, you can always listen after the fact. On-demand audio and video is available, as I said, on Steve's site and ours.


Podcasts for women over

Now, that was his position in January. And I kept digging around, and I think he just sort of finally said, okay, fine. Now, what we really want, we're not going to get. And what we really want is a setting that would just invert the sense of that big power button. Because, you know, the big power button for either non-advanced or expert users is the way we disable uBlock for a given site.

We’d love to hear your input on how to write a TV pilot script. How do you go about writing a pilot for a TV show? What are your favorite TV pilot scripts? Let us know in the comments section below.


And again, I don't know, from a legal standpoint. I'm coming from a technology standpoint. But this is still the public Internet. It was the public Internet when it was on your ISP, I mean, it was their network. But the way this all works globally is everybody with connected networks has agreed to provide transit for, to carry everybody else's traffic. So they just said, okay, I'll carry yours, if you'll carry mine.

Well, this has been used to good advantage, for example, by people doing multiboot managers where they'll put additional code in other sectors on the first track of the hard drive, which is normally not used. A contemporary hard drive track contains 63 sectors. So the first one is the so-called partition sector, which is also the master boot record.


This logline has too much going on. The ideas are good but it needs refining down to one single, clear conflict. Otherwise, the story feels muddied. The best way to do this is to focus on the protagonist’s main goal and make sure the antagonist is in direct opposition to it.

A very popular fitness blog mainly targeted towards women, where there’s a positive encouragement of women of all shapes and sizes to get fit and start weights and strength training. Nia writes inspirational and empowering blog posts about how women can be fit, healthy and ripped by doing effective bodyweight exercises. She also promotes the mantra that exercise should never be considered punishment for eating.


Start the pilot show and simply begin typing what you see on screen. Summarize each scene into a few short sentences that capture the absolute essentials needed to know what’s happening.

There’s literally thousands of fitness blogs on the Internet in some shape or form. It’s a popular niche and one that can be lucrative if you promote the right product or offer something different to the rest of the fitness blogs out there.


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They were just giving us a ton of work. So that company sold and then got involved with what was it specialty packaging, hand weight, we opened up a company in China.

This drama began quietly, because this was responsible disclosure, back in the middle of March of this year, March 18th. A company named Tangible Security that we've never run across before, they found just a shocking problem with Seagate-generated WiFi drives. Seagate has these wireless hard drives which they sell under the Wireless Plus Mobile Storage and then just Mobile Storage names. And then La Cie - is that how you pronounce it?


The evidence of the San Francisco room is consistent with an overall national AT&T deployment to from 15 to 20 similar sites, possibly more. This implies that a substantial fraction, probably well over half, of AT&T's purely domestic traffic was diverted to the NSA.

The future is bright for the Cleveland Browns. As tough as it is with the surreal news we've all heard the past few days, let’s all try to do our best to remember that, as we continue to navigate this Covid insanity of the final week of the season. As frustrating, maddening, and 1,000,000,000% OIC as it is, the long term still looks good for our favorite football team.


And I'll just take Google as an example because it's so well known. All over the world, people are sending data to Google. They're putting Google in their browser. They're asking Google to find them things.

Steve: Every time I go looking for something I think, how can you not have figured out search? Something like that everybody else, especially your major competitor in the world, has nailed search, but you can't do search in an App Store.


We understand that being objective about your own ideas and creativity can be extremely tough. The logline may seem fine to you, but is “fine” good enough? Is it really strong enough to start writing the pilot script?

We were doing catalog programs for companies. So like a Hudson’s Bay was giving us all their work.


Once you’ve broken down the pilot, it’s time to repeat with the entire season. Then move onto the television pilot of your second choice and repeat, followed by the third one on your list.

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I don’t know why, it’s the dimensions. But anyways, what we wanted to do is we wanted to hit just the average person, we wanted people to just feel good about themselves, or you know, relax, we recover, rejuvenate.


I want to help you get strategic about your most sacred ambitions. Especially if they involve putting your most precious gifts in a book or a product — on the shelf or in a PDF.

And I do use it there, although I find that my Palm is much more useful for reference, for like reading from, than trying to type into. And of course that's the advantage, the Palm is mostly like if you have your contacts, your contact book there, you just give it a few keystrokes, and it finds what you're looking for. So it's used more as a reference device. But they did ThoughtManager Desktop in order to create a Windows-based companion, much like the Palm Desktop, where you're able to synchronize your contacts and the data in your Palm.


GS: You also drew new criticism yesterday from the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. He called the disclosures "reckless," said the rush to publish this creates significant misimpressions, and added that the articles are filled with inaccuracies.

How to Write a TV Pilot Script: The Ultimate 8-Step Master Plan

The most important part of an SLP. And SLP is a standard operating procedure is clearly doing multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple steps.


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And I hear those doctor talking. And he’s saying that it’s too much like he can’t understand Facebook ads and this and that.

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But the point is certainly there's a percentage of data that the NSA - it is encrypted. They cannot read it. But any email coming into Google, any email leaving Google, which is to say any non-Gmail-to-Gmail communication, does exit - and in fact maybe it still goes, if it's going off to a different physical datacenter in Google, it's going to go out over the Internet.


So what Marvin and many other people wanted was - and, for example, paraphrasing from what I read from other people, they're like, hey, you know, I want to support website advertising. Thanks to all the dialogue between you and Leo, I get it that this is like you're being a good citizen of the Internet if you allow ads to appear on web pages because that's generating revenue for those sites.

Select ‘Advanced’ from the menu list, you’ll see a long list of options to modify. Here we’ll be tweaking quite a few things.


Steve: So I have two favorite tweets that relate to today's podcast (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=9490) topic. The first one, I actually picked it up somewhere else, from @StephenAtHome.

Rather than just having a vague sense of “wanting to write a TV pilot,” really try to pinpoint why. Is it for a calculated reason like those outlined above? Or because you really have a passion for telling extended stories over multiple seasons. As opposed to self-contained ones that wrap in 110 pages?


Also, remember to ask others for feedback along the way. If you don’t know anyone in the industry, we have a Story Analysis service in which you can send us your outline, treatment or bible. One of our professional TV writers will then give you feedback on what’s working and how to fix what’s not.

A familiar name to many around Cleveland Browns Twitter, as some of us have been advocating to add this young man to the brown & orange since his draft cycle back in 2021, where he inexplicably went undrafted out of Texas. In 3 years in the Pacific Northwest, Ford has never posted a full season PFF grade under 73 and is on his way to grading out over 80 for the second time (he finished at 90/3 as a rookie). Mostly in a part-time role for two seasons, Ford stepped into a more regular status this year and has logged over 600 snaps for Pete Carroll’s defense, hitting career highs in tackles, sacks, quarterback hits, and tackles for loss.


I haven't looked at it yet, but Jeff has. There is a way to turn that auto-update off; right, Jeff? I think there is. So you get the choice. But the default should be on, I would expect.

Leo: And this one's GPLed and open source. This is not the company that's selling - or is it the company that - I get so confused.


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So if you’d like to get your hands on a free copy of my book, go to AmazonProofBook.com sign up and you will get a free copy and get the chance to purchase a physical copy of it for a special price. And now let’s get back to our show.

Steve: Yeah, well, yeah, okay, I guess you're right, there would have to be. But there's a well-known discipline for just continuing out as many, as far out as you wanted to go. But he spelled all this out for us, so I thought our listeners would get a kick out of that. And of course we're doing cryptography, so we're all about big numbers.


Side Hustle is an online community of entrepreneurs who’s goal is to gain financial freedom through creating businesses that can help them achieve that. There’s a collection of highly actionable blog posts on how to make additional income on top of your day job wage. They make good use of the podcast medium of content marketing by creating various podcasts with experts talking about a whole range of topics around entrepreneurship, making money online and creating wealth.

A number of my clients have been asked by numerous ad networks to add customer reverse proxy configs to their web servers, like Nginx. These configs essentially say, if I can't find any image file locally, instead of saying 404, proxy the request to the ad network's servers and return the ad network's image. This makes it look like the ad image file is coming from the original site instead of a third-party ad network site. I feel that this practice is very sketchy. I've declined on all such requests. But of course this is just the beginning, if people start really using these blockers.


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Steve: Well, I haven't heard about it anywhere in the news. Nobody else seems to have figured out what PRISM is. And there is - this fits every fact.

Now, this came from sworn testimony by Mark Klein, which he gave under oath on the 26th of May, 2006, so a few years back. And this is lengthy, I'm not going to go over it, but there are a few points I want - I'll just give you a sense for it. He says, "I, Mark Klein, declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct: I am submitting this declaration in support of Plaintiff's Motion for a Preliminary Injunction. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein, unless stated on information and belief, and if called upon to testify to those facts I could and would competently do so. For over 22 years I worked as a technician for AT&T Corporation, first in New York and then in California.


Steve: I'm talking about it because it's there today. We're thinking, what, it may be like two weeks before we can actually add adblocking to iOS. So today, if anyone wanted to experiment with it, the Adblock Browser, I downloaded it this morning so that I could talk about it.

And some feedback from my click-to-play recommendation. So, and then, of course, 10 great questions from our listeners. So I think we have a great podcast in store.


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What big event throws the story in a completely unexpected direction, pouring more misery on the protagonist? What are the big story beats for each plotline?

Date and time stamp and cookies and so forth are browser metadata. Or in a file system, you know, you're storing files, but it's also keeping track of when you last accessed the file and when it was modified and when it was created and file privileges for example, who's able to access it. That's metadata.


So anyway, the good news is there is an update. You can download it from - so what happened was Seagate was notified on March 18th. In a very short time, I was impressed with this, 12 days later, on the 30th, they replied and confirmed there were vulnerabilities. Then, unfortunately, it took a hundred days before anything happened. So this has been out there since the release of these drives. And these guys found firmware dated October 2021.

And then the fourth one I deliberately left off, and that's Disable Anti-Adblocking Messages. And that's because I want to know if a site is unhappy that I have an adblocker because, I mean, I want to support the sites that I visit. I just don't want to get - I don't want to be tracked, and I don't want to get infected with malware in return for seeing ads I'm not going to click on and don't care about.