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Produced and directed by Lírio Ferreira and Paulo Caldas, it explores the colors without the characteristic of Cinema Novo (A style of Brazilian filmmaking, whose most famous representative was Glauber Rocha). Lírio and Paulo are 36, and their partner, Marcelo Luna, is 32. The three received strong influence from mangue beat, which swept Recife in the 90’s. They were friends of Chico Science, the composer, who fertilized his creations with the hummus of the Recife mangue, adding up tradition and modernization, tempering everything with the nutritious ideas of Josué de Castro (1908-1969). The scientist from Pernambuco, it is worth remembering, moved the world, and served as a mold for the esthetic of Glauberian hunger (refers to Glauber Rocha)—with his ideas reunited in the books, Geografia da Fome (Geography of Hunger) (1946) and Geopolítica da Fome (Geopolitics of Hunger) (1951).


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Born in 1946, in São Bento do Una in the countryside of Pernambuco. Studied law, but his vocation was always music. Recorded his first album with Geraldo Azevedo, in 1972. Made his national breakthrough in 1975 at the Festival Abertura on TV Globo with a song, which fuses Northeastern roots with rock. A carnavalesco (someone intimately involved with Carnaval), he lives in the focus of the festivities, in Olinda, and customarily organizes great celebrations singing from the balcony of his house. He grew up in a middle class family, his father was a lawyer, and when he was nine his family moved to Recife. A few years later he started playing the guitar.

José Teles from Pernambuco has written a book called Do Frevo ao Manguebeat, (From Frevo to Manguebeat). The (also) journalist who already collaborated on O Pasquim, cultural magazine of the late 60’s and early 70’s, and who currently writes about music for Jornal do Commércio, gives us what seems to be the definitive way of writing "manguebeat," "manguebit," or even "mang-bit," among other variations. He presents an x-ray of the sound—in his own backyard and the rest of Brazil—of Pernambucan music from the 70’s until the present. With Chico Science on the cover, it is one of the best selling books in Pernambuco, demonstrating the marketing strength of the movement, which injected modernity into the typical Northeast regionalism.


Estuary—Final section of a river or lake. Portion of a river with brackish water. In its margins you find the "manguezais," communities of subtropical and tropical plants inundated with movements from the seas. By the exchange of organic material between fresh and salt water, the swamps are among the most productive ecosystems in the world.

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Arranger, musician, and conductor, he was born in Goiana, Pernambuco, where, at 8 he began playing in the Banda Saboeira. Composed his first song—the frevo "Furacão" (Hurricane) at 12. When he was 15, he was already contributing, in Recife, in the Jazz Band Acadêmica and the Orquestra Paraguari of Rádio Jornal do Comércio. After some years of intensive arranging, playing, and composing in the south of Brazil, he returned to Recife where he became a member of the Orquestra Sinfônica and acted as professor-arranger of the Conservatório Pernambucano de Música.


In the middle of 1991, a nucleus of research and production of pop ideas began to be generated and articulated, in various points of the city. The objective was to dream up an "energetic circuit," capable of connecting the good vibrations of the mangues, with a worldwide network of circulation of pop concepts. A symbolic image, a parabolic antenna strung together in the mud.

The principal interpreter of Pernambuco’s Carnaval, he began as a singer of romantic music. In 1960, he recorded the potpourris of Capiba and Nelson Ferreira, who were part of the history of Pernambucan music and connected for all times his name with frevo. He is also the singer who takes the Frevioca, a tram adapted with a frevo orchestra, through the streets of Recife. His son Nonô followed him and is already a great success at the Carnaval of Pernambuco.


Embolada: It is the term for an improvisational singing style common in the Northeast sertão and beaches. There is typically a refrain followed by a series of sextilhas, a number of sentences forming a poem, performed by the singer. It is very similar to the coco, in fact, some consider it a more sophisticated coco. Generally, it is accompanied by a pandeiro and a ganzá—a tubular metal shaker or a wooden or metal square with cymbals. It plays on at a rapid tempo, often for a long time, and usually employs complex lyrics. There are set refrains, giving the performer the opportunity to consider his next improvisational segment. Often tongue twisting lyrics are used in the humorous or satirical poetry. The tempo gradually speeds up until the words get mixed together—an aspect that gave name to the style embolada. Manezinho Araújo from Pernambuco was one of the best known artists of this genre and frequently performed on the radio and recorded from the 30’s until the 50’s.

Born in Recife in 1921 and died in 1964. He was a chronicler, poet, lyricist and started his artistic life on the Rádio Clube of Pernambuco. He worked in partnership with Vinicius de Moraes and Luís Bonfá. Author of several popular music successes: "Ninguém me ama" (Nobody Loves Me), "O amor e a Rosa" (Love and the Rose), "Manhã de Carnaval" (Morning of Carnaval), Frevos number 1, 2, and 3 of Recife, etc.


There exists a myth, for example, that in order to find the "soul" of Brazilian music there is one and only one city that will show you the light, as it were. I’m referring to Salvador da Bahia, of course. Any and everybody who gives a music recommendation inevitably cites the Northeast as the place to go. After spending about six months in the Brazilian Northeast, I feel qualified to say that I would give the exact same advice. However, exactly where to go is the question that is never asked. It is assumed that Bahia is the one and only place to search for the soul of modern Brazilian music.

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The Northeast of Brazil is where the journey starts. Always a lively and fertile breeding ground for music, this coast that looks toward Africa has given birth to many individual styles, often associated with particular cities such as Recife, Belém, and Salvador. The Brazilian music scene has always been a lively mix based on the fact that Brazil is a true melting pot. We, Americans, like to say that our country is that, but not like Brazil. While it would certainly not be accurate to suggest that racial discrimination does not exist in Brazil, its basis is different from the experience of North America, tending to be more class-oriented than biological. The melting starts with the Portuguese colonists, who brought their Euro-Iberian sensibilities to their life in the New World, where they mixed freely with natives and then slaves.

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In the 90’s, Lenine has modulated his populist approach to incorporate the digital revolution sweeping popular music, fine-tuning it to suit his own needs. With O Dia em Que Faremos Contato (The Day We are Going to Get in Touch) and the more recent Na Pressão (Under Pressure) he weaves samples from film and other diverse sources into his fantastical vision, which includes anything from images of bridges and ships to Martian fortresses.

Siba: There doesn’t exist an esthetic movement, a musical standard that unites the bands. Yes, there’s a strong and diverse cultural scene spread about several ghettos. The mangue beat came to create a confluence among them.


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Born in Caruaru, in the countryside of the state, he had his first success in Aquela Rosa (That Rose), winner of the Festival de Música Nordestina, in 1969. Creator of a series of albums Asas de América (Wings of America), which reunited the principal names of Brazilian music, recording new and old songs from the Carnaval of Pernambuco. Participated with Alceu Valença, J. Michilles, and Geraldo Azevedo in a group of musicians responsible for the revitalization of the frevo-canção.


But I would suggest that figures such as Chico Science were and are the result of an environment created by Pernambuco’s rich musical heritage combined with an exceptionally open-minded approach towards international sounds. It allowed the special talent of Chico to blossom. The resulting mix has opened the door for people to take a much closer look at the wealth that Pernambuco has to offer the world.

King to Jean Luc Ponty to Talking Heads. Generally, his work goes above and beyond that of most percussionists. While he was working with Gismonti, he recorded his third album, Saudades (Longing) on which he is accompanied by a symphony orchestra. In 1983 he released Zumbi, an album on which he highlighted his work with voices and "body percussion," sounds he makes by slapping his body.


Fagner* – Caboclo Sonhador

During Carnaval 2001 in Recife and Olinda, Pernambuco, I witnessed multiple live performances of almost every one of the musical styles I listed in the first paragraph. Every dawn I went home in awe of what I had witnessed the previous night. It was a stark contrast from last year in Bahia when, most days, I left wondering where the hell the drums were that they talk so much about. Bunda (butt) has replaced the beats in Bahia.

Sufficient were the changes in the "winds" of history that the first signals of economic sclerosis were manifesting themselves at the beginning of the 60’s. In the last 30 years, the syndrome of stagnation, allied with the permanence of the myth of the "metropolis," has only accelerated the aggravation of the picture of misery and urban chaos. Recife today has the highest unemployment in the country. More than half of its inhabitants live in favelas and floating houses. According to a study of the institute of population studies in Washington, Recife is today the fourth worst city in the world to live in.


Three shows resulted in a great success and various praises in the media. After the show, Chico Science and Nação Zumbi signed a contract by the label Chaos, a division of Sony dedicated to "alternative" bands.

There even exist stages set up solely for rock concerts right in the middle of the festa. You can quite literally walk from one block to the next in downtown Recife and see maracatu, then samba, then frevo, then afoxé, and then end up in mosh pit during the Rec-Beat rock festival. You might even end up playing in a bloco yourself.


It is not by coincidence that the swamps are considered a basic link of the marine food chain. In spite of the bugs, mosquitoes, and flies, enemies of housewives, for the scientists the mangues are held as the symbols of fertility, diversity and richness.

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Maria Júlia do Nascimento, born on March 5, 1877, in Pátio da Santa Cruz, in Boa Vista. Became Queen of Maracatu of Nação Leão Coroado, where she married João Vitorino. When her husband was chosen as King of Nação Elefante, she abdicated her throne, to follow him. The coronation took place in February of 1947. Daughter and granddaughter of Africans, Dona Santa had in her blood the rhythm of baque-virado, a musical style of maracatu, and of zabumba and gonguê, two different kinds of drums.


Luiz himself defined very well the style of his two partners, Zé Dantas, most authentically Northeastern; Humberto Teixeira a chiseler of the rough stones of his creations. In an interview for Rádio Jornal do Brasil from July 1983, Luiz Gonzaga said: "Humberto is most meshed with the city, with the asphalt, and Zé came from the hard sertão.

No doubt these conditions lead to the locals being tough and resilient. Life expectancy is shorter than in other parts of Brazil—which may explain why there is a strong need for myths and musical tradition to make life a little easier. One of the pernambucanos’ (as the people are called) attributes is a strong sense of hospitality—likely borne from the need for help from neighbors in an emergency situation. Guests are welcomed with food and a place to sleep.


The maestro continued as conductor and arranger as well as musician of the Orquestra Paraibana de Música Popular. Their most recent successes are the frevos-de-rua "Estação do Frevo" (Season of Frevo), "Cidadão Frevo" (Citizen Frevo) and Marcela, not to mention his already famous symphonic play, "Fantasia Carnavalesca," recorded for the Orquestra Sinfônica do Recife and Coral Ernani Braga.

A quick shock, or Recife dies of a heart attack! It is not necessary to be a doctor to know that the simplest way to stop the heart of a subject is to obstruct its veins. The quickest way, also, to choke and empty the soul of a city like Recife is to kill her rivers and cover up her estuaries. What is to be done not to deepen the chronic depression, which paralyzes the citizens? How do you give back the courage and de-lobotomize and recharge the batteries of a city?


Focus Music of Northeast Brazil

The Banda Capim com Mel (grass with honey) is from Recife and plays and sings modern music. We have a special voice of the Northeast, and that’s Alceu Valença, who has given a lot to our musical tradition. Reginaldo Rossi, another man, now perhaps 55, and his compositions have been recorded by many artists. And finally, with a gold key, the very famous king of baião, LUIZ GONZAGA. He came from our land and became famous all over the world. His son, Gonzaguinha, was born in Rio and has written many beautiful songs. Please let me know if I can get any music for you.

Thus started my research into the rich musical tradition that exists in Pernambuco. An email to my pernambucano friend, Chico, who lives in Rio, resulted in his enthusiastic response and material, when I arrived at his house.

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He had discovered the Lamento Negro (Black Lament) a samba-reggae group. After one of the jam sessions with them, Chico was impressed with the energy of Lamento Negro, and afterwards called two friends from Loustal, his old Hip Hop and Funk band, then formed Chico Science and Lamento Negro, with the objective of blending the black international music with regional rhythms like the maracatu. That band was later called Chico Science and Nação Zumbi*.


Noted for his beautiful ballads, he has performed with dozens of Brazil’s best contemporary performers. Perhaps more than any singer/songwriter, Dominguinhos is responsible for communicating the breadth and sophistication of forró to a modern urban audience.

Maracatu: It coexists with the frevo in the street Carnaval of Pernambuco. There are groups or blocos that parade in the streets accompanied by drums, chocalhos—wooden or metal shakers in the shape of a double cone united at the base—, agogô’s—a double cow bell struck with a stick—, and various other percussion instruments. There is no specific choreography, as with the frevos. The members of the groups have the custom of responding in chorus to the improvisation of the tirador de loas, lead singer, who "sings a joke" to be answered by the other participants.


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Siba: It is a folguedo, a kind of festival from the forest zone of Pernambuco, a game of the street, which involves music, theater, and poetry. It has a ritual function—almost without musical preparation.

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After playing in every kind of context, such as symphonic orchestras and street bands, Naná moved to Rio and began playing with Milton Nascimento. In 1970, Argentine tenor player Gato Barbieri invited him to play in his band. They played in New York, then toured Europe, where Naná caused a sensation at the Montreux Jazz Festival. After the tour, he decided to stay in Paris. It was here that he made his first recording, África Deus. Naná returned to Brazil for the recording of his second album, Amazonas, and began working with guitarist Egberto Gismonti, which lasted eight years and produced three albums of duets.


She has started working with impresario Beto Hees, also a pernambucano, who had spent ten years in Europe producing music. Today he is in charge of Lia’s career. Their first project together was called Ciranda de Ritmos. He planned the debut of the partnership at Casa de Cultura, Praça do Carmo in Olinda and Jaguaribe, center of the island. The title is Ciranda de Ritmos because Lia does not restrict herself to cirandas but also sings cocos and maracatus, both Northeastern styles of music. The idea was to revive the success the ciranda had in the 70’s, when it became the chic rhythm of the Recife middle class.

I remember from that time, perhaps the 50’s, the great conductor, Nelson Ferreira. He had composed some very famous frevos, our samba, because this music is for playing and dancing at Carnaval time, but it is really very different from samba. The Negro Manuel Augusto was very famous. In reality he was a baiano, but he lived all his life in Recife since his return from Europe, where he played for the Russian Czar! He died in the 60’s, more than 80 years old. His rival, the conductor Valdemar de Almeida, also very famous, had a son—a very famous violinist—who is still alive and has an orchestra called the Armorial Orchestra, which specializes in baroque music. At the same time there was a conductor by the name of Capiba, who composed both classical and popular music. When you’re at my house, I’ll play a waltz for you called The Green Waltz.


Sérgio: For us, that fusion is natural. People try to let in some elements from the outside. Each one has an influence, but the idea is to seek a balance.

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Siba: My father was a repentista, my uncle performed coco. In the Northeast, everybody has a local reference.


The rabeca was brought to the Northeast by the Arabs who came from the Iberian Peninsula. The desafio and the improvised poetry could also be considered an Arab heritage.

João Vitor do Rego Valença and Raul do Rego Valença were born in 1890 and 1894, respectively. The Valença family cultivated the tradition of putting on performances at Nativity scenes for Christmas. The Valença Brothers, as they were known, published about 30 works in addition to others not issued. In 1930 they composed their first music for Carnaval, the march "Mulata," in which, two years later Lamartine Babo introduced some modifications, principally in the lyrics, transforming it to "Teu Cabelo Não Nega" (Your Hair Does Not Deny). Three times they were champions at the Carnaval of Recife, with the maracatu "Ô, Já Vou" (Oh, I’m Already Going), the marches "Nós Dois" (The Two of Us) and "Foi Você" (It Was You).


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One of the rising stars in recent years, born in Pernambuco, is Lenine. True to his roots, his music is influenced by the traditions of his Northeastern state. He has managed to integrate the sounds of maracatu and the Carnaval music into his modern Brazilian music. He left his home in Recife at the age of 18 and went to Rio, where he began to make an impact on the music scene. Struggling for acceptance at first, his innovations have since been adopted by a generation of pop artists, and it is now common to hear maracatu percussion in Brazilian telenovelas (soap operas) soundtracks and advertising jingles.


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Caetano Veloso, the great baiano singer and composer, was so moved by the reading of the book that he took a quote from it and made it the title of his latest CD Noites do Norte (Nights of the North). He even went as far as putting music to a piece of prose from Nabuco’s book, and the result could not have been more profound if he had written the lyric for the music.

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He is without a doubt the most famous and significant of the musicians from Pernambuco. He became known as the king of baião, and his genre of Northeastern music has become the most successful around the country.

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These performances led to a recording contract. The first CD, Fome dá dor de cabeça (Hunger Gives a Headache), includes three songs from Jackson do Pandeiro’s repertoire, two by other composers and nine songs by Silvério Pessoa, the lead singer and primary composer in the band. The range of Cascabulho’s creative energy is represented in a repertoire that includes diverse styles such as the traditional forró pé-de-serra, batuque de terreiro*, maracatu, xangô, coco de roda, and coco de terreiro. A project firmly rooted in the traditions and cultural expression of Pernambuco, the cover art of the CD includes paintings and sculpture by six regional artists.