Its interesting to think but had Monica been his pet project I imagine all the hype and machinery Alicia Keys had behind her would have been directed to Monica. He would have marketed her as the second coming of Whitney. Clive may be horrible as a person allegedly but he knows his job. I imagine Monica's sound and look would have been influenced by Whitney's my love is your love era. Giving a "grittier " sound but maintaining that classy aesthetic. However, I think Monica knew the problems that came with super stardom and she didn't want it.

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Highest RIAA certified female artists

Giving a voice to the voiceless. The people who are no longer here, or locked up or missing. Those are the people that created the Illmatic experience, they’re the people Nas writes about and are part of the stories that make up that album.


Great artists, and great albums. I don't see "Good Girl Gone Bad" as R&B per-se, but I'm fine with the inclusion of it.

Once we got the grant we quit four jobs and decided we’d finish the film. So we called up Nas and he said he could give us twenty minutes of his time to look at what we’d got. So he came up to the studio and we showed him old footage of him walking through Queensbridge that he has never seen, then we showed him some photographs that we’d found of his friends from back in the day and he was blown away. He went on to tell us incredible stories about these people and their lives and those 20 minutes turned into an hour, and then that became two hours and he just didn’t want to leave. Then he called his brother into the studio and they both ended up spending the whole day with us, watching footage, telling jokes, discussing the past. After that he told his manager to clear out his schedule because he wanted to help us finish the film. He realised that this story was bigger than all of us – it’s the kind of story that is much needed in hip hop, one that can move the culture forward.


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I relocated to New York in 2000 I connected with a lot of artists. Eric Parker (the film’s writer and co-producer) and I had met through work and stayed in touch. When he called me in 2004 he was a music editor at Vibe and said he was doing a print piece on the ten year anniversary of Illmatic. He wanted to know if I would be interested in shooting some video for a DVD because he knew I had a camera. It was an interesting idea to me, so I thought, why not? We went to Nas’ father’s house and it started there. Our interview with Olu Dara really shaped what was to become the finished film. So much information came out of that, and we realised we had a much bigger story; one that crossed generations and dealt with the wider issues that surrounded the Jones family. But when we started, we both had full time jobs and were funding it out of our own pockets. Eric spearheaded it and kept the project moving forward.


Our associate producer is developing an educational curriculum that will see the film enter the school system. A guide book will be produced and clips will be available to download so that people the high school system and colleges can use them. In addition to that, myself and Eric will be teaching a course at NYU about the making of Illmatic, showing how you take a project like this from zero – with experience or plans – to the screen. There’s going to be many facets to the education side of things that we’ll be rolling out over the next few months, hopefully it’ll give the film a life beyond just cinema and cable.

After we’d shot a few interviews we cut a short trailer together we sent it to Nas’ manager. He asked us to meet and brought Nas with him. At first Nas was very guarded, listening to us, but not giving any confirmation of what he thought. We left that meeting without a firm commitment of his involvement, he just said we should carry on and keep him informed about its development.


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Mimi changed the game with Emancipation. She proved again that she is the BOP Queen!

You manage to dig up some rather obscure people from Nas’ past. How important for you was it to explore the lives of these peripheral characters from Nas’ life?


Kids are getting caught up in trauma and we can never tell how it’ll affect them. Nas used music as a conduit to take him into a different place, but most people don’t have that gift. How many people are there out in the world like Jungle? Those who internalise the trauma and express it in negative ways? We wanted to look at those issues, because even 20 years later after Illmatic came out they’re still important.

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Yeah, we didn’t want to make a behind the scenes music documentary that just focused on the linear structure of the music. It was always more important for us to tell a proper story, so we decided to create our narrative based around the album’s song titles. They opened up a bigger framework for us, one that went beyond the beats and into the social issues. We started thinking about ‘New York State of Mind’ and how it related to the history of the Queensbridge and the development of the housing projects. While for us, ‘Life’s A Bitch’ applied to the dissolution of the family home and ‘One Love’ to the problems of the prison system. We wanted to look beyond the songs at the ideas that inspired the music.

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He expresses his deepest feelings in his music – he’s very honest in that space – but being able to talk to someone with that same honesty (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/alicia-keys-moment-of-honesty.zip) in an interview is a different thing entirely. But once we got to know him, it felt like you were talking to an old friend and it was very revealing.

Was it Shady for Monica/Clive Davis/Arista Records to Name Her Album The Boy is Mine

If you are born on were born in 1987, you are part of Millennials Generation. Millennials (also known as Generation Y or "echo boomers" because millennials are often the children of the baby boomers). Millennials is a generation who grew up with computers, internet and social networks. Having been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams" and being told they were special, they tend to be confident and tolerant of difference.


And he has a track on Songs in A Minor. Involved with 3 of the best R&B albums.

People here that are trying to shade Beyonce should know she hasn't certified her albums/singles in years. The last time Dangerously in Love was certified was in 2004 lol.


I had no clue until LSA that foxy had so many opportunities and was becoming the IT girl! Such a shame what she could have don't for dark skin black rappers.

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It feels like themes that you’re talking are affecting people as much today as they were twenty years ago. Do you think that is why Illmatic has stood the test of time; because it deals with issues that refuse to go away?


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