Actually, the 11:27 full length version of this is not entirely instrumental, but it does take seven and a half minutes before Maki bursts into song. As you might expect, the radio edit majored on those final four minutes, which is fair enough and exactly what we’d all do in the circumstances. Then along came the next album, Pizzicato Five TM, with “Darlin Of Discotheque” on it as a seven-and-a-half minute instrumental. Also fair enough, but the catch is that it wasn’t an instrumental edit of the single but a completely different version, and in my opinion an inferior one. Hence this custom instrumental edit, not available in the shops!

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Alas, there was no giant-killing, but it was fun while it lasted. So which of our four teams from last week could call on the international class and experience of Klinsmann, Papin, Babbel and Kahn and which had to rely on brave warriors such as Sinclair, Lennon, Coyle and Dair?

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Grunge Bands Trivia Quiz

I won’t waste time insulting your intelligence by saying much about these two teams. But it does match up one of the finest ever from New England against the bloke who wrote A New England. And it also offers the contrast of something live that is raw and energetic against one of the most unapologetically tear-jerkers of all time.

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Title – Bob Dylan 2. Artist – Grant Aspinall. Medium – Painting – Oil On Canvas.

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This really is one of the great lost singles of the era. It pounds along at a cracking pace, putting to shame so many of the indie-by-numbers efforts that were being lauded in music papers all across the land, demanding to be heard on your radio. Phil still had some fans out there who believed in him, with Janice Long on BBC Radio 1 enthusiastically providing a live session on her early evening show. But it was all to no avail with the single selling dismally, partly as Creation had given up the ghost and offered next to no promotion for the singer.

More tracks like Unbreakable

Another one from the 1988 LP that is still my favourite and by far their most consistent. This one where i do hear an echo of Lloyd Cole. I really like the guitar on this and always feel it is over a tad too soon.


Users' Highest Rated Pop Albums of All Time

The thing gives me strange small pleasures such as a first line “ a little ditty” not story, not song, not tale but ditty. There was the other worldliness of the Tastee Freez ( I had no idea what this was was, but it sounded like a wonderful place) and what an earth was a chilidog. It is easy to forget in this time of access to everything how mysterious some American references were.

Judge Jules & BK - Seizure (Jules' Ibizan Edit, BK Mix) [Riot! Recordings-White] 2005 – Promo NEW!


The songs of the project God Help the Girl belong to the genre of indie pop and resemble the other output of Belle and Sebastian in tone – two songs (Funny Little Frog and Act of the Apostle) were taken directly from the earlier repertory of this group. However, contrary to the earlier work of Belle and Sebastian (a group dominated by male performers), female vocalists (who are not members of the group) play the main role in the project. The songs themselves also tell about the problems of young girls entering adult life.

Pharrell Williams could be headed for the GRAMMY history book this year. Williams is nominated for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical, an award he previously won in 2003 as a member of the Neptunes (with Chad Hugo). If Williams wins this year, he'll become only the third producer to win in this category both on his own and with a partner.


Robert is one of life’s genuinely good guys. Yes, he’s a Morrissey fan but you’ll see him at plenty other gigs in Glasgow by other bands – for instance, he was someone I was alongside at LCD Soundsystem at the Barrowlands last year and he’s a mainstay of the local indie scene championing all sorts of new and emerging bands over the years. I’ve always valued his views and opinions and I don’t doubt the sincerity and the sentiments behind his review of this particular gig.

To all Paul Quinn fans, I’d like to offer a heartfelt apology. My behaviour, as manager, in fielding the 12” version of Change of Attitude in the original ICA was totally out of character and a momentary lapse in my normally high standards of behaviour.


Black keys tighten up instrumental

Jones and David Foster are close behind, with three Producer Of The Year victories each. Peter Asher, Arif Mardin and Rick Rubin have each won the award twice.

Signed to Creation Records in one of Alan McGee’s punts this was my first exposure to the band. Bought on the basis of a review that compared them to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Pat has since complained that the LP came out sounding too smooth and tidy, which is probably why it is still my favourite. This gallops along in a way that allows you to forgive the 80s sax that suddenly appears.


The Stone Roses have been suggested in some quarters as having the ability to go all the way in the competition although there are some correspondents who think they lack the neccesary depth. They weren’t pushed too hard in Round 1 against Yellow Magic Orchestra but even so, will need an improved performance to see off OMD whose professional and polished performance last time out saw them deal a mortal blow to trhe much fancied Super Furry Animals.

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The ‘comeback’ single was released in August 2001; the first new song in eight years and sort of fitting that it went to #8 in the singles chart. The critics went wild for it but to this fan of such long-standing it was distinctly ordinary. Never had New Order sounded so much like an average white rock band.


Az lyrics alicia keys unbreakable

Because Made in USA was the album that tastemakers and TV and film editors picked up on the most, it became a “greatest hits” album by default, and it would be too easy for this Imaginary Compilation Album to turn into a slightly modified version of that collection. Fortunately, with Pizzicato Five being so ridiculously prolific, there was plenty of material to choose from. I have included one song which is also on Made In USA, but in a different version, so this imaginary compilation can be considered a sort of companion piece to that real one.


The 56th GRAMMY Awards will mark the 40th year that the award for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical will be presented. That milestone is a good excuse to look back at the winners and nominees in the category through the years.

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Producer Of The Year winners have come from all over the world. Asher, Collins & Padgham, Eno, Lillywhite, Mark Ronson, and Paul Epworth were born in England. Foster and Lanois were born in Canada; Bell in Jamaica; Mardin in Turkey; Bee Gees in Isle of Man; Ramone in South Africa; and Walter Afanasieff in Brazil.


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Into the 90s and more of a groove than a song. Features what is described as aquamarine guitar by Peter Astor from another jangly band The Weather Prophets. The song is typical Jazz Butcher material in that it is inspired by American short story writer Harlan Ellison.

Daft Punk and Emiliana Torrini have both enjoyed small leads before being pegged back, although the French are now on a bit of a roll and the current gap is at its widest. The The began their match at a blistering pace racing into an eight goal lead at one point, but the killer combination of Jobson and Adamson have steadied the ship and The Skids could yet make history by being the first to mount a comeback win of seismic proportions.


Alicia Keys Cover by CloudsOfProgression

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short two-day series. Maybe one day, there’ll be a Phil Wilson ICA.

Blige, Summer Walker, and now the usually unbothered Grammy winner Alicia Keys

The Recording Academy added the Producer Of The Year category in 1974, 16 years after the inaugural GRAMMY Awards. The nominees that first year were Thom Bell, Rick Hall (who will receive a Recording Academy Trustees Award this year), Billy Sherrill, Lenny Waronker, and Stevie Wonder. On March 1, 1975, Bell was announced as the first winner.


DJ Trigga & DJ Cheese - Keyshia Vs. Alicia

He said “thank you, I honestly mean it, thank you” and I knew that he did. Something has changed with him and it’s been evident over the past few weeks he seems happy and contented every night. The recent shows have been filled with kids wanting to hear his songs not The Smiths, I think that has helped move things on but last night I don’t know if it was the intimacy of the venue in comparison to some of the stadiums earlier in the tour but it was electric and EVERYONE felt it.

Of the 1000 items, over 2/3rds (66%+) are BRAND NEW and UNPLAYED items. These are mainly from 2004-2007 but some go back to 2002. The remaining records although second hand, will ALL play without fault, in Excellent or VG+ condition. These records are mainly from between 1997 and 2002 but a handful go back further as far as 1990.


Introducing your dynamic duo: Maki Nomiya (vocals) and Yasuharu Konishi (keyboards, guitar and backing vocals). I think it’s a good idea to start with the track that sounds most like a theme tune – in this case the theme to a retro action movie, the sort where the hero wears a leather jacket with a beige turtleneck sweater underneath. This was was also P5’s only UK top 75 entry, which surprised me a bit as I don’t remember ever hearing it played anywhere, and there’s another song on this compilation which I could have sworn was a minor hit. Having not played my CD single of this for years, another surprise was that it’s got an English language version on it, and that’s the one I’ve included here. Don’t get used to it, it’s going to be mostly Japanese from here on in.

Babyface has won Producer Of The Year four times, more than anyone else. He and Reid won as a team in 1992, when their credits included the Boomerang soundtrack and hits by TLC and Bobby Brown.


Baby bash low key instrumental

Many questions will be answered this year. My goal is to become [the queen] of transparency.

The Four Chords of Pop

Let’s imagine we’ve gathered up the Pizzicato Five catalogue and taken it back in time to, say, 1986. What shall we give those early adopters who’ve shelled out extra for a shiny unbreakable compact disc? Something smooth, something lush, something, shall we say, “romantique”? Something suitable for playing late at night in a modernist apartment with parquet flooring, a settee in the middle of the room and a picture window looking out over the city lights. I think this should hit the spot!


Nope, it’s not a cover of the Beastie Boys song. In fact, it’s a far better song than many which found their way onto the parent album. It’s something of a throwback in some ways to the Low-Life/Brotherhood era with some great bass licks from Hooky midway through.

Most of the band still work together as The Filthy Tongues. But that’s a story for another day.


This is a veterans match if ever there was one. The Stranglers (who last round saw off Roddy Frame but, by playing one of their best songs might have peaked too early) will be shuffling around the pitch with a combined age of 281. Whereas The Police are a man down on their opponents but still clock up an impressive combined age of 206.

DJ Finesse - Ms Alicia Keys

This is just such a brilliant tie on paper. Two of my all time favourites, neither of whom at the start of the World Cup I’d have given too much chance of reaching this stage; but now one of them is going to reach the last 32 and possibly take on a really big gun.


If this progression loops back to I, this effectively produces a Plagal Cadence. Very often, this progression is used as an ostinato—a repeated pattern that occurs throughout a song (or a part of it).

Emmys 2021: Full Nominees list

Asian Dub Foundation in the late 90s and early 00s released two wonderful records, these being Rafis Revenge and the seminal Community Music; the latter is described by some as the most important record ever released. It isn’t quite that, but it is certainly utterly wonderful. Both are angry, overflowing with polemic lyrics and a strong sense of trying to right the wrongs of society. These two records are their best – and obviously make up the bulk of this compilation. It was these two records that took them from being whispered about underground urbanistas to overground in your face forces to be reckoned with.


The first three of this week’s matches are already looking foregone conclusions and it’s only 8/30pm on Monday night. The final tie, however, has been fairly nip and tuck for the most part with both sides having held the lead at one point in time or other.