EtasonJB is a fully untethered jailbreak and you do not need to run the Etason JB app whenever you restart the device. There are both PC required and Online methods available for Etason Jailbreak. You can get an Online method from the Silzee Online JB app. It is the easiest way to complete the Etason Jailbreak.

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  • After you have entered the right DNS, tap the Back button and click Activation Help
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Step 02 – Now go to the zJailbreak app or Xabsi app. Then, tap on Silzee online jailbreak tab. Install it. Click on the Allow button to confirm it. Once complete, the Online Jb app will be available on your homescreen.


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Step 6 Once the exploitation process (2/38) is complete, the app will display a popup notice – “The system snapshot has been successfully renamed. The device will now be restarted”. Press OK to restart your device.

Remember, you have to use iTunes to update your Apple device. We do not recommend updating via OTA in Settings.

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Step 9 Relaunch the app again after your device reboots and tap Jailbreak again. Wait for your device to respring.

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Actually, iOS 9/3.5 operating system speed performance is a law on 32-bit devices. As solutions users can downgrade to iOS 8/4.1 the last version of iOS 8. But it needs to save SHSH blobs to complete the downgrade. If it is not, you cannot downgrade your device version to iOS 8/4.1.

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Step 01 – Download the latest version of the PP jailbreak tool from the following button. PPJailbreak tool comes as the dmg file. Therefore you have to extract the PP jailbreak software to the Applications folder of your mac computer.

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V3/7.0 Beta 4 – Updates Cydia installer to prompt for network access on Chinese models. Renames MobileSubstrate to match other jailbreak tools. Updates Substitute to v0/1.0.

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V3/5.4 – Adds SSH with root shell to devices having A12 and A12X processors on iOS 12/1.3-12/4 firmware. Adds support for unsigned code execution. Adds support for running revoked applications on A12-A12X devices. Fixes random reboots after running the jailbreak on A7-A12(X) devices running iOS 11/0-12/4.


Can't connect to internet and can't start antivirus

Cydia and Substrate are fully compatible with all supported iOS 12 devices listed above. You will able to install all iOS 12-compatible Cydia tweaks after jailbreaking.

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V3/3.0 Beta 1 – Adds SockPuppet exploit for iOS 12/0-12/2 support, replacing empty_list and multi_path exploits. Replaces the kernel exploit segmented switch with the picker view.

Solved Possible Malware from ccleaner issue

Step 7 The app will now display the following message – “The system snapshot has been successfully renamed. The device will now be restarted”. Press OK to restart your device.


I0n1c: Popular German iOS hacker (i0n1c) released the Jailbreak for iOS 8/4 beta versions for the 1st time. However, he has not released this Jailbreak to the public. Sometimes Apple may have fixed the i0n1c jailbreak at iOS 8/4 public release. Therefore we do not have a clear idea about this jailbreak. Go to the i0n1c’s website to read more about i0n1c.

Step 06 – Finally you will get an error as “storage full error”. It is really not an error, It is a part of the jailbreak process.


V3/5.6 – Adds RootFS remount support on A12/A12X devices on iOS 12/1.3-12/4 firmware. Adds RootFS Restore feature to A12-A12X devices on iOS 12/1.3-12/4.