First, shot at its legs and destroy them both (you can use disk launcher for this). Next, blow up one of its arm and afterwards just finish it with melee (circle button).

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The menu itself is separated into tabs, for item, vehicle, player, and misc functions. You can easily use the arrow keys to move onto the next item, selecting it off/on, or use shift + arrow key to entirely move to the next section. It's good for easily moving to the next section.


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One Degree of Separation: In her supports with Niles, it's revealed he broke into her family's manor when she was younger in search of a Demonic Dummy they'd heard the family was keeping on the property, a search that proved fruitless. In their A-Support, Niles realizes the rumor was actually referring to Peri herself.

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Good Scars, Evil Scars: As seen in his picture. They're Good Scars since he's on the side of the Avatar and isn't exactly deformed by them.


Faux Yay: Charlotte will be very interested in joining the Avatar's party after she knows that the Avatar is royalty, and gives the Avatar lunch while acting overly nice in their C support, regardless of the Avatar's gender. She, of course, isn't really attracted to a female Avatar and is just trying to get on her good side.

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Major Injury Underreaction: In his C support with Felicia, Felicia ends up spilling a tray of hot tea and snacks all over Benny when he sneezes. Felicia is in a panic trying to clean him up. Benny just kind of looks at her despite being burned by the tea.


The Pollyanna: A Rare Male Example. Despite his absolutely atrocious streak of luck, he maintains relentless optimism and confidence in his actions and lives life to the fullest.

Papa Wolf: All puns aside, he's just as concerned about his daughter, Velouria, as most of the fathers are about their children. In Heirs of Fate, he throws himself at a massive army so his daughter could escape.


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Boobs of Steel: She's described as the best fighter, is in a very physical-oriented class, and also has one of the most impressive cleavages amongst the women. When she's angry, she can topple a tree with a single punch.

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Verbal Backspace: In her support with Saizo in Revelation, she mocks him for his shabby clothing and obvious poverty. Then he tells her he directly serves the Hoshidan heir-apparent and gets paid a crapton of money, his appearance being because he doesn't care to flaunt wealth—plus, doing so would be counterproductive to his role as a ninja.


Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Benny will end up being this with almost every female (aside from Camilla). It's taken to the logical conclusion with Elise, Mozu or Nyx.

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Took a Level in Kindness: While he was always a people-pleaser with a Hidden Heart of Gold, Inigo often acted like an obnoxious annoyance towards women and an arrogant bully towards other men. Both of those traits are mostly gone as Laslow, and he is generally characterized as being kind, friendly, and loyal towards others.


A shaman who lives in the Kingdom of Nohr, and one of the few optional units that can be recruited. Contrary to her young appearance, she is incredibly mature. She’s calm and peaceful and doesn’t involve herself with others more than necessary. Though she is an incredibly talented shaman, she lives a quiet life as a fortune teller despite being within an unstable society. When it comes to giving out gifts, hers are the best.

One would think the gods hate him with his awful luck, but this man survived multiple events that would leave him in an infirmary at best and an eleven-foot hole at worst. But he dusts off being struck by lightning and falling off cliffs like it's a common cold.


Dark and Troubled Past: Charlotte grew up in constant poverty and was bullied for her tomboyish behavior, than latter was scorned for being such a good fighter despite her gender. Her desire to marry rich, difficulty expressing her true personality, and cynical outlook stem from these childhood issues.

Her Supports with Silas reveal that her becoming a fighter was actually a direct result of her poor lifestyle. Being a capable fighter was literally the only thing she had going for her, so it became the only way to gain respect - only for her to turn out to be far too good at it and end up frightening most people with her strength. Combined with the bullying issues she talks about in Xander's Supports, is it any wonder she got so jaded about the world?


This is the end of 4-1, when you need to wait for elevator to get down. Enemies will arrive and attack you. Make sure you have bullets and you play on Casual.

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Last Guy Wins: In the Conquest route, he's the second-to-last generally eligible bachelor who joins the party, and unlike Xander he has no storyline connections to any of the other playable characters, giving him a claim to this for most of the Nohrian women. The exceptions are Mozu, Nyx, and Charlotte, who have no connections with Xander either.


Mysterious Past: She does not like to talk about her past, though she hints that she was very cruel in her youth and would inflict curses on innocent people and torment whole villages. Due to her past actions, Nyx thinks it's best that she be kept as far from society as possible. In his A Support with her, Odin informs her of a story he heard that the curse that keeps her young was because she'd accidentally absorbed the collective life-force of an entire village when one of her spells backfired, which Nyx subsequently confirms to be true.

Bipedal mode means they are standing on their legs. First, finish the one that already is in this mode, then kill the other one (when you kill the other one that is not standip up, it will initate the QTE sequence - DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING to fail it). After failing the QTE sequence, he will stand up. Kill it and the trophy is yours.


Secret Character: She can only be recruited in Conquest and Revelation once certain criteria are fulfilled. She'll join the player's army after the Fire Orb, Launcher, or Ballista at My Castle is upgraded to Level 3 and player goes to complete a map.

So all has been flawless untill today, when i got BANNED. It has been 5 good days tho, but their 6 months undected policy has fallen today.


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Break the Cutie: In Birthright, her father attempts to rebel against King Garon, and is swiftly dealt with and executed. Flora and the rest of the surviving Ice Tribe pledge their loyalty to Garon out of fear. After news is received that the Avatar has defected to Hoshido, Garon orders Flora to take responsibility and kill the Avatar herself, lest her whole tribe be slaughtered. When Flora hesitates to give an answer, Garon grows impatient and tells her to die then and there if she cannot make the choice. Pressured and fearing for her life, Flora chooses to betray the Avatar — a choice which later causes her so much shame that she is Driven to Suicide.

You can enable extended quick draw attachments, smgs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, scope esp, magazine esp, suppressor esp, sniper attachment esp, muzzle attachment, grip, stock. You can also adjust what types of throwables show, such as whether only damaging grenades show, or whether you want smoke. You can pretty much customize every single thing in the menu. Also, you know the conundrum of having all health items enabled, but sometimes only want bandages shown and others only first aid kids?


This is where the hack truly shines. I love the ultra customizable item esp. Do you want to view only level 2 and level 3 esp? Or do you want to briefly enable the level 1 to find a backpack or when dropping at school?

Both are young prodigal magic users. While Hayato attempts to act like an adult to get attention, Nyx is an actual adult who appears very young due to a curse. One can support Nyx and Hayato together in the Revelation route, which reveals they are Not So Different.


Older Than They Look: Nyx has very young appearance, but she's actually much older than most other characters. She was born many years before the Avatar, but her body has not aged due to a curse.

The aimbot is good for this type of hack. I have found luck with getting kar98 headshots at 200-250m as of late, which sounds bad. However, I have yet to find a hack that isn't detected that allows me to get headshots from 500-600m away, especially after instant hit was patched. There are some that can selectively enable a "sharpshooter" but claim you'll get banned if you use it often. I find the aimbot is good for what it offers. It's great for assault rifles, smgs, pistols, shotguns, etc. There are 3 bones: chest, head, and pelvis. You can also limit your FOV angle which activates the aimbot and set different hotkeys.


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Gameplay and Story Segregation: While the story claims that Felicia is a more adept weapon user than Flora, this is not the case in gameplay. Felicia's growths are more slanted toward being a Fragile Speedster and a Squishy Wizard, while Flora is a Jack-of-All-Stats and more physically oriented than Felicia, making her better suited for handling weapons. Though it's potentially justified since Felicia hates fighting, preferring to train her maid skills.

Facial Markings: Nyx has three wisp-like markings on her face, one on her forehead, and one on each of her cheeks. According to her My Room quotes, they help reflect curses.


Socially Awkward Hero: Unlike Beruka or Rinkah, who prefer solitude, Benny actually would like to be closer to everyone else, he just doesn't know how. Arthur tries to help him in this endeavor, but his plans tend to have, well, Arthurian levels of luck.

To further support this, her relationship with Felicia is very similar to the relationship between Sumia and Cordelia. She also coincidentally shares the same English voice actress, Julie Ann Taylor.


This is the default class of your characters, representing their most basic abilities. Funnily enough, it’s one of the few classes in the game where your units will be able to wield magic without being a class fully focused on magic. Be careful when choosing a beginner class in those cases – if you have someone who was practicing with magic and a weapon but you choose anything other than the monk class, you’ll lose your magic spells. Mastering this class is an easy task – it takes only 20 EXP, which is ten battles after upgrading the Saint Cethleann statue – and it grants a nice +5 bonus to HP that’s quite valuable in the early game (and even late game for your most vulnerable units).

Mighty Glacier: Has by far the lowest speed growth in the game but very high strength, health and defenses. In an twist of other Armor Knights in the series, his resistance is not terrible. Starting with 10 resistance and having a 45 resistance growth means that he could fight mages, usually a counter for high defense but low resistance Knights, with both his stats and weapon triangle advantage.


You can kill big spider enemies so that they reveal more smaller ones; then try to aim at them so that lock-on weapon locks onto different 4 ones and shoot. Keep restarting until you do so.

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The Paladin: Arthur fights for justice and does the right thing because he feels it is the right thing to do. Paladin is also one of his reclassing options in-game. And unlike the stereotype often associated with the Paladin character archetype, his overall supports go out of the way to show that, no, he isn't just a fool, and no, he shouldn't be disrespected just for being a 'goody-goody'.


The order I’ve chosen for the classes is Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and then Unique. Unique classes can involve spoilers for the royals and the professor, so that’s why I have placed that section at the end. The unique section is also the only one which still has some unfinished pieces; I will update it periodically as I finished additional routes.

Lightning Bruiser: She hits hard, has excellent battlefield coverage, and impressive defense. She's extremely vulnerable to mages and archers, however.


Fire Emblem Fates Nohr Royal Family

Your Universe or Mine: Much like his friend Odin, in his A rank with his daughter Soleil, the thought of leaving to go back to his old world and possibly having to leave his new family behind depresses him. Despite not really understanding the situation, Soleil tries to cheer him up anyways. It's solved anyway, as in Conquest, his wife and children follow him back to his world, and in Revelation, he's the one who chooses to stay in Fates' world if he's married to the Avatar.

She can also develop one with Nyx. Charlotte gradually becomes more encouraging towards her, perhaps because of her own image issues.


At the title screen, rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise or counterclockwise twenty times to unlock the God Hard difficulty. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Alternately, successfully complete the game on any difficulty.

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There are 2. This happens after you shoot down the enemy in the flying car and you shoot 3 lights afterwards. Your comrade will comment about some enemies appearing. You can spot them in the distance towards the last Pangloss statue. They move left and go down a bit where they fly still. This combined with AR mode is the best oportunity to destroy them.


Many of her supports mention her eating, taking someone else's food, etc. Justified by how she's constantly training, so she needs to eat quite more than others.

The Fettered: Perhaps owing to being the daughter of the tribe chief, and in contrast to Felicia, who gladly follows her heart, she is quite proud and responsible in adhering to whatever duties may fall on her shoulders, placing them above her own personal desires and emotions. This can range from devoting herself wholly to serving the Avatar to the point of frequently exhausting herself, to fighting against close friends and family in order to protect her village. Subverted if the Avatar marries her, as she abandons her duties to the Ice Tribe and leaves them to finally pursue her own happiness.


Seriously, this is what gives the game 9-9,5/10 difficutly rating. There is no way to cheese it, you need to get good and learn the patterns on each challenge, especially the last one. This will test your patience and ability. Check out the topic for some videos to help you with the hunt.

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You need to use Sniper to destroy all lights before they spot you. There will also be one enemy driving in the flying car - take him down when you see him to avoid being seen a bit later.

In Love with Your Carnage: Takes a liking to Laslow precisely because she can tell he's killed before. Laslow, unsurprisingly, isn't pleased.


Fire Emblem Fates Second Generation

Monk is the beginner class for your magically-inclined characters, and it is the only beginner class which allows the character to use the magic spells they have learned. This means that the monk class may actually be the most sensible beginner option even for characters who you are also training with a weapon: while monks can still use weapons, the weapon-focused classes cannot carry magic as a backup option.

A knight who has served the Kingdom of Nohr for many long years, with a reputation built on his feats of valor in the past. He acts as the Avatar’s caretaker and subjects them to battle training. Strict and lacks a sense of humor, but also has an easy-going side.


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She was the first person who wasn't afraid to talk to Benny, as she saw that, beyond his scary-looking appearance, he actually was a Gentle Giant. Her support chain with him show that they get along very well and she genuinely values her friendship with him.

Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Laslow. The two are old friends who rely on each other for moral support and share a deep bond of trust. This is in contrast to how they were more so Vitriolic Best Buds when they were younger.


Platonic Life-Partners: Charlotte is comfortable enough around Benny that she doesn't put on her cute act in front of him. They will achieve a Relationship Upgrade if they reach S-support.

This should be your main game mechanic. When you dodge with X, press L2 to activate the AR mode. While in that state, destroy some enemy.


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If you do miss some, you can replay missions and pick them up then, just make sure to initiate a checkpoint to save. Some will be possible to collect after you get the mission summary; do not worry, they still count.

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One problem that is not with the gun but may be with yourself is it is very heavy. But that's not even a bad problem because its not meant to be a more Mobile gun such as an AK or m4. The grip doesn't even feel like plastic yet it is made out of it. Feels more like durable polymer. The mag is sometimes a pain to get out and attach wires to, but you will get over that soon as it doesn't become a huge problem.


Among Hoshido's characters, she foils Subaki. Both of them are very competitive redheads who care a lot about personal appearances, try their utmost to be perfect at any task they're given and came from prestigious families whom they were always compared to. However, Selena is more aggressive and proactive while Subaki is more passive and calm. It also turns out they both mask deep insecurities about living up to their family legacy, but differ in that Selena resented living in her mother's shadow and tried her best to define herself outside it, whereas Subaki devoted himself to living up to the expectations of others and saw himself as worthless if he couldn't.

The Vamp: Acts sweet to seduce men. This is actually an act she forged out of fear of rejection, which is attributed to dealing with a crappy childhood and crappy treatment when in the Royal Guard.


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I always had issues in the vanilla pubg game finding a vehicle. I usually died to the circle because the vehicle I thought was there had been taken by another player, and it always felt so cheap. I honestly believe that vehicle esp should be in the game by default, since no one can memorize all the weapon spawn locations. The options you can enable are box esp (yes, put a box around vehicles), name esp, distance esp, and turbo -which is essentially nitrox for vehicles. This makes the van on miramar become the ultimate vehicle.

The Unfought: Is the only playable character to never be fought. For all intents and purposes, she does not exist on the Birthright path. Justified - her backstory does not place her in the Avatar's path since they don't return to Nohr's inner lands in Birthright until the full-on invasion of the capital, during which time Nyx has likely cleared out.


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Both are leaders of a tribe of animal shapeshifters that can turn into a canine creature (in Keaton's case, a werewolf) and have carefree personalities, though Keaton is more energetic, less concerned about his appearance, and is a Nightmare Fetishist who isn't above killing (or even eating) those he doesn't like. You can support both Kaden and Keaton together in the Revelation route, where they serve as a Red Oni, Blue Oni Boke and Tsukkomi Routine duo.

Came Back Wrong: Or to be more exact, Brainwashed and Crazy, courtesy of Anankos on the third route. Unlike similarly brainwashed servants of Anankos, the party manages to save him due to the fact that he isn't actually dead like many other servants of Anankos.


Keet: He's very excitable and energetic, like a real dog. Several characters note that his tail even wags when he's happy.

Disney Death: It's implied on the Nohr route, and outright confirmed on the third route that the gap he fell into leads to the Invisible Kingdom, Valla. As such, he joins on both the third route and on the Conquest route when the Avatar visits Valla. On the third route, he joins with the stats he had at the start, but on the Conquest route he rejoins the team around the halfway point buffed up a bit.


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If enemies do heavy damange on you in short time, you will automatically enter AR mode. Time will be slowed down, so aim some red robot heads and make sure you kill 3 of them.

The mortal savant is a unit who wields swords and black magic in tandem. It’s a sensible combination – the only ranged sword is the magical Levin Sword, after all – but it’s frustrating that there are no classes in the earlier levels which help build up to mortal savant. No sword-users can use magic, so it may be easiest to throw swords onto a character that you train along the warlock line in order to try and angle for this class. Unlike most of the master classes, the mortal savant has the +5 damage bonus on both specialized weapons, making the class equally valid for both the physical and magical approach. Warding Blow comes much later than other types of special blows you can learn from other classes, but it does give a nice resistance boost when your mortal savant goes after enemy magicians.


Regarding lsass: I would never resort to using that ****** method. The customers that got banned have all confirmed to have used the old feature. Those who are not banned, confirmed they have NOT used that feature.

Feels this way towards the Avatar. He sees them as a surrogate child, having lost his own son, as revealed in Revelation.


Gay Option: A male Avatar can marry him. In a twist to this trope, they could be said to be each other's gay option, as he too has primarily female suitors. Unfortunately, taking this option has a gameplay-based downside: you can't recruit either Kana or Nina in that playthrough (since they won't be born).

Both are highly-regarded warriors in their respective kingdoms, whose older ages do nothing to hamper their skills. They both have scarred faces, no family obligations and double as experienced caretakers for their royalty. The difference is that Gunter is an older veteran who prefers teaching the next generation, while Reina is an active blood-loving fighter. Also, Gunter's lack of family ties is because they died, whereas Reina's is because they disowned her.


Blood Knight: She loves combat and bloodshed, always eager to find an excuse to kill. Even her personal skill is related to this.

Pungeon Master: For one so serious, Flora makes a lot of ice related puns in her quotes. Not 1997 Mr. Freeze levels, but still very notable.


Mysterious Past: He says he has a past he can't talk about during his S-Support with the Avatar. The few details he has revealed to others (like Beruka, Azura, Arthur and Leo) state that said past is REALLY not pretty.

Avatar: Ha, your tail is wagging! Does that mean you're happy right now?


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Do not use mission select while you play the game. Your first playthrough should be like that and you should have no issues with getting this chain of trophies.

Now that I've given it a closer look, I'm starting to think it's not so great after all. I GUESS I might as well just give it to you, Avatar.


Delayed Reaction: In her supports with Felicia, the latter suffers one of her typical gaffes in their C- and A-Supports by spilling tea all over Peri. Peri stays smiling for a moment before realizing she's soaking and getting angry.

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They both take part in a rebellion to free themselves from Nohrian rule, both of them are key figures in their respective rebellions. Both are also in love with a man who does not return their feelings and is completely oblivious to them - Jakob for Flora's case, Ryoma for Scarlet's - with the "Spooky Scramble DLC" showing that neither ever fully gets over their first loves, even if they marry the Avatar.

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Unrequited Tragic Maiden: Her battle dialogue with Jakob on both routes imply that she has been harboring love for him for a long time. Unfortunately, Jakob appears to be completely oblivious to her feelings in Birthright and Revelation - worse, Conquest shows him seemingly realize Flora's feelings but turn out not to share them. There's nothing the player can do about it either, since they can't support - even if she marries the Male Avatar, the Spooky Scramble DLC implies she still isn't over him.


Charlotte's meek-girl act proved more successful than she could have hoped - too much so, in fact, as her superiors thought she was too fragile to take on high-standing jobs. This resulted in her getting taken off the Royal Guard (and away from a majority of the potentially wealthy suitors) and reassigned to border patrol.

Romanov's are bigger version of robots. They come with drills, rocket or flame throwers. You can do this in 5-1 where there are 2 and you can play on Casual difficutly to make it easier.


Harold is an Old English name, from here "army" and weald "rule", meaning "heroic leader", same as the title herald. This leads credence to his character archetype of the stereotype, strong-jawed superhero of western culture.

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Dark Magical Girl: Nyx can be easily seen as one of these. She used to be a mix of Enfante Terrible and Child Prodigy in regards to magic, and a punishment she was given an unbreakable curse that stunted her physical growth. As a result, Nyx is an adult woman trapped in a young girl's body and has severe issues about it: she can barely interact with people and buries herself in books, can't bond with others easily in any sense, has self-worth issues regarding her "childlike" body, and believes that she'll never be able to have a family that loves her. So once she's recruited in Conquest and Revelation, her supports tend to be about her learning to value not only others, but herself as well. And very unsurprisingly, in Revelation she can be the mother of Rhajat, who is also a Dark Magical Girl.


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Both are cheery and upbeat, but Laslow is much more mature and calm, meanwhile Peri is quick to be riled up and enjoys bloodshed and death. Both also lost their mothers in terrible ways, but handle their suffering very differently.

Both are high-ranking veteran officers in their respective armies, and served as The Caretaker to the Avatar when he/she was little. However, while Gunter rose through the ranks as a spear-wielding knight, Yukimura gained renown as a strategist.


One Steve Limit: She's not the first Selena to appear in a localized Fire Emblem, the first being in The Sacred Stones. She is the first playable one however, if one doesn't count the Einherjar version of Sacred Stones Selena or post-gameSacred Stones where Selena is unlockable.

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Warlocks are masters of destructive black magic, wielding it with both increased power thanks to Black Tomefaire and increased frequency thanks to Black Magic Usesx2. Note that unlike with the intermediate mage class, the warlock class doesn’t actually teach any spells – you character will have access only to the magic which occurs in their natural spell list. Mastering the warlock grants Bowbreaker, a great match for magical characters. Magicians seems to have an advantage against bows only when they initiate combat (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5908) – since spells can attack from close or far while bows can’t counter close without a special skill, mages can sometimes outmaneuver archers in combat (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7640). However, archers can also shoot farther than mages, so having the additional points of avoid to make those long range shots easier to dodge is certainly helpful. Warlocks of any sex can become a dark knight with some training in lances and riding, but female warlocks may consider becoming a gremory by studying faith.


Skewed Priorities: In Hidden Truths, Odin and Laslow pack only weapons and basic essentials for their trip to Nohr. Selena brings her entire wardrobe of clothes and an umbrella (which Laslow can promptly use as a weapon).

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The support for this hack is also amazing. You can suggest features to the devs and they are incredibly responsive and receptive to requests for other features. With other hacks, I had issues with getting devs to accept suggestions even when I knew the feature was possible because I used a different hack. They also use riot instead of discord, and so I'm not constantly trying to find the latest discord link because riot will never get taken down. Also, I was unable to access the hack for some days, and when it came back on, I was given compensation. It shows that the devs know excellent customer service and how to keep a userbase happy.


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Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Ice Tribe are known to be a proud clan of warriors, with children being taught to wield weapons from an early age. That she was lacking in this area in comparison to her sister left deep-seated emotions in her.

Psychoactive Powers: She stirs up snowstorms when she's stressed or when her emotions are running hot. Felicia has the skill too, but Flora shows it more often because she has a lot more baggage on her.


If you like critical hits and you like axes, the warrior class is a perfect fit. Warriors deal big damage with their attacks thanks to their high strength growths, mighty axes, and the benefits of axefaire. Add Axe Crit+10 to that formula and you have a unit who deals either tons of damage or megatons of damage. The mastery ability Wrath adds to that even further, although its activation conditions make it more of a desperate hail-mary. Warriors have a few different directions they can go as far as master classes – the war master if you’ve developed brawling, the wyvern lord if you’ve worked on flying and lances, or the great knight if you’ve practiced heavy armor and riding. The war master is the class which most keeps the playstyle of the warrior, so I recommend that one as the most natural transition (a warning about war master, though – it’s not an option for your female warriors). Also note that like the swordmaster, the warrior is a class that is effectively rendered obsolete by getting an S+ ranking in its preferred weapon.

Although Cordelia's actual design and perfectionism went to Subaki and Caeldori, Flora got some of her deeper issues, such as her lack of self-esteem and her unrequited love. To support this, Flora's one of the few characters in the game that has two reclass options like the characters in Awakening: Mercenary and Dark Mage.

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Gentle Giant: Noted to always be thinking of his comrades, whom he easily towers over. Charlotte even name-drops the trope in their A-support.


Death Seeker: In Birthright, she thanks the party for stopping her when they defeat her during her betrayal, suggesting that she never intended to win, and wanted to be killed in battle to avoid harming her friends and Felicia. Since the Avatar is unwilling to kill Flora, it instead forces her own hand. Even in Conquest, she urges Corrin's group to finish her off when they subdue her, rebuking them for showing her mercy.

The pegasus knight is the earliest possible flying unit for you to get, giving them an excellent movement range uninhibited by terrain. And since you can dismount in this game to change unit types, you can even work around archers by landing for a short time to take them out before taking off again. Pegasus knights have great class abilities all around: canto offers nice tactical options by allowing you to move, take action, and then move again and avoid+10 is an excellent defensive ability for a class that tends to be on the frail side. Then there’s Darting Blow – increasing speed when the unit initiates combat is excellent and I would love to slap it on slower units like armored knights. Unfortunately there’s little in the way of crossover between pegasus knights and other unit types – in particular, there is no advanced class that uses lances and flying together. This means you’ll have to find something else for your pegasus to do between intermediate and master.


I know nothing will ever come between us! Because I will eviscerate anyone who tries.

A bit later in this chapter you will get into the area with big statue (after crossing the bridge). Eliminate all enemies and a bit later the big tank will arrive (the one with chainsaw in front). Toss the EMP grenade to stun it and kill it from behing. This should be easy on Casual difficulty.


An Axe to Grind: Like all other Great Knights he uses them. His skill with them is notably improved when he returns in Conquest.

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Platonic Life-Partners: With Charlotte at the start of the game. Becomes a Relationship Upgrade should they reach S-support.


Morality Chain: The Avatar becomes one for her if they marry. She tells their daughter Kana that she doesn't really understand why it's bad to kill things and pick flowers, only that it's important to him that she not do so.

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Unskilled, but Strong: The reason Xander recruited her as a retainer. She once capriciously decided to compete in a fighting tournament, despite a complete lack of formal training; she didn't win, but she still placed very highly. Xander promptly sought her service on the spot, recognizing that if she could do that well without training, she'd be practically unstoppable with training. If they S-support, he also admits that he fell for her charms at around the same time. This even ties in to gameplay, where her Skill growth is lacking compared to her Strength and Speed.


Well, I was only missing some chapter trophies and 100 melee kills. Use melee attacks often to kill as much enemies as you can to ease the grind. Still, it is easy to farm afterwards.

Flanderization: Selena's desire to prove herself, which was a mild personality trait that mostly related to her relationship with Cordelia in Awakening, is played up substantially to borderline Competition Freak levels in Fates, with a large majority of her supports featuring her trying to one-up someone else. This is especially noticeable when compared to Laslow and Odin, whose main personality quirks were largely kept intact in the transition between games.


In Birthright, after learning the Avatar was actually a Hoshidan royal and turned against Garon, she becomes deeply ashamed of hiding her true feelings and beliefs from them as they ended up being more similar than she thought possible. Her False Friend guise backfires as it kept the Avatar from knowing about or helping her tribe's suffering, resulting in her father Kilma dying in his failed uprising and Flora being forced to fight against the Avatar when she no longer hates them - which ultimately drives her to suicide from guilt and shame.

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Heroic Self-Deprecation: After her long life of sins and failures (perceived or otherwise), Nyx has abysmal self-esteem. No matter what good she does, she often refers to herself as a horrible person and makes jabs at her own childish appearance.


Collector of the Strange: His collection includes things like spider silk, bat fangs, and mummified lizards. And in Birthright, the bones of enemies he's killed and eaten.

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Guys Are Slobs: Unlike Kaden, Keaton isn't obsessed with grooming his fur and even admits he prefers a bristly, unkempt look. His supports with Camilla also imply that he he takes very irregular baths.


Humans Are Bastards: She believes in this mentality firmly, as she was a victim of bullying for not being more effeminate and was treated with distrust for being a female warrior. She grows out of this mentality post-character development.

When your comrades fall in the battle, they will duck down and you will see green icon above them. Approach them and revive them with square button. This stack on all playthrough, it even counts if you die, restart and in tactical missions.


Manipulative Bitch: Knows how to use her cute looks to get her way. This is because she believes people only want to see what's in front of them and they hate when those perceptions are slanted, leading her to have a low self-esteem on top of a very cynical belief system. Given her childhood and prior mistrust over her strength, we can't blame her.

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Hidden Depths: Despite her stern, reclusive nature, Nyx is an avid reader of romance novels. She keeps her collection a secret among her vast library and is very embarrassed when Kaze finds out.


Jack-of-All-Stats: His stat growths are very balanced across the board without any positive or negative standouts, with the exception of Skill which will grow at a rather fast rate. All of this makes him rather flexible with what he can reclass into without excelling in any single role, though he favors builds and classes that let him get a high Critical Hit activation rate.

It's waking up before your friends to go on patrol. It's searching high and low to locate a lost child for their frantic parents. It's coming across an injured elderly person and becoming their legs for them. It's hearing a crying baby and crying with it until it calms down. It's jumping into a fight and turning angry fists into friendly handshakes. Justice is all these things, and so much more! That's what it means to ME, in any case.


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Only in It for the Money: A strange case. Beruka claims she would turn on Camilla in an instant if someone came to her offering more money than Camilla currently does - though she'd also have to be able to trust them more than she does Camilla, which by her own admission she thinks may be impossible.

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You're Cute When You're Angry: He enjoys teasing several people, such as the Avatar and Camilla, to see them flustered or angry. There's also a darker variant, where he flat-out says he borderline-bullies The Ingenue-like characters, such as Mozu and Elise, because he likes to see them cry. This is something of an Informed Attribute though, as he's actually quite sweet towards the former two in his Supports, particularly Elise.


Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: If he gets married, he'll be this through and through. And with The Ugly Guy's More Handsome Son(s) since he will father a son with a more flattering hairstyle and softer features (Ignatius, with any potential wife) and can potentially be the dad of an Adorably Precocious Child (Male Kanna, with the Female Avatar) and a Bishōnen (Shigure, with Azura).

Heroic Self-Deprecation: She has grave self-esteem and anxiety issues, and does not value her own life. In her S-support with a male Avatar, as well as her A-support with Felicia, it's revealed that her self-esteem issues stem from her ineptitude at fighting, and that the reason why she tries so hard at being a capable maid is because it gives her confidence. When it appears the Avatar is dismissing her from her job, she has a mild breakdown and states that if she were to quit being a maid, her life would have no meaning.


Last Girl Wins: From a gameplay standpoint. In the Revelation route, she is the last generally eligible bachelorette to join the party, and thus has a claim to this for all of her love interests.

Scary Dimitri is here and he is glorious. The high lord class is unlocked by default at the beginning of part two and Dimitri will automatically enter that class instead of whatever you had him as in part one. The emphasis of the class is on lances but Dimitri will also gain sword experience in battle at a faster rate. Charm gives a buff to adjacent allies during combat (go to this website) while Lancefaire makes Dimitri’s lance attacks even more dangerous. Mastering this class may not be that worthwhile if you’re not too concerned with gambits, as Pomp and Circumstance increases two stats that don’t necessarily have a lot of value to Dimitri otherwise. Since you unlock great lord very fast after high lord, emphasizing that class to make sure you master it may be more valuable.


In Conquest, after learning the Avatar was adopted by the Nohrians - or rather, that they love their siblings regardless of blood ties - and seeing them spare the Ice Tribe any deaths, she realizes that her never truly bonding with them means she was just as much guilty of never learning who the Avatar was as a person. She's even taken aback when the Avatar brings up the times she was there for them, too touched by their trust to even admit it had been a ruse back then and swearing the fealty to them that she'd withheld before.

The thief class is one on which I am rather torn. On the one hand, actually playing as the thief class is pretty advantageous. Having a unit with locktouch makes it much easier to handle locked doors and chests on the battlefield – less money spent on keys and more inventory slots for weapons, amiright? On the other hand, the thief’s other class ability and their mastery ability is Steal, which let’s you take an unequipped item from a unit with lower speed. Short of combining this with Draw Back or Reposition to yank Dark Seals from the Death Knight, I honestly have found little practical application for the steal ability. Locktouch would have been a far superior mastery reward. Thieves gain bow EXP quickly in battle in addition to swords, making this the perfect class for preparing to be an assassin; swordmaster and hero are also logical upgrades from the thief, if you’d prefer one of those. My recommendation for your sword user? Get certified in both mercenary and thief – bust out thief when you need locktouch, and work on mercenary the rest of the time to master the class and get Vantage.


Noble Wolf: Treads the line between this and Savage Wolf, since he's an ally to the Avatar in Conquest and Revelation but is also a Blood Knight and something of a Nightmare Fetishist. Birthright also reveals that he has no issue with eating people if he finds them threatening.

Civil Disobedience (Bronze) Ignore the elevator start order in Act 4-1. Instead, hold position and destroy all reinforcements.


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Ambiguous Situation: His fate in Birthright with the reveal that Gunter was always intended to be Anankos' vessel in Revelation. Due to no one going there to see if he's okay, it is left ambiguous whether he's injured like on Conquest, fine like he was in Revelation but possessed, or instead dead somehow.

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Supreme Chef: Her profile says she's the "best cook", and in her support chain with Laslow, she brings him food that she made for him as thanks for helping her deal with the loss of her mother. It also comes up in the Avatar and Selena's supports with her, the former being surprised a Blood Knight like her enjoys anything beside killing while the latter is downright shocked at being out-cooked by her. Peri tells Laslow in their supports that her mother was also a very good cook, so it probably runs in the family. Crosses over into Gameplay and Story Integration; if she is on cooking duty at the Mess Hall, any units who eat her dishes will receive large stat boosts for the next battle.


This happens in second part of this mission; when you climb up the first ranp where 2 turrets awaits. You will need to use them and defend your troups (vehicles close to you bellow). In the distance, enemy vehicles (tanks) will arrive. Shoot them using the turrets before they destroy any of your ally vehicles.

Mozu: H-How come you're tied to that tree? Is this some kinda game you city folks play?


Among the Hoshidan retainers, she foils Kagero; both are servants of the eldest prince, come from esteemed families, have strange personalities, have one eye always covered by their hair, will kill whoever they're told to and have very busty figures (Kagero's being more obvious in her uniform while Peri's less so with her armor). The difference is that Peri's a childlike, bloodthirsty, mood-swinging, frontline horseback-rider while Kagero's a mature, calm, dispassionate, stealth-oriented ninja. Unsurprisingly, they can forge an Odd Friendship in Revelation.

Not with Them for the Money: If she falls in love with Xander, Leo, or a Male Avatar, she does so not because of their money, but because they appreciated her for who she is. In fact, when the matter of money is brought up, one of her first requests to them is that they spend their money on her ailing parents, not on her. She even almost rejects Leo's proposal if they S-Support, as she's genuinely fallen for him but worries that her feelings are tainted as a result.


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You can also enable autoheal, which is frankly, amazing. Honestly, I was at 5 health, and autoheal used my first aid kit and I was able to kill the guy but it dropped me back down to 25 health. I would never have been able to use the first aid kit that quickly.

A mercenary of the border of the Kingdom of Nohr and an acquaintance of Charlotte. He is a great man with a scary face that both his allies and enemies fear. However, he is nice inside and always thinking of his comrades. He carries a homemade charm with him into battle.


Not Good with Rejection: Her greatest fear is to be rejected, especially if it's her true self being shown. She has a good reason to be: she was bullied as a childhood for being not "effeminate" and never rewarded for her fighting skill because it didn't match expectations of her gender, leaving her with a cynical worldview and little self-worth.

Punny Name: As a hint towards her actual identity, Selena's Japanese moon-based name, Luna, references her true identity's Japanese name, Serena, which may be derived from Selene (the name of a moon goddess). Bringing this full circle, her false English name is either derived from both or an alternate romanization of "Serena".


Charlotte is very attractive and acts cute and innocent, but she's really crude, attempts to use her feminine wiles to get men to do what she wants (and possibly get their money), and is somewhat violent. Benny has a less-than-pretty and imposing appearance that gives him an unpleasant reputation, but in reality is very kind and caring.

That said, despite having an accursedly bad luck streak, he subverts the usual angst that comes with the territory by being infallibly optimistic and determined to do good in the world, which outright inspires those he meets. Heck, his solo endings even show his luck improving with age!


Curtains Match the Window: Downplayed. Selena has red eyes and hair, but her eyes are of a darker shade than her hair. This is likely an unmentioned part of her disguise as in Awakening her eyes are brown.

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Heroic Self-Deprecation: Despite her outward persona and confidence in her looks, Charlotte secretly has rather severe self-worth issues in regards to her real personality. This stems from her being bullied over lacking femininity and her being a Girly Bruiser in the army giving her rejection and suspicion as her sole reward, leading her to feel she will only ever be valued if she puts on an act that matches others' expectations of her.


The other 2 are Turbo and No Fall Decay. I keep them off to stay under the raidar.

You'd think she'd be a complete Jerkass what with the rather jaded and selfish things she says in Beruka's Supports, but her supports with Xander reveal she was bullied pretty badly as a kid, all because of her tomboyish nature. She was also never properly recognized for her fighting talents because of her gender, and those that did take her skill seriously instead became wary of her. This led her to believe Humans Are Bastards who only want to see the outside, and it takes some heart-to-heart from others in the army to help her realize otherwise.


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Good oportunity is 3-5 near the end, when you reach the big battleground area and enemies start appearing from the compartment. Pick up the rocket launcher and shoot at big groups. This will for sure be easy in tactical challenges as well.

Human Mom Nonhuman Dad/Interspecies Romance: Nearly all of his potential wives are human. Even the lone exception, a Female Avatar, is half-human, half-dragon.


V2 after patch A More Real Combat Arms Hack Weapon Spawner, Lifetaker, More ~

The Great Knight is an unusual class in that it fits the role of the final destination for two different class trees – the cavalier/paladin line as well as the armored knight/fortress knight line. To develop both of these at once requires four different high-level skills: lance, axe, riding, and heavy armor. It’s much easier to simply angle directly for the great knight by focusing on the latter three, developing the character as a fortress knight and practicing riding on the side through instruction and group tasks. Great Knight improves over fortress knight by adding a lot of mobility, but you lose the reduced equipment weight. Overall, though, I consider the great knight to be the better option between the two. Defiant Defense is an added bonus, and if you don’t have any abilities you would rather have in your free slot then it’s a great defense mechanism for desperate situations.

Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: At least one of his conversations is about him getting drugged by a woman, tied up, and robbed blind, all Played for Laughs. According to Laslow, this is not a one-time thing. This also happened to him in Awakening, as recounted in one of his supports with Morgan.


Taken to an almost ridiculous extreme with Saizo, where in the localization their C-support conversation only consists of Visible Silence! Though the rest of their talks have them speaking more or less normally.

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To her twin Felicia, as she's the better maid but Felicia's the better fighter. Felicia also stays with the Avatar, no matter what, while Flora's sense of duty to her father and the Ice Tribe compels her to leave the Avatar's side.


The bishop is the go-to healer for any party. With double the number of healing spells at their disposal and a flat boost to healing power, there really is no one better at keeping the party healthy. If you haven’t read up on how healing works, you may not know that a flat 10 bonus to healing spells is actually quite significant. Since bishop is the only class with this bonus, they are easily the highest-quality healers available to you in the game. In fact, I recommend them over the master class holy knight for long battles where you’ll need lots of charges of powerful healing spells like physic and fortify. Mastering the bishop is also highly worthwhile – it grants the Renewal ability, which heals your character by 20% of their maximum HP at the beginning of the ally phase. The bishop is an excellent class and I highly recommend having one in your party. If you decide to progress the bishop to a master class, any sex can progress to holy knight with a bit of lance and riding practice, but females may consider the gremory instead.

Moreover the aimbot is pretty accurate as well. My longest kill was 335m with an sks.


It's just wonderful to finally know how you feel! So, please please always stay with me!

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I've always dreamt of this moment! I did think there would be more golden things around, though.


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Banana Peel: One spontaneously appears in his path as he's carrying some heavy objects during his B-support with Felicia. Felicia wonders where it came from, since they don't have any bananas among their provisions.

Emotionless Girl: Being raised since childhood as an assassin, Beruka has become very numb and struggles to understand emotions. By the end of her support chains, she eventually succeeds.


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Hope Is Scary: Played with; in her supports with the Avatar, Nyx is revealed to still hold a sliver of hope towards breaking her curse and eventually living a normal life. But she is simultaneously crippled by the belief she'll either fail and be disappointed for getting her hopes up, or even that, if a cure for her state does exist, she doesn't deserve to use it.

Xanatos Gambit: In Revelation, Garon orders Flora to assist Camilla in killing the Avatar, threatening to destroy the Ice Tribe and kill her father if she refuses. When she returns to her village to prepare for the assault, she asks her father and the other villagers to secretly evacuate the village and go into hiding, ensuring their safety regardless of whether she succeeds or fails in the attack. This ends up working out to everyone's favor, as the Avatar's mercy for her allows her to return to her tribe to assist in their resettlement, and later on join the Avatar's army.


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Fanservice: Deconstructed to hell and back, and even outright stated by Charlotte herself to be a deliberate fabrication for the sake of evoking this trope in the eyes of potential husbands. Despite having loving parents, she was bullied a lot as a kid solely for not being feminine enough and given zero recognition - or even outright mistrust - for her fighting prowess due to said gender, not only leaving her with the belief that Humans Are Bastards but an abysmal sense of self-esteem. Thankfully, her Supports with the Avatar, Xander and other characters - even without an S-Rank - can help her see otherwise.

An Axe Fighter who is Elise's servant. He was born in the capital’s underground streets and became a hero who kept his town’s peace. Although he’s a honest young man who pursues the path of justice, he’s ridden with god-forsaken levels of bad luck. He only joins in the Conquest and Revelation campaigns. He's the most likely to trip (and badly).


The assassin is the thief on steroids, filling the same role in the party while also bringing a lot more power to the table. Swordfaire is perfect for this wicked fast class to maximize damage and locktouch is always a nice skill to have for free. Stealth is one that I could take or leave, personally – since there’s no concrete formula to how it works, it’s hard to take advantage of on purpose. On top of having three class abilities, the assassin also gets two mastery rewards. Unfortunately, both are related to instant kill chances and so they are somewhat redundant, particularly since there’s a good chance your assassin will be killing most enemies the traditional way anyway. I like to have a swordmaster or hero also certified in assassin and switch to assassin on battlefields where I need to open chests or doors. Since no master class transitions neatly from assassin, this may be the class where your sword user stays unless you’ve been practicing the necessary skills to become a mortal savant or perhaps a bow knight.

You need to find 112 Pangloss statues across all missions. This will be your only collectibles trophy. To "pick up" the collectible, you need to shot it (it will turn red). Just beware, if you die, you need to shoot it again to make it count.


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Crusading Widower: The third path reveals that both his wife and child were murdered along with his entire hometown. The pain of this loss is what apparently helps Anankos possess him in Revelation, similar to how Anankos possessed Takumi in Conquest and briefly in Birthright.

You will need to upgrade on type of weapon to its maximum capability. You can do so by collecting green upgrades that some enemies leave (hold R1 while having the weapon you want to upgrade equiped). The weapon is maxed out when you get 3 stars as icon in lower right corner.


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Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: The "boke" to Kaden's "tsukkomi" in their supports. What's interesting is that he's sharply dressed (like a "tsukkomi") in contrast to Kaden's more casual appearance.

Character Select Forcing: In a weird way. On the Conquest route, she's the only one who can marry a male Avatar without A. locking the player out of one of the child units, B. being a second generation unit, or C. being locked behind a paywall.


The dark mage is similar to the mage in that the focus is on offensive spells. Dark magic tends to hit harder but be less accurate than normal black magic, so you can think of it as the “axe” of the magic triangle. By playing as a dark mage you gain the dark spell Miasma, but it’s important to note that you won’t keep it if your character doesn’t have it as a part of their natural spell list once you change classes. Poison Strike is the sort of mastery ability that I really don’t care for – poison is annoying when enemies inflict it on you, but most of the time my characters finish the job. Even if the unit using this ability doesn’t finish off the target, another character in the party probably will. The primary purpose of dark mage in my mind is to meet the prerequisite for Dark Bishop – so go ahead and get certified in this class, then master the mage class instead for Fiendish Blow. Dark mage transitions quite easily into warlock or dark bishop but can even change into a bishop if you practice your faith skill enough.

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Jerkass at Your Discretion: She acts like a sweetheart when around most other people, but is her regular, much less pleasant self around her friend Benny. Unlike most of the other examples of this trope, Charlotte and Benny actually get along quite well, and she finds it relieving that there's someone she doesn't need to put up a front around. Part of her character arc throughout her supports has her either Becoming the Mask, or learning to embrace her true self.