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Connected source equipment included an OPPO BDP-105D universal player, a Technics SL1200 mk6 turntable (that has been modified by KAB Electroacoustics) equipped with an Audio-Technica OC9/MLII moving coil cartridge, and a Surface 3 Pro tablet (via USB) using J River Media Center 24 playback software. In terms of speakers, I alternated between a pair of Paradigm Persona 7F loudspeakers run full range, and my BESL (Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab) Series 2 MTM monitors crossed to my two DIY 15-inch sealed subwoofers (each in 4/5 cubic ft enclosures) for a 2/2 channel system. For both speaker configurations, the main speakers were 9 feet apart with the main listening position being 10/8 feet away. The subwoofers, when used, acted essentially (see this website) as bass stands under my BESL monitors so they were both 10/6 feet from the listening position. The monitors were crossed over to the subs at 80 Hz. I used two Dayton Audio SA1000 subwoofer power amplifiers to run my subs when they were in play.


We listen to our clients and are highly communicative throughout the whole project to generate compelling results. We create music in almost any genre you could possibly need, are fun to work with and love to go the extra mile to make your project stand out.

Silverstack Lab serves as the content backbone for film productions on set and enables to manage data management and dailies creation activities based on one central clip library. The library instantly connects the team with all relevant digital media assets, including image, audio (page) and look files. It also serves as the central source of information for all dailies related tasks. Combined with a whole range of powerful features, Silverstack Lab merges and streamlines the essential (next) production tasks data management and dailies creation in one integrated activity.


Exclusive tailor-made music and sound design for your production. It's more affordable than you might think.

Try searching our help center, or start a new topic on our community site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re interested in working with us, or have something else to share, send us a message using the form below.


The AHM E-Mail Components are a set of e-mail components that will allow you to send/receive e-mail from as many Accounts as you like using the POP/SMTP/MAPI interface respectively. Each mail component includes the ability to send and receive.

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Multiple versions and edits available for most tracks. Specific stems are available on request.

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We compose, arrange and produce music for media projects. Every song or cue contains multiple edit points.


Pre-cleared royalty-free music for any type of media. What you need, when you need it. Browse our library or tell us what you need.

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It also lets you control the audio across the spectrum of sound coming from the computer so that one song isn’t quiet while another one blasts away. That’s a good think but be warned from the start, turning on the application makes things much much louder. In other words, don’t try it for the first time while someone is sleeping in the next room.


Errorb(Y,E) plots Y and draws an error bar at each element of Y. The error bar is a distance of E(i) above and below the curve so that each bar is symmetric and 2*E(i) long. If Y and E are a matrices, errob.

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Audio Essentials is officially launched today and if you own a Mac by advice is to ger the free trial, use it for a few days and then spend the $29/99 entry price and load it on your Mac. Honestly, once you listen to your Mac with AE turned on you won’t be happy with the sound that natively flows from your OS X machine.


The included Faceplates are great for matching your headphones to the adpater piece to help create the look of one solid product. Inchangeable with one snap, the Faceplates come in black, silver, light blue, red, and pink.

The iWOW-U helps create a natural and immersive HD-quality sound with substantial bass enhancement. It connects easily and securely between any mobile phone, smart phone, media tablet, e-Reader, PC or MP3 player and a pair of headphones or earbuds. I even tried it out with my $300 Monstyer headphones just to see if it can even make those a better audio experience and the answer is “YES”! The adapter dynamically locates and restores audio (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4483) details buried in source material. When I tried it out while watching the movie, Avatar, you could actually hearing the background sound of the wings during the flight scenes. For music it brings to life the background instruments you may not usually notice in a track.

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