The next feature that we will be talking about is the Block Power, which will provide the players with the opportunity to level up their characters. The higher the block level, the greater the chance of earning bigger rewards, such as, diamond, gem, and coins. Plus, the power ups will help you increase the chances of winning the game as well. The other new feature is the Blockade, who can turn into a robot, in order to protect the main character, from the several evil robots. The last new feature added is the Block Craft, which will allow the players to create their very own Block Crafts, which they can use to score points.

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You can enjoy this Mod on Android, iOS, PC, Tablet, Macbook, etc. Developers have created this shooting game for every type of game lover and one can enjoy this on any platform he/she owns.


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In Foxington, there’s a Foxhole called Under Pressure on the far right. In this level, you will need to stay burrowed throughout the entire run of the level. While burrowed you will need to time your movements to avoid obstacles that will hurt you and reveal your location. Also, you will need to go quickly in areas where the platforms will dissolve as you are moving through them. If you do get caught, exit the level and re-enter it from Foxington to try again.

During1942, because nickel was needed for the war effort, Canada replaced thenickel 5 cent coin with one made of a brass alloy called Tombac. Thenew coins were 12-sided, making them even more distinctive. The newcoins kept the beaver reverse and King George VI thatwas on the previous coins. The coins were struck only a single year. OnJanuary 1, 1943 Canada released a new design for their 5-cent coin topromote the war effort of World War II. The reverse featured a large"V" behind a burning torch. The V both stood for Victory andthe denomination in Roman numerals). Even though the coin isnot made of nickel, it is often referred to as Canada's VNickel. Around the edge is the inscription in Morse codewhich reads "WE WIN WHENWE WORK WILLINGLY". Like the 1942 issue, thecoin is made of Tombac and depictes King George VI on theobverse. It too was struck only a single year.


Standard Stock - A name given to the large group of tube rolling stock built in batches between 1922 and 1934 for the Northern, Piccadilly and Bakerloo Lines. The stock was finally withdrawn from passenger service on London Underground in 1966. The name was also used for early District stock when the stock built in 1905 for the original electrification was known as "Standard Wooden Stock" from 1910 when steel-bodied stock began to be used.

Reverser Key - Used to operate the master controller in the driver's cab where, traditionally, it was provided for Forward, Off and Reverse positions. Also known as the "Selector Key", where it performed other tasks in addition to obtaining forward and reverse movement, on C Stock and 1967/72 Mk I & II Stocks.


Motor Generator - A machine which used to be provided on trains to supply low voltage auxiliary systems like car lighting, battery charging and control circuits. It consists of a 630 volt DC motor powered off the traction supply, which drives a DC generator. On London Underground, the generator produced 50 volts DC for lighting, control circuits and battery charging. It was superseded by the Motor Alternator. The modern equivalent is called an auxiliary converter.

Mechanical Governor -  Device used on the Victoria Line 1967 Tube Stock to restrict the speed of the train to 25 mph under certain conditions. It comprises a rotating device which uses centrifugal force to open a contact in a circuit at a set speed (25 mph for the Victoria Line ATO) to cause a control action. The same device is used in older lifts to prevent overspeed. For an explanation of its use on the Victoria Line, see Victoria Line ATO.


Probably one of the most difficult trophies. Lady Meowmalade is the final boss in Gilly Island. You’ll need to defeat her without taking a single hit, which is a mixture of skill and RNG luck.

Tripcock Tester - A gauge mounted at the trackside to allow the tripcocks of passing trains to be gauged for correct position and height. They are spaced at intervals along the line. On the Piccadilly Line, for example, they are located at Wood Green, Piccadilly Circus and Acton Town. As the train enters the station, a blue lamp is illuminated near the starting signal. If the tripcock on the train successfully passes through the tripcock tester, the lamp will be extinguished. If the lamp remains lit, the train will be taken out of service.


This trophy wants you to purchase all of the costumes your main worlds have to offer. To obtain them all you’ll first need to collect every page in the game, so make sure you do that first.

The Tess Marble Minigame is one of the variant playstyles of the bun foxholes you’ll encounter. The first Tess Marble Minigame is found in Veggie Village.

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Out of Gauge Rails - Rails which do not retain the required distance between them. Rails on LU should be 1432mm apart (or 1435mm on flat curves, 1438mm on tight curves). If they're not, the rails are out of gauge.


Fascist Italy World War II 6 coin set: 5 Centesimi - 2 Lire

Trainstop - A mechanical device fitted to all stop signals on London Underground and on Railtrack routes over which LU trains operate. The device consists of a moveable arm which is raised when the signal is showing a stop aspect and lowered when a proceed aspect is shown. If a train passes the signal when the arm is raised, a tripcock on the train is activated to cause an emergency application of the brakes. This is, in effect, a mechanical form of ATP.

Get started today with designing a unique challenge coin by filling out our quote form and getting your free full-color art proof. Beginning an order from us takes moments and gets you on the way towards building a completely unique item to share with all the members of a squadron or unit. At Signature Coins, we honor all of our military clients and do our utmost to carry on one of our nation’s oldest traditions. With fast service, fine detail, and consistent quality, you can rely on us to cover your needs.


Three Cannon Salute is a level located in Gilly Island. General Buttons and Lt. Fluffinstuff is a mini-boss located at the end of this level. This trophy goes hand-in-hand with Lucky Is My Name. Refer to that trophy for mini-boss details as well.

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After earning ‘The End Of A Tale’ trophy, you will see and watch the credits for the game. Do NOT press anything and you will eventually earn this trophy.


Sava, known as the Enlightener,was a 13th century Serbian prince and monk who is considered one of themost important figures in Serbian history. The back depicts acornucopia spilling out fruit and a farmer with a pair ofoxen. The note has a watermark of a woman's head.

After the credits you’ll unlock Foxington, a hub with a few different themed challenge levels. There Isn’t necessarily a playing order, but it is recommended to do Ch1p’s before PW as you’ll need the Mullet head piece. Also, unless you’ve done a lot of replaying you should unlock The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy sometime during Foxington.


Inside the Changing Room you will see a switch on the mirror to the right side of the room. Use your Strobulb on the Switch to reveal the key behind the painting. Grab the key then head to the left of the room. Move the woman’s coat using your vacuum to reveal a safe. Open the safe to find Gem #1. Return to the Hallway and defeat the ghosts there. Head back to the locked room and open it. Go inside the room to reach a Storage Room.

The Royal Air Force commissions custom challenge coins (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7806), uniquely designed metal medallions struck with the official emblems and colors of the Royal Air Force, to be awarded to servicemembers and staff. These custom coins (read full report) represent their membership as part of a trained military force and recognize the outstanding services of both pilots and support staff within the Royal Air Force.



Stops - Shortened name for "buffer stops". Only referred to as "buffers" by anoraks.

By the same token, he is skeptical that exchanges should be calling the shots over what’s permissible, and what’s not. He points out that right now an exchange has no way of knowing who controls a destined account once its user withdraws.


Trapped In Paradise is a level located in the world Gilly Island. There are 2 methods that are very applicable for doing this. You will need to open up all 5 umbrella’s without activating any switches.

The namesof three members of the currency board would appear on eachnote, which was a very brave and brazen act of defiance against theJapanese invaders. The notes tend to be crude, as they were printedunder rather unfavorable conditions with limited resources. We arepleased to offer a set of 24 different World War II PhilippineGuerilla notes. The notes grade Very Good to VeryFine. These notes are a historic vestige of the braveFilipinos who fought against the Japanese in World War II.


Sky Castle is the First World in the Main Story of this game. Sky Castle has a total of 22 Pages, 16 of which come from the levels and 6 of them from the foxholes at the hub.

Short Circuiting Device (SCD) - A portable device that is placed across the traction current rails to short circuit traction current. It will switch off traction current or reduce traction current voltage in open sections and it will prevent traction current from being switched back on. It is not used to switch off traction current except in an extreme emergency, when no other means is available. At some locations a short circuiting device will only reduce the traction voltage, not switch it off.


Circle Line - Much maligned route (yellow on the map) which forms a roughly circular (naturally) route around the West End and City areas of London. It was originally built 1863 - 1888 to connect the main line stations around the edge of the then most built-up areas of London. The service is particularly difficult to operate because of numerous flat junctions which connect the line to various routes on the Metropolitan and District Lines, with which it shares tracks.

Section Ahead/Section in Rear plungers - Equipment provided at certain tunnel stations where a substation gap is just ahead or to the rear of the station platform. They can be used to switch off traction current.


Inside the Underground Garage you will fight a Steward. This fight is more difficult than the enemies we’ve faced up to this point as the Steward has 250 health. Like other ghosts you want to hit it with your Strobulb then vacuum it up. Repeat this process a couple of times to defeat the Steward. Each time you deal some damage you will trigger an attack phase from the Steward. Avoid the luggage it throws at you. Upon the Steward’s death you will receive two elevator buttons for Floor’s 1&5.

In Foxington, go up and to the far left to the PW Levels and there’ll be a workout area with an outdoor shower. Tailspin the pipes to get the water to flow and stand in the water that squirts out.


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Welcome to the trophy guide for New Super Lucky’s Tale. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

Semi-automatic signal - A stop signal controlled from a signal box, control room or interlocking. The signal will show a green aspect only when operated by the signaller, programme machine or computer, provided the section ahead is clear and any points have been correctly set. The signal will automatically revert to danger when a train passes.


Coin & Currency by Country

Stacks 2/0 is the rebranded and upgraded iteration of Blockstack addressing the utility and scalability issues that affect the Bitcoin network. It is a layer-1 blockchain that assists in using.

Historical Highlights of the Royal Air Force

This set consists of the eight lower denominations of Nazi German coinseach showing the eagle and swastika. The 1937-1939 issues include the1, 2, 5 and 10 Reichspfennig made from copper or aluminum-bronzealloys. In 1939 an aluminum 50 Reichspfennig with the Eagle andSwastika was introduced, and wasproduced until 1944. In 1940 the 1, 5 and 10 Reichspfennigwere switched to zinc and the 2 Reichspfennig was discontinued due tothe war. All eight coins grade VF or better, though the zinc coins (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=1595) mayshow some spots as zinc spots very easily. The coins all feature thedenomination on one side and an eagle holding a swastika on the other.


Women in the Great War

This1945 Netherlands East Indies cent was struck at the United States Mintin Philadelphia. It was expected that the coins would beneeded after the liberation if the Netherlands East Indies (nowIndonesia) from the Japanese. The "P" mintmark is next to the date. The23/5mm bronze cent has a center hole, which was an unusual productionrequirement for the United States mint. The obverse depicts arice plant and the legends in Dutch. Indonesia gainedindependence shortly after World War II, bringing an end to Dutchrule.

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When Hunley Commander Lt. George Dixon’s pocket watch was discovered during excavation, archaeologists were eager to open it and learn the time displayed on the dial in hopes it would provide an important clue in their efforts to solve the mystery of the Hunley’s disappearance. However, the study of the watch needed to be closely coordinated with conservators to ensure the watch was not damaged.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk – Latest Version Free

Milking the tubes - A trick used by dishonest booking clerks before computerisation when individual tickets were taken from the middle of a sequentially numbered stack instead of from the bottom. This prevented accurate accounting at the end of the day and covered for cash which was illegally removed.


Push Out - The rescue of a failed train by the following train, which is used to provide power by pushing the defective train to the depot. The process invariably causes a long delay because the coupling is slow (largely due to unfamiliarity of the crew with the coupling system, since they don't get to use it very often) and the two trains must be detrained one after another at the next station. Speed is severely restricted and the double length train causes track circuits to respond in unusual ways - normally locking signals at danger, causing further delays.

Current rails - The two additional rails provided on London Underground track to act as conductor rails for the traction power supply. The trains collect current through cast iron "shoes" provided on the bogies.


Multi-aspect signalling - An area where a stop signal can show a single yellow caution, double yellow caution or a green aspect provided the section ahead is clear. Some signals are 3-aspect, showing only a single yellow in addition to the green and some are 4-aspect, with the double yellow. The signal will revert to danger when a train passes.


Shed Receptacle - Most stabling and maintenance sheds on London Underground are not provided with current rails, so they are equipped with a shore supply system known as "overhead leads", consisting of plugs suspended from trolleys running on roof mounted rails. The leads plug into "shed receptacles" (sometimes referred to as "receptacle boxes") provided on motor cars.


If you are a PUBG lover than you must love this feature. Because it is one of the leading demanding features of this mod. Firstly, let us know what wallhack is? It means one can see across the wall.

Silver 5 Reichsmark coins

In short, it is a single and multi-player game. It has a lot of fun waiting for you as you proceed further.


Solebar - Principal side structural member of car body shell or bogie. On a car body, the solebar usually forms the side of the underfloor framing.

Trapped In Paradise is a level in Gilly Island. There are 5 maps, one for each umbrella. Finding them is relatively easy as well since the umbrellas are mandatory to complete this level, there is a map beside every umbrella. View each map at least once for this trophy.


Every single level of the Main Story has 5 letter’s (L, U, C, K, and Y) hidden throughout them. To achieve this trophy you need to find any one level’s full set of letters. Refer to Stage 1 to find all the Letter Locations.

Blockade halts traffic to diamond mine – by Ron Grech

The 1935 100 Reichsmark features a large swastika underprint at thecenter. It was the first note of Nazi Germany to feature a swastika. To the right is Justus von Liebig, a 19th century Germanchemist who is called the "Father of the Fertilizer Industry" for hisdiscovery ofnitrogen as an essential plant nutrient. The back depictsallegorical figures. The note was the highest denomination in generalcirculation. It was about half a month's pay for a skilledlaborer.


Gilly Island is the Fourth Island of the Main Story. There are a total of 18 Pages, 12 that come from levels and 6 of which come from the Hubs Foxholes. Refer to Stage 1 – Gilly Island for all the Page Locations.

This is a 4-round event where you’ll take on varying enemies, projectiles, and lasers. It get progressively harder, but fortunately it’s a rather short level so you won’t have to repeat long stretches if you mess up.


It’s a rather linear level with only a few branching paths, but nothing that strays too far. Kill every enemy for this to pop. It’ll pop during the level after the last enemy, so if you reach the scroll and it hasn’t popped, press Square to restart the level.

From the beginning, El Petro was promoted under dubious circumstances. Maduro himself, in his original announcement, suggested that the coin was to be used to “overcome financial blockades (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=9001)” put in place by the west as a response to the Venezuelan government’s ongoing political turmoil. Additionally, the announcement came as the regime cracked down on the country’s crypto-community, a community which was desperately looking to protect itself from the plummeting bolivar, Venezuela’s national currency.


The purpose of the coupler is to allow two units to be pushed together and couple automatically complete with all mechanical, electrical and pneumatic connections. The original design allowed the electrical and mechanical connections to be controlled from a push button in the cab. Uncoupling was also started by a push button and the two units would disconnect and push apart. All the driver had to do was release the brakes on the train before he operated the uncouple button.

The leads consist of a pair of cables, one positive and one negative with a plug at one end and "shoes" at the other end. The plug is fitted into a socket on the train while the shoes are placed on the nearest available current rails. The power thus made available to the train is used to move it far enough to allow its own shoes to make contact with the current rails.


Jinx is the final boss of the game and is located at the end of Hauntingham. Jynx is no pushover, he is quite troubling because of his platform manipulation.

Wasabi transactions have a “pretty unique” identifier that makes it “very easy to identify them in numerous ways,” according to Wasabi developer Bálint Harmat. But he insisted that his mixer, and others, are not inherently illegal. He also noted that Wasabi has reached out to Binance and Chainalysis to clarify the situation and prevent future issues.


How to unlock all Camos in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

ECEB - Electrical Control of Emergency Braking -The system adopted on the 1973 Tube Stock and all subsequent trains, where the on-train safety braking system is electrically monitored instead of the compressed air brake pipe used on earlier stocks. A round-the-train circuit is used to monitor the completeness of the train, brake functions and safety devices like the tripcock and deadman.

Dump Valve - Brake valve used on 1973 and D Stocks to dispose of brake cylinder air for remote brake isolation purposes. The dump valves on 1973 Stock were originally linked to a wheelslide protection system but it was taken off some years ago since it was found to aggravate the occurrence of wheel flats.


In December, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a plan to create an oil-backed cryptocurrency, El Petro. A plan which received harsh criticism from nearly every corner of the globe, even its own parliament declared the proposed coin illegal.

Wehrmacht military currency was used by Nazi Germany to pay its troopsduring the final months of World War II. The notes are datedSeptember 15, 1944. Soldiers were paid in military scrip while intransit. When a soldier arrived at his post the notes could beconverted to the local currency or occupation notes. The notes all havesimilar designs.


Italy World War II 6 coin set: 5 Centesimi - 2 Lire

Train Operator - The person who drives and controls the operation of the train, including those working lines where ATO (Automatic Train Operation) is provided. Nowadays, London Underground has a requirement for about 3000 "drivers", of which, currently, around 100 are females. There is often a shortage of train crew, amongst other staff and LU have occasional recruitment drives. The annual salary for a train operator is currently about £30,000. Training (described here) lasts for three months.

In the Hallway head to the right. As you head to the right look at the pipes on the ceiling. Use your vacuum on the pipes to grab the coins on them. Continue to the right and interact with the elevator. At this interaction you will be interrupted by your ghostly dog companion on the door to the right. Use your Strobulb on the door to open it then go inside to reach a stairwell.


This rapid hyperinflation has led many Venezuelans to invest in cryptocurrency mining in an attempt to afford basic necessities. Power in Venezuela is heavily subsidized to the point where it is almost free- leading many economic commentators to observe the role of socialism in the downfall of the Venezuelan economy. This subsidy, however, makes Bitcoin mining a viable solution for many Venezuelans.

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After escaping King Boo in the Prologue of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you will take control of Luigi in The Last Resort’s Laundry Room. This officially starts the game and your quest to rescue your trapped friends.


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Hauntingham is the final world in the Main Story of the game. Hauntingham has a total of 18 Pages, 16 of which come from levels and 2 from the foxholes at the hub.

These bonds were issued by Nazi Germanybetween 1935 and1942. The bonds had a lottery aspect, with a portion of thebonds being drawn each year for repayment. The 1935and 1936 bonds were issued by the Reich Debt Administration and carry anominal interest rate of 4 1/2%. The 1935 issue bear, theReich’s eagle from the Weimar Republic, the 1936 have the Nazi Eagle& Swastika emblem. The 1942 bonds were issued by thestate of Thuringia with a nominal interest rate of 3 1/2%. They havethe embossed Nazi eagle & swastikaemblem. The bonds measure approximately 8/5" x11/75" (21cmx 29/5cm) and have been canceled by a single hole punch. Thebonds have a remarkable history. Having been stored in theimpenetrable safe of the Reichsbank in Berlin, they survived the SecondWorld War unscathed by bombings. Even during the years of the GermanDemocratic Republic they went largely untouched.


Sandcastles need little explanation, but to find them you must be in a sandy world in this game. Whether your in a level or on the main hub of the world, destroy any sand castle you come across as there are multiple different ones. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this though would be from the initial spawn in Gilly Island, there’ll be a sand castle on the beach to your right.

Passenger Emergency Alarm Brake - A system on a train that, when operated by activation of a passenger emergency handle, will alert the Train Operator to a problem and will automatically apply the brakes. It can be over-ridden by operating a brake release floor switch. This is to allow a train to continue to the next station where assistance can be provided.


World War II was a time of prosperityfor Mexico. Its minerals were much in demand for the wareffort. Many Mexicans went to the north to work inagriculture to cover for the shortage farm labor in the UnitedStates. These Uncirculated 5 Centavos bronze 5 Centavos aredated 1944 and 1945, during the height of Mexico’sprosperity. The 25/5mm bronze coins depict Josefa Ortiz DeDominguez, one of the hero’s of Mexico’s War of Independence. Behindher head is the Mexico City mintmark. The other sidefeatures Mexico’s national emblem of an eagle on a cactus eatinga snake. It is an attractive coin that is quite reasonablypriced considering it is over 70 years old and still in it’s originalmint condition.

Dreadnought - A nickname given to batches of Metropolitan Railway, locomotive-hauled coaches which first appeared in 1910. They were a considerable improvement on earlier coaches and were likened to the new class of battleships then being built for the British Royal Navy.


Anna Lyd is the Bookworm in Foxington. Her levels consist of the ‘Marble Maze’ variant you’ve witnessed in previous foxholes. Anna Lyd has 6 levels to complete, and unlike the other 2 regions her levels have no related trophies.

Headwall tunnel telephone - A telephone in a sealed box located on a platform headwall which is connected directly to the tunnel telephone line system. It is used to switch off traction current in an emergency.


Hold To Reset Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rescue E.Gadd Guide Comments Feed

This 1940 Chinese 1 Fen (1 cent) coindepicts an ancient bronze Chinese Spade coin (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5933) issued by the State of Hanbetween about 350 and 250BC. It demonstrates China's longhistory of coinage. The reverse has the denomination and datein Chinese. The 16mm aluminum 1 Fen coin (special info) was struck only asingle year, during a time when Japanese forces were attempting toconquer China.

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Headway Post or block marker board - Where a train in automatic working will be stopped if the section ahead is occupied. The train will automatically restart when the section ahead clears. It works similarly to an automatic signal on Automatic Train Operating line(s) but does not display signal aspect(s).

A Road to Nowhere is a level in Foxington. It is part of the Ch1p level set.


The Bolivar has been in free fall for the last few months, and has lost more than 57% of its value, which dragged the minimum wage in Venezuela down to just $4/30 USD. Millions of Venezuelans have been plunged into poverty and are struggling to eat three meals a day.

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Return to the Hallway and go into Room 505. To deal damage to the Maid you want to hit her with the Strobulb then use the Plunger Shot then vacuum. After you deal damage she will run away to Room 506. Follow her there and deal damage to her. After this sequence it will run back to Room 508.


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Foxington has a total of 3 sets of challenge sections. To earn this trophy you’ll need to earn Robot Rock, Savage, and Brainworm trophies.

Shunt Signal - A special type of stop signal which, when cleared, permits movement at caution speed into a siding or over a crossover. Normally, trains carrying passengers are not permitted to proceed under the control of shunt signals because full interlocking may not be provided.

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Buffer Stops - A device at the end of a section of track to act as a marker and to allow a train to rest against them if required. Normally also provided with some sort of arrestor device like sand, gravel or mechanical retarder.


Vickers - The nickname for the Metropolitan Railway electric rolling stock built between 1927 and 1931 which, when formed into multiple unit trains with various batches of converted steam hauled coaches, became known as the T Stock in London Transport days. Metropolitan Vickers was the name of the company which suppleid the elctrical equipment for most of these trains.


RKL 220 key - A Yale type key which was first introduced on the 1973 Tube Stock. It is used to open and close the Master Control Switch and which, when removed, will secure the train. Tubeprune remembers that the first batch of these keys caused a lot of trouble because they used to break off in the lock.


London Coins Auction 170 September

Relief - The act of changing a crew or staff at station or signal control position. Also used as a noun as in "My relief is here".

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Westinghouse Brake - The standard air brake system used by London Underground (and many other railways around the world) for about 100 years until the arrival of the 1973 Tube Stock. It was invented in the US by George Westinghouse and was first used in the UK on the District Railway in 1875. The system uses compressed air as the control and operating medium. A brake pipe runs the length of the train and is used to control and supply air to the brake equipment on each car.


Motorman - The title which used to be used by London Underground for a driver. It fell into disuse because of the introduction of the title "Train Operator" which was used for trainmen employed on trains equipped with ATO. Drivers were always promoted from guards who, in the days of two-person operation, used to operate the doors and act as the second man in emergencies and for train protection. Now, all drivers are officially called Train Operators.

The Medal for the War Volunteer 1915-1918

AscensionIsland commemorated the 80th Anniversary of the start ofWorld War II with this copper-nickel 1 Crown. An airbase wasconstructed on the island during the war for patroloperations. The base was called "wideawake" because of anearby colony of noisy terns. The coin features threesoldiers with tanks and war vehicles, ships and Lancaster airplanes inthe background. Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse. The 38/6mm coin hasa maximum mintage of 10,000 pieces.


O Stock - Type of train, now extinct, which was first introduced in 1937 for use on the Hammersmith and Circle Lines. It had an unusual flared body profile, typical of the innovative design solutions adopted by the Underground in the 1930s but sadly lacking these days. The flare was intended to cover the gap between the train and the platform. During its career, the stock worked over all the Underground's sub surface lines at one time or another. It was unusual at the time in having the guard's controls in the driver's cab, as it was the intention to convert them to one-person operation. This was never done in the lifetime of the stock. The O Stock was soon absorbed into the next batch of cars known as the P Stock and they operated together. The O Stock had an unusual type of traction control known as the Metadyne, which was intended to allow regenerative braking. The system gave much trouble in service and was converted to PCM control over a 5-year period in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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Sliding Block Puzzles are one of the variant playstyles of the hub foxholes you’ll encounter. The first Sliding Block Puzzles are in Sky Castle.


Speed inductor - A short section of dummy positive current rail that measures the speed of a train by detecting the motion of the train's collector shoes over the rail. It normally works in conjunction with a speed controlled signal.

If this failed, they would drain all the air off the train and try to force the coupler pistons back against the springs by using long crowbars. Finally, if that failed, the fitters would reverse the air pipe connections to try to force air into the uncouple cylinders permanently which the train was driven apart. More recent versions have had some improvements, including manual operation from each unit. Standard railway couplers would be difficult to use on tube cars because of the clearances, which is why the Wedgelock design has survived for so long.


Veggie Village is the 2nd World in the Main Story of the game. Veggie Village has a total of 22 Pages, 20 of which come from the levels and 2 of them from the foxholes at the hub.

You do not have to target or shoot your enemy neither you have to spend your bullets for killing them. This Mod features auto-aim and auto aimbot, that itself tracks your enemy and kills it.


Jynx has a total of three stages, and no checkpoints. Though after each stage you can restore a heart, so be cautious. Jynx has the same attacks across all 3 stages, but he changes the speed/quantity/variation of them.

What is PUBG Mod

IMR - Interlocking Machine Room, where local signalling control and interlocking equipment is located. The modern equivalent is the SER or Signalling Equipment Room.


Known as the RAF, the Royal Air Force is one of the three branches of the British Armed Forces and holds the distinction as the world’s first independent Air Force. First formed near the end of World War I by combining elements from the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS,) the Royal Air Force has been charged with defending the UK and providing professional military piloting and air support for over 100 years. For over a century, the Royal Air Force has been an irreplaceable organization within the British Armed Forces, training pilots and performing missions all over the world to protect Britain and help its allies.

Medals from The Great War

Cant - A standard railway term describing the difference in level between the two rails of a track. The outer rail of a curve is higher than the inner rail to counteract the centrifugal force of a train travelling around the curve. The amount of difference in height of the two rails is the cant.


The Poetry of The Great War

These camos are more aesthetically pleasing if that matters to you for a deadly weapon. These are earned after Weapon Level 30, by killing a certain number of enemies with your weapon who are detected, stunned, or blinded by your Scorestreaks, Equipment, or Field Upgrades.

The Wormal farmer can be found in Egg Roll, a level in Veggie Village. This quest to gather the chickens, is actually needed to secure the letter U. All the chickens are located on the same small island, so you won’t have to scour the level for them. So stay in the area with the chickens and look around for them all.


King Lever - A device in a signal cabin used to make semi-automatic signals operate automatically. Now sometimes called "automatic working switch", since levers are not so common.

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Note: This trophy is a bit glitchy. As there have been reportings of earning this despite hitting the mines.

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