I think I found a simple solution to the biggest problem I have been having using Brekel Kinect Pro Body Motion Capture and Carrara Pro 8/5. Thanks to Jasper Brekelmans response on the Brekel Kinect Pro Body Motion Capture forum.

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  • Thanks to Jasper Brekelmans response on the Brekel Kinect Pro Body Motion Capture forum
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Great capture data with minimum costs. Great for small businesses and experimental projects! I’m very intrested to see you take this to the next level.


For scanning, for the depth sensor it seems to work slightly different. If you look closely at the 640×480 depth stream you can see the detail isn’t really down to the pixel level. But is generally a bit more splotchy, so (although I haven’t tested it) using the higher resolution wouldn’t get you more actual real detail.



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Great work using the Kinect for motion capture! I’ve tried quite a few of the solutions of mocapping with Kinect (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5147) so far, but the Maya didn’t work for me and the OpenBVH program just gave me poor results.

I use Brekel Pro Body v2, it's a bit costly but it's very versatile and perfect for my needs


So you really need to begin simply using known and controlled objects such as retargetting to an exact copy of your Kinect skeleton. It already appears to me that you are not placing your retargetting boxes (axis') correctly, so please start with an exact copy of your Kinect skeleton to retarget. Just build a quick mesh in Blender and bind this to the copied Kinect (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6706) skeleton. This will then simplify all controlble elements of your scene, a will tell you if your application is working correctly first. After cofirming that your application is working without apparent errors, you can then add complexity in steps from that point. And I highly recommend that you only advance the complexity of the elements and functions you will add one at a time, as what you are attempting to build is highy complex, and there are so many variables (unknown issues) in your application in which you are guaranteed to have problems with. Otherwise, if you don't simplify your skeletons and all othr scene elements now in the first version of your application and testing, I'm certian that you will be chasing multiple problems which will not be obvious by attempting to retarget to a skeleton which is different in any way from your Kinect Skeleton.

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So with extra digging, I found the solution! It was NOT very apparent and may have broken my brain a little.

Brekel kinect pro body

If you can understand this, then I can post more. Good info though - written 15 years ago but the math is as valid now as was then.


If you don't have github/visual basic experience, you're SOL, but I didn't have any last year, so there is hope for you. Basically get the latest visual studio and open everything in the folder at least a few hundred times until you start seeing patterns and things that you're looking for specifically. Like right now I'm trying to figure out how to limit how many joints i send because the lister is simply not built for so much data.

The reason why I dropped this in the first place is because when sending the signal to 127/0.0/1 (local machine the vb program, kinect v2 and usine hollyhock are located) produces no results. That is because either the program or Hollyhock can take up the same port, but not both. The workaround is making one machine specifically for getting and sending Kinect (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3904) v2 data. That machine CANNOT use lister or receive modules to see the signal. Only another machine on the network can by pointing to it in the VB program. So one computer has to be a designated data miner and so far I've only been able to send it to one IP address, despite there being the ability to multicast.


As an independent game developer, I’m indeed interested by this kind of application. This give indy dev (and all others devs) the ability to use motion capture at a relatively low cost.

Since we barely know how any older version of the story played, the mod's story mode will be a what-could've-been sort of thing with commented-out mission code and ideas taken from magazine articles and interviews being polished up to the level of the final game. Freeroam is likely the true experience for this stage of development.


As a hobbyist machinima creator i would love something like to record animations for Source Recorder. I know ipisoft has something around the corner, but i would love to get access to your program and test it out.