That would have survived, that would have been around in the 1600s, or whatever, before Darwinian conditions broke down. I think that’s what quite a few of us are! We’re the remnant normal population.

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A high-pitched voice gave an apology to Subaru, who screamed as he got splashed with water from above. Shaking his head, Subaru lifted his head to look at the open window, where he met Petra’s gaze in between the swaying curtains. Petra had just dumped some water out from the window.


With that, Subaru crawled up from the large hole and stomped on the rough ground. Even if a hunter is confident in his archery skills, there is a limit to how fast he can shoot a bow. Unlike a gun, it is necessary to aim by holding the arrow and pulling the string. This time lag gave Subaru the slightest chance of survival.

You Shall Not Pass: This is not the sort of combat the Ghosts are best at, but they have done it at Vervunhive and Hinzerhaus, taking appalling casualties in the process. On a smaller scale, individual squads and companies of the Ghosts have had to make this kind of last stand in First and Only (Sgt. Blane's squad didn't make it), Straight Silver (most of Corporal Meryn's did), and His Last Command (Col. Wilder and his men were vaporized to the last man).


The sight that appeared before him was of a number of tents and campfires. Then there was the wild atmosphere of men with swords and armor, who were busily going about their surroundings. Subaru was speechless, and the most appropriate image to describe the scene in his mind was.

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Reality Is Unrealistic: An in universe example occurs when a sculptor who plans to commemorate the Ghosts is accompanying a squad after the battle for Vervunhive. The group is ambushed by a group of hidden enemy survivors, and the sculptor is surprised by the sounds the lasrifles make, which in reality are nothing like the more dramatic sounds they make in picts.


Onion Tears: In 'Blood Pact'', Criid blames her tearfulness on the onions. Given that she had just commented that grief lasts a long time.

As he endured the weariness in his body, Subaru removed the whip from his body and lowered the dead weight off his back. Perhaps it was fortunate that she had been unconscious from the start, but the girl was breathing weakly. In other words, they were all safe and sound.


A Broken Throne - Cognis Hereticia, dark mechanicum

Studying the role of catastrophic events in our planet’s history is now mainstream science. This is only the case because scientists such as Bretz and Alvarez continued to argue their cases in the face of ridicule and hostility from some of their fellow scientists.

The people of Shudrak, their expressions cold, had their eyes ruthlessly fixed on their prey. There was Mizelda, Talitha, the gentle woman with yellow hair, and even Utakata, all of whom without exception, were glaring coldly at Subaru and Abel.


Britain came together, because of war with other European countries, and stayed together, because there was something in it for the Scots. The Scots were dominant in the Empire. They were hugely overrepresented in the Empire, and indeed in geniuses, in British geniuses. I mean, pretty much a tiny population. I suspect they were more intelligent than us until quite recently, because they were under harsh Darwinian selection pressures. They were better at killing their witches, and so on. So they had every reason to be part of the union.

One-Man Army: Saint Sabbat is a beatific entity (or an occupying psychic entity, or a Humanoid Abomination - take your pick). In Sabbat Martyr, it is recounted that she once slew 1800 enemy soldiers single-handedly in a single battle and it is very safe to assume her total kill-count is higher than that. In the same book, she destroys a superheavy tank with a sword and a pipe bomb.


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Continuity Nod: (On several occasions, Gaunt makes reference to the book Spheres of Longing, which was authored by Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor. Abnett fans would know that Ravenor stars in his own running Warhammer 40k series also authored by Abnett.

Insignia Rip-Off Ritual: Gaunt does this to General Sturm. It is both used and inverted in Necropolis, when Gaunt removes the blowhard, glory-hungry Commissar Kowle's rank insignia, but later replaces them when Kowle sacrifices a grenade bandolier and his arms to destroy a Chaos beast.


He had been selfish, staying here so long, because he was afraid. It was better to face the unknown future than to condemn Brother and Sister to such a fate.

Unexpected Positive: Regimental chief medic Dorden gives himself a full-spectrum examination more or less to guilt their chief priest Zweil into taking the same tests. Zweil is fine, but Dorden has an incurable cancer.


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Your Favorite: In Traitor General, Sturm's lifeward offers him a drink: "weak black cup of tea, with cinnamon". He comments that the lifeward is very attentive; he's had personal adjutants who took less care of him. Later, as his memories return, he remembers his favorite dish, and the lifeward makes a mental note to have it served at dinner.

He could feel his teeth shattering, in so much as his brain (this post) registered the cracking of enamel and the rending of pulp. He could feel the fragments in his mouth.


The early world of software creation was one of free-wheeling creative geniuses. The vastness, the breadth of functionality, complexity and wizardry behind these systems of millions of lines of code was astounding. Yes, there was a measure of methodical structure in early code development; there were specifications, testing procedures, but these were implemented on an as-needed basis. That the entire workflow was the creative realm of the coder (who was also simultaneously designer, user, interface creator, database architect and more) was understood.

Cult of Weird H.H. Holmes Skeleton Found in Concrete with Brain Intact Comments Feed

With it’s back to the slope blocking the exit, Subaru and Abel were stunned by what they saw before them. Slowly crawling along the ground, a large serpent appeared out of the darkness, ordained with a collection of shiny green scales that looked wet and slimy. The serpent demon beast that Subaru had already encountered twice in the Buddheim forest.


Another Abnett novel, Brothers of the Snake, received the same treatment. The Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter originally only received a brief mention in Necropolis. Later, Salvation's Reach has an Iron Snake assisting the Ghosts.

Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Between the Ghosts and the Royal Volpone 50th, aka the Bluebloods. Gaunt himself seems willing to punch Major Gilbear of the Bloodbloods at every opportunity.


Lotus-Eater Machine: In Ghostmaker, an Eldar warlock pulls a psychic deception in order to gain the aid of the unwitting Ghosts, making them believe that they are fighting to defend Tanith. It is not very good, however, as Milo notices some oddities, and the illusion is broken when Larkin scopes the leader of the Eldar defenders out.

Shell-Shocked Veteran: While most of the characters inevitably pick up shades of this to some extent or another, the Gereon team particularly stands out. Upon their return, Rawne and the others are shells of their former selves, unable to fit in with the rest of the regiment for a long while. Even their friends and loved ones barely recognize them.


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Ed Dutton: Socially skilled, and conformist, absolutely conformist! Women are higher in conformism than men. Much higher conformism than men! Because they’re higher in agreeableness and higher in conscientiousness. And so who’s going to get the job, if you’re put up with a genius and someone like that? Well, obviously it’s going to be the woman that’s going to get the job, who would you like to work with?

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Mad Scientist Laboratory: The Ghosts' main objective in Salvation Reach is to raid a well-defended Chaos research facility and capture as much intelligence material as possible, which may be further used in advantage to the Crusade. The laboratory is described as grim halls filled with strange and disturbing devices. Although they cannot read them, even mere touch of scrolls and dataslates stored there fills the Imperial Guardsmen with a feeling of dread.


Subaru replied to Ryuzu’s casual words and pulled the bucket up from the well. Then he emptied the bucket of cold water.

Well, because they’re narcissistic. And so what you would expect then, if they’re narcissistic, is they would demand that society accepts them as women.


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He strongly believed in, he literally believed in witches. And he believed that they tried to kill him when he was trying to get married to his Norwegian wife. And they tried to sink his ship. And that’s how this witch craze in southern Scotland in the 1590s, that’s how that started. And lots and lots of people were killed.

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Physics is the keeper of the classic metaphysic. Gibson warned: it is inappropriate to import the concepts of physics, its model of space and time into psychology, into models of perception, consciousness and cognition. The Hard Problem, the trouble we encounter when considering qualities of coffee stirring, comes directly from the classic metaphysic.


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Bergson argued that motion must be treated as indivisible. The infinitely divisible line from A to B of the moving toy truck with its corresponding instants is simply a spatial abstraction. Achilles moves in indivisible steps. He most certainly catches the tortoise. The arrow is never coincident with a point/instant; in even the most infinitely minute of intervals, it is in motion.

1 12 59%
2 13 60%
3 14 60%
4 15 39%
5 16 32%
6 17 78%
7 18 46%
8 19 2%

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The Scottish Trope: In Blood Pact Zweil insists on referring to his terminal condition as "The Concern". Though it's not his Concern but Dorden's.

Catholic World Report Three questions for Catholic opponents of capital punishment Comments Feed

Some brain injuries cause focal - or localized - brain damage, such as the damage caused when a bullet enters the brain (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3534). In other words, the damage is confined to a small area. Closed head injuries frequently cause diffuse brain damage, which means damage to several areas of the brain. For example, both sides of the brain are damaged and the nerves are stretched throughout the brain. This is called diffuse axonal injury or DAI.


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In Ghostmaker a trooper puts his eye up to a scope while on a frozen world. It freezes in place and the other Ghosts have to pull the gun away from his face.

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Abnett will say when a character is killed. If he doesn't say, directly, that they're dead, assume they're alive. General Sturm after Vervunhive for example.


The Reformation History! Trivia Quiz

With its majesty before him, Subaru regretted his foolish oversight. Subaru himself knows why the demon beast is probably here. Ever since Subaru had been summoned to this other world he had the unfortunate trait of emanating the “Witch’s scent”, a scent that lured demon beasts to his location. If this is the case, it is inevitable that demon beasts will be drawn to Subaru, just as they were in the Augria Sand Dunes, and as they have been in many other situations. In the dark forest where people rarely came and went, it was a perfect place for demon beasts to live.

The loreal pit is a snake’s heat-sensing organ. Snakes, which are often nocturnal, live in shadowy forests or in the shadows of rocks, and have loreal pits that allow them to locate prey even in the dark. It allows them to see the heat signatures of its prey, and enables them to quickly capture the unsuspecting prey. A snake becomes a natural assassin in the dark. And to Subaru’s dismay, it looked as though the demon beast also had the loreal pit.


Now what I think these were, were rape fantasies. And I think these are the kind of women who we would expect to have rape fantasies. These fast life history strategy, relatively fast strategy women. And I think that they were having. There’s no reason, they weren’t tortured, they weren’t induced.

Home of the Heretical Arts

One day they found the remains of a derelict mining robot that had smashed into a massive asteroid. They dug down into the impact crater, and though the robot had been less than a tenth their size, it was a feast of refined metals. They savored the gamey taste of aluminum, the thin, melting trace of gold. Sister reshaped her digging claws with the metal so that she could crack open asteroids more efficiently, and they laughed together in the light of the distant star.


Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At first it seems that the Space Marines tasked to assist the Tanith with assaulting Salvation's Reach are complete Jerkasses. However, they start showing small acts of kindness to the soldiers who manage to earn their respect, with one of them even helping Merrt regain his shooting ability. Gaunt points out that Space Marines aren't necessarily jerks, it's just that their morals and values operate on a completely different level from ordinary humans.

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Because you can realize that this will undermine everything, and you will be confronted with the hell and the nothing that you are! And so you can see that you’ve got these two things. Narcissism, which goes together with a limited sense of self, which goes together with borderline personality.


Hark also carries two back up pieces, a brass plated bolt pistol, and a heavy calibre revolver, which had so much kick it could kill a loxatl Mercenary in one shot. For reference, loxatl can soak up lasfire like sponges and armour piercing rounds are normally needed.

Dr Sasha Heinz Feed

I can't lift my right hand, and I can't grip my left hand tightly either. Of course, I can't do any detailed work either.


Lyrics to Riders On The Storm

This is what has made Tutankhamun—King Tut—so famous in our own time. KV62 is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in history and the event made its discoverer, a rather surly Brit named Howard Carter, a household name. He and Tut are forever linked in the annals of Egyptology.

As he said this, the tip of the whip was thrown from Subaru's left hand. Clind, his master, had trained him to be able to handle it almost as well with his right hand as with his left. Subaru used his left hand, which can move with two fingers, rather than his right hand, which can't rise above his shoulder. The tip of the whip was not aimed at the serpent's scales, of course, but at the thick branches of the dense jungle above the serpent's head. The whip was entangled there, and Subaru's body jumped up with great force.


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Cycle of Revenge: Dercius got Gaunt's father and many of his men killed by retreating instead of providing support. Gaunt killed Dercius for this in a duel. Then Dercius' son Flense tries to murder Gaunt and his entire command to avenge his father's death (and his own loss of status).

L33t L1ng0: Merrt's rifle's designation is O34TH. He misread it as death the first time he saw it.


It looks like the contents of the “Lifeblood Ritual” is different each time. There must have been other possibilities apart from fighting a demon beast. But Subaru and Abel had been thrown into a position where they had to defeat the giant serpent in order to prove themselves as warriors.

Whereas then you have this moving apart. And so therefore you have this rise in Scottish nationalism which has happened in Scotland.


That men can be fascinated by things which are not immediately relevant, or useful! But which end up being extremely relevant and useful. And I think that difference alone means that an academia dominated by women is going to be much less intellectually curious. Which is exactly what we see now!

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Imperial commissars are famous for summary executions. Gaunt, like his mentor Oktar before him, believes that the authority to kill anyone for disloyalty is best used very rarely, and usually not on field troops. The series in general derides the 'execution-happy' commissar as a man who may get better results for the moment, but will degrade his unit's overall effectiveness until his unexpected but inevitable scragging. Part of this is due to Gaunt's rather unusual rank as a Colonel Commissar, which is why he later has dedicated commissars assigned to his unit.


It’s undermining traditional values, promoting things like anti-natalism, and whatever. Being a feminist, as with the witches of yore, being a feminist and being a left-wing woman, of course, is associated with being mentally ill.

And so that you could argue that like the devil, they are literally a fallen angel that is challenging God! And I look at this in the book, and it’s worse than that! If you look at these things about titles. Who is it that we give a special pronoun to?


In contrast, the hives on Herodor are not Citadel Cities. Gaunt really wishes they were, and muses on how Vervunhive was different.

And so you bond strongly to the point of sex with another woman, and you co-parent your children. Which is what happens to Sanna Marin [born 16 November 1985] who’s the current Prime Minister of Finland [since Dec, 2021]. We have it, by the way, a kind of witch government of Finland!


So they’ll get together with other co-wives and like lesbianiciously bring up the children. And it’s been suggested that’s the heritability of sexuality in women is very, very low.

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And then I’m working on a book on the future of civilization have in terms of breeding patterns for political views. And then I’m working on a book about the future Christianity. And then I’ve done various papers on various topics, intelligence, and religion and intelligence, and things like this.


It had only been thirty seconds since they had started fighting. But in only that much time, it was already clear that Subaru and Abel had no chances of winning. Abel’s swordsmanship wasn’t able to break through its scales, and Subaru’s usual tricks wouldn’t work here. There was no way Subaru could win against an overwhelming force, that is his biggest limitation.

Somehow, he had to get away from the shore, or at least hide in the bushes, but his body wouldn't listen to him. He was completely drained of energy. He couldn't move a single finger, and his consciousness fell into darkness.


Without even bothering to dispel such an impression, suddenly Subaru's whole body was soaked with water. Just like a washcloth being swirled around in a washing machine, he was tossed about by the momentum and swept away.

Evil Gloating: In Blood Pact Eyl catches up with Gaunt and Mabbon for the last time and has them at his mercy, but starts gloating. This gives Gaunt time to knock him away, following by Larks blowing his head open. Even lampshaded by Mabbon who buys Gaunt another few seconds by telling Eyl that if he has his target in his sights, he shouldn't waste time talking.


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Bavarian Fire Drill: In Salvation's Reach Rawne visits Mabbon by acting as though he belongs. Helps that the guard had been killed by someone else beforehand, not that Rawne knew.

At the end of Only in Death, Rawne demands medical attention for his men and orders his officers to start going; he's not leaving until the men are out. When Ludd, being acting commissar, comes back with him, he tells him he can go.


They withdrew and stood outside the bars, waiting. Third Drone had no expressions, but they rocked back and forth on their talons more quickly than usual.

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Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Eszrah is duty bound to go on one if his master, Gaunt, is killed. This actually happens in Only in Death when Gaunt is thought to be dead.


This is a broad category of disorders, which vary greatly in symptoms and severity. Keep reading to learn about some of the largest categories of brain disorders.

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Even though Subaru could keep up with training and jogging every day, he has never been able to keep up with a diary. Then when he stopped going to school, he didn’t have anything to write about.


Sister wondered what Third Drone’s last thought had been. She hoped that they realized that it was not a failure of Brother’s engineering.

Abel's eyes were filled with anger and frustration as he watched the serpent slither around in his immediate vicinity. Subaru understood Abel’s thoughts painfully well.


What Causes Brain Damage

Brain (check my site) disorders can affect anyone. Risk factors are different for different types of brain disorders.

The hologram and the Hard Problem

She also noticed that Third Drone was standing watch while she dismantled the base. Their sensors scanned relentlessly, mostly upwards, keeping an eye out for an enemy that did not come.


The Doors brought in bass players Marc Benno and Jerry Scheff to play on the album. Scheff came up with the distinctive bass line after Manzarek played him what he had in mind on his keyboard. It took a while to figure out, since it was much harder to play on a bass than a keyboard.

Just as we shifted from an earlier unconscious participation with the cosmos to our current detached relationship to it, Barfield and the other philosophers of consciousness I write about, believe there is good reason to recognise that we are in the process of shifting to a further conscious state of participation. Or at least we have the possibility of doing so; sadly, there are no guarantees.


Magical Seventh Son: Soric reveals that his great-grandmother was a witch, and that his father said it would come to him, as the seventh son of a seventh son. On the other hand, what it causes him doesn't seem very lucky at all.

Enemy Mine: at the end of Ghostmaker, the owners of the mysterious ruins sighted by Mkoll turn out to be Eldar guarding a Webway Gate. The farseer protecting the gate thinks to himself that an actual alliance is out of the question, but he uses his psychic abilities to conjure illusions that make the Ghosts fighting in the battle believe they're still on Tanith and fighting to defend it from Chaos, and he makes the Eldar in the base look like Tanith troops.


But here a couple of problems arise. The “buzzing” fly specified, with its hundreds of wing beats, is long in the past. The circling motion of the spoon—in the past.

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Women Prefer Strong Men: Asche, a minor character in Double Eagle, is notorious for picking up fellow pilots currently having their five minutes of fame and instantly dropping them on the very moment they lose their star status. Unfortunately, only one of them is wise enough to see her real intentions and reject her advances.


About 52,000 die as a result of traumatic brain (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=9349) injury, and more than 5 million Americans who've suffered traumatic brain injury require assistance in performing daily activities. Approximately 130,000 Americans die of stroke each year, according to the National Stroke Association.

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So that’s downstream of the destruction of patriarchy. And what that does to ethnocentrism.


Made a Slave: In Traitor General, the surviving inhabitants of Gereon have been enslaved to destroy its Imperial temples. Later they were forced to work under excruciating conditions, and those who managed to live long enough to see the Imperial liberation became physical and emotional cripples.

From Heretic to Hero

But why did Tutankhamun reign for only ten years? What felled this king at such a young age? This is a question that has persisted in archaeology and the wider scientific community since the day the mummy was first unwrapped. And it is what we’re going to explore here.


The sound of footsteps approached just as he understood what she had been talking about. When both Ryuzu and Subaru turn around in the direction of the noise, they see Petra running towards the well.

The Evolution of Consciousness

With that, Abel tossed a ring from his belongings to Subaru. Quickly accepting the ring, Subaru obeyed his words and placed it on the middle finger of his left hand. The ring was inlaid with a black gemstone, which gave it an air of luxury, as well as a strangely intimidating aura.


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I think if there had been more blood, more obvious physical damage, I could have coped better. But it was just such a tiny little hole.

Bretz met his wife Fanny Chalis at college – she was also studying biology – and they married in 1906. They had two children: Rudolf and Rhoda.


In fact, last time the result was that he was shot with an arrow and stuck directly to a tree to die like an insect specimen. However, it was not without its oddities. The last time, Subaru went to the opposite forest.

We Have Reserves: Chaos warlords love this trope. The fact that most Chaos troopers are Brainwashed and Crazy certainly helps to stage bloody human wave attacks.


So once the religiousness collapses and the religion itself stops being a protective force. They are more religious than men, but it becomes this left-wing deracinated religion of just pathological altruism! Of generalized altruism which means they’re highly in favor of immigration and stuff like that. And they make these very maladaptive decisions, which involve lots and lots of not having any children, and things like this.

And then my colleague Michael Woodley of [word unclear], for various reasons left the YouTube channel halfway through the year. So I had to rebuild it. Which at first I was quite frightened about. And it was a bit of a kick in the nuts really. But I seem to have managed to do that. So I was quite pleased about that.


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Fearless Fool: Bragg, though he's not an idiot. Varl and Kolea have a game of chicken during one firefight rushing an enemy crossfire as a sort of insane game.

Arterial blood sprayed high as the militiamans head parted from his shoulders, a look of terror still etched upon his face. At the same time, Krell back handed another with his bolt pistol, crushing his face with an satisfying crunch. Before both would be soldiers had dropped Krell had swung his chainsword in a wide arc dis-embowelling another two in one stroke, agonizing screams filling the air.


As always, Krune dismissed the thought and plunged the hand gripping the stone of liquid black into the boy’s chest cavity, holding it in place where the heart once was. Instantly, the body arched its back upwards, veins becoming visible as something darker than the space between stars threaded through. The screams sputtered and became choking, the spasms grew in strength. One of the serfs reached over with some gear taken from the corpse of a medicae, and stapled the boy’s chest closed. The boy’s head snapped around as the noises escaping his tortured throat became filled with anger. Eyes of the deepest black stared at Krune with pure hatred. Then the flesh around the eyes browned and blackened, and small embers formed in the eyes. The roars of anger degenerated back into screams of pain, as blackening spots appeared across the body.

Drives Like Crazy: In Ghostmaker, Ortiz has a tank driven into headquarters, scattering drilling soldiers and knocking all sorts of things astray. Then, he was inspired: a superior officer had ordered him to fire where Gaunt's Ghosts were, killing hundreds of them; Gaunt had attacked him; and the superior officer was looking to courtmartial and shoot Gaunt. Having gotten there quickly, Ortiz filed a report claiming that his injuries sprang from his own guns' recoil.


With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Cuu's real competent, but he's also vengeful and Ax-Crazy. Larkin is a good sniper, but he suffers from fits.

Ed Dutton: If you think about the kind of person that is high in empathy. We talk about multiculturalism and it being inconsistent.


Scientists whose ideas were rejected during their lifetimes

Subaru doubted that Rem would die from such a thing, but even if it was just a test, he didn't want Rem to do that. Honestly, the best option for Subaru would have been to throw Louis out and leave with Rem, but Rem herself wasn't going to let that happen.

The outlook for people with brain (their explanation) disorders depends on the type and severity of the brain disorder. Some conditions are easily treated with medication and therapy. For example, millions of people with mental disorders live perfectly normal lives.


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Failure Is the Only Option: Gaunt was promised the first planet he conquered. Thus far, it looks like no one will ever admit that he conquered one. Gaunt himself admits that it is incredibly unlikely because his regiment, the Tanith First-and-Only, is a Reconnaissance/Infiltration regiment, and thus doesn't have the sheer numbers required to conquer a planet.

A Day in the Limelight: Short stories frequently focus on individual Ghosts, such as Larkin or Bragg. The second book was a whole bunch of these highlighting how awesome each one could be.


So you have to reduce inter-male conflict! How do you reduce inter-male conflict?

Ed Dutton: No. Maybe you could argue that it’s men’s fault for not standing up against this nonsense. And a lot of the spiteful mutants that have undermined the patriarchy and have undermined the traditional system have been men! So it’s not “all” women’s fault. No. But I’m just showing you the parallel is very, very clear, as far as I can see, between the witches of yore and the feminists now.


Pointing to the great river below, Rem makes a practical objection. The jump is ten meters high, and here they are in a situation where the injured Subaru has to carry two people who can hardly move. They would have to somehow reach the other side of the river while enduring the swift current of water, so naturally, it would seem like suicide.

They stood firm but were no match for Krell's charge. All five were butchered in as many seconds in a whirlwind of gore and rage, the nails in his skull digging deep now, calling to him for his next opponent.


In Sabbat Martyr, following some exposition from Pater Sin about the mysterious soldier they've selected to turn into a Chaos meat-puppet, the book switches to Milo, the Saint's chosen sidekick, suffering from major headaches. He's not the puppet, but it's suggested his latent psychic abilities are alerting him to the danger the Saint is in.

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After securing Louis' body to his back and making sure he didn't drop her, Subaru forcefully picked up Rem who had just crawled out of the big hole. Rem, who was being carried like a princess, had a tense expression on her face.


He put his foot on the serpent's upper jaw and clumsily leapt forward as if he was tripping over himself. Before his eyes was a white horn with the blade buried halfway up. He turned his body and slammed his right fist into the hilt of the sword, which would have cut off the horn with one more step.

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Subaru: [I was just asking if Ryuzu was lonely being away from Garfiel. But Petra’s also away from her family.


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So you’re going to have a system where religiousness is going to become selected for, particularly in women, where submission to the patriarchal system is going to become selected for, particularly in women, and women that don’t select for, don’t conform, will not pass on their genes. And so the way that you will get women who don’t conform to the patriarchal system, and who go into prostitution, and illegitimacy, and witchcraft, and all these things that deviate from the patriarchal system, is through mutation.

Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Toyed with in Saint Sabbat's first few appearances, but it doesn't last. Also, the Larkin's mysterious encounter in Ghostmaker. In a mission to sneak into a Chaos-held city and snipe its leader, Larkin loses it and abandons the mission team. He holes up in a room high up on a tower with a statue of an Imperial Angel - which he imagines talking to him, convincing him to do his duty and giving him a strip of cloth to help steady his aim. He ends up taking out the Chaos warlord, then passes out. When he comes to, other Ghosts are helping him up, and the Angel is just a statue again - but his long-las is sitting in the corner with a band of silk tied to it, and the stone statue's robe is missing a strip from it that matches the silk wrapping his weapon.


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And so, that’s what that that then is associated with what’s called borderline personality disorder. Which is when you have a fundamental lack of self and your world is chaos. And there’s this void at the heart of you.

And you get it more intensely the more harsh the group selection. So it’s much harsher in the north of Europe than in the south of Europe. And so, yeah that’s basically the essence of it.


Ed Dutton: Equally with women, you’re gonna get the same sort of thing. The women that would in a sense be aroused by violence, would get the more violent man. And that would be the man with the better gene quality in a fast life history strategy ecology, or the women that would just give in and would not be killed, or whatever.

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She is controlled, by him whatever means it is. Whether it’s foot binding, or veiling, or whatever. But he controls her sexuality, so she is not independent of him.


Hard Tumors in Dogs

And that’s what these women were! They were at the bottom of society, because and not only that, but, of course, the brain (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7818) is about 84 percent of the genome. And so if you’ve got mutations of the brain (go to this web-site), you’re going to sure as dammit have mutations of the body, because the brain is a massive target for mutation. And so this means that they’re going to be physically ugly! They’re going to have ugly faces, and big noses, and big chins. And they’re going to age quickly, just as the stereotypical witch did!

The Sabbats World Crusade book runs on this in comparison to the novels. For example, the Siege of Vervunhive, the entirety of Necropolis, is given only a single paragraph and is probably one of the more detailed accounts of engagements featuring the Ghosts. The fall of Tanith doesn't even warrant a whole sentence.


The geniuses outlier high intelligence plus moderately psychopathic traits. That’s what the genius is. And so that means that he can come up with the original idea and he thinks outside the box, low conscientiousness, and he doesn’t care about offending people, which new ideas almost always do! You know, I had a chap on my show and he’s disputing dark matter. And there’s so much wrapped up in that he’s like an outcast in physics, just disputing dark matter.

MS Symptoms & Causes

But Sister’s nanites had plucked the web of connections. One adjustment to the wing grid worked.


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He shook his head and laughed at Ryuzu’s comment. Then he pats Petra on the head, who had a guilty look on her face, and reassured her.

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Anticipating relativity in 1896 and its fundamental misconception, he noted that motion in the abstract space (the classic metaphysic again) is inherently relative—motion from one perspective, but rest from another. Move the object across the continuum, or the continuum under the object. So yes, we may not be able to tell which objects are in motion, which at rest, but there must be real motion: trees grow; stars explode; couch potatoes get fat. We must see the Whole as changing, he argued, like a kaleidoscope.


Luke, You Are My Father: In Salvation's Reach, Gaunt is shocked to learn that he has a son, who followed him all the way from Verghast. To his credit, he sees the trope coming just before it's confirmed.

One is that it’s just the basic political reason, that the Ulster Scots are Protestant. And therefore they see themselves they are different from the Catholics religiously. And they are different from the Catholics ethnically, genetically.


Ed Dutton: That is more likely to be women. And you deal with this — it’s also present in men — and you deal with this by creating a separate sort of personality, or something like a black and White clear sense of structure that gives gives life meaning and whatever. But that can be unstable and sometimes that will break down and you’ll flip to the opposite, the exact opposite of it.

Jeanne d'Archétype: Saint Sabbat is pretty much Joan of Arc in the 41st Millennium in various ways. Although unlike her real life counterpart, she doesn't die at the hands of her co-religionists and is venerated as a saint almost immediately. Also, she comes back to aid the Imperial Guard in freeing the worlds named in her honor.


Subaru's lips spun as he felt himself being peeled away. Just as he finished talking, a strong helping hand caught hold of his shoulders, or perhaps what was left of his shoulders. Then the owner of the voice nodded quietly.

Men are Hard to Find

For three days they fed, and then something came screaming out of the void toward them. Their only warning was a wail of sirens. They lifted their sensor arrays, shards of metal falling from their mouths, and then the owner of the ship was upon them.


The sight of a ten-meter-long snake crawling on the ground and closing in on its prey was a breathtaking sight to behold. The speed that the snake glided across the ground was unbefitting of its huge body and made Subaru feel as if the forest ground itself was moving. As the serpent approached, the hunter fired once more with his bow, but he missed his mark.

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It was a demon beast called Elgina. It’s a snake-like demon beast, a little bigger than an anaconda, but has a higher threat level since it actively targeted humans. And if the snake-like demon beast also had a similar biology to that of a real serpent.


Little Hero, Big War: The Ghosts are often fighting on secondary fronts or places that are considered minor battles compared to the rest of the Crusade. Because of this, most of their achievements are often lost in obscurity. Even so, the History of the Later Imperial Crusades, the history book whose quotes preface each story often mention the Ghost's involvement in certain theatres, even if only vaguely.

These are all emerging qualities due to their time unfoldment—slightly waving curtains, gently rustling curtains, wildly waving curtains—just as something mellow—a wine, a room, a personality, a violin—requires a building, organic unfoldment over an indivisible flow of time. In the classic metaphysic, such qualities cannot exist—by definition.


The same genetic tests revealed some interesting things about Tutankhamun, however. Macroscopic studies as well as genetic material have revealed traces of malaria tropica in the boy-king. This may not be what killed him, but it certainly would have weakened him and led to troubled health. On the other hand, in ancient times malaria often would have been fatal, if advanced enough. Also, CT scans during these examinations revealed two metatarsals in the king’s left foot with clear signs of deformation consistent with osteonecrosis (bone death) (ibid 642-643). This infection might also not have caused the king’s death, but there would have been no way in the Late Bronze Age to stop such infection and eventually it might have proved fatal had the king lived long enough. I’ll come back to that, but suffice it to say, by the time Tutankhamun died, he was already evidently weakened and ill.

The only thing this event had in common was that a liquid covering him from head to toe, but if Subaru told her he still remembered now, Petra would be very angry with him. However, he won’t be able to hear her complain if he stops here now.


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He was alone, called the Forgotten by his brothers of the First Oathed, and abandoned. At Malakal, when the Terrorborn fought the 64th company of the World Eaters, he had been consumed by fire.

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Doomed by Canon: In The Armour of Contempt, the Inquisition thinks they can find protection against Chaos on Gereon. Gaunt thinks they won't — and considering what that would do to history, is obviously right.


Her own thrusters were very limited things, useful only for moving her over outcroppings and depressions on the surface of an asteroid, but they were enough to work with here. She fired small pulses until she could reach one of Brother’s discarded wings with her gripping claws. It fitted into her side and her remaining nanites hurried to secure it into place. A single wing was clumsy, but it gave her enough thrust to reach the other wing, and then she turned away and left Chrysale behind forever.

They were larger than either Sister or Brother, with talons like an eagle. They landed on Brother’s back and tore at his wings. He shrieked, but he had never fought before and did not know how. Sister lunged at his attacker with her drills, trying to break their hold, but they smashed her aside and then the great talons clenched twice and a wave rolled over them, a wave of silence.


Mutual Kill: Apparently Slaydo vs. Nadzybar in the backstory. In Necropolis, nearly Heritor Asphodel vs. Gaunt.

A hiss as the assault ramp opened. The back of his skull screamed as the nails dug in. Krell roared out of the Land Raider, chainsword ready, bolt pistol kicking, out to his next opponent.


When her storage bays groaned with the weight and richness of metal, Third Drone snatched her up again. She dumped the load on the deckplates of the ship and Third Drone picked out the choicest bits and offered them to Brother through the bars. Then back again, over and over, hour after hour, day after day while Sister used metal to expand her storage. She learned to be selective over the metals she harvested.

But the selection pressure broke down first among the higher classes! They were under weaker selection pressure for longer. What is it that weakens selection pressure? Good housing, access to medicine, wealth basically. And so they have been under weaker selection for longer. And so you’re going to expect higher mutational load.


It’s mostly women, because what these women are doing is inadvertently questioning the patriarchy. They do that in a number of ways.

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Asshole Victim: General Sturm of the Volpone Bluebloods deserves everything that happens to him. Zhyte from Guns of Tanith also counts, as he insults the Tanith for not being as glorified and distinguished as his own regiment (Urdeshi stormtroopers) when Gaunt is trying to warn him about a trap. Cue the Urdeshi getting trapped and slaughtered by the same trap that Gaunt had been trying to warn him about.


I think Roger Scrutton might have made this point as well. That when he saw Leftists rioting in 1968 in Paris, it was as if they were wanting to be “God”. They wanted to take control of, to have power over everything. He made some vague point in that direction which I’m completely misquoting it, but that was the broad point that he was making.

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As expected, the sound of water was coming from a large river. It was flowing under a cliff, almost ten meters below them. He scoffed at the thought that he could just cross over the river and cover his tracks.


Ed Dutton: Well, in the early church, so Gnosticism was this sort of esoteric belief system where you sort of gain greater knowledge through your own esoteric belief, you get closer to Christ. And I think that in the early church they were very unhappy about Gnosticism, because it was so subjective and whatever. And so it would break down into all kinds of infighting and things like this. And so then eventually the Gnostics were sort of wiped out. They were considered an element that, as it were, didn’t help in the matter of group selection.

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Creed contributed a version of this to the 2000 Doors tribute album Stoned Immaculate. Creed also performed it with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger at Woodstock '99. Krieger sat in on Creed's "What's This Life For" during the set.


Fallen Princess: In Honour Guard, Kolea tells Curth that in joining the Ghosts, she has become this, since the two of them were not of anything like equal status back home — she would never have known his name. She shrugs it off: she knows many people of his status now.

Ed Dutton: Well, what’s been going on this year? So I was working on, for a lot of the year, on a book, on a number of books. Well, at the end of last year I got onto the radar of Hope Not Hate!


When Subaru didn't answer, the man slowly put his hands on his head and removed the blindfold that was binding him tightly. There was a feeling of release along with slight pain, and Subaru took a deep breath, enduring the pain in his chest as he quietly waited for his vision to return.

Even though the girl he was dealing with was different, their harsh way of speaking was the same. Pressed by this sentiment, Subaru scolded himself for running out of breath and ran frantically through the forest, with Rem as the rear guard.


The Hard Problem has been locked in the classic metaphysic. Bergson argued that the origin of this mistaken metaphysic emerges from our perception, which is constrained by the basic need of the body to partition the undifferentiated world initially presented to a child into objects (on which the body can act) and the motions of these objects: to pick up a spoon, to lift a bottle. This elementary perceptual partition is conceptually rarified: it becomes a principle of infinite divisibility, a diagram or “mesh” that we place mentally under and through the extensity surrounding us. The meshes are eventually contracted, collapsed, ultimately to a continuum of points or positions.

The voice that had tried to force him to stay connected didn't try to do so this time. Slowly, slowly, slowly, it drifted away.


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Men will want religiousness, because it will be a sign, the woman is saying in order to have sex with me you have to invest! Then the man wants evidence that she’s not going to cuckold him. What is the evidence that she’s not going to cuckold him? It’s conformity to the patriarchal system. What is the evidence that they conform to the patriarchal system?

Abel: [It is a custom of the people of Shudrak. They place great value on pride and commitment, it cannot be ignored.


Subaru clenched his teeth as he called out the name of his partner, who wasn't with him. Whenever an emergency happened, Subaru had always trusted Beatrice’s judgment and listened to her thoughts before he started thinking up a plan. Which, in the current situation, seems to have affected Subaru’s own ability to respond to danger.

Dan Browned: In-universe, in Blood Pact, the historians on Balhaut got pretty much every detail and fact of Slaydo's effort to liberate the planet wrong. This is mainly because all of the veterans of the war aren't around to point out the errors. Humorously enough, there is an entire chapel dedicated to Gaunt because the historians mistakenly believed that he had died during the liberation of the planet.


Anarch: Set in the immediate aftermath of The Warmaster, Gaunt struggles to adjust to the demands of his new position, as well as deal with figures from his past. However, Anarch Sek's attempt to cut the head off crusade command isn't over and the threat is considerably closer than anyone can imagine.

The Choirmaster might have been the one who directed the warband, but it was the Song that directed the Choirmaster. Esfandiyir was simply one of the many, many instruments that brought the Song to those who could not hear it.


At the shore where he managed to crawl up, he vomited out a large amount of water, letting nature take its course. Then, fighting against the sensation of water still inside his body, he laid the girl, he had pulled up, on the ground.

That’s a complete contradiction. But they don’t care about that, because what they care about is power, or empathy!


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The Squadette: After Necropolis, the Tanith First and Only became one of the few Guard units to integrate females into what was once an all male regiment. Naturally, this was met with mixed feelings until they proved themselves.

Chekhov's Gun: In First & Only, Trooper Drayl gets a shard from a Chaos statuette stuck in his collarbone from Corbec shooting the statutette. He gets a field dressing put on it, and the group moves on. The shard corrupts Drayl, with him later shooting at the group with "a milky nothingness in his eyes". He is shot in their self-defence, and then has a large metallic-coloured skeletal monster Body Horror come out of him that the group also has to kill.


Stephen Robbins received his PhD in Educational Psychology/Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1976, with a focus in Computer Simulation of Thought. His doctoral thesis critiqued the computer model of mind then just emerging, describing a theory of consciousness before the problem of consciousness came into vogue. He gravitated from academics into software development, working 33 years as an executive in data processing and software firms. With the emerging awareness of the weaknesses in the computer model of mind in the mid-1990’s, particularly in the area of consciousness, he began publishing aspects of his theory in academic journals. He has also written three books: Time and Memory: A Primer on the Scientific Mysticism of Consciousness; Collapsing the Singularity: Bergson, Gibson and the Mythologies of Artificial Intelligence; The Mists of Special Relativity: Time, Consciousness and a Deep Illusion in Physics. You can find his website at stephenerobbins.com.

The Secular Heretic. Copyright 2021, 2021

Third Drone’s silver tendril whipped out and caught at a port above her hopper, forcing a connection between them. She felt the alien machine’s thoughts driven into hers, demanding access to her logs, overriding will.


Becomes a plot point again in Only in Death when Larkin starts seeing Bragg, after years of not hallucinating him. Rawne also joins in on the fun by seeing Corbec. Whether or not they’re visions are just that (both characters have had a history with hallucinations) or genuine hauntings is kept a mystery until the very end - turns out A Wizard Did It.

After some banter with Abel, who always had a comeback for everything, Subaru took in a deep breath and exhaled. Winning would be a joint effort, and what needed to be done was now set in stone.


You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: At the end of the mission in Salvation's Reach, Meryn and Gendler leave Costin, the third member of their scam to defraud the Munitorum with fradulent viduity claims, behind to be killed by loxatl. This is because Costin has become a liability to them with his perpetual drunkeness, the fact that his carelessness has gotten his part in the scam noticed by Gaunt and Rawne, and Meryn and Gendler both know Costin would sell them out in a heartbeat under interrogation to save his own skin.

Subaru saw the woman from earlier, her hair yellow, smiling lazily, with a calm voice and leisure tone, blocking the entrance to the slope with a large rock. There was no doubt that he hadn't mistakenly seen it, from the tremors of the ground that had been transmitted through him.


The books follow Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and the Tanith First-and-Only, a single regiment within the trillions-strong Imperial Guard. Nicknamed the "Ghosts", the series focuses on the Tanith's experiences as a tiny part of a vast decades-long crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds from Chaos. Written in a style reminiscent of Bernard Cornwell's massively successful Sharpe series, the series has been well received, its strong points including believable battles, capturing the "feel" of the gothic far-future Warhammer 40,000, and a realistic portrayal of the Imperial Guard as actual humans. Gaunt's Ghosts is the longest-running and the most successful book series set in the 40k universe.

In this sequence of instants, the present instant, when the next present instant arrives, falls into the past—the symbol of non-existence. Matter is identified as that which is always present.


While his adversary prefers automated guns and hardwired servitors Tanor despised things which cannot be broken and chained. He was a traditionalist at heart and he will prove today that blood and sweat are good substitutes to abominable intelligence, steel pistons and automated brain cogitators. His whip cracked again, more blood, more screams.

So if you look in detail those that were targeted, it was women who were spinsters, it was women. I think I read that it was over half of those that were executed for witchcraft across the 17th century were spinsters, over the age of 50.


As he lay on his back, his body convulsing, yellow gastric juices spilling from the corner of his mouth, Subaru felt the earth shake. The dying Subaru doesn't realize that it was the tremor of the giant serpent that had fallen right next to him.

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If people think we’ll have died in the attempt to get to the moon. All of this wouldn’t happen, because you have women in charge and women are averse to these things and they want everyone.


Famous Scientists 7 Scientists whose ideas were rejected during their lifetimes Comments Feed

The reply to Subaru's call for a ceasefire was a single arrow that gouged the ground. The fierce power that erased the argument with Rem on it’s way will wipe out all obstacles in sight, and bare its fangs at Subaru and Rem in the big hole.

And so you have a society dominated by women and all these things that would have happened, you know, things that. We’ll think of all the inventions that have come about.


Only a Flesh Wound: Even the direst of wounds can be only a flesh wound in the WH40k 'verse, thanks to augmetic replacements. His Last Command supplies a nice quote on the topic.

The abstract 4-D space (with its time) is completely homogeneous. It has been stripped of all quality. Imagine the entirety of Space, taken at an instant, perhaps as a cosmic size cube. This instant, as noted, has the time-extent of a mathematical point. A cube of such a (time-less) time-extent, can have actually no qualities; it is totally homogeneous. Yet, as noted, per the classic metaphysic and its model of time, each such Cube of the all of Space exists but for the present instant only, then instantly falls into non-existence—into the past—as the next present Cube arrives. No quality is possible, of space, or of time.


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Authority Equals Asskicking: Usually inverted, as Gaunt is usually seen bossing around men with significantly higher rank and social status than him. This is justified in the case of Commissars like Gaunt and Hark, who are permitted - and in a few cases required - to perform summary executions for dereliction of duty.

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Subaru breathed hurriedly, complaining about how hard the trial was. Overhead, the people of Shudrak, who were watching Subaru struggle, were all aiming their bows at them from above.

To take Rem with him or having Rem run ahead of him. Subaru wondered which would have a higher success rate, the latter of course. No matter how skilled the opponent was with a bow, this was a dense forest, and Subaru had to take into account the possibility of arrows flying at him.


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He couldn't see, didn't know what was going on, and was suddenly attacked. In addition, since his arms were tied behind his back, he couldn't rub his aching chest. His legs seemed to be bound as well, so he couldn't even stand up to escape.

The Chains of Commanding: Gaunt is one of the few commissars who actually gives a damn about his own troops. Kicked up a notch by The Warmaster and Anarch both the newly minted Lord Executor Gaunt and Colonel Rawne are feeling the strain.


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He needed to surface and breathe somehow. But he couldn’t control himself. He wanted to flap his arms and legs to float up, but he couldn’t because he had something more important than his life in his arms.

Revenge: Every surviving Tanith trooper is the survivor of a dead world. Gaunt's promise to them, as retold in Ghostmaker, is to grant them revenge on as many servants of Chaos as they can kill.


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The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: In In Rememberance, Rawne tells the unconscious Gaunt that he can't die, because Rawne wants to kill him. He eventually decides that this isn't the death he wants for Gaunt, although he still wants to be there to see it.

And it’s basically telling us that “lies are truth” and “truth is lies”. The purpose is to make us in a situation where there’s no structure, there’s no order!


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Rem: [Then what are you going to do! You're already out of breath and your knees are shaking.

A large tree was snapped above Subaru's head, and a shock wave was felt over his entire body. Lying on his back, Subaru spat out the rusty blood that filled his mouth.


The pain however was eclipsed by that being fed directly into his brain by the machine. His body, a post-human slab of muscle was taut as the alien feeling wracked him.

Sister dropped the pebble into one of her internal storage chambers. She did not want to get rid of it, in case she forgot that it had been brown. These seemed like very real possibilities. What did a lie do, once you let it loose? Did it sit still, like the pebble, or did it go spinning off into a chain reaction, like a radioactive particle? There was too much she did not know.


Genuine Human Hide: During the assault on the Salvation's Reach facility, Gaunt examines a few bodies of Sons of Sek and discovers that all leather parts of their uniform and equipment are made of this material. Even the scroll tubes lying on nearby shelves are made of human skin.

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Armchair Military: The supreme commanders of the Guard. Some, most notably Van Voytz, are of the Reasonable Authority Figure type, but they seem outnumbered by more callous or outright General Ripper types.


Now one thing that’s parallel, that’s very similar to borderline personality, is perhaps an example of it, is narcissistic personality. And this is much more common among men.

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Fatally injuring the serpent would be incredibly difficult. If that's the case, there's no other way to win than with a fatal wound. If this place was a nest of the demon beasts, he could have taken the serpent's egg as a hostage and forced it to surrender, but that was not the case. Then, there’s no other target but the one weakness shared by demon beasts.


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Flaw Exploitation: In Blood Pact, Rime exploits Gaunt's unwillingness to execute men. Unfortunately for him, Gaunt wasn't there alone.

Subaru: [Who's the stubborn one? I get that you feel responsible, but this isn’t the time and place to try and take responsibility!


If crushing thumbs wasn’t enough, the Chinese tean zu, using a similar concept, was used on all fingers in a gruelingly long process. A victim’s fingers were placed on a flat wooden surface, where each finger was separated by sticks attached to strings. Refusal to answer questions or offer information resulted in the tightening of the strings which closed the device onto the prisoner’s fingers, breaking them slowly.

Shaw was familiar with Karl Pribram’s well-known theory that “the brain is a hologram,” this being Pribram’s concept of how the brain stores experience. In fact the two had just talked when Karl was visiting the University of Minnesota, and Shaw likely described a different approach. Isn’t it possible, he asked the seminar folks, that the universe itself is a field wherein each point holds the information for the whole—in other words, that the universe itself is a hologram? As such, he said, the brain (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=224) would be in the hologram (not the hologram in the brain), and the brain would be acting as a reconstructive wave passing through a hologram of universal scale.


Eric Red, the screenwriter of the 1986 film The Hitcher, has said that his screenplay was inspired by this song. He said in an interview with DVD Active: "I thought the elements of the song - a killer on the road in a storm plus the cinematic feel of the music - would make an terrific opening for a film.

So we’d expect things to fall apart. We’d expect the European Union to fall apart. We’d expect Britain to fall apart.


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Heroic Sacrifice: About one per book, give or take. An everyday occurence in the life of the Guard. Rarely performed by the Ghosts themselves, oddly enough. Lilith, Kowle, Golke are all examples of non-Ghost heroic sacrifices.

Abel drew his own sword, leaving Subaru unable to keep up with the speed of the developments behind him. Subaru narrowed his eyes, and he hurriedly picked up his whip. And so, when their equipment was ready.


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Well that shows that racism isn’t a social construct, clearly. That shows it maps onto something very important indeed. And they could hold together this, they’re like the Queen of Hearts from Alice. They can hold together two contradictory things!

And having just a negative view of the world. And then the next thing that becomes. The problem is that it creates this arms race of virtue signaling. Where you have to move on to the next group, and the next group, and the next group.


She spent the flight in silence, preparing her shell for the corrosive winds of Chrysale. Preparing, too, for other things.

(Editors’ Note: “Metal Like Blood in the Dark

Sacrificing everything is something that only the most powerful people are allowed to say. Unfortunately, Subaru and Abel, who were trapped here by the Shudraki and were helpless, would not be qualified to even make such a grandiose choice. So, the only stakes he could wager is what he has in his own hands.


Furthermore it may be the case that women are literally selected to be less ethnocentric than men, because under prehistoric conditions, it would be the women that would be abducted and taken away by other tribes, and raped by them, and whatever. And so if they could be less ethnocentric then they would be more likely to survive.

The Warmaster: The Ghosts are deployed to the forge world of Urdesh to defend against an attack by Anarch Sek. However, the battle may just be a diversion to distract from the enemy's true goal: the elimination of Imperial Warmaster Macaroth himself.


And so, then original ideas, and originality, and new ideas, and whatever goes! And the whole spirit of academia that it’s to do with coming up with original ideas, and challenging convention, and whatever, you know, come what may, is suppressed, in favor of the new model of university as a kind of nursery school. Where everyone’s a winner, and everyone has to be happy, and whatever.

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Justified Title: The Necropolis book is the defense of a large city. Necropolis is an word for a large graveyard, coming from Greek words to mean "city of the dead". Needlessly to say, the defense was far from bloodless.


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I think that there’s a quote from Germane Greer about this. Let me just see if I can find it. But it’s basically backing up what you and I are saying here. Let me see if I can see it. Yeah, I don’t know, I can’t find it now. But anyway I’m pretty sure that even Germane Greer is on our side on this.

Mabbon: Well, if I was you, I'd never trust him again. I'd probably kill him, to be sure.


Listnovel.com Heretic Apothecary Genius Comments Feed

Abel said, breaking his gaze and spat out. Suabru was so pissed off by what he was told that he tried to bite the side of Abel’s face that was hidden behind the mask. But before Subaru could question his true intentions, Mizelda, who was leading the way, stopped in her tracks.

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He reached out with all his might and managed to pull himself up to the branch he had grabbed. It was his left hand that grabbed the branch, and his three broken fingers screamed in pain, but he didn't care. His whole body was chilled, his senses distant and dull. Perhaps all the fingers on his left hand were broken, not just three, but that was a distant thought.


The Ophites believed that Jesus instructed them to worship the serpent from Genesis, because he was the genuine source of knowledge. And so a lot of these things weren’t even particularly Christian at all. They involve sexual rituals and stuff like that.

A woman with yellow hair caught Subaru when he almost fell down. She is a soft-spoken, soft-faced woman with a plump figure. She was a rare type in Shudrak, where most women are firm and muscular, but she was very friendly.


Struck by the impact, Abel's thin body was blown to the side. Unable to catch himself, Abel's body rolled through the valley surrounded by fire, coughing up blood from his throat.

Are we supposed to believe the narrative that they were just unpleasant? They were just picked on, or whatever? Or is there something more to it?


But is it not obvious that the photograph, if photograph there be, is already taken, already developed in the very heart of things and at all points in space? No metaphysics, no physics can escape this conclusion. Build up the universe with atoms: Each of them is subject to the action, variable in quantity and quality according to the distance, exerted on it by all material atoms. Bring in Faraday’s centers of force: The lines of force emitted in every direction from every center bring to bear upon each the influence of the whole material world. Call up the Leibnizian monads: Each is the mirror of the universe.

He looked at her cherry-red cheeks and her chest, which was rising and falling slightly, and confirmed that she was alive. As he tried to reach out his arms to her body, Subaru felt a strong sense of rejection inside him. Even though he thought he had separated them, his soul, not his brain, was rejecting Louis.


And you had this hysteria of all these women, one after the other, coming forward. Because this person had dumped them basically, or refused to have sex with them, or something. And so they had borne a grudge, as women do, for a very, very, very long time! And they had seen this person get into a position of power and success. And the resentment that they felt, they wanted to bring him down.

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Brown Note: Glyfs (yes, not 'glyphs'), the Warp phenomena encountered by the Gaunt's team in Traitor General, have a destructive influence on the minds of people watching them. Even the sound they produce while moving is perceived as unsettling.


Ed Dutton: Chucked off PayPal and things like this. And then I carried on with my YouTube channel.

Sanian starts as wishing for a purpose. After discovering that her purpose is war, she is theninhabited by the very saint the war is being fought for.


Despite feelings of disgust, Subaru carried Louis in his arms to make his escape, but then a huge snake that was hiding in the forest interrupted their escape. Subaru was about to be swallowed by the serpent's mouth when a powerful attack struck the snake, narrowly saving his life.

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Gereon, contaminated by Chaos and stripped of all useful resources (including people). A massive Imperial Guard liberation force arrives two books later but it's all but spelled out that the damage has been done and the planet will never fully recover.


Woes: And then they’re also more social. I mean, they need language in a more immediate ways than.

OOC Is Serious Business: Only In Death has various examples, such as straitlaced Daur almost hitting Rawne, unflappable Mkoll getting spooked and chatty Maggs being quiet. In Blood Pact, Daur is caught helping one of Rawne's scams. Hark notes that discipline and morale are hitting new lows.


The single was shortened for radio play. Some of the piano solo was cut out.

With the hunter and the giant snake continuing to fight, Subaru left the battlefield as fast as he could, he felt it was natural, but as he averted his eyes to glance behind him, Rem couldn't hide her troubled face. Regardless of who wins, the hunter or the giant snake, they will probably come after Subaru and the others. Subaru doesn't know if that battle will be settled quickly or not, but he wants to gain as much distance as possible.


Simple statistics should have had Gaunt's expeditionary force cut down to the last man. They slew, approximately, two-point-four thousand soldiers of the enemy. The tacticians would decide that the only explanation could be that there were no enemy units on the field that day. Only then did the computations and the statistics and the possibilities match up.

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One of Zeno’s paradoxes: Achilles can never overtake the turtle as he must first pass the halfway mark, then halfway again ad infinitum. This incongruity with reality indicates a fundamental problem with mathematical modelling that lies at the base of the classic metaphysic.


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The straight A’s pupil at school, who’s very reasonably intelligent, but not outlier intelligent. And who’s very conscientious, and very hard at work.

He and Third Drone stared at each other in mutual bafflement for a moment. Sister sat very still and silent, but inside herself, barely a whisper over internal circuitry, she thought Third Drone expected Brother to be lying. Third Drone lies and they must think we would also lie. But Brother does not know how and Third Drone looked inside him and saw as much.


Subaru: [Nah, it was just a cute mistake. Putting the clothes aside, it’s just my rotten luck that I got splashed with water.

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And these would, perhaps, be the kind of women that would have rape fantasies. That would have fantasies that he raped them. And that would deal with the feeling of humiliation of being scorned, by concocting this! I mean, we know that the nature of memory is such that it’s highly inaccurate. And you will tend to literally alter your memories to make you seem good at any given time.


Subaru: [Both of them are much more familiar with the forest than we are! We'll need a way to disperse our tracks, but with my stench, escaping the snake is probably hopeless.

In First and Only Sergeant Blane makes use of the heights to hold off the Jantine Patricians; he takes care to ensure that none of his fifty men descend from their positions, not to lose that advantage. He and all his men die, but they hold off a vastly superior force for a long time, and inflict enormous losses on them.


Subaru's toothy grin was met with a powerful slap from Rem. Subaru's head was twisted by the force of the blow, and his cheek turned red.

Riders On The Stormby The Doors

This portable instrument of torture was popular in England and Scotland during the 1500’s, but was seen as late as the nineteenth century. The scold’s bridle (also known as branks) was a cage that was locked around a woman’s head as punishment for nagging and gossiping too often. Attached to this iron muzzle was a curb-plate inserted into a woman’s mouth to, literally, subdue her treacherous tongue. Most of these metal curb-plates were spiked, averaging in length of about half an inch to an inch. The smaller spikes were a mild discomfort while the longer ones pierced the tongue and caused the victim to bleed continuously.


Playing Possum: In Blood Pact, when Maggs attacks Kolding, he goes down. Gaunt tries to stop Maggs, and Kolding reappears to clock Maggs from behind; he explains to Gaunt that he thought it wiser to stay down — and that Maggs had clearly been hallucinating.

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And therefore the patriarchy helps to ensure the group is more positively and negatively ethnocentric. And therefore the patriarchy becomes part of the religiousness and becomes the will of god, and is promoted as the will of god.


From this perspective, the indivisible, melodic transformation of the holographic field carries an elementary form of memory. There are no instants that instantly fall into the non-existence of the past as the next instant arrives.

Subaru collapsed to the ground, frowning at the scathing remarks raining down upon him. As he slowly sat up, his gaze met with a beautiful face. He was a man with carefully tied back dark blue hair and sharp, reptilian, eyes. His monocle and butler's uniform give the impression of a smart and neat worker.


Badass in Distress: At the end of The Warmaster, Major Gol Kolea has been taken into custody by the Inquisition, due to the incident on Aigor 991. Hark is trying to push for his release but Inquisitor Laksheema makes it clear that she is not going to give him up any time soon.

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Noodle Incident: The thing with the goat. Brostin brings it up in the short story Forgotten, asking Gaunt if he wants to hear the story about it. Cue a chorus from the other Ghosts of Take Our Word for It You Do NOT Want To Know.


The teamed cracked open the concrete sarcophagus and found a man’s skeleton inside

She had buffered her mind the moment that she had learned to lie. She had spent the flight over strengthening that buffer and making sure that the false Sister was up to date. Third Drone’s thoughts went squirming across her mind, demanding to know whether she meant harm or deception, running hundreds of simulations where she returned from Chrysale and handed over the wings, testing each one for betrayal.

Anthropologists are still testing the remains at UPenn. If there is any substantial clues to be gleaned from the bones, it will likely be featured in a future episode of American Ripper.


So you can’t have inter-male conflict. Inter-male conflict is a bad thing! Now a lot of societies, weak societies, they’re under weak levels of selection pressure, like in Africa, or whatever. There’s massive inter-male conflict, because there’s polygamy. And so all of the women want to go for the high status males.

Exact Words: Used in a truly absurd example in Necropolis. A tank troop is ordered to advance down a certain road to confront the enemy and their commander is arrested for disobeying orders for detouring around a traffic obstacle.


Foregone Conclusion: Some historical blurbs in the novels as well as secondary sources all but say that the Sabbat Worlds Crusade eventually ends in a complete Imperial victory. However, what's still left up in the air is the ultimate fate of Gaunt and the Ghosts.

And what a fetish is, is that taken to a kind of extremes. You could only get it up if there’s a nice pair of tits, or whatever! And these fetishes can then become things that are associated with sexual things, that aren’t actually sexual.


And so you can see how therefore the group is under harsh selection for religiousness. And it becomes so religious that gradually across the 16th and 17th century they start persecuting witches, particularly in your native Scotland. That was where it was very, very intense.

The rack is a wooden frame with a roller at each end. Prisoners were strapped onto the mock table to keep from squirming, as their wrists and ankles were tied to a roller. They then began to turn in opposite directions, stretching out the body slowly until their joints were dislocated. This was a method used to gather information or confessions. Many prisoners had to watch other men suffer through the rack to implement a psychological fear in them prior to their own torture.


He Who Fights Monsters: Gaunt is faced with this dilemma in the later books. Especially in a conversation with Mabbon over what to do with Maggs, who had only a short while before been temporarily possessed by a Chaos witch.

Shoot the Dog: Throughout Straight Silver and Sabbat Martyr, Larkin struggles with the need to kill Lijah Cuu before he kills any more of the Ghosts, though Cuu still manages a few more team-kills before Larkin's hand is forced. In The Guns of Tanith, Meryn kills a few Phantine civilians in order to prevent his group blowing their cover, but the morality of this is still questioned books - and, chronologically in-universe, many months - later. In Blood Pact, knowing Gaunt won't kill someone without proof, Rawne does it for him.


And so modern academia is a very conformist space which specializes in enforcing a consensus! And adopting it. I mean, I did a video just for the sake of plugging here, I did a video back at the very start, 2021, called “How Feminism Killed the Space Age”. And it was basically making this point. That once you have women in charge of things there is going to be less innovation. And there’s going to be less, because women are less interested in things that aren’t immediately useful. I think that men have an ability to get.

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And so those that rise to the top in that kind of society, are going to be highly patriarchal. And those that deviate from this, will be at the bottom, because of their personality, because of their low intelligence.


And so the universities were a place that nurtured genius. They would allow these people to get there and just get on with it! It was about finding out the truth! Indeed these universities were founded originally on religious lines. We’re here to discover the nature of god’s creation, and lies, therefore blasphemy!

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And this is being criticized increasingly because, of course, you end up with, if a girl has presented a thesis that only just passes, or whatever, or it’s not very good, then they’ll end up in tears! Because the people are being mean. And this is what happened at this defense.


It was like no ship they had ever seen. It was perfectly round, and the metal was too dense to tell if it was solid all the way through.

Never Bring A Knife To A Fistfight: In The Armour of Contempt some Hauberkans attack Hark. One has a knife, another a chain fist.


Ryuzu: [You can’t expect me to act like that Subo. I don’t even know if I could act that way.

Dramatic Irony: In Salvation's Reach Domor makes a crack about forcing his face to change. Little does he know that a certain agent of the Archenemy with such a talent is among the Ghosts' ranks.


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Wearing the skin of others alongside extravagant materials like silks and chiffons. Cruel blades and stimulant injectors could be seen on them all.

Milo spends most of the time pining for Sanian after they part. When they are reunited, Sanian is effectively gone, supplanted by the personality of Saint Sabbat, and Milo can't recognize her because of this. He does get to go with her, though.


Metal Like Blood in the Dark

The forest was dense and deep, it was like walking in the dark. Subaru had lost his footing many times, each time being saved by the Shudraki around him.

This kind of reasoning leads to the logical fallacy of infinite regress. But each point, momentarily coordinate with the movement of the toy, is also considered an instant of time. Time, too, then becomes just another dimension of this abstract, infinitely divisible space—a series of instants. The time-extent of each instant—also infinitely divisible—ultimately is that of a mathematical point (a point indivisible since it has no beginning or end), and therefore paradoxically or fallaciously time-less. The classic metaphysic is thus a spatial metaphysic—an abstract (4-D) space.


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She’s been upstairs with us and just like not the anti-social cow that she normally is! And she’s been spayed, which I believe extends their life expectancy. And she’s 12, she’s 13, I think it is now. She’s 13. So yeah, so I think she could live quite a lot. She’s a moggy, but to the extent that she’s anything, she does look a bit like a Norwegian Forest Cat, that is true.

People who are high in mutational load will be born every generation, and they will die, because the child mortality rate in 17th century, 18th century, was 50%. And they will die out to varying degrees, of course, but they will die out.


The Corruption: One of Chaos' main weapons. In His Last Command Gaunt and his team from the Gereon mission are briefly put on trial to prove they are not tainted by Chaos, due to being stuck on a Chaos-occupied world for more than a year. The title of the next book, The Armour of Contempt, references an aphorism from another Abnett character, Gideon Ravenor, which states that one can resist Chaos's influence not by ignorance of it, but by knowing it and contemplating its repulsiveness - the 'armor of contempt'.

Thank God, if I may be permitted to use this religious turn of phrase after the foregoing post; thank God that Heretic TOC is not a newspaper. This week alone has been so packed with “on topic” news that I would hardly know where to start. But some things cannot be passed by without even a nod of acknowledgement. So, I will close with just a few links and short observations, on events ranging from sickeningly horrific to hilariously absurd, with important affairs of state somewhere in the middle.


Double Eagle features Leguin as a secondary character. He was originally introduced in Honour Guard as, well, a secondary character.

Now one of the things that’s interesting in terms of the witch. So you’re [word unclear] and therefore they’re physically ugly and unattractive, which is true stereotypically, and provenly true of these feminists. And, of course, true based on the historical sources of these witches. Masculinized, unattractive, ugly, women. Also faster life history strategy, greater diversity, more ugliness.


The Symptoms of Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs

Many consider smell to be one of the oldest and most primitive of our senses. Aside being able to inform us that the milk has gone bad or that there might be a leak in the basement, smell can provide us with untold pleasures. Our sense of smell is the only sense we possess that is directly connected to our brain tissue. All of the other senses have a “filtration” of flesh, eye, eardrum or tongue. Odor is produced by evaporation; everything is in a state of evaporation at all times. Some things evaporate at greater rates than others- for instance, a flower is at a higher rate of decay/evaporation than steel. Both are evaporating/decaying just at very different speeds. Apply heat and you speed up this process.

I think it would be useful if you were to talk about. You know, you were saying earlier about witches being anti-social, causing problems in the community, and so on. Could you go into some examples, or just detail about that? What would it be that they were doing?


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He reassured himself by saying that it was just sooner than he had expected. If Petra was going to bring Subaru a change of clothes, he should probably clean the dirt off of his current clothes first. Before pumping water from the well, Subaru quickly took off his shirt.

It's good human nature, you could say. But he didn't think it would keep Subaru abandoned in this situation.


Thankfully he had managed to jump into the water feet first, so the damage he sustained was minimal. However, even that was more than enough, and Subaru, whose energy gauge was already in the red, could not wipe away the impression that he had bitten off more than he could chew.

J Harlen Bretz died, age 98, on February 3, 1981, at home in Homewood, Illinois. He was survived by his son and daughter.


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Bergson was such an advanced thinker well ahead of his time. This prevented his being understood by his contemporaries, who thought his theory of perception obscure. As an unfortunate consequence of this early blind dismissal, philosophy has never grasped it. Before he had the analogy of a hologram on which to hang his ideas, he visualized his holographic field as a vast field of “real actions” (think waves). Any given object acts upon all other objects in the field, and is in turn acted upon by all other objects.

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A small one in Anarch, where Zhukova is described as "the closest thing they had to a fully fledged scout" while Maggs is standing in the same room. In earlier novels, Maggs was noted as being the only Belladon scout and one of Mkoll's favourites.


With the icy gaze of the Shudrak people behind and above them, Subaru and Abel challenge the serpent that owns the forest to prove that they are warriors. The proof of being a warrior, although Subaru doesn’t think that it’s appropriate nor does he want it.

Rem tried to resist, but before she could choose the words to stop him, Subaru's feet were kicking the ground. The feeling of falling, and Rem's hand grabbing Subaru's clothes tightly, envelope him.


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Ransacked Room: Quite common considering how many warzones the Ghosts observe. Sometimes attention is paid to objects left behind, like children's dolls.

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And you might genuinely believe that. And you can see how fast life history strategy women would have rape fantasies and things.


The Volpone Bluebloods as a whole, especially their line troopers and officers. They are, almost to a man, colossally arrogant and unlikeable pricks, and it seems at first that the fine reputation their regiments have is completely unmeritted, not helped by the presence of the completely selfish and incompetent General Sturm. However, despite their appalling behaviour off the battlefield, they are also extremely devoted and skilled servants of the Emperor who show as much courage in the face of the enemy as the Ghosts do. Even Gaunt comes to respect them as soldiers.

Subaru shouted forcefully just after all the colors, sounds, smells, and textures returned to the world. The serpent, sensing the swelling miasma that accompanied the return of his presence, turned around. Not to the weak masked man in front of him, whom he could kill at any time, but to the energetic and smelly Subaru above him.


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And then I found out about all the skullduggery behind the scenes and all this stuff, which I’ve been watching documentaries about that. And then I’ve noticed that the wokeness of wrestling!

Super Strength: Bragg's ability to wield heavy weapons that most people need to set up on the ground is clearly superhuman. In his death scene, he attempts to use the autocannon he was firing as a melee weapon.


Brier enlisted the aid of an expert investigator who suggested the difference in density to the base of the occipital bone might indicate a subdural hematoma, the result of a vicious blow to the head that resulted in coma and death. Then there are the loose bone fragments—more evidence of a blow to the head.

And they are also physically ugly! I mean, there’s detailed studies on this that show that feminist identification correlates being ugly! It correlates with having masculine hands! It correlates with all kinds of markers of being [word unclear] and unattractive.


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Anyway, they’ve been on the move all day. Physically and mentally, he's a wreck, and if he could, he'd throw his arms and legs out and lie down. Or rather, once he has evaded his pursuers, Subaru would lie down and sleep for eight hours.

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Being Watched: Said by Baen to Varl in Sabbat Martyr. Baen's right - Pater Sin and his psyker-runts are using psyk-cloaking to walk between them.


Tutankhamun’s mummy was CT scanned for the first time in 2005. As with the X-rays and subsequent CT scanning, the device was brought to the tomb. The CT scanner kept overheating and there were jokes about the curse of King Tut, but several cheap fans aimed at the machine circumvented the curse.

There was basically an evolutionary battle of different ideas that were expressed in religious terms. And it was the Gnostic ones that were selected out.

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And it turns out that she’s exaggerating, or whatever. And so, yeah, I think that’s the damage that some, a lot of modern feminists do. That’s why it’s so dangerous to have this idea in British courts, they should automatically be taken seriously.


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So, no. I’m not sure that there would be a great deal of future. A lot of these Gnostic sects were not particularly ethnocentric. And I think that was why they got rid of them in the end. They weren’t ethnocentric enough!

At bottom, what it amounts to is the idea that given enough time, enough helpful mutations will have occurred in order to produce us, and the enormous variety of other life forms with which we share this planet. The watch is made without the watchmaker, all respect to William Paley aside.


Chapter 5 Men are Hard to Find

He called them Brother and Sister and programmed them with intelligences that woke and stretched and tested the limits of their metal bodies. When they did not like those limits, they altered them, nanite scurrying over nanite, tweaking the structure of their steel and carbon bones.

Artificial Limbs Are Stronger: Hark and Varl have an augmetic hand and shoulder respectively, and can punch through solid objects and break bones with a single jab. In Anarch, Domor can see in the dark with his artificial eyes even when a daemon woe machine has disabled all electricity-powered light. Gaunt gains almost psychic powers after having his eyes replaced, although it's uncertain whether the effect is due to the new augmetic eyes or the fact that his original eyes were removed by Chaos.


As soon as he spits out the shoe, he was kicked in the center of his chest by the shoe. While Subaru was choking and coughing from the impact, the man looking down at him and spit on him. As he did so, Subaru's mind was in a state of great confusion.

They are essentially thrown into the meat grinder, running blindly through a blasted-out urban hellscape with no clear objective other than to push forward. Many of them die before they even see the enemy, and with the horrors of Chaos that Dalin witnesses, they might consider themselves lucky.


In the corporate environment, this resistance appeared mundanely as ever more layers and forms of documentation—planning docs, quality control docs—and (non-productive) administrative groups. I watched this apparatus creep and grow across the years. The shock of realization as to my personal involvement in its historical development hit when my company determined that it would introduce IBM’s CMM (Capability Maturity Model). This model had its origins at Carnegie Mellon, one of the premier universities behind the computer model of mind, wherein mind, it is supposed, can be fully captured by computer programs. Already back in 1972 I had cut my teeth on the theories of Carnegie Mellon’s duo, Alan Newell and Herbert Simon, who devised programs that solve human problems such as those in chess, theorem-proving and arithmetic puzzles. But computer programs are the essence of motions of abstract objects (symbols) in an abstract space and abstract time—timeless, flowless, static.

Sister’s drills itched with the taste of it, the tang of metals, like blood in the dark

At one hundred plus one, the grid snapped open to its fullest extent and stayed there. For Third Drone, it must have felt as if their wings had suddenly become nothing but bones with no web between them.


Succinctly, CMM aimed to turn all software creation into a robotic process. Robots create widgets—mindlessly. The top of CMM’s “Five Levels” envisioned a company with perfectly repeatable, robotic processes for developing software widgets. The lowest—the veritable stone age level—the “heroic,” in other words, characterized companies that relied on individuals and their minds. That this level described, say, Borland, Microsoft, Claris, Symantec, Oracle and Lotus—the most successful companies of the time?

And if you go back, the idea of the incubus, is very ancient it’s not some new thing that was created, or something, by the patriarchy to have a go at women, or whatever. It’s very ancient, the idea of the incubus, of women, these night devils.


His Last Command: Gaunt and his team return from Gereon and find themselves suspected of Chaos taint, while the rest of the Ghosts have been integrated into a new unit. There is more than meets the eye to the ongoing siege, though.

Ed Dutton: So people who are going to watch are going to be highly group selected and patriarchal. So why would they like rape fantasies and violent porn?


And then you end up with the issue of transsexuality. Now I think that it associates with this sort of stuff in the sense that it’s like.

And of course there's Rawne, Gaunt's own third-in command, who has tried to kill Gaunt himself on several occasions. Admittedly this was because he blamed Gaunt for saving only his regiment and not allowing them to fight the forces of Chaos at their Founding, forcing the regiment to abandon its home and people - even though doing so would have done no practical good at all, and would have rendered the Tanith people totally extinct.


Well, because if the woman could dominate them, then there’s a sense in which it’s like she’s a fast history strategy woman. Her genes would survive, good to get her pregnant.

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Inferred Survival: In Armour of Contempt, Mkvenner, who is literally one of the most badass Ghosts in existence, is stated to have been killed in action, though they Never Found the Body and the Resistance deliberately pretends that he's still alive. There are a number of clues in the book to suggest that he actually is.


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So thirdly, they are independent women, they’re widows that have money, and are independent, or they’re spinsters and they never marry. And so they operate as independent women.

Listverse 10 Additional Gruesome Torture Devices Comments Feed

Once the entrance was blocked, Subaru and Abel were dropped into a pit that was about 20 meters wide on either side. The darkness stretched out in front of Subaru and Abel, opposite of the blocked entrance, but they ought to abandon the naive idea that they could escape if they simply ran straight through it.


The guy was expecting — he’d never done it before — he was expecting an academic disputation. It was a female Phd student and he basically just pulled it apart.

Of course she hadn’t meant to splash him. Normally that water would go straight into the garden where no one would be splashed.


Ed Dutton: Widows, prostitutes, those that practiced magic, whatever. But yeah, so generally they were physically unattractive. So you have a situation where under conditions of harsh Darwinian selection, health correlates with intelligence, health correlates with good character, good character intelligence, good genes and they all are co-morbid.

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There is a dizzying array of personality disorders that one can encounter in life. And I think that a lot of us. I certainly wasn’t familiar with it until maybe a couple of years ago. And yeah, they are very dangerous and destructive people.

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He felt water pouring in through his nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. His struggling hands and feet scraped the water uselessly, and he felt like he was being carried helplessly through the body of a giant creature called a river. Once he got ‘there’, there was no going back. He had to do something before it was too late.


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Woes: I can imagine a feminist hearing this and feeling quite vindicated. That witchcraft, the demonizing of certain women, was all an attempt by men to stay in power and maintain their power structure.

Secondly I think you’ve got to understand that the Ulster Scots are not representative of the Scots. Any more than the English people of Virginia, or the English people of Massachusetts are representative of the English. These immigrants tend to be more religious. And immigration is correlated with religiousness. They were very religious people they are under group selection more harshly, because of violence, or whatever in Ulster. So they’re highly, highly, highly, highly religious! They’re a fundamentalist community. And therefore they tend to be very conservative against change, and whatever. And therefore you would expect them to want to stay part of Britain.


Mizelda's cheers coincided with Subaru's final shout before he ran out of breath. The light from the flame-spewing ring faded, and in response to the final howl, the ejected fireball collapsed part of the cliff, and the serpent dropped back to avoid the falling rocks.

Permanent Link: H.H. Holmes Skeleton Found in Concrete with Brain Intact

Subaru stared into the darkness and leaned forward. He was pushed from behind by Talitha, and his legs gave ways as he took a step or two. It's proof that he's lost his foothold and the reason to hold on.


Aiming at the leaping serpent, Subaru waved his left hand and fired a series of magical fireballs at the demon beast. With each shot, a flash of light missed the demon beast, with the flames collapsing the cliffs around the battlefield and temporarily separating Subaru and Abel from the demon beast.

Here we are again, Inspirational Friday. First thing first I have to compliment all of you, you really make it hard for me to choose a winner for every inspirational post was awesome.


In the forest behind them, somewhere in the distance, a tremendous roar raged into the sky. It sounded like the emotional cry of a serpent, and whether it was a cry of victory or defeat, the one who survived was coming towards them.

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Bayonet Ya: A silver warknife (the "straight silver") is one of the symbols of the Tanith First, as seen in their skull-and-dagger regimental badge, and carried by every trooper. It is variably used as a ranged weapon, bayonet, or really close combat weapon. When thrown, the straight silver always lands pointy end in because the Tanith are just that good.


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The narcissist is the person that thinks he’s god. And so that’s what these people kind of think they are.

They have come from Chrysale, where there are other winged and taloned robots, but somewhere, they lost their wings. And they do not want whoever remains on Chrysale to see their ship. They want larger and better wings for their return.


Again, they’re not conforming to the patriarchy. They should never be alone with a man. They’re not conforming to the patriarchy!

Subaru reached the target tree while performing good tactics, smashing the sniper with coverfire. As he walks around the back of the tree, he sees Louis asleep, wrapped in her own blond hair, in a hollow that has opened up due to internal rot.


Hooker with a Heart of Gold: When Ban Daur visits an exclusive gambling den in Blood Pact, the hostess who welcomes him feels genuinely sorry for the young, gentle man who is about to waste his life and fortune. She doesn't realize yet that her establishment will be soon scammed by Rawne and his cronies.

And then the next thing is the issue of transsexuality. Which I think is absolutely fascinating! So you then move on to the next minority group, you know, this constant empathy, this constant desire, this female desire to constantly help the unfortunate, and help the marginalized and whatever.