State-owned telecom provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd will increase the speed cap on all its DSL and Fiber broadband plans to 10 Mbps. At present, most plans have a speed cap of 4 Mbps.

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With the advent of competition the private operators have been impacting the strategic matrix by influencing regulatory bodies, adopting intelligent media strategies, and by targeting the creamy layer of customers. While, political control over the public sector remains a contentious strategic issue in the country; with the formation of a company, the internal strategy of the BSNL board will be of gaining considerable autonomy. Labour unions are powerful internal stakeholders, as are the middle managers/ other staff that have the primary responsibility for customer care.


Acmgs, This Is A New Generation Common Memory With A Capacity Of 16 Mbytes Protected By A Self-Correcting Code For Each 32-Bit Word. The Slave Board Never Attempt-Pts To Seize The Bus But Is Accessible To All Master Boards Through Its Memory Plane And Its Interface Area. When Used With An Acutg Cpu Board, It Offers This Board A Direct Interface Via A Local Bus. The Function Of This Board In The Unit Is To Enable The Various Master Processors To Communicate In Message Mode Via Queues And Also Provide A Protected Information Storage Area For Permanent And Semi Permanent Programs And Data.

If A Pupe Develops Faults, It Is Automatically Blocked, The Semi Permanent Link Is Reconfigured And The Standby Pupe Is Brought In Service. The Pc Also Carries Out Observation Functions.


The business unit is the appropriate level for construction of a value chain, not the divisional level or corporate level. Products pass through all activities of the chain in order, and at each activity the product gains some value.

It Allows The Transfer Of Information Between Exchanges In The Network To Establish And Release The Call. It Transforms The Foundation Of Network Into An Active Entity That Can Provide The Required Services To The Subscribers. It Consists Of The Instructions, Which Originate From The Telephone User On The Form Of Lifting The Handset In Order To Make A Call, The Transmission Of Dial Pulses Generated By Operating A Dial & Replacing A Receiver At The End Of The Call. Instructions Are Also Signaled By Exchange In The Form Of Dial Tone, Ringing Tone Etc, To Indicate The Progress Of The Call. In Addition Inter Exchange Signaling Takes Place Between A Call Is Set-Up, To Control Exchange Operations & & Check On Circuit Availability.


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Smm Station In Ocb 283 Performs The Operation And Maintenance Functions. The Smm Station Has Full Duplicated Hardware Smma And Smmb. One Of The Two Smm Is Pilot And The Other Work As Hot Stand-By. For Both Smm There Are Two Mirror Images Hard Disks Of 1200 Mb Capacity. Pilot Smm Is Able To Access Either Of Disks. There Are Termination Of Peripherals Tty, Vdu For Operation And Maintenance. Smm Dialogues With All Smcs Over Mis Token Ring. Adjacent To Smm Rack There Is One Magtape Drive Unit Dbm. There Is One Streamer For Cartridge Drive In Smm Rack. There Are Up To 4 Alarm Reception Rings For Handling Exchange Alarms.

The MNO can play an invaluable role in the fostering of relationships between consumers and the content and brands they care about, across all channels and devices that their customers might use. Over time, MNOs will be able to offer suppliers the tools that allow them to experiment in creating ongoing engagement with their consumers within a retail infrastructure that lets them make informed business choices. They will be able to facilitate an ecosystem of free and ad-supported content and services through integration with ad networks, supporting free premium (freemium) business models through micro-billing, and creating models that enable paid premium markets to flourish. They will support the broadest possible range of business models and allow other entities to optimize their channel and pricing mix for profitability.

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Bharti Airtel had an average 4G download speed of 7.9 Mbps

This System Also Provides The Facility For Restriction Of The Display Of Calling Subscriber Number On Called Subscriber'S Telephone Terminal Or Caller Id Set. To Avail This Facility The Subscriber Has To Be Given A Category Like Some Vvips Or Some Beurocrats.


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The Gx Monitors The Connection In The Switching Network And In Case Of Fault, Carries Out Appropriate Defense Functions. It Also Periodically Or On Request Monitors Internal Links In The Switching Network.

Description: May3rd Sunday Deccan Herald

It’s imperative that MNOs now implement intelligent mobile retailing and (micro) transactional platforms necessary to make projects like WAC a reality. Moreover, they will be instrumental in establishing the MNOs competitive advantage. But let’s return again to first principles and look at this through the prism of user experience.


It is the bridge of the meaning. It involves systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding & quot.

When No Ccf Or Tone Generator Is Required An Eta Can Have Maximum Of 96 Rgfs. An Sma Is Connected To Smx By 8 Lr Links. The Following Table Illustrates The Capacity And Modularity Of Sma.


The LTE World Summit in Amsterdam was a rather contradictory affair, with optimism and pessimism available in fairly equal measure. Early feedback from trials and the first small “commercial” deployments gave some reasons to believe that LTE will ‘work’. Unanswered questions about the performance and availability of spectrum, how voice over LTE will work, business models and availability of devices pulled the tone back again.

As per the latest TRAI data, Reliance Jio has topped the average 4G download speed rankings with 20/9 megabits per second (Mbps) speed whereas Vodafone has led the chart in terms of 4G upload speed in January. The report states that Jio’s speed was almost three times higher than its rival Bharti Airtel.


Bsnl, In Its Unstinted Efforts To Make The Slogan ‘Connecting India', A Reality, Had Provided Vpts In 5,18,992 Villages Up To 31/03/2005. The Company Entered Into An Agreement With Uso Fund For Expansion Of Rural Telecom Network By November 2007, By Providing Vpts In 66,822 Undisputed, Undisturbed, Accessible And Inhabited Villages Having Population More Than 100 As Per Census, 1991 In The Country. Bsnl Provided Vpts In 5,28,886 Villages Up To 31/01/2006. There Are Plans To Replace All Marr Vpts In The Country. As Of Now Total 123194 Marr Vpts Already Replaced In The Country By Bsnl. Bsnl Also Committed To Provide The Rural Community Phones As Per The Uso Fund Agreement. As Of Now Around 13713 Rcps Already Provided By Bsnl.

The Smm(O&M Units) Are Duplicated, With One Active And Other Hot Standby. In Case Of Faults, The Switchover Takes Place Automatically. Moreover, Discs Are Also Connected To Both The Smms, There Is No Necessity Of Changing Of Cables From One To Another.


In Denmark, meanwhile, the record industry is taking the side of TDC in a lawsuit over music rights. TDC offers a legit unlimited-download music service; the Danish equivalent of the MCRS-PRS is suing them after their agreement broke down. The record lobby is backing the operator against the songwriters; well worth remembering the next time they start going on about “creativity”.

In Italy, Vodafone, Fastweb, and Wind Telecom have agreed to jointly build a new FTTH network, with an initial investment of €2/5bn, much of which is coming from the Italian government’s investment bank. A key detail is that they’re inviting Telecom Italia to become a wholesale customer or perhaps a joint-venture partner.


This Board Supports The Rtos Operating System And The Application Software Running In The Smm. This Board Is Called The Primary Processor And Is Denoted As Such In The Initialization Phase. It Is Built Around 68030 Processor Running At 16/7 Mhz With A 4M Of Private Dram And Local Bus Interface Representing An Addressing Capacity Of 4 Gbytes. Acmgs Board Is A 16 M Memory Board That Can Be Addressed On $ Gbytes By The Xbus Or The Local Bus.

BSNL, formed in october,2000 has been world'[s 7th largest telecommunications company providing comprehensive range of telecom service in India. The foundation of Telecom Network in Indian was laid by the British government in 19th century. The history of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] is linked with the beginning of Telecom in India.


The Board Tcsuc In Charge Of Coupling The Csn Control Logics. This Board Is Functionally Divided Into 3 Sub Units. First Sub Unit Processing The Switch Over Generated By A Fault, Second Sub Unit Processing The Gradual Switchover Requested By The Pilot Logic, The Third Subunit Processing The Resets Either Induced By Logic Faults Or Controlled Manually Or By A Super Watch Dog Device.

A PROJECT REPORT ON BSNL, Financial Overview of Telecom Sector in India

Nokia also announced the first Microsoft application built for S60, a client for the Office Communications Server UC system. Smartphone shipment figures, meanwhile, are here.

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The Smx Station Is An Element Of The Central Connection Matrix Of The Ocb283 System. Under The Control Of The Control Stations, It Performs The Following Functions.


Tone Generator Generates The Various Tones Required To Be Connected During Call Processing. These Tones Are Dial Tone, Busy Tone, Ring Back Tone, Processing Tone Etc.

Communication technologies are found contributing substantially to the development processes. In management, communication acts as a lever spring. The accomplishment of organizational goals is found possible through the vehicles of communication.


The Bandwidth Required To Transmit Signal Is Much Less Than That For Speech, So That Signaling For Several Speech Channels In A Pcm System Can Be Handled By A Small Portion Of The Bandwidth. The Signaling Capacity Can Be Used For Cas Or Ccs, The Means Of Identifying To Which Speech Channel A Particular Signal Refers Is To Divide The Signaling Capacity Into Dedicated Bit Locations. Signal Pertinent To A Particular Speech Path Are Always Transmitted In Signaling Bit Locations Dedicated To That Speech Channel. The Means Of Conveying Ccs Is To Compound The Signaling Capacity Into A Signaling Channel That Is Available As And When Required.

Processor, Memory And Coupler Are Connected On The Xbus. The Secondary Memory Devices Like Disc, Magtape Devices, Streamers Etc. Are Connected On The Scsi Buses, Which Are Connected To Xbus Through Couplers. The Two Smms Are Connected Through Hdlc For Exchange Of Switch Over And Other Messages. The Smm Are Connected To Mis Token Ring Through Couplers For Interchange Of Message With Control Units. Various Terminals For Man Machine Communication And Alarm Couplers Are Connected To Xbus Through Communication Coupler.


A Signaling Channel Carried On A 64Kbps Link Has The Practical Capacity To Control Approximately 2000 Traffic Circuits. Hence The Failure Of An Inter Exchange Signaling Link Would Cause The Loss Of A Significant Amount Of Speech Traffic. For Access Signaling, The Loss Of The Signaling Link Would Means Isolation Of The Subscriber From The Local Exchange. It Is Therefore Essential To Take Exceptional Precautions To Avoid Such Losses.

This modesty, which seems genuine, is a battling bull of a player who lacks the Iran defender bannedis his charm. Griezmann has scored 22 speed to evade tight defenders. And Torres »for nine months Iran international Mohammadtimes in the league this season, eight of isayardslower,andconsiderablylesssharp Reza Khanzadeh has been handed a nine-month ban by the Iranian Foot-them in the past five games. He is gather- and confident, than he once was.


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Whenever A Station Wants To Send A Message It Checks The Status Of T Bit. If Tbit Is Zero The Token Is Free, So The Station Inserts Its Message In The Token And Sets T=1, The Station Books The Token To The Next Message. However If The Token Is Busy Which Is Indicated By T=1 The Books The Token By Writing Its Priority In Reservation Field. Whenever A Station Receives The Token, It Compares Its Own Address With The Destination Address Written In The Token. If The Address Matches The Station Receives This Message And Sends Acknowledgement. On Receipt Of Acknowledgement, The Transmitting Station Clears The Token And Sets The T Bit To Zero.

After exhausting of the free quota, the speed will revert to 512 Kbps like earlier before. All upgraded plans will come into effect from October 1 2021, BSNL CMD, Anupam Srivastava said at an official event held in Gurgaon.


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Mr Also Orders Tx For Charging The Calling Subscriber. As Per Data Supplied By Tr, Mq And Tx Give Compliance.

The Delhi the implementation of the trality rules but last year con- works or new products. The enue terms, Infosys CEO Infosys Confluence is a glob- the five pillars of knowledge-airport scored 4/90 on a scale telecom and cable industry rules while they are being liti- firmed its authority to set In- filings said that the complexity Vishal Sikka has outlined how based capture that allows forof 5 points measured by 300 gated.


Provision Of Filter) Because Subscriber Are Able To Hear Tones. However Within These Constraints, It Is Not Possible To Send Signals Instantaneously. In Ccs Each Message Taken Up Whole Of The Signaling Channel For A Short Length Of Time. It Is Possible For An Exchange To Send Two Messages Relating To Two Circuits From A Transmission Link Exactly At A Same Time, Each May Take A Few Microseconds To Transmit. For This Reasons ‘Buffers Are Provided At Each End Of Ccs Link To Store Each Message Until The Link Becomes Available. As Messages Are Generated By An Exchange, They Are Stored In A Buffer And Transmitted In A Specified Order. When There Are No Messages To Transmit, There Is A Need To Maintain Synchronization Of The Signaling Channel Between The Two Exchanges. This Is Achieved By Continuously Transferring Synchronization Information Until A New Message Is Ready For Transmission.

Reliance Jio has topped the average 4G download speed rankings with 20.9 megabits per second speed

In Some Cas Systems, It Is Necessary To Split The Speech Path During Call Set-Up To Avoid Tones Being Heard By The Calling Subscriber. This Results In A Slow Return Of The Answer Signal And, If The Called Subscriber Starts Speaking Immediately After Answer, Then The First Part Of The Statement Called By The Subscriber Is Lost. As The First Statement Is Usually The Identity Of The Called Subscriber, This Causes A Great Deal Of Confusion And Inconvenience. Ccs System Avoids This Problem By Transferring The Answer Signal Quickly.


Implementation Of Inter Operator Billing And Accounting System (Iobas) Has Been Completed. Your Company Plans To Provide Cdr Based Customer Care And Convergent Billing System. This Will Help Company In Providing Effective And Efficient Billing & Customer Care Solutions For Its Fixed Line Subscribers. It Envisages Building Of Country Wide Intranet To Reduce The Cost Of Operation, Increase Realization, Stop Leakage Of Revenue And Minimize Frauds, Besides Providing Round The Clock Best Customer Care Services To The Company'S Subscribers.

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Alongside BSNL Board of Directors and Heads of BSNL Telecom Circles, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha and Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan also attended the event. The field officers of BSNL should focus on better customer service and try to change the negative customer perception about BSNL, said Manoj Sinha.


The Board Tcrcx Makes Up The Csnd Switching Matrix It Has An Internal Parallel To Serial Interfaced Designed To Control The Time Division Switching Matrix Gate Array. This Network Consists Of A Single Time Division Stage. It [Provides For The Sequencing Of The N * 64 Kbits Links. This Switching Matrix Has Different Interface On The Lri Side And Bipolar Interface On The Lre Side. It Also Has A Passive Control Of Connections. It Is Used For Generation Of Timing And Synchronization Signal.

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Tcpol: This Ut Takes Part In The Cnl Defense And Performs Under The Ucn Control. It Is Used For Blocking One Or More Uts By Blocking Wire, Which Entirely Isolates The Involved Ut On Transmission. This Prevents Any Disturbance On The Links By A Faulty Ut. Signaling Of The Timing Signal Distribution Faults Seen By The Interface Board Tchlx. It Also Isolates The Bus In Charge Of Switching To The Subscriber Line Test Circuits And Its Connection To The Cnl Internal Test Device Or External Test Device. Testing Of The Signaling Transmitted By The Subscribers Line Equipment.


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There’s another reorganisation on at Nokia; the new setup creates a division for marketing and distribution, another for “Mobile Phones”, which means the Series 40 devices, and “Mobile Solutions”, which includes all the high-end devices, Symbian, MeeGo, Ovi, and all software activities. Anssi Vanjoki gets the nod for Mobile Solutions. In an ominous touch, hackers persuaded a N900 to run Android 2/1.

Download BSNL Application Forms

It Provides A Large Number Of Subscriber Facilities. Some Facilities Are Available To Only Digital Subscriber And As Such They Can Not Be Availed By Analogue Subscribers. To Avail These Facilities Subscriber Number Are Given Special Categories By Man Machine Commands.


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Circular Postage Stamps to mark the commencement of 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi were issued by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2021. This is the first time in the history of Independent India that Circular Postage Stamps have been issued.

BSNL Has Been Allotted With Rs 150 Crore Smart City Projects: Manoj Sinha

One negative aspect of the story was easy to read - the proliferation of frequency bands is clearly going to be a huge headache for everyone, with as many as 20 options now on the table worldwide. Given the initial small volumes of device shipments, this does not bode well for manufacturers and component suppliers looking to gain scale economies - which is likely to lead to knock-on impacts on pricing and performance.


BSNL enhanced after FUP limit Speed from 1Mbps to 2Mbps for Broadband and FTTH plans

Depending On The Requirement Of Processing Capacity, Software Of Either One Or Several Control Units Can Be Located On The Same Station. For All These Control Units, Only One Backup Station Is Provided, Enabling ‘Automatic Recovery' In Case Of Fault.

How to increase Download speed for BEETEL 220bx1+BSNL connection

Communication offers tremendous opportunities for generating and accelerating the rate of productivity. We consider communication as a means not an end, with the development of satellite communication in the Indian perspective, we find opening of new vistas of development. Computers, micro computers, super computers, internet and intra-net services, e-commerce, and telemarketing are to mention a few found very much instrumental in speeding up the process of development. In today’s fast and crowded world,information processing plays a vitial role among human beings that contribute heavily to the succes of their different activitis.


If It Is Free, It Connects The Ringing Current To Called Subscriber. It Also Allots A Free T/S On Lr And Sends A Message To Mr Indicating Lr-T/S Of Called Subscriber.

Intelligent Network Services Is A Service That Incorporates Several Value Added Facilities, Thoroughly Designed To Save Time And Money, And Enhance Productivity. At Present, Your Company Offers Free Phone (Fph), Premium Rate Service (Prm), India Telephone Card (Itc), Account Card Calling (Acc), Virtual Private Network (Vpn), Universal Access Number (Uan) And Tele Voting In Services. With The Commissioning Of Five Numbers Of New Technology In Platforms (Four General Purpose And One Mass Calling) At Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad And Hyderabad, The India Telephone Card Facility And New Value Added Services Are Being Provided Throughout The Country.


Another example came from Sherwin-Williams, the US paint manufacturer. They developed an iPhone app that uses the device’s camera to match the colour of whatever painted surface it’s pointing at with the company’s colour charts, and return the stock numbers and details of the paints that match as well as the address of the nearest stockist based on the GPS location. In a sense, it’s an example of something that goes beyond “advertising” - it’s valuable to the user in itself, but handing them the exact product ID is an effective way to get them to buy that product.

PostalBlog Year End Review 2021: Ministry of Telecommunications Comments Feed

Telecom Circles Have Large Transmission Networks. To Improve The Maintenance Of Transmission Network, Guidelines For Route Parties And Vehicles Have Been Formalised. Telecom Territorial Circles Are Also Being Connected With Computerised Network For Booking Of Transmission System Faults, With A View To Improve Follow Up And Faster Restoration Of Faults.


Minimum broadband speed India

Department of Posts has been issuing stamps on people centric themes. Some of the themes on which stamps have been issued recently are – Ramayana, Mahabharata, Indian Cuisine, Solar System, Safdarjung Hospital etc.

The major booster is the wireless mobile subscriber base; crossing over 261m in March 2008. Other services like Internet subscriber base has also provided significant impetus with its subscriber base reaching over 11m in March 2008. The total subscriber base of Wireline services stood at 39. 42 million as on 31st March 2008. The incumbents BSNL and MTNL have 80. 05% and 9. 33% market share respectively in the subscriber base, while all the five private operators together have 10. 62% share. Wireline subscriber base has been declining in the last few years.


As On 31/03/2005, In Bsnl'S Network, A Total Of 1/356 Crore Rural Telephone Connections Were Working. As On 31/1.2006, There Are 1/425 Crore Rural Telephones Working In Bsnl Network.

We had heard a good deal about horizontal capabilities and platforms by this point. The next speaker, Marie Austenaa, is VP Strategy & Products for Telenor Objects, their new dedicated M2M division. It turned out that Telenor Objects is essentially an effort to implement the sort of horizontal, multi-tenant platform for M2M applications that others have been advocating.


The Marker Carries Out Message Between Common Control Functions Mls And Connection Units For Subscribers Or Circuits. It Also Acts As ‘Gate' For Message Which Pas From One Communication Domain Top Another. The Mq Also Supervises Semi Permanent Connection In The Network.

Serial Number Internet Service Provider Market Share 1 BSNL 45

The design of Telenor Objects’ software platform began with a layering concept. Telenor would provide a middleware layer to help different kinds of devices, networks, and applications to interoperate. This would provide open interfaces for data capture, data pre-processing, device management, and information exchange with other systems. This last feature is critical; for example, transport companies frequently borrow and charter vehicles from each other. What is most striking about Telenor’s approach, is that it looks very different from the traditional Telco 1/0 mindset of vertical integration and control.


Verizon Wireless is looking at ways of covering the expensive rural markets of the US with LTE that won’t use too much capital. The idea is to rent chunks of the carrier’s $4/5bn worth of 700MHz spectrum to small regional carriers, who would build out their own LTE networks and then provide service to Verizon customers under a wholesale/roaming agreement. The details will be settled on a case-by-case basis. They’ve also started a low-key publicity effort.

The Smm Station Supports The Local Operational Maintenance Unit Om Handling Ocb 283 Supervision And Management Function. This Smm Is Provided To Supervise The Functioning Of Various Exchange Equipment And To Take Suitable Action In Case Of Malfunctioning Of Any Equipment. As Stated Earlier It Does The Defense Of Control Units In Case Of Faults. All The Files And Data Are Stored In Smm Hard Disk, Which Can Be Loaded In Any Unit. Smm Also Carries Out The Re-Initialization Of The Exchange When Required. The Smm Process Man Machines Commands And Execute Them. Smm Also Collects The Alarms From Various Units And Process Them. Smm Stores Detailed Billing Data In The Disk, Which Can Be Periodically Transferred To Magtape For Processing. Smm Runs Diagnostic Programs (Locovar) On The Faulty Units And Indicates The Faulty Pcb. In Nutshell, The Smm Executes All The Functions Related To Operation And Maintenance Of Ocb 283 Exchange.


The Level 1 & 3 Constitute A Transfer Mechanism That Is Responsible For Signal Transformation In Messages From One Signaling Point To Another. The Combination Of Both Of Signaling Point Is Known As Message Transfer Part (Mtp). Mtp Does Not Understand The System Of The Message Being Transferred, But It Controls A Number Of Signaling Network And Network Messages. This Means That Messages Are Delivered To Routed Exchange In Uncorrupted Form And In The Sequence That They Were Sent, Under The Failure Conditions In The Network.

The Ocb283 System Is Made Up Of Only 35 Different Type Of Cards. This Excludes Cards Required For Csn. Because Of This The Number Of Spare Cards Required For Maintenance Purpose, Are Drastically Reduced.


Minimum 512 kbps speed

Call Forwarding – When Provided, Incoming Calls To The Subscriber Gets Transferred To The Number Mentioned By The Subscriber While Activating The Facility. This Facility Is Especially Very Useful For Those Person Who Are Always On Move.

Verizon makes nice over a $18,000 phone bill. Nokia issues a detailed user-experience and design framework for Symbian apps. Cisco buys the industrial designers behind the Flip video camera in order to give their Linksys consumer grade kit a touch of Apple. Hey, some people like the ugly blue plastic and big antennas!


Smt2G Consists Of Duplicated Processing Subsystems. Smta And Smtb, Which Are Connected Through Internal, Links Lism. Both Of Them Are Connected To Pcm Interfaces As Well As To Mas Token Rings. Pcms Are Connected To Pcm Interfaces, Which Are Not Duplicated. Smt2G Is Connected To Smxa And Smxb Through 128 Pcms, Which Are Connected To Sab Branch A, And Sab Branch B. Speech Samples Are Sent On Both The Branches From Smx, But One Which Is Better Is Selected And Connected To The Concerned Also Not Duplicated. Out Of The Two Processing Logics, Smt A And Smt B, One Remains Active And Other Standby. In Case Of Fault In Active Logic, Automatic Switchover Takes Place Providing An Uninterrupted Service. Also Locovar Is Activated On The Faulty Logic And The Diagnostic Is Displayed On The Terminal For The Information Of The Maintenance Staff.

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Trf8: This Terminal Unit Analyzes The Frequencies Transmitted During Dialing From A Subscriber Push Button Set And Transforms Them Into A Message That Indicates The Number Dialed. It Comprises 8 Frequency Receivers, Allowing The Recognition Of The Numbers Corresponding To 8 Simultaneous Calls.


There Is No Fixed Rack And Rigid Suite Configuration In This System. It Provides Greater Flexibility And Adjustment In The Available Space.

The news in mobile advertising was that the FTC cleared the acquisition of AdMob on the grounds that Apple’s iAds were sufficient competition for them. Google vs. Apple is the Valley news theme of the week and Daring Fireball has some interesting thoughts in this line.


It Comprises The User Parts ,User Is Not Confused With The Subscriber. User Part Of Level 4 Of The Layered Structure And Include Messages, Message Coding And Messages Necessary To Handle Basic Telephony And Isdn Services. A Key Feature Is That The Management User Parts May Be Standardized Mtp. Three User Parts Have Been In This, These Are Telephone User Part (Tup), The Isdn User Part And The Data User Part (Dup). These All Are Defined In The Form Of Message Procedure And Formats.

BSNL to double download speed on Unlimited Home WiMAX plans

The Change In Loop State Is Detected By Microprocessor During Its Cyclic Scanning. The Csnl Allots Free Ts On Lr For This Call. The Csnl Prepares A New Call Message And Sends It To Pu/Pe (In Sma) Over A Signaling Link Through Mcx. The Message Is Sent In Local Version Of Ccs#7.


In 30 Channel Pcm Systems, The 8-Bit Code Relating To 30 Speech Channels Are Time Divisioned Multiplexed Into A Frame. Each 8-Bit Code Is Inserted Into A Time Slot Within The Frame. Time Slot 0 Is Used For Alignment; Time Slots 1-15 And 17-31 Are Used For Encoded Speech Related To 30 Channels. The Slot 16 Is Dedicated For The Use Of Signaling.

The Message Interchange Between Csn And Control Units Takes Place On Common Channel Signaling Using Local Version Of Ccs37 Signaling. The Csn Is So Designed That It Can Be Connected To Any Switch Supporting Ccs#7 Signaling. This Csn Can Have One Basic Rack And Up To 3 Extension Racks.


Knowledge Of The Active Smes Is Sent To The Outside Environment Via A Hardwired Signal Prs. The Signal Is Needed Among Other Things By The Etp To Know Which Processing Subsystem Is Active During The Initialization Phase.

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The Sab Function (Branch Selection And Amplification) Is This Is Also Known As Pcm Trunk Control Station. This Smt Provides An Operational Interface Between The Pcms Coming From The Exchange (Csnd Or Csne) And The Switching Center. The Current Version Of Smt Being Supplied To Our Exchanges In India Is Smt2G. It Is New Functional Variant Of The Smt Station.


These Boards Handle The Mis Function. The Smm Incorporates A Secondary Line Coupler Cms. As Well As The Token Ring Management Function. It Supports The Mlsm And Mloc Software Modules.

BSNL launches BUSINESS 1mbps and 2mbps UNLIMITED plan

Telecommunication Networks Are Constantly Changing. The Rapid Growth Of The Digital Network, Mobile Network And Intelligent Network And The Proliferation Of New Services Being Constantly Offered To Subscriber Means That Equipment Must Be Continuously Adapted To New Requirements. All The New Switching Systems Are Based On Stored Program Control Concept. The Call Processing Programmes Are Distributed Over Different Control Organs Of The System And Are Stored In Rom/Ram Of The Units Processor In The Control Units By Using The Programme And Data Stored In Unit Rom/Ram Process And Handle Calls. Handling Or Processing A Call Means To Ultimately Establish A Connection In Between Incoming And Outgoing Ends. Depending On The System The Name And Architecture Of Control Units And Switch May Change But Basic Criterion For Switching More Or Less Remains Same.


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The Smcs Are The Units, Which Hold Control Functions Mr, Tx, Tr, Mq, Pc, Gx. These Functional Units Are In Software Form And Are Duplicated Except Mr, Which Can Be More Than Two. The Duplicated Function Work In Load Sharing Mode (Except Pc Which Works In Pilot/ Standby Mode Hence Smc Can Be Minimum 2 And Maximum 32 As Per Design.

There was consensus on the need for horizontal platforms (albeit different visions of the how the ecosystems might work in practice), a two-sided platform business model, and engagement with external innovators. Telenor presented an impressive new venture launched under a year ago - Telenor Objects - an M2M platform implemented as open-source software.


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The Telecom service in India is a part of government of India. BSNL is the first state owned company in the telecom industry in India BSNL formed in October, 2000 has been world’s 7th largest telecommunication company. BSNL was given to Priority responds to the customer. BSNL providing comprehensive range of multiple Access Mobil [CDMA], Global system for Mobil [GSM], Internet, Brad band, carrier services, Intelligent network services ect. BSNL has to provide excellent services to attain major market share and keep their customer satisfaction in all aspects.

The Switching Is Done In Ocb283 In Two Fully Duplicated Branches Simultaneously. For This Purpose For Each Connection Units The Lr Links Originates In To Parallel Branches Toward Two Parallel Sets Of Switching Matrices Called Smxa And Smxb. The Branch Of Such Networks Are Called A And B Branches. Also The Received Side Lr Links Come From Both The Smxs A & B And Are Terminated On The Respected Connection Units. Referred To As Ur In Figure Below. The Duplicated Branches Of Switching Have Been Designed To Provide High Reliability Switching Path For Such Diverse Purpose As Data Switching, Video Conference, And Isdn Applications Etc. With The Duplicated Path Of Switching If There Is Error In One Path The Other Path That Is Good Can Be Used Continuously Without Interrupting The Call In Progress.


BSNL to offer minimum broadband speed of 2 mbps from October

Traffic Handling Capacity Of The System Is Very Huge. It Can Handle 8,00,000 Bhca And 25,000 Erlangs Of Traffic. Depending On The Traffic, A Maximum Of 2,00,000 Subscribers Or 60,000 Circuits Can Be Connected.

The campaign also succeeded in creating stickiness as although the download run rate fell back from the peak level achieved in mid-campaign, it remained more than double what it had been pre-campaign. This represented increased (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7603) discoverability on the App Store due to the higher ranking.


Automatic Call Back On Busy – If This Facility Is Activated And If The Called Subscriber Is Found Busy, The Calling Subscriber Simply Replaces The Receiver. The System Keeps Watch On The Called Subscriber And When It Becomes Free, A Ring Is Given To Both The Subscribers. On Lifting They Can Talk To Each Other.

Telco 2.0 @ Open Mobile Summit, May 26-27 London

Various Units Of Ocb283 System Are Connected Over Token Rings. This Enables Fast Exchange Of Information And Avoid Complicated Links And Wiring Between Various Units.


TelecomTalk BSNL Has Been Allotted With Rs 150 Crore Smart City Projects: Manoj Sinha Comments Feed

Given their relatively pally relationship with the record industry, you might be forgiven for being a little circumspect about taking this step; especially as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “doesn’t believe in privacy”. The Electronic Frontier Foundation dons the satin tights to fight for your digital rights; “evil interfaces” indeed. Their top lawyer is worried that the FCC will back down from reclassifying broadband as a telecoms service.

The total number of broadband users were at 1/57 crore by June end, as per the latest figures released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). BSNL has 99 lakh broadband users on its network, and Bharti Airtel 14/7 lakh users, the data showed.


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An Empty Token Circulates On The Ring When There Is No Message To Be Sent. A Token Contains Starting Flag, Access Control Byte And End Flag Of One Byte Each As Shown Below In Table.


Neither Of These Restrictions Apply To Ccs The Flexible Message Based Approach Allows A Vast Range Of Information To Be Defined And The Information Can Be Sent During Any Stage Of A Call. Hence, The Reperoire Of Ccs Is Far Greater Than Channel Associated Versions And Messaged Can Be Transferred At Any Stage Of A Call Without Affecting The Calling And Called Subscriber.

Also, as all the speakers pointed out, one of the biggest challenges in M2M is that there are many companies out there, with immensely diverse business processes, interacting in complicated ways. The very promise of M2M - a market as big as the entire industrial economy - is also the biggest obstacle. Only the biggest customers are worth doing a tailored implementation for, as nearly all M2M systems are bespoke. As Phil Laidler pointed out - simple applications for big customers tend to get done, simple applications for very small customers and the more complex, les stable interactions always end up being carried out by human beings. That leaves a great swathe of processes undertaken by mid-sized operating units (often part of much larger private or public sector organisations) who are left underserved.


One of the goals of Telco 2/0 is to discuss and formulate ways in which the telcos might address the challenges of a world where voice and SMS are no longer the main revenue streams, and how they might coexist with the increasingly powerful webcos entering the mobile space. One of the practical tenets of Telco 2/0 is that it is not just about creating new revenue opportunities from ‘upstream’ players, but also about maximising the opportunities that already exists downstream with the billions of customers that operators already serve.

This Coupler Also Provides Level 2 Of The Uc-Ut Dialog Protocol. This Board Also Has Rxcn Coupler; It Is Used For Network Marker And Pcm Alarm Management. This Board Also Has Auxiliary Function, Used For The Generation Of The Idle Code On The Available Channels.


The increase in speed comes without any increase in monthly rental or any FUP limit

On the upside, there is growing evidence that at the basic level, LTE “works” quite well. In trials and very early friendly-user deployments, it does indeed give some pretty punchy maximum speeds (up to about 90Mbit/s in one example) and lowers latency dramatically. There were also some indications that LTE’s principal competitor, HSPA+, is struggling a bit to achieve its theoretical maxima - especially using the multi-antenna MIMO technology, which is proving difficult to justify in the real world.

American man, reports AFP Capricia Howard, 23,BLOW-BY-BLOW Artistes perform a role play depicting the March 19 lynching of Farkhunda, in Kabul. Such plays have been repeated across a country already outraged by the murder.


In the UL750 plan you will get a max of 256 kbps or 32 kB/s. Usually the speed is around 28~30 kB/s. What is the speed that you are getting?

Signaling Network Functions Are Defined In Level 3: This Includes “Message Handling" Function & “Signaling Network Management" Function. When A Message Is Transferred Between The Exchanges, There Are Usually Several Routes The Message Can Take, Including Via Signaling Transfer Points. The Message Handling Functions Are Responsible For The Routing Of Message Through The Signaling Network To The Correct Exchange.


Abbreviated Dialing – The Subscriber Can Record A Short Code And Its Corresponding Full Number In The Memory. Later To Dial This Number He Has To Dial Only Short Code Of That Number.

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Ichor Board Maintains Time For The Ocb 283 Exchange. Time Information Is Doubly Useful In Switching. It Enables Determination And Labeling. It Must Be Protected Against Slow Drift, Which Implies The Need For Repeated Time Resetting And Protection Against Sudden Loss Caused By Hardware Faults Normally.

Many presenters from early-adopter networks were trying to drum up wider support for their favourite frequency bands for LTE - 900MHz, 2/1GHz and so on. Worse still, the largest and most-favoured “new band” for LTE in Europe (2/6GHz) was described by one operator running a trial (O2 UK) as being “very disappointing” in terms of coverage. This is yet more bad news for voice on LTE in particular - another area of pain that seemed to be given a superficial sheen of “do-ability” by some presenters.


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Automatic Announcements Are Provided In Ocb 283 At The Switching Matrix In The Form Of A Pcm Coming From A Mpna, Which Has Digital Recorded Voice Messages Stored In Pcbs. There Are Two Pcbs Icmpn2 (Ram, Volatile Memory Gives Pcm) And Icsmp (Eprom, Saves Voice Announcement Digital). These Are Two Cards And Are Suited In Smm Racks And The Announcement Are Carried By One Pcm Link From Icmpn 2 And Are Connected To One Smt; From Smt The Lrs Go To Smx. At Smx Its Time Slots Are Used For Getting The Respective Announcements. The Mpna Is Controlled By Small Hand Held Control Device Called Micro Terminal For Storing And Modifying Of Announcement Using Microphone/ Earphone.

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Threat To New Entrants - The Indian telecom sector offers unprecedented opportunities for foreign companies in various areas, such as 3G, virtual private network, international long distance calls, value added services, etc. The market is witnessing M&A activities that are leading to consolidations in the industry. This trend has assisted companies in expanding their reach in the Indian telecom market to offer better services to customers. The Indian telecom industry has always allured foreign investors.


Many tenders have been finalized for 2G, 3G and 4G services. Market share of BSNL has been improved from 7/6% to 9/43% which is commendable. BSNL can play a significant role in Smart City projects, NFS and FTTH. Works worth Rs 150 Crore has been allotted to BSNL under smart city projects, which can be taken as an advantage”, the Minister added.

BSNL Revises tariff of Landline/WLL Service

Bsnl Has Launched Its Broadband Services Under The Brand Name ‘Dataone' On 14/1/2005. This Offers Services Like High Speed Internet Access With Speed Ranging From 256 Kbps To 8 Mbps. Other Services Like Streaming Video, Video On Demand, Bandwidth On Demand Etc, Have Also Been Planned. As On 31/12/2005, There Were More Than 356000 Broad Band Connection Provided By The Bsnl. There Are Plans To Give 2 Million And 3 Million Connections In 2006 And 2007 Respectively.


But may also cause a tariff hike or complete withdrawal of lower speed plans by ISP

It now wants to increase (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8022) its market share and has recently launched pre-paid services. Having captured the voice market, it intends to attack the broadband (try this site) market. Objectives Of BSNL Most of the big companies have a Vision & Mission statement so as to guide their all energy, efforts to realize it. BSNL also has a vision ‘To become the largest Telecom Service provider in South East Asia’. Firstly we need to understand the parameter for being the largest. Is it revenue, ARPU, profit, subscribers, Network (no of exchanges, BTS etc)? From monopoly to multi operator scenario, BSNL’s market share is bound to reduce.

Cas System That Use The Speech Path To Transfer Signaling Information Provide The Inherent Feature Of Checking The Continuity Of Speech Path Being Established Before Conversation Begins. If Continuity Is Not Achieved, The Signaling Transfer Is Not Successful The Call Is Aborted Or A Further Attempt Is Made To Connect Call. The Inherent Continuity Checks Is Absent In Ccs Systems, Owing To Separation Of Speech & Signaling Paths If Considered Desirable, Separate Speech Checks Can Be Provided.


The same is true in mobile marketing - it is tempting to think of the goal as to be to put an ad in front of a punter. That’s one goal, but the reality is much more complicated, and there are many ways in which companies can attempt to bring their brands into contact with the consumer.

The Hard Disc Is Very Small In Size, Compact And Maintenance Free. It Has A Very Huge Memory Capacity Of 1/2Gb. The Detail Billing Data Are Regularly Saved In These Discs Itself, From There It Can Be Transferred To The Magnetic Tapes For The Purpose Of Processing.


DTAG posted rather good figures for Q1 - adjusted EBITDA was up 1/6%, but net profit was up from €655m to €900m, with cash flow also doing well. The fixed-line base, by the way, is declining by 6/6% year on year. It was results week for Zain, which reported revenues up 11%, excluding the African businesses in advance of the sale to Bharti Airtel. NTT announced a big jump in profits, essentially all down to good results at DoCoMo, and promised to return cash to shareholders. No less than three Brazilian operators reported Q1s this week - Oi (you may remember them) showed strong growth in profits after successfully integrating its acquisition of Brasil Telecom, UOL boasted of a 37% jump in ad revenue, and Telefonica’s local division reported shrinkage in both revenue and profits as the core voice business was squeezed.

To recall, TRAI had announced last year that the minimum broadband speed (discover this info here) must be raised to 512 kbps from the earlier 256 kbps. Also, this upgrade by BSNL comes in sync with the National Telecom Policy 2021 where the government aimed at increasing download speed to 2 Mbps by 2021.


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The National Telecom Policy 2021 was set to replace more than 12 years old telecom regulations and was approved by the Union Cabinet on May 31, 2021. Its vision was, “to provide secure, reliable, affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development”.

The Mr Establishes And Releases The Calls It Takes Real Time Decision Or Processing Of A Call. The Mr Also Consults Tr To Find Out Subscribers Entitlements And Stores Digits Dialed By Subscriber. It Also Orders For Connection And Is Connection Of Various Tones And Subscribers. In Addition To Call Processing Functions, Mr Also Carries Out Testing Of Circuits And Observation Function.

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It Enables Handler Software To Perform Terminal Bus Line Management Functions. There Is A Handler For Each Protocol Implemented At Line Level. The Parts Specific To It Form The Terminal Bus Interface Built Around The Acbt Gate Array Circuit.


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Depending Upon The Distance Separating The Csn From The Exchange To Which It Is Connected, The Link Between The Exchange And The Csn Are Direct Or Use Pcm Transmission Mode. The Direct Connection Requires Less Equipment Then The Pcm Transmission Mode. The Csnl Is Connected To Switching Matrix Through A Minimum Of 1 Glr Or A Maximum Of 2 Glrs. Group Of 8 Lr Is Called As A Glr And Each Lr Is A Pcm Link Having 32 Time Slots. The Csnd Is Connected To Smt Rack Through A Minimum Of 2 Pcm And A Maximum Of 16 Pcms.

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Its Official: Bsnl To Introduce Speeds Upto 2 Mbps From January. And Download Limits For All Plans T

Call Waiting Indication – When A Subscriber Is Engaged In Conversation And If Getting An Incoming Call, An Indication Is Given In The Form Of A Tone. Hearing This, The Subscriber Has Option, Either To Hold The Subscriber In Conversation And Attend The Waiting Call Or To Disconnect This Subscriber And Attend To The Waiting Call. In The Former Case He Can Revert Back To The Earlier Subscriber.

DataReign BSNL to double download speed on Unlimited Home WiMAX plans Comments Feed

Battery Reversal – The System Extends Battery Reversal When Called Subscriber Answers. This Is Useful In Case Of Ccbs( Coin Collection Box ).


In the US, meanwhile, there may be a launch customer for the latest proposed satellite broadband network. T-Mobile USA is apparently interested in wholesaling capacity if Harbinger ever gets off the ground. Clearwire, it turns out, has got Intel (which is both a key supplier and also a major investor) to alter their original agreement and take out a clause requiring Clearwire to use exclusively WiMAX. Connected Planet is nicely sceptical that there is much point charging off after the LTE wild goose; this Dilbert cartoon applies.

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BSNL Increases Download Speed upto 4Mbps from existing 2Mbps for all Broadband plan users

It’s often tempting to think of advertising as the whole of marketing, and both online and offline, much of the glamour and spend of the industry has traditionally been focused here. However, a problem with advertising is that it is expensive and difficult to measure, and the effectiveness of newer targeted, measurable, and ‘pay for performance’ direct and online forms of marketing, have revolutionised the profile of advertising spending, particularly in the UK.