MikroC and CCS C are the best compilers for beginners as they includes a lot of built in libraries which enable us to program a PIC Microcontroller without the deep knowledge of its internal architecture. I think CCS C is the best High Level Language Compiler for PIC Microcontroller as it is almost hardware independent.

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This function is used to read data from an IO port, ie it returns the value of a PORT register. This function sets direction of all pins of the specified port as INPUT (TRIS bits 1) before reading the input.


A mismatch condition will continue to set flag bit RBIF. Reading PORTB will end the mismatch condition and allow flag bit RBIF to be cleared. The interrupt-on-change feature is recommended for wake-up on key depression operation and operations where PORTB is only used for the interrupt-on-change feature.

Previously prepared by @Ahmet ATA `s” Step by Step USB and Applications “share the work I did from the most comprehensive Turkish source USB PIC think about communication. Of electro-techno forum “to tmco” very nice continuation of this project, projects, shared information with the hope to be helpful.


Are compared with the old value latched on the last read of PORTB. The “mismatch” outputs of RB7:RB4 are OR’ed together to generate the RB port change interrupt with flag bit RBIF (INTCON<0>).

As any I2C device, the SSD1306 OLED display has an I2C address, this address is used by the microcontroller (master) to start talking to the display (slave). The default address of the SSD1306 OLED is 0x7A or 0x78 depending on connection of pin D/C (data/command) which acts as a slave address bit (SA0) in I2C mode, if this pin is connected to +VCC the address is 0x7A and if it is connected to the ground the address becomes 0x78.

PIC Microcontroller tutorial using Hi-Tech C Compiler and MPLAB IDE
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This function reads the value of the specified port and it compares with the result of last time input_change_x() function was called. It returns an 8 bit or a 16 bit number representing the changes on the port. A 1 corresponds if the value has changed and 0 corresponds if the value has unchanged.


This function returns the state of the specified pin. This function sets the direction of the specified pin as INPUT (TRIS bit 1) before reading the input.

This source code may only be distributed to other //// //// licensed users of the CCS C compiler (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/ccs-c-compiler-cracked.zip). No other use, //// //// reproduction or distribution is permitted without written //// //// permission.


As mentioned above, the microcontroller uses I2C protocol to send and receive data to and from the SSD1306 OLED display. The I2C bus uses two lines SDA and SCL, an other line is connected between the MCU and the display which is used as a hardware reset line, this line is optional because some displays come with no reset pin.

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VDD and VSS are the pins for providing power. For PIC 16F877A, VDD = 5V and VSS = GND (0V). Pin 13 & 14, OSC1 and OSC2 are for connecting oscillator which will provide the necessary clock for the operation of microcontroller. The 1st pin MCLR is the reset pin of PIC Microcontroller, it is an active low input. It should be connected to HIGH (VDD) for normal operations. IO (Input Output) pins in a PIC Microcontroller is divided in to different ports, eg: PORTA, PORTB, PORTC, PORTD etc. Each PORT is associated with two registers, TRIS and PORT which are named as TRISA, PORTA, TRISB, PORTB etc.