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Tarabukaa different name for the darbukaTarafRomanian Roma string band that include fiddles, cimbaloms, accordions and a double bass. Dances associated with tarafs include brâu, geamparale, sârba and hora.


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There is mention in the Hittite civilisation of a stringed instrument called a tibula. It is generally agreed that this was in all probability a long-stemmed stringed instrument. Texts from those times reveal that it was used to accaompany the spoken word and dancing. All of this inevitably leads one to the opinion that the roots of the instrument go back to Hittite and Sumerian times. The word tambur was later used in Iran and central Asia for pear-bodied long-stemmed instruments more closely resembling the baglama. Some instruments today played by the Turks of Asia are called tambura, or dombra etc. Today the tambur, described by European travellers (such as Charles Fonton and Toderini) as a visible reflection of the Turkish musical system with its fret links on the stem, is probably the only instrument solely used in Turkey.

Talking postcarda type of novelty postcard that played a message or short tune as a record. They were known by many other names including 'Gramophone cards' and 'Singing cards'. Invented in Berlin in 1903, talking postcards would take on many different forms. Max Thomas would patent this idea a year later. His single sided disks had a hole punched through them and the card as well so it could be played on a gramophone. They were made of celluloid in order to be less brittle than traditional shellac records. This also made them transparent so the printed image on the card show through. While this idea was patented in the United States in 1907 they are not known to have been used until cards from the Federal Novelty Importing Company of New York showed up in 1915. The American talking postcards were opaque and were usually stapled to the card. The French Pathe Company also came out with a variation, the Phonal-Postal, in which the sender could record a short message with the aid of a specially sold device.


The most important events in Tasso's biography during the following four years are the publication of the Aminta in 1573 and the completion of the Gerusalemme Liberata in 1574. The Aminta is a pastoral drama of very simple plot, but of exquisite lyrical charm. It appeared at the critical moment when modern music, under Palestrina's impulse, was becoming the main art of Italy. The honeyed melodies and sensuous melancholy of Aminta exactly suited and interpreted the spirit of its age.

Tapped harmonics are an extension of the tapping technique. The note is fretted as usual, but instead of striking the string, the string is tapped at one of the frets listed in the natural harmonic list. Do not hold the string down with the tapping hand, just bounce the finger lightly on and off the fret.


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German tablature was devised in such a way that every available note was allocated a different letter or symbol and thus did not require placement on a system of lines. Each line or course in French and Italian tablature represents a pitch and, although the precise frequency of pitch intended is not fixed, it is the intervals between the courses that yield a particular pattern of pitches recognised as certain lute tunings.

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Tanpuraa drone instrument, it resembles a sitar except it has no frets. It has four strings tuned to the tonic. The word tanpura (tanpoora) is common in the north, but in southern India it is called tambura, thamboora, thambura or tamboora. The tanpura is known for its very rich sound. There are three main performance styles; the miraj style, the tanjore style and the small instrumental version sometimes called tamburiTanso(Korea) an end-blown flute held vertically and in which the player directs the breath onto a flue notch cut into the front edge.


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Vocal and instrumental bols sound very similar. The most common tabla bols are dha, dhi/dhin, ti/tin, ra, ki, ta, na, tin and te. Different schools of percussion may pronounce the same bol differently.

It stands on four legs, has many more strings, and the later models had a damping pedal. Prior to this, the player damped the strings by using his coat sleeves.


Second Generation of Computer Information

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Make your site more attractive by decorating it with your favorite photos utilizing the Advanced Image Gallery. Easily hyperlink your photos utilizing an advanced HTML Image description; Plus you have the.

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However, unlike clavichords, where the key and tangent are at opposite ends of a lever, the action of this instrument uses an intermediate lever to launch the tangent into the string while lifting dampers from the strings, a method similar, but much simpler, to ones used for hammer struck pianos. The tangent piano achieved some success in the latter part of the 18th-century, even if its influence was short-lived and was soon replaced by the fortepiano.


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It is a double-headed barrel-shaped drum which is hollowed out of a solid block of wood. The skins that form the two drumheads are attached to hoops fastened by interwoven leather straps. The pitch is adjusted by tightening the skin using a leather band that passes round the middle of the barrel over the braces. The right head is played with the fingers of the right hand capped with hardened rice paste caps whilst the left head is played with a thick stick. Rings made of the same material as the caps are also worn on the knuckles of the right hand.

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The ti bwa are a pair of sticks, used by a second percussionist to play patterns on the side of the drum. Both the transverse-heel drumming and the stick accompaniment are of Central African derivation, and are found elsewhere in former French colonial territoriesTanboura long-neck fretted lute, this venerable instrument dates back thousands of years, though the instrument in its current form is estimated to be approximately two thousand years old. Its consecration, however, dates back to the 11th century. Consecration is the most appropriate word here, since the great charismatic saint Shah Khoshin, who lived in Lorestan, adopted it for the first time to accompany the hymns at prayer gatherings. From that date forward, the tanbour has remained in Kurdistan and Lorestan and in the tradition of the "Devotees of Truth". A sacred instrument, it is played only with the intention of devotion, whether in a ritualized context or not.


Flash Zoomer enables to Zoom an Image and provides a navigator window. Setup is very simple - Image is defined as external parameter which makes it easy to implement the Zoomer in your CMS or eCommerce.

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These patterns first appeared on woven cloth in the British Isles. This design is most often associated with Scotland and specific patterns have become associated with specific clans and thus the place they come from.


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