Some gamers may criticise the game because of the lack of 3D, but Cue Club makes up for this with not only an abundance of ridiculously under-dressed female characters, but also superb physics and realistic game-play. If you're the type who likes nothing more than to play with rods and balls, then give this a bash.

  • Hence, it can be a great match for you if you prefer playing with light and fancy cues
  • RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN himself helped to design the cue appropriately
  • Cue Club Snooker Game
  • The cue comes with a Black Brown Patch Case, one you’d definitely admire
  • This makes the cue extremely protected and easy to carry – thanks to its useful carry handle
  • However, it still is a very versatile cue to use and grow your skills
  • Moreover, spacious 115cm of external length makes your cue an easy fit into it

Will Hunt www logo - Cue Sport LV

This cue has an artistic look and comes with a black and white leatherette case ensuring safety and protection from dust and other hazardous material that may mar its quality – thanks to soft sponge material inside. Moreover, spacious 115cm of external length makes your cue an easy fit into it.


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The cue’s length measures 57/48″, while the shaft length is less than 30, 27/95″, to be precise. A unique characteristic of this cue is its spiral centre joint, which means it is suitable for both snooker and pool. Further, 9/5mm leather stick on the tip with brass ferrule protects the wood on the end of the shaft and allows one to change the tip without damaging the shaft wood.


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This 58″ long cue is sizable and can be shortened by screwing the butt into the midsection

The 3-piece 3/4 jointed cue comes with a Mini Butt extension length approx 10cm, in a comfortable-to-lift weight of 19oz, that is convenient for adults and kids as well. Further, to let you speed up your play, you have rapid release brass joints at your disposal to allow you lock/unlock extensions in seconds.


The red-coloured tip on entailing black-gold cue further enhances the elegance of this cue

Moreover, the cue is available in medium weight from 17oz – 18oz, which is pretty much suitable for all ages of players. Medium range cues are more sought than light and heavy cues, as more often than not, they can be used by varying level of players.

Hunt & Osborne had 3 grades of cue available: Red Plate, Green Plate, and Black Plate

Pool players look into ball throw in terms of the taper of the cue. Throw can be explained visually, if you place a circular or spherical object on a table and push it with your index finger on the left hand side, it will be pushed to the right (due to mass) and vice versa. The taper of an American pool cue often remains the same for the first eight to fourteen inches from the ferrule before tapering down towards the butt end. It must be noted that American pool balls are significantly bigger to those used in snooker.


Pool games free online unblocked

The cue comes with a tip already on it, but it’s a flat tip so it will need rounding off or a new rounded tip. Further, it has 10mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule and a fine quality simulated graphite cue shaft, making it appropriate for both snooker and pool.

Ash and maple for shaft section and ebony or rosewood for the butt section. They are good and commonly used materials so look for these.

  • BCE Pool Snooker Cue
  • Davis himself used a cue that was only 55 inches long
  • He realised a shorter cue was more suitable, it allowed for more compactness
  • Some late Victorian cues did have horn or ivory ferrules but otherwise no ferrule at all
  • From Mace to Cue
  • Snooker Cue manufacturers & wholesalers
  • History Of The Modern Cue
  • The lad that borrowed the cue and had a few to drink

It depends on player’s personal preference. The cue should be of average weight so that you can play both long powerful shots which require heavy cues and delicate shots as well which require lighter cues.


If you are a new player, then you need to focus on the basic things like the weight, balance, and straightness of the cue. Don’t buy an expensive cue for its looks. You have nothing to improve right now, you are in the learning phase, so buy average quality cheaper cues.

Joe Davis was a great billiards player and a four-time World Champion. He helped to instigate the first snooker World Championship in 1927 and bought the trophy which is used today, he went on to win the title 15 times.


The thin end of the mace would often be used only when the ball was up against a cushion. Certain players soon realised though, that if they twisted the thin end of the mace into the whitewashed walls it would provide for some adherence making mis-cues less frequent, much in the same manner as we use chalk nowadays. It would not be too long before players realised that using the thin end of the mace would afford much more opportunity to play an increasing variety of shots.

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Be it snooker or pool, this cue is suitable for both, as it is designed to deal with both types of plays. On top of this, the shaft is made of top quality ash, to make certain that this cue ends up being a long-term companion for you.


However, there criteria to rate these cues not solely revolve around features but their pricing also matter

As you have seen above, the overall cue looks splendid and elegant, but it has a downside as well. The cue may not be strong enough to bear small bumps and even a small amount of water can cause irreparable damage. However, if taken these two factors aside, one who prefers looks over sturdiness may pick this cue over others in the list.

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  • Q. What is the ideal length of a cue – BEST LENGTH FOR A CUE
  • Riley METALLIC BLUE 2pc Cue
  • Cue Club Snooker Game Freeware
  • BCE Two Piece BLUE Mark Cue
  • Super Enlighten Snooker Cue

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The cue has a length of 57″, and a tip size between 8/8 to 9/6 mm, leaving it on you to pick any of your preferences. You can ensure smooth play by picking the cue of the right choice, from 18oz to 20oz. However, regardless of weight and size, quality remains the same.


That’s where it came into my mind! A list of best snooker cues to help my fellow snooker (you can try this out) playing mates.

There is little difference in gameplay in all the three joint positions. It comes down to your preference.


Further, one may argue that the product price is on the higher side, however, the price can be still justified considering its wonderful features and the whole kit it comes with. So, the reason for putting it at 9 is its small, yet fancy case.

In the 1840s an Englishman named John Carr, who played at Bartley’s Billiards Rooms in Bath, began cutting pieces of ordinary chalk into blocks. Claiming it to have special qualities and naming it ‘Twisting Chalk’, he would sell it to all and sundry. Twist was the old word for what we now call side. Clearly with chalk being applied to a leather tip we are starting to get closer to the modern understanding of a cue.


Billiards players became more skilled and technique was improving. The transitional mace started to be phased out by the mid 19th century, and soon after this cues with leather tips became the norm. The brass ferrules we see on cues today didn’t really exist until the early 1920s. Some late Victorian cues did have horn or ivory ferrules but otherwise no ferrule at all.

On holding this aesthetic cue, it gives you a feeling of its super quality and comfort in infolds. This comfort is due to its ideal balance as the cue has an intricately designed Hand spliced ebony butt.


For your convenience, it comes with a mini butt to give extra reach and prevent overstretching, thereby improving your concentration level. It also contains a telescopic extension to provide maximum comfort to you.

  • This comfort is due to its ideal balance as the cue has an intricately designed Hand spliced ebony butt
  • Ideal length of cue
  • Q: How do I know if my cue is bent
  • Q. Which cue should I use, 1 piece or 3/4 piece
  • Cue Club Demo FREE

Their cases are also cheaper as compared to the long one-piece cue case

Like other cues in the list, this cue is 57-1/4″ in length, according to the set standards. Not to mention the different weights in which it can be sought, between 17/5oz-19/5oz.

This 57/09″ long cue has a Powerglide logo badge on the butt of the cue, and a much-sought rubber butt protector for extra protection of 28/35″ butt. The butt also has a Powerglide logo badge, evident on the lower end of butt.


Like aforementioned cues in the listicle, this cue is prepared by experts using top quality material, including the outer cover of the cue, which is veneered with maple. And a 9/5mm tip at one end ensures effective shot-making with high accuracy.

This 57/09″ cue is a blend of both classic and modern design, neatly crafted and having all the necessary features required in a cue to experience tactical play. The 29/3″ sturdy butt is further protected by Rubber butt protector to ensure maximum protection and prolong its life span. Its Shiny maroon butt is not only well-protected but attractive altogether.


This cue has a very decent look: shiny, well designed and has butt protection as well. However, there criteria to rate these cues not solely revolve around features but their pricing also matter. Aside from its pricing and trivial issues in gripping, the cue is absolutely top-notch and capable of lifting your game.

Cue Club Cracked Best Snooker And Pool Game

This intricately designed cue is soft, well balanced and adds comfort to the whole play. It is made of material that can last for years if handled carefully. Moreover, even a beginner can start with because it has a perfectly straight shaft, decent tip and most importantly, little weight to lift.


There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this piece of cue has wears aesthetic beauty and perfect color combination. It is trust-worthy enough to buy for a long time, that too at less price, yet there are some reasons we have put it at 12. Due to its slippery grip, people with oily skin will have trouble holding it.

Cue tips and billiard chalk

In 18th century France, early versions of billiards were played. One of them was called fortification billiards, which involved little lead huts, bells, hoops and kingpins. Played on pocketless tables, it was very much like an indoor version of croquet, incidentally the cloth was made green to emulate grass. In Britain we also played forms of billiards with items like croquet hoops on a pocketless table.

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  • We challenge you to test it out: spin, cue action, breaking the balls, shots off the cushions

I have to admit that normally I would be fitting tips to my cue every one to two months, if I am lucky

This intricately designed cue can be immensely helpful in raising your game – considering its apt features. The cue comes with a Black Brown Patch Case, one you’d definitely admire.