Ok, I quickly read this topic and if I understand well the EMDViewer works only with RE pc games. What about if I want to extract models from my others original PSX games? Is EMD format also embedded on PSX discs?

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Leo's Emd viewer works on both PC and PS1 EMD files but the 2nd and 3rd games have a slightly different encryption to RE1's and require other tools to open them. Leo created an RE2 model viewer/extractor that can edit/extract all player and enemy models and again doesn't matter if its the pc version or PS1.


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Whatever type of hacking is considered illegal the moment you alter a game to do something different than it was meant to; the machine it runs on changes nothing. Still, companies don't give a s**t about it, unless you start making profit.


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Gemini @ Aug 2 2021, 10:11 AM wrote: And why there's no way? Please don't tell me it's because of that simple checksum issue causing crashes, it would be ridiculous.

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