As explained in the linked question media queries are media queries and not browser queries and therefore you simply should not even try this. Because what you are searching for is complicated hacks. They are hard to test and they will make your project hard to maintain.

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This post was originally written in 2021 and updated over the years. I have made a strong effort over the years to ensure the suggestions in this post are timeless and work well regardless of when you are beginning your journey of learning web development.


Steve: I think probably it sneaks up on people because we didn't start out by saying we're going to tell you about the fundamentals because some people might have started to snore, thinking, well, why does that matter? But by sort of folding that stuff in, it's like, oh, I'm glad to know where this came from because it gives it some richness and some background.

News about HTML Executable

Content Filetypes: new option "extract and open it in application". Useful to open PDF documents for instance if you don't use the PDF internal viewer and you want to open them in the default PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.


Web Server: Tornado bundles its own web server, which is perhaps the most powerful and convenient aspect of the framework. The beautiful thing about this is that the exact same web server you run locally for development is the one you can run in production.

Renovation builders can help you achieve any of your renovation dreams. Whether it is planning to revamp the living room, kitchen or bathroom, they will work with you to create the perfect space for you.


Flask is the newest web framework of these, although at this point it is already several years old and widely deployed. The author of the framework has a PyCon presentation explaining its motivation.

The best Auckland roofers are going to be experts in all aspects of roofing services. They will use the latest technology and equipment to provide you with the highest quality workmanship. If they do not have all of this then they will not be very reputable. By doing some initial research online you can quickly determine if a particular company has any negative comments or has been contacted by the Better Business Bureau.


I don't know what their arrangement is with Adobe that allows them to do that. But they responded instantly with this. And it just - people who were using Chrome just had it fixed.

For cheap advanced programmers: You’ll need to look over the MDC (Mozilla) CSS Reference. Pay particularly close to articles on the Box Model and the Visual Formatting Model.


Media Queries for laptops are a bit of a juggernaut. Instead of targeting specific (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/ie9-specific-css-hacks.zip) devices, try specifying a general screen size range, then distinguishing between retina and non-retina screens.

IE9 Is Here! 7 Cross-Browser CSS Tricks You Can Now Use

Steve: Yeah, I mean, this is big. So in my blog posting, essentially I took the position of, okay, they're not saying anything. But what they did say was that their SecurID two-factor authentication system had been compromised.


Furniture mover companies are skilled people who know how to properly pack and load their possessions into their trucks. They also know where to place your stuff in the truck so that you won’t have a hard time finding it once you are done with it. You can call and have these guys deliver your things to your new house if you want.

Web Server: There is no web server bundled in Django, save a development server not meant to be used in production. This leaves it up to you to integrate Django with a number of WSGI-compliant web servers that are out there, including Apache, nginx, gunicorn, and others.


For existing programmers: The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) contains the web’s best and most official documentation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This guide, “A Re-Introduction to JavaScript”, presents the language to an audience that already knows how to program, and focuses specifically on the “gotcha” parts of the language.

New HTML5 MP4 video demo and topic in HTML Executable Help file

Tornado has a nice user guide intended for beginners. The recent O’Reilly book, Introduction to Tornado, is also an excellent (and quick) read that goes through most the facilities available in the framework.


So thank you, everybody who tweeted and who wrote. And I was immediately schooled, as was our poor chatroom person who said, why doesn't Steve always run the latest and greatest? It's like, well, I'll get there eventually.

The key" - I'm still reading - "the key challenge with malware on the Internet is that attacks are fast moving and quick to change. The importance of application reputation is as an early warning system. There is latency between the outbreak of an attack and when it is detected and [proactively] blocked. Consumers today are unprotected during that time.


Build a web app fast: Python, HTML & JavaScript resources

Another major benefit of hardwood is the aesthetic value. Most homes with hardwood floors have great appeal due to their natural beauty and appeal. When you combine this with the durability, appeal, and long lifespan of hardwood, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners and builders prefer them. It’s easy to install hardwood floors, and they can also be installed over existing floors and hardwood floors with no problems at all. For all these reasons, there are very few disadvantages to installing hardwood.

There's the Adblock Plus people who have, I think, is it EverList? It's a name I know because I've got on my adblocker on Firefox. I subscribe to that list, and so it automatically provides updates for me. But here's the problem. I mean, so all that's good news. I looked at some of these TPLs that are available, and some of them are horrifying because I see a real problem with false positives. The domain-based blocking is fine because, if you block DoubleClick.net, it's DoubleClick.net.


Improved support for optical zoom in IE publications and new "Reset zoom" menu. Publications will now remember the zoom value at next start (new StoreOpticalZoomValue property for IE Browser component in Visual Controls).

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Traditional web frameworks like Django expect that every web request will be handled by a separate web server thread. With thousands of simultaneous connections, this can overwhelm your web server with excessive memory usage, causing the server to slow down or even crash. Tornado is written the same way as other asynchronous web servers like nginx and NodeJS. As a result, it has the same scaling benefits: it can handle thousands of concurrent requests while keeping memory of your server stable.

We do not have yet another format for a do-not-track header. It is DNT: 1. And the way IE9 works, if you enable any tracking protection list, if you have any tracking protection, then this header is included with every query it makes.


See, it used to be fine because no one knew what the secret key was that the serial number mapped to. But if that database has escaped RSA, if that's been exfiltrated - and, I mean, to be sympathetic to RSA, and I was at one point, I said, you know, bad things happen. And if people are using toy operating systems, which is what we're all sitting in front of, I mean, Windows is a toy. Look at what a catastrophe it is from a malware and virus standpoint. So here's a corporation like RSA that you really want to have bulletproof, industry-strength security. But they've got to be using Windows or Macs. And these machines are not secure.

Steve: I was going to ask you, Leo. If I were to get a Android tablet, what do you think? Because the PlayBook is supposed to support Android.


Steve: And you've seen all the rumors about Amazon doing an Android tablet? I mean, they'd be perfect for it.

How to apply css specific to IE9 browser

When you work with renovation builders, you are likely to be the architect and the contractor. You will each play an important role in the completion of the renovation process. The construction team will work alongside the architect to produce quality designs and plans. The architect will draw up the blueprints and oversee the construction teams, ensuring that all the plans are followed to a T. The contractors on the other hand will work alongside the architects to achieve your final product. Working closely with these two teams, you can ensure that every aspect of the renovation process is balanced and coordinated. Allowing the teams to work together to build your dream home will allow you to focus on enjoying the building process instead of taking care of every minute detail.


You’re learning the building blocks of a modern web application: backend / frontend programming languages and their associated code libraries. Let’s aim to solidify this knowledge using modern web frameworks.

And so they're saying, okay, it's time for us to start making money. And it will be very interesting to see how this turns out for them.


Leo: And nowadays, I mean, there's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of content on the web. But I don't know, it's mostly fan content, content about content, and less so about the inner workings. Even AnandTech and the other kind of geek sites are more about benchmarking and building a computer than about the fundamentals. So I'm glad we do this because I think this is one of the last few places where you could say - we've got 293 episodes, and you could go back, and you could start at the beginning and learn as much as I learned from Steve's columns over the years. Take you a little less than eight years to read it.

Steve: So it's a huge improvement. And Firefox 3 is a 94. So they - oh, and IE8 just collapses completely and fails, doesn't even - it just is a disaster. So they've really done well there. It's got a new JavaScript engine, code name was Chakra, which compiles to native Intel machine language using its own thread in the background to leverage multicore processors. So your page comes up, and it starts to go. And then, if you've got a multicore processor, the background Just In Time, the JIT compiler, will take off and basically turn your JavaScript into native code.


For advanced programmers, “Python Essential Reference, 4th Edition”. Unfortunately, this book costs money, but it’s basically the best book on Python on the market, and it’s very up-to-date. It’s very dense and weighs in at 717 pages, so this is only for those who want to go deep on Python.

Leo: So it's just a fascinating, I mean, oh, my god. I always say, you know, compete, don't litigate. And often companies that can't compete end up litigating, and that's just a mess.

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Target IE9 Only via CSS

We talked last week about the recently discovered, at the time recently, zero and bad, zero-day exploit for Flash, which was being exploited by people who had a malicious Shockwave Flash file embedded in an Excel file. Then there was, like, a third layer. I can't quite remember what it was. But anyway, it was being used for targeted attacks that Google said were politically motivated somehow, based on their observation. And Google Security also recommended - oh, I'm getting myself confused. That was the MHTML mistake that was politically motivated, that Google said use the Fixit to disable yourself. And we still have no fix for that over on the Microsoft side. But we did get a fix for the auth DLL problem, which was actually part of Reader and Acrobat, but exploited through Flash.


CSS-Tricks Media Queries for Standard Devices Comments Feed

When you are shopping for hardwood flooring, you also need to know how much of each type of wood is required in the framing and installation. Solid hardwood floors require at least ten percent solid hardwood, whereas engineered hardwood floors require as little as two percent. It is also possible to install an entire hardwood floor with engineered hardwood, although it may increase the cost. Keep in mind that a thicker hardwood floor will cost more than a thin one.

For absolute beginners, “Learn Python the Hard Way”. This teaches Python using a series of programming examples, but it really assumes you have no programming background whatsoever. After going through the examples in LPTHW, it may be a good idea to supplement your understanding with Think Python.


It is capable of handling modern css and shouldn't be hacked

These are freely available online and actually present much of the same content in “Good Parts”, just in a condensed form. Warning for the cheap: though the videos are very good, the book goes into more depth and spends less time on the history of the language. Also, Matt Might’s JavaScript, Warts and workarounds is an excellent summary to some of the most important “bad parts” of JavaScript.

If we only use the width and height commands on a box then non-IE browsers won't allow the box to resize. If we only use the min-width and min-height commands though then we can't control the width or height in IE!


I mean, it's like we fix one thing, and then the bad guys move to the next soft target. After we harden that target, they find something else soft. But so this is the built-in, anyone with Windows has it now, the Microsoft tool. And I think you can just, in the Run dialogue, you can put "mrt" or.

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So when your web browser is going to some site, if the page you load then makes references to other domains, they're checked against this list. So if that domain name occurs on a line that has a +d on it, it's allowed. If it's a -d, then it's not allowed. And after the domain, also for the -d, can be a string which, if there, must be present for that line to qualify. And then you can also just have a minus sign by itself, without a "d," in which case the string that follows the minus sign, if that appears anywhere in the URL, then it matches, and the minus means disallow.

Because it grows in such a remote place, only a few varieties of coffee beans are grown each year. The most popular variety is the robusta bean which is the most commonly grown coffee in the region. Robusta is considered a lower quality than Arabica. This is because unlike Arabica, which is more robust and full-bodied, Robusta tends to be a bit weaker and tends to lack that roast flavor that makes it unique.


Before you start looking for double glazed windows, it is a good idea to check out what the current market has to offer. In particular, there are many different styles of these windows, and it is important to understand the differences between them. This will help you to choose the style of double-glazed windows that best suits your requirements. In addition to this, it’s important to find a reputable company that is experienced in manufacturing these windows. As well as ensuring that they are manufactured to high quality standards, it is also important to ensure that they are installed correctly. The correct installation will not only improve the security and safety of your home, but it will also make it much more energy efficient.

Steve: I don't know what they're thinking. I mean, this is what Microsoft has come up with as their solution. And it's another one of those, well, okay. It's better than nothing, but it seems to me that it's easy to get around because here's the template for how you do it. Now, the good news is they are also supporting the do-not-track header, which, if we can just please get some legislation, then this is the perfect solution for our problem. They've submitted this to the W3C.


As we know, Internet Explorer has been losing market share. The more really good browsers come in, the more people get pried away from IE. I famously got pried away over to Firefox. I'm not going back because I love the Firefox ecosystem. You were on Firefox for a while, having left Safari on the Mac, and now you're a Chrome user.

Leo: There have been many of them. I don't think the current Cringely is actually the same Cringely as was there in the early days.


Hack fifa 07 online

It also has the slowest Document Object Model and CSS system. But again, it was able to finish, whereas IE8 couldn't. And it has the highest memory usage. So it's just out a few days ago. And it's pretty much across the board worse than all the others, but vastly better than IE8. However, one place it blows everyone away is in its standards handling. It is extremely standards following.

Steve: Well, and I would imagine it's happening on the fly and automatically. No doubt it ties into the MSRT technology, to their own virus stuff, things you download, I mean, every time you download, it sends notification to the cloud. So we also need to be - once upon a time we would immediately twitch about this from a privacy standpoint. It does mean that your downloads are trackable, which needs to be remembered. I would imagine Microsoft has addressed it by obscuring this. But it does mean that files with a reputation are being checked.


If you edit the source code of dialog boxes, now the HTML source code is stored as UTF-8. Remember that only UTF-8 is accepted in dialog boxes.

Coffee beans are actually berries that have not been dried out completely. In fact, they are closer to the state that they were when they were still green like vegetables. Because of this, coffee cherries contain the highest concentration of beneficial enzymes. These enzymes work to break down the fiber found in the fruit and turn it into sugar (in the form of mucilage). This process also speeds up the breakdown of food (fat) by stimulating the pancreas. So mucilage helps to keep your stomach full and leaves you with a generally better feeling throughout the day.


Apply CSS for IE9 only, But other css are applying

Although many people tweeted me and emailed me. I don't even want to look at the mailbag next week for the Q&A about, duh, Steve, NoScript does have button add-ons. You just go to customize your toolbar, toolbar buttons. Remember I was talking about how.

So, and there is, down, way down toward the end of the comments, I link to another person's blog posting that I liked a lot because he essentially took them even further to task than I did. And there have been people privy now who have seen the letters that RSA has sent to their corporate customers. Basically they're CYA letters which are essentially telling the customers to be much more careful with their own networks and with their own disclosure of things relating to SecurID, like don't let people know what the serial numbers are.


CSS: IE 9 hack for margin-left? \9; has no effect

New DisableHTTPNegociateProtocol property for IE Browser component. It offers a possible workaround if your publication uses Flash and you have troubles: frozen or not responding application, EXE that hangs and so on.

So it's a flaw in their WebKit-based browser in the BlackBerry. And you need to disable JavaScript. Now, JavaScript is not the problem. But you need JavaScript - wait for it, wait for it - to exploit the flaw.


You can’t just find a hack for IE8 and not know if it will affect IE9 until IE8 has been superseded

Steve: Well, as you said, it's all about fundamentals. And I guess I view everything from that standpoint, from that foundation. And so it gives me a perspective that other people don't have who haven't been doing it since they were four years old.

Feed for question 'IE9 miscalculates min-height on DOM update with overflow set'

I installed it on my MacBook Air so that I could sort of diddle with it over there on a little island all by itself. And the other thing, too, is that it immediately, I don't have nearly the number of add-ons for Firefox 4 that I do have for Firefox 3. But it immediately said, oops, this is not compatible, and that's not compatible. In fact, NoScript doesn't even display the little options down in the taskbar in.


It was like, I mean, suction cups to remove the glass, it was crazy. I think I might have to try it, though, just to see.

Browser specific css hacks

Leo: But, I mean, there are some sites that offer new files all the time. I guess if the site is - so you're saying, if the site has a reputation, it'll be okay.


Steve: So, yeah, I was really glad to see that. So Friday morning I got a call from Good Morning America.

Leo: For those who don't know what Firesheep is, we did a show on it, and a good description. But the short answer is, turn on WPA2 on an open access point, and don't use open access points that don't have security.


Steve: Not only am I talking about it, I did my first blog posting in a long while because I was so annoyed with what little they said. Their senior VP guy put out an announcement on their site, and they even made an SEC filing, a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Now, what's interesting is that, while it is much faster than any IE before it has ever been, it's still not very fast. Well, I mean, it's a contemporary browser, meaning that it has joined the ranks, finally, of Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. And I guess really Safari is lagging behind now in terms of their technology. But it does support HTML5 audio and video natively. So this is what we're beginning to see is, if all you really need, for example, Flash for is displaying movies, is displaying movie clips or video, you no longer need Flash when you've got HTML5 video support.


Put simply, a view function lets a web developer respond to user queries and interactions with dynamically rendered response pages. Typically, a view function will query a database, which is where persistent data may live that the user is aiming to retrieve. There are a slew of database technologies and depending on the requirements of a web application, they may combine several database technologies to respond to requests. It will then take the retrieved information and render it into a page that the user can view. This rendering process is the job of the template engine, which is able to plug dynamic values into page templates. Google likely has a single result page template, but depending on your query (and potentially, user profile data), the template will be populated with different results and advertisements.

And I think you and I talked about it back when it was just going to be happening. And so we're in the first season of it. And many people say it's very, very funny, and Shatner is fantastic. And I can imagine him being real - but, Leo, 80. I've got friends who are in their early '70s who can barely walk.


It's exactly analogous to what we've talked about. If you've got malware in your system, if your system has got a rootkit on it or malware that you've discovered, you can never again be sure of the security of that machine. You have to go back to an image made from a time before that thing got in and then work forward. Or format the hard drive and hope that it didn't infect the firmware of your display adapter.

Steve: And in my tweet, because I tweeted this, I said, you know, gee, last time we saw him on "Boston Legal" he looked great. Maybe a little heavy, but great. And I got a ton of people tweeting back, saying, uh, Steve, that's not the last time we saw him.


Start with Flask, switch as necessary. If you are just getting started with web development, you’ll be able to assemble an application with the above components easily in Flask. You may not know yet whether your application requires thousands of concurrent requests (as provided by Tornado) or whether you would benefit extensive open source plugins / a full-featured data model framework (as in Django). So defer those decisions to when you are better able to make them in an informed and careful way.

Steve: So it does mean that you can be tracked. The flipside is, for the common user, you're not having to be warned for files that have a good reputation.


Now, and the point they're making here is that apparently they're not very confident of the infrastructure in India to responsibly manage opening these doors. Which, sure, they could update their firmware, and they could rejigger things and fundamentally dramatically weaken their platform. But if they did so, what kind of abuse would this open themselves to if suddenly it became known that people without much authorization were able to get access to email messaging. It would substantially hurt the platform.

Added page rotation commands to the built-in PDF viewer. Please note that this feature is not compatible with text selection. It can be disabled in the HTML Executable's "PDF Viewer" page.


But, wow, they want a lot of money. So as I understand it, you can see 20 - you can directly look at 20 articles, and then they block you. But if you click on links elsewhere, like on search engines that take you to stories, then they don't block you. And, I mean, I remember thinking the whole thing sounded kind of flaky.

Feed for question 'Javascript / css not working in Internet Explorer'

I mean, it is really, really speedy. We don't have any updates from Microsoft. I did want to remind everyone, though, that IE8 was pwned during Pwn2Own at the Vancouver security conference a couple weeks ago, using three undisclosed but still unpatched vulnerabilities. The person who came up with that has I'm sure communicated them to Microsoft, and Microsoft is fixing them. And as long as they stay secret, and no one else discovers them independently, then that's a good thing. But of course knowing that they're there does encourage people to go after them. So the clock is ticking on that.


And if you look at, if you just click one of the, like, the most recent link at the top there of their PDFs, it's just a spectacular chart. And several pages of it, too, I think six or seven pages of information. So for anyone who is interested in and having their fingers crossed, as I have, as this - I mean, the last thing we wanted was a really bad problem there.

News and Change History

Full support for Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5 / CSS3. Your applications will now render HTML content with the new Trident (MSHTML) engine provided with IE9 if the latter is installed.


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But I'm a little concerned about this being a false positive. And then the second problem is that this opens us up to the traditional cat-and-mouse game.

Feed for question 'IE9, IE10 double dipping CSS opacity/filter'

The idea behind Frozen-Flask is that, for many websites, you want the benefit of code re-use that comes from a template engine like Jinja, but you don’t necessarily need a database. If your website is entirely content, just structured and organized with common styles and common JavaScript, then it fits this pattern. So, rather than using a Python-based web server in production, we can use Python only during development. We will use Python and Flask as a code generator, to generate a bunch of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. And then we’ll deploy that static code to production, as plain files.


How to define specific CSS rules for IE9 alone

For advanced programmers: You’ll want to buy the best book on the subject, CSS Mastery. It has the best explanation of the box model and browser rendering engine’s that I’ve seen, and covers all the edge cases nicely.

Warning: publications made with previous versions of HTML Executable are not compatible with runtime modules shipped with version 4/5. This does not apply to stand-alone publications and Self-Extracting publications.


The type of scaffolding you use is another factor in the choice of these boots. There are different types out there. If you have a heavier scaffolding piece it will require a different style of boot than if you’re working with a lighter scaffolding. The height of the scaffolding as well as the weight it carries will determine what style of boot is best. The scaffolds vary in length from eight feet to sixteen feet.

They affirmatively block known dangerous files. And then until a file has established a reputation, only then will you get a notification saying we don't know about this, it's not commonly downloaded, so it could harm your computer. I think this is a huge win for the common casual user. And this is the kind of thing that Microsoft can do, invest in this kind of a large infrastructure and, like, ecosystem for a major feature, that it's really hard to compete with.


Screenshots of HTML Executable

But the banks will not usually give you a loan if you don’t have good credit. Therefore, if you want to borrow more money you need to make sure you have great credit score. It is advisable to shop around when searching for a car loan.

IE9, IE10 double dipping CSS opacity/filter

Leo: I do wonder how kids today - because we were all, you know, personal computing was a new industry. So we were all kind of learning together. And there was this great exciting time.


Allows your application to use GPU Rendering mode (hardware acceleration). By default, it will use Software Rendering mode. Only applicable if Internet Explorer 9 is installed on the end user's computer.

I guessed it's a IE9-specific (article) selector, but I can't find reference about it anywhere. So is it something built-in or just some custom class made for the site?


Joomla, gantry template. Page not showing correct sidebar

Leo: I'm actually surprised they're going to do it because their issue is going to be, this is going to scare the pants off people. And unfortunately the fix is kind of technical. But I'm glad they're doing it. Now, for those who.

Added NoMultiThreading option to disable multi-threading support in IE publications. Only useful for troubleshooting purposes with some Flash movies (in Windows XP).


When you need to erect scaffolding for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality scaffolding Wellington boots. These protective gear protects workers as they perform a very important job. The scaffolding itself is heavy and requires strong support. It’s essential to have strong boots that are both safe and reliable to use.

I've got this Flash, I've got that, I mean, it had become increasingly long. And it was becoming a tracking problem because your browser, it was one of the things that the Panopticlick site glommed onto and said, oh, look at how unique this is. Who else has exactly this combination of versions of things? Because all that version crap in there, that's all gone.


It means that you're able to add one or more of these TPLs, and IE will maintain them for you. It will go back to the source URL, which it keeps, and refresh them as this changes for you. Now, there's additional syntax for specifying what is and is not allowed. If a line begins with a +d, then it's followed with a domain name string specifying what domain this applies to, and then an optional string where the URL must contain that string to qualify.

Photogallery not showing in IE9 - Joomla Gantry

Steve: So just turn JavaScript off on your BlackBerry. I don't ever use my BlackBerry browser because it's the crappiest browser on the planet.


The built-in PDF engine handles almost all PDF documents fine. PDF files created by popular printer drivers, Microsoft Office or OpenOffice should be displayed and printed fine. However, PDF files created by imaging tools may not be properly displayed.

You can now choose a PDF file as homepage and HTML Executable can create an adapted project ("PDF to EXE" case). See this video tutorial: PDF to ebook software tutorial.


Everything works fine in FireFox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Obviously Microsoft's browser (as always) has some diffrent ideas about rendering my page.

Permalink to Optimizing Your Site for Internet Explorer 9's New Features: Part

Steve: I think we need to cover IE9. I have spent all my time, well, a lot of my time, when not playing with iPad 2 - which finally did come a couple days ago, and I like it, Leo. It's just, to me, I would agree with you. I can't see a reason, a compelling reason for someone with the first iPad to upgrade to the second, especially when there are strong rumors about a third, which is probably no more than another year away. And it's really going to be the one we want.


Microsoft knows IE is bad and this is why they have introduced them. An important bonus: All other browsers do not have to download shitty IE9 CSS.

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He uses a Boss BR-1180CD digital recording studio. It's a tabletop device that he uses to record and mix his songs. One day he told me that it had stopped working after going through a period of increasingly frequent freezing. He said his repair service could fix it by replacing the hard drive, but he would lose the several dozen songs he has stored inside. He did not have any backups and asked me, the family computer geek, whether there was another way. I told him about SpinRite, that I was willing to give it a try on his hard drive.


It is also worth checking out the various sites on the internet that allow you to compare different lenders to find the cheapest deal. You will often find an offer that is better than any of the other sites so you can make the best choice possible.

41 thoughts on “Build a web app fast: Python, HTML & JavaScript resources”

Is IE9 still left behind in CSS support? Seems that they’re sticking to support of more established CSS3 stuff and are somewhat hesitant to include anything more than what’s supported in other browsers.


This only occurs with overflow values of auto, visible or scroll. Setting the overflow-x to hidden, or inherit (so long as inherit doesn't end up evaluating to one of the former) does not show the problem.

Steve: It would just be overwhelming today, Leo. I mean, it's so big, you'd have to be looking at it, thinking, where do I start?


Pick a host that matches your system administration skill level. You will need a Linux server available to you to deploy your app, and for that I suggest simple VPS providers such as DigitalOcean or Webfaction. You will hear a lot of people mention Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, but I recommend you only switch to AWS or GCP later, once you understand their quirks and tradeoffs vs traditional providers (as well as benefits). Setting your server up may require some knowledge of UNIX and system administration which is beyond you. If that is the case, you should use a shared hosting provider like Webfaction, since it has good Python support and pre-fabricated deployment setups for Django, Flask, and nginx available. If you don’t mind paying a premium to have someone else host all your infrastructure for you, you may also want to consider a PaaS provider such as Heroku. Personally I don’t recommend these services for economic reasons, but they have many proponents.

But the good news is that's changed with IE9. We now have these things called Tracking Protection Lists that are files you can get from third parties who maintain them for you. The syntax of the file is very simple. No nightmare of even XML nesting stuff.


New Web Update feature: it enables publications to check for updates, download them and automatically install them. A Web Update Wizard guides end users through the updating process. No additional software is required, but you must have a web server where to host public update files generated by HTML Executable.

Lets you change the User Agent of the browser. If you leave it blank, the default user agent will be used (for instance, with IE9 installed, it could be "Mozilla/5/0 (compatible; MSIE 9/0; Windows NT 6/1; WOW64; Trident/5/0)").


Data 036 elsword hack

Yeah, Bob's in town, so we thought that would be fun. He's got some great rock-and-roll stories.

Leo: Wall Street Journal does that for some reason. You cannot see full articles in The Wall Street Journal unless you either are a subscriber or pay for it. But if you find a Wall Street Journal article link on Google News, you get the full article. So all I do, when we share Wall Street Journal articles with our hosts because we're going to talk about them, I just go to Google News, get the article, and send them that link because they can read the whole thing.


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Improved Java applet support with recent Oracle JVM security changes. The help topic tells you how to get your Java applets working.

Position Fixed width 100%

As I mentioned earlier, IE9 now supports RGBA colours. RGBA stands for red, green, blue, and alpha (opacity). This means that you can specify semitransparent foreground and background colours, letting the underlying page content show through.


But one of the problems the whole industry has had is that IE has really been a boat anchor from a standards standpoint. Famously, there were some things that, version after version after version, from IE5 on, and these are multiyear gaps between, Microsoft just stubbornly refused to fix or to do the event model - now that I'm a JavaScript programmer, I'm having to work around IE-specific stuff all the time. And, finally, in 9, they have - they've actually gone overboard, if that's possible, with support for standards. And so it represents a massive investment on Microsoft's part to create a browser which is as standards-compliant as they are. And in fact they're now more standards-compliant than anybody else.

Leo: Well, I have to say, and I'll give you full credit, there were a few people that early - because I started getting into computers late '70s. Did start early on writing, I wrote for Byte a little, wrote for InfoWorld, did reviews. But I was learning in the early '80s. And the way I learned was you, Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle in Byte magazine.


The best part about Wellington boots is that they are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. They don’t just have to be used on scaffolding. Construction projects require them for building stairs, ramps, ladders, stairs and more. They’re made to be flexible to protect workers from falls and protect the feet and legs from injury. They come in a variety of styles and colors to fit in with the look of an industrial building or a residential dwelling.

The width problem of 3 divs

I’ve created a few charts showing CSS3 support in IE9 Beta. The list does not include every conceivable CSS3 property or selector. I’ve tried to stick to the well-known stuff, and I’ve also included a list of pseudo-selectors and pseudo-elements. Most of the information is taken from this page on MSDN.


It is also possible to find car loans through your bank. The banks will usually offer very low interest rates when it comes to making a purchase of a new car.

Leo: Steve Ciarcia's "Circuit Cellar" in Byte magazine. It was just a handful of columns, and I read them religiously. InfoWorld was weekly, which was great, so I read it every week.


While most people are happy to get their iPhones repaired rather than replace them, there are some circumstances in which it makes more sense to get them repaired rather than replace them. If your iPhone gets dropped, damaged while playing sports or dropped by a friend, it is usually worth spending the money to get it repaired rather than having to buy a new one. In addition, it is often less expensive to have your iPhone repaired than it would be to buy a new one because you can often get your devices repaired for a few hundred dollars rather than buying new parts. While there are many reasons why you might prefer to have an iPhone repaired rather than buying a new one, it is really a matter of preference based on how much money you have available to spend, how long you want to have it away from you and the characteristics of your particular iPhone.

Steve Gibson: It was Tech Talk, was the name of that, yeah. I originally called it Behind the Screens, but CompuServe had a trademark on that name, and so we were told we had to change it. So I just said, well, Tech Talk.


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Similarly to Django, there is a URL dispatcher called the Application that maps URL regex patterns to Handlers. Unlike Django view functions, Tornado view functions are not meant to do much work. The reason for this is that all view functions run in a single thread, and thus any long-running code will slow down your entire web server. Instead, the responsibility of the function is to delegate work to other asynchronous services handled by Tornado’s server. The primary candidate here is to have Tornado make an asynchronous HTTP request to some other service. There are also some databases and database drivers that are written in an “asynchronous” style which you can use reliably with Tornado, but in general, the idea is to avoid database queries in your view functions.

If you think responsive’s simple, I feel bad for you son. We got 99 viewports, but the iPhone’s just one.


Steve: Well, no. The VeriSign is from VeriSign. VeriSign uses Vasco, I think, as their provider. And, but, I mean, it's the same technology. It's cryptographically driven, time based, six characters, you know, six digits. And the point is that it's driven by a unique key that nobody knows.

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So anyway, what I was saying about RIM and BlackBerry is that they were unnerved by the fact that they got pwned also during CanSecWest a couple weeks ago. And they're now advising all their customers - wait for it, wait for it.


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Renovation builders can also provide a new way to approach remodeling because they will provide you with a fresh perspective. Typically when a project is started, you already know what you want from the beginning. By starting with a new set of eyes, the renovation builders will offer you ideas and new perspectives on what you really want out of your new home. In addition to offering a new perspective, renovation builders can help you save money and time. They can help you negotiate prices with contractors and help you get pre-approved for financing. This can be extremely beneficial during the entire renovation process, allowing you to focus on getting your new home built rather than on taking care of every little detail.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good plan before starting your renovation project. A good plan will allow you to keep everything on track, help you choose quality materials, arrange subcontractors and manage the whole process. Without a good plan, you may find yourself spending more money than you had intended. An experienced contractor will be able to help you design and plan your renovation project to ensure that you don’t waste any money or time. Most renovation builders have worked on hundreds of renovation projects, so they’ll be able to provide you with references and recommendations.


For absolute beginners: Use W3C’s official tutorial on Starting with HTML + CSS. This was written all the way back in 2004, but provides the basics with screenshots and real code examples, so is a great way to get started.

Steve: So that exists there, too. So, overall, I'm impressed with it. It has caught up from a - largely caught up from a performance standpoint. It is, frankly, it's the standards leader at this point. And these standards are not easy to pass. I mean, if you've got something like Firefox 4, that is typically state of the art with following standards, still failing 300 tests of ECMAScript 5, although it's 300 out of 10,456, and I looked through them, and they're not horrible game-changer things; and Chrome failing 497 of them, almost 500; but still IE9 only fails 17. Very impressive.


Template Engine: Django has its own template engine designed to be user-friendly even to non-programmers. In this respect, the language is somewhat limited and quirky, and does not really re-use your knowledge of Python for templating. Many advanced programmers end up Jinja2 instead of the default template engine, which is officially supported by the Django project as of Django 1/8.

The cheapest way to get a car loan is to get one through your employer. They usually offer very low interest rates as well as finance deals that are tailored specifically for the work force. However, it should be remembered that the finance car NZ companies have lower interest rates as compared to the banks.


But if we get legislation that backs it up, then we're starting to move forward correctly. And I'll mention that there is a user - there's, like, a personal TPL, Tracking Protection List, that you can enable and leave blank if you don't actually want any tracking protection lists, but you do want the do-not-track header to be added in IE9. So we have that, and that's a good thing.

So I did want to let everyone know, you can just go adobe.com/support/security, and there's separate updates for Flash and for Reader or Acrobat, depending on which one you have installed on your system. And I've got to say, I'm liking what Chrome is doing, under Google's management.