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File index of PDN: Unix related

The sysstat utilities are acollection of performance monitoring toolsfor Linux. These include sar, sadf, mpstat,iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, pidstat andsa tools.

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PMO Sponsor - champion and direct the establishment and evolving operation of the PMO. The PMO sponsor will ideally be a member of the main board.


What is PMO in Project Management

Aime programming language, with a C likesyntax, intended for application extendingpurposes. The aime collection comprises thelanguage description, an applicationembeddable interpreter, the interpreter Cinterface description and a standaloneinterpreter.

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Shell script to testthe performance of the most popular DNSresolvers from your location. Includes bydefault:CloudFlare 1/1.1/1 Level3 4/2.2/1CleanBrowsing Google 8/8.8/8 Yandex Quad99/9.9/9AdGuard Freenom 80/80/80/80 NeustarOpenDNS Comodo Norton CleanBrowsing YandexAdGuard Neustar Comodo.


BlueMail 1/2 source - a multi-format offlinemail reader for Unix, DOS, Win32, and othersystems. It supports the Blue Wave, QWK, QWKE,SOUP, OMEN and Hippo packet formats, the Hudsonand BBBS Message Bases, Unix mail, Eudora and isdesigned to be a reasonable alternative to theBlue Wave mail reader.

Install brother printer driver

It has a full screen, coloreduser interface built with the curses library andis designed to be a reasonable alternative tothe Blue Wave mail reader. The source Code willcompile under Linux, DOS, Windows and - untested- OS/2.


Emdros is a text database engine for annotatedor analyzed text. It is applicable inlinguistics, publishing, text processing, andother fields dealing with annotated text. Emdroshas a powerful query language for askingrelevant questions of the data. It ismiddleware, acting as a layer between a client(written by the user), and an underlyingdatabase.

Obviously, adoption of a project management tool is crucial for medium and large-sized companies, as without proper tools, an good project plan may turn into a mess. There're many things that have to be performed in a well-organized manner.


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Skalibs v1/4.1 is a set of general-purpose,low-level C libraries, all in the publicdomain. It can replace or hide the standardC library to some extent. It is designed toallow building of small static binaries.

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A PMO is the backbone of a successful project management approach at an organization. It is a function that provides decision support information, although it doesn't make any decisions itself. A PMO underpins the project delivery mechanisms by ensuring that all business change in an organization is managed in a controlled way. A PMO's main purpose is to facilitate project success by establishing best practices, mitigating risks and ensuring on-time project delivery within a specified budget. So what does that actually mean in practice?


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It is designed to allow building ofsmall static binaries. It is used in buildingall skarnet.org software, including execline ands6.


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Expect is a tool for automating interactiveapplications such as telnet, ftp, passwd,fsck, rlogin, tip, etc. Expect really makesthis stuff trivial. Expect is also usefulfor testing these same applications. And byadding Tk, you can also wrap interactiveapplications in X11 GUIs.


Based on ROTE, libvterm is a terminalemulator library that attempts to mimic bothVT100 and rxvt capabilities. Although thenatural display apparatus is curses, the APIis simple enough to grow and adopt othermechanisms.

Scum of the Universe is a space trading gamethat combines two genres: arcade andstrategy. On one side, it's a classicvertical-scrolling space shooter game. Onthe other side, it is an adventure andstrategy. You should choose whether you'llbe an independent space trader, firearmssmuggler, fierce freedom-fighter orsomething in between. Following the mainstoryline, you go through the galaxy fromone planet to another. Space travelrequires fuel, so you need to keep earningmoney to buy it. You can also buy variousupgrades for your spaceship and weapons thataffect the arcade part of the game. Thestoryline itself is not linear.


The Scalable Test Platform provides a testframework in which to exercise Linux kernelbuilds. Patches can be created and builtthrough the Patch Lifecycle Manager (PLM),and then run through your choice ofperformance and scalability tests. Kernelpatches are loaded and built against stockkernels, and tests are executed on yourselected hardware platform.

A web-based administrationinterfaces is provided. This program wasformerly known as printauthchk.


C++ Sockets is a C++ wrapper for BSD-stylesockets. It works for Unix (Linux) and Win32.

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A collection of programsthat compile under all versions of Linux &FreeBSD (with many more x86 UNIX flavorsto come) Does not require nasm installedbecause they use the original AT&T versionof assembly language. Include largerfunctionality, targeting at being fullycompliant with X/Open The Single UNIXSpecification 2 (UNIX98).


Lrzsz is a X/Y/ZModem package built from thepublic-domain version of Chuck Forsberg<B4>srzsz package. This package contains NO codefrom later releases of rzsz which wouldpreclude it from being released under theGPL.

KDbg is a graphical user interface to gdb,the GNU debugger. It provides an intuitiveinterface for setting breakpoints,inspecting variables, and stepping throughcode.


Future releases will complywith the ATA/ATAPI-6 and ATA/ATAPI-7specifications. It is meant to be anup-to-date replacement for theucsc-smartsuite and smartsuite packages, andis derived from that code.

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The High Level Assembly Language (HLA) was designed to allow advanced assembly language programmers to write more readable and powerfulassembly language code. It makes it possible towrite code by leveraging knowledge of highlevel languages like C, C++, Pascal, andDelphi. HLA compiles into 80x86 assemblylanguage, which is assembled by MASM, TASM, orGas.


LIBJEEPS This is a "Unix-based Garmin CPScommunication and analysis function libraryand development system. To quote/paraphrasefrom their documentation, it includes highlevel host communication routines thattreat waypoints, almanacs, etc as objects;datum conversions; cartographic functions;etc. The source code is distributed underthe GNU LGPL, and is written in ANSI C.

FreeBASIC 0/24 is a free/open source (GPL),32-bit BASIC compiler for MSWin, DOS &Linux. When used in its "QB" language mode,FreeBASIC provides a high level of supportfor programs written for QuickBASIC.


Motor is a text mode based programmingenvironment for Linux. It consists of apowerful editor with syntax highlightfeature, project manager, makefilegenerator, gcc and gdb front-end, etc. DeepCVS integration is also provided.

Compose Deliverables by Form-Filling - The project management toolset provides out-of-the-box deliverables templates which are associated with the pre-defined work items and forms. Simply perform the analysis and fill-in the forms. The information collected in the form you filled in, will be consolidated incrementally for generating project deliverables.


Sqlpp11 is an embedded domain-specificlanguage which allows programming SQL verynaturally in modern C++. It also enablesthe compiler to detect syntax errors, typeerrors, name errors, and even some semanticerrors before they ever hit unit tests orproduction.

File system investigator is a forensic tool forviewing filesystems. It is written entirely inJava, so it is platform independent. It allowsviewing of ReiserFS and EXT2/3. While primarilyintended as a forensics tool, it is also usefulfor Linux users who dual boot with another OS;it allows them to view and extract files fromtheir partitions.


Mandrake Update Robot is an automaticupgrade daemon designed to ease securityadministration for a large corporatenetwork. It can also be used by ADSL/Cablemodem users. It automatically fetchesupdated RPM packages from Mandrake Linux'strusted FTP mirrors and installs them. Itwill also recompile your custom-configuredkernel automatically and send an upgradereport to the system administrator.

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Argtable is an ANSI C library for parsing GNUgetopt style command line arguments, as in "foo-abc -o myfile -help -count=7". With it,programmers define the allowable command linearguments statically in their program as anarray of argtable structs. The command linearguments are then parsed against thosespecifications and their values depositeddirectly into user-defined program variablesfrom where they can be accessed by the mainprogram. It uses GNU getopt to perform theactual parsing, so it is guaranteed to be 100%GNU compatible. It is secure, guarding againstbuffer overrun attacks on command linearguments.


Aime v5/20 is a simple, C like programminglanguage and an application embeddableinterpreter. The language is meant to besimple and productive.

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It is ahigher level language compared to Ada, C++,and Java. In Seed7 new statements andoperators can be declared easily.


The PCRE library is a set of functionsthat implement regular expressionpattern matching using the same syntaxand semantics as Perl 5, with just afew differences. The currentimplementation corresponds to Perl5/005.

In Web mode, itacts as a Web server, creating an HTML dump ofthe network status. It sports a NetFlow/sFlowemitter/collector, an HTTP-based clientinterface for creating ntop-centric monitoringapplications, and RRD for persistently storingtraffic statistics.


The Best PMBOK Tool

Netwib provides most functions needed by networkprograms. Its objective is to let programmerseasily create network programs. This libraryprovides features for Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, UDP,TCP, ICMP, ARP, and RARP protocols.

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Orpheus is a text-mode menu- andwindow-driven audio player application forCDs and MP3. It can retrieve CDDBinformation for compact discs with HTTP(even through a proxy), read ID3 tags fromMP3 files, and save and load playlists.

Motor is a text-mode integrated programmingenvironment for Linux. It consists of an editorwith syntax highlighting, a project manager, amakefile generator, gcc, ctags, gdb,autoconf/automake and grep front-ends. CVSintegration is also provided.


Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC) isa system of clients and servers that collectand count checksums related to mailmessages. The counts can be used by SMTPservers and mail user agents to detect andreject bulk mail. DCC servers can exchangecommon checksums.

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How Does Visual Paradigm Help

Some serve as a means to standardize project-related governance processes and facilitate sharing of resources and tools. Others serve as centers of excellence, and still others align project and program work to corporate strategy across an enterprise. The PMO often play the role as a guardian of Enterprise Project Management tools and project management methods. There will normally be an expert (or several) in the PMO who can support project managers and their teams with using any project-related software.


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To achieve this you not only need good people, good processes, but also supporting technology. It's quite amazing to see nowadays so many PMOs are still trying to manage project selection, prioritization, resource capability planning and deliverables via error prone spreadsheets.

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Also, if you quitthe program while transfers are still inprogress, it will switch to nohup mode andfinish the transfers in the background. HTTPprotocol and FTP over HTTP proxy aresupported. Version 2/3.0 includes HTTPS andFTP over SSL support.


A Project Management Office, abbreviated to PMO, a group or department in an enterprise that establishes and implements best practices and maintains standards related to project management, planning and execution. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. The PMO also serves as an organization's central hub for project documentation, guidance and success metrics. Most PMO processes, methodologies and best practices are based on industry standards, such as A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), which was originally published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a certification body for project managers (PM).

The Objeck computer language is anobject-oriented computing language withfunctional features that has ties with Java,C#, and Pascal. In this language, all datatypes are treated as objects. The languageconsists of a compiler and VM with anaccompanying memory management and JITcompiler.


This library provides aMIME decoder with a C++ interface. Thelibrary is very simple, small, lightweightand dynamic - there is no buffering of theinput stream, which makes the librarypotentially useful for decoding MIME streamscontaining multimedia information.

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STX B+ Tree v0/9 package is a set of C++template classes implementing a B+ treekey/data container in main memory. Theclasses are designed as drop-in replacementsof the STL containers set, map, multiset,and multimap, and follow their interfacesvery closely. These B+ classes tree reduceheap fragmentation and utilize cache-lineeffects better than the standard red-blackbinary tree.


Follow the one of the most widely used PMBOK process template with pre-defined forms embedded with instructions and samples for your team to kick-start the entire process for incremental and collaborative deliverable development. The PMBOK tool makes project management easy and straight-forward.

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This is achieved bydirectly transferring exceptional return codes(and the program control flow) from the locationwhere the exception is raised (throw point) tothe location where it is handled (catch point),usually from a deeply nested sub-routine to aparent routine. All intermediate routines nolonger have to make sure that the exceptionalreturn codes from sub-routines are correctlypassed back to the parent.


FOX incorporatessupport for XDND for drag and drop, X clipboardand X Selection, watching other I/O channels andsockets, timers and idle processing, objectserialization and deserialization, a registry tosave persistent settings, and 3D widgets usingMesa or OpenGL. FOX works on Linux, IRIX,Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Tru64 Unix, Windows9x,NT,2K (VC++, GNUWIN32, Borland, VisualAgeC++), FreeBSD, and Sequent.

Bunch of Diagrams and Tools Integrated - Besides form filling, the project management toolset also features a set of project management diagrams and tools like Organization Chart, Work Breakdown Structure, BPD, PERT Chart, etc. These tools are seamlessly integrated with the project management lifecycle, enabling you to visualize (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5041) ideas in forms of diagrams.

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