Does Lameboy have any limits regarding max files in a directory? It´s great to play some of the old classics gb/gbc games on a slot1 card.

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Here comes first lameboy quickfix. It does not help for Zelda Oracle´s nor Pokemon G/S saves though.


Dldi patch ds codes

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You have done an amazing job here my friend. Many of us were anticipating Goomba´s conversion to source so we could port it, but a fresh emulator indeed is amazing. Thank you for your hard work, I´m looking forward to updates!

Those codes are the braindead option of constant ram write codes, a far more elegant version would use OR options of D4 (needs 023FE424 E1833004 to be ran first to change D4 codes to OR apparently) or indeed even proper custom ASM. I am not convinced about writing directly to registers like this either- whether it is too much controls hacking on the brain or not is open to debate but instincts want me to copy the register to normal ram, fiddle with it and write it back.

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Totally missed this, I will get it posted as news once I can get a screenshot of it working. Runs in Desmume though the roms im trying are not loading.


Is there a NDS-mode GBC emulator I could use to play this game (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3974)? And if a GBA-mode emulator is the only option, which one would you recommend, and how do I use it with a Supercard CF?