It’s hard to overstate the importance of Burial as dubstep was gathering steam. Almost overnight fans from across the electronic music spectrum were coming out of the woodwork to sing the praises of a producer who, for all we knew, could have been anyone.

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I’m always trying to create my own distinct sound so it’s nice to hear that it’s coming across. For me, the things I concentrate on are like the sound design with creating heavy bass sounds and stuff like that. I always like to have a lot of melodic stuff as well, like cool nice melodies. A lot of the time I use these kind of Arabic melodies. I pretty much do it all the time. Sometimes I find myself saying, “Stop doing that!


Their jazzier tendencies sometimes grated, but Antisocial Entertainment were an important part of grime and dubstep (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2688) for a while. Silkie’s early records (‘Strawberries’, ‘Westside Funk’) are too far in the grime/garage camp to really make this list, but after some time in Mala’s company he was releasing lovely music that’s as floaty as it is weighty. God knows whether the purple is a reference to Joker or codeine, but either works.

Jarvis – Bloodbath EP is out now on Firepower: Support

Right now I’ve still got a day job. I’m working from home luckily, which is really cool because if I ever have an idea for a track I can just sort of stop and open up Ableton. In regards to my job, I’m just doing CAD (computer-aided design), just like planning layouts for big shops and such. I don’t dislike it that much, but obviously the dream is to get out of doing that and just to live off music.


What REALLY sets a PlugInGuru Power Pack apart from any other patch library is the depth of programming skill applied to the 8 real-time performance knobs. Skippy gives YOU the steering wheel to warp these patches for unrivaled creative control in a live or studio environment! Massive is NOT sample-based so by adjusting knobs with creative names like MONSTER, Dirt, Color, Chord, Sizzle and Freak, (along with more typical OSC1 Vol, Cutoff, Reso, Attk, Decay, Release etc) thousands upon thousands of radically different patch variations are waiting to be discovered!

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A.M.C Shares Stunning 6-Deck Live DJ Set via UKF On Air

Released in the midst of a killer first run that saw Joker blur the lines between grime’s melodic sourness and dubstep’s club-ready weight, ‘Gully Brook Lane’’s synth line is a thing of wonder. Equal parts wobbling bass line, funkadelic lead and swarm of angry bees, it caused pandemonium on dance floors from Bristol to Brooklyn, and crucially in a genre made for giant rigs, it actually sounded great in headphones. There was a delicate balance to Joker’s best music, one that kept dubstep’s darkness and empty space only to throw in dashes of colour for contrast. Whereas his later work would throw in everything but the kitchen sink, ‘Gully Brook Lane’ and (underrated B-side) ’80s’ are mysterious and alluring, the bedroom futurism of a generation raised on Megadrives and PS1s.

This bass is no nonsense; it gives a ‘kind nod’ to the warmth and character of the Juno 106 analogue synth but then takes it to another much fatter level. This is a punchy, stubby bass that is versatile and when played with euphoric key signatures can guarantee to take the crowd to new heights.


Various Production were outsiders to dubstep – they predated it, in fact, and have experimented with everything from grime to folk in their time – but found themselves behind a series of accidental scene anthems, of which ‘Hater’ was the biggest. Later became the instrumental for Wiley’s ‘Sinner’.

I’ve been listening to The xx, Queens Of The Stone Age, Die Antwoord. I listen to Die Antwoord a lot, actually way too much. Their new album killed it, I like over-listened to it. I love those guys, the way they just don’t give a shit. Honestly, I listen to all kinds of stuff. The xx is super chilled-out bassy stuff, and Die Antwoord is the complete opposite of that.


UKF Drum & Bass

This summer, Desperados and UKF are on a mission, to go in search of the ultimate drop. The Evolution of the Drop is a three-part mini-series with key artists in different scenes taking us through seminal tracks and how they show the evolution of the drop in that genre.

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Kevin Martin was grafting dub’s dread to electronic music’s growl when most dubsteppers were still in nappies, the genre’s rise was just a fortuitous way to get recognized for it, at least before it became a shackle to shed. Yet even in a scene delivering bolder and brasher anthems by the day, ‘Poison Dark’ is insanely heavy. Over bowel-disturbing sub frequencies and a rhythm that toes the line between tribal and mechanical, Warrior Queen boasts, brags and threatens her way past the straw man soundboys unlucky enough to be her warpath. A key, under-appreciated vocalist in the scene, her piercing vocal tones provide an invaluable counterpoint to the genre’s rumble and thud, and ‘Poison Dart’ stands as her finest hour.

And in the future. UKF Radio is live now on both of our flagship channels and it’s broadcasting non stop

Thrown into an industry that’s been known to eat newcomer producers as an appetizer, Jarvis’s dedication to his craft has provided him with the opportunity to truly capitalize on some of his early successes. With original tunes like the Set Me Free and Painkiller resting atop his sterling résumé, it’s really no wonder why premier outfits like Firepower Records are clamoring to get more of this individual’s remarkable music out to the masses.

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This is bass can be heard normally as a contrast or edit at the end of a bar. Let me set the scene#; the track has dropped and your tune sounds sick, but after eighgt bars you need something new to really set of the dance. Enter the samurai bass, resonant madness that cuts through shaper than the blade that hit Lucy Liu in Kill Bill.

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Oliverse Releases “Take Me Down” for UKF’s 10-Year Anniversary

Interlude’ or Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’) with a vocal snippet from Terminator X’s ‘No Further’. It wasn’t a million miles from the sound Michael Watts and DJ Screw had pioneered over in Houston, in fact, but Matty G made a connection that felt vital, so much so that Loefah contributed a remix that almost bettered the original.


Skreamizm Vol: 1 is two 12″s worth of anti-bangers, anthems for a scene that still abhorred maximalism. The rhythms are halting, the bass lines just as likely to caress as pummel, and the vibe conjures abandoned industrial spaces, not packed dance floors. Even when Skream does crank up the aggression on a post-jungle belter like ‘Lightning’, the end result is a cold blooded killer, more menacing than chest thumping. Skream’s had a lot of dubious choices to make since this release, but Skreamizm Vol: 1 is not only a high water mark in London dance music, but one of the most outlandish releases in the history of dub’s sonic experiments.

Bear Grillz opens up ahead of his Jerry Springer appearance

I kind of got the inspiration from Tisoki when we did that collab, Everybody Know Me. I had sent him this old, crazy brostep style drop, and then he took one of the patches out of it and really simplified the drop as a whole. That simplicity really added more of a flow and rhythm to the track. So I guess in a weird way I took some inspiration from him when it came to Bloodbath and Mask.


Fucking mental, and all about the progression: right when that first melody has drilled your head into the ground a second one comes sneaking up behind it to lift you out, before that bassline that’s been switching between one and three notes beats you back down again. One of those things to just leave you speechless, really.

VARIOUS - UKF Dubstep 2021

Judging by the last few interviews we’ve had with you, I sense there’s some substance issues and / or anger management issues deep down inside that furry head of yours. Is your Jerry Springer appearance a chance to totally wipe the slate clean and sort your life out?


Skream was always destined for DJ superstardom. The man had too much personality for a genre born of the shadows, but time shouldn’t fade his true achievement: he created some of the strangest, most twisted dance music productions England has ever seen.

Bear Grillz on Jerry Springer: I was kinda hoping for something juicier than an alias revelation. Like how you’re the mystery participant in the latest three-in-a-bed-celeb romp or how you’re actually two little people underneath one bear suit.


Early on, Bristol’s Tectonic label became known for a very specific sound. They popularized the kind of ominous half step that had jaded Renegade Hardware fans braying for the reload, and in ‘Rebellion’ Tectonic found its low-key anthem. One for the heads, this blended Photek’s sword swipes and space with dubstep (visit website)’s relentless low end, and it’ll still do damage to this day.

All that and we’ve still got a whole mix to go. Moving on to the second set, Hatcha looks to the first half of the ‘dubstep’ compound, with a mix that opens through a run of deep and heat-blistered low-end – balling you out through the Skream vs. Hijak monster ‘Babylon Timewarp’. From here on in Hatcha throws up old favourites like Skream’s ‘Blipstream’ one minute, before introducing new talent to your ears through Kromestar and his new-wave perspective on the genre the next. Handing the middle section over to a gold-run of Benga’s cuts, the Hatcha mix is just as effective as you could hope – blasting the dubstep canon off into a new direction whilst keeping its anchor firmly in port.


I was doing a Firepower mix with Tisoki, and I just dropped Mask in there after I had made it, hadn’t really shown it to anyone yet. And everyone was like, “What is that?


Not 100% a dubstep (my site) record, but together with ‘Anaconda’ it totally changed the course of the genre. Producers like Pearson Sound have gone on record talking about what a game-changer for their production Untold was during this period, encouraging them and giving them the confidence to be as experimental with club music as possible. Speaking of club music, have you listened to it lately? It basically sounds like Gonna Work Out Fine.

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I guess they are pretty similar. I’m always learning more and I’m always trying to improve my mixdowns, sound design, and the general arrangement of everything. Even though some of those tracks (on Bloodbath) are a year old, I sort of came back to them and did another session of re-tweaking of the really old ones. I’ll compare Bloodbath and Mask to the older ones, because those are the two tracks I’ve made more recently.


The sub is normally a sine or triangle wave with some saturation to add harmonics, ensuring that your sub gets translated over any sound system. Next we split the atom and open ourselves world of Wavetable synthesis. Synths such as Massive have a periodic table of waveforms to blend and combine to create devastating results. Strong use of LFO modulated notch and band-pass filters will add the shattering rips, ‘wubs’ and resonances needed. Finally Classic tube distortion and the well-named Dimension Expander will provide the doom and sonic boom.

Viewers will get to relive classics from dubstep and drum & bass mainstays like Skrillex, Cookie Monsta, Skream, Rusko, Benga, 12th Planet, Doctor P, NERO, Flux Pavilion, Caspa, Chase & Status, FuntCase, and many, many more. As you might imagine, with so many legendary tracks released on the channel, it's hard to fit them all in just ninety minutes.


I definitely will be making more music like that! I’m really into deeper and darker stuff as well.

Mala may have released more groundbreaking records, more influential records, even records that sell for more on Discogs, but if you want to listen to an absolute master of his craft in full control, it doesn’t get more authoritative than this. For all the debt Mala owed Jamaican soundsystem music, he’s also a Detroit techno fan, and ‘Left Leg Out’ sees him set course straight for the Red Planet.