Have you ever wanted to do a bit of dungeon brawling, smashing up the place and everything around while playing as a Dwarf? Well soon you will be able to, as Electrocosmos's ' Rune Rampage ' is coming to Steam for PC, MAC and Linux 17th May. In the game you play as Grimbard, the last champion of the dwarfs on a quest to collect the missing rune stone fragments, to bring peace to the kingdom and to find the truth about your kingdoms downfall.

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  • Runic Rampage - Brutal dungeon brawler featuring a raging dwarf coming 17th May
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Jan 22, 2021 How To Play With Friends In Escape From Tarkov. Easily add friends to your friends list to play with them.

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Again, I understand that we're talking about the higher difficulties here, so it's natural that every player is able to complete them, but I'm wondering if something can be addressed here in regards to situations that the player may not have been able to do anything to prevent. I have personally planned to complete every campaign in every difficulty, but I have been stuck at campaign 2, difficulty 5 (that's the second highest difficulty) for a very, very long time, and am frustrated enough to have put the game aside for now.


Baseline Fury Warrior Abilities for Shadowlands

I'd say Warlock is the best class cuz you can make ur own clone and make ur attack's damage twice. And yh sometimes you'll mistake ur clone as ur char XD but you'll get used to it ;).

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