A Certain Magical Index: Kakeru Kamisato calls Touma Kamijou naive for wanting to save everybody. He says the smart thing is to concentrate on saving one or a few and leave the rest to die, because if you waste time trying to save everybody, you won't save anybody. However, Touma consistently manages to save everybody by never giving up and using methods Kakeru never thought of, causing Kakeru to admit he was wrong.

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When he was released in 1997 he moved to France and set to work making as much money as possible off of his notoriety. But in 2003 he returned to Kathmandu and was arrested by police for his murders in Nepal and is still in jail to this day. It is widely agreed that he did this for attention.


In Deadlands, a Harrowed is formed by fusing a deceased man and a demon. It's a Switcher, because only one of the two is in control at any time, but they share the powers pool. In case of the good Harrowed, it's also Enemy Within.

The Composite — A and B merge; the end result C has aspects of both the characters that were part of the merge, including All Your Powers Combined and a fused personality. May also be a Combining Mecha or a Mix-and-Match Critter.


Smiley Minecraft Texture Packs

This is the best all-purpose build in the game, and it's not close. Tell your friends, tell everyone.

Magical Flutist: One of James Bond's opponents is a man who plays the role of the voodoo loa Baron Samedi. Bond once encounters him while he's playing a flute. After apparently being killed by venomous snakes, at the end he appears riding the front of a train, indicating that he may be the real Baron Samedi.


On the villain side, Kananga has New York and New Orleans blanketed with an absolutely superb network of eyes and ears who work under the most innocuous disguises (shoe shiners, cab drivers) that let him know the minute anything in his territories is out of place. He also uses many simple but effective tricks to throw off CIA surveillance, such as playing a prerecorded speech to make it sound like he's still in the room while slipping out through a hidden door. His tradecraft is good enough to allow him to live a double life as a Caribbean dictator and as an American mob boss (neither of which is exactly a low-profile job) without anyone noticing. Many of the grander Bond villains could have learned a thing or two from him.

This is one of General Ironwood's major flaws; while he genuinely wants to save the world, his deeply-ingrained militaristic mindset (and a generous dose of PTSD) has firmly convinced him that nothing can be gained without sacrifice, which is why he plans to take Atlas away from Salem rather than stay and fight for the city of Mantle. And when Cinder nudges him into a mental breakdown, he becomes fixated on these views to the point of total irrationallity.


Convenient Escape Boat: After escaping the alligator farm and burning down the drug lab, Bond steals a convenient escape boat to flee the bad guys. This leads to an awesome chase across the bayous as Bond is pursued by the villains and the police.

Novel Updates My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness Comments Feed

Absentee Actor: Q is absent from the film. Desmond Llewelyn was then appearing in the show Follyfoot, but was written out of three episodes to appear in the film. The producers decided not to include the character, feeling that "too much was being made of the films' gadgets", and decided to downplay this aspect of the series, much to Llewelyn's annoyance.


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In Paradise Lost, of all places, this is how angels are said to make love, melting together and just loving each other. Note well that no explicitly female angels are ever shown in the poem. So yes, an old Puritan man did this trope centuries before any other example you're likely to name.

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After his capture in New Delhi, 1976, Sobhraj served ten years in Indian prison but escaped when he befriended the guards and managed to poison them during a party (yes, you read that correctly) to celebrate his sentence ending. He walked out of prison and was quickly recaptured and sentenced to another ten years.


The Locked Tomb: This turns out to be the Dark Secret behind lyctorhood. A necromancer devours the soul of their cavalier, granting fighting skills and an infinite source of energy. Normally this is the "power booster" version, with the cavalier and little remaining of them beyond instinct, but an improved version allows them to switch control.

In Daredevil, Matt encounters a female protégé of the Punisher (who lost her fiancé) and tries to sympathize with her by bringing up heroes who also lost loved ones. However, when she says that nobody can be as driven as her and Matt without a tragedy, he ultimately throws his billy club at her face, and gives a speech stating that the idea that you need a tragic event to fight for justice is ludicrous.


After Hilgja was infected by a kade, she spread the illness to her village and corrupted Ensi. Despite Ensi's attempt to save Hilgja's soul, it was implied that both women have joined with the kade.

Kid Radd also contains a structure designed with Lost Technology that causes Composite fusions of characters. This is crucial to the villain's Evil Plan: to have either Crystal or Radd's group gather an army of the most powerful sprites and have them fuse together, then assimilate their fused form as a Power Booster. It would have worked, if only Crystal fused herself with an NPC.


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This is the main message of The Veronica Exclusive. Veronica's final monologue essentially sums up to, "Yeah, the world sucks, and yeah, people can be terrible — but that doesn't mean we should all give in and become as horrible as life can be sometimes.

While Battle Rapping with the one that thinks she's just a doormat. Bonus points for turning to the old people watching them and telling them their lives aren't over yet either, so they can do something about it (despite them living in a retirement home). And then when she falls head-first into cynicism when she gets her memories of her frankly shitty life back at the cost of forgetting her accomplishments as a zombie, thinking that she should just stop in order to keep from failing yet again, the rest of the cast turn this back on her.


However, she makes it a very clear point that she believes in making the world better, because that is how the world gets better—and if nobody tries to improve things, then nothing will improve. Her actions make her friends start to see her in a new light.

It's basicaly not only faceslapping 24/7, but repetitive faceslapping 24/7. Faceslapping is a theme, and if I didn't like the theme itself I wouldn't rate it, but the problem lies with how repetitive it is. At least have some variation.


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The two Jades who saw Stevonnie, Garnet and Opal forming and thus thought it was a good time to come out as a permafusion. They're briefly happy that they're finally not the only permafusion on Homeworld, only to get poofed by Yellow Diamond in less than 3 seconds.

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Not My Driver: Happens to Bond and Solitaire when they get a cab in New Orleans. The driver turns out to be the same guy who drove Bond back in Harlem, who then proceeds to trap them in his car.


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Jazz funerals, or "funerals with music" as they're traditionally known, are a noted tradition in New Orleans, held for deceased musicians or other prominent New Orleans natives. Though the film greatly exaggerates it, showing the procession immediately switch from a somber tune to a happy tune ("Rock Around The Clock", as shown during the film). In real life, they play a somber tune (such as "Nearer My God To Thee") on their way to the cemetery, and play a happy tune (such as "When The Saints Go Marching In") after the deceased is laid to rest.

Much like Germany, Yemen is made up of two separate countries that united after the Hole in Flag. North Yemen was formerly an Ottoman colony which became an independent state after World War I. South Yemen was a former British colony that gained independence as a communist state during the Cold War.


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For all that he himself tends to be viewed as the dark, cynical and 'deep' member of The Beatles — which, in the first two elements at least, is not an unreasonable viewpoint to take — part of him clearly subscribed to this trope (or at least wasn't very happy being dark and cynical and wanted this trope to be true). For all his Creator Breakdowns and darker sides, anyone who describes the man who wrote "All You Need Is Love", "Imagine" and "Give Peace A Chance" as an irredeemable cynic is clearly overlooking something.

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A kade is even worse than a giant, since it works on a spiritual level and isn't limited to non-immune people. By looking into its eyes, even in the dream world, the kade can infect and corrupt a person's soul, taking control of them. Afterwards, the person will usually merge with the kade, and a single kade can house hundreds of souls.


Also from the Old World of Darkness were the vozhd war ghouls, produced by Tzimisce vampires by taking around a dozen or two ghouls (usually human) who were then fleshcrafted into one gargantuan near-mindless fleshy engine of destruction and mayhem. Their heyday was during the dark ages - not only is modern usage of them too attention-grabbing in most situations, modern advances in weaponry mean that they're much easier to defeat than they were before, usually making them a waste of resources.

Spain came about by the union of the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile, as a result of the 1469 marriage of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, both members of the same House of Trastámara. However, Aragon and Castile remained legally distinct until the early 18th century, when Castile forcibly integrated Aragon following the War of the Spanish Succession.


In Exalted, there's a Solar Circle Sorcery spell called "Unity of the Closed Fist" found in the White Treatise. It creates the composite variant but adds all the elements of the different types of Exaltations involved. It can combine up to five individual Exalts, thus the name—five fingers making a single closed fist.

The journey to make Battle Gem Ponies a thing continues

Unfortunately, this belief corrupts him and turns him into a literal monster resembling a pink Godzilla. He gets better, thanks to his loved ones (and therapy).


In the Paradox Trilogy, phantoms come in sizes ranging from smaller than a finger to larger than a planet. It turns out that larger phantoms are formed by many smaller phantoms fusing together.

ML is such a tsundere - and MC is having the time of his life teasing ML, and coaxing out honest words out of him! A smart and poison-tongued MC killing it in the showbiz with a grumpy-terminally ill-tsundere ML (who seems to be picking on MC, but is actually really doting, and MC gets tickled by this behaviour) make for a wonderful combination - their interactions are fun. ML really lets MC do whatever he wishes to and just has his back in times of need.


Several companies from Consolers, like Square Enix and Koei Tecmo, are "merges" - two companies merged together into one character. When companies merge with each other, it turns them into one character with combined traits and looks from both of them.

The defeatist Wirt expects the worst of everything he encounters. Constantly anticipating humiliation or rejection, his cynicism has stopped him from interacting with people normally, and he gave up The Quest much quicker than his brother did. He only gets better after realizing he has to stop being afraid.


That merger was in The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, an Elric of Melnibone novel by Michael Moorcock. Erekose, Elric, Corum and Hawkmoon join together to form the "Four Who Are One" to fight Agak and Gagak.

In the second game, The Hero and his friends believe they can fix things even when the local God of Evil just swallowed the local God of Good and become The Omnipotent while they are Brought Down to Normal. It is no exaggeration to say that their optimism is what causes the downfall of the Big Bad. It restores their magic power and then inspires Lucia to break free.


Critical Role has Caduceus, The Heart of the Mighty Nein, tell this to Trent Ikithon. It looks like Caduceus is going to compliment him before taking a left turn into an insult, and about how The Power of Love saves people.

Implied Connie Maheswaran/Steven Universe

Follow That Car: Subverted when Bond gets a taxi driver to follow Mr. Big and his entourage into Harlem. As they drive along however, various people on their route warn him via radio that he's being followed. When they finally arrive and Bond enters the building, the taxi driver then uses his radio to tip off Mr. Big that Bond has arrived.


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Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying "yes" begins things. Saying "yes" is how things grow.

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Solitaire's cards can't predict if Bond is coming by air or by sea. That's because he's coming via boat-launched hang glider.


Louis Armstrong is of course famous for his recording of "What a Wonderful World" from 1967, but he did another, less-famous version later. For this second take, he added a spoken-word "preface" that directly addressed naysayers who pointed out that the world wasn't so wonderful after all.

The Doctor in most incarnations relies on the Doctor’s companions to help the Doctor out, begrudgingly or otherwise. This often puts the Doctor at odds against the scum of the universe that the Doctor faces down, who believe It's All About Me and act accordingly. The Doctor is very quick to correct this attitude.


Amusing Injuries: Bond pops a compressed air pellet into Kananga's mouth with alarming and jarring effects: he literally swells up like a balloon and hovers up into the air, where he continues to expand until he explodes with no gore whatsoever. Such a sudden, cartoonish moment in a movie that has so far been at least vaguely grounded in the laws of physics was a bit hard to stomach for most. It's no surprise that this was Roger Moore's first Bond movie, signifying the beginning of a sillier, more outlandish Bond than before.

Merle: You can continue wallowing in your sadness and your oblivion and seeing nothing but the negative, and I'm gonna go on my way. And I'll tell you what—if we ever meet each other somewhere in infinity, you can apologize to me and tell me you were wrong.


Bond is given special "shark pellets" that are capsules full of compressed gas. He never uses them on any sharks, instead using them as a quick way of dispatching Kananga by force feeding him one and making him swell up like a blimp and pop.

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Steven Universe & Reader

The Fillet of Soul restaurants especially. The first time he's in one, Bond is given a booth, which promptly rotates and leaves him in the villain's lair on the other side of the wall. The second time, Bond intentionally asks for a table in the middle of the restaurant to avoid this fate.

Marie-Andrée Leclerc, known as Monique in BBC’s The Serpent and played by Jenna Coleman, was Sobhraj’s girlfriend and partner. The two travelled together across the Hippie Trail, with Leclerc helping Sobhraj lure in backpackers to steal from. She was released from prison to die in Quebec, Canada, in 1984 as she had developed Ovarian cancer. She was 38 years old when she died.


You have to change with it, or you'll find yourself increasingly obsolete. This is no act of malice, no attempt to strip anyone of the life and job they enjoy, but simply the process of increasing convenience and health for everyone in general. ENB has every right to take pride in the work he's done, but it pays to know the value of that work, especially in a world that's constantly changing.

Here come The Cynics, sporting a nice pair of Jade-Colored Glasses, and when the Wide Eyed Idealists call them out on it, they are quick to say I Did What I Had to Do, or Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! They are convinced their attitude is more logical and realistic, and that those without it are too childish to accomplish anything. As far as they're concerned, altruism and selflessness are for fools and will only hinder you and get you taken advantage of, and open displays of it are, at best, hopelessly naive, and at worst are hollow, performative, attention-seeking displays. It's a Darwinian world where everyone either has a hidden dagger or is too naive or deluded to realize it, and the only way to succeed is to carry a bigger dagger and have a faster hand.


Greg Universe & Steven Universe

It's Always Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Averted. It's actually not Mardi Gras when Bond visits The Big Easy.

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Usagi became one of the targets of the Death Busters halfway through the third season, which meant Uranus and Neptune may have had to kill her if her pure heart held one of the talismans. After learning of her real identity, Haruka and Michiru haven't yet grasped that they were willing to kill the girl whom they're trying to ensure will live long enough to become Queen. And once the threat of Death Busters is gone, they attempt to kill Usagi anyway because they were angry at her for not being cynical enough.

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Power Booster — Person B disappears, but the merging gives powers or attributes to A s/he didn't have before. B may be able to speak to A in his or her mind. A still looks exactly the same as before, only has superficial changes (clothing, for example), or looks like a more powered-up version of A (and only of A).


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Tarot Troubles: Bond uses a tarot deck consisting of nothing but The Lovers to seduce Solitaire. Played straight when Solitaire reads of James Bond's arrival in the cards.

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth's cynical outlook on life allows Wickham to completely dupe her about Darcy's true nature. The irony is that Elizabeth acted this way in order to avoid being played for a fool; she was still played, but it just happened in a different way.


Fear Effect: Royce Glas is the cynical one. Hana Tzu-Vachel is the idealistic one. Glas is treated as the Butt-Monkey and The Lancer. Hana is treated as the Iron Woobie and The Hero. It probably won't surprise you that the best ending in the first game essentially has Hana winning out without having to shoot Glas.

Justinia: Idealism is our stock in trade, Lambert. A religion without ideals is tyranny.


The Thirteenth Doctor is a rather dorky Genki Girl after her regeneration. However, she refuses to consider the possibility of a cynical outcome, even outright ignoring the most hardcore cynics.

Riddle for the Ages: Who, or what, is Baron Samedi, and how did he survive being thrown in a casket full of snakes? Is he really the Vodou Loa of death from whom he takes his name? If so, why is he working for a mere mortal drug lord?


This is the premise behind the "Divine Union" in Holystone. Mortals already share their bodies with gods as a matter of day-to-day life, but the Union combines them into one more powerful creature.

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout challenges Ethan Hunt's refusal to compromise his morals even if it jeopardizes his missions. In the beginning, terrorists manage to steal plutonium right from under his nose when he refuses to sacrifice Luther for it. The CIA chief Erica Sloan is not happy about this and thinks this is proof that IMF is a bunch of "grown men running around in Halloween masks". Hunt's superior Hunley however believes that Hunt's refusal to sacrifice one life for the "greater good" is actually his greatest strength since it means people trust Hunt. The movie ultimately ends by vindicating Ethan. Erica Sloan even comes around and realizes the value of having someone who cares about individual lives as well as the mission (if only because that means she doesn't have to care). To emphasize this even further, it was Sloan's own cynical refusal to trust IMF that jeopardizes the mission and culminated in Hunley's death.


Shout-Out: Bond's all-black turtleneck ensemble towards the end is in homage to Bullitt. It comes full circle in Spectre as the blond Daniel Craig is dressed similarly.

You just stop thinking about what's best for you, and start thinking what's good for someone else. And you can change the whole game, with just one move.


He tries so hard, and it's impossible to not feel bad for him when he messes something up (especially since he's self-conscious about it). There's also the fact that he never got to know his mother. Additionally, one can feel for the fact that he constantly feels pressured to measure up to her. He also thinks that Gems might resent him because he is the reason Rose is no longer around. And in "Steven's Birthday", we also learn that his physical age seems to be a state of mind, making it possible that he may never grow up, which could seriously harm his relationship with Connie in the long run. Also, despite it all being self-defense, in "Mindful Education" it's revealed he outright blames himself for doing what he did against Bismuth, Eyeball, and Jasper, and is suffering from a severe Broken Pedestal a la his mom. He has a serious Guilt Complex because of this. And then he discovers that Rose was Pink Diamond, so now he feels like he has to live up to the expectations of the rest of the Diamond Authority too. Overall, underneath that sometimes genuine cheerful smile and attitude is a sad, traumatized, possibly depressed little boy who hates himself.

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The beginning was fairly interesting and the dynamic between MC and ML was unique. MC and ML frequently clash as MC resists the plot, doing his best to thwart ML's controlling methods.

She constantly moves from town to town because of her dad's job, and, as a result, has no friends to keep in touch with, something which drives her to tears when she thought nobody (but her parents) was going to miss her if she drowned in the ocean. Which makes Steven reaching out to her another one of the particularly poignant early Heartwarming Moments.


In his first show after 9/11, he recounted going to St. Patrick's Cathedral to pray (he's Catholic but admitted that he had not been to church in 8 years until the horrific events of that day spurred him to seek out some kind of comfort and guidance). He claimed that while sitting there, he suddenly realized that although the Twin Towers had been knocked down, that this beautiful building was still standing, and as such, despite the ugliness that had happened, there was still a lot of beauty in the world. This was the first time he urged his viewers to shun cynicism.

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North and South Vietnam united in 1976, at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. Actually a case of failed Balkanization, as the country was united before 1955, being separated as a result of Cold War politics and Western meddling, much like the Korean peninsula (except, of course, that Korea never reunified).


Feed - Topic - Official Guide

While the plot is well-paced and so on, I'm not a big fan of entertainment or face-slapping novels. That said, those plots are keeping my interest. There is a lot of water army (social media) battles, with practically half of the activity being over the internet.

One of the main themes of The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's Legendarium in general is the evils of cynicism and despair. Evil triumphs because people believe it can't be fought and give up (Denethor and initially Théoden) or join it (Saruman). The only way for good to triumph is fight against despair, even if things look hopeless. And it's the acts of good by the smallest of people that end up saving Middle-Earth.


Two Beings, One Body — A and B merge physically, but both personalities retain some control over the body. If full control is not possible on either side, they will need to cooperate to do so much as move. Even if that problem does not exist, the personalities might end up fighting for control if they do not agree on something they want.

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Demons can reduce themselves to their mask, which can be worn by someone else to merge into a powerful "devilskin warrior". They rarely do this, because unless the person has been hollowed out into an Empty Shell it's very dangerous should their personalities conflict. Allison and Cio do this to become Allicio.


Somalia is composed of two European Somali colonies (Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland) that chose to unite upon independence. Another colony, French Somaliland, became the separate country of Djibouti upon independence.

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The film-era Luke Skywalker walks away with this one. Han Solo disbelieves he can do much of anything on a galactic scale, only wanting enough cash to get Jabba off his tail. Obi-Wan and Yoda have written his dad off as a total, irredeemable loss. Luke matures over the course of the films, but doesn't ditch the idealism. He brings Han around first, enough that Han himself becomes more idealistic later in life (even if he fails to talk his son into leaving the Dark Side), and then proves his masters and the Emperor dead wrong about Anakin.


Battle Gem Ponies Website

Both of the get this taken Up to Eleven in "The New Lars". Sadie has been jerked around by Lars so long that when Steven (in Lars body) tells her he loves her in a misguided attempt to bring Lars and Sadie together, she assumes he's either trying to get into her pants or hurt her. Lars meanwhile gets accidentally possessed by Steven and is understandably angry when he wakes up. only to find his friends and family defending Steven and saying they preferred Steven's version, leaving him utterly dejected the next day that almost no one in his life likes him.

While Some Jerk with a Camera tends to mock the Disney corporation and their theme parks, the Jerk tries to do it lightheartedly, since he's really a fan of Disney. This means that he also comes down hard on works like Shrek and Escape from Tomorrow, which attack Disney as kids' stuff, or say that escapism is for losers who can't grow up.


Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Quarrel Jr, to his father. Which they did to work around the fact that Quarrel first appeared in the book Live and Let Die, but they filmed Dr. No, in which Quarrel dies, first.

Bond is left on a small island surrounded by crocodiles without a single guard watching to make sure he dies, after having previously escaped Kananga's traps more than once. Why they don't shoot him then feed his body to the crocs is a question you're just not supposed to ask. Of course, it's possible they did it For the Evulz. Being eaten alive is a pretty scary death.


Catan creators edition patch

Following this, Sobhraj killed a couple in Nepal – Laurent Carrière, from Canada and Connie Bronzich from the US – and then a man named Avoni Jacob in India. He then poisoned a French man named Jean-Luc Solomon, intending only to incapacitate him but accidentally killing him in the process. Finally, he attempted to drug a group of 60 French tourists in New Delhi but a few of them spotted him and he was eventually caught.

Definitely worth all the brain cells that I have sacrificed! I was able to finish it in a day. The mtl was somewhat easy to understand.


The background fluff also has a Power Booster example: The plane of Rabiah was split into 1001 individual versions, each with a counterpart for each resident of the original, except for one man, Taysir, who was reflected only five times (one for each colour of mana). The black Taysir was manipulated into fusing with each other Taysir, which resulted in him becoming the most powerful planeswalker in the multiverse until Urza ascended.

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Not to be confused with Composite Character. See also All Your Powers Combined, Motif Merger, and Equippable Ally (for a less intrusive method of combining two characters). This trope may sound like a literal version of Mating Dance, but it's not. When the fusion goes horribly wrong, see Merging Mistake. If the components cannot easily be discerned in the result, see Fusion Dissonance. If the components have a romantic relationship, also see Romantic Fusion. If the fusion is done between siblings, it's a Sibling Fusion.


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In Storm Constantine's Burying the Shadow, the eloim naturally have sex through fusion dance. Occasionally the fusion will be permanent, resulting in a creature called a Harkasite. The practice is largely taboo by the beginning of the book in favor of more human sexual behaviors.

Cradle Series: Anything and anyone of any power that dies leaves behind a Remnant, a shadow of their power manifested in physical form. Becoming a Herald requires intentionally manifesting your Remnant without dying, then merging with it to reforge your body into a more perfect form. It is a pure contest of will, and generally no one will even explain the process to anyone below Archlord, the highest advancement level. Failure, at best, means horrific death without even leaving behind a Remnant. In Wintersteel, Lindon discovers that ascending to Monarch requires combining this process with being a Sage, who use Icons that are normally a case of Mutually Exclusive Magic. Yerin also accidentally ascends to Herald a level advancement early by willingly fusing with her blood shadow. In the next book, the Monarchs explain to Yerin that she permanently damaged herself by doing this too early and in a non-standard way, so they heal her as her reward for winning the Uncrowned King tournament.


There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with hope. There's nothing wrong with optimism.

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Following this, the bodies of two Dutch tourists, Henk Bintanja and his fiancée Cornelia Hemker were found strangled and burned on the side of the road. Then Vitali Hakim’s partner Charmayne Carrou was murdered at the hands of Sobhraj after she came looking for Hakim.


Ccleaner professional edition keygen

Charles Sobhraj is French thief and murderer who preyed on young tourists backpacking in India, Nepal and Thailand, killing them and stealing from them. He is Vietnamese and Indian, born in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, and is still alive to this day – though luckily behind bars.

New league, new Vortex character. Last League was lvl 100 and 40/40 and undoubedtly top 5 dps/defense rounders in the Vortex-category. Doubt I'll be able to top that this league as I'll have to miss out on 3 of the first 4 days of the League.


Parodied in Problem Sleuth, in which Ace Dick uses Belly Of The Whale to absorb his alternate form clones, Zombie Ace Dick and Fiesta Ace Dick, gaining their powers. This results in Ace Dick becoming himself, since he doesn't have the imagination to come up with a suitable combined form.

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Alchemicals have a version known as Synthesis of Divine Affiliation, which can affect six instead. However, the only way that you'll be using it to fuse one of each caste of Alchemical is when everything has gone to hell, because the sixth caste are supposed to go completely unseen until at least four varieties of brown gooey substance have hit the fan.


Ian Starshine, Haley's father, is very much this. After the death of his wife, he raised Haley in their town of Greysky City (a wretched hive where most of the population are rogues) to have a strong sense of paranoid and distrust. While it did serve Haley well in survival, it left Haley an emotional wreck and she was able to find happiness through trust, especially in Elan.

The Serpent: True story of crime series about serial killer who targeted backpackers

Since 10th grade I've wanted to make a Pokémon game where, instead of HMs, you simply needed to have a monster in your party with the physical capability to accomplish a task. Strong Pokémon can break and push boulders, winged ones can fly you around, and Water types can swim with you. Simple stuff that still compels you to diversify your team. The way things should be, right?


The Elric Saga: Elric temporarily merges with two of his Eternal Champion alter egos from different worlds in order to save the multiverse. They become a three-headed, six-armed superbeing. An another opportunity, he merges with three of them.

The Title Theme Tune by Paul McCartney and Wings is widely regarded as one of the series' all-time best, and has achieved a good deal of success independently of the film, being covered by Guns N' Roses and still played by McCartney nowadays in his concerts. It's so famous that many younger people don't even know that it came from a James Bond film.


Virgin Power: Solitaire's tarot reading ability depends on her virginity. This causes problems when Bond does his usual trick of sleeping with the Bond Girl, only to find the information he's hoping to get isn't there any more. He points out that he stacked the deck, only for Solitaire to reply that it makes no difference as the physical act has already happened.

Connie Maheswaran & Spinel

Island Base: Kananga's island of San Monique, but it isn't really isolated: it has a tourist trade. Too bad - poppy fields, voodoo totems with guns, Baron Samedi, and a Shark Pool.


Sailor Moon: Sailors Uranus and Neptune can't seem to get through their heads that choosing the more cynical options will only make the end results worse. At the end of the story, the selfish actions of Uranus and Neptune have amounted to absolutely nothing, whereas the optimistic characters like Moon and Chibi-Moon are the ones who end up prevailing over the forces of darkness.

In Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest series, mild Steven never has to fear danger, for his brother Nevets dwells within him, and at the first sign of danger can rise to the surface and destroy every living creature within the reach of his fists. While Steven doesn't fear his brother, he has on several occasions suppressed his emergence, since Nevets doesn't distinguish between friend and foe and would kill even the young heroes if they got near him.


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Supernatural: When Dean goes back in time and finds out that Eliot Ness was secretly a monster hunter, Dean asks him who he lost. Ness doesn't understand the question. Dean tells him that every hunter he ever met became one as a result of a personal tragedy, even relating a little bit of his own life story. Ness calls Dean the most depressing person he ever met, and tells him that he hunts monsters because it's fun.

Zip Me Up: Inverted when Bond uses a magnetic watch to unzip a woman's dress. Now that's what we call Power Perversion Potential.


Animal Farm: Zig-Zagging Trope with Benjamin the Donkey. His cynicism makes him one of the only characters to see past the pigs' lies, but at the same time, he's too jaded to do anything about their oppression, which makes him somewhat complicit in their crimes.

The BBC drama states that some of the names of the victims are changed, but they are all real victims of Charles Sobhraj and his techniques of luring them in and killing them were exactly the same in real life. One thing that isn’t shown in the series is that Sobhraj would often help people to gain their loyalty – for instance, he helped two French policemen locate lost passports to win their trust, but the passports were actually originally stolen by Sobhraj himself. This technique is shown in the series when Sobhraj “saves” Dominique who appears to be suffering from dysentery, but is actually being poisoned by Sobhraj.


My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness

Banana Republic: San Monique, though a pretty specific one based mostly on Haiti. The voodoo heritage and entirely black population would be out of place in most of the Latin America/Caribbean region.

A saving grace would be I don't think it's trying to be pretentious at all. It set its limits from the beginning. It's a casual read>on purpose.


In Samurai Gourmet, this is sometimes what Kasumi would like to say to say to a fellow patron, but can't because of Japanese Politeness. Then the samurai demonstrates that it's really the right thing to do. Occasionally, Kasumi will actually follow through on this inspiration; other times, it will be made moot before Kasumi can embarrass himself.

The Babylon 5 episode "Intersections in Real Time" focuses on a State Sec interrogator attempting to break Sheridan's will and get him confess to a laundry list of political crimes. The interrogator consistently displays a very cynical outlook, stating that the preeminent truth of the time is that you can't fight City Hall, and tries to paint Sheridan's idealism as futile. Sheridan disagrees at every turn, remaining true to his ideals even in the face of grueling torture.


The message had also existed in the earlier Batman films. Joel Schumacher's Batman convinced Dick Grayson to let go of his anger in Batman Forever and convinced Mr. Freeze to help him save Alfred in Batman & Robin. Even the Burton films, which usually proposed the opposite trope, occasionally challenged cynicism, if more subtly.

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This is the Gem-Knight archetype's main gimmick. Later on, "Gem-Knight Lazuli" fused itself with the 12 "Constellar" monsters to become "Constellar Sombres" in order to defeat "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" together with "Evilswarm Kerykeion", who's also the result of several fusion dances.


Both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 give Yuna a choice: do what's easy and sacrifice others, or do what's hard and push yourself. Yuna, being The Hero, always chooses the hard options. The cynical maesters, and those who say Sin can never be defeated, at best, end up worse off than before for their selfish actions, and several end up dead. Yuna, however, is ultimately rewarded.

In the previous film The Dark Knight, Bruce is also confident that the Joker's scheme to prove that deep down everyone is as ugly as him will fail. The people of Gotham prove him right in the end. And in the film before that Batman Begins, he rejects Ra's Al Ghul's belief that Gotham is beyond saving. By the end of the trilogy, Bruce is vindicated.


This trope is the Inversion of Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids, showing that being more cynical is not necessarily better. Yes, extreme idealism results in foolishness and is bad, but extreme cynicism results in laziness and callousness and is just as bad. This is to show that The Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism does not always stick to one end, but tends to lie somewhere in the middle, and that you need a bit of both to really see the world for what it is. Can be a trait of The Anti-Nihilist or the Knight in Sour Armor, and used to deconstruct the Straw Nihilist mentality.

In Mass Effect, the more cynical Renegade decisions Commander Shepard can make tend to go badly. Most notably, choosing to let the Council die in the first game ends with humanity being generally hated by the other races, while the human Council isn't even willing to meet with Shepard. This really comes out in the third game. A Shepard who has tried to do right by others throughout the series, and is willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to prove they can do right, ends up being responsible for eventsnote that make them a legendary figure even before the defeat of the Reapers.


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Eskimo Bob: In the special "Return of the girl", Bob and Alfonzo (or rather their clones) can do the Composite example by doing the animation the originals do in the beginning of each episode. The Penguin and Sams can do the power booster example with the help of the alien business men. And The Fish in a space ship can do this with the Fishticons.

You Have Failed Me: Rosie Carver fails to lure Bond to his death after he realizes that she's a double agent. Kananga's henchmen have her killed before Bond can force her into telling him what she wants to know.


This is what happens to the dwarves at the end of The Last Battle — they end up in Aslan's country with everybody (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/everybody-edits-gem-hack.zip) else, but they're too cynical to believe it, and manage to delude themselves into believing they're still locked in the dark stable they were thrown into. Even when Aslan makes a feast appear before him, they change it in their minds to the yucky stuff you might find in a stable (hay, donkey water and so on).

Near the end of Fite, Guz is absorbed into Lucco. It's mostly a Power Booster type, but there's a little Composite, as Lucco has Guz's eyes after the fusion.


Questionable Consent: When Bond first meets Solitaire, he asks her to draw a tarot card for him and it's The Lovers, hinting at their future relationship. When they cross paths a second time later in the movie, he's dealing the cards and asks her to pick one, and it once again turns out to be The Lovers, so she proceeds to have sex with him. Then he drops the deck behind her back and all the cards are The Loversnote.

There's just too much crime, and they advise Beka to forget about that before she commits suicide in despair over not being able to help everyone. Beka nonetheless continues her search, enlisting the help of the lovable rogues who share her house, and in the end is able to catch both the one responsible for the Opal Murders (as they have been dubbed by the time of the next book) and the Shadow Snake. Now you know why they call her Terrier.


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In Paths Not Taken, two minor villains - a married couple who'd bargained to ensure they'd never be parted - incur some karmic retribution for their misdeeds, and are fused into a single monstrous creature. It's strongly implied, albeit not stated outright, that the resulting creature will become the Lamentation.

Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined: The Amalgam can incorporate other characters into their system as they progress. Those who take the "Equal and Opposite" move also have a rival who is the fusion of the rivals of all the Amalgam's hearts.


Each chimera can be sacrificed to give its ability and a stat boost to one of the other three, representing the chimeras fusing into a single combined monster. The background of each card's art shows a sketch of the combined entity they can become.

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It's not just cynicism that makes the world of Kamen Rider Build seem terrible. It really is a terrible place that just keeps on falling apart because Humans Are Bastards. Sento Kiryu believes that it can be better and uses what meager existence he has to make it work. It's hard to stay a true hardcore cynic when hanging out with him as several people found out.


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You are what you make of yourself. If you are a villain, you were not doomed to villainy, your choices made you so. If you are a hero, you were not destined for greatness, it was the combination of your choices that made you that way. Under this philosophy, great heroism and great villainy are both possible by choice. Albert Camus, in his Myth of Sisyphus, went even further, insisting that even when you know you're going to lose, that's no excuse to not keep trying.

Only for being told they are just blind cynics and that mindset is one of the roots of those troubles. Onizuka went so far to tell Urumi her outlook is not logical; it's cowardly.


Danzo also embodied this mindset. Playing the dark to Sarutobi's light, he was quite the Well-Intentioned Extremist. Unfortunately, his actions contributed to the Start of Darkness of Nagato, Kabuto and Sasuke, among other indirect consequences of his actions. By the time Danzo was killed off, he ultimately left behind a huge mess for everyone else to clean up while he utterly failed to accomplish anything.

Priyanka Maheswaran & Steven Universe

Out-of-Genre Experience: Both within the movie and within the series as a whole. It's a Bond movie, but it largely has the trappings of a Blaxploitation crime drama. Except for the twenty minute chase in the Louisiana bayou, during which both Bond and the Blaxploitation villains find themselves plunged into a Smokey and the Bandit type Southern action comedy.


People aren't gonna give you free gems if you just ask for them. Maybe if you make alot of good friends and its like your birthday or something but its a very low chance.

In Umineko: When They Cry, this is the whole point behind the final game. Battler deliberately shows Ange an idealistic scenario where the entire Ushiromiya family's on their best behavior, and Ange quickly catches on that this isn't the actual truth of what happened on Rokkenjima. Battler responds by challenging Ange's negative preconceptions of the family that led her to become so bitter and resentful in the first place, and points out that remembering how much she was really loved is more important than knowing the truth of what happened. Interestingly, this allows Bernkastel to try pulling the opposite lesson on Ange, and it works for a bit before Ange discovers the truth for herself and eventually sides with Battler. This is further reinforced in the Magic ending and the manga conclusion, where Ange goes on to become a bestselling author and reopens the Fukuin household that Kinzo had founded.


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This is one of the main messages of The Rise of Skywalker, Zorii Bliss tells Poe that the forces of darkness are actually depending on people's fear and cynicism, reminding him that the forces of good and decent people greatly outnumber those of the dark. She is proven correct, during the climax of the Film.