The VOCALOID3 engine was released on October 21, 2021, with major improvements in synthesizing techniques as well as backwards compatibility with VOCALOID2. The engine was also modified to be standalone, meaning voice banks are sold separately but do not need to be patched on every VOCALOID3 engine update. In addition, better support for non-Japanese/English languages was added. This lead to the development of many new VOCALOID3s covering new languages, including Spanish via Voctro Lab’s “Bruno” and “Clara”, Korean via SBS Artech’s “SeeU”, and Chinese (no VOCALOID3 voice bank yet). In addition, a new “VocaListener” plugin is planned to be released for VOCALOID3. The plugin takes a real user’s singing voice data and adjusts the VOCALOID sound data to match the original singer’s inflections and details. This can result in more realistic sounding VOCALOID3 output in the future and is an important step forward in voice synthesizing research.

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It scares and angers some; as they dread the idea of “elitists” approaching cosplay with such a mindset. Recently, I came across a tweet by @0Becki expressing concern towards those with this mentality. They felt that cosplay is a hobby and not a competition, that they should share tips with others, and they should hang out with cosplayers (who are cosplaying as the same character).


I love the work 4LS put into Katawa Shoujo. Plus, I never owned a video game artbook before.

Deep down in me, there was a fire building up. The fire of craving more knowledge. There were other guys with me who also had that fire in them. Out of the 20-30 people in attendance, only five of us stay after the panel (to speak with Chris). Two were working on their own visual novels, two were fans of the genre and also hungry for more knowledge, and of course, me; who was moved by this.


Learning from their mistakes and given plenty of user feedback, Crypton Future Media revisited their old works, re-recording the voice banks and releasing higher quality, better polished and mood-focused “Append” voice banks for Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len/Rin. Using lessons learned from Megurine Luka, the first bilingual VOCALOID, Crypton Future Media recently started to develop an English (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2600) voice bank for Hatsune Miku. Although incomplete, the Miku English demo piece sounded noticeably better than Luka’s English voice. At around the same time, Yamaha released new VOCALOID2s VY1 (female voice) and VY2 (male voice). These newest voice banks sounded drastically cleaner and higher quality than any of their VOCALOID2 precedents with minimal manual tweaking needed of voice parameters, reflecting improved understanding in how to best prepare voice banks.

On the Japanese pixiv website, there are currently almost 300,000 entries, making it one of the most popular tags. On the English (click now) deviantArt website, there are over 400,000 entries tagged for VOCALOID.


Fans are divided on whether Rika and Rikako from Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream are the same person or not. Both are more scientifically-minded than most Gensoukyou residents.

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It’s funny because days prior to AWA, I had two When They Cry related dreams. The first dream was of me at Anime Weekend Atlanta. I was cosplaying as a genderswap Bernkastel, but I got kicked out from the con for being too drunk (Bernkastel drinks wine and gets drunk so I had to play the role you know even in my dreams), not wearing my badge, and telling con staff that I don’t give a fuck about having a badge.


Currently boasting around 3000 members, this server is dedicated to the chatter of, and discussion for anime lovers, game lovers, and anyone willing to stop by with common interests. There's always something to talk about, so don't be shy, and say hello! We in the administrative team wish you a wonderful stay at Tenshi's Peach Garden!

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Eventually, I decided the only way I was going to fix the problem was to come out of retirement (funny thing, the first time I edited Wikipedia reverted the entire page back to the bad version, haha). For the curious, that’s what it used to look like.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a (cleaner) copy and paste free write of my thoughts of the evolution and history of the Western anime fandom taken from my Facebook page Yuki The Snowman. As such, I was shooting from the hip; so it is unstructured and lacks research and sources to a few statements.

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Formidable is an Illustrious Class Aircraft Carrier for the Royal Navy occupying card slot No. 147 within the Azur Lane mobile game. She is a 3 star super rare ship that you can limit break 3 times maxing her out as a 6 star ship.


Box hako english patch

Speaking of, his talk about business, and how his networks pretty much inspired me to work on my grind, hustle, and brand. Here’s a young dude around my age with his own company, out here making moves and great money. I’m sitting here listening about his work.

This time, we took a plunge deeper as well, and Haruta interviewed two of these cosplayers. First up, we have Shimizu Taichi (清水 泰地).


For most amateur artists, the work was released in its full form online as a means of evaluation of skills or as a means of contributing back to the VOCALOID community. Those who wanted to also distribute the original song files often included download links in the video descriptions themselves. Otherwise, users could use third party websites or tools to rip the audio track of the uploaded video and convert it to MP3 format; the free Nicosound service provides this for NND while numerous free online websites and browser tools offer a similar service for YouTube.

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Despite originating as a mere stage 2 boss, her Boisterous Weakling Large Ham status made her surprisingly popular with the fanbase, though her fame really exploded in Phantasmagoria of Flower View where ZUN himself turned her into a memetic juggernaut with the infamous "⑨ - Baka" in the instruction manual. To this day, Cirno is one of the most popular minor characters in the series, continues appearing in the games semi-regularly as either a minor foe or even a playable character, and has had a spinoff title centered entirely on her.


The general consensus is that Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom would be a much better game if Junko, the final boss, was better designed. She's themed around having Boring, but Practical attacks, and as a result, all but a few of her attacks are variations on expanding danmaku rings, which, as several big-name Touhou players have pointed out, are the easiest and quickest danmaku patterns to program. Most of them require extremely tight micrododging, which makes playing as anyone but Reimu painfully difficult and leads to a lot of clipping deaths.

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Sure, I can watch old anime and ignore the new shows. With older anime, there’s no need to dread on the fact that the next episode of an anime won’t come out for a week. Plus, older shows already have an established fanbase, which makes it easier to talk to fans of it (sans the asshole die hards with no personality who think they’re better than everyone because they watch the show on its original run 10-25 years ago).


You're gonna shake your "pon pon pon" all night with Pocaille. He tickles different music styles in his mixes and he's always looking for new sounds to make you dance. A regular at the Otakudance, he's waiting for you this year with his "no compromise" energy.

MAlice Cannon in Imperishable Night. Lasers in the earlier Touhou games were somewhat laggy in their hit Alice and Marisa rapidly, and Alice's full damage would go through, the lag on the laser covering the time as Marisa. Interestingly, without this trick the Marisa/Alice team is woefully underpowered.


My friend “Adrian” (name changed because I’m the star and he’s not) and myself arrived in Chicago at 2:00pm Thursday afternoon after a long 10 hour trip from St. Louis via Amtrak. You see, Amtrak was running a special deal. Riders will have to suffer through delays and constant route changes with no explanations!

The Hatsune Miku bundle

No Yay: Unless you're into giantess and/or vore, it's hard to ship Shinmyoumaru sexually with anyone due to her minimal size. It gets worse due to the implication that she's the Last of Her Kind.


Take what you know about (real) hip-hop culture, give it steroids and make it British. No, not fucking high class sip tea and eat crumpets British. I’m talking the low income, brutal lifestyle of the the British. Rap battles taking place inside decaying buildings and under bridges. Harden street rappers going berserk with their personal attacks against rivals and enemies.

Absolutely no one saw Yukari returning in Antinomy of Common Flowers coming. While a popular character, her last playable appearance was in Hisoutensoku, and outside of a few minor appearances in the side materials, she hasn't had much of a presence in the series itself.


If you’re like me, a content creator with a “real” job, then you know how much of a chore it is to try to watch and talk about anime. It’s bad enough that we have to dedicate 40+ hours a week to earn worthless pieces of paper we call money (unless you’re using the money to help you buy and consume drugs at an anime con after party, then it’s not useless). But what’s worse is not having enough free time to focus on our purpose; just limited time.

The World of Hatsune Miku - A brief overview of VOCALOIDMiscPrevNextPrevNext

These users decided to share or “reprint” VOCALOID videos from NND onto the popular English (view it now) video-sharing website, YouTube. Otomania’s cover of “Ievan Polkka” featuring Hatsune Miku was reprinted on YouTube on September 7, 2007 (four days after the NND upload). These videos were generally well received by the Western world and mass reprinting occurred. Because of the larger user-base of YouTube compared to NND and NND’s registration requirement, YouTube reprints would often end up with higher view counts than their original NND counterparts. The YouTube reprint of Otomania’s cover of “Ievan Polkka” currently has over 7 million views, whereas the NND original upload only has 3/5 million views. JASRAC copyright negotiations also affected YouTube; however, the effects of the subsequent video deletions had a lesser effect on increasing VOCALOID video popularity, most likely due to its larger video base due to its longer history and lower content of AMVs. While YouTube never featured any VOCALOID-exclusive subsection, on July 2, 2021, Crypton Future Media launched the English website MIKUBOOK.com for the sharing of VOCALOID songs hosted on YouTube.


Parting with the artbook feels like I’ve finally parted away from Katawa Shoujo for good. It’s been five years, it’s time for me to move on. I best use the $40 to wipe the tears away.

If you want the convention to flourish, you must buy a badge. Ghosting hurts the convention as they lose money to stay afloat.


Zhiyu Moke (徵羽摩柯), he is one of the winning designs for the Vocaloid China Project, it is currently unknown if he will get a voice but what we do know is he can be see playing a instrument in the official Vocaloid China Project website along with the other characters that are also not confirmed as Vocaloids. Also here is Zhiyu Moke’s story also translated.

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Attending Comiket is kinda magical, and always leaves me with a sense of awe, sense of exhilaration, and a sense of fulfilment in the end. I’m sure everyone feels this magic too.


Partying is not a secret at the convention scene, so I’m going to say this: please know your limit when consuming drugs or alcohol. Don’t consume drugs or alcohol on the convention grounds. Leave that shit in your room If you smoke trees in an illegal state, spray yourself down or cover the smell with tobacco smoke. Be aware if law enforcement catch your ass with that shit, you’re getting locked up, no tolerance. Do not drink if you’re underage. Do not serve underage people alcohol.

Image: I have been pointing out for several months that our blond haired image of Leon is technically incorrect, as the box states both him and Lola are “Soul singers”. Soul music has its origins in African American music. In fact, Lola and Leon are typical singers of their genre (Lola more so than Leon I note). The sole image of that blond Leon also restricts creativity; Leon is without an avatar at the moment (Zero-G mentioned in early 2021 this might change). Until the VY series this was something that was foriegn amongst the other Vocaloids, particularly since all Japanese Vocaloids had a mascot on the boxart. But I do note (for those who can’t be bothered to read), Cantor had pretty much the same style of boxart and I sometimes wonder if anyone believes me when I say “it’s a reflection of that era”. There are non-art based portrayals, personas every fan puts on a Vocaloid themselves (I always view Leon based on the fact he was the soul English male voicebank for 6 years based on a joke at VO forums). Still, there is also a lack of portrayals to contend with of any of Zero-G or PowerFX Vocaloids, and the ones they’re lumbered with are stuck into them because not enough people try to make their own version of Prima, Sonika, Big Al, etc. But in a nutshell they’re a reflection of the music industry they’re part of and fans have to understand that not every country has the same culture.


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First, (most) older anime suffer from a lack of discussion (around the show). Unless it’s a timeless show such as Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball, the chances of me finding people to talk about an older anime is rather low (and if it’s an obscure OVA from the 80s, then the chances of me finding anyone to talk about it are neigh impossible).

Rem from Re:ZERO returns for her sixth Hentai Pussy Pics gallery! Rem is skilled at Water Magic and Roswaal estimates her skill as being in the lower high. She is able to attack and heal using her magic. Rem wields a Flail (chained morning star) in.


Grudges and come up revenge aside, my boy and I got a top floor room. We’re top tier men so we gotta be at the top. After showering (not with Adrian, that’s pretty gay), I decided to head to the Hyatt to scan the place for anyone I know. Encounter another homeboy, “Joe”. Joe’s a cool guy who I really wish I could hang out with more often despite we live in the same city. Big black guy fighting game fan such as myself. After some small chat we decided to roll out to Rosemont Liquor, a super nice liquor store in Rosemont that you already know is gonna love the money they racked in from us alcoholic weeaboos.

Going back to the visual novel panel, I remember Chris saying how the Fate series completely dominated the visual novel anime genre (as it is the most popular VN anime of all time with how strong it’s going). Which is funny, because last year, I was attending a panel ran by Kana Ueda – the voice actress for Rin Tohsaka from the fate series. She talked about how for her, attending Anime Weekend Atlanta with her fellow voice actors and reuniting with a veteran Japanese voice who was once her mentor was “fate” (for them meeting there). Hearing Chris words on the VN scene, seeing people who still have a passion for it, and cosplaying as Monika, I couldn’t help but reflect on Ueda’s statement on fate.


To some fans, Okina showing up as the Bonus Boss was a little uninspiring, and they think that her final fight would be better handled if it was someone else. It doesn't help her survival spell, the only one of HSIFS, is considered among the worst and weakest survival spells, which leads to a player good enough to get to her fight bored for the duration of it.

When you start the dream journey you’ll be alone on the path. The faraway world of your dreams unseen, but you must keep on pressing on.


I've tried to keep similar formatting but MFC blogs aren't exactly fully rich-text (the end-notes didn't get copied over for example). The complete, properly-formatted PDF version of this can be found here - feel free to reference the paper (although I recommend you check the primary/secondary sources first in the PDF's end-notes section).

Calendar method is useless, they ovulate 24/7. Impregnation will happen within the first week of trying.


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The focus shifted to Winter 2021 shows such as Mob Pyscho 100 2 and Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War. However, with the Winter 2021 season finished, the community are going to talk about the Spring 2021 season with shows such as One Punch Man 2, Carol and Tuesday, Fruit Baskets 2021¸ and Aftertouch (Shoumetsu Toshi). I have to be willing to talk about the new shit if I want an active audience, so I can’t waste too much time on the past.

This is just a place to hangout, we accept newcomers and all. We have a sfw chat for those who wish to avoid the horny and a nsfw chat for those who want to embrace the horny.


For me, I work on my content before work and do light studying on the topic of my content after work. I may skip breakfast (which I don’t recommend) to have more time to work on a post.

These girls are within the normal range of fecundity. You can safely get away with just pills. Calendar method is reliable if done correctly. It will probably take 2-5 months of trying for a baby to succeed.


Memes relating to anime were a driving force during the 2021 elections and could have inspired Donald Trump’s presidential win. At the end of 2021, Taiwanese politician Lai Pin-yu started cosplaying as Asuka Langley Soryu hit classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Public transit is better than Amtrak. You don’t get that fine Chicago-style piss smell on the Amtrak unlike Chicago’s CTA public transit. CTA ride was nice, sans some homeless diabetic begging money for heroine.


Can’t blame them on this one, really. We see this happen often with conventions grew massive in size and income. They get accused of “selling out” (note: knowing your worth and the worth of your brand isn’t “selling out”; that’s broke jealous dusty nigga/hipster talk). Once they “sell-out”, the content of the convention becomes water down and lose focus on the fan-driven material in favor of industry related items presented on the programming. Therefore, the loyal fans of the con since day one up and leave the con.

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Finally I can make my grand announcement to my haters that the guy they secretly want to fuck but can’t has arrive! The guy who they want to fight, but are too pussy to step up because they can’t carry their keyboards around.


On the hustlers and dreamer path, you may have to abandon friends and family members who won’t support you and your dreams. If you have people like that in your life, cut them out now.

Music lovers are not left out either. This is also the place for you to get your indie music, including niche and very niche genres like 電波ソング/萌えソング, みみかき. DJ mixes are also in. Check out this booth which caries both 電波 and Camelia’s creations!


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Luo Tianyi (洛天依), she is currently the only known of the picked designs to be getting a voice, she also has a story to go along with her. Here is a translation (thank you Vivi) of her information and story located in the official site.

About her name: Luo (骆) is the last name of a goddess (Luoshen, 洛神) in ancient Chinese legends, this goddess plays marvellous music and is considered as one of the goddesses of music in China. Tian (天) means Tianlai (天籁) that is sounds of nature, used in Chinese to describe the most beautiful voices. Yi(依) is short for Yiren (伊人) that means fair lady in ancient Chinese.


After that, I grabbed a glass and specific bottles and mixers: Vodka, Captain Morgan Apple Smash, Midori, Pineapple Juice, and Sprite. One-by-one, I pour the liquids in the glass. Thanks to the efforts of the Apple Smash and Midori, the drink gave off a lovely green color.

I left the POC shoot and decided to take a few pics inside the convention center. As I’m wandering around I spot a black woman wearing a shrine maiden outfit. Red pants, disconnected sleeves, white top, and purple hair.


This is me being utterly arrogant, but I don’t give a shit: If I would have gone with that Monika cosplay, I would have been the only Black cosplayer in that group doing a visual novel character cosplay. Is Doki Doki Literature Club a normie tier meme visual novel?

Reimu and Yukari's team in the same game, where they have perks of smaller hit boxes, a larger death bomb window, Reimu's homing shots that pack a stronger than usual punch, and Yukari's shot type (which has Ran locking on to an enemy and locking on, allowing the player to dodge easily while doing pretty nice damage). The only teams that can outdamage them need some skill/effort to pull off the set ups. There's good reasons why most 1cc runs are done with this team.


She had about three guys with her. It’s not that I’m scared of any dudes around their female friend(s), but given my mental fatigue, there was no way I could have an advantage for myself to spit game with her and beat out the competition (this is going to sound pretty fucked up but trust me; usually if a woman has a few dudes around her, they’re trying to get in her pants. This isn’t always true, however).

However, the word carried a nuance of disguise and didn’t quite capture the spirit of what cosplay had become. In the West the word ‘masquerade’ could be used to refer to costuming, but when Takahashi and some university friends tried to translate ‘masquerade’ into Japanese for a magazine article they were writing, it sounded ‘too noble and old fashioned’.


Miku isn't the first VOCALOID but she is the first VOCALOID2

The final boss of the ninth game's name is listed as "Shikieiki Yamaxanadu", causing some people to think Shikieiki is her first name and Yamaxanadu is her last name. Actually, the first word is her full name in Japanese order, so her first name is Eiki and last name is Shiki. Yamaxanadu is more of her job title, as she is the yama (judge of the afterlife) responsible for Gensokyo (which has been described as a paradise like Xanadu multiple times).

Which, now that I think about it at the time of this writing, she probably wasn’t; Given her and her crew were sitting outside the 18+ secret panel room (and the area the blocked off for anyone under 18) and they had beers. I blame myself for being an idiot who didn’t take a power nap to regain my mental focus after being up for 17+ hours with only 5-6 hours of sleep the night prior.


I have a slight interest in the genre and was wondering why visual novels and anime based on the niche have been on the decline for the past 3-7 years. I went; seeking knowledge from somebody who was much wiser than myself.

Touhou undefined fantastic object english patch
1 F1 2020 english patch 98%
2 Touhouvania 2 english patch 78%
3 Telefang 2 english patch 32%
4 Stronghold 2 english patch 57%
5 Starfox 2 english patch 50%
6 English patch ragnarok 2 27%
7 Maplestory 2 english patch 58%

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The general field of discussion was more or less the development of otaku culture over the years (for example, our main “textbook” was Saito Tamaki’s “Beautiful Fighting Girl“, which I do recommend). Our final project was to either write a 3-page essay on one of the three given topics, or a 5-page essay on a topic of your choice. Of course, I went with option 2.

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Calling Aya and the main game playable characters other than Reimu and Marisa "ZUN's girlfriends" or outright sluts because ZUN gave them their share of spotlight got really old after said characters built up substantial fanbases on their own and the games' rosters became more varied over time. It's also considered to be rather disrespectful towards ZUN himself, since he's now married and has children.


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It’s funny how hobbyist cosplayers get angry at the “elitists” for their competitiveness. Yet, they love these high-performing manga artists, ruthless anime directors, passionate game designers, what have you. Why it’s okay to praise those people for their high levels of desire and drive but it’s wrong for cosplayers to act the same?

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Prima was spoken about in the New York times I believe, but I do note that I have difficulty finding information on the post-Sweet Ann era in terms of technical information. Here is one of the Sound on Sound pages for everyone to read, this style of reporting disappears after Ann, remember!


Hatsune Miku - Bad Apple

Fan Myopia: Part of this stems from the sheer volume of fan material. Of course, most of the fan material comes from Japan — where Touhou (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8057) actually is that well-known.

I mean shit, I looked up to Bill Gates when I in middle and high school. Here was a nigga that was a total nerd in his school days. Was bullied for being a nerd, spent his weekends working on computers for 40 hours while everyone else was partying and doing stupid, unproductive shit. He played the long game with his brand and within a few decades, he became the richest men in the world.


Even Better Sequel: Urban Legend in Limbo is already considered a Surprisingly Improved Sequel to Hopeless Masquerade, and Antinomy of Common Flowers managed to improve it even further. Major mentions are the removal of the RNG-based Occult Ball system, and making projectiles deal Scratch Damage when blocked, so players can't just block everything. It also adds its own tag system, which doesn't rely on randomness and adds more depth to the gameplay.

Let me tell you guys something: This worked in my favor. More on that in a later chapter.


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So the anime and video game industry can notice my hardwork. I want to become lifelong friends with the niggas you stand in line for hours just to talk to them for twenty seconds out of your life.

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If you treat the strong and the weak the same way, the strong will have an advantage. Needless to say, quite a few grimdark doujinshi turn her into some sort of evil mass murderer who genocides "weak" beings.


This discord is just a relaxing place to chat about anything that isn't too negative, play around with some bots and all around have a good time! Trust us, we're all friendly and will be more then glad to have you in!

As VOCALOID video popularity reached mainstream Japanese media, record labels started to take note and sign on some of the more famous and well-known VOCALOID artists. The most prominent example would be ryo, the songwriter of the supercell group and best known for his songs, “Melt / メルト”, “World is Mine / ワールドイズマイン” and “Black★Rock Shooter / ブラック★ロックシュータ”. Previously, supercell was an unofficial, self-publishing “doujin” music group that released songs through NND and links to files hosted on personal blogs. In March 2009, however, supercell signed under the Sony Music Entertainment Japan label; their first professional music release album, titled “supercell”, sold extremely well and reached #4 on the Oricon’s weekly music charts. The ryo and the supercell group then continued to release numerous singles featuring non-VOCALOID singers, including songs for animes Bakemonogatari, Cencoroll, Guilty Crown, and many more.


The Phantasmagoria games probably can cause an even bigger rift in the fandom than Ten Desires. Some say it's the best thing ever happening in the series and want more versus shooters in the series, others shudder at the possibility every time a new game is announced.

This is doubly amusing, as Mokou, portrayed in Diamond in the Rough as completely apathetic to Brolli's cause by the end of the series, is instead one of Sumireko's closest friends in Gensokyo. Yukari, ironically, the agent for Brolli's appearance in Gensokyo, is actually surprisingly uninvolved when it comes to Sumireko.


Sequel Difficulty Spike: Every now and then. The most notorious examples usually cited are Subterranean Animism for every normal entry before it, and Shoot the Bullet, Double Spoiler, and Violet Detector to the entire series. Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, however, is quickly gaining notoriety for being even harder than Subterranean Animism, to the point that Save Scumming and Trial-and-Error Gameplay are the main gameplay gimmicks.

Anticlimax Boss: The True Final Boss of Antinomy of Common Flower The dream version of Tenshi Hinanawi who wanted to Take Over the World is a massive stepdown from the Final Boss. Her spellcards are either really slow or just predictable.


Following, Joe and I drove back to my hotel. During the drive, we spoke about fighting games, with Casual Player Neglect Fighter V being the main topic (Street Fighter 5) and how garbage it lowkey is. I brought up how for some reason despite not playing in months, I was able to beat my friendes who play nearly everyday with Karin.

I hope our tips will help you improve the quality of your experience at conventions. We wish you a great and happy convention season!


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I’d like to reiterate what I’ve said before, and this is the view of the organising committee: Everybody at Comiket is a participant. There are no sellers, no buyers.

Neo Tokyo Project Comics & Manga Category Feed

Comiket is getting more and more international every year, as they reach out to other countries with blooming culture and other countries reach in to Japan. The Comiket Official Page on Facebook said that they had probably just gotten the most number of international visitors yet. And this year, as part of their International Otaku Zone, they featured Singapore.


While out-of-state at a friends’ house catching up on old times, we were disusing plans on attending an up and coming anime convention in their area next year named Dokidokon. During the discussion, they mentioned how cool it would be for us to report on the convention, it’s growth, and recording the events as they unfold at the con. With glee, they stated that it would be exciting to take record of what we witness there. Further into the talk, it was mentioned that we’re living in perhaps the best time period for otaku history in the West and how it is important for us bloggers, vloggers, and content creators to record such events in history.

Mima's and Marisa's relationship. There's debate as to whether Mima's her teacher or mother or what. She is generally agreed to have taught Marisa some of her spells, since they have some shared or similar attacks.


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Play the Game, Skip the Story: While the fanbase is known for focusing much more on characters and lore than on the core games, there are a number of people who only play the games to enjoy some good Bullet Hell action. Most of these people are fans of the overall Shoot 'em Up genre, rather than being fans of Touhou in particular.

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All I know is that this man is cool ass businessman and has his own online advertisement company. Make that new money young nigga.


Formidable from Azur Lane makes her return in today’s first hentai gallery! An event only ship, Formidable can only be obtained during the “Empyreal Tragicomedy” event. Making her a rather elusive ship to add to your fleet. She is part of a trio of Illustrious Class.

These girls are at the lower end of the fertility scale. Pulling out is the only form of birth control you will likely need. You're more likely to use the calendar method to try to conceive, rather than prevent, with these two. It will probably take 6 months to a year of trying before you get pregnant.


Believe in your passion, it’s your main focus and at times, it’s the only thing that you can believe in. Envision yourself as an unstoppable inferno, and do not allow anyone to attempt to put out your flames. There will be people who’ll want to stop your shine.

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I poked her on her shoulder and asked. She smiled and I started to geeked out. Somebody still has love for Higurashi and is cosplaying at the con; (to my knowledge) she was the only Higurashi cosplayer at the con. Either way, I was just fucking happy to see somebody cosplay as a character from one of my favorite visual novel anime series.

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Since then, Shimizu has cosplayed several other characters, such as Alexander the Great from Fate/Zero, Broly from Dragon Ball Z, and his most famous, Zangief from Street Fighters. When asked what his next cosplay plan is, Shimizu said he hadn’t thought about it yet, but he’s most likely bringing it out during Summer Comiket 2021!


It too is in Japanese, but you can download an English translation here

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Her family owns a music company. She is forthright in character, and likes to run about experiencing new things, even boys cannot compete with her on this. She likes music and hairy dolls. Is somehow quite annoyed by something related with her brother these days.


Just Monika is a cocktail I created for a party that I was going to throw at another hotel I had reversed (which was canceled due to unforeseen events). Initially, I was going to debut it at the party to celebrate DDLC’s first anniversary, but shit happened and I decided to do it for a friend’s party I was bartending for.

I took her picture of course and told her that her cosplay was lovely. My only regret is that I didn’t tell her I appreciate her for cosplay as a Higurashi character and that it made me want to do a When They Cry cosplay again (I used to cosplay as Goat Butler from Umineko for a while). I should had left my friends behind and let them go back to the hotel while I chopped up some game with the woman.


Viewer Species Confusion: Saki is a Kurokoma, a type of mythical winged horse similar to a pegasus. However, when fans (particularly Western fans who couldn't read Japanese) first found out about her, many assumed that she was a bird due to her wings.

If I had enough time I'd follow UTAU and English Vocaloids too, but I don't unfortunately

Now, if you’re a critical thinker, you can see where this is going and know the solution to this problem. If people are dreading that some big conventions are “selling out” for big businesses, then that means that you are going to have people who are still in favor of fan-run conventions that won’t “sell-out”.


Cross channel english patch

People should share tips, be friendly, and help others. But they aren’t entitled to do such things. People have the right to be competitive with their passion. Competition is natural in any field. Competitive cosplayers enjoy it as it pushes them to work hard on their skills and talent to become the best. As long as it’s not toxic, competition isn’t bad.

Kurumi may be related to the Scarlet sisters. Her boss theme is called "Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme".


I’m dragging this story with nonsense filler and I pretty sure you guys want me to talk more about partying and less about my sappy self being inspired. A couple of more folks came over to pregame (who I won’t mention because my uncreative ass can’t come up with fake names). I think we played the godawful broken Sailor Moon Super S fighting game on my laptop, as well as a real fighting game like Super Street Fighter 2. I got bodied in both because alcohol. One of my friends noticed my Sailor Saturn sticker on my laptop and we had a nice chat about why we like and relate to her (socially awkward but love having few but very close friends). Come to think about it, I honestly forgot what happened from between me light partying and when I woke up the next morning.

Practically overnight after the full version of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature was released with Saki Kurokoma, to whom her explosive popularity is mostly attributed to her cowboy-inspired design; the sheer absurdity of a cowgirl Touhou made people doubt she was real at first, and tons of "howdy" and "yeehaw" related memes sprung up around her. Her cowgirl design also made her very popular amongst Americans.


You weren’t rejected because you like anime or video games. You got rejected because of you and you alone. Blaming your nerd hobbies only mean that you don’t have the courage to admit that you suck.

Yamame, despite not being outright popular herself, does have a fair number of fans and appearances in fan works because she belongs to a group of very popular characters note. It helps that she is a good-natured person.


Clock zero english patch

My unforgiving pettiness aside, I really do hope the visual novel genre does make a comeback. I’ll do more cosplays from it. Hell, even if it doesn’t, I’ll keep doing it – no matter what.

Although being his first time debuting at Comiket, Kuro is no stranger to cosplay, having dabbed in the hobby for around one and a half years. His first cosplay was Kotetsu, from Tiger & Bunny, in his casual everyday wear.


Some of the most popular original songs by VOCALOID composers such as ryo (supercell), OSTER project, and kz(livetune) have continued in maintaining top video rankings on NND and the Weekly VOCALOID Rankings, with ryo (supercell)’s original piece “MELT / メルト” currently sitting at over 8 million views. Many popular VOCALOID songs have been so widely covered that choruses often feature tens or even hundreds of singers; for example, one chorus of Hachi’s popular Miku x Gumi song “Matryoshka / マトリョシカ” features over 200 singers mixed together. The rapidly increasing popularity of VOCALOID content on NND ultimately lead to the addition of a VOCALOID-exclusive subsection of the website in 2021.

Pes6 english commentary patch

So, readers, how do you make the time to watch anime? For my fellow content creators: do you find it hard to balance content creation and having a gig (if you work a normal job while building your brand)?


Mocking those who play "Easy Modo" is incredibly common, including in the games themselves, and stating "it's unforgivable to play Easy Mode unless you're a grade school kid" is one of the fans' many memes. Some take it further and insist that the only difficulty mode is Lunatic. This is a symptom of the already hardcore shmup crowd.

There's also disagreement within the fandom over how much Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth counts. It's the only official Touhou production that wasn't actually written by ZUN himself, and some of the characterization differs from his - especially since it's a gag series that plays fast and loose with such things to begin with.


A week later, I was in Los Angeles for Anime Expo. I was walking around the Downtown area where my eyes met this massive Fate/Grand Order poster hanging over a bank. I was with my friend (whom I told him about the dumbass saying that bullshit) and we laughed.

Firstly, let’s get the usual things out of the way. This year’s doujinshi had the usual top runners still on top: Kancolle (艦これ), Touhou Project (東方), Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞), [email protected], and Fate/Anything (and its spinoffs like Prisma Illya). Corporate booths had a really long queue for Gochiusa (ごちうさ), and the Grandblue Fantasy (グラブル) dakimakura (released ONLY on D2) sold out really fast. Nekopara was also present, and had cosplayers for each of the characters. Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel (快盗天使ツインエンジェル) was promoting its next season.


26 thoughts on “A Reflection On The English Vocaloids”

The first sign of this influence is her appearance in non-VOCALOID-related promotional material for special events. Starting in 2008, the Good Smile Company has been sponsoring different teams in the Super GT grand tour racing competition and turning their cars into VOCALOID-covered itasha cars. Each year, new car designs and mascot Hatsune Miku outfits are created as official Hatsune Miku derivatives. The 2021 win lead to great public attention toward the mascot (Miku) but also a special “Racing Miku 2021 First Win Version” figurine being produced by Good Smile Company. Another example of deeper cultural impact can be seen in the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, a famous festival held with millions of visitors who come to see snow statues and ice sculptures. Starting in 2021, Crypton Future Media started sponsoring the winter festivals, with images of a yearly “Snow Miku” design placed around the town and sculpted in snow or ice. This general integration of the Miku character into large scale cultural events unrelated to VOCALOID helps push Miku into a position of an accepted icon.

Oddly enough, Cirno finds herself both in the Memetic Badass (above) and Memetic Loser situation. You have those who portray her as much more powerful and competent than she normally is, those who portray her as a complete idiot and utterly worthless, and then you have those who wish both of those factions would just shut the hell up about her.


Small Reference Pools: For the Shoot 'em Up genre. Either this is the only shoot-em-up series most people (especially in anime-oriented communities) know, or every shoot-em-up is compared to Touhou.

Fate ccc english patch

With Doki Doki Literature Club’s release and people comparing it to Katawa Shoujo, I saw my chance. I made a listing for the book and put in on the market. Within seconds, my friend hit me up asking if she could buy it off me. Within seconds, we made a deal for the book: $40 – twice as much as I back the Kickstarter (yeah there’s that five years’ worth of price inflation and all that fun shit but whatever I don’t feel like doing inflation math).


Luo Tianyi and Friends Soon Joins Vocaloid Family! « 初音ミク: Our DIVA

Breather Level: While the final bosses are devastating, the final stage tends to be mercifully short, often with enemies that drop full powerups. Reisen is infamous for being one of the easier stage five bosses.

They want a Japanese vocaloid that sings in English

With the wild popularity of VOCALOID and Hatsune Miku among the general consumer population, companies in the entertainment industry immediately jumped at the commercial opportunity. The first gaming company to do so was SEGA, with the development of a PlayStation Portable (PSP) rhythm game, “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA / 初音ミク -Project DIVA-”.


The Swarthy Nerd Podcast: A Black nerd empowerment podcast where Black nerds (well, all nerds, but Black first and foremost) can get together and talk freely about nerd culture while also acknowledging systematic white supremacy and racism in the nerd and Eastern otaku fandoms. Every Tuesday join @superlostfan108 and @weebtrashyuki the founders of for there very informative podcast talking about all things nerdy. No desperate boot licking self hating negus who were never accepted by Black norimes for being too weird for their love of anime and comic books by the Black community allowed.

Kogasa is the new youkai moe~, due to the umbrella she carries (like Yuuka - the first youkai moe~), her chew toy/woobie status, and a high level combination of moe factors. This ultimately results in fanart that looks like this.


The game (set in a boarding school for disabled students) touched countless lives and inspired many to better themselves. Except me; I’m still on some asshole shit even after finishing the game years back, but whatever.

Outside of politics, we’ll see anime shining strong in the mainstream limelight through collaboration with major companies in various fields of entertainment. Example: Hatsune Miku, the virtual idol of Vocaloid fame will be performing at Coachella this Summer 2021. Something like this could open the door for Japanese virtual idol music producers to collab with Western artists. Perhaps one day in this decade we will see Miss Hatsune actually performing alongside Big Boi, Killer Mike, and Jeezy at a concert this decade (hip-hop artists sampling from otaku related media is nothing new of course).


As content creators, we must take advantage of this era of Western anime history. We must take part and note of the trends and the happenings of the fandom – despite the fact if we love or loathe such trends and happenings. Remember: future generations of anime fans will be curious on how their favorite shows and beloved parts of the culture became to be. They will research the roots of their favorites and find connects to the past (that is currently our present). There needs to be a record of what is going on today in the world of anime: both in the East and here in the West.

Touhou 11 english patch

If this show inspires you to gamble and you never gambled before, well, good luck to you and everything. Just know that you’re an idiot and it’s your fault if you lose. Go watch/read Kaiji or something so you can learn that gambling ain’t really all that amazing.


When asked for his reasons for starting cosplay, Kuro said that he went to a party with his upperclassmen, where everyone is a cosplayer. Due to the influence, he decided maybe he should give it a go, and since then he hasn’t stopped yet.

Chinese Vocaloid Luo Tianyi & Friends Revealed

Scrappy Mechanic: The Occult Ball system in Urban Legend in Limbo versus mode. These balls will randomly appear in battles with one of seven random effects. Players then need to scramble through the battlefield to chase the ball around instead of actually fighting each other, because the ball is needed to perform each character's Occult Attacks. While this isn't a big deal for some characters, some other characters like Miko depend heavily on their Occult Attack to perform well in the fight.


If you can think of an anime, there’s a good chance that you will find it online. No more wasting time and gas money traveling miles to a nearby video store in hopes you can get your anime fix. No longer do we need to call up a certain BBS to communicate with fellow fans of a peculiar anime and wait two-to-eight hours for a response.

We know that some people are better suited for one or the other. Our default character slots are 3 OC characters, 3 canon characters, and one flex slot which allows you to choose between a fourth OC or canon. You may request more if your slots are full, but you will have to be active with all of your characters to be approved for one. Also, we ask that you make a character within three weeks, unless you give a reason as to why that can't be done. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it and staff or loremods might be able to help you!


The most prominent example would be ryo, the songwriter of the supercell group and best known for his songs, “Melt /メルト”, “World is Mine /ワールドイズマイン” and “Black★Rock Shooter /ブラック★ロックシュータ”. Previously, supercell was an unofficial, self-publishing “doujin” music group that released songs through NND and links to files hosted on personal blogs. In March 2009, however, supercell signed under the Sony Music Entertainment Japan label; their first professional music release album, titled “supercell”, sold extremely well and reached #4 on the Oricon’s weekly music charts. The ryo and the supercell group then continued to release numerous singles featuring non-VOCALOID singers, including songs for animes Bakemonogatari, Cencoroll, Guilty Crown, and many more.

Look, fuck all that lame boring shit that the average con attendees will tell. I’m here to too you the the real grimy shit. You can trust me on keeping it real.


Thanks Something Awful for that reality check. I never went to a convention since.

From my own estimation, there are only maybe 1,000 of Tomorrow Today in existence. I am doubtful that the other owners of this book are willing to part with it (that or they’re smarter than me and waiting for the value to increase as the years pass by).


Subterranean animism english patch

Gensokyo était à l'origine une région désertique et hantée du Japon depuis des siècles. Les youkai qui y vivaient terrorisaient les peuplades environnantes, et pour y parer, d’héroïques humains y furent envoyés pour les exorciser et les exterminer. Les affrontements entre humains et youkai perdurèrent jusqu’en 1884, année où Gensokyo fut scellé de ce monde de plus en plus scientifique et sceptique par l'érection de la grande barrière Hakurei. Depuis, il n’y a eu que très peu de contacts entre nos sociétés. Le seul portail connu à ce jour entre notre monde et gensokyo est le sanctuaire Hakurei, isolé dans les montagnes à l’extrême est de la barrière.

Hatsune Miku was released with the upgraded VOCALOID2 package many years later. Despite not being the first VOCALOID, its unexpected popularity brought public attention to the VOCALOID technology, resulting in not only numerous more VOCALOID products from Crypton Future Media but also other licensing companies such as Internet Co, Ltd, AH Software, PowerFX, and even Yamaha themselves. Other early Japanese VOCALOID2 products (and their subsequent personas) received notable online popularity, including “Kagamine Rin and Len”, “Gackpoid: Kamui Gakupo”, “Megurine Luka”, and “Megpoid: Gumi”.


Japan), don’t wear your cosplay to the event. Pack it in a small carry-on bag and don’t put it on until you get to the event.

Most early games will show a post-game statistics screen, such as the percentage of the game completed, how many lives you lost, how many bombs you fired, how many spellcards you captured, etc. This was sadly abandoned starting from the 10th main game, Mountain of Faith.


This removed a lot of the previous target audience from the English capable Vocaloids

The box for the software featured an illustration of an anime-style teenage girl in a grey-schemed school outfit, turquoise-coloured tie and pigtails reaching the ankles, black headphones, a digital music equalizer embedded on her sleeve, and the digits “01” stamped on her left shoulder. Despite Crypton Future Media’s poor success with previously released VOCALOID software, the character design for HATSUNE MIKU was so well received that the software rocketed at the top of software sales rankings on September 12, selling close to 3,000 copies in the first 12 days.

Perhaps it was fate for me to go to that visual novel panel, network with him (being unaware that of his work Anime News Network), talking to people about how visual novels made them happy and being upset that the genre is on the decline. Was it fate that I saw that Hanyuu cosplayer after having two When They Cry related dreams?


It’s that “for us by us” mentality that most nerds crave when it comes to anime conventions. Fan run content that shows the true passion and appreciation of fans of this medium in an event that provides the means for such fans to talk about their love for anime – in person with other fellow fans.

Gensokyo est essentiellement peuplée de youkai, mais un nombre décent d’humains et de lapins y vivent aussi. Certains de ses habitants s’y sont rendus pour se cacher, s’enfuir, ou pour y trouver asile lorsque qu'on ne les acceptait nulle part ailleurs. Beaucoup d’entre eux aiment simplement les ténèbres de la nuit.


The second one was of me at Anime Expo. I was wearing a way better version of my Goat Bulter cosplay. As I was walking out and about there was a group of Umineko cosplayers. A Bernkastel cosplayer spotted me and asked if I wanted to join them for a few photos, which I agreed to.

Artificial mermaid english patch

A professional body builder who’s put his muscular body to good use for his hobby, Shimizu has always loved anime and manga since young. One day it suddenly occurred to him that his body figure is similar to some of the anime and manga characters. So he decided, why not cosplay these characters? Thus he debut during Summer Comiket 2021 as the green superhero Hulk from Marvel Comics.


NND had just launched less than year earlier and had just picked up steam. The Japanese’s love for video memes, covers, and remixes combined with the low original video count on NND at that time meant wide-scale exposure of the “Ievan Polkka” video. In October 30, 2007, only two months after the release of Hatsune Miku, the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) started holding contract negotiations with Niwango, the operators of NND, concerning copyright fees on hosted video content. At that time, a large portion of NND video uploads consisted of user-created remixes of (often-copyrighted) anime clips to (often-copyrighted) audio, also known as anime music videos (AMVs). This pressure from JASRAC supposedly discouraged the uploading of AMVs or other material that was not entirely user-created; later, copyright-infringing videos started being removed from NND.

Bumped pso2 english patch

The support and love towards Kakegurui was felt online. The flashy fans showcased their cosplays – dressing up as their favorite character. The artsy ones use their visual talents to produced fanart of their favorite girl. The musically included fans gifted the fandom with the sound of music – remixes and piano covers of the OP were poppin’ up on YouTube. There was even an ero doujin staring Yumeko having sex with some guy whom she poked holes in his condom (because Yumeko loves her thrills and risks)! Hell, some fans were even inspired to gamble or challenge others to gambling matches because of this show.


Somebodyrandom, a regular over at Vocaloid Otaku (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=9483) and one of the main editors on the Vocaloid Wikia, wrote an article for Vocaloidism on the subject of the Vocaloids (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/vocaloid-otaku-touhou-s-english-patch.zip) produced outside Japan: how can the popularity gap between them and the Japanese Vocaloids be explained? Is it a problem of language, synthesis quality, or maybe fandom? Read on for some of her thoughts on these questions.

Pop Culture Holiday: The ninth of September (09/09) is "Cirno Day" because the date has two nines, the number associated with Cirno. Touhou fans celebrate every year with a plethora of Cirno pictures.


The Hentai Pussy Pics Blog Feed

So the following months I bombarded it with links and information to pull the page together. In doing so, I pulled out information on the English capable Vocaloids like their reception, something that was difficult to find for Japanese Vocaloids (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=5731).

Alice Margatroid: in canon, a calm, stoic woman who prefers being alone. In fanon, is turned into a creepy loser idiot yandere for the same reasons.


More tracks like Hatsune Miku - Bad Apple

Well, you can cosplay anywhere, but keep in mind that cosplaying outside of convention events will mark you as a weird ass socially awkward idiot unaware of social cues. With that said, the world is your backdrop for your cosplays. Go dress as Marisa Kirisame from Touhou high off shrooms in the woods. On casual Fridays at the gig do homage to Urien’s pin stripped suit from Street Fighter V by matching his grey pin stripped suit, purple oxford shirt, cognac colored belt and shoes. Dress as Junko Kanno from ZombieLand Saga while completely coked out like any other 80s pop music star at your college’s music hall.

Went in and brought a bottle of pineapple New Amsterdam, a pack of 312 Goose Island Wheat, and big boy beer: My first 12% beer in my life. Trust me, drinking 12% beer is like smoking some fire ass kush after smoking that weak ass reggie for years on end. Forgot the name of the beer but they’re not sponsoring me nor this blog, so it doesn’t matter.


The Unfortunate Implications of Kantai Collection

Okina Matara is the mastermind behind the sixteenth game's unusual flow of seasons, using her ability to pour energy into anything through their backs as a show of power to remind everyone that she exists, as well as to replace her unwitting servants. In Visionary Fairies in Shrine, she turns a large number of fairies into stone cherries in order to draw out Hell's intentions, eventually getting a hold of one of their fairies and ordering the latter to come back to Hell's bigshots and tell of Okina's existence, effectively setting herself up as Gensokyo's deterrent against intruders.

Clannad psp english patch

Sad because there aren’t many Black nerds who are into visual novels. Angry at myself for deciding to (unsuccessfully) troll people with my shirt and not going to the shoot with wearing my Monika cosplay.


Pink Popo, your party police that has the sickest beats on lockdown! Pink Popo has been on duty since 2008, serving up some sweet, righteous sounds of electro with specks of J­-pop to the crowd. Come on down and move to your favorite anime theme songs with a cosplay DJ!

The Dark Side is that: The darkness part of your mind where only you know your deepest, true desires – your true self (Persona lol). Rather than let your dark side control and ultimately – destroy you – you control it. You use the darkest parts of your personality to push yourself towards you end goal(s).


Growing up as a (black) nerd in a backward ass Midwestern city was rough (in the early 2000s). Throughout middle and high school if you had nerdy interests, you were deemed a loser amongst your peers. Nobody (outside your fellow outcasted nerds) wanted to fuck with you. You were bullied, teased, and taunted for your nerdy passion. I too dealt with my fair share of bullshit from normies who didn’t have the balls to step out of their comfort zone; unlike us nerds who didn’t fuck with that fitting in shit.

Comiket is never complete without talking about the cosplay. From swimsuits to armour (the proportion of which swings depending on the temperature), there is a really great number of cosplayers that it makes perfect sense to chillout after hitting your popular booths (most are sold out around noon to 1pm anyway) and have a really long look around. You’ll also see endless blogs, tweets, and posts online of all the different cosplays each time Comiket comes around.


Touhou unthinkable natural law english patch

Asiasoft pso2 english patch

Ling’s big brother, his family owns a music company. He’s smart and is hopefully to become a successful president in the future.


Burnout paradise english patch

You were an amazing and fun series! In fact, you were maybe like, one of four shows of the past Summer season that didn’t disappoint me (unlike say Hajimete no Gal). In four months, you created a cult following of dedicated fans with superior quality episodes and entertainment. Expect for that atrocious episode 9 with that pointless Idol show (I give that trash a 2/5/10). Anyways, fans from all over the globe illegally streamed tuned in to watch 24 minutes of deranged, spoiled rich kids gamble their money and lives away.

Anyone new to Touhou series, especially western fans would find it rather difficult to see many seemingly pre-adolescence charactersnote having party and getting wasted on high frequency. Not only most of those "seemingly pre-adolescence characters" are actually Older Than They Look, the drinking culture in Japan is also different from many country in the west.


If you do not want to go on the cheap side of the cosplay game and you want high quality, then you will have to pay a decent amount of cash to get your cosplay created. Don’t know anyone who creates cosplays? Then check your local convention city scene for cosplay creators (such as anime con Facebook groups).

You see, Comiket is made of its people. Coming together, sharing such a huge passion for whatever they have (really whatever as you would have noticed by now), every single person there adds to how awesome this event is, and everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Even the rush for limited edition stuff are all done very nicely, very “politely” if I may say. And let us not forget the volunteers who work tirelessly for 3 days straight to guide the crowds. Their crowd control and systems they put in place are absolutely amazing (this one you can only understand once you personally see it).


Angst Dissonance: Parsee's entire existence revolves around her being miserable. This is played for laughs, especially by the fandom.

Piccolo server nato da una community online americana di giochi di simulazione politica, controllato da un fondatore italiano inesperto e solitario. Il server è a tema Netherworld di Touhou (find out more).


Katawa Shoujo touched many people. Katawa Shoujo inspired those who played it. I was inspired to sell my Tommorrow Today book for $40 to fund my hustle.