Godfather: Five Families is a Free-to-Play Browser-based MMORPG and Strategy video game by Kabam. The game offers a fantastic combination of Building and Management elements as well as it allows the players to strategically grow their Mafia business and earn respect among the neighborhoods. Godfather: Five Families is set in the era of Mafia businesses and depicts the happenings of the time, ten years after the legendary and blockbuster movie The Godfather. The game allows the players to select anyone of the Five Powerful Mafia Families including the Stracci, Barzini, Cuneo, Tattaglia and Corleone. After the selection of the Mafia Family, the players can get into the already raging war of seizing the control over the thriving world of Mafia business. Godfather: Five Families lets the players acquire neighborhoods by deploying Thugs and Mafioso on a specific part of the land, and once the land is acquired, the players are tasked to build various types of buildings, upgrade them and earn reputation among the other Mafia Families and rivals. From seizing the lands to hiring Mafioso, and taking down the enemies to building an empire, Godfather: Five Families offers engaging gameplay in which the players can rule over the neighborhoods in New York City and dominate over the Mafia World. Released back in 2021, Godfather: Five Families has a very large number of players around the globe. For all those who love playing MMOs with Strategy, Godfather: Five Families is not less than a treat.

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Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time.


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Just because you and your matches all match each other doesn’t mean that they are matching each other because of the same ancestor. In other words, your matches may match each other due to another or unknown ancestor. In our pedigree example, you can see that the three matches match each other in various ways.

Twilight 002 - Second Release

As can be imagined, the renewed Zoids line made vintage Zoids a suddenly lucrative resource. Vintage 1980s Zoids were suddenly being hocked on eBay and Japanese auction sites for massively inflated prices over their original value, even for Zoids that had previously been shelfwarmers. The Grade-Ups were the biggest winners here; having been never released in the west and unlikely to see a re-release, price for Grade-Ups went through the roof. And for some inexplicable reason, Godkazier became one of the most sought after and, consequently, most over-inflated. Loose, complete Godkaisers were going for over a hundred and fifty USD with boxed examples going for up to three hundred.


Kino Lorber has just announced that they will release the AIP science fiction classic QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966) on Blu-ray. The film stars John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Florence Marley, Judi Meredith and Dennis Hopper and was directed by the great Curtis Harrington (NIGHT TIDE, THE KILLING KIND). One of the cult movie titles that Scorpion Releasing suggested to Kino to license from MGM, special features will include a brand new interview with historian Robert Skotak, an interview with producer Roger Corman and possibly more. No street date has been announced yet, but this is the tentative cover for the Blu-ray.

There were four or five major iterations of the character before we finally got to Lucky. Early on, we knew we wanted to do an animal and a fox ended up working really well. He was cute, my kids were into that, and he also evoked something nostalgic. He looks like he belongs in plenty of games you’ve experienced before.


By that time, Ann and Charles have at least one son, Charles Jr, have probably been married about 9 years and most likely have had about 4 children. We know that Charles Jr. lived to adulthood, and it’s safe to say that Thomas born in 1781 is the second son that lived, but we don’t know if any of the children born between Charles and Thomas survived.

Godfather: Five Families Fast Troop Training and

Factory has just announced that they will be releasing SWEET KILL and NAKED ANGELS, from the Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line, on August 21. The DVDs will be available exclusively from ShoutFactory.com. In SWEET KILL (aka THE AROUSERS), former 1950s teen idol Tab Hunter gives a superbly chilling performance as Eddie Collins, a lonely and frustrated high school gym teacher who finds that he is unable to perform sexually with women because of repressed memories of his mother, leading to a series of murders to fuel his sexual gratification. Also, get an inside look at the bizarre lifestyles of the outlaw bikers in NAKED ANGELS, where many of the roles are played by actual members of the notorious Hells Angels in this classic Roger Corman production. The story revolves around a death feud between two rival biker gangs. Also starring Jennifer Gan (WOMEN IN CAGES), Richard Rust (THE STUDENT NURSES) and directed by Bruce Clark (GALAXY OF TERROR). Both titles are available for pre-order online for $19/99 a piece.


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The reason it’s important to test lots of close relatives is because even siblings inherit different pieces of DNA from their parents, and they don’t pass the same DNA to their offspring either – so in each generation the amount of shared DNA is probably reduced. I say probably because sometimes segments are passed entirely and sometimes not at all, which is how we “lose” our ancestors’ DNA over the generations.

This holiday season, get ready to fire-up with the action from four explosive Roger Corman gangster classics when Shout! Factory, in association with New Horizons Picture Corporation, unleashes the BIG BAD MAMA/BIG BAD MAMA II Double-Feature Collector’s Edition DVD and CRAZY MAMA/THE LADY IN RED Double-Feature Collector’s Edition DVD on December 7, 2021. A must-have for loyal fans, these two pairs of Roger Corman’s Cult Classics double-feature DVD sets boast new Anamorphic widescreen movie presentation with loaded extras. Aggregate your Roger Corman’s Cult Classics with these two double-feature collector’s edition DVD sets.


The usually elegant, clever meditations we've come to expect are nowhere to be seen; this film mostly seems cobbled together at random, with no clear sense of how to communicate a story with such scope (and we know he can do it, because Carlos), touching on immigration, CIA involvement, and the 1997 Cuban hotel bombings. As a result, Wasp Network never quite finds the right groove or an overall cohesion, though there are moments when you can glimpse what this might have been with a little more care and attention – or a three-hour runtime.

I do wonder why there were no pots and pans, silverware, candle holders, etc. The absence of these items if very unusual for this time period – and let’s face it, you can’t live without candles and silverware and Charles Dodson, while he wasn’t rich, he certainly was not a poor man.


If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about these things for now. Just know when you run into something more complex or that doesn’t make sense, I’m here and so are others.

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In order to achieve genealogical goals, there are four criteria that need to be met. All are required to achieve triangulation which is the only way to confirm a genealogical ancestral match to a specific ancestor.


In the book, “The Registers of North Farnham Parish 1663-1814,” the following map of the current and old Farnham Parish churches is shown. The current church was built in 1737, and the previous church was located some distance away, on the main road.

By this point, Playful had created forty games. Although none stood out as an obvious can’t-miss, there was one prototype they all believed in the most. But they had a little trouble admitting that at first because, in truth, it was among the ideas they thought least likely to pan out. This was the one idea that didn’t celebrate the first-person, immersive aspect that virtual reality offers; a third-person platformer called Super Capsule Bros. Inspired, of course, by Super Mario Bros, the prototype’s protagonist differed from its namesake. Instead of starring an Italian plumber, this one featured a blocky capsule (because that was one of the default shapes in Unity).


Charles Dodson clearly does have a close relationship with Peter Elmore. Unfortunately, we really don’t know why. Are they just close neighbors, or is there something more? If they are related, keep in mind that we don’t know who Charles Dodson’s parents are, who Peter Elmore’s parents are, who Jane Elmore’s parents are nor who Ann Dodson’s parents are. So if they are actually related, it could be through any of those individuals in any capacity.

You can see that on some segments, my grandfather and Roscoe inherited the same segment of DNA from their parents, because today, my mother gave me that exact same segment that I share with both Don and Cheryl. Those segments are exactly identical and shown in the black boxes.


Theories of Family Relativity

Severin Films recently announced that its future release slate includes the slasher classic BLOODY BIRTHDAY (perhaps best remembered for the before-she-was-famous topless dance of MTV star Julie Brown) directed by Canadian exploitation auteur Ed Hunt. In a recent interview recorded exclusively for this DVD, Hunt discusses his entire career and the film was transferred from the original negative in hi-definition, so this will be BLOODY BIRTHDAY as you’ve never seen it before! Severin is also planning a DVD of John Lamond’s Australian horror flick NIGHTMARES (aka STAGE FRIGHT) and the disc will include an audio commentary with Lamond, with the film being presented fully uncut and transferred in 2/35:1 from the original negative. Then there’s THE BABY, truly one of the most bizarre films to come out of Hollywood in the 1970s.

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The looking glass may have been a shared resource. Looking glasses were scarce and status symbols.


Without further investigation, we know that I match all of these people, but we don’t know what that information is telling us about my genealogy. We don’t know who matches each other, and we can’t tell which people are from my mother’s and father’s sides. We also don’t know who the common ancestor is or common ancestors are.

Gamelytic's Godfather: Five Families Troop Training

Kino Lorber have just confirmed that they will be releasing (to Blu-ray only) the 1974 AIP Blaxploitation zombie drive-in classic SUGAR HILL in June. The film stars Marki Bey, Robert “Count Yorga” Quarry, Don Pedro Colley, Richard Lawson and Charlie Robinson. Another AIP goodie that Scorpion Releasing recommended to Kino to license from MGM, the Blu-ray (which will be produced by Scorpion) will have brand new extras including an audio commentary with director Paul Maslansky, an on-camera interview with Maslansky, and on-camera interviews with actors Charlie Robinson and Richard Lawson. The film will be presented in 1080p utilizing MGM’s HD transfer. Pictured here is the tentative Blu-ray cover art (to be approved by the studio), but we hope they decide to keep it (as it’s the original AIP one-sheet poster art).


Each vendor has their strengths and shortcomings. As genealogists, we simply need to understand how to utilize the information available.

Each individual tester will have two groups of matches on the same segment, one group from their mother’s side of the tree and one from their father’s side of the tree. Each tester carries DNA inherited from both parents on two different “sides” of each chromosome. You can read more about that in the article, One Chromosome, Two Sides, No Zipper – ICW and the Matrix.


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Generally, we only utilize 7cM (centiMorgan) segments and above because at that level, about half of the segments are identical by descent and about half are identical by chance, known as false positives. By the time we move above 15 cM, most, but not all, matches are legitimate. You can read about segment size and accuracy here.

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Olive Films have just announced their October Blu-ray release schedule (with the titles also being made available on DVD) and DVD Drive-In readers will be happy to know it includes DR. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS, THE DEADLY BEES, PHASE IV, BREEDERS, A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA, FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS and SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK. These releases appear to be barebones, but you can expect reviews on most of these titles in the near future.


He is now calling these "imperfections" as "wabi-sabi", a Japanese aesthetic movement centered on the acceptance of imperfections. A Felicity missing the freckles (which are on the damn product page), the probable result of a missing paint mask was being touted on a Facebook group as "one of a kind", and another doll with a black dot on the body, the probable result of dust or something getting into the mold, was a "unique birthmark". Keep in mind that these dolls are upwards of $480.

By clicking on my Ferverda cousin, I can view the DNA we share, who we match in common, our common ethnicity and more. I have the option of comparing multiple people in the chromosome browser by clicking on “View DNA Comparison” and then selecting who I wish to compare.


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Its progressive design is a blend of a dressy yet sporty, that set the wave of luxury sports watches into motion. This timepiece is designed in a 37mm opulent case crafted in 18-carat rose gold with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel, this limited.

Scorpion Releasing has confirmed that they will release (going here) on Blu-ray and DVD, Umberto Lenzi’s underrated 1974 giallo SPASMO. The Italian thriller stars Robert Hoffman, Suzy Kendall and Ivan Rassimov. This release will include both English and Italian audio with optional English subtitles, a vintage interview with Umberto Lenzi, and an original trailer. The release (more hints) date will be some time in July, and the Bu-ray will retail for $29/95 and DVD will be $19/95. In the meantime, here’s the very enticing Blu-ray cover art!


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The only way to assure that the matches between the three people above are due to the same ancestor is to look at the segments with a chromosome browser and compare all 3 people to each other. Finding 3 people who match on the same segment, from the same side of your tree means that (assuming a reasonably large segment) you share a common ancestor.

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Their ethnicity predictions are acknowledged to be excellent. Ethnicity at 23andMe is called Ancestry Composition, and you’ll see that immediately when you sign in to your account.


Blake Harris: I figured that’s where this was headed. So tell me about how that happened. How did you go from capsule to fox? Were there other iterations in between?

I expect the 1728 entry is “our” John Hill, as he is clearly dead by April 1728 when Frances is shown in the court records as his executrix. Furthermore, three sons of Charles and Ann Dodson are still connected with this man.


Developed by The Local Group Platform DOS Published by The Local Group Released 1994 Genre Action Gameplay Arcade, Shooter Perspective 3rd-person (Other), Side view, Top-down Setting Sci-Fi / Futuristic Description The Orion Project is a single player space shooter released as shareware. In this game the player controls a space ship which is controlled entirely with the mouse, although a game pad is optional. One mouse button fires the thrusters, another fires the guns, while moving the mouse.

On September 23rd Kino Lorber will release to Blu-ray and DVD, Roger Corman's 1970 Cult Classic BLOODY MAMA starring Shelley Winters, Don Stroud, Bruce Dern, Diane Varsi, Pat Hingle, Robert Walden and Robert De Niro. This American International Pictures release, the first of a reported handful that Kino will be licensing from MGM, was produced and directed by Corman and will be available as a single release for the first time (it was previously only available on DVD as part of a box set of Corman films). Scorpion Releasing has recommended this title to Kino Lorber, and will be producing the disc and its extras, which includes a NEW on-camera interview with Corman and the original theatrical trailer.


At this point in time, it’s very unlikely for this John Hill, active in court, to be the husband of Ann Dodson Hill. Ann would have been about 85 years old by now, and John probably as well. They are very likely both deceased by this time and if John isn’t deceased, he’s probably not riding his horse to court. I stopped extracting John Hill information at this point.

You receive a chromosome with a piece of DNA at every address from both parents. Of course, this means you have two pieces of DNA at each address. Therefore people will match you on either piece of DNA. People from your Dad’s side will match you on the pieces you inherited from him, and people from your Mom’s side will match you on the pieces you inherited from her.


Without additional genealogy work, using DNA alone, I can’t say whether or not Cheryl, Rex and I all share a common ancestor. As it turns out, we do. Rex is a known cousin who I tested. However, in an unknown situation, I would have to view the trees of those matches to make that determination.

This isn’t a map of where your matches ancestors lived, but is where your matches THEMSELVES live. Furthermore, you can zoom in, click on the button and it displays the name of the individual and the city where they live or whatever they entered in the location field.


On 3/16, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Code Red DVD present THE FRED WILLIAMSON SIGNATURE COLLECTION. These will be the first in a series of titles that were directed by and star action hero Williamson in his famous roles, all in UNCUT DIRECTOR’S CUT versions! First is MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS (1976)! Ex-Vietnam vet Barrows (Williamson) has come home from a dishonorable discharge and is unable to find work and is living on the streets. A high school classmate (Stuart Whitman) offers him a job to wipe out rival mobsters in this action film filled with the hot Motown sound from Paul Riser.

Today’s new bits remind us of the nostalgic pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine! Kino Lorber has announced that they will be releasing the 1958 mummy monster flick CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN on Blu-ray. The film stars Richard Anderson, Elaine Edwards, Adele Mara and Luis Van Rooten and was directed by the great Edward L. Cahn (street date TBA). Kino will also be releasing the bizarre Canadian-made horror film THE MASK (1961) in a newly restored 3-D Blu-ray version on November 24th. More details to follow, but the actual cover for THE MASK can be seen above.


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Kino Lorber have announced that they will release MONSTER DOG (1984) on both Blu-ray and DVD in March! The film stars Rock Legend Alice Cooper, Victoria Vera, Carlos Santurio and Pepa Sarsa and was written and was directed by Claudio Fragasso (Clyde Anderson). Special Features on this release will be: Lord of the Dogs, a 43 Minute Retrospective Featurette (A Freak-O-Rama Production produced by Scorpion Releasing’s Walter Olsen) and the film’s Original Trailer.

Every vendor provides an estimated or predicted relationship based on a combination of total centiMorgans and the longest contiguous matching segment. The actual “linked relationship” is calculated based on where this person resides in your tree.


Other than Charles and Thomas Dodson, there is no indication in the Dodson research when the other children of Charles and Ann Dodson were born. Researchers simply have to fit them into the child-bearing years of Ann, around Charles and Thomas.

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A second row of tabs that include All, Paternal, Maternal and Both. These are the maternal and paternal tabs I mentioned, meaning that I have a total of 4645 matches, 988 of which are from my paternal side and 847 of which are from my maternal side.


If your match to Person A is below about 20cM, you’ll need to verify that it’s a legitimate IBD match (not IBC). You can achieve this by determining if Person A also matches one of your parents and if you match one of Person A’s parents, if parents have tested.

Check out SciFi Japan for an excellent article on MGM’s Midnite Movies DVD release of YONGARY: MONSTER FROM THE DEEP, including a lot of interesting background on the Korean monster classic. The article also contains an interview with former MGM Director of Technical Services, James Owsley, who is responsible for the stunning YONGARY transfer, as well as restorations of a number of Midnite Movies (including WITCHFINDER GENERAL, VAMPIRE LOVERS, CRY OF THE BANSHEE, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE and others). Essential reading for Midnite Movies fans and collectors!


Also For Windows Apps, Windows Phone Developed by Alpha Helix Productions Released 1993 Genre Action Gameplay Shooter Perspective Top-down Description In what has to be considered one of the most "original" games of all time, you are a flying beer in space. And the evil corporations are coming after you, so you must use your "beer power" to fight off wave after wave of corporate "beer".

Text messaging meets gaming, that was the general idea, and in August 2008 Paul and David Bettner left Ensemble Studios to further explore this notion. To keep overhead low, they worked out of the McKinney public library and over the next few months they created a game called Chess with Friends. And in November 2008, Chess with Friends was released on Apple’s just-four-months-old App Store.


Charles continues to sign deeds as a witness and appear in court, until in 1695, when the “Ozgrippin event” occurred. According to depositions, Charles, along with two other men went to the house of Matthew Ozgrippen (or Ozgriffen), apparently Charles Dodson’s tenant, and forcibly entered the house, beat Matthew and destroyed his tobacco and corn crop.

They thought flying would be the coolest thing in the world and so, in game form, tried things like putting players on the back of a giant dragonfly. Except every time they tried something like this, it was never as good as they thought it would be. It always felt too flat, like a matte painting and lacked any compelling sense of depth.


As part of its of its Warner Bros Archive Collection, WB has just announced the availability of the gory 1970 Brit sci-fi flick NO BLADE OF GRASS on DVD. Directed by acting legend Cornel Wilde, the film takes place after an environmental catastrophe destroys civilization. A couple (Nigel Davenport and Jean Wallace) try to lead their family (additional reading) to safety in a savage world, but sometimes a flight for salvation can become a journey to damnation! Raw, uncompromising and violent, the film was years ahead of its time. Rare screenings of the film over the years have been eagerly sought out by fans of extreme cinema, and its now available on home video in a full, uncut remastered 16x9 edition. The Archive Collection is also making available the 1981 slasher pic NIGHT SCHOOL, with Rachel Ward making her “scream” debut. The film will also be presented remastered and 16x9.

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Court Order Book May 28, 1694 Elizabeth Richardson POA to Thomas Dusin to acknowledge deed. Signed with mark, wit Ann Dodson by mark, Charles Dodson Jr. by mark and Charles Dodson Sr.


The old Farnham Parish church is just south of Emmerton in the bend of the road and the new church, built in 1737, is currently located at Farnham. The river near Sharps is Farnham Creek and the one heading northwest underneath the word Simonson is Morattico Creek.

Thomas is the only child attributed to Charles and Ann in the North Farnham Parish church records, which are known to be incomplete. In this case, they are quite incomplete.


Just in time for Halloween, Jennifer will street on Blu-ray and DVD on October 14th. Could BLOOD AND LACE possibly be next?

You can use the “In Common With” tool to see who you match in common with any match. My first 6 matches in common with Cheryl are shown below. Note that they are already all bucketed to my maternal side.


By looking at my matches’ genealogy, I’ve now been able to assign this particular segment on chromosome 5, on my mother’s side to ancestors Johann Michael Miller and his wife Susanna Berchtol. The same segment, on my father’s side is inherited from Charles Dodson and his wife, Ann, last name unknown.

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Two individuals do not match each other. If the overlap occurs without enough DNA matching to be over the threshold, non-matching can be the result. As you can see in the table and also on the chromosome graphic above, the orange and magenta are very offset from the other 3. Sure enough, these two don’t match the other 3 more closely aligned matches over the matching threshold, so either they don’t belong in this group or their overlap isn’t large enough for a match to each other. Looking for other clues, neither of those two are assigned to my father’s side through phased matching.


If your matches match you on the same segment on the same parental side, that’s segment triangulation, assuming the matches are IBD. Phased Family Matching does this automatically for you, where possible, based on who you have linked in your tree.

The only DNA that we could specifically identify today of Ann’s would be her mitochondrial DNA which is passed from mothers to all of their children, but only passed on to subsequent generations by females. Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about what happened to Ann’s two daughters, Anne and Elizabeth. We only know they existed because Charles’ will mentions them. They could have died or married, but regardless, we have no further records of these women, so we can’t obtain Ann’s mitochondrial DNA.


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To overcome that obstacle, you can compare to known or close relatives. In fact, your close relatives are genetic genealogy gold and serve as your match anchor. A match that matches you and your close relatives can be assigned either maternally or paternally.

OpenVPN is one of the most widely used VPN applications. It is at the heart of many proprietary VPN applications and with a little effort you can also use it. The installation of OpenVPN is fairly.


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If in fact there was an Ann Elmore born to Peter Elmore Sr, we now have a second, younger Ann Elmore who was born in 1674, shown on the chart below. This younger Ann Elmore is clearly not the wife of Charles Dodson who is having children with his wife Ann at the time the younger Ann Elmore is born in 1674.

An extra shitty move is him claiming that Smartdoll clothing doesn't fit Volks dolls, which is. def not true. Smartdoll and Volks bodies have quite similar proportions, so fit might not be perfect, but they can exchange clothing. A newer development is that, after much asking, Smartdoll is finally selling heads separately, however, if you try to order a head without an order history on the site be prepared to receive an e-mail asking for proof that you have a Smartdoll body or your order will be refused. This is the lengthshe goes to to make sure people don't hybridize Smart Doll heads with Volks bodies: "However, the option to buy the bodyless version is only available to pre-existing Smart Doll customers. If you do not have a purchase history on our online store then you cannot order the bodyless versions.


An alien (Paul Birch) comes to Earth, masquerading as a human, to scout our planet for a new blood source in NOT OF THIS EARTH (1957). He needs the blood of humans to take back to his planet of Davana for his dying race. Starring Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Morgan Jones and Jonathan Haze. NOT OF THIS EARTH (1957) is a Roger Corman Production.

This first segment is staggered across the first half of the chromosome, and of this group, only two, the yellow and orange have their Dodson lines proven back to Charles. Both the yellow and orange descend through son Thomas, the same as me.


Having said that, the ultimate GOAL is to identify how each person is related to you and place them in their proper place in your tree. This, cumulatively with your matches, is what identifies and confirms ancestors – the overarching purpose of genealogy and genetic genealogy.

People with trees are shown near their profile picture with a blue pedigree icon. Clicking on the pedigree icon will show you their ancestors. Your matches estimated relationship to you indicates how far back you should expect to share an ancestor.


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Bettner scheduled that tour-the-office visit to coincide with another trip he was making to Oculus, a sort of how-can-we-work-together meeting. So in December 2021, Bettner and three colleagues flew out to Irvine to meet with Brendan Iribe and Palmer Luckey (twice). One as a developer, the other as a benefactor; which is what led to Iribe’s sudden confusion.

Kino Classics is proud to announce the releases of Mario Bava's A BAY OF BLOOD and FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON on Blu-ray and DVD, both with street of September 3rd, with individual SRPs of $29/95 each for the Blu-ray editions and $24/95 for the DVDs. Both are mastered in HD from the 35mm negatives of the English language versions, and feature an audio commentary by Tim Lucas, author of Mario Bava, All the Colors of the Dark.


I checked each tree to see how my matches descend from a Dodson ancestor. I discovered that we descend through at least two sons of Charles and Ann Dodson. Several people are brick walled and don’t have their genealogy back far enough to connect.

Category:Families The Godfather Wiki Fandom

Kino Lorber Studio Classics has just unleashed the lovely cover art for their upcoming Blu-rays of PREMATURE BURIAL and X -THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES. These are due out in May, and you can expect reviews of them here!


For example, I share exactly half of my mother’s DNA, but only about 25% of each of my grandparents’ DNA. As the relationships move further back in time, I share less and less DNA with other people who descend from those same ancestors.

In closer generations, especially if you are looking to connect with cousins, tree matching is a very valuable tool. In the graphic above, you can see all of the cousins who descend from Hiram Ferverda who have tested and DNA match to me. These DNA matches to me either descend from Hiram according to their trees, or Ancestry believes they descend from Hiram based on other people’s trees.


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When I first started Dodson research, Ann’s parents were always recorded as unknown. Then, in the past few years, I saw in several locations, including several Ancestry Trees and now WikiTree as well as FamilySearch where Ann was recorded as Ann Elmore, daughter of Peter Elmore.


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You can select someone you match to see who else you BOTH match. Just because you match two other people doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s on the same segment of DNA. In fact, you could match one person from your mother’s side and the other person from your father’s side.

Family Matching phases the matches, assigning or bucketed them maternally or paternally (blue and red icons above), indicating, when possible, if these matches occur on the same side of your family. I wrote about the concept of phasing, here, and Phased Family (click site) Matching here and here.


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This article can be read in one of two ways – as an overview, or, if you click the links, as a pretty thorough lesson. If you’re new, I strongly suggest reading it as an overview first, then a second time as a deeper dive. Use it as a guide to navigate your results as you get your feet wet.

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I made a note that there is a John Hill listed in the book, Richmond Co Will Book 4 1717-1725 by TLC, but unfortunately, I did not copy the page. The date could be wrong as well, as the books at the Allen County Public Library in this series appears to have the covers mixed up. This site shows that John’s will was probated April 3, 1728 where he leaves the plantation and land to his wife, who is unnamed.

When people put on a VR headset, we want to make them smile. And so everything we’ve done in Lucky’s Tale, all these little elements in the game, they’ve all been about trying to evoke that feeling of just pure joy, childlike joy, and I hope that’s the way that people react to it when it ships this week.


Family Tree DNA Step by Step Guide: How to Upload-Download DNA Files

The Rebirth Century line very quickly tanked, killed by poor sales. It seemed that Tomy had direfully over-estimated the interest in re-releases of the Grade-Ups. The real problem came from the Zeekdober re-release skewing buyer interest. The initial run of Rebirth Century Zeekdobers had been very short and largely sold out on pre-orders alone simply because of the assumption that there would be no more afterwards. Based on this plan, Tomy then did a second, much larger run that wound up shelf-warming.

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Editor’s Note: This was originally published on March 29th, 2021 and is being republished today for the Oculus Rift’s third anniversary. The author of this piece, Blake Harris, has a new book out about the history of virtual reality and founding of Oculus called The History of the Future.


PvP Calculator V2.2- Godfather Five Families

Scream Factory proudly presents THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA in its Blu-ray debut on October 13, 2021. The sequel to the hit 1970 original film COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE, the Deathmaster makes his triumphant return in this release, complete with special features including an audio commentary with film historian/screenwriter Steve Haberman and one of the film’s stars, actor Rudy De Luca (DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT). Other extras on the Blu-ray will be a Theatrical Trailer, TV Spot, Radio Spots and a Photo Gallery. Scream Factory has also just revealed the cover art for the long-awaited Blu-ray/DVD combo for BLOOD AND LACE (1971). The rarely seen slasher prototype, originally distributed theatrically by AIP, will see release on November 24, 2021 and extras are now in progress.

In fact, he has been a lifelong friend of Charles Dodson. John Hill had previously married the widow of John Lincoln and she had probably recently died as well, assuming Ann married the same John Hill. They probably knew each other well, possibly for their entire lives. A decision to marry would have benefitted both parties. Life alone was difficult if not impossible in colonial Virginia, and Ann would probably have had some children yet at home given that she was probably between 50 and 55 when Charles died. Women had children until they biologically could not, generally between the ages of 41-45, which meant Ann probably had at least 5 or 6 children remaining at home.


Also For Amiga, Commodore 64 Developed by Advanced Software Products Published by GameTek, Inc. Released 1990 Genre Simulation Gameplay Game Show / Trivia / Quiz Misc Licensed Description GameTek's home version of the classic game show The Price is Right. Bob Barker and the Beauties are not present, but a multitude of pricing games from the show, as well as the wheel and the showcase, have been faithfully replicated. Four (or a maximum of eight, counting both rounds - the programme suggests.

Charles Jr. first appears in the records in 1693 as a witness. This suggests strongly that he is age 21 at that time, which would put his birth in approximately 1672. Charles Jr. is also named after Charles Sr, typical for a first son, and he is also listed first in the deeds when his father conveys land on the same day to both Charles Jr. and Thomas in 1702/03.


Please be aware that document suggestions are hints and each one needs to be evaluated in the context of what you know and what’s reasonable. For example, if your ancestor was born in 1750, they are not included in the 1900 census, nor do women have children at age 70. People do have exactly the same names. FindAGrave information is entered by humans and is not always accurate.

I’ve tested twice at Ancestry, the second time when they moved to their new chip, so I’m my own highest match. Click on any match name to view more.


This means that you don’t receive exactly half of the DNA of each of your grandparents, which would be 25% each. You might receive more like 22% from one maternal grandparent and 28% from the other maternal grandparent for a total of 50% of the DNA you inherit from your parents. The other 50% of your DNA comes from the other parent, of course.

Kino Lorber has the start of a new line of classic studio films on Blu-ray called Kino Lorber Studio Classics, and they have already announced such classic films as WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION, MARTY, PARIS BLUES, DUEL AT DIABLO, THE SCALPHUNTERS and THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. The good news for DVD Drive-In readers is that they have struck a deal with MGM, so there is some hope that they will release some AIP horror and sci-fi classics on the label. In fact, they have already announced plans for the AIP versions of BLACK SUNDAY and BLACK SABBATH are in the works for this year as part of Kino’s Mario Bava line! You can join their Facebook page, give your feedback and suggestions HERE.


Jacki (TO SIR WITH LOVE's Judy Geeson) and Julian (SATYRICON's Martin Potter) are 20-year-old twins with an unusually close relationship. Their bizarre fantasy world is shattered by the arrival of Clive, a London small-time criminal with a massive gambling debt. As the twins become exposed to the seamy underbelly of the swinging '60s London nightlife, their relationship becomes strained and twisted. When Clive attempts to blackmail Julian, the twins take decisive action in this eerie, unsettling tale where not even the bond between siblings can predict the outcome.

Identifying that the individuals who match the tester on that segment also match each other. This is part of the methodology employed to group the testers matches into two groups, the maternal and paternal groupings.


In 1699, when he is age 50, Charles does serve on a jury once more, gives a deposition and is also involved with Ozgrippen again in a suit. Ann must have been holding her breath, waiting on one of those two men to kill the other.

Ann is still married to Charles at his death and is named as his executrix in early 1705/1706. Charles’ will lists all of their children, including a son named Charles Jr.


Operating under the mindset that the fastest way to find the most compelling idea was just to keep building things, that’s exactly what they did. Brainstorming, building, bending (and then constantly re-bending) their expectations. And among the early batch of games, there was one concept that the guys at Playful had the most faith in: and it absolutely, positively was not Lucky’s Tale.

Amy didn’t have her tree built out far enough to show our common ancestor, but I immediately recognized the surname Ferveda found in her tree a couple of generations back. Darlene was the daughter of Donald Ferverda who was the son of Hiram Ferverda, my great-grandfather.


I wish they reached back another couple of generations. They are great hints and they end with the 7th generation where my brick walls tend to begin!

Godfather 5 families hack

As you can see, above, I don’t have a location entered and I am prompted for one. Note that Ancestry does specifically say that this location will be shown to your matches.


Twilight Time has announced the extras for their Blu-ray releases of COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE and SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN, both which go up for pre-order on Wednesday, September 30th at 4 pm EST at Screen Archives Entertainment. SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN will include: Isolated Score Track / Audio Commentary with Film Historians David Del Valle and Tim Sullivan / Gentleman Gothic: Gordon Hessler at AIP / An Interview with Uta Levka / Still Gallery / Radio Spot / Original Theatrical Trailer.

Those maternal matches represent an issue. It’s possible that those people are either identical by chance or that we share both a maternal and paternal ancestor. All 7 are relatively low matches, with longest blocks from 9 to 14 cM.


Our story takes place in the early 90s at a time when a surge of Cuban defectors were fleeing the country, either to start afresh in the USA or to fight the regime from afar. It's in this mould that that we find Rene (Edgar Ramirez), who wakes up one day, says goodbye to his wife (Penelope Cruz), steals a plane, and flies to Miami. In his home country, he's declared a traitor. Quickly enough, Rene is enlisted into an anti-Castro group – one of many organisations aiding fellow defectors by flying planes and dropping supplies.

Scream Factory has just revealed the cover art for one of of the releases we're most looking forward to in 2021! The Blu-ray AIP horror double feature of Gordon Hessler’s MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1971) and Daniel Haller’s THE DUNWICH HORROR (1970) will street on March 29, 2021!


At Family (check out here) Tree DNA, I can utilize the chromosome browser and the ICW and matrix tools to determine which of this group matches each other. At 23andMe, I can utilize their shared DNA matching tool. This information can then be recorded in my DNA spreadsheet, as illustrated above.


Kino Lorber has just officially announced that they will release to Blu-ray only Sidney Hayer’s British horror classic BURN, WITCH, BURN (aka NIGHT OF THE EAGLE) (1962) starring Peter Wyngarde, Janet Blair and Margaret Johnston. They have also revealed this reversible cover art (which is still to be approved), so we just had to post it here! The Blu-ray will see release some time in August.


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The way it worked is one player would make a move and then, the next time the other player passed the board, he would make his move (whether or not the other opponent was present). The game would continue in this fashion—toggling back and forth, each at their own pace—until one of the two won. Sometimes it would take days, other times it would take weeks. And then, when it ended, they would start it all over again.

Adoptees love this feature because it would immediately differentiate between half and full siblings. Full siblings share approximately 25% of the exact DNA on both their maternal and paternal strands of DNA, while half siblings only share the DNA from one parent – assuming their parents aren’t closely related. I share no completely identical DNA with my Ferverda cousin, so no segments are painted dark purple.


In late 1997, when he was 19 years old, Paul Bettner began working at Ensemble Studios in Dallas. Six years later, Bettner’s younger brother David joined Ensemble as well. At some point between then and 2008—when the two would leave to start their own game company—Paul brought a chess board to work so that he and his brother could play a version of the game that can probably best be described as the opposite of speed chess.

The progressive design of the AP Royal Oak embodies a blend of elegance, yet sporty, that set the wave of luxury sports watches into motion. Designed in a 41mm stainless steel case, octagonal bezel and screw-locked crown, this Royal Oak sports a distinctive.


More to the point the Hasbro Zoids line as a whole was being quietly discontinued. Clearly Cannon Caesar was never going to see retail; in fact, its likely that it never reached production or moved beyond a single prototype. Once more Godkaizer had slipped through the collector’s mitts.

Perhaps in their acquisition of Wasp Network, the streaming giant hoped the blend of exotic locales, Cuban-period setting, and the casting of Moura would lure in the same audience of their hugely successful TV show Narcos. But Wasp Network never offers those kind of thrills because it never feels truly dangerous. When the movie ends, suddenly, it's like watching Assayas himself throwing his hands up and declaring the whole thing to be a write-off.


Both Ancestry and MyHeritage offer research/data subscriptions that provide you with hints to historical documents that increase what you know about your ancestors. The MyHeritage subscription can be tried for free. I have full subscriptions to both Ancestry and MyHeritage because they both include documents in their collections that the other does not.

I would suggest just reading through this article the first time, then following along with your own DNA results after you understand the basic landscape. Using your own results is the best way to learn anything.


You are the cumulative product of your ancestors. What better way to get to know them than through their DNA that’s shared between you and your cousins!

Ann’s life too would have revolved around crops, seasons and church. While church attendance was mandatory at the time, most people, especially women, didn’t need much encouragement to attend. Where the court sessions were an important social occasion for men, women didn’t usually attend court, and church provided that same type of camaraderie for women.


I’m beginning to wonder if Anne Elmore, daughter of Peter Sr, born in 1627, ever actually existed at all. There is nothing anyplace to suggest that she did.

On July 24th, Scorpion Releasing, in conjunction with Crown International/Mill Creek, presents THE HEARSE, starring Trish Van Devere, double-billed with Al Adamson’s BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE, which features John Carradine. This “Katarina's Nightmare Theater” release includes, for THE HEARSE, a brand new 16x9 widescreen (1/78:1) transfer in HD from the original negatives for the first time anywhere in the world, an audio interview with writer Bill Bleich, and an original trailer. DRACULA’S CASTLE will include a brand new 16x9 master (1/78:1) of the version with the werewolf footage, plus an on-camera interview with John Bud Cardos, conducted by Katarina Leigh Waters.


Court Order Book Page 399 April 3, 1728 Thomas Scurlock, Thomas Dodson, John Hightower and Bartholomew Richard Dodson or any 3 of them to appraise estate of John Hill. Oaths admin to all 3 plus Frances Hill.

There are three established primary vendors in this field, Family (check this link right here now) Tree DNA, Ancestry and 23andMe, plus a few newcomers. All three vendors offer autosomal DNA tests utilized by genetic genealogists in various ways.


The shared cM chart doesn’t even go as far out as 9th cousins. The highest is 8th, with the maximum amount of shared DNA by cM for 8th cousins being 16 cM with an average of 9. These centiMorgans ranging from 15 to 39 for this entire group is really quite amazing. The Dodson DNA seems to “stick together” quite well.

The set includes the acclaimed documentary by Jake West and Marc Morris, "MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP & VIDEO TAPE", newly remastered trailers for all 72 movies on the banned list which caused witch hunts and widespread hysteria in the early 1980s, plus commentary from critics, scholars and filmmakers on each title. Across 14 hours, the full shameful story, the political lies, the corrupt press and the denial of basic freedoms are laid bare in this monumental three-disc set. Also on June 3rd, Severin’s sub-label Intervision will release UNCUT SPECIAL EDITION DVDs of two notorious ‘nazisploitation’ titles: GESTAPO’S LAST ORGY and DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS SPECIAL SECTION.


The second match, Rex, means that while we both match Rex, it’s not on the same segment. I know that without looking further because there is no triangulation button. We both match Rex, but Cheryl matches Rex on a different segment than I do.

Special features include a new interview with director John Hough, a new audio commentary with actress Pamela Franklin and the original theatrical trailer. The Blu-ray will street on August 26, 2021.


Family Finder autosomal test

For nearly twenty years, film collector and Exhumed Films programmer Harry Guerro has helped introduce audiences to some of the rarest and weirdest cult movies in cinema history. Now, Guerro has created the specialty label Garagehouse Pictures to bring these forgotten films to viewers worldwide.

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As with Charles Dodson previously, we now have to track Ann’s life through husband, John Hill. As we might expect, it appears there is more than one John Hill, at least eventually. We can’t tell the difference between the two, if there are two this early, and we don’t know when Ann died.


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Lambeth’s son, Greenham Dodson married Eleanor Hightower and sold the 100 acres of Charles’ land to Jeremiah Greenham in 1746, Richmond County deeds 10-373. This land needs to be tracked forward from Jeremiah, with the hope that it can be located today.

Written, produced and directed by Larry Cohen (Q - THE WINGED SERPENT), this critically acclaimed cult classic remains one of the most disturbing and thought-provoking horror films of our time. Tony Lo Bianco, Deborah Raffin, Sandy Dennis, Sylvia Sidney, Mike Kellin, Richard Lynch and Andy Kaufman star in this one-of-a-kind chiller, now featuring a brand-new 4K 1080p High Definition transfer from the original uncensored negative along with exclusive new Extras created especially for this release!


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You can click on the “View Full Theory” to see the detail and sources about how MyHeritage calculated various paths. I have up to 5 different theories that utilize separate resources.

Blake J. Harris is the best-selling author of Console Wars and will be co-directing the documentary based on his book, which is being produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Scott Rudin. Currently, he is working on a new book about VR that will be published by HarperCollins in 2021. You can follow him on Twitter @blakejharrisNYC.


This example is from a spreadsheet where I’ve combined the results of about 10 collaborating cousins to determine if we can break through a collective brick wall. Sorted by match name, this table shows the first 4 common matches that appear on multiple cousin’s match lists. Remember that how these people match may have nothing to do with our brick wall – or it might.

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Each title will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, and most will be released in a “Collector’s Edition” packed with new bonus content, archival materials, a collectible cover featuring newly rendered retro-style artwork, a reversible wrap with original theatrical key art and more! The first releases will bow on September 18 with the HALLOWEEN II COLLECTOR’S EDITION and HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION, available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

You’ll note that in some cases, two people match me in the same location. Those are the essential hints we are looking for. We’ll be discussing how to unravel, interpret, and use matches in the rest of this article.


Identifier for a language family

Another title Scorpion Releasing recommended to Kino Lorber, 1969's CULT OF THE DAMNED (aka ANGEL ANGEL DOWN WE GO) will see Blu-ray release on February 17. Brace yourself for the maddest Hollywood story ever with this stylish, decadent look at what happens when the upper crust meets the down and dirty. Full-figured debutante Tara Nicole (folk singer Holly Near) returns home to her former stag film star mother (Jennifer Jones) only to fall under the influence of a charismatic, dangerous rock singer (Jordan Christopher) and his way-out deviant band mates (including Roddy McDowall and Lou Rawls). Making its first-ever release on home video, this colorful AIP cult shocker from Robert Thom (the writer of BLOODY MAMA and WILD IN THE STREETS), CULT OF THE DAMNED is part horror, part pop musical, part black comedy, and all outrageous! Extras will include still gallery and an audio commentary by film historian Nathaniel Thompson and Tim Greer. MSRP for the Blu-Ray is $29/95, DVD is $24/95.

Godfather: Five Families releases new neighborhood

At Family (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=8870) Tree DNA, I determined that these people all match in common with me and Match 1 by using the “In Common With” tool. You can read more about how to use “In Common With” matching, here.


Will Book Page 171 July 3, 1706 Upon petition of John Hill and Anne his wife, exec of the will of Charles Dodson decd ordered that John Rankin, William Smoote, John Mills and Richard White or any 3 of them meet at the house of John Hill and inventory and appraise the estate of Charles Dodson. All sworn plus John Hill and Anne, his wife.

Certainly, the Bettners could not have been the first to play chess in this manner, but they were the first to embrace the asynchronous aspect and bring it to the iPhone. And not just any game, but one that seemed ideally suited for the iPhone, which Apple had just recently brought to market. In terms of a gaming device, the iPhone paled in comparison to dedicated handhelds (like the Game Boy or PSP) in almost every way. Except for one: it was always connected to the Internet, which made it perfect for this newfangled idea of persistent social gaming.


If I click on Netherlands, I can see my 5 matches with ancestors born in the Netherlands. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I match because of my match’s Dutch ancestors, but it does provide me with a place to look for a common ancestor and I can proceed by seeing who I match in common with those matches. Unfortunately, without trees we’re left to rely on ancestor birthplaces and family surnames, if my matches have entered that information.

I've been browsing this subreddit since its inception and always felt I had to contribute with any of my hobbies. So, today some fresh material surfaced from this ongoing drama, so I decided to get out of my ass and actually write something. Apologies for any formatting and English issues. Also, I don't have the full timeline since I haven't been in the hobby for very long, so if any hobbyist wants to pipe in with something, I'd love it!

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One of the first toys released in the line was the Houndsoldier, which had been one of the planned Hasbro Grade-Up re-releases. The mould again showed a number of changes, ones that were consistent with the McCougar which seemed to confirm that the moulds for all the Grade-Ups had been rebuilt. Despite the fact that it hadn’t seen a new release in twenty-seven years, the Houndsoldier sold poorly, which would be an ominous sign of things to come.


The godfather five families hack v3.1

If you are an adoptee, a die-hard genealogist or specifically interested in ethnicity, then test at 23andMe. Otherwise all three of the other vendors would be better choices.

Following his departure, Paul Bettner didn’t know what he was going to do next. And he certainly had no idea that it would involve unleashing a fox in virtual reality.


If testers do not globally “opt in” they must authorize sharing individually for every match, so testers will not be able to see the chromosome segment information for many 23andMe matches. In my case, only about 60% are sharing.

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The best way to investigate the history and genesis of each segment is by painting matching segments at DNAPainter. My matching segments with Buster are shown painted at DNAPainter, above.


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Clusters and chromosome browsers are much less complex than pedigree charts, especially when dealing with many people. I charted out the relationships of the three example matches from the Venn diagram. You can see that this gets messy quickly, and it’s much more challenging to visualize and understand than either the chromosome browser or autoclusters.

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Transferring your DNA results to each vendor who supports segment information and accepts transfers is not only important, it’s also a great way to extend your testing collar. Every vendor has strengths along with people who are found there and in no other database.

Ann’s husband did the normal male things of the day. He witnessed wills, witnessed deeds and attended court, occasionally serving as a juror. Charles apparently settled differences with people amicably, because for a very long time, he wasn’t sued and he didn’t sue anyone.


Wasp Network is at best when it focuses on the personal lives of those involved – how political actions effect the families (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=1618) and the ones we love. In these interactions, which give way to the film's most interesting scenes, you sense what was perhaps the director's intent, though the performances themselves lack detail. The men here – including a late-stage appearance from Gael García Bernal – are stoic and mostly interchangeable. The women fare far better: Penelope Cruz gives a more layered and interesting turn as an abandoned mother working to provide for her child. And Ana de Armas brings sultry charm and bravado to an underwritten part.

Presuming that Ann is also the mother of Charles Jr, that means that Ann and Charles Sr. were probably married by 1671 if Charles Jr. was born in 1672, or perhaps they married slightly earlier. They couldn’t have married much earlier, given their ages.


Laughs, smiles, recalibrated handshakes. And any potentially lingering awkwardness was wiped away by the awesomeness of trying the duct-tape Rift prototype.

Also For Commodore 64 Developed by First Row Software Publishing, Inc. Published by First Row Software Publishing, Inc. Released Dec, 1988 Genre Action Pacing Turn-based Perspective 1st-person, Top-down Gameplay Arcade, Puzzle elements Misc Licensed Description Based on the 1950s TV series of the same name, The Honeymooners is a series of mini-games. Ralph Kramden wants to hold the annual meeting of the Raccoon Lodge at Miami Beach. However the treasury is fairly empty and in order to make his.


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The Royal Oak collection is one we can't get enough of. Its progressive design is a blend of a dressy yet sporty, that set the wave of luxury sports watches into motion. This timepiece is the first 34mm self-winding Royal Oak designed in.

In this slickly made thriller, a 16-year-old girl is assaulted in the woods near her London school. Struck dumb by her experience, she remains so until a second girl is murdered. The school art teacher (Suzy Kendall) claims to have seen the killer – who looks like Satan himself – and she decides to set a trap for him using herself as bait. A British flavored giallo, and a ripping good whodunit. The film also stars Leslie-Ann Downe (COUNTESS DRACULA), Freddie Jones (FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED) and Frank Finley (THE DEADLY BEES). Directed by Sidney Hayers (REVENGE). Also known as ASSAULT and TOWER OF TERROR. The disc will carry a 1/85:1 transfer with 2/0 and enhanced 5/1 English audio tracks.


Match 2 and Match 3 don’t know why they match. They both match me, but not on the same segment they share with each other.

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Paul Bettner: You know, it’s easy to gloss over this, but I really think that—and I believe this is the reason why Oculus signed Lucky’s Tale as a bundled deal, why this even happened in the first place—when you meet Lucky in VR, there’s this feeling of new meeting the old. You have this incredible technology, you’ve never been inside of a game like this before, and yet you are meeting something that is immediately familiar to you and that most people have some nostalgic memory of. A character, whether it’s Mickey Mouse or it’s Mario, you’ve met a character like Lucky. So it’s kind of this childhood dream come to life.


People seeking unknown parents should read the article, Identifying Unknown Parents and Individuals Using DNA Matching because the methodology for identifying unknown parents is somewhat different than working with genealogy. This article focuses on genealogy, although the foundation genetic principles are the same.

A matrix match is a significant clue in terms of who descends from which ancestors. For example, I know, based on who Amy matches, and who she doesn’t match, that she descends from the Ferverda side and that Charles, Rex and Maxine descend from ancestors on the Miller side.


Warner Home Video has just introduced “The Warner Archive,” a selection of rare films available exclusively on DVD through the WBShop.com. These are authorized DVDs transferred from the original masters, and of interest to DVD Drive-In readers are Hammer Films’ CRESCENDO, DOC SAVAGE MAN OF BRONZE, CAPTAIN SINDBAD, MY BLOOD RUNS COLD, BRAINSTORM (1965), CAPTAIN NEMO AND THE UNDERWATER CITY and a number of other titles from various genres. Reportedly, Warner is planning to add even more exclusive titles to this series. To check out The Warner Archive, click HERE.

Given that I match both of my parents on the full chromosome, inheriting one copy of my chromosome from each parent, it’s impossible to tell by adding any person at random to the chromosome browser whether they match me maternally or paternally. Furthermore, many people aren’t fortunate enough to have parents available for testing.


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Bartholomew Richard Dodson married Elizabeth Clark and their first child, James was born on December 23, 1716 according to the North Farnham Parish Records. This would suggest his birth date probably around 1689 if James was the first child.

Our "NY TV Monster Movie Memories" articles continues with a new addition on the fondly remembered "CBS Friday Night Late Movie" by Greg Stevens. Also, by popular demand, Joe Cascio has updated his epic "Chiller Theatre" article to include the years 1971 and 1972. Look for newly-added vintage TV Guide ads there as well!


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Court Order Book Page 36 March 7, 1721/22 Thomas Dodson, Christopher Petty, Bartholomew Richard Dodson and Thomas Scurlock or any 3 of them to appraise estate of Robert Reynolds decd. All sworn plus John and Frances Hill, the admins.

Above are the covers for BCI Eclipse's first two installments in their "Spanish Horror Collection," NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF (aka THE CRAVING), and VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES, both starring Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy. Both titles will be available on September 26th in both Standard and High Def, and extras are to be announced.


The common surnames at far right are a very nice features, but not every tester provides that information. When the testers do include surnames at Family Tree DNA, common surnames are bolded. Other vendors have similar features.

Platform DOS Released 1989 Genre Role-Playing (RPG) Pacing Turn-based Perspective Top-down Setting Fantasy Description Loosely based on The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson, The Land is a role-playing game where the player will create a character and explore towns, villages and dungeons of The Land. The actual plot of The Land is revealed to the player by playing through the game and no prologue is given. Creating a character is an important part of this game just like.